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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  September 19, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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goodell breaking his silence after four players accused of domestic violence in the last two weeks. responding to criticism that the league has not done enough to address this serious problem. >> the same mistakes can never be repeated. we will get our house in order first. >> the commissioner hasn't been heard of in more than a week, last commenting after this video surfaced showing the baltimore ravens star ray rice beating his then-fiancee. since then three other players have been pulled off the field. minnesota vikings charge adrian peterson charged with hitting his 4-year-old son with a tree branch. and the panthers sidelining their star convicted of assaults his girlfriend. and jonathan breyer on bail accused of things with his wife.
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and some are calling for goodell to resign. >> he has to regain my faith. right now personally i believe we need a new commissioner, no matter what he says. >> goodell outlined the league's plan, helping to fund the national abuse violence hot line and educating all nfl players and coaches about domestic abuse. abc news new york. and also breaking right now, police are searching for a missing university of virginia student they say they have a new person of interest in that case. they have not made any arrests in connection with the disappearance of hannah graham. the 18-year-old last seen a week ago. search warrants for a car and off-campus apartment in charlottesville the search expected to take several hours. someone shot a postal worker
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with a bb gun late this afternoon. less than one hour ago on christian street. the female postal worker was shot in the back with the bb gun. she was taken to the hospital for observation. so far there have been no arrests here. three people are hurt, including two firefighters after a massive inferno this morning at a kensington warehouse. the massive flames left field the building affecting two nearby schools. vernon odom live at the scene on north american street where the wreckage has been smoldering all day long behind you, vern. >> it continues to smolder, brian. in fact two local schools were let out and dismissed early today because of health concerns about all of the smoke flying around. they were the welsh and mckinley schools grades k--8 and they pump water on the hot spots. the vacant warhouse in flames around 2:30 this morning of the
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wall collapse triggered four alarms. 120 firefighters were called out to fight the inferno which burned up a paper storage building next door as well. two firefighters received minor injuries. a 45-year-old man was critically injured. he fled the warehouse with at least 80% of his body engulfed in flames. and he remains hospitalized tonight in critical condition. >> the person coming out of the vacant building. the person was on fire when he came out. we treated him and transported him to temple hospital. >> the firefighters are pouring water on hot spots throughout the day. they cannot lu launch the investigation until the fire is out so they can examine the debris. they say this is a haven for crackheads and it is bound to happen. >> the drug addicts in the building doing what they do? it showed the building was last
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inspected in march and it was vacant at that time. the owner listed as a richard painter and lni has not been able to contact him so far today. as for the vacant property, it is listed as richard painter, the owner according to records owes philadelphia $11,000 in building taxes. vernon odom channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we have more coverage of the kensington warehouse fire online today. you can see pictures of the massive flames and get updates on they happen on the investigation at the police are going door-to-door in the poconos searching for the man suspected of killing a pennsylvania state trooper. schools closed again today as authorities checked hunting cabins and seasonal homes where eric frein could be hiding. the 31-year-old allegedly opened fire outside of the barracks
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last week killing corporal bryon dickson and founding another. and he is now on the f.b.i.'s most-wanted list. there is a reward posted for his capture. "action news" learned the florida man killing six grandchildren and adult daughter has ties to our area. don spirit called 911 yesterday in belle, florida to say he might hurt himself or others. by the time the police got there he did. spirit killed all seven people and turned the gun on himself. he was a felon, spent time in jail for shooting and killing his 8-year-old son in 2001. he has a criminal record in camden and in new jersey with weapon and theft charges. and he has relatives in sinew jersey but do not know what
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caused him to start shooting. and france with air strikes in iraq. days after they agreed to help the american forces. an iraqi spokesman said the attack killed dozens of isis fighters and they are looking to get support. and they have approval to arm and train people to fight rebels. >> the training effort shows the world the americans are united in confronting the threat. >> and isis releasing a video, and he is forced to read a statement about the benefits of isis. and they think they have 15 western hostages overall. a police s.u.v. slammed into a doughnut shop this morning in can -- camden county.
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and you can see the s.u.v. went into the dunkin' donuts there. it happened about 10:30 this morning. police say the winslow township officer was not responding to a call what he collided with another vehicle before hitting the store there. no one seriously hurt, but the dunkin' donuts does have some pretty serious structural damage. a woman dadly hurt in delaware this morning after a nasty crash in new castle county, happening around a quarter after 7:00 in bear. and the police say a 23-year-old new jersey woman was trapped in the wreckage. they were able to get her out in less than 10 minutes and rush her to christiana hospital. in critical condition this average and the medics say she has head injuries. iphone insanity today across the country. people lined up well before sunrise to get their hands on apples newest smart phone. in ardmore a huge crowd camped out hoping to get their hands on
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the iphone 6 and 6 plus, expected to set records for apple. and lines were around the corner of the building. talking to a man who got there at 4:00 a.m. and second in the line. >> i was looking for an upgrade so i traded my old one in. i like the new one better. it is a bigger screen and better optics for cameras. >> and a record 4 million phones sold in the first 24 hours onlion li onli online. the preorders not shipping until october. and they are competing with s samsung taking preorders today. >> and that line did not wane. >> no chance of you getting a new phone. >> not a bit. and time for a check of the accuweather forecast looking at what promises to be a nice
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weekend. >> and cecily tynan in looking at the forecast. >> the people in line at the apple store early this morning, it was on the chilly side. take a look at philadelphia, the morning low 58 degrees. but up across parts of new england, a hard freeze. burlington, vermont 32. bangor and caribou dropping down to 30 degrees. philadelphia 71 degrees, but still in the 50s in northern new england. this is the reason why. the high pressure from canada is banked over there. and we have this clock-wise circulation around the high pressure. if you look down across our region you can see some clouds beginning to move in off the ocean. it will be clouding up tonight, could even have a touch of drizzle early tomorrow morning. but if you're not ready to say good-bye to summer we have two more days left. two more full days left of summer and it will feel like that. tomorrow, giving way to afternoon sunshine temperatures in the upper 70s. sunday, lots of sunshine.
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mid 80s. could have an evening shower as the cold front pulls through, bringing us more fall-like temperatures for the first week of fall. we talk about that when i come inside for the accuweather forecast. >> sounds good, thank you. and still ahead, fall out i -- fallout in scotland. and sexual abuse or campus
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>> the number of sexual assaults on college campus is staggering. the white house is launching an effort to do something about it. the obama separation announced a campaign today aimed at raising awareness among college students. reports show one in five women is sexually assaulted while in college. the new program will focus on making women aware of the danger and encouraging them to look out
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for each other. it will also have a special focus on talking to college-age men. in addition to partnering with universities, private companies and other groups, the program will include a website and series of public service announcements featuring a long list of celebrities. scotland's pro independence leader announced today that he will resign from office after the country voted to remain a part of the united kingdom last night. he is proud of the campaign and record turn-out for the referendum. the final vote 55% to 45% in favor of staying with the united kingdom. the referendum drew a record turnout just under 85%. the british prime minister, cameron, whose political future was on the line is giving them more power with spending and welfare. the dow closed with a 15-point gain, the nasdaq down
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almost 14 points. the s&p almost flat. the big buzz among investors today was all about the company making its debut, they rang the opening bell this morning and stock opened price at $68 a share. but closed today at just under $94. that initial public offering raised almost $22 billion making it the largest i.p.o. in history. it is a mash up companies. and time for the traffic report on this friday. >> friday, finally here. matt pellman! >> we made it. now we just have to make it home. from the mash-up to the smash-ups and there are several on the roads this afternoon, brian and shirleen like this one in chester county. the northbound of 202.
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of course, in the work zone by route 29 in malvern having the left lane blocked. they are letting the right lane by the most part but occasionally stop that as well. north 202 parked away from the 30 bypass through this point at 29. much better bet this afternoon is business 30, lancaster avenue. but it looks like they should have the northbound accident out of the way soon. of course, we'll keep watching. in center city, an accident scene on the vine street expressway. pretty much off to the side westbound past 95 causing delays off 95 as you come off and head towards broad street. that vehicle pretty badly damaged on the westbound shoulder. a crash at 100 southbound and one in the heart of pottstown chestnut street at washington. and a wreck at red mill road by the bp and cemetery. and in burlingtown county a
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four-mile circle. a wreck on 70 at 72. and happy friday everybody. 295 southbound side a crash close to the white horse pike. and users talking about traffic in that area. probably not light, a little more on the heavy side at this point. we will check it again on the next half-hour. >> happy friday to you, matt, thank you. we are pretty proud of a new tool here at "action news," one that puts you in control of the video you see from our own chopper 6. it's a brand new feature we are calling chopper 6 360. using your smartphone, tablet or computer take control of the 360-degree camera move it around, left, right, up and down and even zoom in and out. an app to download to make it work. go to for instructions and links to the app. check it out. chopper 6 360 in the air right
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now looking live at the delaware river and you can log on. manipulate the camera, zoom in or out, however you want to, a pretty cool new and we hope that you will like it, too. >> so cool indeed, want wait to use it. officials in one new jersey town cracking down on what some describe as a serious eye sore. and monica malpass with this story. >> hi there, shirleen. if you happen to live in a neighborhood with a dilapidated home, you may be familiar with it. broken windows and over grougro areas. and it can be a headache for everybody who lives nearby. and how the authorities are trying to talk many the problem. if you are looking to lose weight or want to eat healthier, a new local service can help you do just that. health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman has that story coming up. working on those stories and more coming your way on "action news at 5:00," see you then. >> see new a few minutes,
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monica. ahead, "people" out with the best dressed celebrities. who came out on top and where one local celeb is ranked. >> and a disease affecting dogs in one specific section of new jersey's capital city. what animal the officials in ♪ying... mi coffee es su coffee. our way of inviting you to share what's ours.
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so between september 16th and the 29th, we want to treat you to a rich, smooth mccafé coffee for free. why would we do that? when you have something this delicious, you just have to share it. ...on the casa. ♪
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>> it is time for the accuweather forecast. we had some chills earlier today. >> but it is warming up this weekend. cecily tynan with the details. >> hi guys. it was a little on the cool side this morning, but this is actually typical for this time of year. the normal low for philadelphia this date, 59. we went 1 degree lower, 58 degrees. this morning was run-to-workday. perfect temperatures for that. wilmington 54, trenton 53, allentown dropped down to 48 degrees. mount pocono all the way down to 43 degrees. and temperatures remain on the cool side. currently in philadelphia, 71
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degrees. that's 6 degrees below the average high for this time of the year. wilmington is 70. millville 68. allentown 65. trenton only 65 degrees. and lancaster currently 68 degrees. so tonight is friday night. a lot of friday night football games. and looking pretty nice. a few clouds here or there. take a jacket or sweatshirt on the cool side. and satellite 6 along with actions radar showing what is going on, a very large canadian high pressure over new england. what this is doing is bringing us winds generally out of the east. when you get winds often the ocean picking up some of the moisture, primarily in the form of clouds. but by tomorrow morning we could have a few areas of drizzle here or there. not a wash-out but a little damp. futuretracker 7:00 in the morning spotty drizzle, primarily south of philadelphia. heading into the afternoon the skies will brighten. but it won't be completely clear. we will see some clouds here or there.
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heading into sunday morning, sunday morning the rock and roll philadelphia half marathon looking pretty good. overcast skies, a little fog at 7:00 in the morning. into the afternoon we get plenty of sunshine by 3:30. this is when the winds shift out of the south. so this will pull us some really warm air in time for the last full day of summer. by 3:30, temperatures in most of the region in the mid 80s. the low 80s, around the shore a little cooler with temperatures in the upper 70s. the call from accuweather for your friday night, the clouds thicken. spotty drizzle possible late tonight, mainly south of philadelphia. 59 degrees in philadelphia, 55 in millville, 52 in allentown, and 57 in wilmington. the 5day at five shows tomorrow morning clouds, drizzle giving way to afternoon sunshine. nice weather for the union game. high, 79 degrees. you like summer, we got it. one last time on sunday, nice and warm, 85 degrees. short sleeves for the eagles
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game. sunday night could have a few showers as a cold front pulls through. and behind that, we have much cooler air on monday. 71 degrees, autumn arriving officially at 10:29 monday evening. and tuesday, plenty of sunshine. again, a little cool with a high of 73 degrees. so one last day of summer on sunday and then we cool off. shirleen? >> summer wardrobe has not been put away yet. >> mine either. >> thanks. a lot of pomp and circumstance at south philadelphia high school today. ♪ >> today's high-spirited pep rally introduced this year's 255 young members of americorps. these young people will commit one year of full-time support to students who need extra care and attention. good luck to them. and and the best-dressed celebrities up next. someone from our local area got
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the top spot. >> did you? >> ahhh, he says so great. the best co-anchor
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>> it is time now for "the buzz." "people" magazine out with the list of best-dressed celebrities and pennsylvania's own taylor swift took home the top spot. the magazine says that swift has hit her style stride in the past 12 months, nailing every look. other names on the list include blake lively, jennifer lopez, emma stone and one of my personal favorites, lupita nyong'o. and now on to the guys, they named chris pratt the top. and gave him credit for ditching the t-shirt and jeans look. and mcconaughey and cruz made the list for men. and now ben affleck kicked
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out of casino for counting cards. he is telling his story saying he was not kicked out of the hard walk casino in las vegas but was band from playing blackjack. as for counting cards, he didn't deny it. in fact he sounds pretty proud of it. affleck says it is the only thing he gambles on, he wants to be good at it. >> counting cards is hard. details on new charges filed against a new jersey teacher for allegedly having sex with her student. a deadly virus killing dogs in central new jersey. live in trenton with more on how officials are fighting the highly contagious illn
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♪ "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, shirleen allicot and brian, >> it is 4:30 and "action news" continues on this "freebie friday" with a doughnut deal that might have you saying shiver me timbers, we will explain i promise. >> i couldn't wait for you to say that. the attack on two same-sex partners in center city. when the case can wrap up and who is fighting to make gay bashing a federal crime. a mommy blogger shares a controversial confession. why the mother of three is openly admitting that only one of her three children makes her
4:30 pm
heart flutter. we begin with the effort to stop a silent killer taking the lives of dogs in central jersey. dozens were forced to say good-bye to their furry friends. ment deadly virus parvo, there is more on this outbreak. >> we are here in trenton where tomorrow a free clinic giving out vaccinations with dog for the parvo virus paid for by a grant by the spca, dogs died of the virus. >> with the non-profit if he are organizing the free vaccination
4:31 pm
clinic in western trenton after dozens of dogs died from the illness. >> it gets them very sick. it is most often fatal to the dogs. it affects their intestinal tract. >> throughout the summer officials of the trenton animal center getting calls from pet owners strike the virus symptoms, vomiting, fever, lack of appetite, dehydration and diarrhea. >> not easy to pick up or clean up. you are stepping in it, animals are stepping in and that's how it is transmitted. >> can be transmitted by anything coming in contact with the feces. even a walk through the grass can transmit it. >> it is easily in puppies, but all dogs are affected. >> the dog owners with sick animals are contacting the shelter as a last resort because it costs thousands of dollars to
4:32 pm
treat it at an animal hospital. >> they end up signing their dog over to us as a release, and because the dog is very sick we have to euthanize the animal. >> 403 doses of the vaccine will be available to the residents of the 08618 zip code only. getting the vaccine can be a lifesaver for your dog. >> any dog can catch did at any time but as long as you keep up with the vaccination and care and instructions and advice from the veterinarian's office you should be able to prevent it. >> the free shots for dogs living in the western part of the city at the park here tomorrow, saturday afternoon between 3:00 and 5:00. you have to show proof you live in the area and the event goes on rain or shine. live in trenton, nora muchanic for channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. and turning now to the latest on an alleged gay bashing in center city last week. "action news" learned several more people seen in this surveillance video shortly before the chancellor street
4:33 pm
attack were questioned today. still, no charges have been filed. two men claim a group of 10 to 15 people brutally beat them after asking if they were a couple, though at least one of the attackers said a homophobic slur was used they say the fight was mutual and not based on sexual orientation. we learned a rally will be held in harrisburg next tuesday calling for pennsylvania to expand the hate crime and schools claiming to have a north jersey high school teacher is growing. the 34 year old is held on $500,000 bail and police removed her two children from custody. police initially said the language arts teacher had sex with three 15-year-old male students. the encounters allegedly happened inside of maplewood high school and in her car over
4:34 pm
the past year. this afternoon two more students came forward to claim they also had sex with her. and she pled not guilty, working at the high school for nine years. the search on for two armed suspects who forced a woman onto the floor at gunpoint during a robbery in northeast philadelphia. and video of the hold up. it happened monday inside of george's pizza on the 5300 block of oxford avenue. one gunman threatened employees and the other ran sacked the cash register. they were last seen on oxford avenue going towards the boulevard. no one hurt in the robbery. they already served our country and now serving or community. veterans building and repairing six homes in philadelphia. all of this part of the boots for building partnership that works with habitat for humanity giving them an outlet for spirit
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of service while benefitting families in need. >> the neighbors are just embracing us so much. this is a vacant lot over 15 years. all of a sudden there will be six new homeowners bringing more vitality to this neighborhood. >> many, if not most of the veterans working here this weekend live elsewhere and traveled here to help these families. but they tell us they are the ones that get the most out of this experience working along side their military peers. they volunteer their time to make sure the elderly are never lonely. today this group of do-gooder his honorered. 67 volunteer members of the senior companion program recognized in winfield heights. the federally-funded program has a dual purpose, creating volunteer opportunities for low-income people 55 and older, and provides one-on-one companionship for elders. going for gold in the golden years in montgomery county
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today. people from retirement communities competed in the senior olympics. ping pong, who are shoes and boschee balance. and they exercised their mind with puzzles and other brain games inside. this is held every year to coincide with the healthy aging month. >> and one person had the horseshoes thing down. >> i have know that is knots easy either. and cecily tynan with the details of the weekend we will all love. >> i like to water ski i am not ready to give it up yet. one more weekend of the water sports. it is nice out there. the scene over the delaware river, we see a mixture of clouds and sunshine. definitely the cool side. 71 degrees the temperature now. the dewpoint 52 degrees. that's pretty dry air mass. the dewpoints will be going up in the overnight hours. the reason why, that easterly wind off the ocean at 10 miles per hour. pressure currently 30.31 inches. and in atlantic city it is 69
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degrees. a mixture of sun and clouds, dewpoint 56. it is quite breezy, sky 6 shaking a little bit. and the ocean temperature 71. if you are heading to the shore or the beaches this weekend, it's looking pretty good as far as water temperatures. along the ocean in the low 70s, about 71 degrees. in the bay about 73 to 76 degrees. sunday it won't be quite as warm inland at the shore. in the mid 70s. talking more about the weekend and next week, the first week of fall in the full accuweather seven-da seven-day forecast summer went by too quickly. >> the fall equinox not until next week but the horde cultural society is kicking it off in style. >> for a dozen years phs ushering it with a festival. >> you can find locally grown
4:38 pm
organic vegas ables. >> store stalked request ornamental grasses and flowers. >> and the first time ever, franklin flea, a roaming vintage flea market is joining it. >> we try to find the best of the best with food and vintage vendors. >> more than 60 vendors including bob bi-fisher. >> things i am excited about is metallics. chrome and glass. things that are hand-crafted. >> finding this coffee table made by a pennsylvania designer in the 1950s. this lamp from the same era with the original shade. >> i love this. these are decorative and i would never have thought to do something like that. >> it is the great thing about partnering with them, they are
4:39 pm
bringing the expertise with the fall planting and you can pick up cool planters. >> and bringing in gourmet food truck vendors. >> and shop for goods, pick unplants for your garden and home and eat delicious food and drink beer. >> and this saturday 9:00 to 5:00 at the navy yard. a deal for you, if you sign up to be a phs member while there you get free plants at the festival, discounts and tickets for next year's show. doughnuts to photos to block parties, how to get lots of things for nothing, "freebie friday." a mom admits she feels closer to one of they are three children. you know what? she is not sorry about it. later, apple -- oh, oh. one media reveal left a reporter
4:40 pm
speechless and a crowd gasping. and cecily tynan back with the full accuweather when "action news at 4:00" continues on a friday af
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>> firefighters struggling to get the upper hand on firefighters in california. the calmer winds are slowing the growth of the blaze but still just 10% contained. burning through 119 square miles east of sacramento, investigators think that 37 year old wayne hutsman started it on fire and he is arraigned on arson charges. the big board with the big talkers starting with the mommy blogger feeling the backlash of a confession she made of a bond she shares with one of her three kids. this is the blogger
4:43 pm
saying her son is more special than the daughters. writing there was an immediate bond and connection, something that didn't feel as comfortable with the girls. it sparked outrage on line readers saying she should feel guilty and not put him first. >> i have to now. he is 7-month-olds and my daughters are 5 and 2. he needs more of me now. >> and she said she doesn't have a favorite child, the unique bond with the baby made her closer with her daughters. a seattle bus driver under review right now for kicking a crying toddler to the curb. jennifer admits her 2-year-old daughter having a tantrum near the front of the bus, but humiliated when the driver
4:44 pm
became visibly annoyed saying he couldn't drive until she got off. >> first he asked how long she would be crying. i said i don't know, she is having a tantrum. he said this is ridiculous, she is giving me a hearing. i can't drive under circumstances like this, it is not safe. >> and jennifer was left on the sidewalk in tears. she is forming a formal complaint demanding an apology from the transit and more sensitivity from the driver. sometimes rules are to be broken even when they involve strict army protocol. an example -- cooper wasn't going to have anything stop him from hugs his military mama. soldiers are supposed to wait for dismissal before meeting family members.
4:45 pm
as you can see, cooper couldn't help himself. fortunately the adorable impulse earned mom's tears rather than a reprimand. and see that again on our website at don't you love that? >> a pure moment right there, thanks very much. another check on the roads tonight. matt pellman is watching things on this friday evening. >> brian, cecily tells me today is run to workday. >> so i heard. >> i don't know why more people didn't run. if you didn't like running, it is better than driving this afternoon. ment proceeds are really clogged. the vine street expressway it is becoming a little bit better. a westbound crash off of 95 that just cleared out. they had all traffic stopped for a little while. starting to pick up the pace. eastbound towards 95, but a little improvement there. the roosevelt boulevard north of 4th street and outer drive watch out for a crash. stick with the inner drive north towards oxford circle.
4:46 pm
this morning's huge blaze in kensington, still without portions of american, new york and cumberland streets all blocked for the time being. better reason for blockages in south philadelphia. a festival going on blocking portions of 10th and greenwich most of the weekend. and problems on 202, one in bucks county, a crash along the lower york road at lower mountain road. and chest her county a northbound crash by 29 cleared. the northbound traffic starting to move a little better. southbound, normal afternoon volume. the good influences for the 202 drivers, word from penndot next weekend opening up six lanes, three in each direction. and great news coming along 202 next week in chester county. >> thanks very much. year after year the first person in line to get the new iphone rewarded with 15 minutes of local news fame.
4:47 pm
for one australian teenager that moment was overshadowed by this. >> all right, i'm hold these. it is just a normal iphone, at any time it? >> it is just a normal iphone. >> all right, we are doing the reveal. >> it hurts to watch. jack was not the only first person to leave the apple store with an iphone 6 he may be the first to drop it. fortunately the new model stood up to the abuse.
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4:49 pm
♪ meteorologist cecily tynan along now. we're thinking it was cold here last night. my in laws visiting from upstate
4:50 pm
new york in the mid 30s. >> they had a hard freeze in parts of new england last night. that's a sign that fall is on its way. >> it's coming. >> we will turn the tide a little bit over the weekend and warm it up for the last weekend of summer, which is appropriate. looking at the link which is going to be hopping on sunday. and you can see some clouds. you can also see the wind turbines there. a little on the breezy side. the good news about sunday, we'll have much brighter skies than we did today. the accuweather line-up showing that the last weekend of summer we do have a brief surge of mild air. next week when fall arrivals, temperatures will be dropping back down into the 70s. stormtracker live double scan showing dry conditions out there despite all the cloud cover. temperatures definitely on the cool side. 71 degrees in philadelphia right now. in allentown, 69. millville 68. trenton 63. wilmington 70. sea isle city 69 degrees. the normal high for this time of year is 77. definitely on the cool side.
4:51 pm
satellite 6 along with action radar showing a good amount of sunshine earlier, but now getting the easterly flow, the wind off the ocean pulling in cloud cover. that really will be the case in the overnight hours. but then if we head through the day tomorrow, morning clouds, drizzle giving way to sunshine and warming things up dramatically. 79 degrees for your saturday as winds begin to shift out of the southwest. on sunday, two things happen. a disturbance off-coast will roll up the shore. but again, it will remain off coast and then there is a cold front moving in from the west. between the two systems you get sinking air, so we get a slice of sunshine and it's quite warm with the wind out of the south. 85 degrees. loads of sunshine in the afternoon. so definitely feeling like summer. so if you are heading to the link on sunday, don't need to bundle up. warm, mostly sunny. kickoff 81 degrees.
4:52 pm
fourth quarter up to 84 degrees. maybe put the sunscreen on sunday. heading to the shore the ocean temperatures in the low 70s. won't be quite as warm there on sunday. looking at morning clouds with drizzle, some sunshine by average. and sunday, mixture of sun and clouds and a high of 76 degrees if your heading to the shore. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast for tonight, clouds thicken and patchy drizzle late tonight. not as cool as the past few nights. overnight low 52 to 59. tomorrow, clouds and a little drizzle. sunshine here by afternoon, 79 degrees. sunday could be the last time this year we make it up to 85 degrees. but it is going to be a warm day and a cool front going through sunday night. could bring an isolated shower. behind that system, 71 degrees. of as autumn arrivals at 10:29 monday night. the first full day of fall, it will be beautiful on tuesday, plenty of sunshine and 73 degrees. wednesday, comfortably cool, 71 degrees.
4:53 pm
a dry start to rosh hashanah. thursday mostly sunny 72, and friday warming things up a little more with a high of 76 degrees. you like summer, you have two more days it will feel like summer. next week really gorgeous week, the first week of fall. >> i love that. >> looking good. >> ok. something else you will like,
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♪ all right, time for "freebie friday." and we're going to be here with a deal for anyone willing to get into the halloween spirit a little early. if you head into any krispy kreme location today and talk like a pirate, toss out ahoy, shiver me timber, and better if you dress up like a pirate you
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get a dozen doughnuts. if you don't have an extra sea dog costume why not, we will give you a link, head to act fast to get this. download the free print app by foe foe -- photo affections will you get free prints and free shipping to your home a good one there. up next, a deal transforming a section of philadelphia into an all-day pop-up block party tomorrow. ment -- showcasing a bike and pedestrian path, and food trucks and interactive art shows and test drives to the bike share system. and a cool one here the fairmount waterworks hosting a first-ever for the love of water or flow festival. making musive with instruments like the splash organ and the
4:57 pm
dripping ice drum. play with fish puppets and create their own water story. and a dance performance and light show there on the schuylkill. for details on all of the freebies we mentioned and information on free coffee from mcdonald's log on to and a reminder, shirleen, that's where you will find your pirate uniform. >> ahoy maty. >> shiver me timbers >> how do you like that? >> i loved it. >> for brian taff, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm shirleen allicot. brian and i and adam and ducis rodgers will be back tonight for "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. we'll see you then. "a
4:59 pm
>> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with jamie apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. nfl commissioner roger rick goodell acknowledged again he was wrong in the handling of the domestic violence case involving ray rice. it is friday night. the big story on "action news" is roger goodell's public address on the scandals consuming the national football league. >> several cause for goodell to step down in the wake of the
5:00 pm
controversy. today he says he has not even considered it. >> it is likely the most difficult week for the nfl. what triggered the controversy, players pulled off the field for various accusations was domestic abuse, and they say that goodell failed to handle some of the incidents properly. and he has been silence since the video of ray rice punching his then-fiancee went public. and he was suspended from the league. and many feel he is not doing enough to deal with the off-the-field action of his players. and goodell said he is hoping to go forward and implement new policies. >> i got it wrong on a number of levels. from the process that i led to the decision that i reached. but now i wl