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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  September 18, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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again christian. and her pastor says that she was still in surgery and in critical but stable condition. >> is happened at trinity staffing services, owner caroline franklin was inside and stabbed her in the back and chest and she was transported to jefferson. the owner of an accounting firm did not hear an altercation from the floor above. >> i heard nothing, i haven't even heard an argument upstairs. >> you can tell it's a well run business. >> police described the assailant as a blackmail with a corn row and goatee. they does not say if he new
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franklin. many of those that come here are exoffenders and speculated on her assailant. >> she is fair and polite. i can't say nothing bad about her. it's the people she employed, i'm sure they were the ones involved in the stabbing. as far as her, she is just trying to run a business. >> well, off camera we heard similar sentiments, they like miss franklin, they liked that she gave those that made a mistake in the past a job and a chance to find meaningful employment. and they say that some folks that came to this office from time to time were intimidating and frightening. miss franklin remains in critical but stable condition. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we want to go live now to a news conference happening right
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now in pike county as state police begin a news conference on a shooting of one of their own. >> other local agencies are assisting us and doing just a fantastic job and do that end, my good friend, ed franco, a special agent for the fbi. >> my name is ed hanko, the fbi, the philadelphia office. we have enjoyed phenomenal relationships with the philadelphia state police and the colonel and i are friends for many, many years. we are assisting the state police since it occurred with manpower and assets, to assault a law enforcement officer is an attack on the men and women that are here to protect the lawless. those in a would attack a barack
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would give no pause in attacking a citizen. an attack on law enforcement here is an attack everything where. i am here to tell you that eric fran frein is added to the 10 most wanted list on the fbi. this will allow us to search in any state or territory of the united states and as long as our extensive relationships, we made the world where he could hide, a very, very small place. the fbi will continue to assist the pennsylvania state police and provide our full resources as long as it takes to bring this criminal to justice. >> thank you. >> now, i'll ask the colonel to give you a rundown. >> good afternoon i'm the deputy chief of operations for the pennsylvania state police, we
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are aggressively searching the area around the blooming grove area, and at this point we have additional reason to believe that the subject remains in the area. >> you have been listening live to a news conference underway in pike county, this after the shooting friday night by eric frein that killed corporal brian dixon, and wounded another trooper there. they have added frein to the 10 most wanted list and makes larger the reward. and extends the area to where the officers can search to all 50 states and territories. the area in which frein can now hide is an extremely small place. they want to clamp down on frein before he can carry out this time of attack once again. >> this happened as one of the police officers was laid to rest
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today. we have that coverage for you, lets take a look at that. ♪ ♪ the pennsylvania state police trooper was murdered you side of his barracks and laid to rest in front of his former colleagues and troopers serving as pall bearers carried his casket into the church. and law enforcement from across the country packed the cathedral he was gunned down outside of the blooming grove barracks in the poconos. those that knew him were focusing on the legacy he left behind. >> i don't know why his life was cut short. but i know that his life is going to have an impact on generations to come. his was a life well lived.
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>> dickson's killer remains at large six days after the attack. investigators believe that eric frein is still in the general area and is considered armed and dangerous. our coverage of the funeral of brian dickson continues at you can see a slideshow from the service and the hundred for the gunman. the witnesses told police that the fight was mutual and did not attack the victims. they continue to question people, but don't expect charges until the weekend at the earliest. even if they are filed, the pennsylvania hate crime laws do not apply to the community. and jim kinney sent this letter, asking for federal charges in this case. it is time now for a check of the accuweather forecast on
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yet another gorgeous day. i'm not getting tired of talking about it. >> not one bit, adam joseph is live outside. it looks like more clouds than sun. >> but the sunshine will quickly return from the north and west this evening, if you are tired of talking about the dry, quiet conditions, well it's going to stay this way for quite sometime. below average and 70 in philadelphia and 75 in allentown and 70 in wilmington and millville just 68 degrees, notice the warmer numbers from allentown and reading and trenton to lancaster, it's warmer there because the sun is returning and we look at satellite and radar, and a cold front is passing through southern new jersey and delaware. there are the clouds breaking up through chester and lancaster county and lehigh valley up into the poconos. it won't be too long before the clouds exit parts of new jersey and delaware as well. if you are headed to the playground, sun and clouds and
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pleasant, 5:00, 74 degrees and by 7:00 we drop to 70. the temperatures will really warm over the weekend, the last full weekend of summer, we'll have the numbers in the accuweather forecast. >> looking forward to it. >> someone could be a million dollars richer and the clock is ticking to collect that fortune, a winning lottery ticket was sold here and nobody has come forward. a mystery winner now has a matter of minutes to claim that prize sara. >> reporter: that is right. we like to talk about lottery winners, we are about to about lottery winners, the winning ticket was sold in center city philadelphia, exactly a year ago and the winner has just minutes left until 4:30 to claim the prize, they could come to this
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lottery office, and still no sign of a winner that means $1 million will go unclaimed. it was sold at this news stand at 18th and chestnut in center city. as of late this afternoon no one came forward to claim the jackpot and the ticket expires one year from the date of drawing, that is the close of business today at 4:30 p.m. singh has owned and operated the news stand for years, he has sold some big ones, $25,000, $200. >> not millions. >> he has told his regular customers to look for lost tickets and look at the numbers. >> i tell everybody, we have one year but today no more that is it. >> i'm hurt, just hearing about it. i went all over my house looking
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for loose tickets. >> i have lost tickets before, and i wonder if i won or not. >> there is one winner in all of this. singh, the pennsylvania lottery says the retailer still collects the bonus even if the ticket holder doesn't collect the prize. he gets $5,000 that was news to the news stand owner. >> that is good news thank you. >> the last time this much money went unclaimed it was 2011, it was a million dollars raffle ticket that went unclaimed at a grocery store in pennsylvania and another ticket will go unclaimed a $250,000 mega millions ticket on north broad street. that must be claimed by friday, september 26th. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> i love that you told the news stand operator, she is like our
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own publishers clearing house representative. >> thank you very much. the u.s. government makes a big decision about the way forward in syria. >> and scotland makes a decision on independence, voters head to the polls to have their say on ♪ we have a saying... mi coffee es su coffee. our way of inviting you to share what's ours. so between september 16th and the 29th,
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discover the new spirit of cadillac. lease this 2014 ats for around $299 a month. we think you'll agree - it's a brand new cadillac. the united states senate is expected to approve president obama's plan to train and arm isis on the ground. the measure passed the house and the republicans supported the president more than democrats. and australian authorities made their biggest raid today. they swept through the suburbs of bris bane and sydney. they detained 15 people so far.
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america is also worried about home grown terror and they are taking steps now to keep people from joining that organization. >> to keep people from joining isol and getting to the battlefield in the first place is the most affective america your we can take. >> officials say an australian has emerged as one of the senior leader of isis and they have appeared in isis recruiting videos. voters in scotland are heading to the polls to decide if they should break away from the united kingdom. there is a huge turnout. it's a simple yes or no question, should scotland be an independent country. polls show the vote will be very close with people that want to stay in the uk having a slight edge, a yes vote means 18 months of negotiations between scottish
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leaders and politicians. we'll have more coverage throughout the evening as the polls close and the votes are counted. we want to pass along the closing numbers for you today, for good reason, this was a record day for stocks, the dow gained 109 points, 17,269.9 and the nasdaq is at a new record close today. it's time now for the "action news" traffic report. >> lets get over to matt pellman in the traffic center, he is tracking trouble spots out there. >> we are hoping not to set records on the travel time brian and shirleen. with a crash on the 30 bypass eastbound side near route 113, and at the moment they have the eastbound lanes blocked, the crash is in the left lane, and a lot of emergency crews are on the scene and for the most part they are letting the left lane
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by and eastbound from 322 from the scene there 113, and westbound slows substantially from route 100 in exton to near 222. that is the normal gaper delay. and look for a crash at the cvs and bobs service center on route 1 and an accident on washington street at church road, and it's a really busy afternoon on the schuylkill expressway, that is reflected in the travel time. westbound nearly 40 minutes from the vine to the blue route, the slow speeds just 8 miles per hour westbound by city avenue. and leading up to this, a broken down vehicle that just cleared near the work zone at cotman avenue. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report, people are talking about the slow and
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moderate traffic on highway 1 near bear. >> thanks matt. there is a new trend that is drawing tourists to florida and it's called medical tourism, rick williams is live in the newsroom to describe the details he is working on and you'll hear about this at 5:00. >> something kind of different for the state of florida, officials are preparing to commit millions of dollars to promote the sunshine state as a medical destination, it used to mean going overseas for care. they are offering medical procedures for out of state residents. >> also, tonight meet the former marine that is using martial arts to battle post traumatic stress disorder, an inspiring story here. we'll see you at 5:00. until then back to the studio. >> thank you rick.
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and still ahead, adam is back with the full accuweather forecast. >> plus, miley cyrus is in trouble south of the border, why the mexican government is launching an
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there is some extra terror behind the walls in fairmount this year. the eastern state penitentiary has undergone it's annual transformation. and the show is scarier than ever, it gave the team a new machine shop hit endeep insides of the cell blocks, it opened tomorrow night and you have until november 8th to check it out. if you dare. >> have you ever done it? >> it's awesome. >> it's so scary, i love it. >> time for the check of the accuweather forecast. >> lets go to adam joseph live at the big board.
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>> i did an adventure there, and they are some fantastic actors over there. they are actors right? what do you think? go and find out. look at double scan live, nothing scary about this forecast, just a few clouds out there now and a couple of sprinkles just south of middletown with the front, it hit the windshield, and despite that it looks ominous now in new jersey and delaware. 72 in millville and dover and wilmington and philadelphia, but notice the warmer numbers to the north and west. 74 reading and 75 in the lehigh valley, that is because the sunshine has returned there this afternoon in full force. as we look at the satellite, the front is progressing to the south and to the north there is some very chilly air flooding in
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behind this front and we look at this first true arctic high so to speak, pushing into northern new england setting the northerly wind in the lower part of new england and atlantic. 56 in philadelphia, and look at syracuse, and bangor main coming in at 34 degrees, this is really the first signs of fall, there is going to be a widespread frost and freeze from the pennsylvania border to new york and northern new england, that will accelerate the fall colors north of the poconos, the poconos 40, and allentown 46 and 56 philadelphia, and 64 in dover. and tomorrow afternoon we stop generally in the upper 60s in the area for highs, 71 in philadelphia and notice the poconos, the high tomorrow only in the upper 50s, we look at
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your four day at 4:00, some sunshine and clouds in the afternoon, and cooler air at 71, morning clouds give way to sun in the afternoon, and 78 and summer's finale is on sunday for the eagles, up to 83 beautiful degrees, with some clouds buildsing in the afternoon, monday is breezy and cooler, we drop 10 degrees and some showers sunday night at 73. we'll let you know where the temperatures go as they are all over the board here. we'll give you the details in the next half hour. the buzz is coming up next, miley cyrus is in trouble south of the border, not for twerkings what she was twerking with. (postal worker) hey! millers!
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you two day-dreaming? (millers, in unison) yes. (postal worker) about your victorian dream home? (mrs. miller) uh huh. (postal worker) or maybe a colonial home? (mr. miller) how did you... (postal worker) you have the new game from the pennsylvania lottery.
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(mr. miller) yeah, the new $1,000,000 instant jackpot! (mrs. miller) with 5 top prizes of $1,000,000. (postal worker) welcome to the neighborhood! (voice over) want to see your dreams come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning today. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. it is time now for the buzz, miley cyrus is in trouble over the border. they want the pop star punished
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when dancers spanked her with the mexican flag while she twerked during a performance, they want to fine her $50,000 or put her in jail for 24 hours. despite george clooney's fortune, he will not pay for their wedding, her parents are sticklers for tradition and insist on footing the bill. the couple are getting married in italy with guests staying at a hotel that costs $1800 a month and they booked andrea bocelli to perform. and his last dance was his last dance, matthew mcconaughey will not be coming back to the sequel to magic mike, the other big
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star, channing tatum is on board so don't worry ladies he will be there. it's film at the end of this month and will be released next year. that means no crop tops for matthew mcconaughey. you wouldn't know anything about that. >> thank you very much. still here, we are saving with 6 abc, why one local business is offering enormous discounts for brides to be. a woman gets her pet bobcat back but if rocky escapes one more jake and i have been best friends for years.
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call or go online to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. "action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, shirleen allicot, and brian taff. >> it is 4:30, and "action news" continues with an unusual accident report. you won't believe why police say that armpit hair is to blame for a car crash in idaho. >> and death could not part this pair, and we'll learn about a couple that took their bond to the grave more than 700 years ago. >> and true love to true evil, newlyweds will spend the rest of their lives in jail. we'll begin with what could be the end of a decades long policy in the city of brotherly love, they passed a bill saying
4:30 pm
that anyone kautd with an ounce or less of marijuana will face a fine rather than a misdemeanor. now for the summer long effort to decriminalize pot, we go to vernon odom. >> tonight mayor nutter's long time press secretary, mark mcdonald, says he has no idea whatsoever where mayor nutter will sign the bill but assures me it's a done deal. the city council vote was 14-2, allowing some philadelphia pot smokers to breathe easier. it decriminalizes marijuana to just under an ounce, those caught smoking in public will be fined $100 or nine hours of community service. the bill sponsor says that of the more than 4,000 arrests in the city here last year, 83%
4:31 pm
were blacks or latinos and whites are not targeted nearly as much. >> to put people in a situation where they can't get a job or keep a job or get financial aid for college over three joints in their pocket is ridiculous, it's a misuse of police power. >> the vote came after a long time push by mayor nutter. it's mixed reviews. >> to take people to jail for a small amount. people use it for medical and to ease their stress. and there is a lot of stuff to take people to jail for more crime. >> it should be a crime, if you are caught with possession of marijuana, it should be back to
4:32 pm
the law. >> those new laws are scheduled to be implemented and go into affect on october 20th. live at city hall, vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you vernon, now to an update we brought you yesterday on "action news" at 4:00. camden county police confirm that two men are arrested in connection to the vicious attack on a homeless woman. investigators say that the 54-year-old woman was beaten and raped and had her ears nearly severed yesterday morning, the woman told that nearly four men were involved in the assault and police only confirm the arrest of two men. a news conference is set for 5:00 tonight. police in german town are hoping that the public can help them track down a determined burglar, the surveillance video captured the thief breaking into the skyline restaurant on chu
4:33 pm
avenue last wednesday, the thief got in by throwing his body against the door and once again the suspect raced around the restaurant until he found the register and took the whole machine and was followed closely by a woman believed to be with him. the pennsylvania newlyweds that lured a stranger to his death through a craigslist ad will spend the rest of their lives in prison. andrea and brian elliot will spend the rest of their lives in prison. last year they fatally stabbed troy laferrera in their car after answering the question to friendship. one person was hospitalized after they crashed their car into a tree in atlantic city today. chopper 6 hd was over the scene on route 54 in weymouth road in
4:34 pm
buena vista, the vehicle hit the tree just after 4:30 a.m. and burst into flames, the driver was released from the wreckage. the salvation army said thank you to some friends in bellevue today. they honored chamber of commerce president and fm radio station president, jerry lee, they were singled out for improving life in the region. for the contributions for the stockings for kids campaign that helps families served by the salvation army. now a woman has finally won her fight to keep her exotic pet. nora muchanic has the story of rocky the bobcat and the owner who loves him. >> i do love him, he is like family. >> ginny fine of beach haven west couldn't be happier,
4:35 pm
because her pet, a bobcat named rocky is home. it escaped and the judge ordered him held at the popcorn park zoo until she could prove that she can keep this houdini at home. >> he came back to his normal personality, it was 56 days that he was gone. >> not only is there a cage with a roof for rocky to roam outside, but fine installed a double door vestibule system in her house. >> this system of doors so i can close these. the same concept used at zoos and prisons, a safety method in case he gets out. >>ginny plead guilty to one count of letting rocky out
4:36 pm
large. she was fined by the zoo for taking care of rockies not to mention costs and attorney fees. >> i missed him an awful lot, he is a high maintenance pet, a lot of care but there was certainly a huge chunk missing from the house without him. ginny hopes that all the new security works because the judge made it clear that if rocky escaped one more time she will have to give up her bobcat permanentnantly. and meteorologist, adam joseph, joining us now. >> was enjoying that hide flowers behind her. >> a lot of them didn't bloom because of the harsh winter. if yours didn't bloom are you not alone. >> if we don't have a harsh winter the hydrangeas will be
4:37 pm
back. >> there is a descent amount of clouds in the city and breaks of sun. the dew point is low enough it's comfortable out. as we head to atlantic city, a lot of clouds down the shore right now but the clearing line is working its way to the south, 73 there and dew point 51 and winds out of the west northwest at 3 miles per hour. frost and freeze looks to the north of our viewing area, no worries here tonight and we'll talk about a quick rebound for the last weekend of summer in the seven day guys. >> ending on a high note, thank you adam. you could add live music to the list of entertainment. the upper marion chamber springs and the senior service center band provided the live sound track and it was free to all seniors living in upper marion
4:38 pm
township. >> it's not your typical graduation ceremony and this is not your ordinary graduates. >> these are the cooper hospital caring clowns. dr. d.z. diane wiese and rita shade received their diplomas, they will join the hospitals other caring clowns that spread cheer and goodwill to patients. and we know that laughter is the best medicine. >> we are saving with 6 abc where brides to be can find discounts. a couple is found holding hands 700 years after they died. details on the bond even death couldn't break. and with all the negative headlines involving pro athletes we have a positive story involving a pro player, how a ravens player give up his career
4:39 pm
to save his brother's life. ♪ we have a saying... mi coffee es su coffee. our way of inviting you to share what's ours. so between september 16th and the 29th, we want to treat you to a rich, smooth mccafé coffee for free. why would we do that? when you have something this delicious, you just have to share it. ...on the casa.
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an suv full of teengers crashed in idaho and the reason for the rollover -- the 16-year-old in the passenger seat lit the driver's armpit air on fire and lost control of the car and crashed into northeast boise, police say they will all be fined both the driver and the one that pulled the prank were slapped with citations. thanks to a new discovery we know that some relationships last even longer than that. are you looking at a pair of skeletons that were holding hands for the last 700 years, the couple were among those unearthed by those in england,
4:42 pm
they either died holding hands or were placed in that position. shirleen over in the big board now the big talkers, a dad in tennessee, facing rather serious charges today for how he allegedly chose to punish his son, his 15-year-old son for drinking vodka, mark allen hughes wanted to teach him a lesson by making him drink more, so much that the boy passed out and had to be hospitalized. he said the shot game was to show him how dangerous alcohol can be. hughes has been arrested 18 times for offenses related to drinking and police say he was drunk during the ordeal. and a flight attendant is
4:43 pm
launching a website showing passengers paving badly. it's a shame site. here is a man that fell asleep shirtless and a woman's shorts are at a higher altitude than the plane itself. the lesson here folks you are on a plane and not at hom. and not at liberty to let your comfort make others uncomfortable. with all the negative headlines with pro athletes, we bring you a positive story involving a nfl player that gave up his career to save a life. this is the former baltimore raven, nose tackle, chose to retire in order to donate his kidney to his brother chris, an expittsburgh steeler, both men are doing well we are happy to tell you. this is not the first time he
4:44 pm
has done something risky to help his sibling, he got in trouble for using his scholarship money to buy chris two math books he could not afford. >> the only larger than his kidney is his heart and that is a great story and one that deserves to be told. >> we hope there is more like him in the nfl. now a check of the roads tonight. matt pellman is in the traffic center with an update for us. >> i have a little bit of improvement for you this time. shocking i know. eastbound at the 30 bypass, the crash at 113, we showed you is completely gone and the delay is completely gone as well. westbound not the same with typical afternoon volume slowing us down to business 30 and 222. and the crash at bell tavern
4:45 pm
boulevard at the cvs and bobs service center and one at washington street and church road and the cvs in new britain, there is another accident and one at west conshohocken at moorehead avenue. just getting word of a crash on the vine street expressway approaching broad street, taking out the center lane there and the heavy delays continue on the schuylkill, and the earlier broken down vehicle at cotman is now long gone. lets go to west mown airy, an exciting night with street fair, we are without german town avenue, stick with lincoln drive as a possible alternate. the burlington bristol bridge is going up, use the connecter bridge as an alternate. >> we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. we have a new tool here at
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"action news" that gives you control over the video that you see from our chopper 6, it's a brand new feature, we call chopper 6-360. use your phone tablet or computer, you can take the camera and move it around to the left and right and up and down and zooming in and out. for your phone and tablet we do have an app to download, just once to make it work, go to 6 for instructions and links. and chopper 6 is in the air now so you can get a chance to take control and check out this new tool.
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adam joseph is here we are looking at a one-day dip in temperatures. >> it lasts over the weekend and then a slam down at the beginning of next week. the action cam was at interance mall and the national constitution center, above there the clouds were sharing the sky with the blue, a mixed day of sun and clouds but overall the clouds will be departing here this evening. accuweather live lineup, double scan live, the present temperatures warmer in spots than others and satellite and radar showing high pressure is remaining in control. a front is slipping through and a couple of sprinkles in kent and newcastle county and salem and cumberland county, maybe one or two drops on your windshield, not adding up to all that much. 69 in millville and 70 in dover, where the clouds are thicker and to the north and west, where the sun is returning 74 in reading
4:50 pm
and 75 in allentown and the poconos right now at 67 degrees, as we take a look at satellite and radar, the clouds are bubbling up this afternoon from philadelphia right down the i-95 corridor to richmond. this is not a front but clouded bubbling up because of some very chilly air behind the front with a really dynamo high pressure for this time of year. with some really cold, arctic-like air for this time of year. it's all relatively speaking here. the high is in northern new england and 71 degrees and partly sunny and 6 degrees below normal. and as the high pushes off to the east, it's winds start to return from the southwest ahead of the next boundary in southern canada over the weekend, so on saturday, it's clouds in the morning because of that wind switch off the ocean that will throw clouds our way and it takes control much of the saturday and it's temperatures
4:51 pm
jump to 78 degrees above normal. 46 in the suburbs and 56 for center city, the clouds this evening will give way to a mainly clear sky and definitely on the chilly side for this time of year. as we look at future tracker tomorrow at 9:00 in the morning, 50? allentown and 61 in millville and mid-40s in the poconos, they could drop into the upper 30s to around 40 range by tomorrow morning and then in the afternoon, many locations struggle to get out of 60s for highs tomorrow, in the poconos they will not gets out of 50s. as we look at your exclusive accuweather forecast, feeling like fall and areas in the 60s and the city at 71 and a quick warm-up on saturday and if you wake up and see clouds, don't worry the sun will return at 78 and 83 with summer's finale, the final full day of summer, definitely going to feel like it, before it turns breezy and
4:52 pm
cooler on monday and 73, pleasantly cool on tuesday and 71 and a chill in the air on wednesday, at 70 degrees, with rosh hashanah beginning at sun down and dry and 72, we do need rain but you know what? we won't see any over the next seven days.
4:54 pm
"action news" reporter amy buckman has more on the bridal salon that is closing after years in business. >> i absolutely love this dress, it's like a fit and flair, it flatters everybody's shape and it really slenderizes, spend
4:55 pm
time with dawn leery and you can tell she loves what she does. it has been a fixture in willow grove for 59 years, leery worked in the shop before buying it and now she has decided to close it down. >> i have to put my kids first. >> have you young children? >> three of them. 3, 7 and 9 years old. this is a 24/7 job. >> her current inventory is 400 wedding gowns and special occasion congresses. from communion to prom and formal and semi formal gowns. >> this is for moms and women for second weddings. >> right now dresses are discounted 30% and 50%, accessories like veils and shoes are marked down 30%. >> the 30% dresses go to 40% off and all the 50% go to 60% and some will be marked even lower
4:56 pm
at 75% and 80% off. >> sizes range from 8 to 22. >> the whole bottom comes off the dress. >> that is so cool. the goal is to clear out the inventory by november. however, if you want to try on wedding dresses, you can make an appointment to help make your choice. i'm amy buckman, channel 6 "action news." >> i'm guessing amy bought the gray one. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for shirleen allicot, adam joseph and brian taff, we are back tonight for "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. now here is rick williams and monica malpass with a look ahead at 5:00. >> ahead at 5:00, cecily tynan is live at the zoo. hi cecily. >> reporter: hi guys, what a gorgeous day to be at the zoo, our theme today is animals with special tongues, i have bo here
4:57 pm
a green winged mccaw she have in their tongue and their beaks can take off a human finger, here we go i'll feed him with a spoon. there you go bo. he wants the spoon. he doesn't want the nut, you are showing me up aren't you. come on! eat the nut. >> see if cecily cooked it, that is the problem. there you go. >> we'll have that and much more when "
4:58 pm
don't believe tom corbett's tv ad. the facts speak for themselves. tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off. class sizes increased.
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and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes. tom corbett. can't trust him on education. can't trust him to be for us. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. philadelphia police are and waiting for more people to come forward from this surveillance video. it's thursday night and the big story on "action news" is the developing investigation into that violent assault in sent steer. >> police think another person of interest could come in for questioning within the hour. chad pradelli is live at central detectives with the latest.
5:00 pm
>> reporter: rick, investigators are still trying to sort out exactly what happened on thursday night. more interviews are scheduled for later on this evening but i am told no charges are imminent. several persons of interest caught on tape have been interviewed by police. they deny that the gay couple was targeted and that they bu bumped into each other and a homophobic slur was said and then they got rough with a woman in the group and then a man punched one of the victims and a full scale fight broke out. this is one man and his lawyer spoke out. >> we are cooperating and we would all be wise to wait the outcome of it. the two victims suffered serious facial injuries, one had