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tv   Action News  ABC  September 12, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy.
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good afternoon, sara is off, we begin with breaking news out of center city, philadelphia. after less than 24 hours deliberations, a jury found christina regusters guilty of kidnapping and assaulting a 5-year-old girl last year. vernon odom is joining us live outside of the courtroom. >> reporter: good afternoon rick, the jury met a total of six hours, five yesterday and one today after the jury came out and delivered the verdict convicted christina regusters of all six charges here. aggravated assault, guilty. deviant intercourse, guilty,
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illegal contact with a minor, guilty. all guilty. when that was announced in the courtroom this morning both mothers began to cry, both the mother of the child and the mother of christina regusters, who came up here regularly from delaware where her children grew up. the mother weeped openly but it was silent, there was not a lot of emotional outbursts. the sentencing is set for december 16th. this story is still develop, i had a sense that the jury was coming in, the evidence here was overwhelming, direct and indirect and circumstantial evidence. the verdict is no surprise. >> a quick question before we go, the evidence was graphic,
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detailing the horrific abuse against the little girl. how tough was that for the jurors to sit through for the jurors and reporters like yourself. >> reporter: for the jurors they are laymen and women and they don't see things like this often, it was tough for them. the pictures of what happened to that little girl were just awful, and very, very disturbing, veteran cops and veteran sheriff's deputies, turned their head and turned away during the display of those for the jury this morning. i have been doing this a while and watching what is going on to bear witness to the viewers, it was awful and graphic and disturbing. >> thank you vernon. we'll see you again in our next half hour with the latest from center city. moving on to other news, another major trial out of south africa this time and the
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possibility that olympian, oscar pistorius, may never have to spend a single night in prison for killing his girlfriend. he faced life in prison yesterday, and instead pistorius was convicted of culpable homicide, the equivalent of manslaughter, that means that the blade runner could walk away with only a fine. now we have more from marcy gonzales. >> reporter: rick, it seems that the judge believed that oscar pistorius honestly thought his girlfriend was still in bed and an intruder was in the home when he fired the shots. the prosecutor may appeal the judge's ruling. o oscar pistorius walking out of the court after the verdict. that shocked people around the globe. >> not guilty, and is
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discharged -- >> not guilty of murder in the shooting death of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, but convicted of a much less charge, culpable murder. the same as manslaughter. >> he could face 15 years in prison but it could be much less. in the trial that dragged on for months, pistorius maintain tearfully that he fired through the door thinking an intruder was inside. >> i was simply trying to protect reeva, prosecutors insisted that he knew he was shooting at steenkamp. today steenkamp's family shook their heads in disbelief as pistorius sat stone faced. his family expressing relief and regret. >> a tragic event like this,
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hurts everyone. it can't bring reeva back. >> pistorius was found guilty of one gun related charge and is released on bond and will be back in court next month to receive his sentence. >> marcy thank you. back here we are learning more about an accident that shut down a busy highway in vineland, cumberland county, new jersey state police confirmed the one-car crash that killed one person, it happened in the southbound lanes of route 55 and garden road at 7:00 this morning. all traffic was diverted for nearly three hours and the road has since been reopened and no other details have been released. a montgomery man is plead guilty to abusing his grandfather's corpse and helping his father get rid of it. david saint ange is accused of
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lying to police and his father is accused of striking him in the head and then got his son to help him dispose of the body in susquehanna county. police in berks county discovered something dangerous and deadly during a dui arrest. they say they found a man passed out in his car next to three makeshift bombs and his two young children were in the backseat. james wally, was parked outside of a variance store and a concerned customer tipped off police and the bomb squad safely detonated the explosives and nobody was hurt. it's been a year since a devastating fire knocked out a piece of the seaside boardwalk in seaside heights. it burned down a section of the boardwalk, called fun town pier. the businesses have yet to rebuild and investigators determined that the fire started in aged wiring that was
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compromised in salt water and sand during super storm sandy. on the weather front we are ending work week on a high note, shaping up to be a fabulous friday. "action news" meteorologist, melissa magee is outside of our studios with the early word from accuweather. >> hi rick, happy friday to you. what a gorgeous friday it is, with sunshine and low humidity. one might say we have a crisp start to the morning, temperatures across the delaware and lehigh valleys, 66 in reading and allentown 67 and along the coast from beach haven to sea isle city, temperatures hold at 71. when you step outdoors and you take a look and factor in how it feels, whenever you have dew point temperatures at 60 degrees or low,er, a comfortable air mass over head and low humidity to enjoy. here is satellite 6 along with
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action radar, the cold front moved through with little to no fanfare across the region. some spots reporting a .01 inch of rainfall. we have a mostly clear sky for the rest of this afternoon and in fact, if are you heading out tonight. the phils are at home taking on the marlins. first pitch, 7:05, and comfortable the temperature for first pitch 72 and upper 60s in the ninth inning. we have a pleasant afternoon on the way and changes are coming, it will get damp for our saturday and temperatures will start to remain below average for a good chunk of the end of our work week into the weekend. we'll take a closer look in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. of course you can keep track of the accuweather forecast any time, by downloading our free 6 abc storm tracker app it gives weather alerts and hourly forecasts. well, the 2015 miss america
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pageant is in full swing in atlantic city. last night was the third day of competition, amanda smith won the talent competition singing "wish you were here again" from the phantom of the opera. we'll have a live report coming up at 12:30. >> and tune in at 7:00 p.m. for countdown to the crown, karen rogers, matt o'donnell and melissa magee will have a live preview from the atlantic city boardwalk. and stay tuned at 8:00 p.m. for road to miss america followed by the miss america pageant right here on 6 abc. there is much more to come on "action news" at noon, one brave shoplifters, you won't believe what one man was caught swiping from a pet store. and a notorious school shooter breaked out of a prison in ohio along with two other inmates. and later on meeting the first
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family would be thrilling for most people but this little girl is not most people. who she really hoped was visiting her classroom.
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of killing three high school students three years ago. though were found and apprehended. they caught t.j. lane just 100 yards from the prison. he was convicted of fatally killing three students and injured three others in february of 2012 in cleveland. the message from a gun instructor from a child learning to shoot an uzi, they had a special message. he can be seen in this video giving a lesson at a popular resort in las vegas. moments late the 9-year-old lost control with the recoil and the instructor was killed. they said they are praying for her and wish her peace. they said their father would want the same thing. one of the best players of miami marlins will not be with
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the team tonight when they play the phillies. stanton may be out for the rest of the season following a heart stopping pitch last evening, the all-star was hit in the face by an 88 miles per hour pitch. he was rushed to the hospital with multiple fractures. on the very next pitch, another play was hit by a ball that led to injections. the pitcher was shaken up and later apologized. a man is facing charges for an unusual crime. he was stealing baby alligators. cameras captured melvin davis inside of a pet store stuffing the alligators into his pocket. he nearly got caught and made one mistake. >> an alligator fell on the floor. and he claimed it was his and brought it with him. >> davis was then able to put
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the alligator back in his pocket when the clerk walked away. police were able to arrest davis but the
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there are new details this noon about the nsa controversial spying program. they threatened to fine yahoo! 350,000 there's a day if they refused to hand over emails.
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they won the right to file pages in court. it stemmed from an unsuccessful lawsuit in 2008. now they are working to post the documents online. health check this noon. it's at least another week before officials can confirm that a dozen children sick in delaware have the entero virus 68. children are susceptible to the disease and those with asthma. can you prevent the spread of the virus with frequent hand washing. you can find more on this online at a celebration of survival is underway as walkers gathered for the susan g komen walk. they will wrap up the event on
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sunday at the navy yard. katherine scott will have a full report on the walk in our next half hour of "action news" at noon. the "action news" is out working on news stories tonight at 4:00. we are tracking down deals for this freebie friday andalive garden has a big pull but cutting back would boost sales at the struggling italian eatery, and meet the father that turned into the ray rice scandal in a life lesson for her children. how he used the as a small business owner you don't deliver anything less than 100% to your customers. so don't settle for less than 100% of the internet. with verizon fios get uploads speeds
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into the ocean off the coast of rhode island. they were found abandoned in may when they were of nursing age. the pups were fed a special formula until they were large enough to eat fish and they were allowed to hunt. and officials thought they were ready to head out on their own. melissa magee is here and ready for the weekend. >> we have clouds that move into tomorrow afternoon and rain is likely into the afternoon hours, we'll pinpoint when that will occur. it's dry and quiet right now, no issues with precipitation. so outside we go on a lovely friday afternoon. chopper 6 hd above the scene there in delaware, a gorgeous shot of the water, nice afternoon and it will continue to be a nice evening as well. at this time yesterday we had dew points in the 60s across our region, you had the humidity
12:24 pm
xroefr head and temperatures were 10 degrees warmer, coming in at 71 in the city, and the dew point is 51, any time have you dew points in the 50s it's a comfortable air mass. the pressure 30.12. along the 95 corridor, temperatures in the lower 70s and 60s in allentown and it's 67 there and lancaster 68 and wildwood 72 and millville coming in at 70. here is satellite 6 along with action radar you can see what is left of that front, we have clear to partly cloudy skies, and as we get into the weekend however, we are tracking this frontal boundary and a little ripple of energy that wants to ride northward giving us an opportunity of wet weather, a nice reprieve from the moisture today. if you are traveling north of city in allentown, it's a
12:25 pm
comfortable afternoon. the temperature is coming in at 74 degrees, if are you traveling down the shore today, the biggest difference is you don't have the humidity to contend with. if are you headed to the water, there is a moderate risk for rip currents. the temperature is 73 degrees and you may need a light jacket or sweater to keep yourself warm. here is the setup on your friday. it's crisp and cool and the front slips to the south and the high temperature comes in at 76 degrees, as we get into saturday for the start of the weekend, cool and dreary as we watch this area of low pressure creep in. the temperature then is much cooler in at 71, the call from accuweather for the rest of today, clouds and sunshine and less humid. below average, for us this time of year 80 degrees, we are below that today, but nobody is complaining. the northerly wind helps to dry
12:26 pm
everybody out. as we get into the overnight hours and the low drops down to 62. here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, it's pleasant for you today. high temperature 76 degrees, as we get into the start of the weekend, mostly cloudy and 71 and rain develops into the afternoon hours, the good news in the wake of that front on saturday, the success half of the weekend looking nice with a high temperature of 73, the phils are once again at home on sunday, still pleasant on monday and 75, and late monday into tuesday, another frontal boundary moves through and morning showers are likely with a temperature of 76 and the lower 70s, next week. first half not so begun the second half looking okay. >> we know that kids say the darnedest things, that is true for d.c. children that were told a surprise guest was coming to
12:27 pm
class. president obama and first lady, michelle obama were coming to fill backpacks, most of the children were ecstatic. but one little girl wasn't, she was expecting it to be someone else. >> wanted it to be beyonce. >> but she quickly said the surprise was better. and the president told her that sasha and malia would have felt the same way. still more ahead in the next half hour, the ravens win over the steelers is overshadowed by the ray rice controversy, and people from all walks of life come together to find a cure for breast cancer. katherine scott
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you mean her? no, it's the spicy smoked sausage sandwich, honey, s-see? see the spice? right. it better be. you going to the car? we're going to eat in the car. add some spice to your day with dunkin's spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy! grab one today! america runs on dunkin'. start your morning spicy! hurry in today for a spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. . a jury has found christina regusters guilty of all account. lets go live to vernon odom, is he following the trial and was there when the verdict was read this morning. vernon? >> reporter: this has been a
12:30 pm
very celebrated case so it was a dramatic moment when the verdict came down at 11:01, guilty on all six charges related to kidnapping and sexual abuse from the awful case in 2013. the prosecution is happy with this verdict. moments ago the assistant d.a. talked about christina regusters elaborate scheme to fool the 5-year-old into believing there were three different people involved in this heinous crime. >> she told the victim a name when she was dressed in muslim garb and then another name when she was longer dressed in muslim garb and she showed her a picture of a man on the phone. >> but it was just her? >> her and her alone. >> the person that plotted this out, the person that hurt her in this way, will be in jail for
12:31 pm
the rest of her life. >> the kindergartner that was so much abused back in january of '13 is 7 and back at school. she testified at trial and she was never able to see the faces of her attacker. both mothers wept after the verdict, the mother of kristina regusters as well as the mother of that young victim. the sentencing is set now for september 15th, she could get what amounts to life in prison. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you again. in other news, route 55 in south jersey back to normal this noon after a crash that took a person's life, chopper 6 hd was over the scene at 7:00 in vineland, the one vehicle crash was in the southbound lanes of guard road and the traffic was backed up for miles and the cause of the crash is under investigation and the victim has
12:32 pm
not yet been identified. homicide detectives made an arrest in the queen village neighborhood. the victim's boyfriend marcus johnson is now charged with her murder. johnson is believed to have shot the victim in the face and arm. when they arrived at her home she was bleeding from the face, she died the next day. the baltimore ravens played their first game after ray rice was suspended from the team. some fans including women chose to wear his jersey, after a video was released showing him knocking out his now wife in an elevator. karen travers is here with more. >> reporter: there was support for ray rice in baltimore, some fans say that everyone deserves
12:33 pm
a second chance and his former coach and teammates say they care about him but the nfl says the punishment is not going away. the baltimore ravens crushed a bitter rival but the 26-6 win over the steelers was overshadowed by the ongoing ray rice controversy. they dedicated the preshow to a lot of ray rice coverage. >> they scrapped an opening sequence featuring rihanna, a victim of domestic abuse herself. despite the cloud of controversy, there was the typical pregame partying, some fans wore their rice jerseys. >> i don't judge anybody and everybody has their own life to live and their own struggles. after the game support from his former coach and teammates.
12:34 pm
>> he did a lot for the city and we love our brother, it's an unfortunate situation. >> but the controversy over how the nfl handled the punishment of rice is not dying down. now four sources close to the running back, during his commissioner with roger goodell, he was up front and didn't try to cover anything up. that he hit his wife and knocked her unconscious. >> when we met with ray rice, he was ambiguous about what actually happened. >> adding to the uncertainty about what really happened. reporting live from washington, karen traffickers, channel 6 "action news." thank you, back here a 22-year-old man was badly when a garage when up in flames in the olney section of
12:35 pm
philadelphia. it happened on the 5600 block of arms street. crews got it under control quickly but suffered third degree burns over his body. a drive under bala cynwyd is recovering from injuries after a crash on belmont avenue, the emergency crew his to pull the driver out of his car it's unclear what caused the driver to lose control of his car. turning to the forecast now, it's a sunny start and conditions are perfect for any outdoor activity. as we look live in downtown wilmington, the skies are clear and not much to complain about but now the bad news, rain moves in for part of the weekend now. lets get the details from melissa magee outside and enjoying this friday. >> i am definitely enjoying this friday, as you mentioned low
12:36 pm
humidity. the poconos 60 and sea isle city 73 and dover the lower 70s and millville 74. here is the 24 hour temperature change, 10 degrees cooler in the city than the same time yesterday, 11 degrees cooler in reading and 13 degrees cooler in dover thanks to a northerly wind. here is satellite 6 along with action radar you can see the front has zipped through the south and it's mostly sunny in the delaware valley, just a few cirrus clouds overhead. the day planner, 75 degrees and plny of sunshine, same thing at 5:00, holding in the middle 7:00, 72 at 7:00 and an overnight low dropping down to 62 degrees. we have some changes up ahead for the upcoming weekend, we are tracking wet weather that is moving in for saturday. we'll take a closer look at
12:37 pm
future tracker 6 and time out the showers. with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> thank you. the new ppl center in allentown opens its doors with a concert by the eagles. the arena bowl will host the phantoms hockey games and there is seating for 10,000 concert goers. the next miss america will be crownd this weekend, the contestants are getting busy for sun night and the excitement is building. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is outside of boardwalk hall. >> reporter: hey rick, the countdown is on for sunday night's big show and the contest ans are working hard all week and they have final preparations. look at this video from the past week, the second year that the show is back where it all began
12:38 pm
at boardwalk hall, this is a tradition since 1921, now, our three girls, miss new jersey, miss delaware and miss pennsylvania are all getting cheers in the tri-state area, they wrapped up a week of preliminaries, and now she will receive a 2,000 dollar scholarship for her singing performance. sunday is the big night. back out here live, lightning we said today is full of rehearsals for the televised show, they have to learn dance numbers and where to stand and the 1.3 mile walk here on the boards, half of the proceed goes to the childrens miracle network hospital. we have three beautiful ladies waiting for us right now, we'll talk to the local three contestants, new jersey,
12:39 pm
delaware and pennsylvania, and have everything they are thinking and the last minute jitters they might have, that is coming up later today on "action news." >> thank you annie. tune in sunday beginning at 7:00 for a count down to the crown, melissa magee, karen rogers, and matt o'donnell have a live preview the atlantic city boardwalk and then road to miss america followed by the miss america pageant. there is much more to come on "action news" at noon, a class action lawsuit is filed after reports oftained sushi was sold to several restaurants and they are walking 60 miles over three days to help find a cure for breast cancer, katherine scott talks to survivors that started this morning. (postal worker) hey! millers!
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you could scratch your way to instant winning today. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. well, this is an important weekend in the fight against breast cancer. after the walk got underway in montgomery county. and katherine scott was there. >> along the route you can see pink, pink everywhere. breast cancer has touched so many lives and these people are walking toward a cure. this susan g komen walk are for survivors and those that have succumbed. >> i walk with those that are gone and those that survived. >> cathy lost her mother to
12:43 pm
breast cancer in 2008 and there are a lot of reasons why they returns every year. >> in 2013 i was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and two weeks out of chemo i have a lot of reasons to walk and show my energy and give power to women. >> the reason behind this event is a serious one but the weekend is packed with levity, pins and pink. a zumba warm-up started in willow grove and the energy was still going strong as they walked. and cheered on along the way, there were somber moments, moments to comfort one another and lend support and make one another smile. a group together with a common goal. >> she should not have to go through what i did. i walk for her. >> they have a lot of miles to cover and they wrap up sunday in
12:44 pm
the navy yard. pennsylvania governor, tom corbett, has an explanation for another disturbing poll result, the quinnipiac poll shows him trailing behind voters. 57% believe that wolf is trust worthy, and 53% said the same for corbett. he says it's because he took on pension reform and other issues during his first term in office. now to an accusation that could make your stomach turn, a class action lawsuit says that sushi rice is tainted with molt and rat droppings for years. a group of two employees are suing the large of the exporter of rice in the state and that the company used inferior, recycled rice and sold it as
12:45 pm
high quality and it was exposed to rodents and mold. probably everybody that has eaten sushi at a restaurant comes into can't with this product. >> they say this accusation is absurd but have agreed to meet with the group behind the lawsuit. sarah palin and her family is making headlines because of a brawl in alaska. and why
12:46 pm
don't believe tom corbett's tv ad. the facts speak for themselves. tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off. class sizes increased. and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes.
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it also raises money for student scholarships. looking live from sky 6 hd down at the shore. a few clouds, but tomorrow rain will likely puts a damper on any beach activity. get out and enjoy the sunshine at the beach. melissa magee is here now. >> you'll need the umbrellas for the second half of the day, but after 2:00, we are tracking showers, we'll take a closer look at that. stormtracker 6 live double scan rads ar showing you it's dry and no issues with precipitation and high pressure is in control for a good chunk of our friday. another picture down the shore, this time we are down in cape may, new jersey, a gorgeous picture although if are you at the shore you may need a light sweater or jacket, because temperatures are cooler than average this afternoon and a moderate risk for some rip
12:49 pm
currents. but highlights today, much cooler with drier air moving in today and we are tracking showers for the start of our weekend on saturday. much cooler for the 24 hour temperature change, lowering the humidity and it's 10 degrees cooler in the city than the same time yesterday and cooler in lancaster by 10 degrees than it was 24 hours ago. future tracker 6 has you covered. 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, we have some light to moderate rain to contend with for the second half of our saturday, but the good news it moves out in time for sunday. 71 in the city, 60 in the poconos, and 72 in beach haven, sea isle city, 70s and lancaster 68 and 66 in reading. satellite 6 along with action radar there is that front that slipped to the south with little or no fanfare in the region. some spots reportsing a .10 inch
12:50 pm
of precipitation and a northerly wind that drys everything out. sunny and dry for the rest of afternoon. down at the tropics we are keeping a close eye on tropical storm edward. this continues to move towards the north and west. decreasing its northern movement. this is a fish storm, staying well away from the main land and only affecting those out in the atlanticic, the little fishy there's. the forecast for the rest of today, mostly sunny and beautiful, get out and enjoy. millville 75 degrees, 73 in cape may, the upper 70s in millville and along the coast in atlantic city, coming in at 73. here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, no complaints today.
12:51 pm
high temperature of 76 and the phils are at home tonight and first pitch 7:05, and saturday we are tracking periods of rain by the afternoon and a high temperature of 71 and for the second half of the weekend, on sunday it's partly sunny and delightful. a fall feel however with a high temperature of 73 and as we return to work next week, temperatures remain below average, still pleasant on monday with a high temperature of 75 and high pressure takes over on monday and as we get into late monday into tuesday, another piece of energy works its way into our region and a high of 76, wednesday, plenty of sun and 74 and 75 in thursday rick. stay with the changing weather situation at, can you find the hourly and seven-day
12:52 pm
forecast and pictures from our meteorologists as well. topping our people scene this noon, police are investigating several members of palin family following a fight at a snowmobile party. according to several alaskan bloggers, sarah's son may have gotten into a fight, and even willow may have thrown some punches. the palins were asked to leave the premises but the case is still open. a celebrity romance is in the works, neil young and darryl hannah, were seen walking arm and arm. hannah an actress and activist. she previously dated jackson browne and dates the late john f
12:53 pm
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we have a numbers stories going viral. like this woman using photo shop to fool her friends be family that she was at an exotic vacation in asia. and kathy ireland letting out a
12:56 pm
belch on stage and the kids voted for the list of hottest toys out already. see that at holiday toys? >> halloween, did that come already? >> as soon as halloween comes it's christmas eve. >> we'll show you what is going on region by region, in the northwest suburbs today, clouds and sunshine 74 to 76 degrees, from easton to lancaster, if you are along the i-95 corridor, low humidity and that is the big difference in comparison to yesterday 72 to 76 is the range, along the shore from toms river to cape may, sun and clouds, with a temperature to 73 to 75 degrees. we'll have much more coming up on "action news" starting at 4:00 finally at noon, they are
12:57 pm
called the cutest little creatures in texas. they are what's called clouded leopard cubs, since their birth they are under round the clock care by zoo experts, there is not a lot known about clouded leopard cubs. and that will do it for "action news" at noon don't forget to join us at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. i'm rick williams, get out and enjoy it, we'll see you back here tonight beginning at 4:00.
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