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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  September 12, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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perpetrated and victim's mother started weeping about the victim's severe injuries. the jury convicted former daycare worker christina rougesters after 6 hours of deliberations she abduct the a 5-year-old child from school and sexually assaultle ring her in a 19 hour ordeal.d from school and the child led police to the house. a few blocks from her school. >> this say child who was able to provide more detail and more information than most adults. she's amazing courageous child and hopefully this gives her some closure. >> the person who plotted this out, the person that hurt her in this way willing in jail for the rest of her life. >> her lawyer knew he was in a uphill bat toll plant a sea of reasonable doubt to this jury. there was a lot of evidence of child porn fascination on her
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laptop. >> we had enormous hurdles to overcome. dna was enormous hurdle. internet serves were devastated and those are things you can not overcome. >> harrison and many others do not believe reugusters could not have pulled it off with others but they believe she act add loan. >> the case is closed and we have a conviction and we'll move on to the next. >> judge squevrry mine heart will pass as soon as on regusters she could spend the rest of her life in prison. vernon odom, "channel 6 action news." >> vernon, thank you very much. we alerted you to this as soon as news ever the verdict broke on we'll continue to update this story with continued reaction from today's verdict as the sentencing phase of this trial gets underway. >> and finally today decision was handed down in oscar pistorius murder are child.
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he remained stone faced as a south calf can judge convicted him of equivalent to manslaughter for reeva steenkamp's death. reaction from the courtroom and details on what happens next. >> reporter: oscar pistorius walking out of a south african court after the verdict. >> mr. pistorius please stand up. >> that shocked people around the globe. >> not guilty and is discharged. >> not guilty of murder in the shooting death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. instead he was convicted of a less sear eagles/cowboys charge culpable homicide equivalent of manslaughter and carries maximum sentence of 15 years if prison. experts say he could face much less. >> it makes me wonder is it possible, very unlikely he could get no jail time but possible. >> in the trial that draingdz on for month he tearfullly maintained he fired through the bathroom door last valentine's
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day think an intruder was inside. >> i was trying to protect reeva. >> insisting the man known as blade runner knew he was shooting at stein cam. >> you killed reeva steenkamp that's what you did. >> today she shook their heads in disbelief of the verdict as pistorius sat stoned faced his family expressing relief and regret. >> a tragic event like this there is no victors in this. it won't bring reeva back but our heart goes out for her family and sglendz he was found guilty on a gun related charge released on bond and will be back in court next month to learn his sentence. meanwhile prosecutors say they maya peel the judge's ruling. marcy gonzalez, "channel 6 action news." >> we have a traffic alert to pass along to you right now. a tractor-trailer has overturned open the ramp connecting northbound 295 with southbound route 73.
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and this is in mount laurel burlington county it happened 1 hour ago and no injuries were reported and that ramp is still closed right now. a deadly crash in vineland, cumberland county backed up route 55 for close to three hours this morning. chopper6hd flew over the scene route 55 near garden road and a single car crashed in the southbound lanes killing one person. that victim was not identified. the road was reopened before 10:00 this morning. ai dupont hospital is awaiting frults cdc to determine if a national outbreak has come to delaware. five example from there are being tested for entrovirus which has sick end hundreds of children across the country. health reporter ali gorman talked to a family member who is among those waiting on the results today. and time for a check of the accuweather forecast on this comfortably cool day. >> yes, from sky6 we see clear,
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crisp, sunny skies over atlantic city and the clouds and rain are coming our way. >> yes, let's go outside to meteorologist adam joseph. in the meantime, it is beautiful out there adam. >> it s it's a perfect way to round out the week and temperatures certainly dropped overnight into early this morning and a true fall taste as we look at the numbers yesterday we're in the 80s feeling like low 90s today 73 allentown and 77 in philadelphia and 74 in dover and at the shore, we just saw that live sky6 in atlantic city, beautiful there at 72 and a little cool in the poconos at 65 degrees. as we step out this evening once the sun sets, temperatures drop to around 70 at 8:00, 68 by 9:00 and 10:00 tonight high clouds moving in from the west with temperature of 66. stormtracker 6 live double scan we'll show changes are on the move right near chicago we have one weak, low area of pressure working to our north and west. and also of the carolinas, you
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can see another low working to the south and west. so these two as they skirt by will bring us a around of rain and we'll talk about the timing of it for the upcoming weekend an a bigger fall chill coming in next week. shirleen will have the details. >> i like more, bigger that's good. >> today marks the one-year anniversary of inferno that decimated four blocks of boardwalk in sea side park and seaside heights. it hit 60 businesses and funtown pier. the boards between the towns were replaced and businesses themselves were yet to be rebuilt. investigators determined age wiring comprised by water and sand from super storm sandy sparked that plays. as we have been reporting here rather extensively, atlantic city has fallen on really hard times as of late. this weekend it's getting a big boost. miss america fest activities are in full swing.
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annie mccormick checked in with the local hopefuls and they are competing for the crown this weekend. skies live with the action in atlantic city right now. hi, annie. >> hey, brian, for jersey native this say past time they welcome especially like you said right now the time cog not be better. they need a pick me up with all that happened in atlantic city. t we wish everybody the best of luck we like our favorites and wish them more like and today we caught up with all three. >> here they are hour miss america contestants, miss new jersey 21-year-old sierra kayla joe's from rutgers. >> the reason i started competing in the first place it was in my backyard. >> miss delaware britney louis lives in wilmington went to temple and grew up in brigatine. >> new jersey, pennsylvania, delaware this is my home where i grew up and where i received my college degrees and where i work this is my life. >> and miss pennsylvania amanda
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smith florida native attending carnegie mellon university. she won the talent for her vocals. >> they said pennsylvania i was like well took me by surprise. >> all three girls are among the 53 contestants who had a grueling week of preliminary competitions and reherlales for live tell vitiond show on abc sunday. last year the number of viewers at home soared. miss new jersey hopes the breath of life into the pageant hopes atlantic city the year of casino closures hit close to home from her. >> i'm daughter of two casino workers, they're capitalized on a source to help to look for the future. >> the second time in a row is now in new jersey again after it was taken away us from and brought to las vegas for several years. tonight they're doing something different they have never done before called miracle mile walk proceeds from that some of the proceeds will go to children's miracle network and tomorrow, is
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another favorite tradition, the show me your shoe parade will be tomorrow and again on sunday night on abc you can watch and see who gets the crown. for now reporting live in atlantic city, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news," shirleen. >> can't wait for show me your shoes parade, thank you, annie, 6abc has all the miss america coverage tune in sunday beginning at 7:00 with countdown to the crown, melissa magee, matt o'donnell, karen rogers will have a live preview from atlantic city boardwalk and stay tuned 8 paeming for road to miss america followed by the miss america pageant which gets underway at 9 p.m. here on 6abc. >> and eventful weekend coming up and coming up next on "action news" at 4:00 today the dr. that performed joan river's final procedure is now out of a job. >> all you can eat bread sticks may be bad for business. olive garden investor wants to cut back on delicious carbs to boost sales. to boost sales. we'll
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>> police need your help tracking down the gunman that opened fire on a kensington street an suv. this is video of the driver by shoolting on 300 block of b street on august 31. an 18-year-old man was shot in the thigh and arm. but he is going to be okay. police hope someone will recognize chevy suv and lead them to the shooter. the dr. who performed that routine procedure on joan rivers one week before she died was asked to leave his clin ib. he stepped down medical direct to of yorkville endoscopy a gastro enter rollgist no longer performing procedures at that facility they declined cite a reason but sources tell "abc news" cohen allowed unauthorized specialist to examine rivers at the clinic before the procedure and she later went into cardiac arrest. >> pakistani officials say they arrested the entire gang that
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tried to kill teenage activist mulala sasssi. >> ten taliban members attacked her. she was then 15 and was reportedly targeted for advocating education for women. despite being shot in the head, that teenager maiden credible recovery and now lives in the uk where she continues to fights for gender equality. time for a check on business and trading slow making it first weekly loss since the start of august. the dow did not crack the 17,000 mark. and nasdaq and s&p 500 saw losses as well there. and olive garden sales have been hurting and according to one investor the bread sticks are part of the problem. and new critique hedge funds starboard value says receivers bring too many bread sticks to the table leading to waste and cold food.
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starboard value is dispointed in the liberal use of salad dressing and restaurant failure and salted walter and hedge fund surprise seeking to takeover the board of olive garden parent company garden restaurants sales sell 1.3% last quarter. >> see if it turns out to be the recipe for success. >> time for the "action news" traffic report. >> lets go to matt pellman traffic center. >> i may be the problem bringing too many bread sticks to the table. too many cars and the tractor-trailer got pushed off to the right side of the roadway on to the shoulder and it is still a slow going coming southbound from the airport through this point at 420 also pushed out a disabled tractor-trailer ramp schuylkill eastbound to passyunk and that's giving us big delays. it was out there for a while this afternoon.
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eastbound generally heavy whole way from the roosevelt boulevard to passyunk and as we get ready for the philadelphia opera 40th anniversary gala in center city tonight south broad is blocked. southbound completely, northbound only one lane gets by between locust and spruce. good sfot avoid this afternoon and septa buss notice area are running with detours because of the blockages. blockage earlier on the northbound, northeast extension because ever a crash approaching lansdale. everything is open now. speeds in the teens as you come away from mid county tolls and in mount laurel the ramp 295 northbound to 27 southbound is blocked because of overturned truck. exit 70 and take that to 7 3 southbound and crash moorestown at valley view terrace. let's grab the ipad and do the commuter report this friday afternoon. happy friday. still a great time of year to head down the shore. if you do that this afternoon watch for a vehicle stopped on the shoulder along the garden state parkway southbound and otherwise no huge issues at this
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point. we'll check it again shirleen coming up in the next half hour. >> see you soon, matt. >> price are slowly trickling downward at the pump. in philadelphia the average cost per gallon is 3.51 today down a penny overnight and the price had risen two cents over the past week and in delaware average is 3.41 and south jersey price 3.24. last month aaa predicted prices to drop through october due to manufacturing of lower cost winter blend gas and fewer drivers on the road. a few children are back at home after hit by a pickup truck while walking home from school. monica malpass is live in the newsroom with details on the remarkable recovery monica. >> brian, that's right this is mother's worst nightmare when two children were hit wednesday afternoon and less than 48 hours after it happened the 7-year-old and 10-year-old were listed in critical condition. but they're now back home and both are doing much better. and we will hear from the children and their entire family
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coming up tonight at 5. we'll have the story and a lot more coming your way on "action news" a bit. we'll see you then shirleen and brian. >> thank you, monica. we'll see you soon. still ahead at 4 dance students in the garden state get a lesson from the real master. >> and instead of getting rid of his kids ray rice jersey one dad created a
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well, not that kind of fresh. on the freshness of our chicken. but i can guarantee the freshness of our chicken because we go beyond what the usda requires... with extra inspections in american family owned farms, refrigerated trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between.
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that's what it takes to bring your family a fresh tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken. >> i wish you could hear him sing fred astair sammy davis junior tap dance legend moving melvin brown gave students a taste of what he's working with at the high school for creative and performing arts and ahead of his tribute to ray charles performance tonight at society hill play-out he took the time to mentor and inspire young talent. you can catch this show through
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september 21. he is truly a talent. >> incredible talent. >> it looks like they are having a blast there. >> it's time for a check of the weekend accuweather forecast. >> we'll get a mix of a lot of different things happening this weekend. >> it's a happening weekend and man he's one happy guy. >> i'll tell you that smile, it's on a someday like today everyone is smiling as we look at numbers and allentown, 73 degrees. same for reading. 77 and in philadelphia quite a change from yesterday's oppressive humidity and above normal temperatures. 7 at the boardwalk and dover and 74 degrees. and we look at dew points yesterday they were around 70 degrees when it felt oppressive and they have dropped back into the 50s and feels comfortable out. we kind after voided the atmosphere of some of that moisture hence bringing a little bit of lightness to the atmosphere. as we look at high school football forecast yes it's friday evening, mainly clear, very comfortable football like weather and 70 degrees 7:00 and by 10:00, 65.
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you may want to bring long sleeves if you head to one of your favorite games. as we look at satellite and radar couple things, couple changes going on. we have low pressure over the great lakes near chicago and also an area of low developing near the carolinas and both of these will be pushing to the north and east. kind of splitting our region. but we will get brushed by the two here on saturday. so as we look at future tracker, and figure out very early tomorrow morning, maybe a hit of sun. then you can watch clouds move in from the east off the ocean and clouds moving west squeezed hereby noon on saturday and then some of those showers or quick heavy downpour will pass through during the early to mid afternoon hours. so what to expect here on saturday. overall, it's cloudy. it's cool, rain developing. the wettest period. right now looks to be between noon and 6:00 around a quart to half inch of rain and if all goes well we have some saturday night plans in the evening and hopefully it dries out by then. as we look at satellite though
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over the tropics near the verge of coast of africa here the cape v era e island and eastern atlantic this area is tropical storm eduardo winds 45 miles an hour and we call it a fish storm because the motion will curve over the northern atlantic watt atlantic waters and not affect land. clouds will increase, it's comfortable, 50s in the suburbs and 6 for philadelphia as well as dover and 4-day at 4:00, 7 periods of rain and we quickly turn things around surngsd wall-to-wall sunshine, 7 degrees. staying comfortable monday, 77 and period of showers early tuesday. sunshine in the afternoon at 75. your 7-day coming up in the next half hour brian i'll let you know if we can warm the numbers or cool them. >> see new a bit, adam, thank you so much. nine men moved up ranks of
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newcastle county police department today. friend, family, dignitaries and several retired officers were on happened for promotion ceremony here at the public safety building and six of these men became sergant one a lieutenant one a woman one a captain and one major and recognition of a ♪ the world famous fries you love, plus a shake of three new flavors you add. introducing mcdonald's shakin' flavor fries. shake up something new to love at mcdonald's.
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>> time for a buzz a hollywood a lister is mourning death of her father actor nicole kid man's father psychologist tony kidman passed they are investigating it as unnatural death which commonly refers to a fall. kidman was in singapore tore visits his daughter and her six children. >> well rob ford is no longer seeking second term as toronto mayor. controversial politician is withdrawing from the upcoming mayoral race to deal with a
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medical issue. forld revealed doctors discovered a tumor in his abdomen. his brother registered to anyone his place. ford of course became notorious worldwide last year after admitting to using crack cocaine while in a drunken stew pour. >> president obama did in the impress at a school in washington yesterday. mr. obama and the first lady were there to help steve back packs for homeless chin. a young lady named madison spoke frankly admitting she expected the surprise guest to be the queen bee. >> through go. >> mr. president. >> yeah? >> when i first heard that somebody special was coming. >> yeah you thought -- >> i really want today to be beyonce. >> i understand. >> and then -- >> i understand. >> then i figured out. >> mall he aand sasha would feel the same way. >> that was good. madison made it up by the president following it up with saying she found out it was him
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and then she thought, it would be even better that it was him. it doesn't hurt his feelings. >> she was polite mr. president i was hoping it was not you. incredible. stild ahead packed edition of freebie friday and where to find coffee without paying for it. >> lots of other good stuff too. and plus a brand new concert venue is opening its doors and breathing new life into the economy in the lehigh valley. we'll take you live to the pp&l center in allentown. >> and they're off. more than 1,000 people begin a 60 mile journey to battle breast cancer. we check in with determined walkers taking part in the susan g komen three day when >> hello again the search for
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strangeers that saved a man's life on the streets of wilmington. >> and out of controversy comes a clever message. how one father transformed the ray rice scandal into a powerful lesson for his children. first to a new symbol of home in the lehigh valley and comes in the form of a brand new arena designed to revamp the economy in allentown. businesses are banking on the state of the art pp&l center to
4:30 pm
draw hundreds of thousands of people to the region and the very first concert gets underway tonight. for more on the potential impact we go live to "action news" reporter john rawlins. hi, john. >> reporter: hi, shirleen, pp&l senter is a nice new arena seats 8500 for sports and 10,000 for concerts and the folks who run allentown hope it will be much, much more. they hope this arena will play a major role in turn around downtown allentown's economic fortunes. app army of workers today readyying the 177 million dollar pp&l center. >> a 10,000 seat multi-purpose event center. >> tonight's inaugural event the classic rock group eagles and plan to host 1 40 diverse events here the first year. >> professional bull riders, judeist priest. college basketball games later in the year, villanova lehigh in november and drexel in
4:31 pm
september. >> phantoms that iced to play at the spectrum. >> we're excited to bring the phantoms back to pennsylvania in this region. people in philadelphia very familiar with the brand. >> the city is banking thon sent to bring in up to a million visitors a year downtown. part of aggressive effort to bring jobs back after decades of decay. >> we need it. we need it. it seemed like it was almost a ghost town. everybody and everything, moving out. >> because niz, neighborhood investment -- filled with workers that go to new restaurants and want housing the mayor says it's all working. >> altogether a million square feet of office space and over 2,000 jobs coming back to the urban force and 6 new restaurants on this block alone and plus this facility -- >> reporter: well this facility, of course, being pp&l center and tonight is opening night and it's 8:00, the egg eagles.
4:32 pm
that's when the main event starts. liver in allentown, john rawlins "channel 6 action news," shirleen. >> thank you, john, following a new story from delaware newsroom a high angle rescue team spent an hour saving a tree trimmer that became stuck in a tree in claymont this afternoon. we're told he fell about 20 to 30 feet and landed on a hor net's nest. chopper 6 was over the 500 block west holly oak road as crews lifted the unconscious man to the ground and took him to the hospital. he's being treated for bee stings and deep cuts suffered during his fall. >> we've got the new video today armed robber that ambushed a 7-eleven clerk during cigarette break in in oxford circle the suspect pulled a gun on the employee as he walked back inside the store cottman avenue early yesterday. the gunman mavrked his face with blue and white bandana as he ordered the clerk to hand over the cash. the suspect left with money and
4:33 pm
cigarettes and no one was hurt. if you recognize him, please call philadelphia police. a convicted school shooter is back behind bars now following daring escape from ohio state prison. 19-year-old t. j. lane scaled a fence last night setting offer a six-hour manhunt that ended 100 yards away when authorities found him hiding near a church. his brief taste of freedom opened old wounds in the hometown where people are healing from the rampage that killed three shardan high school students in 2012. the school decided to cancel classes today in the wake of that scare. there is a touching new message from the family of a gun instructor accidentally killed by a 9-year-old girl. the new jersey child lost control of uzi when learning how to shoot at a resort in las vegas the gun recoiled and a stray bullet killed her instructor. now his children have sent the girl a letter telling her it's okay to move forward with her
4:34 pm
life. they said they are wishing her peace because their dad would want the same thing. the well-known web site and marketing agency, visit philadelphia, is under investigation for how it handled embezzlement case. sources tell "action news" the chief financial officer joyce leavitt stole 210,000 dollars from the publicly funded agency and she was allowed to resign rather than face criminal charge when's she paid the money back. visits philadelphia handled the theft internally and did not report it to police. the philadelphia district attorney's office is now investigating how the agency handled the matter when it was first uncovered. authorities in newark, delaware say they caught a heroin dealer that was just 14 years old. police were patrolling near the intersection of colonial circle and arnold court when they saw the boy selling drugs to several people. when officers approached the teen he threw 25 bags of heroin on to the ground.
4:35 pm
he was quickly arrested at the scene. he remains in custody at the new castle county detention center today. >> well 76-year-old wilmington man is alive this afternoon because of intervention of a good samaritan and now police want to find the man and say thank you. investigators say the man collapsed here at the 6th and king streets intersection on wednesday falling right into the road. well according to witnesses another man nearby jumped into action administering cpr until paramedics got there. >> we would like to contact that good samaritan and recognize him the police department would like to recognize him for a deed well done. >> victim was taken top st. frances hospital in stable condition at last check. if you have any information as to the iowa of that good sam ar tap you're asked to call wilmington police. >> meteorologist adam joseph join is us now and adam i know it's a tall order. >> right. >> we would like to see today over and over and over again. >> infinity. >> all i the way through it's impossible but i can give you five of the 7 days.
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>> oh, >> is that okay/. >> we were not expecting sglat better than half. >> i'll take it. >> as we look live now in the poconos the sun is shining just 65 degrees. dew point nice and low. and in the 40s with light northerly wind at 8 miles an hour and as we look at cape may sky6 water calm with ocean temperature warm at 73 and air temperature 7 and wind light out of the south east. speaking of water temperatures, september is one of the best months to hit the shore because you know what rentals are cheaper and water is still warm and it's not as crowded and you can see the water temperature still generally in the 7 0s. we'll talk about that overall beautiful 7-day forecast with a couple of periods of rain splashed here tlaep we'll have it all for you in the 7-day. >> thank you, adam. >> hundreds are joining the battle against breast cancer by hitting the pavement in weekend the susan g komen three day walk is underway and "action news"
4:37 pm
reporter katherine scott was there for the kickoff. >> reporter: this 60-mile walk began with these steps in willow grove and each step on the susan g. komen three day is important and they're for the cure. >> i walk for those gone and those who survived. >> my friend of 42 years lost her mom to breast cancer so here we are walking for the next three days together. >> kathy heck is walking for the 7th time here to honor her mom who battled breast cancer in 2008. >> kathy has a battle of her own. >> 2013 diagnosed with ovarian cancer two weeks out of chemo i have a lot of reasons and walk and show strength and energy and give empower mment to all women so no one else has to fight this horrible disease. >> zumba warm-up started the day in willow grove and energy was still going strong as they walked in orlan and cheered on
4:38 pm
along the way. there are somber moments, moments to comfort one another and lend support and make each other smile. a group united by a common goal. >> we walk until we find a cure. >> we always walked with my sister we wanted to find a cure for her. last year we walked because we were mad we lost her she would have walked. >> more than 1300 people are walking this weekend, pink as far as the eye can see. and since 2005 philadelphia three day raised more than 54 million tlarz. >> i do it for everybody and especially for my daughter who is ten and i don't want her to grow newspaper a world with cancer. >> these walkers have a lot of miles left to cover they wrap up sunday in the navy yard. katherine scott, chapel 6abc news. >> love when it comes to neighborhoods. >> and great pink eye lashes. >> great. >> got love it. >> much more to come on "action news" including a whole week of yoga that will cost you nothing. details in today's edition of freebie friday.
4:39 pm
>> and an emotional make under the compassionate reason one stunning model transformed her face. >> and bomb threat shakes nerves on an virsy of 9/11 and one passenger pulled off disruptive hope. >> meteorologist adam joseph back with the full accuweather forecast when "action news" at 4:00 continues on a beautiful forecast when "action news" at 4:00 continues on a beautiful friday save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.d everybody knows that.
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well, did you know pinocchio was a bad motivational speaker? i look around this room and i see nothing but untapped potential. you have potential. you have...oh boy. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. some of the fbi ainvestigating
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bomb threats from see at toll denver yesterday. a paerm renamed his wireless hot spot bomb location seat 19 e. the plane pulled off to a side tarmac where officers boarded jetliner and took that passenger to custody. though they determined it was a hoax that man could and likely
4:42 pm
will, still face charges. now to texas where some parents are are furious about a homework assignment given to their children and the topic, the terror group isis. 11 years were asked to write a one page paper based on news article about the screamists and their be heading and be heading of two american journalists. now, two parents have filed formal complaints. stating that executions are not an age appropriate topic for preteens. >> i think this is a bit much for an 11-year-old. i think it's more into the freshman, high school, they're still learning about life. they're still going to playgrounds. >> there's a lot of different things you can write a narrative on and you know be headings in the middle east and american foreign policy should not be one of them for sixth graders. >> in a statement the school district called isis a sad reality that junior high school restaurants likely already aware of and there's no plan to reprimand the teachers who gave the assignment. in "healthcheck" at 4:00 we
4:43 pm
all heard of so-called fat shaming and emotional pain it can cause. are you searchers say it could thread more weight gain. findings are from a study of 3,000 overweight arrow piece adults and those who felt discriminated against because their parents put on more pounds mostly comfort eating compared to those that did not experience harassment at all. scientists say their study proof that fat shaming is part of obesity problem and not solution. a you to to the big board and big talkers and we'll begin with this incredible story here makeover that has a lot of people talking. it had nothing to do with vanity and everything to do with empathy. this is megan morewood transfrormd clear skin mod toll someone suffering from severe ak me. turns out makeup artist from skin clinic covered her face with fake pimples the reason her little sister suffer from adult
4:44 pm
acne she wanted to share in and experience that. >> i left the studio it's not all the people judging me it's more about how i feel about myself and my self-esteem and i already feel less confident and that's something that my sister had to deal with for years. >> and well the campaign is meant top raise awareness what acne sufferors go through and encourage compassion you can read more about that campaign by going to our web site and lots of people talking about this one shirleen. >> incredible story, thank you brian. >> and let's get another check on the roads this afternoon. matt pellman in the "action news" traffic center with an update for you hi there, matt. >> a perfect afternoon weather-wise shirleen i certainly hope you're not expecting same from the traffic. it's far from perfect on very busy afternoon and we're watching a crash on the vine expressway westbound approaching ben franklin parkway. a lot of emergency crews are on the scene.
4:45 pm
couple veekz involved and just the right lane is squeezing by. so you know how long it takes to really cause a mess with delays on the vine. not too long. we're at a stand still coming off 95 through this point through the ben franklin parkway and stay on the local vine or local city streets instead of vine street expressway this afternoon. 95 southbound delco we have a tractor-trailer accident 420 with slow speeds near philadelphia international airport and getting ready for the big philadelphia opera 40th anniversary gala in center city tonight and south broad street southbound completely blocked and northbound one lane gets by and that causes gridlock this afternoon. crash new garden chester county new port pike lime phone road also a blockage in lumberton because of police activity. 30 westbound by goodyear auto service septemberer and staying on 537 washington street and the highway as alternate. several issues 295 over turned truck earlier this afternoon open the ramp northbound side to
4:46 pm
7 southbound. that ramp is still partially blocked. i think i bail at 70 and run 73 southbound and then further north past mount holly willingboro there's a spill blocking the shoulder. we'll check it out in the 5:00 hour. >> thanks again as always matt accuweather coming up straight ahead and stepping outside sky6 looking live at atlantic city today. >> yup, meteorologist adam joseph will have the weekend forecast and
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>> for those that want to repeat read a book tomorrow perfect day and outdoor yard work perfect day on sunday. you have favorites ever the two. if we look right now live on sky6 high definition shot a few cirrus clouds upstairs and very cool temperatures and pushed in overnight dropping humidity and bringing that fall feeling in on
4:49 pm
late summer day and we have accuweather lineup and temperatures and satellite radar pushing in tomorrow. for now blue skies and cirrus clouds and nothing on double scan live and temperatures below average 73 allentown as well as reading and 65 in poconos and 75 in millville and at the shore a little seabreeze refreshing feeling like 71. as we look at satellite and radar you see this nice, clear wedge of sunshine we have high clouds west and clouds to the south and as we widen out we have low pressure over kick chick and low pressure over the carolinas and both are aim together north and east. and that eventually will brush some rain our way. and in fact future tracker shows clouds spilling in tomorrow morning from the ocean and clouds working in from the west a little bit of sun early in the morning and clouds quickly takeover during the mid-morning to right around lunchtime hour and showers come in during the afternoon this is at 4:30 you see a general light rain pockets
4:50 pm
of moderate rain and starts to exit by the evening hours. and beyond that though the jet stream will push west to east. more zonal flow. fall feeling to the north of the jet stream and summer down to the south. that's monday. as we go beyond that next week fall takes control of the jet stream taken stays endplay. ocean temperature 7. over the weekend, tomorrow, it's a wet day with afternoon rain of 74. and then much better sunny and nice on sunday with a temperature dropping to around 71 and if you are in the poconos and tomorrow like the shower shower at times and rainy and 611. very cool rain and on sunday only 64. sunshine and just a few clouds. but we'll feel pretty good with with actual sunshine second half of the weekend. tonight clouds increase late tonight and comfortable and yet again 54 suburbs and 62 for center city and your exclusive
4:51 pm
accuweather forecast 70 tomorrow. periods of rain. georgous sunday 73. still low humidity and lot of sun monday of 77 and weak system comes through with showers for morning rush on tuesday. returning sun in the afternoon of 75. and another cool push of air comes in wednesday, thursday, and friday with below normal temperatures and highs in the low 70s. overnight lows in the 40s and 50s so that taste of fall right around -- this is perfect time for apple picking ! >> yes. >> maybe i'll make you apple pie. >> i hope you will. >> holding you to it. >> not you, rick.l. >> bad rick. >> now to the story of the dad getting a lot of attention fortuneing ugly ray rice story into an invaluable lifelesson for his kids. 6-year-old brin bartlett is posing in one-of-a-kind ravens jersey her dad brian was struggling with what to do with the little girl's jersey following nfl scandal you saw what he did hit up craft store bought extra letters and changed
4:52 pm
message from rice to be nice girls. >> before we made the shirt we talked to both kids and told them that they know no matter how mad they get frustrated they get they don't hit anybody not a girl, boy, anybody. >> good dad and lucky girl right there. that photo and message of turning something negative into something nice since has been viewed and shared hundreds of something nice since has been viewed and shared hundreds of thousands
4:54 pm
>> beginning tuesday mcdonald's is offering customers free small coffee during breakfast hours no purchase necessary and no
4:55 pm
strings attached. we like that one. and, while you're marking calendar you may as well mark this thursday as well. that's because you can get a free 6 ounce cup of queso dip at moe's southwestern glil honor of free queso day. and in honor of national yoga month starting now through october 30 new students can get a card good for one week of free yoga for one of over,000 studios across the can'ty including dozens in our area. i think i just swiped away one of the freebies to tell you about it and speaking of health you can get free health screening sam's club stores with farm pharmacies tomorrow afternoon and licensed technicians will administer klol, diabetes, and blood pressure. let me be gentler with this guy
4:56 pm
here. okay, there we go. finally national museum of american jewish history offering free admission this wednesday in honor of roberto clemente day. you can learn about clementi the first latino hall of famer and other barrier breakers at the museum from 10 team 8 p.m. for details on how to get all of these freebies plus a bonus deal log on to brian. >> you tell the big board who is boss shirleen thank you. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 today. for brian taff, shirleen alicott, alicia vitareli, we're back for an hour of news for "action news" at 10 on phl17. here's rick williams and monica malpass with a look what the is coming up next at 5:00. hi, guys. >> hi there. coming up next at 5:00 we're following guilty verdict in the trial of christina regusters what's next in the case that includes a lawsuit against the
4:57 pm
philadelphia school district. >> plus we'll hear the latest on respiratory illness surfacing in delaware and message from local doctors straight ahead. >> those stories and more
4:58 pm
>> more that a year and a half after she ab ducked a little
4:59 pm
5-year-old girl from a west philadelphia elementary school christina regusters is found gilingttive kidnapping and assaulting the young child and faces the possibilities of spending the rest of her life in prison. the big story on "action news" you is that guilty verdict in the trial of christina regusters. >> it took the jury six hours to reach a decision. >> david himry live outside the chris justice center when the verdict was announced david. >> reporter: now that the jury has spoken this case is closed. all that remains is sentencing now for christina regusters and she could get life in 3reuz prison. her victim will carry physical and psychological scars for the rest of her life. >> i cannot imagine what she endured at the hands of this monster. >> 21-year-old christina regusters kidnapped a 5-year-old girl her classroom at bryant elementary school in january of 2013. she kept the girl naked under her bed and sexually abused her causing life altering injuries.
5:00 pm
a day later she left the girl alone after dark at a park dressed only in a tee shirt. police later closed in on regusters with the girl's help. >> the child miraculously was able to identify this home from the back stairway and new there was a sglird this is marty the bird videotaped by police inside regusters home. the victim remembered hearing a talking bird and when neighbors pointed out a house with a talking bird investigators say the help they got from a young victim was extraordinary. >> especially being a 5-year-old child that went through 19 hours of the most horrific ordeal that mathable. >> this say child able to provide more detail and more information than most adults. she's amazing courageous child and hopefully this gives her some closure. >> but the legal fallout from this case will continue. the school district of philadelphia has been slapped