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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  September 10, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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sunday night and the cabby and police here will far of an upswing of vie license in south jersey that they are seeing. the cabbies are feeling increasingly threatened and are far more selective on who they pick up. >> vineland yellow cab is a busy operation for those that need to get around this 70 square mile town. since june 16th there are four robberies. >> he got behind me behind my head here, and my face. >> a guy with a big shotgun came to my driver side and put gun on my ear and two guys sitting in the back said give me all the money. >> did you think you were going to die? >> yes i think. >> they noticed an upswing of violence in their town.
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>> everything was good, and now these days too much crime here. too much crime. >> in the last couple of years. >> getting worse in the last year. >> a lot of robberies, and this company and the other company and stores getting robbed. we don't know what is going on it's getting worse. >> there is a definite spike in violence, specifically in cumberland county in the last six months. >> lieutenant matthew finley says it's a regional problem and vineland is working with other departments to find and arrest the most violence in the area. >> putting them in jail and then leaving it to the courts. people need to address the courts and why they are not being kept in jail. >> the lieutenant says they are watching what is going on here and they are taking steps and
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the cabbies say they are hopeful but are continuing to be worried. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the kidnapping trial of christina regusters will head to jury in the morning, closing arguments wrapped up a short time ago. the 21-year-old is accused of abducting a 5-year-old girl from her elementary school and sexually assaulting her. time for the accuweather forecast, the humidity is on the rise. lets go outside to meteorologist, adam joseph, who is tracking an uptick in temperatures. >> the temperatures will be going up on your thursday but it's only temporary as we bring the temperatures back by the end of the week but this is a typical late summer day, in philadelphia we are sitting at 80 degrees, and we are at 81 and pittsburgh 82 and charleston, west virginia, 80 degrees and
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new york city sitting at 75. what will bring the warmth is a cold front. the southwesterly winds bring the low, north of chicago and it bring a lot of rain and that slides to our north and west, there is a tornado watch now for parts of the ohio valley and parts of cincinnati. as it slides through it loses a lot of its energy late in the day tomorrow. but before it it turns warm and muggy for your thursday with scattered storms late in the day and evening hours, that will lead to a fall-like weekend. we'll look at the temperatures that go way up and come way back down coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> like a roller coaster. >> thank you adam. they have been out of a job for less than two weeks but they are ready to get back to work. thousands of employees laid off by a.c.'s closures lined up with resumes and hope in hand.
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eva pilgram went inside today's job fair in atlantic city. hi there eva. >> reporter: hundreds of former casino workers showed up here to the atlantic city casino center hoping to find their next job. >> i'm here to find a job. >> there is a lot of people here. >> the line to get in today's job fair wrapped around the fourth floor of the convention center, most of the job seekers are out of work casino workers. >> it's a tough situation and decades in the making and unfortunately it all hit the fan at the same time with three or four casinos. >> they are working on replacing the lost jobs and businesses and with getting people into existing opportunities. >> i am trying to find new businesses and hotels to find them back working again but in the short time we have to be concerned about everyone, all of our families and residents that
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lost their jobs. >> today's is the largest one so far. 60 employers and more than 1500 potential job openings. some here in a.c. and some further away. >> i talked to some future employers and some schools, i am hopeful. >> hopefully i'll come out good. >> many are looking to find work outside of the casinos, many still say they would like to find another one to work at. >> they pay a little better, like mom and pop. if i have to go i have to go somewhere else. >> the state of new jersey has set up a website, job search you can search for jobs online, a specific tab for jobs in a 50 mile radius. eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. here at the big board now, president obama will outline his
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strategy to fight the terror threat from isis tonight. abc news learned that the president is prepared to go avatar gets wherever necessary, and expanded air strikes in iraq and possibly syria and looking for permission from congress to train and arm syrian rebels to fight against the militants. secretary of state, john kerry, stopped in baghdad to pledge support to fight isis and the threat is holds throughout the world. >> the threat of our global strategy, it will grow and deepen in the days ahead. including at the u.n. general aassembly in new york late this month. because the united states and the world will not simply stand by and watch as isol's evil
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spreads. >> this falls on the heels of anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. you can see live coverage of the address to the nation tonight at 9:00 right here on 6 abc. >> all right new details today about a 28-year-old newark woman charged with hitting a man with her car while her 12-year-old child sat in the back seat. investigators say that ashley addison and the 25-year-old victim argued and then addison struck him. he is in stable condition and she is held on $50,000 cash bail for assault and the endangering the welfare of a child. a student that attended main line elementary is receiving $50,000, the amount that they agreed to pay for not
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effectively address racially charged bullying, they found that the african-american girl was the target of bias driven harassment, and the district must sponsor an anti-bullying awareness program this year. police in willingboro township are trying to track down millions of dollars of ipads take and from a school. they believe they were taken from a classroom in twin hills elementary. they are valued at about $5,000 and police are not releasing any other information yet as this investigation is just getting underway. montgomery county officials continue their commitment to honor officers killed in the line of duty. they have dedicated a plaque -- the veteran paid the ultimate sacrifice on may 22nd of 1977,
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it was part of the county hero cops program that has dedicated 22 of these memorial plaques. coming up on "action news" at 4:00, a sleep walker takes a 60 foot fall and lives to tell the tale. and verizon is looking to cash in on the
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a south carolina man will now be charged with five counts of murder for the deaths of his five young children, timothy ray young jr. led the police to a field in alabama where the bodies were dumped. the mother reported the children 1 through 8 missing a week ago. they have not said how or when they were killed. jones is now in mississippi
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awaiting extradition. an ohio man that nearly lost his life while sleep walking is talking about survivoring the 60 foot fall. ryan hamel walked off a cliff. in a four hour operation rescuers repelled down the slope to pull him back up in a basket. >> it was surreal coming down the way i came up. you don't think you are going to fall that far and walk away from it. >> campbell was saved because he fell into a bush. he did suffer a head injury and a broken leg but will be okay. he says his outdoor camping days are behind him. time for a look at wall street today, trading up across the board, that is good news, it's do you staying above the 17,000 mark. verizon is offering the new
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iphone to its customers free of charge but yes there is a catch. to take advantage of that deal they have to turn in their old iphones and sign a new two year contract. it will earn the customer a $200 gift card than will be used to buy the 16 gigabyte version of the new iphone 6, that does not apply to the new iphone 6 plus. >> there is always a catch. time for the "action news" traffic report. mat pellman is back in action in the traffic center. >> back with backups of course. you know i couldn't miss today, it's hump day. back for the infamous hump day, figure its happens on the way to school, the kids cheer when the bus breaks down and when it happens on the way down, nobody
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cheers, this is the ramp from the schuylkill westbound to girard avenue and its blocked for a little while because of this disabled school bus from university avenue to this point west of girard. and on the mlk, if you want to use that as an alternate. we had a crash earlier this afternoon and that cleared out and speeds slow as you past the betsy ross bridge. in falls township, avoid the ramp from 13 southbound that is shut down because of a crash use pen valley road instead. and a wreck in tal min son road at the bank at allentown road. and chester county doing sign work emergency work on the eastbound side of the 30 bypass close to route 100. but the jam isn't too bad.
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lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report, there is a work zone on the delaware memorial bridge, you may see some slowing there as well. >> thank you matt. philadelphia is changing the way it punishes people who are caught carrying small amounts of marijuana and the controversial move is called historic. monica malpass is live in the newsroom to explain this one. >> mayor michael nutter did speak publically about the bill that would decriminalize marijuana, it would not legalize marijuana but it changes the way people are treated when they are caught with a small amounts. we'll hear from mayor nutter and councilman kinney who introduced the bill. and you may want to change your password -- if you use --
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we'll talk about that on "action news" at 5:00. >> all right see you soon thank you monica. tonight on "action news" at 11:00, it was part of an unprecedented move to sign people up for government health care but at what cost to the taxpayer, here is investigative reporter, wendty saltzman with a preview. >> we are revealing the stunning amount you have paid to help people get signed up for government subsidized health care plan. >> that is outrageous. >> for the first time we uncover how federally funned health care nave gators spent $60 million, where did all of your money go, and should some of these agencies be getting more of your tax dollars? >> we'll try to hold the appropriate officials accountable who are overseeing this. tonight at 11:00 only on "action news." and still to come on "action news" at 4:00, charlie sheen is
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putting in his 2 cents on the lesean mccoy tip controversy. the actor is looking to make it good for the waiter who says he got stiffed. and the circus is in town and it's like nothing you have ever seen. we go behind the scenes to the new cirque du soleil show. and with you take the new with you wherever you go. check it out by visiting any time anywhere.
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looking at a brief return to summer-like weather as we get a check of the accuweather forecast. let go to meteorologist, adam joseph to see how long it will last. >> one day. >> thanks. >> if you want the summer feel, get out as much as you can tomorrow. 83 in philadelphia, it's average for this time of year, same for allentown and dover on the brink
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of 80 and along the shore temperatures are in the lower 70s, a little bit of a sea breeze kicking in. along with the warmer, summer-like temperatures, the humidity comes back up. it's not oppressive and it will be on the humid side with the dew points between 65 and 70 degrees, the dew points come friday afternoon and crashes back into the upper 40s for some of us, so some big swings in temperature and how it's going to feel when you step outside. as you look at satellite and radar, high clouds are filtering in from the west ahead of a cold front from the great lakes to the western part of the ohio valley, it's a potent cold front and we have a tornado watch north of cincinnati in the eastern great lakes and most of the energy with this particular system will stay to the north and west, and even some of it splitting towards virginia? >> we may be swayed but the
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weather tomorrow evening. ahead of it, it feels like 92 tomorrow in philadelphia and 3u9d in wilmington and upper 80s in the lehigh valley and 92 in lakehurst. a few of us will see a few strong thunderstorms in the western suburbs but as you can see, it's not a solid line of storms, known as a squall line, it's hit or miss and begins to push off the coast by 9:00 tomorrow night, as we look at the tropics, it's quiet in the gulf of mexico and quiet in the caribbean sea, this disturbed area not expected to be a tropical disturbance and quiet in the tropical atlantic and today is the peak of the hurricane season and with not much happening, it's the quietest peak we have seen in 22 years in the tropics so that is some good news, the temperatures tonight turn muggy, middle to upper 60s with clouds out there,
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your four day at 4:00, temperatures spike to 88 and spotty late storms, we'll watch the humidity drop a beautiful day of 78, and 72 saturday and a lot of clouds and afternoon showers and come sunday it's the brighter of the two weekend days, 74 degrees with low humidity, the fall feeling is quickly returning here on friday. , the fall feeling is >> thank you. a social media expert, a football player, a super model, prominent figures from all walks of life will soon be judging this year's miss america pageant. the big announcement was made at boardwalk hall, former green bay packer, donald driver, kathy ireland and olympic gymnast, shawn johnson, who you may recall was the winner of dancing with the stars in 2009. and countdown to the crown, melissa magee, matt o'donnell and karen rogers will have a
4:23 pm
preview from the atlantic city boardwalk and stay tuned for road to miss america and the miss america pageant the 9:00 here on 6 abc. and now there is a tip debacle in northern libraries.
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse? it is time for the buzz and severe morning sickness is causing the duchess of cambridge to cancel her public appearances. kate will not be appearing for the invictus games in london. they are expecting their second child and for the second time she is suffering from the acute morning sickness that she had when she was carrying prince george. she is resting. this is a story burning up
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the internet. eagles running back, lesean mccoy, still quiet on whether he left a 20 cent tip. they posted this receipt saying that he left this tip stiffing the waiting, rob. >> actor charlie sheen is stepping in and issuing a statement. dear tommy up, tell rob, the waiting, i'm pledging $1,000 to him for the tip debacle, and the hashtag no judgment. maybe that has nothing to say about he feels about lesean. go rob. from 20 cents to $1,000. >> alicia thank you. expert tips to shop like a pro, whatever your budget.
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and 48 hours after a teenager astonished bye bye standers by this escape attempt.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, shirleen allicot, and brian taff. >> it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with an advanced
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apology for getting a certain song stuck in your head. what an adorable video will have you singing for the rest of the day. he thought it was punishments and his wife thought it was child abuse. and it may cost him custody. move over fido, there is a new family companion in town and he can do more than just fetch the paper. meet gedo the robot you never knew you needed. and the teenager that risked his life to avoid paying a subway fare. these are witnesses watching this scene unfold on the market frankford l. the man with his uniform and school backpack, he jumped across two trains to get away from septa police. chad pradelli is following this incredible story and joins us
4:30 pm
from juniata, with more on this teen now under arrest. >> witnesses tried to calm him down, one train was here at the market frankford l. he didn't jump from one train to the other, and one septa police officer says the behavior is outrageous and something he has not seen in two decades and the last time a man nearly had his head scalped. >> the student was angry, his student pass did not work because someone used it moments before. he argued with police officers and then the nimble teen escaped on to the train. >> he goes in between two train cars and jumps on the roof of the train heading to frankford. and then his best speeder
4:31 pm
impersonation. another train was heading to the torresdale station. >> they see the young man on top of the roof of the eastbound train and slows down and then halfway in, the train is almost at a stop and he jumps on top of the roof of the westbound train still moving and jumps on top where the engineer is. you can see him hopping off of the train, trying to get away and he will be caught soon and charged with a slew of crimes including aggravated assault and eventually released to his parents. >> at the hospital he polt guised to the officers for his behavior. and has an authority figure issue. >> and police say it's really fortunate that nobody was seriously injured. this was some absurd behavior. and someone could have been seriously hurt. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> just an incredible scene chad. meantime, septa unveiled a program to help them -- they put
4:32 pm
up signs advertising the national suicide prevention life line, it coincides with the prevention day. septa says 50% of fatalities on the rail lines each year are suicides. police in falls township are investigating a stabbing that wounds two children near manor elementary school following a fight following a basketball game in elder berry park yesterday. both boys are treated for non-life-threatening injuries. the police are getting a search warrant and looking for as many as four attacks. a woman shot in the face in her queens village home earlier this week has died. homicide investigators are trying to figure out who pulled the trigger, the shootding happened here on south fifth
4:33 pm
street monday night. police are questioning several people at the home who may have witnessed the shooting and may have been involved. no arrested have been made. a new jersey woman is the latest to file a suit against the casino. saying she was forcibly removed by hotel staff and choked and pushed her and walsh says the violence was prompted by a single request, that a single chair be added to a vip table where her party was seated. >> they didn't ask us to leave, they just went to removing us physically from the club and through the casino. i can't tell you why. >> walsh was then put into a holding cell, and she claims furnish assaulted. hers is the latest suit filed against harrahs who say they were roughed up by security
4:34 pm
guards in resenyears. >> they say they were responding in kind to out of control guests. a man resorted to an open window to pull off his robbery. on aramingo avenue in kensington. he walked into the living room and took a laptop and then walked out the front door. if you recognize this man, please call philadelphia police. a woman who slammed her car into a reading church is likely counting her blessings after she walked away unharmed. the woman meant to hit the break but stepped on the accelerator enstead and her car went over a curb and took a nose dive over landscaping at saint luke's luge rin church. the building was not seriously damaged. meteorologist, adam joseph, is along, this is a perfect day. >> it is perfect. our normal temperatures around
4:35 pm
81, that is where we were today. got a keen sense of what it should be like. we'll head above and beyond that, and a live look at philadelphia international airport with sky 6, you can see a beautiful skyline with puffy cumulous clouds and a dew point in the 50s, that is in check and that will really spike tomorrow as well. as we take a live look at north beach haven there at fantasy island and a sliver of blue in the sky and dew point higher with the east northeasterly wind and we are tracking a cold front and a powerful low with severe thunderstorm watches and tornado watches along the front and most of the energy will move to the north and west and the front passes through with the heat and humidity. and the chance for storms in our area coming up. >> thank you adam. a reminder now, access to live radar conditions even when you are on the go, download our
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free 6 abc storm tracker app, download it now for your apple or android device. here at the big board, cirque du soleil is in town. we were there today for a backstage tour and got a front row seat for the rehearsals for the renowned show. >> it tells the tale of iccous. mark spread his wings at the wells fargo center. >> movements and contortions and hand stands. >> he is part of the touring production of this. the feats amazing and the training rigorous. >> have you to train a lot and eat well and sleep a lot. >> we watched the performers
4:37 pm
test out the space, and the costumes get washed dried and steamed and they oversee the 17 trucks worth of equipment. she is a native of vincent town, new jersey. >> this was the first show i saw that made me want to work for the company. >> the russian swing finale is amazing you'll be on the edge of your seat and a trapeze act that is stunning. but it's the story of when the stwo fall in love and it takes you away and captures your attention and gives you goose bumps and makes you start dreaming. >> these acrobats are incredibly talented. the show opens tonight on sunday at the wells fargo center, tickets are available if you want to check it out. i feel like i'm right under the action. amazing what they do with their
4:38 pm
bodies. >> its incredible. still ahead what happens when mom leaves dad and daughter alone for a day. viral video gold. stick around. plus, taking an app on the job is rary a good thing. a criminal element, what this sleeping beauty was doing before he zonked out. >> a dream home or a nightmare. those that want to live on the architectural edge. and adam joseph has the full accuweather forecast.
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4:40 pm
a florida burglary isn't made it hard for police to catch him, he fell asleep on the homeowners bed with a bag of stolen jewelry right next to him. dion davis was so out of it he didn't notice them taking photos and they had to shake him awake to slap on the handcuffs, sleeping on the job never pays off. >> all right.
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if you weren't lucky enough to snag one of olive garden's never ending pasta passes, you may have another opportunity, some of the 1,000 passes that sold out in minutes on monday. they are up for sale on sites like ebay, it offers lovers of linguine a chance to dine on all the pasta, salad and soup they could handle for seven weeks. now the new internet price, $399, you may encounter a different problem, they have not said if they will honor transferred pasta passes. the virus that has sickened hundreds of children across the country is spreading. michigan is the 12th state to report a spike in respiratory infections linked to the intero virus. kids are crowding into the emergency rooms in the hard hit midwest and one clinic in
4:42 pm
st. louis had to roll out a mobile triage unit. health officials say that because the virus is spread from person to person like the common cold, the best weapon is prevention like hand washing. >> something incredible here, if you are in the market for a room with a view, we may have the place for you if you are not afraid of heights, they plan on building a five story vacation home and bolting it to the side of a cliff with steel pins. the dream design will be perched vicariously, and only accessed by elevator. he was inspired by the way barnacled cling to the hull of a ship. no word when the cliff hanger will go into production. the photo going viral out of
4:43 pm
michigan. a father punishing his boy by making him hold a sign that says i hit little girls. >> the dad says 4-year-old tristan got in trouble at school for hitting teenage classmates, and when other men odds did not work he made him stand in the street for an hour, well mom is furious, and kept him home from school. and dad says he has to regrets and calls this creative discipline, did he go too far? good conversation on my facebook page, let us know what you think. he does chores and does recipes and helps with story time and tucks the kids into bed. this is gebo, the first family
4:44 pm
robot. >> take the picture -- >> welcome home eric. >> hey buddy, can you order some takeout for me? >> chinese as usual? >> you know me so well. >> he is only 14 inches tall and starts at 4 99 and sts brain child the media lab. it has been extended until sunday and the company has banked $1.75 million to date and gebo if you want him starts shipping next december. and a video that has gone viral for the cutest reasons, this guy's daddy-daughter time rocks, this is 4-year-old audrey and this is how she and dad spend time together. >> shake shake shake shake it off ♪
4:45 pm
>> never miss a beat. he goes all out to entertain her, to the tune of tailer swift's new hit. they have the props and costumes and the cheerleading one and all the moves in their little music video that they do here, it has more than 650,000 views on youtube and i think you guys can see why. you can watch it again by heading to mom who left the two of them home says i missed all the action. >> best dad on the planet. >> come on matt lets get it going. lets get a check of the roads now. matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> preaxilla will do that in about six months. >> we'll have to shake off the evening commute. it's an aggravating one, a new crash along city avenue.
4:46 pm
it involves this tractor trailer partially blocking the southbound sides of city avenue, expect delays from kelly drive and lincoln drive. and the westbound side of 76, the off ramp to girard is still blocked because of the disabled school bus. in the great northeast, a serious accidents, that involves several pedestrians, along by berry road and along eldon road at huntington pike and a crash blocking the ramp, use lower morrisville road as alternates, back outside at montgomery township, a spill as you can see sand on the roadway and police still on the scene along the 202 parkway and horsham road and another wreck with a spill, fire and police are helping you
4:47 pm
around it at king road with typical slow speeds at southbound 202. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you. >> meteorologist,
4:48 pm
denturthan real teeth.erent they're about ten times softer and have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria
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and helps dissolve stains. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture everyday. all right to the accuweather forecast. >> the summer soup is back but only on the menu for one day. as we take a look at the action cam in fairmount park. a quiet serene scene, all the leaves still green on the trees, a few weeks from now we'll see the colors popping. as we look at the accuweather lineup, a powerful system moving through the great lakes that
4:50 pm
will pass through here tomorrow evening into tomorrow night. in the meantime, all is looking good on double scan live, average for this time of year 80 in allentown and 73 in trenton, and 80 in dover, cooler along the shore matching the ocean temperature right now, between 72 and 74 degrees. satellite and radar, we have high clouds that have spilled in from the north and west, right around mid-day, an abundant amount of sunshine, mixing with this moment, off to the west we see severe weather slicing through chicagoland but also into western parts of the ohio valley, that all pushes to the east here during your thursday evening. as the front approaches from the west, we get a surge of summer warmth, feeling like the low 90s around here and as the front passes through most of the dynamics frmg the energy with the front stays up to new england and down to the south and we see scattered storms pass through and not everyone is
4:51 pm
going to see the thunderstorms tomorrow at 3:00 only a small area between lancaster and reading and allentown, it passes through philadelphia and at the 5:00 hour tomorrow, it pushes off the coast. if you do see one of these storms, pass through tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening, they will be scattered and locally heavy with 1 to 2 inches of rain ponding on roadways and isolated damaging winds with downpours and thunderstorms. behind the front we are sitting pretty here on friday. a lot of refreshing air from the northeast at 78 degrees, along with a decent amount of sun. overnight a lot of clouds turning humid, 64 to 68 degrees for the overnight low, the exclusive accuweather forecast, 88 here and humid and feeling like the low 90s and scattered late day storms, we drop 10 degrees on friday, dropping
4:52 pm
humidity with a lot of sun and saturday begins on the cloudy side with light showers and 72, and not the best of days, we'll make up for it here on sunday. >> a mixture of sun and clouds looking good and the summer feeling just heads out the window here when you get to friday. >> thank you
4:53 pm
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>> good tips that i very much need. finally at 4:00, cats and dogs historically are not friends but there are some exceptions. like these two. meet the lion and ridgeback puppy. an unlikely pair, but it works. san diego paired him after surgery with raina to help with his surgery and before you knew it they became the bests of friends. and she made a remarkable quick recovery. we can learn a thing or two from that picture. from shirleen allicot, alicia vitarelli, i'm brian taff. we are back for another hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look ahead at 5:00. >> hi there. coming up tonight at 5:00, meteorologist, cecily tynan live
4:57 pm
at the philadelphia zoo for us. >> reporter: i'm not going to say hello, i'm going to say good day mate. we are talking about animals from australia and i have dalby, a white tree frog, they are found in australia and they are found in the trees, they have amazing suction cups, and mood rings, and he is really dark and he will turn lighter, and likes to be on tv. i'll go in there and feed the kangaroos from the philadelphia zoo. throw another shrimp on the barbie. >> okay that and much more coming up next on "action news" at 5:00.
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4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. new images tonight of president obama meeting with his national security team. the meeting comes just hours before his plan to address the nation and announce a new strategy against isis, the big story on "action news" is the new strategy that president obama will unveil this evening in the fight against isis. >> there is plenty of
5:00 pm
speculation of what the president could announce to the american people. sharrie williams is in the satellite center with what we can expect tonight. >> reporter: its a prime time address from the president, we do expect that he will clearly define what the threat is and lay out a plan to address that threat. we are also expecting him to offer up ideas to take the militant group out completely. president obama will lay out the next stages in the u.s.'s campaign. but will it apiece sceptics that think he is not aggressive enough. >> the plan the president will detail includes expanding u.s. air strikes in iraq and supporting the iraqi as they take the fight to isis there. today secretary of state, john kerry, traveled to baghdad for high level talks. >> the united states and the world will simply not stand by