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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  September 14, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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at and download our new mobile app. maryland. land of history. >> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m. on this sunday september 14. >> we're waking up to a taste of fall the coolest air. get set for the that 70 show all week. >> a tri state manhunt continues after two troopers are shot, one trooper has ties to
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philadelphia. >> a new miss america will be crowned in atlantic city tonight. a live report from ac coming up. >> we're sell -- celebrating the fall-like weather, i love it. >> reporter: and the return of sunshine. skies cleared out overnight and temperatures started to plummet. high pressure rolled in overnight, and it's a cool canadian high. feels like a breath of fresh air this morning. 48 degrees that's the number in reading. 51 in allentown. philadelphia, 54. millville, 52. somewhat milder closer to the water, 57 degrees for sea isle city. satellite and radar, high pressure is sitting right there. that will continue to push east that means clear conditions for us. accuweather says enjoy it. a nice one. 58 degrees, lots of sunshine,
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9:00 a.m., 58, lunchtime, 65. 3:00 p.m., 70 degrees, you'll see puffy cumulus clouds, and you'll see a high of 73. when i come back i'll tell you how long the cooler numbers will stick around in the seven-day forecast. >> two pennsylvania state troopers are in the hospital after a driver suspected of dui plowed into their patrol car. the action cam was at the scene at 3:00 a.m. the troppers had just pulled up behind a car involved in an accident when another vehicle rear ended them. the truer are being treated for minor injuries. the driver of the car that hit them has been charged with driving under the influence. this morning a massive manhunt continues in the shooting of two pennsylvania state troopers did not survive and he has a connection to the philadelphia area. hundreds of officers from pennsylvania, new jersey and new york are fanning out looking
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for the shooter and possibly an accomplice. take a listen to the emergency radio call right after the shooting. >> under fire. >> corporal brian dixon and trooper alex douglass were ambushed during a shift change. dixon died. he was promoted last year, and only a few months ago he transferred from philadelphia to be closer to his home. he leaves behind a wife and two young sons. >> our troopers were leaving the barracks and shot without warning and really had no chance to defend themselves. it's a cowardly attack. >> i've been in contact with the commissioner, telling him whatever he needs from us, any agency just to let us know. he is keeping me fully aprized. >> trooper douglass is
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hospitalized. police are talking to a person of interest, but they stress he is not a suspect. they think the shooter or shooters have fled the area. part of i-84 and several roads are shut down in pike county for the search. governor corbett ordered all pennsylvania flags at state facilities to fly at half staff in honor of corporal dixon. >> british prime minister david cameron is holding a meeting with military chiefs today in response to the execution of david haines. isis released a video of haines being beheaded. he was married and the father of two children. the excuser threatens to --
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executioner threatens to kill another british citizen. during a visit to egypt yesterday u.s. secretary of state john kerry talked about the coalition. >> i am convinced from my meetings today and over the last week it will be our goal in every meeting we have working on a international basis working to degrade and ultimately defeat ifill -- isil. >> "good morning america" will dig into the reported execution by isis at 9:00 a.m. janay palmer stood alongside rice at a high school
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football game in new york. he played football there before attending rutgers and being drafted, rise was cut by the ravens and suspended indefinitely from the nfl after the video came out. >> minnesota vikings running back adrian peterson is waiting for his court in texas causing injury to a child for allegedly spanking one of his sons with a wooden switch in may. court documents claim the injuries are noticeable. the nfl said peterson's case will be reviewed under a the nfl person conduct policy that may not happen until after the legal case is resolved. >> a dangerous situation for drivers on the vine street expressway in center city philadelphia. the tires of least seven cars were damaged while traveling on the eastbound side of the
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highway around broad street. 9:00 p.m. police were getting the call. they are investigating, drivers ended up pulled on the shoulder waiting for help. >> the annual show us your shoes parade went on last night. it's a two mile long colorful spirited event leading up to the big show, the miss america pageant. you can see the peanut live. >> taman bradley is live in ac with a preview of the competition. >> reporter: good morning, eva and nydia, get your score cards tonight is the big night. this city is buzzing. everybody is very excited, you'll see incredibly talented women. for these beautiful and intelligent women the wait is over. tonight one will take the crown. last night the ladies were all smiles marching on the atlantic city boardwalk, even though
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their heels got wet. they showcased their interview ing and simm -- swimsuits. for talent, miss ohio. miskentucky and miss pennsylvanias there was the heart pounding interview with the judges. >> they asked about isis, foreign policy, it's such a big topic in the news right now it's a difficult question for anybody to answer. >> reporter: this year's pageant comes with atlantic city stressed. casinos closing or shut their doors. for miss new jersey it's
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personal. >> for me being the daughter of two casino workers people believe i am a tangible person and they cappal liesing on that -- capitalizing on that looking for the future. >> reporter: before the show gets started there's a preshow it will be great on abc. 53 contestants, but only one can win the crown. live this morning in atlantic city, taman bradley, channel 6 "action news." >> melissa magee, karen rogers and matt o'donnell host the countdown to the crown and road to miss america, abc's look behind the pageant, the peanut itself gets underway at 9:00 p.m. >> it's a family tradition to watch. >> it is it's a lot of fun. >> much more to get to this
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morning. >> a wildfire in california is on the move. >> a community mourns a young drive hit by a hit-and-run driver. james franklin is in rare territory for rookie penn state coaches. >> reporter: the rain pulls away, the sunshine returns this afternoon, wet weather is on the its way monday night into tuesday, the forecast is nice and cool for this time of the year.
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>> welcome back on this sunday, 6:13, 56 degrees sky6 live hd taking a live look at penns landing there. it's refreshing outside. the rain has moved out. it feels like fall, i like it. no more mosquitoes. no more heat and humidity. that was a killer a couple of weeks ago, the humidity, it's been an enjoyable summer outside of that. we have a nice one coming up today, lots of sunshine expected, comfortable temperatures as nydia mentioned, as we get you outside. there we go. okay. philadelphia international airport shows a very quiet scene this morning. high pressure moving in. that system that brought the showers and periods of rain has
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well work out to sea right now. 54 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 49. the winds out of the north at 6 miles per hour. the pressure is starting to rise 30.26 inches. reading 48 degrees, 51 in allentown. philadelphia, 54. millville, 51. everybody is generally ten degrees cooler than yesterday at this time the numbers will continue to drop off. we'll see a decent amount of sunshine with high pressure moving on in and the winds shifting in a more of a north/northwesterly direction it will not allow the temperatures to climb. no matterrally we'll see highs around 80 degrees, 79 give or take. with the winds shifting out of the of the north it will feature sun, 71, 72 degrees. high pressure continues to dominate the pattern, more sunshine with a few clouds, the
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front that pulled through yesterday is sitting off the coast of carolinas. we'll see another low develop that will increase the clouds monday. monday into tuesday we'll see wet weather, at least the first part of tuesday, tuesday afternoon we have another guy moving in in that sets up shop for rest of the week. from tuesday on it's smooth sailing, a real nice forecast. speaking of nice, we're timing out a few patchy clouds. overnight tonight, we go mostly clear, temperatures drop off, first thing tomorrow morning we're waking up to sunshine and chilly temperatures, 49 degrees in reading, 46 in lancaster. allentown, 46, 14 degrees above freezing. 56 in philadelphia. 53 in atlantic city. for the lehigh valley we'll see mostly sunny skies early, a few passing clouds later on, comfortable and 71 degrees is the forecasted high up there. for the atlantic city and the
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shorepoints lots of sunshine. winds out of north at 10 miles per hour. a beautiful day on the sands. 70 degrees, philadelphia, 73. lots of sunshine a few passing clouds later this afternoon we'll call it pleasant. winds out of the north 5 to 10. mainly clear we'll call it chilly overnight tonight, 43 degrees outlying suburbs. 53 center city. winds light and variable at 5 miles per hour. the only shot of precipitation is monday night into tuesday morning let's say after 9:00, 10:00, we're clearing. it's a lot of sunshine from that point on. today looks good, # 3. sun and clouds monday, 77. passing shower tuesday, 75 degrees, wednesday is nice, thursday is nice and friday is nice, and saturday, partly sunny skies, the normal is 79. this is very nice, comfortable fall-like week ahead.
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guys. >> three firefighters were injured while battling a wildfire in southern california. the u.s. foresty service said the silverado fire started in a backyard. they don't know what caused it to spread. three fighters were treated for -- three firefighters were treated for heat related it makes me happy to go on the computer.
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>> the search continues this morning for what sparked a deadly fire in south philadelphia. take a look at this viewer video it shows the flames pouring out of the home on the 2800 block of marshall street late friday night. firefighters found 82-year-old elizabeth little dead in her bedroom. she was known as miss liz. fire officials say one smoke detecter was found in the basement. in florida, a collision caused a ambulance to turnover. the driver of the car was treated at the scene. >> 50 people were sworn in to become the newest members of the
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u.s. marines and air force. it was the opening ceremony for the civilian military combine a race through a four-mile course with military obstacles. it was named for a marine for bucks county who died while serving in iraq. >> it wasn't the cries of a baby but live music that took over the falls bridge. they are grooving to the toons of -- tunes of sofa kings, and there were a number of food trucks own hand so
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>> reporter: welcome back, everyone, 6:23 sunday morning, you're looking at satellite and radar. there's the front that swept through yesterday and produced patchy light rain across the area. it didn't amount to all that much. it was mainly a cloudy day. we're seeing high pressure that came in from pittsburgh. the next weather maker is pushing through the high plains this morning. you can see the counter clockwise swirl. that's the trending cold front that will swing through. we'll see another development of low pressure here. this swings through monday night into tuesday. once that pushes through. we're crystal clear. monday night into tuesday, there could be a passing shower with with that front. temperatures are well below
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average. 58 degrees by 9:00 a.m. lunchtime, 655 few clouds mixed in. 5:00 p.m., not too shabby, sun and clouds, 73. >> scientists have solved a super nova mystery with the hubble telescope 11 million light years away. it outshines an entire galaxy radiating as much energy of the sun. scientists detected a second star's presence in 1993. it took hydrogen from the primary star and continued to burn after the primary star exploded. the phillies compete with the marlins. and a comeback win with penn
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state. >> reporter: what a finish last night between penn state and rutgers, here we go. largest crowd ever at a rutgers football game. the big ten opener, 54,000 on hand, including honorary captains who were severely injured playing for their school. rutgers qb gary nova, penn state falls behind 10-o4th quarter, penn state down 4. louis, how does he get out of this, louis, 53 yards chased out of bounds. later on the drive they are going and going and going. penn state takes a 3-point lead, 1:13 left. penn state comes from behind to beat rutgers 13-0.
6:27 am
james franklin is the first penn state coach to start 3-0 the first time in 84 years. >> eagles stars running back lesean mccoy has a knack for coming up in his big games. he has over 300 yards rushing in his last two monday night games. he'll neat back ups to do the dirt work, with mathis and barbrie out, he'll need jason peters to bring it together. >> i think he goes unnoticed. he is not very quiet. his ability to get across his point to other guys it's been huge for us. >> everybody do their job, when everybody do their job, we'll score points. there will not be a let down monday night, we're going to do
6:28 am
what we do. >> phillies marlins last night. how about that baby girl getting the babe. she is going to trade the ball back in exchange for a cupcake. good idea. the cupcake looks better. phillies off to a sweet start, two runs, marlin bird off the wall. franco scores all the way from first, four players in the national league have more runs batted in than byrd. kyle kendrick allows one run. kendrick is a free agent at the end of the season. kendrick with nine wins most among the starting staff even more than cole hamels. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski. have a good day.
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>> it is a crowning achievement, miss america will have her moment of glory tonight live on 6abc. something and summer is not officially over, but you may think it when you walk outside, brrr. >> reporter: it's over, some people said it never started. it was kind of a cool summer. spooking of cool wait until you see some of the numbers north and west of the city. we're down into the mid 40s in some locations. it's a beautiful morning, lots
6:31 am
of sunshine, all the cloud cover and dreary weather we saw yesterday is well offshore. 49 degrees is the popular number north and west, quakertown pottstown and coatsville showing 49. manners creek the same. tanersville 47. warrington 48. south jersey, because you're closer to the water, you're milder. glass borough, 54. cinnaminson, 52. avalon, 56 degrees, not too much fog out there this morning, everybody is doing all right except for reading your visibility is down to 3 miles. if you're traveling in this direction be mindful that. the visibility may drop off quickly. now that the sun is starting to arise, a lot of fog that you're seeing in berks county is starting to lift. satellite and ray -- radar
6:32 am
showing high, thin clouds, that's about it. 58 degrees here's the day planner, 9:00 a.m., mostly sunny skies, high clouds throughout the afternoon. a lot of sun this is a real nice looking day. 3:00 p.m., 70 degrees, 6:00 p.m., 71, shooting for a comfortable high of 73. goils. >> -- guys. don't forget you can take with you. the new smart design fits any device you have, whether it's your tablet or smart phone, no matter how large or small that screen. check it out by visiting new this morning, three women are in the hospital following a two-car collision in center city. the action cam was at the scene delaware avenue at the ramp of i-95. the car the women were in was trying to get on the i-95 ramp when another vehicle slammed into it. the two men in the second vehicle jumped out of the car and ran off. the women are in stable condition. a family is on the quest for justice this morning, a
6:33 am
hit-and-run driver took their loved one's life. the victim made one horrorric act before the driver took off. "action news" reporter kenneth moten has the story. >> reporter: a large group was out here remembering the victim who was well-known in the community. investigators said he had the light to walk across allegheny, but i didn't see the driver who was running from police. on the corner at 25th and allegheny avenue in north philadelphia saturday night, loved ones of 63-year-old james howard barns prayed where he was killed. philadelphia police say the man behind the wheel was speeding west blowing through redlights. officers spotted him at 23rd and chased the police driver with lights on. barns was in the crosswalk and he was struck and killed. >> i felt my uncle howard's
6:34 am
hand on my back and i heard a large bump. >> reporter: barns was not alone his niece was in front of him when he pushed her out of the way. he is a very heroic man and i will always be grateful to him. >> reporter: the impact pushed him into the on coming traffic, where he has hit, and that driver stopped. barns was a stand up guy, a former city is sanitation worker who took care of his sons. the oldest is autistic, the youngest is a freshman at howard university in washington, d.c. >> that's him who got us there, he got us there, he was not all that wealthy, it was the love that counts. >> reporter: fornow for this fay it's finding the person responsible for taking barns' life. >> they took a wonderful father
6:35 am
and friend away from us. >> reporter: starting with the hit-and-run vehicle, it was possible a rental. with no arrests and no one in custody, police are looking for tips in the case. kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." >> a stretch of highway in warminster, bucks county will be renamed in honor of brad fox who was killed in the line of duty in 2012. bernie o'neill and other officers will be present at this morning's ceremony at the hartsville fire company. road signs will mark 263 as bradley memorial highway. officer fox attended william ten ant high school in warminster. a mile stretch of road will
6:36 am
roadwork is scheduled to be finished by next july. new miss america will be crowned at boardwalk hall in atlantic city. you can watch the competition live on 6abc. tune in at 7:00 p.m. for 6abc's countdown to the crown. former miss america, joins our melissa magee, matt o'donnell and karen rogers for a live pageant preview from the atlantic city boardwalk. and road to miss america, a look behind the pageant starts at 8:00 p.m., the pageant itself gets underway at 9:00 p.m. several judges will judge miss america, that includes donald driver. >> the first thing i said can i represent america and i have two beautiful daughters, when i look at those girls, i want to see my
6:37 am
daughter in them. can they represent america in a quality of way. >> her sense of he will gens and tile -- elegance and style. when they radiate something like that they helps us judge him they are pretty darn gorgeous, at some point you look at what's shining from within. >> a temple university grad is seeking to make history. no one from delaware has ever one. miss america pageant started in the atlantic city in the early 1920s, more than 50 years before casinos popped up in ac and now with some casinos closed atlantic city is banking on the pageant to give the shore resort a much needed jolt. >> happening today, 3-day walk will rap up in willow grove more
6:38 am
than 1300 people are taking part. susan g.komen walk has raised $53 million. the chamber orchestra played with the bells of no mark, the special needs bell choir practiced for months to be part of the concert. it doubledded zahree according session featuring this wonder of ensemble. on the girard point georgen bridge, the cries of a newborn baby, four police officers helped deliver the baby. ment mom was in a taxi when mom
6:39 am
went into labor. the newly expanded family were taken to the hospital and mom, dad and baby are doing fine. sky6 live hd is taking a live look, meteorologist chris sowers is back next with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> a woman is a bridesmaid for higher. she made a business out of this. what she brings to the job and how much it actually costs. a philadelphia school begins a new chapter. it opened a new library keeping alive the memory of a fallen police officer.
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>> a gathering in society hill celebrated a milestone. the gala was hosted by he will concilio. celebrating their 50th year. it puts on the puerto rican day parade. you can see the parade in two weeks. diego castellanos was on hand for the parade. diego castellanos began the puerto rican panorama. he is is fixture on 6abc. >> he is a nice guy isn't he? speaking of nice guys. >> reporter: oh, speaking of --
6:43 am
keeping that nice going, we have nice weather, yesterday we had patchy rain from time to time, today you'll see sunshine and a little bit of a breeze and comfortable temperatures. normally we should be around 79 or 80 give or take. yesterday we topped out at 72. clouds rolled in quickly. that put a lid on the numbers. everybody else was stuck in the 60s, trenton, 69. pottstown, 65. him reading, 62 degrees, that's normal for the end of october. we're way below average as far as temperatures are concerned. we're below average this morning, 54. dewpoint, 49. wind out of the north at 6 miles per hour. pressure 30.26 inches. temperatures are generally below average. we can thank the canadian high pressure moving in from the west. it's difficult to pick up on the
6:44 am
satellite loop. it's sitting right here, west of pittsburgh, as that continues to push to the east, it will provide us with dry weather and comfortable temperatures. as we go wired there's not much going on. the next system we're watching is this area of low pressure pulling north across the high plains. it has a trailing cold front that will sweep through. it's following the northern branch. the jet stream, the northern branch aloft here, that will swing through later in the week. we have the northern branch to the north and the southern branch is well to the south, it's farther south than dallas. that means as long as the two jet streams stay that far apart and they don't converge we'll not see much in the way of weather across the lower 48. this is what we're timing out over the next 6 days is that approaching cold front. today is nice, tomorrow is nice, and monday we start tore cloud up a little, tuesday morning we
6:45 am
have showers some of it could be heavy, 7:00, it's off the coast, maybe a leftover shower and by 9:00. we'll see sunshine. tuesday looks nice, as wellment for the jersey shore today, nice one, lots of bright blue, comfortable temperatures, high around 70 degrees, 69 give or take, sun and clouds, a little bit of a breeze out of the north 10 to 15 miles per hour. philadelphia, 70 degrees, wind out of the north at 5 to 10 miles per hour. 3:00 p.m., 70 degrees, 6:00 p.m., 71. no humidity, a nice gentle day. overnight tonight, mainly clear and chilly, 43 degrees outlying suburbs, 53 center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, stays nice and quiet maybe a few morning showers tuesday, but a lot of this is gone by 7:00 a.m. 73 today, 77 tomorrow, clouding up late in the day into the
6:46 am
overnight. a couple of showers tuesday morning, tuesday bright and sunny, 75. wednesday, nice and 73. thursday, 72. sun and clouds as we get into friday, as we starting next weekend. not too shabby partly sunny skies, union back in town, 73 degrees, even sunday the trend continues this is a quieter time of year for us, sure enough there's not much to talk about over the next week or so. >> not a bad thing. 6:46 a school in philadelphia has a new place to honor a fallen police officer and learn more about him. "action news" reporter, katherine scott shows us. >> reporter: when patrick boyle unveiled this picture of his is on the moment was bitter sweet. daniel boyle was 21 when he lost his life in the line of duty in
6:47 am
1991. >> we love him and we honor him. >> danny has been gone for 20-some years, but he is still remembered. >> reporter: danny didn't go to saint vor -- very -- veroniy. a, but his father did. the school approached the boyles asked him to name this in honor of his son. >> we chose blue and gold for the police. >> this is so important to his legacy to memorialize him, every child that comes into the library will see his picture on the wall and search him and see who he is and keep his memory
6:48 am
alive. the fund donated ten thousand dollars more to the school to help with tuition. the scholarship fund has raised a million dollars in danny's memory. >> the number of kids through his memory we've been able to help and that is probably the best tribute that you can give to danny. >> reporter: in hunting park, katherine scott channel 6 "action
6:49 am
6:50 am
>> a vendor in camden was gunned down in broad daylight. his wife is asking for your help catching his killer. here's rick williams with this morning's crime fighter report. >> reporter: 45-year-old jamie molina had a problem. >> reporter: he was big because he used to use drug. speaking through her cousin, his
6:51 am
wife believes that his drug habit had something to do with his death. two friends of his came to get him. it was around 1:20 in the afternoon. she told him not to leave. she felt something was going to happen to him. >> reporter: a short time later, police were called to 5th street for a shooting. there they found him shot to death. detectives say the community is very close and they hoping that that closeness will bring someone forward. >> anybody who has information or a little bit of information can piece this together and leading in the direction of finding out who did this to him and his family. >> reporter: the citizens crime commission is offering a 1,000-dollar reward for the conviction of the person responsible. all you have to do is call 215-546-tips. all calls are anonymous. >> she knows that god will do
6:52 am
justice. >> reporter: for crime fighters, i'm rick williams channel 6 "action news." >> baby boomers are changing the way they watch t. americans watch 4 1/2 hours of live tv everyday. the number is down slightly. the digitsal viewing by baby boomers on there smart phones or lab tops is up. younger adults and kids watch more digital content than baby boomers. the time adults spend on
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build your own chicken wraps or loaded breakfast sandwich. only $4 each. good eye, and very budget-conscious of you. does that mean i can get that new laptop? how about a shake instead? [bell rings] waitress: welcome to denny's! >> the season premiere of
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"dancing with the stars" is tomorrow night on 6abc. fresh prince is among the 13 exeght for the trophy. and tommy chong, there are a few professional dance errs the 19th season of "dancing with the stars" dance begins tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m., it's a two hour special live on 6abc. big a bridesmaid is a big honor, but stressful. so a new york woman decided to put her experience to good use. meet the bridesmaid for higher. >> reporter: it's the biggest day for ashly, her wedding, so naturally the bridesmaid by her side is one of her nearest and dearest girlfriends, right?
6:56 am
ashly met her brides -- bridesmaid in person fort irs first time 2 months ago. >> you can have your great friends and you can have your family members, but often being a bridesmaid is a burden for them. so 26-year-old jen glance came up with an idea. >> this started when i put my add on craig's list offering my services. >> reporter: over 100 e-mails in 48 hours. and a business was born. >> so the services you offer me when i pay you, what are they? >> reporter: i am your personal assistant, your social director i will make sure the entire wedding party is having fun, i'm your on call therapist and make sure sure that everyone is calm, cool and collected. >> reporter: ashly is jen's very first bride.
6:57 am
her story one jen said is all too common. >> weddings are very stressful and i would rather preserve a friendship than force somebody to be in the wedding party. >> what did your fiance say? >> he said i don't get it, but whatever. >> reporter: so we're shopping for -- this weird for you? >> no. >> reporter: ashly suspects special day went off without a hitch which for the professional bridesmaid means mission accomplished. >> the wedding is awesome, it's one of the best wedding i've ever been to, and ashly looked stunning and we're having a great time. >> who said money can't by everything. >> another hour of "action news" sunday morning straight ahead.
6:58 am
here some of the stories we're working on for you, we'll have the latest on the isis execution of a british aid worker, british authorities are meeting today. north korea sentences an ♪ [ telephone rings ] how's the camping trip? well, the kids had fun, but i think i slept on a rock. ♪ the best part of wakin' up what are you doing? having coffee. ohh. ♪ is folgers in your cup
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>> good morning, it is 7:00 a.m. on this sunday, september 14. >> we're waking up to a taste of fall, it's cool here in philadelphia. looking live over center city. get set for that 70 show all week long. >> a tri state manhunt is underway after two state troopers are shot, one trooper has ties to philadelphia. >> atlantic city has a arena to celebrate tonight, a new miss america will be crowned. a live report from ac coming up. >> first outside we go to the meteorologist chris sowers and the accuweather forecast. feels good out there, huh? >> reporter: no it's freezing, nydia. it's cold this morning, you'll need something if you're out and about early. get a load of these numbers, i can'be