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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 23, 2014 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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on your screen now.
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welcome back, everyone. the owner of the baltimore ravens said he'd rehire ray rice accused of a videotaped domestic assault on his wife, but not as a player on his team. >> just one of the bombshell remarks as new questions surface about the videotape of that assault. abc's ryan owens has the latest. >> reporter: an extraordinary admission. ravens owner steve bishotti
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responding. >> there is no excuse for me to have not demanded that video except i wasn't concerned or interested enough to demand it. never crossed my mind. i'm sorry for that. >> reporter: he is roundly rejecting an espn report that team officials knew from the very beginning the horrific details shown on that tape. accusing rice of spreading that story as part of his efforts to get back on the field. >> they are building a case for reinstatement. and the best way to build a case for reinstatement is to make everybody else look like they are lying. >> reporter: rice has filed an appeal for his suspension arguing in part that the video posted on tmz was edited and doesn't reflect the complete version of what happened. tmz has always acknowledged the video was edited to make it less jerky. here's what's they say the original tape looked like. see the video stutter? >> the punch is as clear as it can be. ooum not quite insure what we
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could hear about editing of that that would change the nation's perception. >> reporter: ryan smith, abc news. >> ryan smith reporting there. espn is still standing by their reporting on this story. >> could be this back and forth of he said/he said. he did not, whatever it may be. but the ravens owner clarifying he wouldn't necessarily bring him an as a player but to help guide some younger players who may be going through problems. so potentially as a consulting role, i guess. stay with us. coming up from football to another autumnal ritual. the fall fix-up. >> and we've got gadgets to make it easier next on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" cont
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♪ autumn is officially here. the rush is on to wint irize and
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fix up the house. gageits can make it easier. dick dibartolo is here. >> i have some fun things. these are work glasses from home depot. they are adjustable lenses. little turn screws at either end to adjust them to your eyes. they are about $20. and the company also makes ones that are morlike regular glasses and sunglasses. and they run about $30. this is really neat. if you have to do a lot of windows, this is the cordless squeegee. just spray this stuff on your mirror or windows. press a button and the squeegee, just run it down the mirror or the glass. no newspapers, no rags. >> no streaks. >> no streaks. just run it down, and it will actually suck up the dirt, suck up the excess liquid.
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and that goes to a little tank in the back. and just go to the sink, pour that in. >> that's great. >> you can do about 40 windows on one charge. this is new from black & decker. auto sense 20 volt max 2 in 1. so when you push this, it's lit up now. we're using it in screw mold. the green tells us the battery. in this sense, if you're drilling, the screw will when it's flush with the work surface, this will stop automatically. >> power drill for idiots like me. this is what i need. >> it's 20 volt so very powerful. these are great. these are called moodies. everybody is using compact florescent. very economical or l.e.d.s, but they don't come in colors and a lot of people hate the looks.
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moodies cost about 3 bucks and you can change them at will and very quickly. they're silicone so they'll not burn or anything. >> any lightbulb? >> not incandescent. they could smell if you use an incandescent. oh, i look so great in yellow. >> it's your color. >> those are moodies. this is really neat. i don't know if you've had this problem where everything in your house is nice and calm except your l.e.d.s from your appliances are so bright. these are called light dims. they are peel and stick. peel and stick them over. you can see my finger is in the way. they knock the light down. if you hate the height altogether you can use blackout. >> a lot of people get headaches
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from bright lights. >> they come in different colors to match your appliance. about $5 for a sheet. this is very clever. so this is -- i'm going to turn it this way. the self-centering ruler. let me turn it down a little. you can see the black numbers an top and red numbers at the bottom. the red numbers are exactly half of what the top number is. if you're hanging a picture and want the nail to be dead center, look at the red number, that's exactly where the nail goes. >> 6 bucks. this is very clever. it's called thumb saver. hit this instead of your thumb. >> i've done that so many times. >> a big one and small one for about five bucks. >> thank you so, so much. check out dick's website, or
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you're watching "world news now." >> let's fix stuff. >> i love this one.
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♪ pumpkin pumpkin let's give you some eyes ♪ the first full day of autumn and unofficial flavor of the fall season is, of course, pumpkin spice. >> starbucks seems to have set this trend with its popular pumpkin spice latte. it goes an sale during the autumn months. it went on sale a month earlier than usual this year. >> what is not to love with that mouthful. 39 grams of sugar, 13 grams of fat. 380 calories of autumnal goodness to warm up your day. >> we got a grande. >> you better believe we've got a grande. very nice. other things out there as well. nabisco is selling the pumpkin spice limited edition oreos. >> try one. what do you think? >> it looks like cheddar cheese
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an the inside. >> definitely a pumpkin theme to it. no, they're good. oreos they have the various flavors. an oreo tastes like an oreo. still in the spirit of the season, very nice. >> y >> yellow covered pumpkin spiced pretzels. >> and also chibani yogurt. >> i'm curious. how long has this been sitting out unrefrigerated? >> it's actually really good. nutmeg. tastes like pumpkin pie. >> some muffins as well. it's like pumpkin spice overload. makes you want to wrap up in a nice pumpkin spice wrap which is the other. we've got a pumpkin spice wrap. it's the must have accessory of the season. >> this is great.
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but there some are things you really can't get. they are on sale but difficult to find like the new pumpkin spice vodka. >> one thing we couldn't find, the vodka. planter's almonds. thomas' english muffins or bagels. pumpkin cheesecake by pepperridge farms. here some are foods that may not be the best for pump coun spice. >> crest fluoride toothpaste. not a good choice. >> for that gourd feeling when you first wake up. how about listerine strips so your breath can smell like autumn all the time. >> or how about old spice deodorant. smell like pumpkin spice all day. >> no. you can't improve upon perfection. that's the news for this half hour. this pumpkin spice tuesday. ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids.
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this morning on "world news now" -- breaking news in the fight against isis. air strikes in syria are now under way. the u.s. and arab allies currently taking action launching missiles at key targets. we're live with the latest developments. and new information on a fence jumper at the white house. the weapons he apparently had with him and his previous run-ins with the law, all while president obama speaks out about the secret service. and marge health care. hundreds of children potntially exposed to tuberculosis. the hospital worker that may have spread the deadly disease and what the tests are showing. it's tuesday, september 23rd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm dan kloeffler.
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a lot to get to. an that white house intruder, not the first time he's had a run-in with the law. we're finding more information that could have raised red flags earlier. also the big news this evening, overnight we learned about the air strikes taking place. felt like almost like the lead-up in the 2003 iraq invasion, shock and awe. but chairman dempsey says this will be a persistent campaign. >> we'll begin with that. president obama moving forward with the next stage on the fight against isis. >> the pentagon announced the u.s. is leading a group of arab allies inside syria targeting up to 20 locations, most in the city of raqqa. abc's alex marquardt is in turkey and joins us live by phone with the latest. alex, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan.
3:02 am
that's right. most of those 20 strikes concentrated around the northern city of raqqa in syria which has become isis' base of operations. we don't know exactly just now what was hit but the secretary of defense chuck hagel had said they'd be going after isis command and control centers as well as logistics capabilities and infrastructure. presumably that means weapons and arms depots as well. we do know tomahawk missiles were fired from the red sea combined with attack and fighter aircraft from other countries in the region. the u.s. was the only non-arab country taking part in last night's strikes. a testament to the coalition building efforts of the obama administration they've been working on over the past few weeks. just a short while ago, syria said they were warned yesterday that the strikes were coming. there's been no confirmation from the u.s. which has said repeatedly it would not coordinate in this fight againstu sis with the assad regime. >> that was one of the biggest
3:03 am
points domestingally that both members an capitol hill and everyone else frankly was wondering, whether or not the united states was going to go it alone. what do we know about the coalition support? do we expect other curreountrie join in? >> the administration has been adamant they are not alone. they are one of six partners. the five others are jordan, saudi arabia, bahrain, qatar and the uae. and not just providing support but actively taking part in what's being called a kinnetic operation. they are actually dropping bombs as well. we could see this alliance expand. we know france and australia are participating in iraq. britain has said they're willing to take part in this fight against isis. none of those three western countries have said yet they will be joining this operation in syria but it's certainly something that could happen. >> alex, give us a sense an the ground. do people feel this is going to make a difference? you've been on the border. hundreds of thousands of syrian
3:04 am
chiefs pouring into turkey. what's that humanitarian situation like? >> it's a little chaotic for the time being. turkey has already long been home to 1.5 million syrian refugees who are housed in camps and towns along the southern border. just over the course of the past four days there's been the biggest mass exodus from syria of 130,000 kurdish refugees who are fleeing the advance of isis which has moved into the north and taken over and surrounded kurdish towns in northern syria. i was with a lot of those refugees yesterday who didn't know where to go. they were sitting an the side of the road waiting to figure out to go to camps or into town and apartments. a lot of them telling me angrily the u.s. wasn't doing anything in this fight against isis. by the time they did it would be too late. presumably, they're happy this morning that these strikes are taking place. of course, the hope would then be that isis would get pushed back and they'd be able to go
3:05 am
home. >> we certainly will be watching so many of those refugees children. alex marquardt in turkey. thank you. abc news will be following this story with continuing coverage on "america this morning" and later on on "good morning america." the constant threat from terrorism makes the recent security breach at the white house all the more alarming. omar gonzalez who ran across the lawn and got inside without being stopped was in court yesterday. documents reveal police tangled with him twice this summer finding weapons and a white house map on him. still, the president backing the secret service. >> -- that they make on my behalf and my family's behalf. >> one more revelation. when investigators found his car a few blocks from the whourks they found 800 rounds of ammunition, machetes and hatchets inside. to rattle nerves even more, three soldiers from afghanistan disappeared from the massachusetts military base
3:06 am
where they were training. this morning, they are in custody in canada after showing up at the rainbow border crossing near niagara falls. they were last seen at a mall near camp edward near cape cod saturday. they may be requesting asylum in canada. schools near the pocono mountains are reopening today amid word the intense manhunt may be coming to an end. police say they're closing in on eric frein, accused of killing a state trooper and injuring another. the search has now been narrowed to an area near the home where frein lived with his parents. police looking for missing university of virginia sophomore hannah graham are combing through new evidence this morning. they seized it during the second search of the apartment of a person of interest. the last person seen with graham before she vanished. this morning, they have no idea where he is. more now from abc's steve osunsami.
3:07 am
>> reporter: police armed with another search warrant went looking for evidence at the home of 32-year-old jesse matthew that they're desperate to talk with about the disappearance of hannah graham. here he is in surveillance videos from a dontown mall just minutes before she last texted friends a week ago saturday. after 1:00 a.m. he's seen here and seconds later she's walking in the opposite direction on the other side. at some point police believe he crosses over. in video, police have not yet released, his arms are around her waist and they walk into this restaurant and bar where he buys her drinks. she already had plenty that night. >> we want to talk to him. we want to talk about his interaction with this sweet young girl that we can't find. >> reporter: in a strange turn, matthew is wanted for reckless driving after an incident saturday at police headquarters. the walked in appearing ready to talk, asked for a lawyer, spoke with one and left without
3:08 am
answering any police questions. police charged him after he dangerously sped away. take a look. this is matthew's car seized friday. police believe he and the missing student left in it together. they are testing it for fibers, still waiting for the results. graham's parents beyond upset. >> all we want to do now is to bring hannah home safely. >> reporter: more than 1200 people searched this city high and low. she was last seen walking down this street but there's no sign of her. as every day passes, they worry more. steve osunsami, abc news. a man was killed by a black bear. the rutgers student and four friends were hiking in a forest reserve when they noticed a bear following them. they split up and ran. two hours later they found the victim's body with the bear still guarding it. the police later shot and killed it. five people are showing off their injuries after being attacked by a fox. a man opening his garage was the
3:09 am
animal's furst victim. next it attacked a neighbor on her front porch and showed up at a school playground where it bit a 7-year-old boy. two teachers trapped the fox in a recycling bin but they, too, were bit. the animal is believed to be rabid. there's a denial and apology from the owner of the baltimore ravens. steve bisciotti said he should have demanded to see the video that shows ray rice beating up his then fiancee. he blames last week's espn report accusing the ravens of a cover-up on ray rice as part of his efforts to be reinstated in pro football. well, chicago took advantage of new york's sloppiness in monday night football. the bears ryan monday returned a reseptsion 45 yards for a touchdown. the jets dropped a punt which the bears recovered. two plays later, chicago scored. fourth quarter, new york still had a chance to tie the game but
3:10 am
a desperation fourth down pass was caught out of bounds. and then the bears had to run out the clock to beat the jets, 27-19. marge league baseball claims the games are too slow. they'll try to foond a way to make the games shorter and faster paced. mlb is always looking into ways to improve. games have been running longer in recent years. >> the seventh inning stretch just never comes soon enough, right? >> they have halftimes in baseball, right? no? >> not exactly. >> it's very similar, though. sometimes. >> i eat the peanuts. diamonds may be a girl's best friend. a woman in london is turning heads with something just as flashy. take a look at her mercedes-benz blinged out with hundreds of thousands of dollars of swarovsky crystals. she simply wanted something unique. >> she hired people to come over
3:11 am
from russia to encrust the entire car. they worked 12 hours a day for two months just to get it done. >> do you take that to a car wash? >> or the jeweler? >> tiffany's. >> who is going to insure that thing? >> i wouldn't mind hand washing her car. >> i swear those two were missing. i don't know what happened to your hubcap. coming up in "the mix," are you craving a good cuddle? even at this hour because, believe it or not, there's an app for that. also ahead, the diet doctor rethinking weight loss. it's not all about exercise and healthy portions. her surprising secret, but can it help you? you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. [ man ] look how beautiful it is. ♪ honey, we need to talk.
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it's a nerve-racking ordeal for parents of 700 children potntially exposed to tuberculosis over the last year. >> they are awaiting tests to find out if a nurse in el paso who had tb spread the illness to others. >> reporter: sebastian martinez is a month shy of his first birthday. he was born at providence
3:16 am
hospital in el paso, texas, where his paurnts just found out he may have been exposed to tuberculosis. parents of more than 700 babies rushing them for chest x-rays and skin tests after earning a hospital employee tested positive for the contagious disease. some parents wondering why so much time passed before the hospital sent out letters notifying them of the risk. >> automatic not so happy of the fact it's been over a year and it's now being brought to the attention. >> reporter: the employee now on leave tested positive for active tb last month during a routine annual screening. >> one cannot say that 100% of all employees at any hospital will be free of any communeicable disease because that is not possible. but we do the best in terms of recommendations. >> reporter: tuberculosis mostly affects the lungs but can spread
3:17 am
to the brain, kidneys. the hacking cough spread through coughs and sneezes. tb is highly infectious and infants are at serious risk. their immune systems still developing. m morthan 40 hospital employees may have been exposed to tb. reena, dan? >> carolyn costello with that. coming up, one doctor's new weight loss promise as americans are always an the look out for that magic bullet. he said it's not about the food. it's about something else in your stomach that could be the secret to losing weight. the question, does it work? >> i'd like to know. speaking of food, one chef says he's fed up with diners making special dietary demands. his angry message for those demanding organic and gluten-free food. that's in our next half hour. >> announcer: "world news now"
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3:19 am
♪ who is that? >> i don't know. >> sounds like an abba rip-off. we'll have to identify the singer in that one. anyway, eating healthy food, cutting your portions, increasing your exercise for years has been the secret to success for losing weight. >> now a weight loss doctor scisays it's all about what's in your stomach that helps you drop the pounds. mara schiavocampo investigates. >> reporter: it's the diet plan promising a slimmer waist. but it doesn't involve tiny portions or grueling workouts. this fix is all about focusing on the bacteria innior belly. >> the gut or belly is really the command center for just about everything else that's
3:20 am
happens in the body. >> reporter: dr. taz wrote the 21-day belly fix and says digestive health influences everything else in the body, including weight loss. >> if you don't have the right bacteria, if you have the wrong mix or wrong population living in your belly it affects your metabolic weight and leads to weight gain. >> reporter: her plan, four phases offer three weeks that she says will help you increase metabolism, reduce bloat, shed inches and lose up to 12 pounds in 21 days. phase one -- detoxification. on the menu, apple cider vinegar and green tea to aid digestion. bron rice cakes spread with olive and coconut oils to stabilize the guts and green juice and protein drinks for energy. then more foods are gradually added back in the last three phases. rest, rebuilding and finally an
3:21 am
educational phase. >> nothing else i tried was getting me any progress. >> reporter: ali says she just couldn't shake those last ten pounds. until she tried the 21-day belly fix. >> there's this whole plan, you realized how your body reacts to certain things. what to stay away from and what i'm okay with. >> reporter: not everyone is convinced. >> do we know enough about what's happening in the gut to make definitive statements about how it could influence weight loss? >> i don't think we can. it's a lot of research that's very interesting but we don't yet know the direction it's going to take. >> for dr. taz, the secret to slim is all about trusting your gut. >> you have to fix your belly to find your health. >> reporter: mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> you say it seems complicated? >> i do. but the book goes on sale for $11 on amazon today. maybe it's more understandable. i don't know.
3:22 am
i'd like to read more. >> we'll have to wait and see.
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on your screen now. welcome back. now it's time for "the mix." i want you to meet this pomeranian who has been told you can't eat fruit. just can't. but he's desperately trying to sneak a peek at his owner eating fruit. but fails miserably. look at it. back and forth. i'm going to get a peek. no. >> is he trained or just -- >> he can't eat fruit but desperately wants to see his owner eat it. but every time he tries to put it in his mouth. >> that is great stuff. that's very funny. >> watermelon has that impact on animals, i'm sure. at this hour, if the boyfriend pillow isn't working out but you're still in the need
3:26 am
of human urinteraction but don' want that much, there's an app called the cudler, much like tinder where you can make connections online with total strangers. the cudler is out there for those that want a nice warm, platonic embrace. you go online and make a cuddle request from those in your area, geographically nearby cuddle location. >> what if that cudd idler want more? >> then you switch over to a different app. upgrade to the premium version. >> this guy in chicago built this whole thing because he was feeling lonely. so there it is. and you can see the results there. totally platonic. >> i don't know, dan. new york city. are you kidding? >> i don't even like making eye contact with people. i don't think this is going to be for me.
3:27 am
>> do you like batman? >> who doesn't love batman? >> in calgary in canada, one company set a world record for superman -- sorry batman gathering. look at all these people. these employees. 542 people. it's called from suit to superheroes. part of a united way campaign to help fight poverty and help kids thrive and build strong communities. they took off their suits and put an a batman suit. >> obviously that's now guinness world record holders. >> they set a record in 2011 for dressing up as superman. >> very ambitious. >> and the one lone robin out there. obviously when you are taking trips with the kids it can be difficult to keep them entertained. parents like to often sing along in the car with them. here are the most popular songs. let it go from "frozen." happy, wheels an the bus and roar by katy perry. because a musical psychologist realized all those songs use a
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this morning on "world news now" -- breaking news. the u.s. launching air strikes this morning targeting isis in syria. president obama authorizing missile strikes alongside arab allies as hundreds of thousands of refugees flee into turkey. new evidence in the search for missing college student hannah graham. police collecting evidence from the apartment of the last person seen with her. with ten days passed, could this be the big break? fine print. what's hidden in your appliance warranty agreement might surprise you and cost you should you spend extra for a long-term plan. later in "the skinny," relationship reality in the kardashian family. kris and bruce jenner are making a very difficult decision. it's tuesday, september 23rd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."
3:31 am
a very big show as you just pointed out. from isis to the kardashians, a lot to get to. i'm dan kloeffler. >> i'm reena ninan. nice to meet you all, see you all. i'll try to get everything together. it's been so much breaking news this evening on so many fronts. largely the situation in syria with president obama still making good on his promise to step up the fight against isis targets in syria. >> the pentagon announcing the first air strikes against isis inside syria. they are targeting infrastructure and command and control and just about anything that would disrupt the group's ability to carry out attacks. >> the u.s. is leading a group of arab allies in the attack. abc's martha raddatz has the latest. >> reporter: this is the biggest wave of air strikes we've seen in a single day since the u.s. began attacking isis in early august. and we did not do it alone. five arab nations joining in the strikes which pounded some 20 targets in the area of raqqa.
3:32 am
that is an isis stronghold and believed to be the area where those americans and the british hostage were executed. the air strikes carried out by a combination of u.s. stealth bombers and stealth fighters and tomahawk missiles launched from the sea. the raptor and the stealth fighter used for the first time in combat. the targets, isis safe havens, command and control and logistics centers. twitter lit up with reports of huge explosions around raqqa. the other arab nations taking part all largely sunni, including jordan, saudi arabia, bahrain, qatar and the united arab emirates. the kind of coalition the u.s. has been trying to build to go after isis. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff says the fight against isis in syria will be persistent and sustainable, which means this will likely continue for months on end. martha raddatz, abc news, washington.
3:33 am
>> months on end. >> months on end. and from this coalition built on this, the u.s. is the only non-arab country that has so far committed to this kind of effort. other countries have said they'd potentially join along on this, but for the large part, it's that coalition of arab countries and the u.s. >> we should also note from what we've heard from u.s. officials, there is no specific threat targeting a plot targeting the u.s. we know of from isis. however, 65% of americans support going after isis in syria with more sustained air strikes. they are behind this idea of getting them there in the middle east. you just never know. you worry about the lone wolf, how much of a recruiting target this could be. >> fresh on the minds are the beheading videos and more videos of this military camp coming out from isis showing exactly how they train. it's a very serious, very dangerous threat that obviously is being confronted.
3:34 am
>> president obama said we're going there to end these wars. it just seems like you try to get out and always get pulled back into the middle east. seems very impossible to contain. abc news will be following this story throughout the day. >> a little later this morning we'll have continuing coverage on "america this morning" and on "good morning america." meantime, the chinese are wrapping up an historic visit to iran after docking one of its destroyers in the country for the first time. the two navies are sharing expertise and staging a joint drill. both nations are taking part in an international mission aimed at combating piracy. the move is seen as iran's efforts to work with foreign countries near the strategic strait of hormuz. back in washington, the secret service is being called to the carpet after an intruder hopped the fence and ran into the white house. >> this morning they have more to answer for after court documents revealed they'd tangled with him before. karen travers has the latest from the white house. >> reporter: good morning. i covered the white house for
3:35 am
six years and fence jumpers were not an uncommon thing. the one that happened last friday night is turning out to be quite serious. omar gonzalez appeared in federal court after he scaled the white house fence, sprinted the length of a football field and made his way all the way inside the front door. prosecutors said gonzalez is a danger to the president. they say the 42-year-old homeless iraq veteran parked his car several blocks from the white house. inside, 800 rounds of ammunition, two hatchets and machete. prosecutors said he was stopped but not arrested in august, walking near the white house with a hatchet. police searched his car but found no ammunition. gonzalez was arrested in virginia in july and charged with possessing a sawed off shotgun and eluding police. at that time 11 different guns were found in his vehicle. perhaps most troubling, virginia state police say that gonzalez also had a map of washington, d.c., with a line drawn to the white house. they say they alerted the atf
3:36 am
and secret service. friday night's security breach at the white house came just moments after the president and his daughters departed on marine one. mr. obama was asked about it in the oval office. >> -- that they make on my behalf and my family's rehalf. >> reporter: but the incident raises many questions. why weren't trained dogs used to stop gonzalez? why wasn't he tackled, and why was the front door unlocked? law enforcement sources say the secret service agents that night had to make a life or death decision within seconds and chose not to use lethal force. the secret service is now going to conduct a thorough investigation into the security breach and the response. dan, reena? >> karen, thank you. in new york, a sharper climate change protest than sunday's massive march. more than 1,000 people blocked parts of the financial district yesterday. at one point clashing with police barricades. it aimed to call attention to corporate and economic institutions role in the climate change crisis. over 100 people were arrested,
3:37 am
including one person wearing a white polar bear suit. the search for a missing university of virginia student hannah graham has led to the apartment of a person of interest. they collected bags of evidence after scouring jesse matthew's home for the second time. he was the last person seen with the 18-year-old before she vanished ten days ago. matthews showed up at a police station over the weekend but sped off before police could question him. >> we want to talk to him. we want to talk about his interaction with this sweet young girl that we can't find. >> matthew is wanted for reckless driving. police say he has contacts in at least five states from new york to virginia. california firefighters are bracing for trouble. strong and erratic winds are on the way. the conditions that caused the massive king fire to double in size just a week ago. nearly 3,000 people are still under evacuation orders and the fire just 17% contained. in el paso, texas, a flash
3:38 am
flood watch in effect a day after a woman drowned after driving into a flooded draining ditch. the area got as much as five inches of rain in a matter of hours. and more rain is predicted overnight. so here is a look at your first full day of fall. the forecast, flash flood watches in southern new mexico. in the northwest and northern california, heavy rain could be a big help to firefighters out there. severe weather outlook around denver. thunderstorms from the dakotas to oklahoma. rain from the florida panhandle up to the carolinas. >> mild 70s on the map in the northeast. the midwest in the 80s along the gulf coast and the rockies. triple digits in the southwest. the new miss america isn't perfect. pageant officials are confirming that kira kazantsev was kicked out of her college sorority. they won't say why only that she has been, quote, completely transparent about the incident. but the gossip site jezebel says the former miss new york was
3:39 am
hazing pledges at the sorority at hofstra university. so this, if you are stuck in traffic and going nowhere soon, what do you do? you make the best of it, right? >> absolutely. >> you do this. ♪ >> new meaning to the word traffic jam. that's what happened. the accident on the pennsylvania turnpike brought everyone to a standstill. someone broke out the steel drums. everyone got into the caribbean spirit. >> they were having so much fun the drivers were actually disappointed when traffic started moving again. i don't know. maybe the first six or seven cars. but if i was like 20 cars back and i knew this was happening -- >> you'd be ticked off. >> -- i don't think i'd be stretching for the limbo contest any time soon. coming up -- what could be the most intriguing spy stories in years made into a film. the details in "the skinny."
3:40 am
and later, the chef so fed up with special requests for gluten free food and all-organic food he's telling his customers to justice eat it or else. you're watching "world news now." ♪ just eat it >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by acorn stairlifts.
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♪ don't take the money and run
3:44 am
that's what a lot of consumers think that's what's happening. someone is taking the machine and running when they buy those extended warranties. >> some repairs may not be covered and could be hidden in the fine print. gio benitez reports. >> reporter: what if you pay hundreds of dollars to buy an extended warranty on your kitchen appliances only to find out a critical piece isn't covered. >> wouldn't you know it, the icemaker wasn't covered. >> it is not covered. >> reporter: with the appliances a few years old, david found this company, stanley warranty, and thought he was getting the same kind of protection his original warranties gave him. >> you pay about $1,000 into this warranty. >> they finally said, the reason we haven't followed up with service is because your icemaker isn't covered. >> reporter: about six pages in,
3:45 am
the contract says icemaker controls are not covered. so we went right to the ceo of stanley warranty, stanley himself. >> the reason you buy an insurance policy is to make sure when something does happen, you are covered. the key is to read to make sure you go through every line. >> why is the icemaker excluded? >> it's a high volume item that gets broken by people abusing it. we have separate coverage for that. >> reporter: anthony urges his readers to think twice before buying an extended warranty. >> we're not saying they may never work out, but on the whole, you're much better taking the money that you would put into a service contract, put it in the bank. >> reporter: he also says check with your credit card company. look to see if the credit card you used to buy the product had a program where it extended the manufacturer's warranty. >> reporter: they got that icemaker fixed after paying another 140 bucks.
3:46 am
>> so many people get those warranties. what message do you have? >> read the fine print. >> reporter: gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> 73% of consumers feel they've been pressured by the sales staff to purchase those warranties. >> i believe it. >> a lot of people, like you, reena. >> i know, but i'm all about my washing machine. >> are you mixing colors with white? >> i am. i hoped no one would notice. >> we need to talk about some laundry issues. >> it was a bad hair day, too. >> i think it looks great. coming up -- the all-time king at the box office. >> and contestants impressed with the "dancing with the stars" judges last night and those who didn't. that's in "the skinny," next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ we begin with the never camera shy kardashians and the absolute heartbreak for the heads of the family, kris and bruce jenner. >> kris jenner filed for divorce after filing for a separation more than a year ago. tmz reporting the divorce is amicable and no lawyers are involved. everything was handled by business managers, even though there was no prenup. >> radar online reporting kris listed irreconcilable differences as the reason for the breakup.
3:49 am
she's asking for custody of 17-year-old daughter kiley and wants to keep the jewelry. those are two things. that's a lot of shoes i'm looking at. you might want to put up for grabs as well, kris. >> but she chose jewelry and the girls. >> interesting, the kardashians as always. to a real life spy drama being made into a movie. joseph gordon-leff sit set to play edward snowden. >> they look pretty much alike, right? no? >> a little bit. >> it will work out. >> "variety" reports levitt who has shown talent in so many roles wants to play snowden. he's agreed to take the role but it's not a done deal. >> it's being adapted from two books written about the scandal. production could begin late this year. so now to "dancing with the stars." celebrities getting to pick their songs for this week's whirl around the ball room. >> the show kicked off with a special opening number that featured everyone, including the judges. lea thompson and her partner
3:50 am
rose to the top of the leaderboard scoring 35 with her jive. >> nice. >> "pretty little liars" star janel parish close behind with a sexy fox trot. >> alfonso ribeiro got a little jiggy with a samba but failed to wow the judges. and last place, michael waltrip scoring only 24 points. see who gets the boot tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central. >> i don't know about that last one. >> that could be a finger crosser right there. coming up next, a remarkable achievement from our parent company disney. >> over the summer quietly and without fanfare. "the lion king" stage musical on broadway broke every box office record in history taking in a total of $6.2 billion worldwide since its opening in november 1997. >> that's a lot of "hakuna matata." it's the biggest box office take in any media, tv, stage, online.
3:51 am
in the history of entertainment. it's knocking "the phantom of the opera" down into second place. >> that makes "the lion king" more valuable than any single harry potter film or star wars or "titanic." >> that's a lot of bucks that go circling through. ♪ the mighty jungle >> that song's not really. maybe a spin-off. ♪ fans of the classic rock band pink floyd are stoked on a long-awaited new album. ♪ we don't need no education >> that's a great tune. "the wall" was a blockbuster success selling 12 million copies. now pink floyd is hoping for another shot at success, dedicating the new album to band member rick white who died six years ago. >> they released the first cover since 1994 called "the endless
3:52 am
river." it goes on sale in november. for all the distinctions
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♪ ♪ cause it's your birthday ♪ just eat it or go somewhere else. that's what a california chef is telling picky eaters who have been complaining about his menu. >> with so many demanding gluten free this and organic that, the chef is making a statement that may be hard for some to swallow. our san francisco station reports. >> reporter: by the looks of this restaurant, suddenly closing on thursday and posting this sign that, yes, they use msg, they do not buy organic and don't care about gluten free hasn't hurt business.
3:56 am
the owner and chef james chu stands by the old and new signs because, simply put, he's tired of catering to hard to satisfy patrons. here's an example of a customer interaction thursday. >> the guy came up to me and said the rule is, if we don't like it, we don't have to pay. as he was walking out, started cursing at me. >> reporter: the social media response has been huge. people on both sides debating chu's actions. christine tweeted -- alienating potential customers is never a good idea. business 101. some self-proclaimed picky eaters agree to some degree. >> because of my food preferences, as far as quality goes, i wouldn't choose to eat there, but it is his choice. >> the fact they're stating they use msg wouldn't be my preference. >> reporter: but those dining there had a different take. >> there's a ton of places to get gluten free or non-msg.
3:57 am
no reason to start going after a guy trying to run a business. >> i think everyone knows that most asian restaurants have msg and are not gluten free. >> reporter: so supporters fill the restaurant. this is the clientele the owner admits this place is made for. >> do you plan to change your menu at all after this? >> perhaps maybe organic msg at most. >> reporter: abc 7 news. >> each his own. i have a huge mea culpa. "the lion sleeps tonight" which is by the tokens, did actually appear in "the lion king" movie and musical. reena ninan, you were correct. i stand corrected, and i don't feel quite as astute as a disney employee as i ought to. i hope my card still gets me in the door tomorrow. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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. making news in america this morning, breaking overnight. the u.s. and al eyes take the fight against i.s.i.s. to the country. we have coverage on the new bombardment and reaction from washington. secret service under fire. as explosive details surface about the white house gate jumper. he was arrested just months ago. vicious wild animal attacks have communities on edge. a bear kills a hiker, and a fox bites a student and a teacher at a school. and iron mike in the right place at the right time. coming to one man's rescue on a very busy highway.


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