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tv   Action News 530 PM  ABC  September 10, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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executive five months ago. that person played a 5 second voice mail confirming the video arrived. but the source says the nfl never followed up to say anybody had watched it and commissioner goodell maintains nobody saw the video until monday. we'll bring you the latest on "action news" at 6:00. now, to the story of a young man that decided that nothing would stop him from getting on the frankford market l. when confronted by police, he made a break for it and they say he was lucky he was not killed. chad pradelli is live with more. >> reporter: well, septa police say this began when a student tried to use the septa pass, it was used previously as a fraud
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protection and he did his own spider-man impersonation, he jumped on to rail cars and jumped in between them. it began with an argument and then the teen was wresting with septa delivers and managed to get free and went into the station, but his best antics were yet to come. >> goes between two train cars and comes on top of the train. >> witnesses urged the teen to come down north train was approaching. >> and the engineer sees the young man on top of the roof of the eastbound train and slows down and as he is halfway into the station, the train is almost at a stop, he jumps on top of the westbound train still moving where the engineer is. >> and then the student hopped on to the platform and tried to flee again and police officers caught him.
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he apologized at a local hospital but faces a long list of charges including aggravated assault. >> he was agile and not hurt, and that is amazing itself. police have not seen this happen in two decades, a man had his head scalped and fortunately nobody was injured in this incident. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> chad, thank you. police in vineland, new jersey, say they have arrested a driver responsible for a deadly hit and run last month. juan cruise garcia surrendered, police say he was the person that was driving a white pick up that killed armando lopez. authorities credit police work and a tip from an informant for the break in the case. >> they saw our flyer with the vehicle description and knew that this particular driver
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owned the vehicle and had not seen him operating the vehicle since the clicks. >> cruise is charged with vehicular homicide and is held on $150,000 bail tonight. in buck county falls county is searching for suspects after two juveniles were stabbed near manor elementary school last night. they believe the two boys were attacked after a basketball game in elderberry park. they are looking for as many as four attackers. anybody with information should contact falls county police. >> an argument ended with a man and woman behind bars. now here is what we know, detectives say that ashley addison hit the 25-year-old man with her car while their 2-year-old child satd in the backseat. the man was taken to christiana hospital and addison is charged with assault and endangering the
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welfare of a child. she is held on $12,000 bail. the security force at harrah's casino in atlantic city are again in the spotlight for alleged brutality against guests. >> a young nurse came forward and said she was roughed up and all captured on police video. >> sharrie williams has the story. >> reporter: she says the guards used excessive force, her name is amy walsh she is 36 years old and walsh spoke out today while surrounded by her legal team. she was there for a bachelorette party for her cousin, who is legally blind, they were at a vip table, and three of them are blind and they asked to sit together. as the night went on, bouncers told them that five people could sit at the table and that is
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when the altercation started. she says she was brutally beaten and pinned to the wall. >> it was brutal and i feared for my life in that moment. i didn't know why i was treated that way. what i could have possibly be done to be treated that way. >> you would think that the board of director of caesars and harrah's would want to know. look at the surveillance, what the heck is happening. >> walsh's incident happened to years ago but was embarrassed to talk about it and when others shared their experience, she decided to come forward and there are at least nine lawsuits against harrahs with people claiming that some force was used against them. >> thank you sharrie. in other news, 600 nurses at crozier medical center announced they will strike starting sunday morning, the walkout begins at
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7:00 a.m. and lasts until 7:00 a.m. on tuesday. they have been locked in negotiations. they claim the hospital was violating labor laws. students will get a lesson in bullying. they announced a return of nation ale renounced speaker, john halligan, he lost his 13-year-old son, ryan, to suicide after the child was bullied in school and online. he will speak to middle schoolers and their parents. there is good news and bad news tonight for drivers that count on heavily traveled street road in bucks county, a big part of the roadway is getting repaired, the bad news is it will cause delays. it impacts street road between
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bustleton pike and street road. lane restrictions will begin on monday and work is expected to be finished by next july. >> a check of the traffic right now, mat pellman in the traffic center. we deliver bad news tonight with the traffic. >> we are all sharing. >> good afternoon to you once again rick and monica. here it's a mix of news at the moment, along the schuylkill expressway, earlier issues they have all cleared out including the crash on city avenue, southbound south of the schuylkill expressway and you see heavy westbound traffic here on 76 by the exit for city avenue and eastbound a few extra minutes as people head into the phils game and the cirque du soleil show. and the motorcycle accident near the fair way there by the raymore and flannigan and the great northeast, the pedestrian along academy road by the pnc and 7-eleven, avoid that area as
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well. in falls township, the 13 off ramp, that remains closed and outbound on septa 101 and 102 trolleys because of a disabled trolley. some bad and a little good. >> we'll make folks smile in a bit. a much anticipatedle happening in allentown. and the people that decide the next miss america are officially introduced to the public. and cecily tynan is live at the philadelphia zoo with this week's outdoor adventure. >> i am here with olli, olli is an animal you think of as a pet. he is a cockatiel, they are found in the wild in australia, they are in flocks typically inland from the coast and they are knnomadic and they fly to t
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food sources. he likes to fly that is why we have him in the cage right now. i will be there feeding the red kangaroo and talking about temperatures that are hopping around a lot coming up live from the philadelphia zoo. >> thank you cecily. jeff skversky with an eagles update, our birds getting ready to face off against indianapolis. our dad's a plumber.
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a south carolina father has reportedly admitted to murderin@ a south carolina father has reportedly admitted to murdering his five children and dumping their bodies in alabama. timothy ray jones led officers to a sec you'ded dirt road yesterday and they range in age from 1 to 8 years old and were killed at the same time. an autopsy is underway to determine how they died. the mote he is unclear. the verdict for the oscar pistorius trial will be read tomorrow. he is accused of killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp, if
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found guilty of premeditated murder, he could spend life in prison. today officials shot inauguralameckey pucks for good luck through the main entrance and theyand wnveiled the arena l thatamests the hockey games and there is seating for 10,000 concert goers, it opens to the public this friday night with a concert by the eagles. not the sports team, the rock group. >> we know. the other eagles are about to release anand wpdate on thei injury plagues offensive ague. jeff skversky is live with more on that. >> reporter: hey guys, lots of moving parts for nick foles and the eagles, he returns to training today and looked at a lot of tape, he felt like he missed a lot of receiver in the first half against lot acksonv andamepes to get better against the colts, getting set to play
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monday night against the lot a the inthe oies to allen barbree and evan mathis and dennis kelly was inactive last week is betaying left guard. especially after last year, you see how consistent our ofles ae lthe sa is andamew -- it's different, the first time you know this group of offensive er lthe samen have dealt with something like that. >> we are thin, missing two of our best players that but luckily we have good depth within the ranks and guys that can step in ander eay well for us. >> letsamepe so. we are teaming up with phl season, first up up ears,s and cockso and monday night footbal kicks off at 8:00 on phl 17. the other big story, the
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fallout from theicey rice amesontroversy, the associated press is reporting that law enforcement did indeed send the tape oficey rice in the revel casino elevator punching his now wee he. but the nfl tells "a andion news" that they have no knowledge of this but will look into 3 w >> we califhtp. withhingerry >> w andilliams that played wit rice in baltimore from 2009 to 2012 and wie nno saams he reached out to rice but was not able to get in touch with him. this was hard for wie nno to indatch, especially consideringe has a daughter of his own. >> i goodderstand hitting a wom >>s ver phltheothe disrespe andful and something i would not want my daugpthaer to go tha ceysno ially the way that went down, but we have to understand that people make miouckes i'm not condoning anything you have to done but i do not cast a to done but i do not cast a
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dt perfe and. >> more with williams coming up at 6:00. phillies now, they are back in action with the pittsburug pirateses and a familiar face is on the mound. vanceh hrely is on it's mound oppothe samg ndoliams. >> and batting eighth and playing short for the inthe oed jim >> rolagus. he scored a career-high three runs and the big one is the ce is hasr right there in the fifth, hasr right thereou the fifth, with interiming hesithe oit withthing iming hesithe oit that changes are coming. >> what do you do with the core that youh hn theh hrld setomses with that are aging and still here? >> i think they are valuable from the standpoint is they were ce isere when we won five divis titles and they bring experience and leadership to the club and ertainly some of the players that were here during then they
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are st hal ver phlindaotheing h club. >> but again, bringing younger uld n betep. we'll make room fo the younger players. you would think it's along the line weplayel make an adjustmen here and t >>se. >> pat gillic reiterates that ruben amaro will be back next ruben amaro willou back next popular among the fans, they are imobout to miss the matyoffs fo the third straight year. >> thank you jeff. matyoffs fo the lot udges deciding. >> wo will be the next migil america, amon them super model, kathy ireland and green bay packer, o'donnell, imond sean athhnson, they all ae it's important to be intelligent and goal driven as it is to be
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know eorologist, cecily tyn, is live at the philadelphia zoo. with is this week's outdoor adventure. with is this week's outdoor adventure. zoo feeding the kangaroos and dawn is also with me, these are the iconic australia animal. yes. one of them. >> they said these are pets for us. imore they like the. >> wn, b tail deer. >> kind of, they go into people's far any and they are mainlyindabalation eaters and they will go to people's farms and eat their grass or vegs a da3 sn are pnd gops and they reproduce pretty well. >> so the farmers don't like themno ilti think they are reay amesute. this one here is hunter. you have nine? >> o.. th dt are the felpes rigptha? >> o., one male and eight females. >> this is mini. imond. >> wo is s.13 fanne. >> hi. >> she was named after the
5:52 pm
hurricane ironically. >> i remember that , theya z ce isere we go, everybody knowst the babies are called joeys but the felpes and the males they ave interesting names? >> the females are boomers and the males are going tomescape me. >> flyers. >> yes that is right flyers. we have theameckey bem. hey > speaking of mbing, th dt guys can only hop, they can't run? >> theyamepp. to 35 miles per our and they canmain walk o backwards. >> we do have a male back there >> wecd. have a male back there ou toldec to stay away o hrom to stay away they have strong kicks. >> yes, very strong and they t ve male testo'lutee and they have battles for the females and
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they can be violent when the time is right for thertan hey >mem has been very well behd of late. >> i'll st tom a cr-a midwest there is low pressure near cleveland and a trailing cold front and this is a powerful front and tornado watches and severe thunderstorm watches lined up along that front and the low pressure will head up to quebec, what we get ahead of the cold front is winds out of the southwest. it's warm and humid and 88 degrees, it feels closer to 93 degrees with the humidity with storms rolling through late in
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the day and during the evening, future tracker showing at 4:00, a cluster of storms in chester and montgomery as we head into the evening at 8:30, they push into new jersey, any storm will be scattered and can contain scattered downpours and gusty winds, we cool off on friday and the call from accuweather tonight, warm and it will be humid and a lot of clouds, 64 to 68 degrees, it's exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, warm and humid day and 88 degrees and late day thunderstorms, behind the system on friday, the humidity drops, a pretty nice day. saturday a possibility of showers in the afternoon and 72 degrees, sunday is the weekend winner, sun mixing with clouds and monday looking good at 75 degrees, and tuesday a chance of showers returns with chance of 75 degrees, and monday it's cool
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with a high of 74 degrees. i'm trying to feed mini and she is smelling my jeans, she is probably smelling my dog. eat the apple. >> we expect that kangaroo to pass out any minute now. >> by mini. stay on top of the changing weather situation with, go to the hour and seven-day forecast and our collection of weather-related
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jim gardner and the "action news" news team standing we with these stories and more. breaking news in the ray rice scanal. a source says that the nfl received the controversial video back in april. and we are following a
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developing story in the eastern -- two children struck by a car and taken to the hospital. those stories and more are next. for cecily, jaime and i'm sheldon yellin, and i started my career rebuilding homes
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for one family at a time. today, our companies help build something more. for 28 years, belfor has been restoring homes and businesses destroyed by fire, flood, or any disaster. and even though we've grown to over 6,000 dedicated people around the world, for me, it's still about helping one family or business at a time. at belfor, we're restoring more than property. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan and jim gardner. it is wednesday nitd and the big story on "action news" tonight is breaking news, about
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the ray rice video. there may be reason to ask if the nfl has been truthful about when it first saw the tape of ray rice punching his fiance, janay palmer. a source says he sent a copy of this video to a nfl executive back in april and heard a voice male from april 9th, confirming that the video had indeed arrives and a female voice saying you are right it's terrible. >> commissioner, roger goodell said that no one to his knowledge saw it until it was posted online on monday and said the nfl was asked for a video but were never granted an opportunity. after seein