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tv   Action News  WPVI  September 23, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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terror takedown. the first wave of airstrikes on the isis strong hold in syria is now under way. but first up let's check in with david. >> well, we have a sunny start coming up a little bait later on with some clouds down to the south of us by the snore southern delaware. big story this morning is how chilly it is. we talked about this yesterday. a lot of our suburbs in the 40's, mid 40's right now in allentown and reading, lancaster, wilmington, millville. 47 in trenton. 52 in philadelphia. and low 50's down the shore. as we roll through the day it's going to be similar to yesterday with less wind we will get up to 70 by about 3 o'clock and we'll look at a high of 71 probably around 4 o'clock before back dune to 67 degrees at 6 o'clock. so a chilly start and a little bit cool this afternoon but not as breezy. we have some rain in the accuweather 7-day fork. matt and tam more on that coming up. >> thank you david. it's 5:30 on this tuesday september 23rd. let's get right to karen rogers and katherine scott. they're standing by to help you through our breaking news. let's start with karen.
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>> we're, look lie on the scene with the action cam. this is i-95 at bridge street and you can see kind of a mess of a situation with emergency and you can see kind of a mess this. there's some debris all over the roadway and you can kind of see as well how the kind of truck just flipped right over that median crushing it right there. this is i-95 southbound. the truck was carrying, this overturned tractor-trailer was carrying trash. there's debris all over the roadway. so i know it's dark. this is the tractor-trailer completely flipped over on its side. investigators are out there looking at the scene right now. they've got to pick up all the trash and deal with this 75-gallon fuel spill and as the action cam pans over you can see the southbound lanes only one lane getting by. we've got police emergency workers all on the scene. let's switch to a different vantage point right now and we'll take a look at our traffic cameras. this is the jam up on i-95 southbound, significant because only one lane getting by. northbounds at this .1 lane getting by because the tractor-trailer was driving southbound, flipped over into the northbound lanes. we've got emergency workers,
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hazmat crews on the scene, a heavy duty tow truck as well. i-95 southbound jams past cottman to bridge street. northbound jamming as well. you can see the headlights stretching out there. northbound jamming past the betsy ross bridge to bridge street. so, let's go to the maps, a good alternate you can use frankford avenue or route 1, the boulevard, instead. i-95 northbound and southbound affected by this. and it's not our own problem with an overturned truck. here we have another big issue, an overturned truck on the northeast extension southbound past quakertown right now blocking the right lane and the shoulder. stick to 309 southbound and expect big delays with this one as well, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. let's go back to the crash on 95, go down to the ground to the scene and let's go he to "action news" reporter can rith scott stand by live in bridesburg with more details. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. backups are getting bigger, clean up is under way. this could take some some
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time. the driver of the tractor-trailer remains in the hospital in stable condition. you can see part of this accident scene here, the median totally flattened and that's where that tractor-trailer traveled before it came to a rest up there. the wreckage is in the northbound and southbound lanes of 95 so there are closures on both sides of the highway here by bridge street and the heavy equipment is on the scene as they start to try to haul all of this away but again this is going to take some time. 75 gallons of fuel from the gas tank spilled and so crews are now applying a be sob banter. the tractor-trailer was carrying trash. now trash is all over the highway as well as the fuel and the pieces of that truck this happened just before 3:30 this morning. police say the tractor-trailer driver was in the left lane, lost control and veered into the median and actually hit a sign that said no trucks in the left lane. there tractor-trailer was traveling southbound and the sign hit a minivan traveling in the northbound lanes but the driver of the minivan is okay and there's just minor damage to the minivan.
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the tractor-trailer landed on its side on the top of the median. the fuel tank ruptured. hazmat crews were called to the scene and as it's gotten later and more crews are on the roads we have seen the backups get worse here so you really want to avoid this area. i know karen rogers has been talking about alternates. at this point police the driver either had a medical condition or fell asleep but again he remains at hahnemann university hospital until early on this in this investigation. they're trying to get this roadway cleared but it is a mess here on 95. avoid the area, if you can. we're live along 95, katherine scott, channel6 "action news". >> thanks katherine. developing at this hour the u.s. military launched its first airstrikes on islamic militants in syria. five arab nations are also taking part to try to flush out the dangerous and well funded terror group from land it seized over the summer. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is monitoring the situation for us live in the satellite center. erin. >> matt the first wave of airstrikes which began last night are said to be extremely intense and the goal to
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execute a definitive blow inside of syria. let's take a look at exactly where this is happening. the strikes hit a list of very specific targets in and around the syrian city of raqqa which is the militant group's self declared capital in syria. this is new video coming out of alepo the syrian foreign ministry said early this morning that the u.s. did inform the damascus envoy to the u.s. before launching airstrikes against the islamic state group in syria. those airstrikes can come from -- or came from tomahawk missiles launched from sea and u.s. fighter jets and bombers and there are reports of casualties among militants on the ground. the united states was the only nonarab partner in the launch of these strikes. the actions which began around 8:30 last night, as you said, matt w-also carried out by five arab countries with the greatest military and intelligence capabilities. in addition to these airstrikes last week congress
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authorized $500 million to arm and train moderate syrian rebels on the ground, all in the hopes to help destroy isis. again, the air campaign is under way right now. it began last night around 8:30. of course it is a very fluid situation we are monitoring here from the satellite center and we'll keep you updated through the morning. erin o'hearn live in the sat center. back to you. >> thank you. fast moving flames injured a firefighter and sent three other people to the hospital with smoke inhalation. this is what's left of a home on the 3800 block of north ninth street in the hunting park section of philadelphia. crews believe the fire started in an electrical box behind a couch and then that it spread to some furniture. at first the homeowners tried to put the flames out themselves. relatives say that could have ended up much worse. >> it's very important that people have smoke detectors in their homes and know how to just get out the fire, don't grab anything, just get out your house. the most important thing is your life. nothing else matters.
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>> the firefighter was treated for an ankle injury and is now listed in stable condition. >> 5:37 now and police are still hunting for a killer following yesterday's shooting outside einstein medical center in the olney section. both victims were teens and police say they were not the intended targets. the gunfire erupted during a fight near the medical center. a 15-year-old girl was walking with a friend and was shot in the back. she died at einstein a19-year-old was wounded and is fighting for his life. detectives say neither victim was part of the crowd involved in the fight. >> a large crowd of juveniles and young adults were rowdy, they were very unruly. that was the radio call and they were walking south from broad and olney right towards einstein hospital. that's when minutes later the shots rang out. >> the girl attend edell valley charter school which is nearby. police have questioned five people who were part of the melee. what the dispute was about is not known. happening today a rally to make attacks on gays in
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pennsylvania a hate crime. it will take place at the capital building in harrisburg. pa senate bill 42 would expand pennsylvania's hate crime law to include anyone who is lesbian gay bisexual and transgendered. currently there are not protected by the state's hate crime statute but are covered under federal law. the philadelphia district attorney is considering filing charges on a group of men in connection with an attack on a gay couple earlier this month. >> the cross can country canine who made it from montgomery county to oregon is coming home today. gidget the jack russell terrier spent the past week at an animal shelter out west. someone there tracked down the dog's own interhuntingdon valley thanks to the animal's microchip. the manufacturer pet link is paying forgive's air travel home. stay with "action news" later today for more on what is bound to be an emotional reunion, the dog licking its owner's face, the owner crying, that what i'm guessing it will look like. >> i'm seeing him lick the bowl of water.
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>> storm tracker 6 double scan we've got no precip out there this morning and as we take a look outside the sun will be coming up nice and bright over the shore although there are coastal clouds that will make it a little harder to see full sunshine. over philadelphia no such problem as the cloud cover is pretty much over toward the south and east of the city. 52 degrees is your current temperature in philadelphia. your dewpoint low at 41. and the winds northwest at six. you'll notice the winds are not as strong today. and i brought that always on seven day in on the left-hand side portion of your screen in you're watching in hd so you can glance ahead. there's the clouds, you see them down the shore, not so much in philadelphia and out to the north and west. overall across much of the region we start out sunny and wind up with sun an few clouds at times. 54 degrees is your temperature at 8 o'clock so we're already chilly. some suburbs in the 40's. philadelphia the low 50's and by 8:00 pretty much the same story without too much improvement. 61 degrees by 11 o'clock. and then by 2 o'clock, 67. so, running a little bit
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behind yesterday's temperatures early in the day but then catching up in the afternoon. 71 degrees is your forecast high similar to yesterday we'll probably hit that around 3:30 or 4 o'clock and still be on 70 at 5 o'clock. high temperatures across the region not too much variation away from the coast. we've got 70 in allentown and trenton. pretty much the same thing in reading, philadelphia and wilmington. cape may looking at 66 degrees, millville 68. here's the change in the forecast. we talked yesterday about how on wednesday we might see more clouds because of a coastal low down to our south. it now looks like that low is going to come up a bit closer to us and by wednesday night we could start to see some showers out of that. as we take a look, we've got future tracker 6 by 8 o'clock tomorrow night showing some of that creeping up from the south along the coast. by 11 o'clock, getting up close to philadelphia and it now looks like that low gets strong enough whereby the rush hour on thursday morning we could see periods of pretty steady rain and then in the afternoon on thursday a few
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more lingering showers. looked like that thing would be to our south originally. now looks like we'll get wet. your exclusive accuweather 7-day pleasant, 71. tomorrow sun giving way to clouds a high of 75 and for now looks like any rain holds off until nighttime on wednesday. thursday looks cloudy and damp with periods of rain in the morning, some showers in the afternoon and because of that, we got to knock that high down to 66. but then we get back to 74 on friday with sun returning and we're still looking at that warm weekend with highs in the low 80's saturday and sunday. and close to it on monday. warm stuff coming back. >> i think summer is coming back. >> you think so. >> giving me that indication. thank you, david. 5:41 now and we're following a sorority scandal involving the newly crowned miss america. hear what fellow students claim she did while she was in college. >> the two candidates for governor of pennsylvania trade political jabs in their first debates. karen. >> big problems on i-95 with this overturned tractor-trailer restricting traffic southbound and northbound. i'll get the latest details.
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head to the big board and be right back with that. >> we have another update. find out which celebrity couple jived their way to first place on "dancing with the stars." you might be surprised. "action news" will be right back.
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>> ♪ >> 5:44. a lot of work already and more work to be done, the cleanup from this tractor-trailer crash on i-95 in the
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bridesburg section, trash filled on the roadway along with some fuel and the driver suffered an injury. >> let's go on over to karen rogers. you've been on top of this trying to talk about what's going on the way to get around it. >> that's right. what we're looking at is i-95. >> that's right. near bridge street. we see emergency workers on the scene. you can see that the guardrail there is completely damaged. when this overturned tractor-trailer flipped over from the southbound to the northbound side and there you can see the median just completely crushed by this and debris all over the roadway as well. we've got video. you can see how the truck is on its side. it was carrying 75 gallons of fuel that have spilled all over the highway so we've got trash all over the highway on i-95, a fuel spill as well. they have a heavy duty tow truck on the scene, clearly emergency workers on the scene as well trying to deal with the cleanup which is significant. so it's going to take a little while to deal with that. here's another vantage point. this one you get a better view of how traffic is really jammed here. so be this is your southbound
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traffic really jammed on i-95. we can see that southbound traffic jammed past cottman to bridge street. this is northbound. you could see the headlights are jammed as well northbound on i-95. you're jammed past the betsy ross bridge now to bridge street where this accident is blocking all but one lane on each side, only one lane getting by i-95 southbound, one lane getting by on i-95 northbound. so, it's been a mess this morning and likely going to stay a mess for a little while. and certainly as traffic builds it's only going to get worse. here's what you can do. you could stick to frankford avenue, you can use the boulevard instead. there you see slow speeds about 16 miles an hour as you try to head southbound near this. if you wanted to hop over into new jersey this is 295 which is completely wide opened depending on where you're going, that could be a good alternate for you to come into new jersey and deal with it instead. it's a big mess on i-95 and it's not our only overturned truck. we've got another overturned truck and this is a big deal as well. northeast extension southbound past quakertown, it was a philly pretzel truck. police tell us it's blocking
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the right lane, it's blocking the shoulder. expect big delays and stick to 309 as well instead. and we've got a third big problem, then is this morning, this is the ramp from spring garden to the schuylkill westbound. you see it, it says ramp closed. it's remaining closed for awhile now, two months. this is our first morning without this ramp so this is a big deal. if you're heading here you can't use the ramp from spring garden to the schuylkill westbound much it's staying closed. use the girard avenue on-ramp or the vine westbound ramp instead, tam. >> thank you, karen. police and the fbi are still searching for 31-year-old eric frein the suspected killer of pennsylvania state trooper bryon dixon. the search is now focused on a rural part of monroe county where frein lived with his parents. officials say they think they're closing in on him. some schools in that area are reopening for the first time today since that search began. >> new this morning, the newly crowned miss america plans to offer her side of the story to abc news amid a sorority scandal. the former pledge at hofstra
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university accuses kira kazantsev of abuse. alpha phi kicked her out of the sorority last year. the source says the now miss america had called recruits foul names and forced them to perform tasks that left them exhausted and bruised. kazantsev had a pagent platform of protecting women from domestic violence. she will share her side of the story on "good morning america" right after "action news." >> the two candidates for governor of pennsylvania faced off in their first debate and incumbent tom corbett and tom wolf sparred in hershey last night. would have said the coshed administration slashed education funding. >> educator who's have been laid off, 27,000 educators have lost their jobs. class sizes have increased. property taxes have gone through the roof. >> education has been cut. we are not doing a good job in following through on the promise we made. >> but the cut to education occurred in the administration before me but mr. wolf supporters and the public sector unions particularly the
5:49 am
teachers union have spent millions of dollars putting out the lie that i cut education. i didn't. >> corbett said he is against increased government spending. wolf said pennsylvania needs a fair tax system that gives the middle class a break. >> 5:49. a former daytona 500 champ finds himself stuck in the slow lane on "dancing with the stars." >> and we have brand new video of a wild attack on a bus driver out west. how passengers ran to his rescue. david. >> if you're dressing the kids jackets required this morning. a t-shirt probably works this afternoon but it is cool as you step out the door to the bus stop. we're looking at temperatures in philadelphia between 6:00 and 8:00 and the low to mid-50's. some suburbs probably still in the 40's by 8 o'clock. we'll be back with your call coming
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>> new season of "dancing with the stars" is it now in full swing. week two belonged to the ladies. lea thompson led the pack with 35 points. she looked amazing. the first week front runner
5:52 am
alphonso ribiero slipped a little bit. michael waltrip is bringing up the rear and you can see why with 24 points. not his best day he's hitting the brakes here. find out who goes home tonight at 8:00 right here on 6abc. >> nice white pants. >> looking good. >> scored some points. >> not looking so good the traffic this morning. what a mess we have and big story is on i-95 and now chopper 6 on the scene with this one and you can kind of see this is i-95 at bridge street. we've got just one lane getting by in each direction. i know it's hard to see because it's dark but you could probably make out that that overturned tractor-trailer completely flipped over on its side, it's carrying trash. there's a 75-gallon fuel spill. it's a mess as we look live on chopper 6 hd. this is a backup as we switch to our traffic cameras. 95 jams approaching cottman. northbound jams betsy ross bridge to bridge street. stick to frankford avenue or the boulevard instead and we also have the northeast extension southbound past
5:53 am
quakertown, dave another overturned truck here, use 309 southbound instead. and yet the weather is not a problem. >> seems to be the morning for those trucks turning over though. so we're looking at clouds down the shore, clear skies overhead in philadelphia, temperatures in the 40's and 50's right now and by 9 o'clock fairly bright conditions, shades weather i think and 56 degrees so still cool by 9 o'clock. 63 by noon, though and by 3 o'clock, 70 degrees and our high today 71, we may have to wait until about 3:30 or 4 o'clock before we hit that and then down to 67 by 6 o'clock. it will be a cool one out there from start to finish. if you're headed to the airport we're not seeing any delays on the big board from philadelphia all the way down to orlando florida. in fact orlando is kind of warm at 72 right now, matt. >> thanks, david. fellow passengers will to pull an irate woman off a public bus in los angeles. they saw the 64-year-old attack the driver for some unknown reason. she would not stop until witnesses dragged her away. police arrested the angry rider.
5:54 am
the bus driver was not seriously hurt. >> it's 5:53 and we're covering that breaking news that's impacting your morning commute. a tractor-trailer crashed and spilled trash and fuel all over i-95 in bridesburg. we'll have live team coverage including ways to help you get around that backup just ahead
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>> a rutgers university student died during a rare bear attack in new jersey. the mauling happened on sunday at the apshawa preserve.
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22-year-old darsh patel was hiking way group of five friends. they came across the black bear got scared and ran off in different direction. patel's body was found two hours later. the bear was euthanized and this is the first fatal bear attack on record in new jersey. >> the baltimore ravens owner says he could see rehiring ray rice but not as a player he said rice could take on a personnel job counseling the team's young players but he would not consider hiring rice until five years passed. he den flies a report that the team tried to persuade the nfl to be lenient on rice after the player was arrested in february for an assault on his now wife. >> 5:57. we continue to follow that breaking news. a major cleanup under way on part of i-95. our traffic team is helping you get around all the delays. >> coming up brand new a lunch box sets off a bomb scare at a
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>> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday september 23rd. we're following breaking traffic news. >> a tractor-trailer overturned along i-95 in philadelphia making for a messy early morning rush. >> we are monitoring military action in the middle east. the u.s. has begun airstrikes on isis targets in syria. >> autumn is officially under way and accuweather is tracking a chilly morning alongside that seasonal switch. david, are you wandering a coat out there? >> you know, you could almost use it. glad i have the suit jacket on. take look at satellite clouds down to the south us, sunshine getting ready to pour up over those clouds and hit most of the region nice and bright. we're cooler than yesterday morning. 53 degrees right now philadelphia, many of the suburbs in the low to mid 40's right now. 43 in allentown, 42 in millville. and as we go through the day, we wind up about the same as yesterday. 56 by 9 o'clock, 63 by noon and then 70 by 3 o'clock with