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tv   Action News  ABC  September 21, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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there as first >> it was a frantic scene on a highway in delaware.
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firefighters, paramedics and police rushed to help passengers bloodid and bruised when the tour pus crashed in afternoon. sunday night i'm walter perez with sarah bloomquist the big story tonight is latest on a deadly tour bus crash in newcastle, delaware. >> and how first restoppeders and other motorists jumped in to help the wounded. >> i'm outside christiana hospital in newark where several passengers are being treated tonight, kenneth. walter and sarah, delaware state police say the bus was owned and operated by new york city company am usa express passengers told us they were headed from maryland to new york and state police are trying to confirm that detail as so many recover from all types of injuries. they were in shock and walking wounded and they treat and transport dozens of paenls that survived a deadly bus crash in newcastle. >> it was a lot of people screaming for help. a lot of them are bleeding and
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it is hard to take in all at once. >> crews drove up on the scene on route 1 southbound ramp route 13. state police say around 4 p.m. sthund unmarked tour bus lost control on the ramp and flipped. all 50 on board were hurten including two children. a woman trapped under the bus died on the scene. >> unfortunately there were a lot of people speaking in different language wajs and there was a communication gap between us. then we went went to the bus people were are in neej. >> crews and friends grabbed her first aid kit and others were transported to five hospitals in the county. >> this is where first restoppeders come together, whether fire, ems, police they all come together and first priority is to triage the patients. >> detours caused delays and investigators looked into the cause. >> we're there now examining that scene. it's on and off ramp on a curve
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to determine circumstances surrounding why that bus overturned. >> we have a good idea what we're looking at and need to confirm that through the facts and evidence at the scene. >> a scene cruz said he'll never forget. >> one moment pe were on the bus and next moment every everyone is screaming and in pain. >> and crews say drivers including himself have experienced problems on that sharp curve. state police say that scene is clear tonight and working with ntsb to investigate the crash. identity of the woman has not been released that was killed. >> kenneth, thank you. for more on the deadly tour crash in delaware go to you'll phone the latest developments and slide show of photos from the crash scene it's there on a philadelphia police officer shot and wounded 17-year-old man who allegedly pointed a gun at
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him tonight. it happened before 9 p.m. in the 5700 block of media street in west philadelphia and authorities say they got a call about an armed man in the area and when the officer spotted him the suspect ran off and at one point investigators say the suspect turned around and pointed his gun at police who shot him. he was taken to the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. and none of the officers were hurt. >> police are looking for a person that shot two men many port richmond tonight and this was the scream near cambria an actual up streets and detectives say a 3-year-old man was shot twice in the back and taken to the hospital before officers arrived open the scene and second victim a 2-year-old man died there at the scene. so far, there are no suspect. >> and hundreds of nurses at crozer test whicher medical center went own strike this morning and they're stapling two day walk out and protest of what they call dangerously low staffing levels. amy buckman has more from both sides of the story. >> what do he want.
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>> crozer medical center unionizeed nurses walked off the job this morning leaving the hospital to be staffed by replacement nurses. they've been hired for five days. the union says they only plan to strike for two. >> we have licensesed well trained experience nurses here caring for our patient and we'll continue to do that throughout the duration of the strike. >> striking nurses say their main issue is concern about staffing levels and though the hospital maintains staffing levels are above national averages. >> we keep tell everybody staffing is 50th percentile on nation. fy got an auto 50% test on nursing school i would not have passed and been here today. it's not good enough. >> the hospital says the real issue is salaries and corzer-chester's full time rns make afternoon of 103,000 a year and financial challenges means cuts are feedd it's fair to ask nurses to get a
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sustainable wage when their colleagues throughout crozer keystone have had a wage freeze the last two years. >> administration is not listening to their concerns. >> we get paid well. we get paid i think what is appropriate. and it has not been about the money. we have not asked for a raise. this has been about unsafe staffing and getting right people at the bedside to take care of patients we get there. >> both sides are set to return to negotiating table tuesday and in the meantime they are scheduled a rally outside the hospital 5:30 tomorrow evening. i'm amy buckman. chapel 6abc news. >> moving to football you have heard this before. eagles fall behind and mountain spird come back and win the game in dramatic fashion. that's what happens for the third week in a row today and best part the birds are 3-0. jeff skversky joins us with more now on what turned out to be a history making victory for eagles. >> is this team something or
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what. they're 3-0 first time since super bowl season ten years ago goo back in 2004 hopefully a sign of things to come. desean jackson said not coming back to be buddy buddy with the eagles well jack sop and washington redskins making enemies today and if nfc rivalry if not headed enough a fight brooks out. this guy gets heated early on. jackson pushing and shoving back and forth to the secondary. if you don't remember him this will reflesh your memory. late third kurt cousins 81 yards scored at and things heated in the fourth, nick foles, takes the check shot from redskins tackle chris baker starts a huge tight. jason peters goes after baker. chip kelly said he thought a hockey brawl broke out. tied 27 in the fourth and how about the touchdown to jeremy maclin.
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eagles win 37-34 they're first team in nfl history to trail 1-0. >> and i mean nick stood in there today and that's one thing i said it before about him and knew it because when i played against him in clems he just will stand in there he's a tough sucker. he got hit a lot today. it's a victory shs division victory we'll take it. >> during games like that we lien on each other instead of blaming each other and that's what football should be about. it's a family feel. you go into work each and every day with the guys and you play the football game and you want to have each other's backs and today we had each other's backs. much more on the fight back, actual fight and jackson's return on eagles game day final coming up after "action news" at 11 and one on one with head coach chip kelly in that show and more coming up in sports. well we'll have a report in the and more coming up in sports. well we'll have a report in the locker
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>> eagles off to a great start and fans are psyched. everyone is helping it's a great season to come. talk of the stadium was also about the return of former egg autole desean jackson another hot topic was play that i thereat -- and into foles sgle it was awesome. >> that was really awesome game. every game has been down to the wire. now it's one of best games there. >> eagles win by 3. 37-3 4 once again jeff returns in a few minute for highlights and player reaction. >> today was last day of summer. last full day. felt like summer across the region. if you are a friend of fall you'll ep joy the accuweather forecast. meteorologist melissa magee is live at the "action news" big board with details, hey, melissa. >> hey, walter, hopefully you had a chance to soak it all in today because we're saying good-bye to last weekend of summer and as we doe so we're
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dining it in the form of showers around. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar showing you there a cold front aetch froming the from the west and showers along the corridor and even areas in delaware. we'll go in tiringter. moisture from trenton down to philadelphia. all the way down into wilmington. these showers that work their way east ward and they're again not a lot of moisture associated with it. you check out these temperatures across the region an mid at laptic region hoping on to the warmth, philadelphia, 73, 80 wash done c.c. and you look west in duff low and tap into a piece of cooler air tomorrow. here's what to expect. lots of clouds rest of tonight and tracking stray thunder shower and say good-bye to summer sean hello to first week of fall and with that comes some cooler air that arrives. we talk about those details with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. back you to, sarah. >> thank you, melissa. it's been nine days now since
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the search for eric frein began and authorities believe they are hot on his trail they believe he is head on foot. they revealed she found a number of items left behind by frein they blevl including ak-47 and ammunition. they have good reason to blaev they're closing in on his information. >> all the things we have sightings or whether things we found ar information coming back to track or we have strong reason to believe we're in the right area. police do not think frein plans ongoing after civilians they think he's only interested in targeting law enforcement he is of course wanted for killing a state trooper and wounding another outside of barracks if whoming grope grove. >> "good morning america" will have the late easton the han mupt for eric dpreen. >> much more to come "action news" tonight took to new york city streets in droves to bring attention to global issues. we'll explain.
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>> and staying clean was absolutely not an option at this event in delaware today we'll tee you to the pill filthy come peition tition. >> and melissa has the latest on workweek forecast which hax news >> and melissa has the latest on workweek forecast which hax news comes rights
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>> they say he suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. >> tens of thousands marched through the streets today bring ago tension to climate change. >> obama, we don't want no -- ♪ >> today's people's climate march brought advocates together for what they hoped was largest demonstration for environment in history and this event comes two days before united nations climate sum note push for global treaty by the end of next year. >> i was -- it's defining issue of our time and there's no time to lose if we do not take "action news." we have to pay much more. similar marches were held in
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berlin, lon do and rio. >> tesla motors hosted an event to show off their sleek line of electric cars from chevy volt to the bmii to tesla itself. visitors could check out the models. it's electric week getting people to stwoych all it's on?
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plg birthday. 8 grandchildren. 2 grandchildren and i'm sorry eight children, 22 grandchildren. 32 great grandchildren and 7, great, great, grandchildren and she is an avid traveler and loves going to las vegas. on behalf of all of us happy birthday. >> i know that family. >> you do? >> yes. >> you confirmed -- >> yes do i happy birthday. very, very nice. >> melissa here with the accuweather for daughter. people packing es getting ready for the forecast hello to the first week of fall on the way. stormtracker 6 double scan radar showing couple vinkzls on the
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way this is why we're seeing rain tomorrow from the poconos to 95 corridor and into areas in south jersey pushes offshore later tonight outside we go sky6 live in hd gorgeous shot of steel pier in atlantic city and saying goodbye last weekend of summer and hello to first week of fall. changes are coming with that as well. as you look at the accuweather live lineup it let's you know where the cold front is currently and when it pushes out. temperatures outside tonight 73 in city and poconos 61 allentown and lehigh valley 67 and trenton 67 and along the coast in beach haven 69. atlantic city close to steel pier and boardwalk 71. here's satellite 6 and action radar we're locked in with a fair amount of cloud cover overhead for majority of the day just a few breaks of sun and one disturbance pushing offshore you
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have this cold front not a lot of punch with the front as it moves on through and scattered light rain showers for the rest of tonight and we'll start to clear out during the overnight hours and cooler air north and west will work its way to the south and east. so, check out these temperatures. just to the north and west across great lakes and areas of ohio valley and green bay 45. detroit 54. 57 currently in chicago. we'll tap into piece of this cooler air as we get more of north or northwesterly wind working its way into our region. future tracker 6 has you covered. monday, 6:00, temperatures along the 95 corridor will make you feel cool. with northwesterly wind we'll dry out the atmosphere and you don't have humidity to contend with. hard press to get out of 60s. staying in the upper 60s much of the region. lower 60s north and west of town. as we look we have more changes on the way autumnal equinox fall
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officially begins monday night 10 another 29 when sun direct raise are over the equator wasn't that you notice change in temperatures. future tracker 6 is showing you and day planner showing you daivrping r change on the way tomorrow. 00, 65, 68, 11 a.m., 2:00, 70 and 71 is number and 5:00 in the early evening. here's the forecast. breezy and cooler monday, high temperature 71. it's nice on tuesday. in at 72 for first full day of fall by then and wednesday, midweek, still below average in at 75. thursday sunshine and clouds 72. we'll start to warm up friday with high 78. mostly sunny saturday, and sunday temperatures more summer feel by then with temperature in the lower 80s. first week of fall pretty quiet. >> all right, melissa, thank you. >> check this out getting down and dirty today in middletown, delaware this is sixth annual mudd run benefiting leukemia
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research foundation, teams of four raised through the course that included pl
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favorite daughter received a nia maya davis award. mo'ne davis picture for dragones rereceived the award. with cam anthony a young, local singer were honored for stayed fastness and growth in personal endeavors. congratulations. >> jeff skversky here is sports. eagles fans have to be caughted tonight. >> every game getting more emotional and emotional any nails left, anything. >> i didn't have many to begin with. >> you'll need tums. >> eagles like to fight back. first team in nfl history to start. 3-0 even though fallen behind 10 points or more in every game. eagles like to fight back so much a brawl breaks out with
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washington today. desean jackson booed on every play and gets into it with jevrping inz and allen. they called it a bone head play. deeinglees down 7-0. how about this chris polk open kickoff. 102 yard return. ties at 7. eagles score first touch down of the first half this season. eagles fall behind again. down 6, ten seconds left in half. nick foles in nick of time to jordan matthews. eagles up 1 at the break. eagles up 7 in the third and ut, oh, desean jackson, 1 yard touch down from kurt cousins with 27-all and how about jackson flapping wings like eagle in end zone. he's not happy. it won't make the eagles happy i'mer. foles takes a cheap shot from chris baker starts a huge fight while foles laying down and pain peters goes after baker they are
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thrown out. foles says he loves peters to death for sticking up for him. foles picks himself up in pain and fights back with his arm. later the drive to jeremy maclin. eagles up 7. eagles kick jackson and redskins where it counts. cody parkey 51 yard field goal. they need all of it. they win by 3. they're 3-0 for the tivrt time since super bowl season ten years ago. here's jamie apody with more. >> an emotional win sparjd by a moment where both teams let's emotions get the best of them. all the talk about the mini melee, fight on the field. >> 'active. didn't plan. it i seen him cheap shot him and took off after him. >> you can see a quarterback get hit and in a dirty way. it was obviously dirty. >> my teammates are fighting for me i won't stay down but get up for those guys.
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it's not pride i have to be tough i know those guys are depending on me i'll get up for them. >> i said it before about him and knew it because when i played against him in college he'll stand in there he's a tough sucker he got hit a lot today. >> and a day when foles favorite target made return to field and end zone. >> obviously it looked pretty good so i don't see him worrying about me and i don't worry about them. i'm happy where i'm at and have opportunity to play washington and team rivals and being here, you know, sign a three year deal i have a lot of opportunity to play against them. >> eagles didn't miss jackson presence on this day. jordan and matthews did a heck of a job filling his void. >> today we just hit. we -- i think the previous two weeks there was plays to be made and we didn't hit. that is football. i think the most important stat is we're 3-0. >> great team in the locker room as jordan matthews held up first two game balls of the career
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given to him by nick foles and now on to the nineers. jamie apody, "channel 6 action news." >> jamie, all right. eagles undefeated but not everyone happy afterwards. corner kerry williams critical of chip kelly saying they're working them so hard in practice they don't have energy on game day. that's why they're slow to start games. he's not -- doesn't have any legs. still to come in sports, like eagles phillies fights back in their game tonig
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don't believe tom corbett's tv ad. the facts speak for themselves. tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off. class sizes increased. and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes. tom corbett. can't trust him on education. can't trust him to be for us. >> they're back on the road next
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sunday in san fran. against a team that has gone to nfc championship game in each of the last three years. and they blow an 8 point, second-half lead. drew stanton throws two 3rd quarter touchdowns to rookie brown. they drop 2-3 to start the year. eagles have been fighting back and cowboys had one of the biggest in team history. dallas down 21-0 st. louis and come all the way back 34-3 run highlighted by this. tony romo 68 yards to des bryant dazzle 34-31. >> phillies sdaingtser us season
11:34 pm
ends one week from today. only three teams in the league have the worst record. >> jimmy rollings remains out with hamstring injury. p phils showing fight down 2 in the 6th. ben revere rbi single tied at 6 and miguel alfredo gone dal he's in and donald ton sought. phils lose 8-6 they dropped 6 of 8 that season can't end soon enough. >> eagles game day final next on channel 6ment "action news" continues tomorrow morning 4:30 about matt, tam, david and karen. >> i'm sarah bloomquist have a grea >> he's going to snand there
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he's a tough sucker he got hit a lot today. >> he hit a defenseless quarterback. >> i'm going to get up for those guys. it's not a pride thing. i know those guys depend on me i'll get up for them. >> it's g touchdown. >> we knew that kind of what we their trying to do. >> eagles takeover. >> they should and they're entitled to feel good about themselves and we have to work tuesday. we have to play san francisco ♪ this is eagles