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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  September 20, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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>> good morning, it is 7:00 a.m. on this saturday, september 20. him here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." shots are fired as police close in on one of the suspects in last week's deadly shooting of a pennsylvania state trooper. we'll have the latest details. two men are hurt after a boating accident on the delaware river overnight. plus, thrills and chills always local police and fire officials wowed the crowds were their skills and raise money for fallen police officers and firefighters. now we go outside to chris sowers, how does it feel out there, chris? >> reporter: thrills and chill also. this is one of the warmer days
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we'll see in quite sometime with highs in the 80s, chilly in transport, 52, dover, 63 and wilmington, 60 degrees, we'll see the clouds on the increase this morning only to decrease later this afternoon, really that's about all we're tracking in the weather department over the next couple of days. the call from accuweather this afternoon we'll see temperatures climbing into the upper 70s, by 9:00 a.m., 66 degrees, mostly cloudy skies, especially west of the city. lunchtime, 75. we'll see a mixture of sun and clouds, mostly sunny conditions later this afternoon, 3:00 p.m., 79. 6:00 p.m. we're up to 76 degrees. there's a frontal system approaching approaching quickly out of the northwest. it will bring cooler conditions to the region, out ahead of it we're up in the 80s come tomorrow, you'll notice the increase in the humidity. the eagles red skins game it could be uncomfortable.
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a big shot of cool air in time for autumn. autumn arrives 10:29 monday evening, and sure enough, the temperatures will plunge, i'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when i step back inside in just a bit. >> more on our breaking news this morning, "action news" has learned that police may be closing in on accused cop killer eric frein. police have confirmed that shots were fired in the area last night where they have been searching for frein. it's near the family home of the suspect in monroe county. investigators have told residents in price and barrett township to lock their doors and keep away from windows. officers have blocked several roads in the area, frein is accused of gunning down state police corporal bryon dickson outside state police barracks in blooming grove. a second trooper was wounded. the self-styled survivalist has been on the run ever since. stay on top of wherever
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you go. take with you. the new smart design fits any device you have, whether it's your tablet or smart phone, no matter how large or small that screen. check it out by visiting new this morning, two men are in the hospital with serious injuries after their boat slammed into something on the delaware river. police say the two men were going north at 12:30 and just above the betsy ross bridge when they hit something. of the collision tossed the men around in the boat. one managed to call 911. police took them to the hospital where so far there's no word on their conditions. the boat has a large gash, but no word on what they hit. the embattled commissioner of the nfl roger goodell said else taking responsibility for his handling of the scandal plaguing the league. local domestic groups sounded organ of goodell holding the players accountable. >> unfortunately over the past
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several weeks we have seen all too much of the nfl doing wrong. that starts with me. >> reporter: commissioner roger goodell wasted no time in taking blame for the recent downward spiral of the nfl. in a first appearance in more than a week he apologize for the handling of ray rice scandal. when asked if he thought about resigning. >> i have not, i am focused on doing my job. doing the best of my ability. i understand when people are critical of your performance, but we have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: sports fans at chickee and pete's recking to the commissioner's comments. >> i think it's a shame he had to safe face today. >> few you're going to condemn one player you should have the same politics for everyone. >> reporter: the league's leader
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man at a time dated training for all 42 teams and partnerships with national organizations against sexual abuse and domestic violence. members of the philadelphia domestic violence collaborative tuned into the commissioner's comments. they called it a step in the right direction, but would like to see more action especially on the local level. >> they talk about accountability, how is he going to make sure he stays accountable when this is not a hot media topic any more. >> reporter: sharrie williams channel 6 "action news." >> jamis winston is facing tougher penalty fore his comments against women. he has been been suspended for the entire game against clemson. he made offensive and vulgar comments about the female
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anatomy. florida state has been criticized that the original punishment was too light. curbing the violence against women has been on the minds of president obama and vice president biden. they unveiled a new campaign to curb sexual assaults on college campu -- campuses. i was convinced that we force the american people to take a close look at the face of violence, the face of domestic violence. to look into the eyes of the women who were abused in every social sdra -- strata. football players as brutalized
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professors, no distinction. last semester a student be accused a professors of unwanted sexual advances. she claims the university quitely dismissed the professor. a spokesperson said the matter was handled according to school policy. from our newsroom in delaware, hockessin, police are asking neighbors object on the look out for burglars. in both cases the suspects were interrupted by the residents, police want residents to lock up and is all them if they see anything suspicious.
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nurses at crozer-chester have their picket signs ready for tomorrow when 600 take part in a two-day strike. they are upset over staffing issues that they say harm patient care and pay cuts and pension funding. a spokesperson said staffing levels rank above average. striking nurses will be replaced by temporary nurses that require days of work, so a two day strike will be five. both sides there's been little movement to get back to the negotiating table. first responders will wow the crowd at the 60th annual thrill show. the motorcycle drill team gave a preview of the show a few days ago. the show will takes place at 11:45 a.m. this morning outside the wells fargo center. the grand marshall bernard
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hopkins. the show raise scholarships for police and fire personnel killed in the line of duty. saturday morning, new information in the search for a university of virginia student that's been missing for a week now. evacuations have been ordered for people leaving close to a brushfire in oregon. >> reporter: we'll see a jump in temperature over the next couple of days, first the up side tomorrow and the down side monday. i'll have the
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>> police have talked to a person of interest in the case of a missing college off more from the university of virginia. their search for hannah graham brought them to an apartment in charlottesville yesterday. the 18-year-old was last heard from last saturday morning. investigators think she went into a bar with a person of interest and got into his car. police have not made an arrest,
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50,000-dollar reward is being offered in the case. good morning weekend will have more on the search, "good morning america" weekend is next right after this broadcast at 8:00 a.m. you would think that firefighters outside new york city would have seen it all, but this case had them stumped. it's usually clothes that get in the washington machine, but this is had shawna price found several yesterday. she wasle stuck like that for an hour until emergency workers figure out how to get her out of there. >> this is the first how did she get in there. scared at first and i started to get funny. >> well at least she can laugh about it now, right? firefighters had to take the washer apart to get her out, she learned her lesson, no more
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helping mom with drawn degree. a -- laundry. huge wildfire out of out of control in california is setting records. the king fire has scorched lands 60 miles east of sacramento. firefighters are dropped record breaking amounts of retardant more than 300,000 gallons in one day alone. meanwhile, the man suspected of setting the fire, wayne alan hutsman has pleaded not guilty to arson and is being held on $50 million bail. meanwhile, a brushfire in in oregon has burned 150 acres so far. two helicopters and air tankers
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are make dropping water on that fire right now. we're getting dry here, as well. we're in the unusually dry category, now. i meant doesn't mean anything other than the fact it's abnormally dry right now, it's the first of several steps, we need rain. unfortunately we don't have rain in the foreseeable future. just last weekend we have one shot of rain in the forecast. if we don't see any moisture sunday night, more than likely we'll go the entire week, rain free. there's the view in cape may, we have cloudy conditions, the seas are choppy, they will build 4 to 6 feet later on as the ocean wind picks up out southeast at 10 to 15 miles per hour. back here in philadelphia, cool,
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58, do you want, 54. all these numbers are five to seven degrees milder than this time yesterday. that has to do with the cloud cover acting as a blanket. gandys beach, 53, glassboro, 52, we have clouds building to the east, accuweather says sun and clouds, probably more clouds this morning, more sun than clouds later this afternoon. the wider view we're tracking a couple of systems, first this area of low pressure that's getting organized off the coast of florida. that will run up the eastern seaboard, but farther out to see, so we'll see clouds from this front tomorrow morning. with this system right here, we're seeing heavy thunderstorms and cloud to ground lightning strikes, and downpours, as it pushes east it will lose it's
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dynamics and we'll see hit or miss showers in the evening. the surface maps looks like this today, combination of sun and clouds, winds shifting out of the of the south eventually. that's a mild breeze for us, it gets us up to 78, 79. everything is pushing on by to the north. sunday evening after the eagles game 7:00, or 8 88:00, we could see hit or miss showers winds out of south at 15 to 20 miles per hour. we could be in the low 80s sunday afternoon. we get into monday, the front passes through and the winds shift out of the northwest and temperatures struggle to get into the 70s. numbers are going all over the place in the next 48 hours. future tracker 6 as we get into sunday, we'll skip over today, today is quiet, sun and clouds. most of tomorrow is kuwait --
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quite. most of the day is dry with mostly sunny skies, later in the evening, note the time clock, 9:30 there could scattered showers developing as the frontal system pushes through that sweeps everything off the coast and monday morning is dry. that's the only shot of rain in the seven-day forecast. lehigh valley patchy fog this morning, clouds breaking for sunshine, 78 degrees is the forecasted high. the jersey shore you're waking up to cloud cover now, mixed skies later on, the ocean breeze, sea breeze strengthening. that will keep the temperatures on the beach, 74 degrees, philadelphia, 79, winds out of the south, partly cloudy overnight tonight 58 for the suburbs, 65 for the city. 84 tomorrow, 74 monday, cooler with the wind out of the northwest. tuesday, temperatures in the low 70s. same thing for wednesday and thursday, friday, sunny, milder,
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77. we get into next week, we're back in the 80s, fall arrives monday, temperatures rl should - should be going down, and next weekend they are going way up. >> art of aging report focuses on sleep. we all know it's essential and too little of it can wreak havoc on your body. lisa thomas-laurey looks at common myths about shut eye and what you can do to get a better night of rest. >> reporter: as you get orderly you may not feel as well rested after a night's sleep. that could be part of age, but doctors say it could be overall health. even at age 77 and retired bob davis is hardly idle. ten years ago his wife noticed he wasn't sleeping well. paoli hospital main line health
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discovered he had sleep apnea. that's when a person stops breathing periodically during the night. >> 20% of older people have insomnia problem. >> reporter: dr. goldberg said it's a myth you don't need as much sleep when you age, while a short midday nap can provide for energy and alertness don't competence with day time snoozing. >> because that will throw off the sleep at night. >> reporter: for bob, a c-pap machine made all the difference. >> the rest was better just just overnight. >> reporter: keep a regular schedule for bedtime and getting up an just like with the kids turn the electronics off an hour before you go to bed to let your brain quiet down. for more tips go to our website
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>> here's a look at has a happening in and around the delaware and lehigh valleys this weekend. it's the last weekend of summer why not embrace it with the rittenhouse square art festival. it runs from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. today and 11:00 to 5:00 p.m. tomorrow rain or shower. enjoy a day of fun at vertua free community day. they will be free entertainment and refreshment and activities for the kids, a moon bounce and face painting and poney rides. it happening on atlantic avenue in camden. the pennsylvania horticultural society hosts their fall festival at the navy
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>> reporter: welcome back, everyone, 7:25 saturday morning, time for the tropical outlook, we're on the pacific side of mexico. here's the baja, odile slammed baja, this is polo. winds stained at 50 miles per hour. should pose no threat to the baja peninsula or southwestern portions of the united states
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either. as we go to the atlantic side we have an area of low pressure developing off the coastful jacksonville. -- coast of jacksonville. you'll see the clouds starting to gather. it is an area of low pressure that will develop but it's what we call a cold core low not a warm core low. it's not tropical in nature. that will push out to sea posing no threat to anybody. everything else in the tropics nice and quiet. eva. >> turning to sports, the oakland as are fighting for a playoff spot, the phillies are trying to get back to respect ability. the phils were on the roads in oakland. the as came through in the second inning. they had three straight rbi hits. a marlin byrd error didn't help that. ryan howard's solo homer cut it 3-1, but the bats did anything else, as win 3-1.
7:27 am
ducis rogers has the rest of the sports. >> reporter: good morning, very limited that's how redskins coach described desean jackson's practice yesterday. he continues to be plagued by the shoulder injury he suffered against jacksonville. the redskins will re-evaluate him later today and sunday morning. the birds know with jackson in there, washington is a much more dangerous team. >> they do a good job getting the ball to him in all different places, we have to keep our eye on him, we know he is an electrifying player. >> reporter: a big injury on the eagles side of things, linebacker michael kendricks is out with a calf injury. two eagles show to get you set up for and recap the game. eagles game day kickoff 11:30.
7:28 am
eagles game day final at 11:35 at night. both on 6abc. one day into flyers camp we have our first ut-oh, moment. claude giroux leaves with what the team termed a lower body injury. the flyers move on without. the first exhibition game is monday against the capitols. his absence will be felt, but the flyers won't dwell on it. >> we don't like to start camp like that, but what can you do? , you can't put what's going to happen whose going down and whose going to get sick. >> reporter: california chrome is gearing up for pennsylvania derby park racing, this is the first race since missing out on the triple crown, california chrome drew the rail position. that's a look at sports, i'm ducis
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>> police say they may be closing in on the man who killed a pennsylvania state trooper last weekend. we'll have the the latest. >> a man is seriously hurt after being hit by a car in south jersey overnight. a postal worker is
7:31 am
recovering after being shot twice with a bb gun. >> chris sowers is outside, and the sun is finally up with us. >> reporter: i've been out here a half year ago, and the temperatures have not moved a degree, but it feels better thanks to the sun. right now we're sitting at 58 degrees in philadelphia. that's pretty much where we should be for this time of the year. there are several locations well below average including trenton and millville county poconos. trenton and millville, 52. lancaster, 55. wilmington, 60 and sea isle city, 69. later this afternoon, 78, 79 that's about it for the forecasted high. that's on par for this time of the year, even though the model has 70. trenton, 77. millville, 73. wildwood and will also on the boardwalk -- atlantic city, opt boardwalk you'll cool off as the sea breeze kicks in. same thing for wilmington and
7:32 am
dover a little bit bay breeze. west of the city will see decrease in clouds during the afternoon, east of the city will see an increase in clouds thanks to an area of low pressure over the coast of the carolinas. lunchtime, 75. 5:00 p.m., depending on your location, mostly sunny west of the city, 78. mostly cloudy east of the city with temperatures slightly cooler than that. tomorrow is warmer with temperatures in the 80s and the numbers crash behind a cold front come monday. i'll have those numbers for you in the accuweather when i step back inside in just a bit. >> a woman and her teenage son are hospitalized in critical condition after both were stabbed in the neck. it happened at 4:45 a.m. on yorkship road in camden. someone slashed the throats of the woman and her 17-year-old
7:33 am
son. both were rushed to cooper university hospital in critical condition. two other children were taken to the hospital, but were not hurt. a man has been taken into custody for questioning. police confirmed shots were fired in the area last night where they had been searching for accused cop killer eric frein. the gunfire broke out near the family home. police told residents in barrett township to lock their doors and stay away from the windows. frein is accused of gunning down bryon dickson 8 days outside a state police barracks in blooming grove. a second trooper has been wounded. the self-styled survivalist has been on the run ever since. stay up to date on the manhunt at check it out anytime anywhere.
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new this morning, a young man has been seriously hurt after getting hit by a car trying to cross a south jersey street. the action cam was at the intersection of somerdale and stone gate road in gloucester county. the victim was in the intersection when a car hit him and threw him several yards down the road. the man is at cooper university hospital with a number of serious injuries. the driver stopped at the scene. there's no word on charges. police are trying to determine if robbery was the motive behind a double shooting in the west oak lane section of philadelphia. the action cam was at the scene the 7100 block of north 19th street, this is where police found a wounded man lying in the street at about 10:50 last night. around the corner on the 1900 block of plymouth street, officers found a second victim with the gunshot wound to the forearm. the first man is in critical condition, there's no word on the condition of the second man.
7:35 am
so far there are no arrests. police are looking for whoever shot a postal worker with a bb gun in southwest philadelphia. police think she was being targeted when she was shot twice in the back. "action news" reporter, dann cuellar has the details. >> reporter: the 28-year-old postal worker left the hospital of the university of pennsylvania after being treated. she was limping a bit after being shot in the knee and back by someone with a bb gun. >> she as aabrasion and deep bruising to her left knee. >> reporter: police say the postal worker was delivering mail on christian. >> she walked up to the door when she felt a strike to her back. she turn and that's when she feels the second one and that's when she begins to panic. >> reporter: the shot to her back struck the leather mail bag which prevented the bb from strike striking her skin. police say no mail was taken and it is unknown why she was shot.
7:36 am
>> we're going to knock on doors to his if there were any issues with anybody could be kids playing around. >> reporter: this evening the postal work delivered the mail under the watchful eye of an armed postal officer. bb guns have been a concern to residents in south and southwest philadelphia because they look like real weapons. councilman johnson said this issue shows it has no borders. even more disturbing, some him or her cannots are exploiting you urban neighborhoods by -- selling them to kids under the age of 18. >> it shows separate from protecting the children is protecting people it has become a matter of public safety. last week councilman johnson introduced legislation calling for hard -- harsher punishment
7:37 am
for selling them to kids. in southwest detectives dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> 6 million people in sierra leone are being confined to their homes because of the deadly ebola brought break. thousand thousands of healthcare workers going door to door searching for people sick with the disease who may be hiding. the goal is to isolate them once they are tracked down, 2600 people have died in west africa, at least five hurn of them have been -- 500 of them have been in sierra leone. france has joined the fight against isis. two french war planes fired four laser-guided bombs on isis positions outside of the city of mosul in iraq. dozens of islamic militants were killed. rutgers university sated
7:38 am
the athletic director made a joke about the sandusky sex abuse scandal at penn state. rutgers said the remark was made during a fundraising meeting with staff last fall. according to the people in the athletic department she said to reemple reach out and touch the donors of the rutgers program but not do it in a sandusky way. ultimate gaming and internet gambling company is leaving the taj mahal in atlantic city. ultimate accuses trump entertainment resorts of breaching it's contract. ultimate said it is owed $1.5 million. trump entertainment has not commented on the accusations. ultimate was ranked in earnings out of the new jersey's 6 internet gambling operations.
7:39 am
still ahead, free help for new jersey's dog owners after silent and deadly virus spreads across the area. details on how you can get the help. a mail truck is inundated with floodwaters in the lonestar state. plus chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. the "action news" saturday
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>> houston, in connection texag
7:42 am
for more thunderstorms after high winds and heavy rains caused flash flooding yesterday. the rain kept this postal truck from getting out. several other cars stalled out in the deep water. here we're starting to need rain. >> reporter: just a little bit it's getting dry out there. i believe we've seen i have to check the numbers, over the last 45 days we've seen 2 1/2 inches of rain, but that came in one shot, when we had a heavy downpour. that's no good, because 90% of that runs off. let's go live on sky 6. there's the view of the center city skyline. clouds and sun, more clouds west of the of the city, more clouds south and east. we're picking up a coastal storm that's developing off the coast of the carolinas that's pushing toward the north, it will miss
7:43 am
us, but bring clouds toward the shore. 69 in the boar walk in atlantic city, that's the same number for sea isle. dover, 63. allentown 57. poconos 354. him most locations are doing all right as far as visibility is concerned. lancaster you're socked in pretty good, 2.5. millville, 5. wilmington and dover no issues down there. atlantic city at the airport, 6 miles. now that the sun is coming up, a lot of that will burn off or left. the satellite and radar composite showing a combination of sun and clouds this afternoon. that's the coastal system that will push to the north with 90% of it staying far enough out to sea where we see clouds hugging the coastline. the bigger system the one we're tracking for sunday night is across the high plains we'll have showers and thunderstorms running along the frontal system producing drenching downpours and gusty winds the winds shift with this front.
7:44 am
as we switch it over to the wind barb, the winds are out ahead of it ahead of it southwesterly winds, temperatures warm up, behind it northwesterly winds, temperatures cool down, you can clearly see what's going on, 70 degrees if des moines, 53 in bills mark. this cool -- busy -- bismarck. this cool shot will move east and bring us 70s by monday. this is 6:00 p.m. sunday well after the eagles game of the most of the day is dry. we get into the evening hours and again that front approaches there could hit or miss showers or rumble of thunder out there. that's about it. it shows for the most part this front comes through dry. that's it is only shot of moisture in the entire seven-day forecast. just like we saw this past week, this upcoming week will be nice and dry. jersey shore, clouds and sun,
7:45 am
high of 77. philadelphia, we're up to 79 morning clouds breaking for afternoon sun. winds out of the of the southeast at 5 to 15 miles per hour. overnight tonight, partly cloudy and nice, 58 degrees outlying suburbs, 65 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast,s 84 degrees a warm one coming up tomorrow. it will be one of the warmer day we've seen some quite sometime. eagle taking on the redskins, it will be a little humid out there. dewpoints in the mid to upper 60s, that will feel stuffy especially compared to the cool fall-like weather we've been seeing. speaking of fall, monday and beyond, temperatures below average, nice and crisp morning, lots of sunshine by afternoon, 72, 73. it looks nice, the only shot of rain come sunday night when most of us are sound asleep. >> you have to figure out what you're going to wear you have to
7:46 am
put your arm out the window every day. >> the country's largest haunted house opened for business last night. it's night one for terror behind the walls at eastern state penitentiary. the season is bigger than in years past. it includes the most inter active attraction in its history. i'm sheldon yellin, and i started my career rebuilding homes for one family at a time. today, our companies help build something more. for 28 years, belfor has been restoring homes and businesses destroyed by fire, flood, or any disaster. and even though we've grown to over 6,000 dedicated people around the world, for me, it's still about helping one family or business at a time. at belfor, we're restoring more than property.
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>> in "healthcheck" this morning the white house is taking action against drug-resistants germs. president obama is ordering a national plan to defeat the germs. the cdc said infections are linked to 23,000 deaths and 2 million illnesses, obama has assigned an executive order to form a task force he called for new regulations for antibiotic
7:49 am
oversight in hospitals. cdc shows overdose deaths are rising. there's overall rise in the death rate the slow down is due to restrictions on methedone. oxycontin and vicodin deaths have rised steadily. spca is trying to stop an outbreak from the parvo virus. free vaccinations are being offered to stop this silent killer in its tracks. >> we consider it a large outbreak. it happens in more urban areas. >> reporter: valero is organizing a free parvo virus
7:50 am
vaccination after dozens of dogs have died from the illness. >> it is fatal to the dogs. >> reporter: throughout the summer officials at the trenton animal shelter have been getting calls from pet owners describing the symptoms, vomiting, fever lack of evidence indict and diarrhea. it's not easy to clean up and not easy to pick up. animals are stepping in it, that is the way it is transmitted. >> reporter: parvo virus can be transmitted by anything that comes into contact with the contaminated feces even an innocent walk through grass can transfer it to a healthy dog's paws or hair. >> reporter: officials say dog owners with sick animals have been contacting the shelter as a last resort because it costs thousands to treat parvo at an animal hospital. >> they end up signing their dog over to us zahree lease and
7:51 am
because the dog is sick we have to euthanize the animal. free parvo sack -- vaccine is free to the people in a zip code only. >> as long as you're keeping up with the instructions and advice from the vet's office. you should prevent it. >> reporter: free shots in the western part of the city between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m., you have to show proof you live in the area and the clinic goes on rain or shine. nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." >> a atlantic county girl is turning her fight against diabetes as a swim for the cure.
7:52 am
she said she is no different than in her other kid, but has to watch what she eats. two years she decided to turn her diagnosis and love of swimming into a cure. today she will attempt # miles and homes to add to that goal of $100,000 in five years. >> i'm proud of myself because i know i'm doing the right thing. >> words can't describe how proud we are of car lie. >> dad and daughter do speaking engagements to bring awareness about the type 1 diabetes a condition they share. chris sowers will have a
7:53 am
is the only diet drink with the cleansing and purifying power of cranberries. these diet soda farmers are here to see where cranberries grow. hey, where does diet soda grow? ummm...
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>> check out these adorable mountain lion cubs, the two kittens which are two weeks old are recovering after being rescued in montana. they suffered from smoke inhalation, they look good. >> reporter: they don't look so tough. >> you give them a few more weeks, you'll see how tough they are. >> reporter: the union taking on the dynamo later this afternoon down at ppl park. mostly cloudy skies, but it will be comfortable with temperatures around 74 degrees when they get this started at 7 p.m. down to 69 in the 90th minute. 79 degrees today, 84 tomorrow. the increase in the temple will be the humidity.
7:56 am
you'll feel that. the numbers go back down as we head into monday. 74 degrees, tuesday, sunny and pleasant, 73. tuesday, sunny and nice, -- wednesday, sunny and nice, 73. we're just a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america." >> reporter: breaking overnight an intruder at the white house sends security scrambling. he scaled the fence and makes a mad dash all the way inside before being taken down, what prompted this bizarre incident. plus the latest on the manhunt in pennsylvania which has residents in lockdown mode. federal arguments are using tactics to close in on the alleged killer. it's on a iphone fan frenzy.
7:57 am
sara hayes talks to a few people who got the iphone, we'll have that coming up on "g.m.a." >> we're tracking new developments in the manhunts for suspected cop killer eric frein. philadelphia is the sight for the first project that helps build communities. sharrie williams has that. now for chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm eva pilgrim we'll see you back here at 9:00 a.m. find your fit with fitness apparel,
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yeah, like that. that's the power of the home depot. 12x24 ceramic tile is now just $1.48 per square foot.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, white house intruder. a man jumps the fence, tears across the lawn, and makes it inside the doors. >> right now. right now. go back. everybody into the park. >> security sent scrambling. secret service now having to answer how did that man get so far? out of hiding. the beleaguered nfl commissioner finally surfaces, promising a new plan to tackle all the off-field violence rocking the league. >> we have seen all too much of the nfl doing wrong. >> but did roger goodell really answer the big questions surrounding the the scandal? and is there more to the ray race story? closing in overnight. police intensify the search for a suspected cop killer believed to be hiding in the woods. >> shots were fired. repeating, shots were fired.


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