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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  September 9, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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this year, and that is 5,000 employees lost. but they are optimistic this casino will stay open. the trump taj mahal threatens to close. the casino said, absent significant reductions, the trump taj mahal is expected to close on or after november 13th. >> there are no other jobs to be hd. >> terry has been dealing cards since the taj opened in 1990. with so many casino closings, he doesn't know what he will do if they close, likely collect unemployment. >> i have been here at resorts first, for 35 years. >> the taj has workered to give ub their pension and health benefits, union president, don
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mcdefit says not a chance. >> he expects them to come out of bankruptcy with new owners and with some capital improvements and better manage. it will thrive once again. >> i believe that the trump organization is trying to capitalize on the fear of worker to get concessions that no other casino in the city has even considered. >> if this casino were to close, the employees would need 60 days notice and that hasn't happened yet. the new jersey department of labor says there will be a job fair here at the concvention center, more than 40 employers will be on hand, taking resumes and jobs can even be offered. i'm live in atlantic city, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. here at the big board today for the very first time, we are hearing from former ravens
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running back, ray rice's wife, she took to instagram with this long post. she called attention to that fight in the revel hotel. to make us relive a moment in our lives that we regret every day is a horrible thing, to take something away from the man i love just to gain ratings is horrific, this is our life. >> and the fallout continues for ray rice, this stems from the new piece of surveillance video from inside of the revels elevator, showing rice striking and knocking down his now wife and dragging her out of the door. yesterday the rave ands cut him and the nfl suspended him indefinitely. today he lost several endorsement deals, including one with nike. ea sports is virtually banning the running back from the video
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game, nfl 15. and stores are pulling their merchandise from shelves and the ravens will offer fans a chance to exchange their rice jerseys. the video is raising questions about what the nfl, police and nfl saw over the course of their investigation. david henry is talking to a legal expert about how hard it would be to get a copy of the video. is he live in center city with more on that. >> we spoke with a lawyer that represents nfl players, he says the nfl fumbled the ball badly here and is not buying the claim that they were blindsided by the disturbing elevator video. >> i can't believe they didn't get and it she sure should of. >> as a lawyer he also handles spousal abuse cases and it's well aware that the atlantic
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city casinos have video everywhere. he recently need aid video, he had no problem getting it. >> i was toll by the prosecutor, that that is how i was to obtain it. >> that is why colton says that the nfl with their vast resources claim its was unable to get ahold of the shocking nfl video. roger goodell claims he did not see the video since it was made public yesterday. oh is criticized about his handling of the affair from the start. initially he suspended rice for two games. and after review, they said that spouses found guilty of spousal abuse would be suspended for six gamesp now rice is suspended indefinitely and kicked off the team. some are calling for goodell's recognition but colton doesn't think it will happen. >> if i'm roger goodell i would
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look hard at myself, someone drobed the ball and either they didn't see the video or someone is really lying right now. >> the new jersey attorney general says that it would have been illegal for the atlantic county prosecutor to hand the video over to the nfl. the casino did make a copy available to the atlanticic county prosecutors office. and that allowed rice to plead guilt and enter pretrial intervention to avoid a trial. >> thank you david. >> we'll continue to follow-up dates to this story at right now you can see the online report, that broke the story. read the full statement from ray rice's wife and see our closer look at jena rice the woman at the center of this controversy. >> police in delaware says a
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separate domestic dispute ends with a woman hitting a man with her car. it happened before noon at winston avenue and elmhurst, neighbors called 911 after they saw the woman hit the man, police did not say what set off this fight, police arrested the woman, no word on hold the child is or if he or she wore injured. >> traffic is moving again on the northeast extension of the turnpike. after an early morning crash tied up drivers, near the southbound lanes near the landsdowne xitd. it happened at 6:30 this morning and only one lane could get by. there were to people involved in the crash. time for a check of the accuweather forecast. and our cloud cover stuck around for a second straight day. >> lets go outside to meteorologist, adam joseph with the word. >> they are stubborn since the
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beginning of day and they will continue through the overnight hours and the coastal system is off to the south and east as we look at satd light and radar, they spill west into state college and buffalo and binghamton and they are confined to the beaches in delaware and the far southern tip of delaware, now the bulk of the rain is off to the east, the winds continue to drain out of the east-northeasterly direction at 7 miles per hour in allentown and 13 in philadelphia and 14 miles per hour in wilmington and 16 miles per hour in dover, with the persistent wind out of the east-northeast. it continues to pile up the water from the coastline, the coastal flood advisory remains in affect through the first to tides, the next high tide, 8:00 until 10:00 tonight along the shore and then the back bays and the delaware bay between 10:00 p.m. and mid nitd. for minor flooding and the flood prone areas, see it on these minor events, you mant wa to
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avoid the areas through the evening and overnight. the sunshine is returning and cooler temperatures as well. we'll talk about it all in the accuweather forecast coming up in a bid. >> thank you. still ahead a new list of the top colleges in america, find out who is number one. and where our local schools rank. plus, apple unveils the newest gadgets, details on the new iphone and products that are about
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the fourth american affected with ebola is back in the u.s. the patient arrive at emory hospital in atlantic where two other americans have been treated successfully. doctors have not released the patient's name but was able to walk to the hospital from the blanks wearing a protective suit. he cannot get the experimental
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drug that the others got because there is none left. >> we are looking at all options and we'll come up with either put therapeutic plan. to business now. stocks took a beating today. the dow dropped more than 100 points and the s&p lost 13 points and the dow down 10 hundred points. big announcements from apple. the company is trying to stay ahead in a competitive large screen market. they laid out their new products the same place that steve jobs brought his apple computer. >> today we are launching the biggest advancement in the
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history of iphone. >> how about big? apple ceo, tim cook, unveiled not one but two devices, the iphone 6, and it's 6 plus at 5.5 inches. they have curved glass and receipt is that displays with horizontal views, and apple pay, the way to check out that is secure and speedy. >> your total is $23.78. >> that's it. that's it! >> major retailers are on board and the phone stores your information in a way that apple promises is encrypted all of these devices may have been upstaged by this announcement. the brand new apple watch that working insync with your apple
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iphone and other devices. >> we created a new intimate way to communicate with your wrist. and it works seamlessly with iphone and it's also a comprehensive health and fit and device. >> apple getting help today by u-2, the rockers joined them on stage, making the big announcements that their album is free to any iphone customer. that doesn't go on sale until next year, but you can preorder the iphone this friday and they ship out starting september 19th. so apple trying to gain ground unveiling stuff today. >> a popular product. thanks. there is now a brand new filling station for cars that use natural gas here in philadelphia. governor tom corbett is on hand for the new compressed natural gas fueling station right there in east falls.
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it's part of an alternative fueling grant. pennsylvania is the second largest natural gas producing state in america. on that note it's time to get a check of the "action news" traffic report. lets go live to autumn marisa. >> reporter: hi there, we are dealing with a lot of volume, this is 95 southbound around cotman avenue, a disabled vehicle taking out the right lane and you can see now it has left a little bit of a delay. taking a look at the big picture, our slow going is around city avenue out through belmont on the eastbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway, and an accident to tell you about in new jersey, southhampton township, there are injuries involved. route 206 at route 70 and ridge road, the alternate is new road. all roads are blocked now around red lion circle as well. and also in new jersey,
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magnolia, and ashland road, north insdidn't as well as elkton 279 and iron road. mass transit all services are on time. no reported delays and the phillies and pirates tonight, two trains leaving fern rock. and taking a look at the ben franklin bridge, we have construction in the two right lanes in the westbound lanes, we have volume out there all afternoon long and it's still out there right now. >> thank you autumn. the reputation of a so-called weight loss miracle is crumbling, the government is forcing the makers of green coffee extract to pay up for not telling the truth. "action news" anchor, rick williams is in the newsroom with this story. >> the company behind all of this is called applied food science, their product was hailed something of a miracle
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but the government says that is just not so. even dr. oz supported the weight loss benefits of the extract. but coming up ali gorman will explain why the company is paying a multimillion-dollar settlement. and a catholic school in the huntington park neighborhood has a new library and it's dedicated to a fall and police officer. the story coming up at 5:00. back to you. thanks rick p turns out princeton university is the new top university in america, according to the news and world report they announced their rankings. it topped harvard and yale to take the coveted number one spot. it ranked colleges with graduation rate and freshman retention. columbia and stanford rounded out the top five and the university of pennsylvania was
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well, there was an out of this world experience in delaware, kids in bear were part of a student space flight program, an aerospace pilot from nasa was there to kick it off. one student will be chosen to
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fly to the international space station next spring. speaking of the cosmos, lets find out what is going on in the skies, with adam joseph. adam as his pulse on the planet today. >> that is a lot of pressure. as we look at reading, pennsylvania, as we look up to the sky, that canopy of clouds, the shield of gray continues across the entire area, as we look to burkes county, despite a lot of clouds upstairs, it has held them back, 72 in trenton and 76 in allentown and well below average for this time of year. 75 philadelphia and 71 at the shore and 74 degrees. if you are headed to the bank for the phillies game. 75 the first pitch and it's cloudy and cool and a light jacket if are you not used to the cooler winds, temperature at 68 degrees by the ninth inning.
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especially if you are exposed to the north wind. that envelope of clouds spilling over the region today, some light showers off the coast from the beaches of delaware and even a few now from atlantic city and cape may, a spinning shower or patchy drizzle in spots and that will be around in the overnight hours tonight and early tomorrow morning, future tracker showing the clouds linger at the shore with a couple of showers early in the morning and the remainder of the region, inland locations beginning to rip the clouds apart as the sun takes control and that continues tomorrow afternoon and even at the shower the sun returns with temperatures rebounding back into the 80s, you can see to the west in the midsection. country, the heat is building. full summer here, that is heading in our direction. as you look to the north of there, bismark, down to 47 degrees, that is the edge of a very cold snap.
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large arctic high pressure, over this region now. white horse, 46 and calgary near the border and winter storm warnings in affect for parts of montana and this particular high heads in our direction, not that cold, it will moderate but some signs that winter is building. as we look at the forecast tonight, a lot of clouds and 59 in allentown and philadelphia 64 and your four day at 4:00, we bounce it back to 80 tomorrow and brighter and warmer and humid and warm and 88 on thursday, and late, spotty thunderstorms with a front. behind that 89 and less humid on friday and saturday, and much like today a lot of clouds and a spinning shower in the afternoon and temperatures below average at 75. we'll talk about the cool down in the seven day next week coming up shirleen. >> if we have to. >> stop saying it. thanks adam. travel over the jacobs creek in
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hope well can finally resume. the reopening of the bear tavern road bridge, the $6.7 million project took five years to complete after the original bridge was preserved as a historic structure, it was paid for by federal funding. alicia vitarelli is along with the buzz next. and ghostbusters could be an all female cast. who do you think should pay the lead roles.
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sha share off the stage for now. the mega star has scheduled stops on her mega tour. because she needs bed rest. but is it won't affect her stop in the lehigh valley, she is scheduled to perform in
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allentown. this is her first tour since 2006. and mel brooks, has given hollywood a finger. well, an extra finger. the righter producer, responsible for blazing saddles and young franken tyne -- stein, wore a fake sixth finger on his left hand. so tourists would say look mel brooks has six fingers on his left finger. finally who you going to call? ghost ladies? it's said to be manned by an all female cast and in a recent interview, murray offered his casting picks, melissa mccarthy, along with kristin wigg and emma stone and paul fig, the director
4:27 pm
of bridesmaid is in talks to the be the director of this one as well. >> maybe they would both get cast then. either way it could be funny. coming up here in our next half hour, police say that a serial peeping tom is under arrest. and it happened again, a disabled person is the victim of violent thugs in delaware. we hear from the boy targeted ahead. summer vacation is over but if you could feel like using a little r and r, look at the
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"action news" continues. hello again, 4:30 and "action news" continues with what you may call gratuity gate. why a local burger join is calling lesean mccoy shady when it comes to tipping. >> and you never heard michael jackson like this -- ♪ hey pretty baby with the high heels on ♪ >> meet the one woman band that is burning up the internet by reinventing the classics one
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cover at a time. and a daredevil that repeal the more than a 1,000 feet into a crater, and why and how he did it. >> we begin with a developing story out of newark, delaware. for the second time in a week, police are looking for young thugs accused of targeting a disabled person. 12-year-old lakwan macke was exercising on buchanan circle yesterday afternoon when two boys believed to be between 12 and 14 years old rushed up and pushed him and it sent his wheelchair into a storm grate where it got stuck. >> they tried to punch me and i put my hand up and they wrapped it around my neck and started to choke me and i tried to scream as loud as i could and that is
4:31 pm
when they decided lets get out of here because someone might hear them and they took off with my keys. >> macke says the boys have bullied him in the past but is not sure who they are. newcastle police are asking anybody with information on the assault to contact them. sharrie williams will have more on the incident at 5:00 and why macke's father believes he was targeted in the first place. to people were rushed to the hospital after a serious accident in south jersey a short time ago. chopper 6 hd was over route 206 in southhampton township, two cars collided there at 3:00 today and one caught fire trapping someone inside. rescue crews were able to get that person out. but it's not clear if they were one of the people taken to the hospital. police are still investigate snoog turning to an arrest. putting people in one delaware
4:32 pm
county neighborhood at ease. police in upper darby says that this is the man stalking the ground for weeks now. appearing into windows and performing lewd acts. "action news" reporter vernon odom live outside of that complex with details. >> reporter: hello brian, tonight police here is a they have their man, who started his prowling spree in late july and now people here in this section of upper darby can rest easily overnight. this man, darren brown, age 25 is a serial peeping tom, who has been creeping around the laurel apartment complex. he was arrested here after one victim spotted him going into this nearby store. police posted these surveillance photos in the neighborhood and that drew a positive
4:33 pm
identification from one of his alleged victims. >> a woman and her boyfriend as being seen looking in her window on two occasions. >> marcus thomas says his wife was victimized by this same man more than a year ago in a scary overnight incident when he was away from work. >> was telling my baby's mom let me in, let me in, he said he was locked out and he had only a shirt and a new york giants shirt. brown who also lives in the complex says it's a case of mistaken identity. his bail is posted at $40,000. >> these types of individuals are creeps you never know what they are capable of doing. will they escalate to break in or steal personal garments. >> she was 100% sure, she got goose bumps and everything, so
4:34 pm
she is feeling a lot better. >> darren brown stands accused tonight but innocent until proven guilty in a court of law here in delaware county. live in upper darby, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. philadelphia police are still trying to find out how a woman winded up shot in the face inside of her queen village home last night. police were called to south fifth street just after 10:00 last night. when they arrived they discovered the 32-year-old victim was hit in the mouth and arm. she was rushed to jefferson hospital, where she remains in critical condition, officers spent several hours searching for a man at the crime scene and no arrests have been made. >> officers are investigating a stabbing outside of a north philadelphia china restaurant, two men got into an argument at the eerie express at 1:30 a.m. on broad street. the fight spilled out into the
4:35 pm
street where a 38-year-old man was stabbed in the chest and he was critically wounded and the alleged attacker fled the scene. testimony has wrapped up in a trial of a woman accused of kidnapping and sexually molesting her. during testimony the alleged victim who is now 7 said she left with a woman that was concealed by muslim garb because she thought it was her mother. police in delaware say that a drunk driver tried to conceal it by eating the evidence. it happened on east 7th street in harrington. the officer that pulled veron smith overnoticed a bag of marijuana on the conceal, when he came back the bag was gone
4:36 pm
and smith was mid chew. he was charged with dui and driving on a suspended license. >> and no doubt had a severe case of the munchies. >> it will take time overnight tonight, as we take a look live right now on sky 6, overlooking the camden, new jersey skyline, 75 degrees, a coolish fall feeling with the dew point of 62 and winds out of the east-northeast, as we look live, 74 degrees with a gusty breeze, 20 miles per hour, gusting at times to 25 and a couple of sprinkles around and you can see a few folks walking the boardwalk despite the chill coming in off the atlantic water, the northeasterly wind is persistent, piling up the water so we have a coastal flood advisory in conjunction with the
4:37 pm
full moon last night. so some minor flooding between 8:00 and 10:00 tonight at the shore. and the back bays between 10:00 and midnight. we'll talk about the brighter skies and summer-like temperatures in the seven-day forecast. >> if you have not seen this newly designed website, visit for storm tracker 6 radar and hourly and seven-day forecast and all the latest video from our meteorologist and weather related photos and videos. the annual miss america pageant is this weekend in atlantic city. today we got a sneak peek at the contestants shoes for the legendry show us your shoes parade. look at the bedazzling shoes from all the contestants, look at these silver and red from
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miss new jersey. and there will be no missing miss delaware, britd any lewis in those dazzling pumps. be sure to joins on sunday for the countdown to the crown, melissa magee, mat o'donnell and karen rogers will have a preview and then at 8:00, road to miss america and then the pageant is live here on 6 abc. >> tune in. still ahead, forget the vacation or the stay-cation, the newest trend in relaxation is the day-cation. we'll show you how to do it on the cheap. >> plus, a boiling hot adventure, a daredevil reveals why he dropped down into one of the world's most dangerous volcanos, and what it means to be a solo artist. >> taking the internet by storm with her machine. and summer-like temperatures
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now to some incredible video burning up the internet but not burning up the men it features. this is secret sam coston, and others repelling into a pit of boiling lava. so powerful is shoots up waves of lava and sends burning rocks flying but costman takes it further, wearing a special suit to protect himself from burning acid, he goes close enough to touch the swirling pool. >> there is waves hitting you and melting camera gear and melting everything that the heat comes into contact with.
4:42 pm
>> he says his adventures always come with risk and for him it was entirely worth it. >> we should send him to venus snext. no shadows and a clear view of his face, those are the rules for wearing religious hair pieces at the dmv. how did this young woman get away from wearing this? a self describes pasta feran says no one should be forced into certain beliefs. >> this colander represents the freedom of religion. this is tearing up social
4:43 pm
immediate yarks pyt, a northern eatery posted the bill on its facebook page showing lesean mccoy a roughly 20 cents tip. the pizza joint says that the tip is really going to come in handy for the official mccoy jersey that the waiting, rob had his heart set on. the facebook post with more than 2500 shares, read like this, bad form pyt, posting this is unprofessional. we reached out to mccoy but pyt's owner did respond an hour ago saying he stands by his decision to post the receipt and lesean and his friend were
4:44 pm
abusive calling the teeny typicalous and only having for an apology from him. this story is continuing to play out. finally, talk about one woman band, this 31-year-old hawaii native is lilttl literal whole band. with a mini key board and her own vocals, she sings backup and mixes it live. her youtube cover songs have gone so viral she is now performing to packed crowds ♪ the way you make me feel ♪ you really turn me on ♪ you knock me off my feet now baby ♪ ooh. >> you love how the two goings
4:45 pm
sitd there chilling. she financed her work with a kick start campaign. her latest is evolution, and this girl says she is just living the dream. >> can you find all of her videos and kick start campaign at i mean really, she is like the whole kit and caboodle. >> our floor director is a big fan, he is dancing aggressively. lets get a check of the roads now. with autumn marisa. >> reporter: i don't often get to give you good news but the schuylkill expressway is not looking bad only 20 minutes from the blue route to the vine, and doing that in reverse, from the westbound lanes, not giving you much of a problem there. speeds across the region are hanging out in the 40s, we are doing well this afternoon, i don't often get to say that. in abington township, this is
4:46 pm
ke kenswick avenue and 95. is this is southbound through cotman avenue where the construction is out there, we had a disabled vehicle to the right hand shoulder. you can see remnants of that now. the northbound is the larger delay taking you 30 minutes from the vine street expressway to wood haven. moving along and showing you mass transit, on time with no reported delays, from the phillies games there are three express trains. and taking a look at the area bridges, ben franklin bridge looking slow right now only two lanes in the westbound and other area bridges looking nice and clear. back to you shirleen. >> thanks very much. we have more of that by way of
4:47 pm
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all right now to the accuweather forecast, adam mentioned a warm-up. we are all curious about that. >> it's temporary, you may get one or two days of summer-like feel can but the seven day is not all that bad. the action cam is at wissahickon creek and fairmount park, we need water, the creek is running on the low side and a little chance of heavier rain but it's not going to last long here thursday evening, as we look at the accuweather live lineup, temperatures are below normal and high pressure comes in and tries to rid us of the cloud cover that is stubborn today. double scan live, all areas are generally dry and at the shore there are showers trying to pinwheel off the atlantic, especially off of long beach island and north of brigantine, that is about it with the form of rain. 68, that is it in trenton and 64
4:50 pm
in mt. pocono and nearing 80 in dover and still above average in millville, matching the temperatures at the shore of 74. as we look at satellite and radar, low pressure is off the coast, that is where the heaviest rain is, spinning showers and light drizzle pushing westward and the cloud shield has made its mark to regions around state college, there west you can see they are trying to break apart, to rid ourselves of the cloud cover and weak high pressure is sending a higher wind in while the low pulls away, and the high pressure loses its intensity. 80 degrees so closer to normal for tomorrow. a cold front arrives and before the cold front pushes through thursday evening, it's very warm and muggy ahead of it. up to 88 degrees, low 90s, lay
4:51 pm
in the day we watch for the thunderstorms passing through. high risk for rip currents, for the persistent wind out of the north-northeastly drekts. the winds between 10 and 15 miles per hour and air temperatures tomorrow of 74 to 77 in the afternoon. as we look at the forecast for tonight. a lot of clouds and the cool breeze continues, 59 in the suburbs, 64 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, shows brighter, warmer days ahead and 88 and humid and we'll watch the front during the evening hours and future tracker shows a snapshot of a line of storms right along i-95 at the 7:00 hour. we'll monitor those and the front is off the coast and less humid and 79 and saturday is not the best of days and a lot of clouds and afternoon shower of 75 before the weekend weather is
4:52 pm
hands down sunday and 75 and stays cool monday and tuesday into the mid-70s below average, a couple of days of summer and fall takes control. >> good. >> and if are you looking to enjoy the nice weather, now that we are into this time of year, we are taking
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
time total save with 6 abc you heard of stay-cations what about day-cations. >> it's idea of a day-cation means carving some hours out of your day and enjoy amenities you would enjoy on your vacation. it's a hot fall trend. >> if the consumer gets to
4:55 pm
experience a little bit of travel without getting away that far and not spending that much money. >> check out the philly tour you'll get eight tastings, at delis and specialty shops. its half off the regular price. a spa experience, head to the four seasons hotel in philadelphia. your choice of a 50 minute swedish massage or facial and a pool visit and pool side snack, that is only $99, that is almost half off the price. >> they are offering a more extended afternoon stay, like a wine tasting or cupcake tasting and tours of the vineyard and estate. >> and there is a tour of the castle and winery and 12 wine tastings per person and an
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appetizer platter for $99 per couple. and there are wine tastings and cupcake tastings for $20 through -- >> we posted these deals and more at i'm nydia han, channel 6 "action news." >> and finally at 4:00, what is precious, playful and can hear you coming from a mile away. this guy, meet the san diego's zoo's education to this pup. he only weighs a pounds but he bounces off the walls of the zoo's nursery. workers say he and joys pouncing and digging, this frisky fox may be mini but you can't argue he is mega cute. >> even those ears.
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>> that does it for "action news" at 4:00, for shirleen allicot, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph, i'm brian taff, we are back tonight for our newly expanded one hour edition of "action news" at 10:00. >> "a the usual? not tonight.
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cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. the controversy surrounding baltimore raven's star, ray rice is growing. it is tuesday night and the latest on "action news" is the fallout for one time nfl star ray rice. >> we have lost that he has lost more endorsement deals in the wake of the video showing him punching then fiance repeatedly. >> wendy saltzman is following the investigation and we begin with sharrie williams live in the satellite center with all of the day's developments. >> ray rice is breaking his silence and he is not the only one, his wife is standing by his
5:00 pm
side. she took to social media expressing heartfelt statements. we heard what ray rice had to say, he said he was in good spirits and trying to stay strong for his wife. after being cut by the ravens and suspended indefinitely over a video showing him purging his then fiance, jena palmer. the two have since married and his wife took to instagram posting this. i won't up like i had a nightmare, like mourning the death of my closest friend, reliving the worst night in our lives is a horrible thing and criticized the ravens for terminating his contract. and stores have pull