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tv   Action News  ABC  September 14, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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>> good afternoon, it is sunday, september 14 i'm nydia han alone with eva pilgrim. >> they are not muslims they are monsters. >> british prime minister david cameron condemns the executionful a british aid worker by isis. fire chases parishners from a delaware church. >> countdown to the crown a new
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live report from atlantic city as a new miss america is crowned in ac. >> those stories, but first we have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, it certainly feels like fall. >> reporter: we have a week of summer left, but feels like fall. temperatures have a hard time climbing because of the canadian high pressure system that's moving in. it is four star winds and that and the puffy cumulus clouds is making it tough for temperature-wise. the normal for this time is 79. trenton 63. allentown, 61. poconos in the 50s right now, 57. willlancaster in the 50s. dover, 64. we're about ten to 11 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time which yesterday was pretty cool itself, so, again, numbers struggling today.
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here's the satellite and radar composite we have puff request cumulus clouds to the northwest and high, thin cirrus clouds south and east. sun and clouds the rest of the way. it will be a nice looking day, a decent amount of sunshine, a little bit cooler, we've knocked the temperature down to 70 for the high. sun and clouds and pleasant. as we look ahead after the comfortable finish to the weekend we have wet weather in the forecast monday night into tuesday, but that's the only chance of rain in the entire seven-day forecast. looks like a real nice comfortable stretch of weather for us. when i come back in just a bit, i'll have the details on that, guys? >> britain's prime minister david cameron said the beheading of a british citizen by isis will not stop britain from working with the united states and other countries to defeat the terrorist group. cameron was reacting to the execution of david haines, the
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husband and father of two was captured a year ago while working in a syrian refugee camp. >> islam is a religion of peace. they are not muslims, they are monsters. they make no secret of their desire to do as much harm not just in the middle east, but to he in countries or peoples who seek to stand in their way or stand for values they disagree with. >> james cartwright talked about what it's going to take to defeat the middle east. >> the only way to destroy isis in this particular strategy the forces on the ground will have to do the destroying. we'll provide them the air coverage and give them protection, an air campaign alone will not destroy it.
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>> haines is the third western hostage murdered by the terror group in recent weeks. the other two were american journalists. u.s. intelligence says most of the funding for the isis operation is coming from oil fields. the officials say isis smuggles $3 million each day into turkey and neighboring country. they are taxing the people in the area that they have captured, threatening to kill anyone who does not pay. >> a fire sent prish ners of a -- parishners of a wilmington congregation running from the church. the fire started about 9:15 in the heater in the basement. it filled the church with smoke, everyone managed to get out. there are no reports of injuries and no word on a cause. >> new information in at noon,
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the borough of ken net square in chester county has issued a boil water advisory. boil before using it to brush your teeth. they have experienced a loss of water pressure because of a water main break and they are concerned that the low pressure will allow the bacteria to back up in the system. >> the had an hunt since e continues for the gunman who shot two pennsylvania state troopers killing one. they were shot during a shift change at the barracks in blooming grove pike county not far from scranton. brian dixon was killed, he i wouldn't used to serve in the in the philadelphia area. trooper douglass was hospitalized. >> neighbors say there are plenty of empty homes that a suspect could take advantage of,
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as they hide from police. >> i'm concerned about them breaking into a house, we have a lot of vacant houses back here, which they could go into hide. >> look around right now make sure i don't see anything obvious, i'm going to drive the neighborhood. >> follow our 6abc news app as we follow the story for any breaks in the investigation. >> starting tomorrow a 5 million-dollar reassure facing project will slow you down on street road from bustleton and easton road that's a 9-mile stretch. expect lane restrictions. work is scheduled to be finished by next july. atlantic city is the place to be this weekend, the annual show us your shoes parade made its way down the boardwalk. the big show, the miss america pageant happens in ac tonight. >> you can see it live on 6abc.
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abc taman bradley is live in atlantic city with a preview of the competition. good afternoon, taman. >> reporter: good afternoon, there she is the permanent miss america ready to hand out the crown today. the boardwalk is buzzing, many have their score cards ready and i'll tell you these women are spectacular. the wait is over, tonight one of them will take the crown. last night the ladies were all smiles marching on the atlantic city boardwalk. for tonight's big show four days of preliminary competition showcasing their interview skills and talents and swimsuits and eving gowns. in the category of lifestyle and fitness in swimsuit, miss florida, and for talent miss
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ohio, miss kentucky, and miss pennsylvania. there was the heart-pounding interview with the judges. >> i'm still shaking. >> they asked about isis, foreign policy it's such a big topic in the news right now, it's a difficult question for anybody to answer. >> reporter: this year's pageant comes with atlantic city stressed. casinos are closing or have shut their doors, for miss new jersey it's personal. >> me being the daughter of two casino workers, people realize i'm real and tangible person and they are capitalizing on that as a source to look for hope for the future. >> reporter: all right something new this year, cruel -- you'll get to go behind the scenes a back stage pass, 53 contestants
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only one can take home the crown. taman bradley abc news. >> melissa magee, matt o'donnell, karen rogers host our special, count down to the crown at 7:00. road to miss america a look at the pageant. the pageant itself gets underway at 9:00 p.m. there's more to come on sunday afternoon. opera philadelphia is opening it's 40th season by taking on a beloved production and giving it a special flare. >> james franklin is in rare territory for penn state coaches. >> reporter: tomorrow morning, look at all the 40s, believe it or not, it may get colder than this, i'll have t
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>> time for accuweather, good this i want and did fall shopping four our daughter last week. just in time. just in time, now, because you'll need something with sleeves. especially this afternoon, it's a nice looking day, a little bit chilly. we have puffy cumulus clouds and breeze out of the north locking in the cooler weather from canada. we have temperatures in the 50s and 60s throughout the area. normally we should be close to 80 degrees. it won't be a day you're laying on the beach. you'll find it too chilly tore that. 60 degrees and the dewpoint is 46. this is a canadian air mass that's sliding through. winds are calm, pressure reading
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30.28 inches. low 60s north and west. sea isle city, 64. it's no the a day where you're taking off the shirt and laying on the beach probably too chilly for that. high, thin clouds are spreading over the area. there's an area of high pressure that will keep us dry for the next 24, 48 hours. that little spin is an area of low pressure. it has a trailing cold front that will swing through green bay and chicago. it will push through the great lakes dry for the most part and push through the delaware valley after midnight into the first part of tuesday morning providing a couple of showers at best. it's a very moisture-starved system. the bigger deal with this is the temperature contrast and the way the numbers drop off a cliff. 48 degrees if had bismarck.
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87 degrees in jacksonville. omaha 52, chicago, 58. that's where the weather will be coming from over the next couple of days out of the northwest. mild, mostly sunny skies, clouds mixed in from time to time. monday, pretty much the same thing, mostly sunny skies, puffy clouds out there, a light, gentle breeze out of the north that will keep temperatures on the cooler side, but milder than what we're experiencing today. sun and clouds the rest of the way, nothing threatening at all a tranquil finish to the weekend. tonight clear, tomorrow, same thing, we'll have clear conditions, but the the temperatures drop, allentown, 46 degrees by 6:00 a.m. lancaster, 46. poconos 45. we're at 56. trenton, 52 and millville, 51. you'll need to put something on with sleeves tomorrow morning if you're heading to work or school early. sun and clouds for the rest of
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the afternoon, pleasant, 70 degrees. overnight tonight, chilly, 43 degrees that's the numbers north and west, 53 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast i've lord the numbers for the end of the workweek. 70 degrees today, 77 tomorrow. monday night into tuesday morning, probably a 3 or 4 hour window after midnight. we could see wet weather, 75 degrees tuesday, wednesday, sunny and pleasant, 73. thursday and friday i have 70 degrees now for the city. north and west you're staying in the 60s. 53 degrees thursday night into friday morning and 56 for the overnight low, friday night into saturday morning, keep in mind the northwestern suburbs those numbers will be like the low to mid 40s. saturday high of 73. it's a good thing you got that done. >> indeed. newlyweds have very special wedding pictures they will be able to show their children some day, the 20 couples were married
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by pope francis the ceremony took place in st. peter's basilica. he stressed the importance of reconciling when there are actors. the celebration comes three weeks before the start of the worldwide assembliy on the
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>> opera philadelphia opens it's 40th anniversary season with comedic tale of love and mistaken identities, karen rogers has 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: the barber of seville is one of the most widespread and beloved operas of its time. opera philadelphia has selected an opera of mass appeal and
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grandeur. >> it's grounded in truth, and reality, and these two people love each other. the way they get together follows this absurd path. if you have never seen the piece, you'll understand it. >> reporter: one of the things that we wanted to do with this production was give it more of a spanish flare, balancing the line between meladrama and absurd absurdity. >> for audience members that never come know that, one, it's going to be a fun ride. it's going to be visually interesting to look at. the singers are fantastic and the visuals that you will see as well as the comedy that takes
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place on stage make for a wonderful wonderful evening. >> reporter: barber of seville run from september 26th to october 5th. go to 6abc/6abc loves the arts for this and more on this and other events. >> the premier of "dancing with the stars" is tomorrow night. fresh prince cast member is part of the cast. leah thompson is part of the cast. there are a few a few new professional dancers. the 19th season of "dancing with the stars" begins tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. it's a two hour special live on 6abc.
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>> we have breaking news from the frankford section of philadelphia. moments ago the action cam was on it is is a hundred block of adams avenue where a pregnant woman was shot in the face, she was taken to temple hospital in critical condition. surgeons are performing an emergency c-section to save her baby. the murderer raced off in a ford with tinted windows. three women are in the hospital following a two-car collision in center city. the action cam was at the scene. the car the woman were in was trying to get on the i-95 ramp
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when another vehicle slammed into it. the two men ran off. the women are in stable condition. golfer greg norman is in the hospital after almost losing his left hand during a chain saw accident. he posted a picture of the heavily bandaged hand on instagram and twitter. he said he is lucky the saw wasn't running at full speed or it would have cut his hand off. phillies wrap up a series with the marlins and hope to end it with a sweep. and the eagles have monday night football, and a big win for penn state, here's jeff skeverski. >> reporter: penn state has not made the trip to northern new jersey, it was the largest crowd
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ever at rutgers. honorary captains who were severely injured while playing for their schools. gary nova, 14 years spinning diving into the endzone. penn state falls behind 10-0. in the 4th quarter, lewis. 53 yards chased out of bounds. later on the drive they are going and going and going, bill belton from sicklierville returns and scores. nova picked off. penn state comes up with five interceptions last night. james frank lin is the first penn state coast to start 3-0 in 84 years. eagles colts can you wait,
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eagles star running back lesean mccoy has a knack for coming coming up big in these games. he'll need backups to do the dirt work. with three out against indy. dennis gardener is in and they will need jason peters to bring it altogether. >> he is very quiet. s ability to get across his points to other guys it's huge for us. >> everybody going to do their job and when everybody do their job we'll score points. we going to do what we do. >> phillies marlins last night. how about that baby girl getting the baseball now, i don't think she wants it, she's going to
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trade the ball back are in exchange for a cupcake. that looks better. phillies off to a sweet start, first inning, 2 runs marlin byrd of the wall. only four players in the national league have more runs batted in than byrd. kyle kendrick allows one run it could have been his final start at home, kendrick is a free agent at the end of the season. kendrick with 9 wins most among the starting staff even more than cole hamels. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a good day. >> a new initiative is encouraging residents to enjoy camden's green space. roosevelt park has been changed into a pop up park. it will be in place until december, there are new lighting features that activate at sundown to keep the area safe
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>> happening right now on "action news," the action cam was in phoenixville this morning for the ride for kids. it gives kids with brain tumors it is chance to ride in style. it was a cool morning to steer hot wheels. >> miss delaware is looking to make history, miss america pageant is live on 6 6abc don't.
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>> let's go outside to chris sowers, hey, chris. >> reporter: it's nice out here, we have a lot of sunshine and clouds and comfortable temperatures. this is how the summer has been for the most partly, we haven't had a lot of tremendous heat as we move into fall, fall arrived a week early. 45 degrees that was morning low in the poconos. as you're reading the numbers, the normal low is 62. allentown, 45. trenton, 49. philadelphia, 53 degrees, it was a very chilly start this morning and the numbers they are rebounding slightly, but we are well below average. fleetwood, 58. slatington, 58. quakertown, 59. pottstown, 63. saint davids 62. levittown, 64. buena, gandys beach, 62. woodbine 66 degrees. it's a cool, but comfortable afternoon around the delaware
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valley. satellite and radar showing a bunch of high, thin clouds pushing in from the southwest that will keep the skies rather mixed this afternoon. you'll see times of sun and clouds, but a nice, comfortable day. here's the day planner, 67 degrees, 4:00 p.m., we're up to 70. that's where we top things out later on. 6:00 p.m., 69 degrees looking for a combination of sun and clouds. as we look ahead we're looking into the extended forecast. there's only 4 hours of wet weather in the entire seven day all week, i'll show you that when -- show you when that arrives in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> brad fox served our country in the military and paid the ultimate price while serving our community as a police officer. now there's a new honor in his memory. amy buckman is live in warminster bucks county with more.
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his name lives on, disubt -- doesn't it? >> reporter: it does, this section of 263 was i don't even as york road now it's the bradley fox memorial. named in honor of the officer who would have turned 37 today. officer brad fox's family, including his widow and two young children unveiled the plaque name this guy portion of york road in memory of officer fox chofs killed two years yesterday in plymouth township. they had the honor to be the first to travel the newly named road. he traveled this section of the highway to get to the ice rink where he played as a opportunity at william tennent high school. >> brad simply looked at me and
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said, whatever you need coach, you'll have to teach me how. >> reporter: fox went on to join the marines serving two tours of duty in iraq before becoming a police officer. township police chief said fox he epitomized a fame quote from general patten. it is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died, rather we should thank god that such men lived. >> reporter: during the ceremony this morning, mention was made of the state troopers from northeastern pennsylvania who were shot friday night, one was killed, another hero giving his life in the line of duty. live in warminster, amy buckman channel 6 "action news." eva? >> thanks, amy. new overnight two pennsylvania state troopers are in the hospital after a driver suspected of dui plowed into their patrol car. the action cam was at the scene after 3:00.
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this is the eastbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway near montgomery drive in fairmont park. the troopers pulled up to an accident where another vehicle rear ended. the driver of the car that hit them has been charged with driving under the influence. albright college is fowrning the death -- mourning the death of a students killed in a fire. matt rein was unable to escape the burning home on north 13th street. >> he broke the window, but couldn't get out. >> from the window he was like trying to get out. >> reporter: rein was an all american on albright swim team. four others escaped safely, two others were rescued by firefighters and expected to be okay. the fire is under investigation. a family is on a quest for justice. a hit-and-run driver took their
12:35 pm
loved one's life. the victim made one final heroic act before the driver took off. kenneth moten has the story. >> reporter: the large group was out here remembering the victim who was well-known in the community. he had the light to walk across allegheny, but he didn't see the driver running from police. on the corner of 25th and allegheny in north philadelphia saturday night, loved ones of james howard barnes prayed where he was killed. police police say the man behind the wheel of this black honda pilot was speeding west blowing through redlights. the officer spotted him at 23rd an chased the police driver. at at 25th street, barnes was in the crosswalk he was struck and killed. >> i felt my you think howard's
12:36 pm
hands on my back and i heard a bump. >> reporter: barnes was not alone in that crosswalk, he with his niece when he pushed her out of the way. barnes was thrown into the other lane and hit by another car, that driver stopped. >> reporter: barns was a stands up guy, a former city sanitation worker who took care of his sons, the oldest is autistic, the youngest is a freshman at howard university in washington, d.c. >> he got us there, he struggled, even though he wasn't all that wealthy, it was the love that counts. >> reporter: now for this family, what counts is finding the man responsible for taking his life. >> they took a wonderful
12:37 pm
father, brother and uncle away from us we hope they get hem. >> reporter: with no arrests and nobody in custody, police are looking for tips in the case. reporting in north philadelphia, kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." >> a north korean court has sentenced an american citizen 6 years hard labor for entering the country illegally. this is cnn interview with matthew miller. he tore up his visa so he could sneak into a prison to investigate human rights abuses. the court denied miller any appeal. ray rice made his first public appearance from being suspended in the nfl. the suspension stems from him punching his wife. he is not the only one in trouble in the nfl. we have more. >> reporter: adrian peterson
12:38 pm
will not be in uniform as prosecutors claim he was criminally negligent in striking his 4-year-old son with a branch. >> we take all allegations of abuse against children seriously. >> reporter: yesterday the football star taking a private jet to surrender to authorities in montgomery county smiling for his mug shot. in jail for less than 30 minutes before being released in minnesota on the same private pain. while peterson's attorney said he disciplining his child, prosecutors say he might have gone too far. >> a grand jury that indicted this case look at the injured and determined that the discipline was not reasonable. >> reporter: charge of one count of injury to a child, he faces up to two years in prison. he has not entered a plea. nfl reviewing peterson's case under its personal conduct policy. >> if family violence is domestic violence is going to be
12:39 pm
addressed then the parenting issue comes into play. >> reporter: this is as ray rice made his first appearance yesterday attending his former high school varsity football game. he didn't speak to reporters, but exchanged hugs with his former coaches. domestic violence a problem for the league. the cloud cast by both cases may not lift anytime soon. >> reporter: the national football league knows this is a sensitive issue when you talk about the innocence of a child and the standards that's going to be established is going to be elevated and probably changed even in the policy. >> that was ryan smith reporting. >> shifting gear back in our area, folks are crossing the finish line of the susan g.komen
12:40 pm
walk has raised $3 million for breast cancer research. a certify money is scheduled for this afternoon at the navy yard. >> brains and beauty take center stage the new miss america will be crowned at boardwalk hall. you can watch the competition live on 6abc. tune into the countdown to the crown, former miss america joins our melissa magee and matt o'donnell and karen rogers for a preview of from the atlantic ciy boardwalk. seven judges will help determine the new miss america, they include former football player and "dancing with the stars" winner, donald driver. >> those women walk out there, they are saying can i represent america, i have two beautiful daughters, when i look at those
12:41 pm
girls could they be a role model for my daughter and represent america in a quality way. >> some of these women walk with so much dignity and self-confidence when they radiate something like that, that helps us judge, they are pretty darn gorgeous, at some point you look at what's shining from within. >> britany lewis is seeking to make history, no miss delaware ever won. miss new jersey 34 years ago. miss america started in the early 1920s, 50 years before casinos popped up. now as some casinos close, the city is counting on the pageant to give the city a financial jolt. >> how would you like this in
12:42 pm
your yard for two months, a dumpster, having difficulty getting it removed, even in time for the family reunion. you won't believe how much this car will cost you, the sticker price is more than that than many homes. >> looking live at cape may, chris sowers
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>> time for accuweather, jacket weather is here. >> reporter: jacket weather that's for sure, first thing you're waightd for the school -- you're waiting for the school bus you'll need something with sleeves. let's get you outside there we go, down in old city. we have clouds bubbling up, that's helping to keep the temperatures on the cooler side, 62 degrees at this midday hour in philadelphia. that's chilly considering we've had a decent amount of sun up to this point.
12:45 pm
pressure reading 30.28 inches it continues to climb. most numbers are in the low to mid 60s. allentown, 61 if we can bring the camera to the big board. 60 degrees in reading, lancaster, 59. 64 in wilmington, there's our 62. trenton, 64 and millville. 66 degrees, a bunch of high, thin clouds out through here south jersey, delaware bay region where the clouds where the sun is shining through them. we have cumulus building to the west. both will combine to keep the temperatures cooler. this is how we forecast we look at the jet streams, or the storm traction and we have two of them, we have a northern branch and southern branch, as long as these two stay apart, this is how they are running right now, that means we have quiet weather. because what will happen, we're taking west coast air and transporting it to the east coast. no big threat there. what tends to happen a lot of
12:46 pm
times you get this northern branch digging gmghts and it will link up -- something like that and it link up with the southern branch and you'll get your big storms. as long as the pattern stays like that it will be nice and tranquil around here. in fact it's looking like through the entire stretch of the seven-day forecast. overnight tonight, mostly clear, tomorrow morning, chilly sunshine, 46 in allentown. lancaster, 46. philadelphia, 56. trenton, 52. we have a three to four hour window for the entire week where we could see wet weather first thing tuesday morning, 3 to 7:00. that's it, that's a reinforcing cold front. once that hits the coast we're dry the rest of the week. lehigh valley sun and clouds today, allentown, comfortable.
12:47 pm
69 degrees is the forecasted high, for the jersey shore, temperatures will hover close to 70 degrees, sun and clouds, beautiful. winds out of the north at 10 to 15 miles per hour. but, again, it should be a nice gentle day on the beaches. philadelphia's highs 90 degrees, sun and clouds, pleasant. normally as we should be at 79 nine degrees below average. winds out of the north. chilly once again, 43 degrees outlying suburbs, 53 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, getting kind of chilly as we move toward the ladder half of the seven-day forecast, thursday and friday, high temperatures barely cracking the 70-degree mark. 77 tomorrow, 75 tuesday. wednesday, sunny and pleasant, 73. thursday and friday it will be a struggle to reach 70 degrees, north appear west you're staying in the 60s. saturday, partly sunny skies, comfortable, 73. >> pricey parking takes on new
12:48 pm
meaning in new york city. a manhattan development is charging $1 million for a parking spot. ten spots are available. it will be offered on first come first serve basis at a ten units luxury apartment building in so ho. in manhattan the
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well, not that kind of fresh. on the freshness of our chicken. but i can guarantee the freshness of our chicken because we go beyond what the usda requires... with extra inspections in american family owned farms, refrigerated trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between. that's what it takes to bring your family a fresh tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken.
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>> talk about being down in the dumps, donna came to the "action news" troubleshooters with a dumpster problem, a dumpster that wouldn't go away. donna ordered a dumpster from fast dumpster,.com. we were cleaning out the house, my mom passed on my son and his family were moving in. she paid them in full $450 an
12:51 pm
300-dollar security deposit for delivery and pick up. fast dumpster, subcontracted the job to locally operated american disposal system. >> it was delivered june 30th it was supposed to be picked up july 14th. >> reporter: but the pick up didn't happen. when donna called fast dumpster she was told she didn't have a contract. >> it was a red flag, yes we did. >> reporter: donna called american disposal system. the folks said they couldn't pick up the dumpster until they received payment from fast dumpster. so the dumpster sat in donna's yard for 9 weeks. the family took this picture during the reus -- reunion. don new called "action news" troubleshooter. after we called the dumpster company they got the results they waited for so long.
12:52 pm
>> fast dumpster returned her security deposit much to her relief. >> i thank you so much. within a week, i mean, and that's with the holiday, the labor day holiday, it was like geese, i wouldn't i couldn't beu were coming out. >> the other than admits the company owns american disposal system $12,000 for various jobs. he tells me donna's dumpster was over weight by .96 tons, but he didn't charge her with that. his main goal is making his consumers happy. instead of using an online broker, consider contacting directly with a local company with a good reputation. if you have a problem you would like help reach me at
12:53 pm
back slash trouble shooters. contact our volunteers at (866)978-4232 we would love to help you. >> a new service with with a feminine touch debuts it's called she taxis she rides. female customers will be allowed to ride, but not if there's an owner in the group. the woman plans to expand the service to other cities. tivo has unveiled it's new dvr. it would record 4,000 hours of high def content. more and more people are .
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>> recapping our top stories on "action news," british prime minister david cameron is vowing his country is doing everything it can to defeat isis. he made his comments this morning after isis beheaded david haines. police are looking in three states for the killer or killers who gunned down trooper brian dixon. investigators say it was an ambush outside a pennsylvania state police barracks. >> a new miss america will be crowned in atlantic city. we'll have all the coverage on
12:57 pm
6abc. it starts at 7:00 p.m. with a behind scenes special at 8:00 p.m. followed by the competition at 9:00 p.m. >> reporter: they might need scarf and gloves. >> at least there's no humidity for their hair. >> reporter: 70 degrees that's the high today. they will struggle down the shore with the ocean breeze blowing. highs in the 60s. numbers tank off tonight. after midnight we're dropping down into the mid 40s north and west. 77 for monday, 75 tuesday, the rest of the week is nice and quiet, lots of sunshine, highs in the 70s. >> and don't forget you can take the new with you wherever you go, the new smart design changes the layout to fit any device no matter how big or small your screen check it out anytime anywhere. >> abc's new fall preview show
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is next. >> "action news" continues tonight. >> for chris sowers, eva pilgrim and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han, we'll see you next weekend. have a great sunday!
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