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tv   Action News  ABC  September 14, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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temperatures are in the mid 40s north and west, i believe the lowest temperature i saw two hours ago was 44 degrees, now that the sun is up, temperatures are starting to climb. looks like it will be a fantastic day. quakertown, 52. saint saint davids in the 40s. chester, 57 degrees. 57 is the number in glass borough. buena, 55. gandys beach, 55. cinnaminson cooler at 52. the frontal system that produced the wet weather yesterday afternoon is long gone. it's so far off the coast it's barely in the picture. we have high pressure moving in from the west, west of pittsburgh that will provide us with a nice day today. lots of sunshine out there, maybe a few passing puffy cumulus clouds from time to time. otherwise it's a bright day. 65 degrees by lunchtime, high of 73. that's where we'll top things out. the normal is 79.
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very comfortable today, the only shot of rain in the entire seven-day forecast that arrives monday night into tuesday morning. i'll show you that in the seven day in just a bit. it's a cool stretch of weather, every single day is below average, i'll have the details when i come back in just a bit. guys. >> two pennsylvania state troopers are in the hospital after a driver suspected of dui plowed into their patrol car. the troopers had pulled up behind a car involved in an accident when another vehicle rear ended them at 3:00 a.m. the troopers are being treated for minor injuries. the driver of the car that hit them has been charged with driving under the influence. now to a collision in old city overnight. three women were injured after the vehicle they were in try to turn from delaware avenue on to the i-95 on-ramp. police say a car with two men inside collided into the women's vehicle. the impact caused the car to crash into the abutment under
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the ben franklin bridge. the women were taken to the hospital for treatment. the men took off. the manhunt continues for the person who shot two state troopers killing one of them. >> under fire! >> that was part of the emergency call that killed brian dixon, a seven year veteran who transferred from the belmont barracks two months ago, governor corbett ordered flags lowered at half staff in honor of dixon. >> i received the phone call about 1:15 to be told what happened with the state police. i've been in constant contact with the commissioner, telling him whatever he needs from us, any agency of government just to let us know. he is keeping me appris the
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throughout the day. >> albright college is honoring the life of a young athlete who was killed in a fire. rein tried to get out of the burning home. >> he tried to get out, but something was wrong, he was like trying to get out. >> reporter: rien was an all american on albright's swim team. four others escaped. the cause is under investigation. >> philadelphia police continue to search for a driver who hit and killed a man this weekend and took off. meanwhile, the victim is being remembered for his final heroic act before he died. "action news" reporter, kenneth
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moten has the details. >> reporter: that large group is out here remembering the victim who is well-known in the community. investigators say he had the light to walk across allegheny, but didn't seep the driver who was running from police. >> on the corner at 25th and allegheny avenue in north philadelphia loved ones of james howard barnes prayed where he was killed. friday night around 11:00 p.m., philadelphia police say the man behind the wheel was speeding west blowing through redlights and officer spotted him at 23rd and chased the fleeing driver, police lights on. but at 25th street barnes the single father of three adult sons was in the crosswalk, he was struck and killed. >> the car came out of nowhere, i felt my hungle howard's hand on my back and i heard a bump.
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>> reporter: his niece was in fronts of him when he pushed her out of the way. >> i'll always be grateful to him. >> reporter: the impact threw barnes into the other lane and he was hit by another car that driver stopped. barnes was a stands up guy, a former city sanitation worker who took care of his sons, the oldest is autistic, the youngest a freshman at washington washington, d.c., howard university. >> they took a wonderful father, uncle brother away from us, we hope that he get help. >> reporter: accident investigation said it is working leads and starting with the hit-and-run vehicle a possible
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rental. with no arrests and nobody in custody police are looking for tips in the case. reporting in philadelphia, kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." >> a suspected thief is dead, police say he was trying to steal copper wiring from a historic site in montgomery county. police went to the mansion in valley forge national park someone called 911 to say their friends was electric cuted. a 41-year-old man was found partially inside the electrical junction box on the lawn. the tires on seven cars were damaged while traveling on the vine street expressway. state police responded to the calls after getting reports of damage. there were no reports of injuries. >> yesterday there was plenty of pomp and circumstance
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celebrating the contestants. this is the show us your shoes parade on the boardwalk. there were floats and the contestants wearing their colorful shoes. it was one of the many events for miss america weekend. we're covering all the festivities leading up to the pageant. join matt o'donnell, melissa magee, karen rogers for our 6abc special countdown to the crown. it at 7:00 p.m. on 6abc. at 8:00 p.m. it's the road to miss america. and then the contestants hit the stage at boar walk hall in atlantic city as they vie for the crown. the 3 day susan g.komen end today. since 2005, the 3 day has raised
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$54 million. it culminates this afternoon with a closing ceremony at the navy yard. >> much more to come on this morning edition of "action news." a korean war veteran is overwhelmed by the generosity of others. >> firefighters are trying to get the upper hand on a california wildfire. officials say they know where it started. >> a beautiful day out there, chris sowers has the exclusive
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>> three firefighters have been hurt while battling a wildfire in southern california. the u.s. foresty service said the fire started friday in in a backyard. they don't know what sparked it or caused it to spread. it is 10% contained. 800 firefighters are battling the flames along with water-dropping helicopters. three firefighters were treated for heat-related injuries. firefighters say the blaze is burning in areas that have never burned before. >> time for accuweather, the time has come to bring out the sweaters and jackets. >> reporter: we'll see sunshine this week. it's a gorgeous seven-day forecast. let's get you outside, speaking of gorgeous, that's the view in atlantic city, you see a little bit of a chop on the water. waves will build 3 to 4 feet. the winds will pick up out of the north if you're on the sand
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at 10 to 15 miles per hour. it's a nice looking day, you'll see a lot of bright blue with high, thin cirrus clouds down there. 57 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 46. that dewpoint is staying in the 40s and 50s all week long. wind out of the north at 7 miles per hour. pressure 30.37 inches. we were down in the mid 40s and at least we're climbing into the 50s. 56 in reading, a lot of themmen town, 55. 57 for philadelphia. millville, 53. trenton, 56 degrees, dewpoints these were way up into the 70s early last week or the week before, ten days ago, it was in the oppressive category now we're hanging out in the 40s and 50s this is so dry here we have such a dry environment it allows the temperatures to just crash.
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wednesday night into thursday morning and thursday into friday with the dewpoints as low as we're expecting them to get we could see lows in the mid 40s, very similar to what we saw this morning. it's a chilly week ahead compared to the average. satellite and radar composite, high pressure moving on in. that means no weather complaints out there at all. unless you're not a big fan of sunshine. frontal system off the coast at this point we'll do it all over again monday. high pressure holding on one more day. another cold front sweeps in monday night into tuesday, reinforcing the chilly air that we're dealing with this morning. future tracker 6 we'll time it out for you, we're not timing out anything, just a few passing clouds that's about it. a very tranquil finish to the weekend. 45 degrees by 6:30 in allentown, 45 for the poconos. lancaster, 46. reading, 49. philadelphia, 3, 4, degrees milder than what we saw this
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morning. let's say 56. everybody else in the low 50s or mid 40s, north and west, that will be the trend during the late week, as well. we get into monday night and tuesday. we have a four hour window to get rain and when it arrives we'll be asleep. this cold front sweeps through let's say between the hours of 4:00 and 7:00 a.m. you can see how quickly it is off the coast. it will be a quick-hitting frontal system, maybe it produces a quarter to a tenth of an inch. not a big deal. by the second half of the morning commute, tuesday, we'll see skies brighten up and sunshine. the rest of the week looks gorgeous. allentown, comfortable, high of 71. jersey shore the winds picking up out of the north at 10 to 15 miles per hour. other than that, sun and clouds, beautiful, 70 degrees is the forecasted high. philadelphia, 73, which is 6 degrees below average for this
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time of the year. sun and clouds, we'll call it pleasant. winds out of the north at 5 to 10. overnight tonight, 43 degrees for the outlying suburbs, ten degrees milder in center city. a very fall-like week ahead, very refreshing. monday, clouds and 77. we'll see increase in clouds late, a chance of a brief shower monday into tuesday morning. tuesday, clouds and sunshine, 75. wednesday pleasant, thursday, nice, friday is spectacular, 73 degrees. couldn't ask for anything nicer. >> don't forget you can take with you. the new smart design fits any device you have, whether it's your tablet or smart phone, no matter how large or small that screen. check it out by visiting anytime anywhere. is. >> two very special anniversaries were celebrated in society hill this gala was held
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>> welcome back, sky6 live hd taking a live look at penns landing, it is sunday, only 59 degrees. nice day, though, looks so beautiful, doesn't it? >> "healthcheck" a new test could predict your risk for a heart attack. one in every four deaths in the u.s. is caused by heart disease. some may be more at risk than others and not know it. researcher at med star in
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washington, d.c. has a new test that will link a risk to heart attack. if 24e6 all three by -- if they have all three biomarkers, they could die within a year. >> it could tell you whose at risk over the next 20 years, but what the physician has to know is who is at risk in the next few months. researchers hope to have the test available in the next few years. >> you heard the phrase too much of a good same thing could be bad for you, the same goes for caffeine. it's everywhere and in many forms. one tea spoon of poweredded -- poweredded caffeine is equivalent to 120 cups of coffee.
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beware of amount of caffeine you're consuming through all the various forms. fda has approved contrav has been approved for people who are considered obese or bmi of 27 or higher or have a weight related condition like diabetes. this is the third drug in a string of approval for anti-obesity. >> it is fall, and if you're sneezing that means rag weed is released into the atmosphere in august. mold spores love wet area which means pile of wet leaves are a perfect breeding ground. dust are a major allergy trigger. if you're suffering from serious running nose and watery eyes and
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itching and coughing, call your doctor. >> the toll into the george washington bridge proved to be the perfect backdrop for a baby girl's entry into the world. the parents were in a taxi heading to the hospital when the baby couldn't wait. a ambulance took mom and baby to new york university medical center where they are doing just fine. it makes me happy to go on the computer.
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>> welcome back everyone, 89:23 skinned morning, time to take a look at the tropics. if you have a tropical vacation we'll see if there's anything
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out there. we're moving into the peak time of year when we see the most activity. there's not much going on this is one of the quieter seasons i've seen in quite sometime. edouard is moving to the north an moving out to sea. this poses no threat to bermuda or the u.s. mainland. this is a storm for the fishes. as we get into the carribean and the duplex. we have an area -- gulf of mexico, we have an area 6 right here, it will move into the pay of campicci. an area of low pressure here is pushing toward the west. the wind aloft will rip that apart, poses no threat in the tropics, nice and quiet. >> it's happened to all of us,
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you buy something at full price only to find out later it went on sale. one retailer is putting cash back in your pocket, amy buckman explains. >> reporter: walmart has a reputation for the lowest prices. how do you know if you're getting the best deals if you shop there. the discount giant is claiming to put more money in your pocket it's called savings catcher. >> after you finish your purchase you get a receipt. you scan the app on the bottomful receipt. what happens you'll get the most competitive price throughout the demographic. >> it's looking at the path mark ad, the giant add, you don't have to clip any coupons, we do all the work for you. >> reporter: if the app find a local competitor has a current advertised price on anything you
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bought you'll get the difference back. >> you get an egift card. print it out an go shopping. >> reporter: or let them add up and put them toward a major purchase at a later date. >> we have items, groceries, office items and general merchandise items. >> reporter: it takes three days to do a price comparison cruel get a notification on your phone telling you have an egift card or saved enough already. >> a korean war veteran was overwhelmed by the generosity of strangers. he served on board the u.s.s. highman during the korean war. afterwards he and his family had dinner at a local restaurant when a young couple approached
9:27 am
his table with a generous offer to pay for his meal. >> i opened it up, it was a 100-dollar bill. wow. >> the generosity didn't end there for rile and his family. the manager of the restaurant give them gift certificates for their next visit. >> vice president joe biden among those celebrating the 200 anniversary of the star spangle banner in baltimore. a rare diamond goes on sale in california it will make any girl swoon and the prize tag will,
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two amazing ways to score. >> world leaders condemn the execution of a british hostage by isis militants. british military leaders convene in an emergency meeting on the beheading. >> showing off their shoes, the contestants in the miss america pageant show off their shoes in
9:30 am
a parade on the atlantic city boardwalk before tonight's peanut. >> the rain is gone, but it left behind much, much cooler weather. >> reporter: chris sowers is outside. hi, chris. >> reporter: it is a shame the eagles are not playing at home today. in terms of football weather this is as perfect as you'll get. mostly sunny skies, low humidity, 57 in philadelphia. allentown, 55. poconos, 49. wilmington, 58. millville, a little bit cooler, 54. and those cost 58 communities sitting in the upper 50s closing in on 60 degrees. we had clouds and scattered showers it felt raw and damp. today we'll see highs a degree or two warmer, we'll see sunshine, it will feel fantastic. the 24 hour temperature change we're ranging anywhere from 2 degrees up in allentown to 13 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. again, that cool, canadian air
9:31 am
is seeping in from the north. it will stick around for the entire week. the entire self day forecast features temperatures that are below average. here's the satellite and radar composite. not much going on, a few high, thin clouds down the shore and puffy cumulus clouds starting to develop i understand land. 57 degrees by -- inland. 57 degrees by 9:00 a.m., lunchtime, mostly sunny, passing clouds, 65. 3:00 p.m., same thing a few passing clouds, 6:00 p.m., 71 anticipating a high of 73. so a picture perfect finish to what was a miserable start to the weekend. it's beautiful out here, guys, comfortable temperatures and low humidity levels just the way we like it. sending it back inside to you. >> britain's prime minister held an emergency meeting this morning in response to the beheading of a british hostage and threat to kill another. we have more in this report.
9:32 am
>> reporter: david haines a 44-year-old british citizen appears to be the latest person computed by isis who control vast swath of syria and iraq. haines was abducted while working for an international aid agencies, bringing food and supplies to syrian refugee camps across the border in turkey. his family under his captures to contact him, instead they released a graphic video that appears to show his execution. in it they warn they will exoot another british -- execute another british hostage if they support u.s. airstrikes in iraq. it has tiered up a wave of anger that helped galvanize the obama administration to step up the fight against the militant group. president obama speaking about his plan to defeat isis in his
9:33 am
address to the nation overnight. >> america will lead a broad coalition to roll back this threat. >> reporter: since then the secretary of state hack crisscrossed the mid east drumming up up support to beat back this group. >> working to degrate and defeat isis. >> reporter: saturday night british prime minister called it an act of pure evil. the haines family released a statement saying he'll be miss terribly. michelle franklin abc news new york. >> a north korean court sentenced an american to 6 years of hard labor for entering the county illegally. the 24-year-old from bakerrers field california tore up his visa on april 10 so he could sneak into a prison to investigate human rights abuses.
9:34 am
the court denied him any appeal. >> the search continues this morning for the gunman who opened fire on two pennsylvania state troopers killing one of them. state police commissioner, frank noonan said the troopers were ambushed and had no chance to defend themselves. trooper ryan dixon was killed, but trooper with him is in the critical condition in the hospital. neighbors say there are plenty of empty homes that a suspect could take advantage of as they hide from police. >> concerned about them breaking into a house, we have a lot of vacant houses back here, they could go into to hide. >> go look around right now and see if i don't see anything
9:35 am
obviously. >> police surrounded a campground at promise land state park. >> an ambulance heading to dupont hospital was involved in a crash. the force of the collision caused the ambulance to flip over. four people inside the ambulance including the child being transported were injured and taken to the hospital for treatment. the driver of the car was injured, but treated at the scene. a utah mother is in jail undergoing a mental valuation after being charged with stabbing two of her children. early yesterday morning police were called to the home of 47-year-old. when they arrived they found a 12-year-old girl and 8-year-old boy on the floor. they had been stabbed repeatedly. police say the teenage girl saw the attack and screamed. when the father heard the teeny ran into the room and stopped her.
9:36 am
neighbors say they never saw any sign from the woman that she capable of such an act. >> never seen anything of anger come from her ever. she hassles been a wonder of mother, very patient and kind. i could see her out here with her kids. >> every time i go over there, she is very nice, i've now and then seen them argue or anything. >> the wounded children are in serious, but stable condition. the mother faces domestic violence and aggravated assault charges. in north carolina police think a body found yesterday is that of a missing appalachian state university student. she was found after being missing for 11 days. an autopsy will be performed to determine a cause of death. >> ray rice has made his first public appearance since that tape of him punching his now wife surfaced.
9:37 am
january anyway palmer -- gentleman anyway palmer stood alongside her husband. the high school has removed the jersey from the wall of fame and taken down a placard that was put up in his honor. adrian peterson is waiting for his day in court in texas. he is charged with child abuse after hitting his son with a wooden switch. >> pope francis called for peace for a commemoration for those who died during world war i. he said a third world war was
9:38 am
being fought piecemeal. france' grandfather fought in it'sly's offensive in 1915. newtown square was the site of a new swearing in. 15 new recruits were sworn in to the marines and the air force. the event benefits the navy seal foundation and the foundation named for a marine from bucks county who died while serving in iraq. >> tonight a new miss america will be crowned in atlantic city. and yesterday there was plenty of pomp and circumstance to celebrate. this is the 2014 shows -- show us your shoes parade on the boardwalk. there were floats and bands and the contestants wearing their
9:39 am
colorful shoes. it was one of the many events for miss america weekend. we have you covered for all the events leading up to the pageant. join our own melissa magee, matt o'donnell, and karen rogers countdown to the crown. it begins at 7:00 p.m. on 6abc. at 8:00 p.m., it's road to miss america. abc takes a behind-the-scenes look at the pageant and then the contestants hit the stage at boardwalk hall in atlantic city as they vie for the crown. the miss america pageant begins at 9:00 p.m. >> i can't wait to see who win also. more to come on this sunday morning edition of "action news." the phillies appear to be on a roll as they hold off the marlins for a second night in a row. >> big celebration for the 200 anniversary of our national anthem. now you're looking live through sky sky. philadelphia international airport there, meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive
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that make them better.
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♪ a huge fireworks display and the singing of the national anthem capped off celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the star spangle banner. thousands of people packed the baltimore harbor. the event included tall ships and air shows and music and much more. it marks 200 years since francis scott key penned the star spangle banner. vice president joe biden spoke at the event. very cool. speaking of cool -- >> reporter: what's that? >> you, too, chris. >> reporter: i'm sorry nydia, i hear the word cool i think you're talking about me, my bad. there's the view looking at the beach in cape may. it's a chilly morning out there,
9:43 am
we have temperatures in the 50s and a little bit of a breeze. the sky is nice and pretty. we have bright blue and high, thin cirrus clouds. 57 in trenton. 49 in the poconos. millville, 55. dover and millville, 58. reading, 56 degrees. this entire week is about as quiet as you will see in the weather world. we have a cold front sweep through monday night into tuesday morning. maybe we get 3 or 4 hours of light patchy rain. the entire week after that looks nice and dry. the water vapor shows us most of the country is quiet. we have thunderstorm activity flaring up in the carribean. but if you're vacationing down here there's not much going on. the national hurricane center suggests it will be nice and quiet throughout the entire
9:44 am
week. it is nice and quiet throughout the country, as well. we have football going on. we'll start in the nfc east, cardinal's taking on the giants in east rutherford. sunny skies, 66 degrees, sunny and cool. next stop, tennessee, nashville where the cowboys take on the titans. no weather complaint there. jaguars take on the redskins. jets going to lambeau field in green bay. sunny and cool, 61 degrees, every single game looks picture perfect. this is a nice sunday across the entire country. high pressure is in control we have another one out to the west. sunny and mild today, pretty much the same thing for tomorrow. monday night into tuesday, as that high starts to slip farther to the east it will allow that reinforcing cold front to slip through. that's when we see light rain
9:45 am
when all of us are sound asleep monday night after midnight. if you're doing boating, 3 to 4-foot waves, winds out of the north 10 to 15 miles per hour. you'll see whitecaps on the ocean. ocean temperature, 75 degrees. you'll see sunshine down there with a few high, thin seer us clouds. -- 73 degrees is the high, wind light out of the north we'll call it clear and chilly, 43 outlying suburbs, 53 degrees for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 77 degrees for tomorrow, sunshine to start, increasing clouds late in the day, it's what we call prefrontal the winds shift out of the southwest that's why we're warmer at 77. monday night into tuesday morning, a brief period of shower activity. tuesday afternoon, more sunshine, 75. wednesday, sunny and pleasant, 73. thursday is nice, 72, friday,
9:46 am
70 degrees, saturday, union back in town, 73 degrees is the forecasted high. as we look farther down the road it continues. it's a nice quiet tranquil weather pattern. >> don't forget you can take the new wherever you go it will fit any device no matter how large or small your screen. check it out at anytime anywhere. >> a rare diamond is a gem, check out this rare, blue flawless diamond worth $26 million. it was at the natural history museum in loss and, the so-called blue moon diamond was discovered in south africa. it's 1 karates and sparkles from nearly every angle.
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is the
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turning to sports, the phillies wrap up their series against the marlins and hope to end with a sweep. the eagles get ready for monday night football, and a big win for penn state. >> reporter: penn state has not made the trip to northern new jersey in 59 years. it was worth the wait. what a finish between penn state and rutgers, the largest crowd ever at a rutgers football game. the big ten opener, 54,000 on hand including honorary captains who were severelily injured playing -- severely injured playing for their schools. penn state will fall behind 10-0. 4th quarter, tern e penn state down 4. three 3eu7bs to go. -- three minutes to go. lewis. 53 yards chased out of the
9:50 am
bound. later on the drive, they are going and going and penn state takes a 3-point lead, 1:13 left, last shot for rutgers, picked off. penn state comes from behind to beat rutgers, 1-0. james franklin is the first coach to start 3-0 in 84 years. eagles could that monday night can you wait. lesean mccoy has a knack for coming up in these big games. mccoy has over 300 yards rushing in the last two monday night games. if he is to have his third straight 100-yard performance on monday, he needs back ups to do the dirt work. dennis kelly and andrew garden are in. they will need jason peters the experienced offensive lineman to bring it together. >> i think sometimes he goes
9:51 am
unnoticed. he is very quiet. but his ability to get across his point to other guys it's huge for us. >> everybody will do their job, when everybody do their job we'll score points. it will not be a let down monday night. i don't doubt it one second, we'll do what we do. >> reporter: phillies marlins, how about that baby girl getting the baseball. i don't think she wants it, she is going to trade the ball back in exchange for a cupcake. good idea. phillies off to a sweet start first inning. two runs, marlin byrd off the wall. only four players in the national league have more runs batted in than byrd. phillies up 2-0. kyle kendrick allows one run it could be his final start at home, kendrick is a free agent at the end of the zone.
9:52 am
he has more wins than cole hamels. >> a massachusetts town is cruising "harry potter" to get more active. the rules are the same four different rules, three different balls and everybody has a different job. the game has been instrumental in helping players with learning or mental disabilities become successful at sports. >> meteorologist chris sowers takes a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast in just a moment. our dad's a plumber.
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gloon coming up up next is inside story, here's tamala edwards with a preview. >> reporter: you may think you heard about everything about the ray rice issue. wait until you see with the inside panel today, what did roger goodell do, where does this leave. did the atlantic county prosecutor do right by putting rise in the pretrial prevention program. we take a look at a poll for tom corbett, we'll see you later on inside story. >> reporter: one more check of accuweather. >> reporter: i might give today a perfect ten. sun and clouds, pleasant, 73 degrees, very quiet. look at this seven-day forecast. maybe a morning shower, tuesday,
9:56 am
otherwise it's wall-to-wall blue. 73 today, 77 tomorrow. 75 tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday all in the low 70s a lot of sunshine makes my job very easy. >> this weekend with george stephanopoulos is coming up at 10:30. martha raddatz host with the new release on the execution by isis. >> reporter: breaking news, isis releases another chilling execution video this time a british hostage. how will the uk respond and president obama made his case to destroy isis, but what does that mean for our troops. are we really at war? we put those confess to a key white house advisor -- those questions to a key white house advisor. the nfl under fire. hillary hits high with a for the first time in seven
9:57 am
years, john karl and our power house round table are there. eva, back to you. >> thank you. >> here's some of the stories we're working on for you. a new honor for brad fox a police officer killed in the line of duty in montgomery, he proudly served in the military. >> we're live in atlantic city, the new miss america will be crowned tonight. now, for chris sowers, eva pilgrim and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. have a great morning, we'll all see you at noon! [laughter].
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>> the questions are going from ray rice did to what those in power did next, cot nfl commissioner lose his job, let's get the inside story. good morning i'm tamala edwards, welcome to inside story, let's introduce you to the panel, first up, i'm glad to say good morning to brian tuny. and ajay raju, and ed turzanski and christine flowers. first of all we saw roger goodell saying i didn't know. we had a conversation it was ambiguous, he didn't tell me