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tv   Action News  ABC  September 9, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and with matt o'donnell, tamala >> good morning it's 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday september 9th. >> a philadelphia woman is shot in the face during a violent struggle. we are learning more details about who police are looking for. >> police beef up patrols in efforts to find a prowler and peeping tom in delaware county. >> and lawmakers in philadelphia are on the verge of reducing the punishment for possessing small amounts of pot. >> and let's get a sense of what you can expect as you hit the roads. how should you get dressed, in your sweater today. let's go to karen and david. good morning. >> it's a little cool to start out right now. take a look at cloud cover on satellite. we have had some filling in although there are some holes in the clouds and i think some of us may actually see some sunshine as we get a little bit later into the morning. most of that rain, that did clip the coast yesterday is off the coast but we might see a bit more of that building back in later this afternoon.
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coastal flood advisory. minor flooding for the most part. there's also the chance for some rip currents today because of that coastal low pushing in some water in off the ocean. so not a great day down the beach anyway but be careful if you do venture into the water. 69 degrees right now philadelphia. just 60 in allentown. low 70's down the shore and as we head out the door to catch that school bus between 7 o'clock and 8 o'clock looks like we're still be in the upper 60's. 67 by seven and 68 by 8:00 a.m. a bit of a bright breeze. as we roll through the day most of the day in the 70's. 70 by 9 o'clock your lie today at 3 o'clock, 77 degrees. mostly cloudy skies with some sunny breaks possible. karen, if we see any rain today it will be light and spotty so i'm not going overboard on the rain gear. we have a better chance of some showers though coming up in the accuweather 7-day, okay. >> all right dave. your morning commute is dry as you head out but we've got problems out there. the big first tractor-trailer fire. it was blocking all lanes of
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the new jersey turnpike. this is as you head north near exit eight, watch for this. now we're getting the left lane squeezing by but that's it. so watch for some slowing on the new jersey turnpike northbound. i'd stick to the alternates here which are 130 or route one. that's on the turnpike up north near eight, exit eight right now so watch for that. looking at the big picture with speeds around the city looking pretty good on the schuylkill expressway. on i-95 maybe a touch slow i-95 southbound about 47 miles an hour near girard. things are looking a lot better on the blue route because that construction cleared. but here in darby we've got a problem, a gas main break that's new this morning, it's right on main street and ninth. avoid the area altogether. what you can do is stick to new walnut street or you can use summit as your alternate to avoid that. let's check the roads for you right now. looking live here on the boulevard, this is near ridge, that's your southbound traffic. not too bad just yet as you exit off for the schuylkill, matt. >> thanks karen. we're following several developing stories including the search for the plan who police say shot his girlfriend in the face. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is tracking
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information live at the big board. erin. >> matt a-very unsettling night. the three separate incidents have left three people in area hospitals with critical injuries and it is unclear if the woman involved in a domestic shooting will survive. around 10:00 p.m. police rushed to a home on the 900 block of south fifth street where they found the 32-year-old woman who lives there on the floor with a gun shot wound to the mouth and arm. police say there were signs of violent struggles took place before the shooting with tv's torn off walls and furniture overturned. investigators say six shell casings were found within inches of the woman's body which means she was likely shot at point blank range. investigators are currently looking for her live-in boyfriend. police are also utilizing the private and city surveillance cameras in the area hoping they can identify a suspect coming or leaving the residence. again, the victim is in very critical condition. police are not sure if she will survive her injuries. early this morning an
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argument inside a chinese takeout restaurant escalated into a stabbing and a 38-year-old man was rushed in critical condition to an area hospital with wounds to his chest. this happened just past 1:30 a.m. on the 3600 block of north broad street in north philadelphia. the suspect is a male in his 20's wearing a t-shirt and jeans. he fled the scene but police are hoping that surveillance cameras in that area will help them in their investigation. finally in williamstown, new jersey, late last night a person was struck by a car and seriously injured along the 100 block of north black horse pike. details on this are a bit sketchy. the investigation is under way but police say the driver of the car did stop nearby. police tell "action news" this was not a hit and run but are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident. of course, if you have any information on any of these cases, you are asked to call police immediately. matt. >> thank you, erin. police in delaware county
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are ramping up the search for a peeping tom. several residents in the secane section of upper darby have reported a partially clothed man lurking and looking into the windows of the laurel manor apartments. police released this photograph of a man saying he is a person of interest in the case. neighbors can expect extra police patrols until the prowler caught. >> ray rice is out of a job after a disturbing video went viral. the video shows him knocking out his then fiancé janay palmer inside an elevator in atlantic city. the nfl extended rice's two game suspension to an indefinite suspension after that video went public. his team the baltimore ravens have cut the running back none other team can pick up rice. the nfl and the ravens claim they didn't see the video before yesterday though the revel says it was release d to police. rice and palmer are now married. katherine scott will have more on this story in the next half hour. >> new on "action news" a double shooting has shaken a quiet berks county block.
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a gunman opened fire on two men in the 800 block of rose street in reading on sunday night. one man who was shot in the leg will be okay but the other man has been seriously injured. a neighbor who did not want her face on camera found one of the victims lying in front of her home. >> it was a guy laying right on the ground with blood coming down his face and it was just horrible. >> a stray bullet also shattered a man's glass door and went through his living room. fortunately no one inside that home was hurt. police say they are searching for multiple shooters. >> so, it's d-day for apple. what new gadgets or updates will they reveal today? maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times square. she's got details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam. after months of aunts paying the tech industry event of 2014 is here. apple's product launch day. nothing is confirmed yet but here is what industry insiders think we can expect. so, two iphone six smartphones larger more
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scratch resistant screens. a smart watch and a mobile payment system that works on the new iphone. social goes retail. you can now make purchases via twitter. the company is introducing a buy button which will allow users to purchase items through tweets. this is the first step by twitter to enter the world of e commerce. it's a $300 billion industry. markets couldn't hold onto the green monday as the dow and s & p closed lower. finally tivo is developing the ultimate dvr. us a today reporting the new tivo mega will be able to record about 4,000 hours of high def content about 24 weeks of play back. tivo will inveil a prototype later this week and the estimated price tag for high end dvr is about $5,000. so, you can create your own binge watching, matt. >> all right. thank you maribel. see you tomorrow. philadelphia's on the verge of decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana. mayor michael nutter says he has worked out a deal with city council. the measure sponsored by
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councilman jim kenny passed in june. the mayor has yet to act on it until now. the legislation would mean no arrests or jail time for people caught with 1 ounce of pot or less. instead, they would get a $25 fine. council says prosecuting small time users is not only expensive to taxpayers and clogs the legal system but it disproportionately targets african-americans. the mayor's compromise includes adding higher fines or community service for smoking marijuana in public. the law is expected to take effect on october 20th. >> we definitely feel like we are moving more and more into fall. cool out there this morning. >> yeah, it is a little cool and breezy, too, tam. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows us that we are dry, which is nice. looks like there might be a little bit of a sprinkle developing over cape may county and maybe up the coast by surf city but that's about it. as we take a look outside we have a fair amount of clouds overhead with some breaks in the clouds. it's going to be some of those mornings where some of you see mainly cloudy skies but others
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manage to squeeze out some sunshine and i can see some of that breaking out in philadelphia. 69 degrees is your current temperature in the city, 69 down the pike in wilmington as well. just 60 in allentown. 62 in reading and trenton and low 70's in sea isle city and the boardwalk in atlantic city. future tracker 6 shows us how as we go through the morning and then in through the afternoon there is going to be some rain off the coast that every now and then will try and make it inland in the form of some drizzle or maybe a couple of spotty showers. this generally speaking isn't looking like a grateful rain but there is that chance of a shower at times. especially down the shore. some of this might work its way up into philadelphia. otherwise we're going for mostly cloudy skies with some sunny breaks at times. 75 degrees is your high up in allentown with clouds mixing with some sun. like yesterday, i think the farther north and west you go through the region the better chance you have of seeing more sun and hopefully we'll get some of that in philadelphia at times today as well. down the shore cloudy with rain and drizzle. 73 degrees by noon. 77 by 3 o'clock. remember, there is a rip
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currents risk in the water today. not that it's a great beach day anyway but you want to be careful if you venture into the beach and of course there are no lifeguards. today is probably not a great day to hit the water for a number of reasons actually. lots of clouds a bit breezy in philadelphia, 77 degrees. we can't rule out some periods of sunshine as well. and maybe spotty drizzle or a shower passing but i'm not recommending rain gear for the kids 'cause i think it's very little. especially up in the i-95 corridor. 68 degrees by 8 o'clock. then we're in the 70's the rest of the way. 73 by 11 o'clock, 76 by 2 o'clock. your high of 77 around 3 o'clock and then still in the mid 70's by 5 o'clock. clouds mixing with some sun and a little breezy and coolish out there. 72 degrees for the first pitch for the phillies tonight against the pirates. 69 in the ninth inning. similar conditions to last night with a bit of a breeze blowing. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast shows some changes coming right around the corner. today we've got mainly cloudy skies with some sunny breaks. that spotty rain or drizzle around at times and a high of 77. but tomorrow clouds give way to sun and we wind up with a
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nice afternoon and a warm high of 80 and then the humidity returns for thursday. warm and humid with a high of 86 and in the afternoon with a front coming in we could see some spotty showers and thunderstorms at times in the afternoon and evening. looks like that system's out of here quickly though and on friday it's less humid and a high of 77. pretty nice afternoon there. saturday 73 and afternoon shower can't be ruled out. doesn't necessarily look like a complete washout and we're hoping things dry out in time for that big union game against new york at ppl park saturday night. sunday looks dry. monday looks dry. >> gotcha'. thanks, david. next on "action news" more stories you didn't see last night including how a driver rammed his pickup into a sheriff's office. plus, the assault on law enforcement did not stop there. >> all hail girl power. we'll tell you about the new cab service in the big apple. karen. >> looking lifey here in the city, the vine street expressway near the schuylkill, traffic there maybe a touch slow as you head towards the schuylkill. not a big deal just yet. we'll have details on the latest with that tractor-trailer fire and a
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flew accident when we can come back. >> and the penn state football program gets time off for good behavior. continues.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. we're looking down the shore into atlantic city. the lights there at 6:14, 68
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cool degrees. >> all right, what's going on in montgomery county, karen? >> a new accident just coming in right now, it's in whitemarsh township so watch for it on joshua road at germantown pike just happening within the last couple minutes here so look for that one new this morning. also this tractor-trailer fire was blocking all lanes of the new jersey turnpike northbound. this is in hyattstown near exit eight. so now the latest is they're letting two lanes get by but you can see the area of yellow, even area of red up here so we're pretty jammed on the new jersey turnpike. kind of an unusual jam at this early hour so if you're headed up towards exit eight expect a big delay certainly from 195 to items -- hyattstown. particular to 130 or route one. your south jersey overview not bad. this is 55, 82 your about 47 miles an hour as you head towards 42 and 42 moving in the 50's for the most part. you know that's going to change in about an hour or so. enjoy your smoother ride right now. looking outside at 422, at
6:16 am
trooper, little slow at 23. watch for that one. looking at the temperatures, 69 degrees right now in philadelphia. we're dry but later today you might expect maybe a touch of rain or drizzle and that could impact you slightly for your evening commute. 77 degrees for your high today. so on the cool side, matt. >> okay, thanks karen. its ncaa lift ed sanctions against penn state two years ahead of schedule. several thousand people gatherd in state college last night to celebrate. the action will allow penn state's football row gm to qualify for a bowl game this season. the ncaa ended the sanctions saying the progress the school has made in reforming the athletic program in the wake of the jerry sandusky scandal has been impressive. >> the president of chile is calling the explosion near a subway station in country a terrorist attack. the blast ripped through a restaurant next to a subway station in santiago yesterday. at least 14 people were injured. no group has claimed responsibility for the blast. at least 29 bombs have been found across the city so far
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this year and some of them haven't even gone off but none before yesterday's blast caused any injuries. a man is dead after a bizarre shooting incident at a cher vive's office in texas. deputies say the suspect rammed his pickup truck into the sheriff's office early yesterday morning. then they say he got out and opened fire. a deputy returned fire hitting the man. he was taken to the hospital where he died. investigators do not yet have a motive but they say the suspect does not have a criminal history. no officers were injured. >> 6:17 now. all new here on "action news" a-parole violation uncovers a man's devious collection on his computer. >> the nfl strict policy on marijuana could be going up in smoke. david. >> we are dressing the kids in long pants and t-shirts today. it's a little cool this morning. some of them might want a jacket particularring in the cooler northern suburbs but this afternoon getting up into the 70's. will there be rain? we'll have details coming up. >> and when david is not on the air, you can still access the accuweather forecast. get the hourly and seven day
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new dannon creamery desserts. cause life's better with a twist. ♪ dannon! also try our dannon creamery pudding range. >> a new service with a feminine touch is come to go new york city next week. it's called she taxi, she rides. all its drivers are women in hot pink pashminas. female customers will be able to request rides through an app but they will not be allowed to ride if there's man in their group. the owner says she plans to expands the service to other cities. >> all women. a lot of people might want to try that. new problems on the roads just happening so i want the take you to the camera right now. a disabled school bus here on i-95 northbound. this is past cottman. it's out there blocking the right lane and jammed from allegheny to past cottman. i-95 northbound some people just getting back to school this week and not these kids. disabled school bus off the side of the road right now. no idea if there are children on the bus. southbound traffic you're
6:21 am
seeing from cottman to girard kind of generally jammed. that's a new problem on i-95. i just got off the phone in police in bucks county, new falls road and penn valley road we've got an accident here, dave. >> all right, karen. we have mainly 60-degree temperatures across the region, upper 60's close to philadelphia. spending most of the day in the 70's, though. 70 by 9 o'clock, 74 by noon and a high of 77 degrees by 3 o'clock. by 6 o'clock, 73 degrees. mostly cloudy skies with some sunny breaks possible. i think it's another one of those days where the farther north you are through the region the better chance you have of seeing a little more sun. the closer you are to the coast more clouds and there's the chance of a spotty shower or some drizzle mainly this afternoon and that looks to be centered largely in south jersey. it doesn't look like necessarily a lot of rain but the closer are you to the coast the more you want to keep your eyes on that. guys. >> thank you, david. there's a new lung cancer test nd it looks like it could be a good way to assess people over 65 who have had a past or they continue to be a heavy smoker. screening tests do come with some trade-offs such as false
6:22 am
alarms that require invasive follow-up tests to rule out cancer. medicare's currently debating whether or not it wants the pay for these scans. a decision is expected by early november. >> happening today, the nfl players association will vote on a radically revised drug policy. the changes include the first ever testing for human growth hormone. hgh is at the center of baseball's steroid era. meanwhile the nfl and nfl pa are considering increasing the amount of marijuana a player is allowed in his system. cleveland browns wide receiver josh gordon has already been suspended for the season for a positive marijuana test. the proposed increase in the threshold, though, could lead to his reinstatement. the lions made sure the eagles are the only ones in there nfc east with a winning record. they crushed the giants in detroit on monday night football. calvin johnson aka mega tron had two touchdown catches in the 35 to 14 bin. the giants, redskins and cowboys all lost their openers.
6:23 am
arizona edged san diego 18 to 17 in the other monday night showdown. ryan howard single gave the phillies an early one to nothing lead against the pirates at the bank. jimmy rollins also scored but had to leave the game with a hamstring injury. he's expected to miss 10 games. the pirates scored the next six runs, five of them off starter kyle kendrick. pittsburgh wins six to four. the series continues to tonight. >> up next, voters in delaware will be heading to the polls today. >> and the newly released video of ray rice could have serious consequences not just for the nfl itself. that is coming up so brian at citizens said
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you. >> may have noticed the moon looked extra bright overnight. >> may have noticed the moon means its orbit is closest to earth. it was also a harvest moon because of its proximity to the autumnal equinox. this is the third team we've seen the celestial phenomenon since july. expect the moon to be big and bright over the next few nights. new at 6:00 police in berks county say one man is behind one of the biggest child porn busts they have ever seen. 40-year-old joel gardener of muhlenberg township is already a registered sex offender. when detectives raided his home they reportedly found 2 million inappropriate image of minors on a computer and other electronic devices. gardener is now behind bars on a parole violation in a montgomery county prison. >> voters go to the polls this morning in delaware. republicans will choose
6:27 am
candidates for state treasurer in the u.s. senate. now the winner of that senate race will take on the democratic incumbent chris coons in november. democrats will also pick a candidate for state auditor today. those polls open at 7:00 in about a half hour and then they'll close at 8 o'clock tonight. >> 6:27 is the time. karen and david are back with updates on traffic and accuweather next. >> coming up at 6:30 a philadelphia eagle gets blitzed for leaving a bad tip on a bill. wait until you see just how little he left. you be the judge coming up on kohl's welcomes juicy couture!
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fun and flirty fashions, you can fall for all year long. save 25% on all things juicy couture including juicy's iconic tracksuit. plus, earn kohls cash! starting wednesday. at kohl's anniversary sale. kohl's. >> ♪ >> new on "action news," a violent night caused a young man his life in north philadelphia. >> the nfl takes new action against ray rice but critics are once again questioning whether the league should have done more sooner. >> home depot confirms a massive hack attack affecting
6:30 am
millions of customers. the retailer says some shoppers are at a greater risk than other shoppers. >> good morning, it's 6:30 on this tuesday september 9th. let's check weather and traffic with david and karen. good morning. >> good morning, guys. we have a cloudy start with some clear breaks that will depend on where you are. take a look at satellite and radar. you can see that there is some rain down to the south and some of it looks like it might start clipping the coast a little bit later on this morning and perhaps into the afternoon. and there is the chance of some showers and at least some drizzle as we go in through the day. most of it probably to the south of philadelphia but we can't rule out something popping into philly at times as well. there's also a coastal flood advisory at times of high tide today and tonight mainly between 9 o'clock and noon and 9 o'clock to midnight later on. minor flooding overall and rip currents are also possible. in fact there's a high risk today with that coastal low just off the coast although it's not a great beach day anyway. my advice would be just stay out of the water. 69 degrees in philadelphia right now, same thing in wilmington. we average the low 70's in some points south just 60 degrees in allentown right
6:31 am
now. and as we roll through the day, we stay in the 70's for most of the way. 70 by 9 o'clock, 74 by noon and a high of 77 by 3 o'clock. mostly cloudy skies although we can't rule out some occasional sunshine breaking through and again there is that chance of a shower especially down south. wants to get you to the airport real quick. we don't have any major delays reported but i will point out that some rain has started out in chicago so that would be an area to watch. karen when i step inside we have another round of possible showers and a thunderstorm later in the accuweather 7-day forecast. that's ahead. >> all right, dave, problems on the roads. we're looking live at i-95 at cottman avenue you expect a southbound jam, that's normal. the problem is northbound. can you see up here on the right-hand side of your screen we've got a disabled school bus. many of the kids just getting what, to school yet we have this school bus stuck on i-95 northbound past cottman blocking the right lane. police and penndot on the scene. you see the jam-up from allegheny to past cottman because of that disabled school bus.
6:32 am
we had live update on the air on our southbound delay which has grown a-27 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine. southbound right now slow. northbound you're jammed with this disabled school bus. it's not the only issue out there. whitemarsh township an accident joshua road and germantown pike. slow speeds on the schuylkill expressway, also looking at this about 29 miles an hour between the blue route and the curve we're hearing reports of an accident there as well so look for that in lower merion. a tractor-trailer fire that's been causing problems on the new jersey turnpike here but first falls township bucks county, new falls road and penn valley road we have an accident here as well so talk to police in bucks county, they say that one's minor. here's the tractor-trailer fire. so much happening out there. for awhile it was blocking all lanes of the turnpike in new jersey northbound near exit eight for hyattstown. now just the right lane is blocked so things are improving but you can see this area of red and yellow, it's an unexpected jam-up if you're headed northbound on the turnpike in new jersey, you might want to use 130 or route one as your alternate to avoid the delay near exit eight,
6:33 am
matt. >> thank you karen. we begin with an overnight update on the shooting investigation in north philadelphia. the 17-year-old victim has died. the shooting happened on the 2400 block of west huntingdon street shortly before 9 o'clock last night. police arrived to find the teenager with a gun shot wound to the chest. >> know that at least 19 shots were fired from a semi-automatic weapon. we know at least eight of the shots were fired from point blank range. >> he was rushed to the hospital where he later died. police do not have a suspect or a motive in this latest homicide. >> yesterday a viral video cost running back ray rice his job with the baltimore ravens and there are questions this morning about if the fallout will and should go further. the video shows rice deliver the blows that left his then fiancé now wife knocked out on an elevator floor. katherine scott is live in our satellite center much she's got the latest. good morning. >> good morning, tam. yesterday the nfl and the ravens said that they're just seeing the video now but there are a lot of questions this
6:34 am
morning as to why exactly that is. and just a warning for you viewers at home, the video you're about to see is graphic and violent. the video shows football star ray rice follow his then fiancé janay palmer into an elevator at revel in atlantic city. he punches her in the face. she lunges toward him and then he strikes her so hard she hits a railing, falls to the floor and is knocked out cold. when the elevator doors opened, he drags out her body. >> why did the video just surface with respect to the ravens seeing it for the first time? >> earlier this year video surfaced from the february incident of rice pulling her limp body from the elevator but not of the moments before. revel says they released the video to police. the atlantic city prosecutor's office will only say the case is settled. rice took a plea. no jail time, anger management and probation. the nfl had handed down a two game suspension. yesterday nfl commissioner
6:35 am
roger goodell says he never saw the video of the actual assault but did see the video of the unconscious woman being dragged out. the nfl has now suspended rice indefinitely. the ravens have terminated his contract. >> what did you think happened in that elevator before you saw the video? >> you know, i don't want to get into all that. i think the team responds just the way everybody responds, you know, to these things and again you're talking about somebody you know. >> this is a dark day for the national football league. this is a black eye for the national football league. this is a terrible pr nightmare. >> meanwhile many ravens fans have been sending a merse message herb she's pizza has been offering a free pizza to anyone who turned in a rice jersey. >> i was going to turn my jersey -- throw my jersey in a fire pit. we decide d to get a free pizza instead. >> reporter: the owner says the fans are making a statement to the team and the nfl. >> we were talking about the whole situation and we are kind of like, okay, you know, why don't we do this kind of
6:36 am
like a gun buy back program. >> reporter: and vice president biden is expected to speak about violence against women today on the 20th anniversary of the violence against women act. it's unclear if he'll address this specific incidents. we're live in the satellite center, katherine scott. >> thanks so much katherine. hang today vice president's counterpart president obama will meet with congressional leaders as he prepares a strategy to combat the terror group isis. officials call the plan aggressive but say it will not include committing american troops to a ground in iraq. instead, the president will rely heavily on allies to pitch in for what could be an extended campaign that could take months or 18 years to complete. president obama will lay out the offensive in a speech to the nation tomorrow. >> home depot says it is the victim of a massive hack attack and that millions of its customers nationwide could be affected by a data breach. hackers busted into the payment system using the same malware that ripped off 40 million target shoppers.
6:37 am
home depot says its investigation is now focused on the months since april. no evidence, though, indicates that debit card pins were stolen and online home depot customers don't appear to be victims as well. a software security expert says he's not shocked by this particular hack. >> the larger companies have a lot of data and are often targeted more often and more heavily. >> home depot says it will cover any fraudulent charges and offer free id protection to shoppers. home depot plans to have chip neighborhood checkout terminals at all its u.s. stores by the end of this year. they also apologized for not notifying customers about this hack attack sooner. >> i know you notice, you probably notice, too, some of them may not. >> what? >> fall starts in two weeks. >> it does. >> but it feels like it's here. >> yeah, it does. this morning especially. a little breezy out there. storm tracker 6 live double scan and you can see that there's not a whole lot of rain right now. there might be a little bit of drizzle down by the shore. as we take a look outside, we have basically cloudy skies over the coast. the camera wiggling a little
6:38 am
bit because of the wind that's kicked up overnight and now into this morning. we felt that breeze yesterday as well. temperature currently in philadelphia is 69 degrees. and the farther away you get from the shore the better chance you have of seeing a little bit of a sunny break later on this morning. dewpoints down below that 60-degree threshold for what we would consider humid air. winds out of the northeast at 12 miles per hour. so, yeah, a little bit breezy. satellite shows that you rain down to the south that almost looks like some of this might get close enough to clip some of the coast. a little bit later on this morning and perhaps into the afternoon. and at the at the same time there will be a bit of a sprinkle or a shower riding in above that main body of rain at times today. now, future tracker 6 really isn't playing up the idea of any major rain. it want to keep most of it down to the south but i will allow for some shower activity or a period of rain down the shore and there could be a couple sprinkles and showers making it into philadelphia at times today. otherwise it looks like mostly cloudy skies with perhaps some sunny breaks. it's another one of those days where the farther you are away
6:39 am
from the coast and that coastal storm the better chance of seeing sun. 68 degrees by 8:00 a.m., 73 by 11 lam, 76 by two with a high of 77 at 3 o'clock this afternoon and mid 70's by 5 o'clock. high temperatures pretty even beneath that cloud cover. 76 in cape may, 75 in allentown and everybody else pretty much in between or on or about that number. as we take a look at the phillies tonight looks like mainly cloudy skies, a bit on the cool side. the pirates and the phillies teague it up to about 72-degree temperatures at first pitch and 69 degrees in the ninth inning. a little breezy and cool tonight. tomorrow this area of low pressure pushes away and clouds will give way to increasing sunshine. it's also going to get a little bit warmer tomorrow across the region. your seven-day forecast, 77 today, clouds with some spotty rain around. better chance down by the shore but even philadelphia could get some drizzle or a spotty shower at some point this afternoon. tomorrow clouds to sun, 80. humid and warm on thursday
6:40 am
with a high of 86. in the afternoon we could get some showers and thunderstorms moving in. friday less humid again, 77. not bad. for the weekend an afternoon shower is possible as a system starts to march towards the region. 73 degrees is the high. the union game is at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and i'm hoping it's dry but we will be keeping our eyes on the radar at that point. sunday does look dry and monday also. >> all right. >> also dry. >> dry. >> it's 6:40. more brand new stories are next up on "action news" including the waiter who threw the flag at a philadelphia eagle for he says leaving a bad tip. >> even adult supervision wasn't enough when a seven-year-old took an innocent ride on a golf cart on a beach. karen. >> commute is going down hyland if you pick i-95. new problem here. a disabled vehicle. in the left lane, a tire in
6:41 am
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>> ♪ >> 6:43. taking a live look as the busyness begins again. another day in the city of philadelphia. the delaware valley. the lehigh valley. time to go to work and school. >> for a little help with that let's go to karen rogers and i think he used the word downhill in describing the commute. >> yeah, we need help. all summer long we kind of gave you off on the traffic. it really wasn't bad. it's heating up in big ways. we're looking live at 95. we have two problems near cottman. just past cottman we've got a disabled vehicle blocking the left lane. you can see a person standing the side of the road. we also have a tire -- there's a person walking through the vehicle. that's a really bad idea.
6:44 am
tire in the roadway right here. looks like someone is going to try to pick it up. you can see these car kind of swerve around it at this point so we've got i-95 northbound. we're jammed as you can see solid with a disabled vehicle on the left a-tire on the right. here we switch a disabled school bus past cottman. this is blocking the right lane. you can see the school bus here, penndot has set up the flares blocking the right lane on i-95 northbound so you're particularly heavy, really jammed from allegheny to cottman on i-95 northbound. southbound is your normal morning delay so that is slow as well a-27 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine butter the problems we have on i-95 are northbound past cottman. let's also check another shot, tacony-palmyra bridge was up for a bridge opening. looks like it just came back down at this point but traffic not moving just yet. this is the northbound ship, it's going to affect the burlington bristol bridge in maybe about 45 minutes to an hour so watch for that one. and one more look we go in
6:45 am
towamencin township montgomery county, we've got this do you understand pole from an earlier accident closing allentown road at reinert road. stick to tomlinson road as your alternate for that one. meanwhile 69 degrees right now in philadelphia. a high just of 77 today. we're dry right now but later today you might expect some spotty rain or drizzle, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. happening today, another american diagnosed with the ebola virus is expected to arrive in atlanta for treatment. the patient is a doctor who had been working in an ebola treatment center in west of africa. emory university hospital is expected to treat this new patient. it's the same place two other ebola patients dr. kent brantly and nancy writebol recovered from their own illnesses. another u.s. doctor with ebola is being treated at a medical center in nebraska. >> and new this morning, a seven-year-old boy from texas has been slapped with a driving citation for taking a joyride on a golf cart. it happened on a beach in galveston last week. clayton knight's mother was by his side as she let him navigate the vehicle for his birthday.
6:46 am
she was shocked when a police officer pulled them over and punished her boy rather than the adult who was with him. >> shocked. i've never heard of a seven-year-old getting a ticket. you know, he was worried he was going to go to jail. >> he made me write my name on the ticket thing. i was scared. >> the police chief in galveston says city law would have required the officer who issued the citation to write it out for clayton's mother. he says the department is working to correct the mistake before the seven-year-old's court date next month. >> new here on "action news," a bad tip is going viral and it's gotten eagles star lesean mccoy written you can could say all over it. according to pyt a burg are joint in philadelphia mccoy and three guests visited the spot on monday afternoon they wracked up a nearly $61 tab and mccoy charged it and they say left a 20-cent tip. they claim that mccoy's signature is real. comments left on the page were mixed. some sided with the restaurant saying maybe he got bad
6:47 am
service. the manager claims mccoy never complained. >> 6:46. flash floods swamp communities across the country. "good morning america" is track, overnight weather developments. a preview up next. david. >> take a look at the kids. we're dressing them in t-shirts and jeans today. temperatures in the 60's this morning but we're getting up into the 70's so this probably works and there's the chance of some showers especially you're down there, maybe some rain gear. we'll be
6:48 am
6:49 am
6:50 am
>> time now for that preview of "good morning america." >> get some optics on what's coming up on "gma" with amy robach lie in the studios there. hey, amy, how are you doing? >> hey, doing well. good tuesday morning to you matt and tam. great to be with you both. coming up next on "good morning america" we're talking some big weather, major flash flooding from coast to coast, record torrential rain hitting the desert southwest and in the east roads in virginia beach look at that submerged under as much as 30-inches of water. ginger is tracking all the wet weather that is on the way still unfortunately. and then we have all the new details on nfl star running back ray rice and the shocking security camera video of him attacking his wife in an elevator earlier this year. we'll have the latest on the tape as well as rice's indefinite suspension and then dr. oz criticized for promoting a miracle weight loss product on his show. we're going to tell you why the maker of that product is now being fined millions of dollars. and then we will talk live to this crazy daredevil who
6:51 am
thought it was a good idea to climb into one of the world's most dangerous volcanoes. the pictures are stunning and fortunately he lived to tell about it. also, we have actors jason bateman and keke palmer here live and it's all coming up next on "gma," matt and tam, now back to you. >> good show. see you soon. >> jason bateman, he's funny. >> he is very funny. loved him when he was a little guy, too. >> you need a joke to get through your morning commute. lots more problems out there. southbound, northeast extension approaching lansdale an accident blocking the right lane. we're looking live on 476 elsewhere. this is the blue route near norristown. southbound traffic right there jams coming off of the northeast extension and heading down to the schuylkill expressway. on the ben franklin bridge you can see how slow you are here as well. we continue to have that construction blocking the right lane and dave this has been causing big jam-ups. also jam-ups on i-95 northbound. details on that coming up in two minutes. >> all right, karen, lots of 60's on the board this morning. 64 in pottstown, 62 in saints david's.
6:52 am
up are 60's in chester and center city. upper 50's in places farther to the north in northern berks county, et cetera. 68 in gandee's beach. 66 in ham month and ton as we is your i have the new jersey side of the picture. low 70's closer to the shore and upper 60's from hockessin down to dover delaware. if you're catching the bus or the el today, it's going to be relatively mild. 70 degrees by 9 o'clock, 74 by noon. your high is 77 today with a bit of a breeze blowing like yesterday and 73 by 6 o'clock. mainly cloudy skies with some sunny breaks and the chance of some spotty rain or drizzle at times. more of that closer to the coast, tam. >> thank you, david. oscar emmy and grammy winner cher is telling a little under weather. she's rescheduling concert dates set for this week in upstate new york and new hampshire. we don't know exactly what's ailing cher. on line sources say she's suffering from an acute viral infection. cher's doctors have ordered her to bed for a few days of rest. resume her dressed to kill resume her dressed to kill tore next monday in allen
6:53 am
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tom wolf. he'd be a different kind of governor. he served in the peace corps in india. and then got a phd from mit. and as a businessman he gives between 20 and 30 percent of his profits back to his employees. when he served as pennsylvania's secretary of revenue. he turned down the perks. and donated his government salary to charity he refused take a state car, he drove his old jeep instead. can't argue with that. tom wolf. he'd bring a fresh start to pennsylvania.
6:55 am
>> ♪ >> top stories here at 6:55. a 17-year-old boy who was slot in north philadelphia has died. police say the gunman had shot the teen at point blank range along the 2400 block of west huntingdon street. the killer is still on the
6:56 am
loose. a domestic dispute in the city's queen village section now has a woman fighting for her life. she was found shot twice, once in the face and laying unconscious inside a home on the 900 block of south fifth street. police are looking for her live in boyfriend and are calling him a person of interest. >> let's go outside live and check on the delay on i-95. so, here's the problem. we've got this disabled vehicle blocking the left lane. you can still see a person kind of standing there on the side of the highway there near their vehicle. they had a tire that was blocking the right lane. looks like they moved the tire out of the way but you're still jammed on i-95 northbound. this is past cottman. and you're jammed at at this point from allegheny to cottman so watch for that. southbound more of your normal delay from cottman to girard. dave we had a disabled school bus but that has since cleared. >> that's good news. boy that looks like a mess on 95. >> yeah. >> all right, 70 degrees by 9 o'clock. in the 60's now with a lot of clouds and some sunny breaks. that's the way it's going to go today, clouds, some sun, 74 by noon, 77 by 3 o'clock that's your high and there's a chance of a spotty shower or
6:57 am
some drizzle probably a better chance closer to the coast so we'll be watching for that. a little rain today. >> it will prove the kind of day where definitely in 30 minutes up wants to check in and see what's going on on 95. for karen rogers, david murphy, matt o'donnell, i'm tamala edwards. have a great tuesday.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. and happening now, dangerous and deadly flash flooding from coast-to-coast. waves of water overrunning roads. drivers, shocked by scenes like this. at least two people killed and dozens rescued from rising waters. and now, get ready for snow. brand-new developments on the shocking video of nfl star, ray rice, knocking out his wife in a casino elevator. a tape with audio of the incident. his coach, speaking out. >> it is tough. it is hurtful. >> the nfl commissioner now on the hot seat. just what did the league know? apple getting ready to reveal its next big secret, set to show off what could be revolutionary new ideas for your phone and watch. we are live at apple headquarters, with clues to answers the world is waiting for. ♪ i'm on top of the world