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tv   Action News  ABC  September 26, 2014 1:36am-2:12am EDT

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>> he's standing trial for murders of 10-month-old girl and girl's 61-year-old grandmother
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and today defendant also played role of defense attorney his own defense attorney. and the cross examination today might just make you shudder. it is thursday night. and the big story on "action news" tonight is the start of proceedings in murder trial of yandamuri. live at montgomery county courthouse as "action news" reporter dann cuellar. for a point today tension in the courtroom must have been unbearable. >> yes was, jim, wrouingt with raw emotion parents of the dead baby testifying about the last time they saw their child and her grandmother alive. and then being cross scamened by their accused killer. >> it was difficult. they're being cross-examined by the person that murdered their mother and daughter. >> 28-year-old yandamuri who tells jurors he's a scapegoat is accuse vd of killing a grants
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mother and baby in king of prussia. he recounted shock of finding his mother on the floor and frantic search for his baby yandamari left behind a ran some note. he describes killing grandmother and sufficienting rag in the baby's mouth, wrapping her head in a towel and logginging her in a suitcase. today both baby's parents refused to look at the guy as they cross-examined him ten feet away. he sended testimony saying no one should experience this it should not happen to anyone. his wife at one point cried out, god bless my baby before collapsing in tears. there's an old axiom among lawyers a bhoon represents himself murder trial has a fool for a client and his standby court-appointed attorney says he has seen lawyers do worse. >> he's getting the feel for it
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he has no know when it make objections and do that thing. he's doing fine for pro se person who is not citizen of the united states. and now the trial continues tomorrow. ft. jury find him guilty they'll have to decide whether or not to impose the death penalty live at mc county courthouse, dann cuellar, "channel 6 action news." >> thank you, dann t. was trajty tonight in oxford circle section of philadelphia. police and medics were called to 1300 block of east cheltenham avenue. a 14-month-old girl was found unresponsive in bathtub. the girl died later at st. st. christopher's hospital for children it appears to have been an accident. >> fire officials say everybody in this car is okay tonight. driver lost control and flipped the vehicle down an embankment and accident happened 6:15 tonight along the 3800 block fovrd road in wynnefield heights in philadelphia.
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a claymont delaware homeowner arrived tomorrow tonight to find the house destroyed. police say the driver of a van left the road, hit a fence, went airborne and slammed into the home on the 700 block of old darrylly roadch the driver identified as jason rowan took off running and state troopers captured him not far from the scene. he is charged with driving under the nrups and leaving the scene. no sign today of suspected cop-killer eric frein. investigators continue their manhunt in the poconos. authorities believe frein has not gone far and the survivalist is hiding near his parents' home. he's want fod are ambush of trooper brian dix dig stone and partner city beingly wounded at the blooming grove barracks september 12. >> one of three suspect charged on attack of a gay cup until
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center city philadelphia is fired from her job. katherine knot worked as er tech at lansdale hospital. knott, harry began and williams is charged with aggravated assault and reckless endangerment. all three were released early this morningch the attack sparked rally criesen include crimes related to sexual orientation under pennsylvania hate crime lawn. brian sims organized this rally in love park center city today. and a bill was introduced to close loop holes in the hate crime law. that includes a fine or jail time for offenders. >> there has been a lot of unpleasant news coming out of national football league recently but a player of devon still showed us the other side of the coin today. his 4-year-old daughter had cancer surgery today at children's hospital. "action news" reporter eva pilgrim is live at the big board with a tale that warms and wrenches the heart at the same
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time. eva. >> reporter: jim you can not help but think what a wonderful dad he is. sip sin bengals 4-year-old daughter leah is recovering chop tonight after having surgery earlier today to remove a cancerous tumor. still posted this update on instagram saying the surgery went really well. >> today it was game time. surgery day for leah cincinnati bengals tackle still. >> i'm actually good. i'm ready for today. you ready for today? >> still is a camden native that went to high school in wilmington and is a penn state grad. his daughter leah is battling neuro blastoma. leah undergone several rounds of chemo and to maintain health insurance they signed still to the practice squad after releasing him to care for her he's back on the roster. still has been posting instagram
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pictures of how he keeps her spirits up going movies and pumpkin picking lynn villa orchards in delaware county this morning posted presurgey talk with caption i may be nerve ud and scared beyond words but i'll never let hershey it let's get this done. >> you ready to get this cancer up out of you, let's do. it let's go. >> and that smile. if you like to show your support hop on to social media and send well wishes #prayforleah. >> thank you, eva. obama administration says united states government is not aware of isis plot to attack subway systems in u.s. and paris. iraq's prime minister says intelligence uncovered the plot and it was not brought newspaper meeting this week. also today the fbi says it had believed -- that it believes the agency identified the suspect
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seen in these videos prior to beheadings of two american journalists and british aid worker the fbi did not reveal his name or nationality. u.s. led air strikes targeted twelve oil refineries controlled by isis in syria. the idea to stop the money flow. president barack obama told a high-level gathering at the un today that international aid is not flowing quickly enough into west africa in efforts to stem ebola outbreak. everything, he said, must move fast in order for us to make a difference. but some in west africa criticized obama for not moving fast enough. but congress today did approve obama 1 billion request to fight the outbreak. >> attorney general eric hold area announced he is resigning and says he will stay on until a new attorney again ral is confirm. that could be quite sometime the country's first african-american attorney general served 6 years often amid considerable
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controversy. president obama called holder the people's lawyer and he said his biggest regret was failure to pass reasonable and responsible gun safety legislation. those his words. two former school principals were arrested with the cheating scandal in the school district. barbara mcqueary and arthur mel ton changed answers to produce scores. both face records tampering and forgery charges. >> you see here where it actually comes here and comes down the wall. and bleeds in. >> delsey high school was not much shelter from the storm today for student and staff. buckets collecting rain water were scattered around the hall today. the leaky roof in franklinville is not a new problem. tax players will head to the
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polls to vote whether to provide 21 million to fix the roof and replacement hvac system. >> this is premiere week for abc's prime time shows and one expected to be a big hit is how to get away with murder. well the people at ursinus had reason to watch it tonight. they're in it. sharee william was at a viewing party on collegeville campus. did students like what they saw tonight? >> well there were definitely cheers and thumbs up as students left out of the auditorium where the watch party was held jim. can i tell you this. they seem to like. it but they love the fact that they have a personal connection to the show. something they can be proud of. and they admit many people may have never heard of ursinus college now but more know about it now. >> it's fall lineup creating all "the buzz". >> impeccable can i not believe it they're all such different shows and not all the same exact show. >> not one, not two, but three
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show premieres on abc all produced by shond arhymes. "grey's anatomy" led off followed by scandal and how to get away with murder closing out prime time. >> it's a must-see thursday hospital trauma to political trauma to how to get away with murder trauma. drama, drama, drama you can't get out of your seat. >> watch parties were held all over the country including this one chestnut hill section and this over in sicklerville, new jersey hosted by sorority delta sigma. it heta but red carpet was rolled out in collegeville, pennsylvania where there's special connection of how to get away with murder. ursinus was location for filming of first episode. >> we i didn't expect this would happen. so this is a very exciting moment. >> the fact we got to see stars walking around our campus casually eating and drinking and talking to students. it was awesome. >> now the small, little-known
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cool school is open the map. alex suton was extra in the drama series. >> i was fortunate for walking up and down the stairs. >> i e-mailed them and said i would do it again. >> so yeah this was a red carpet also a walk of fame with the stars names open. it students who were able to be in it. the students very excited as they made national debut along with their college. live in collegeville, sharee williams. "channel 6 action news." jim. >> thank you, sharee, still to come on "action news" tonight a massive blaze consumes a warehouse in the city of chica o chicago. >> i'm nydia han, thanks to the powerful combination of "action news" troubleshooters, our "action news" viewers and social media we're providing brides -- >> an a brerming and sister duo having trouble with their landlord all coming up. >> as coastal storm continues to pull away.
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winds relax and calm down north and west. up next, summer sunshine. we'll talk about the warming numbers in accuweather. >> and taney dragones history will live on in baseball hall of fame when "action news" will live on in baseball hall of fame when "action news" continues tonight your windows don't need a facelift. just a new wardrobe. take them shopping during blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale going on now. buy one get second at half price. blinds to go is 60. boy, time goes fast. and so will this sale. blinds to go blinds for life.
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you need blinds. you know it. your neighbours know it. complete strangers passing by your house know it. don't be that house. do something about it. during blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale going on now. buy one, get a second at half price. blinds to go blinds for life. >> huge flames and thick mrumz of smoke could be seen shoot into the air from the top of the roof and the building houses a company which made ice cubes. this quickly bam a hazmat situation because of ammonia in the building and fire marshall says it started when propane tanks exploded inside. >> pow to "action news" troubleshooters. we ask you to watch as a newly wed finally sees her wedding video thanks to troubleshooters and again rossty of you, our viewers and plus disputes
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between landlords and tenants can be come on and one of them became focus of the "action news" troubleshooters. nydia han has been working the case. >> take a look at this photo. renters of this two bedroom apartment say water poured into one of their bedrooms and landlord just didn't seem to care. >> there were buckets, tarps. >> sister and brother colleen and chris culwik say the roof over chris's room leaked and water damageded his belongings six different sglimz the office's response that's what you have representers insurance for. >> they contacted "action news" troubleshooters. >> things changed when nydia got involved. >> the entire roof is now repaired and they got a $500 rent cred sglit we're grateful and that's why we're here today troubleshooters definitely reach out and try to get that support. i think it really packs a difference. >> these couples called me
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desperate to get wedding videos. videographer closed up shop and taken precious memories with them. >> heartbreaking. after the troubleshooters got on the case the videographer sent mendez and 26 other couples videos but unedited and on format most couples could not view. that's when our "action news" viewer stepped into help. after our story aired we received a number of phone calls, e-mails and facebook posts from you offering to edit the videos. >> once i saw the piece i spoke to my wife and we just always kind of of like i need to do something and help out. >> help out he did. >> shawn mc greg or found stacey through the "action news" facebook page and then he turned the raw video into something truly wonderful for free. >> i get excited every time i watch it. ♪ >> that's your song. >> yes. >> ♪ >> creativity i was amazed.
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>> he made me believe there were still good people out there out of nowhere. >> our sincere thanks to shawn and all the other editors to help. healedit videos. you can reach him open my facebook payment and on i posted extended clip of mendez's finished wedding video. if you need my help with a problem i would love to help you, go to and e-mail me troubleshooter nydia han, "channel 6 action news." >> if you need help nydia han is a good resource you. >> know what i'll do for you. >> what. >> edit the forecast. get rid of the rain and replace it with sunshine. house that. >> not a bad deal. >> not a bad deal. summer sunshine at that. >> double scan live around the region we're clearing out not only the clouds but even some of those gusty winds out of the north. so if are you out on the town this eek as we take a live look
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high definition shot in center city and hen house square near south street you see the camera bouncing just a little bit. breeze is still up around 9 miles an hour in philadelphia and really calming down especially north and west. and right now in philly, 61 degrees. 58 millville and we dropped to 53 allentown and 56 reading and clear sky, lighter wind and damp ground north and west. that is a recipe for fog to develop. so you could bump into patchy fog late tonight and early tomorrow morning. satellite and radar, coastal storm battering southern part of new england and especially cape cod and also eye land of nantucket and marnl a's vineyard you can see the clouds fating on satellite and high pressure is muscle maker tomorrow as low continues to pull away. 77 degrees with light winds for your friday. and that high remains in control fort upcoming weekend. it's spectacular here, saturday and again sunday.
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82 degrees. even though we're only in the third full day of fall, summer making its come back fairly quickly. >> as we look at the morning rush forecast, sun and cloud, patchy fog in spots, 57, 6:00, by 8:00, 60. as we go region by region norm and west, 77 reading, downingtown and pottstown. mostly sunny and nice. allentown, lehigh valley, 76. middletown, 76. down in delaware, 77 in keingt west chest and boils down and bucks county 76. a warm afternoon. and partly sunny at the shore. better day to maybe take a stroll at one of your favorite shore towns surf city and cape may and much less wind and dover 74. the exclusive accuweather 7 day forecast sun returns quickly tomorrow at 77. and boys of summer having their summerlike forecast for last days of baseball. this upcoming weekend. gorgeous saturday.
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another beauty sunday. 83 degrees. now we keep the warm m monday not as bright as clouds enter from the south. and on tuesday a lot of clouds. some sunshine. 75 degrees and they'll be another storm just off the coast and as of right now should miss us. wednesday into thursday, surpriseable, temperatures in mid 70s. with mrepd of clouds and sunshine. >> so those who didn't feel we got enough summer this year we'll add one more weekend to you. >> bonus. >> yes. >> thanks, adam. >> a new art exhibit in philadelphia city shall now on display. art through the ages is what it's called. it features at artwork by students for the pennsylvania school fort deaf. mayor nutter welcomed the group tonight as they unveiled their masterpieces and featured work is located in the second floor hallway. if you like to check it out. >> "jimmy kimmel live" coming up 11:35 after "action news." here's a preview of jimmy's
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guests. >> thanks, jim, all of philadelphia, take a gander what is up with us after the news. president and first lady came. >> does that make you nervous at all. >> i -- i should not km >> philadelphia monet davis
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earned a spot in baseball hall of fame. today the 13-year-old tapey dragon pitcher donated her shutout jersey to the national baseball hall of fame in coopers town. and davis made history this past summer as she became the first female player to win a game at the little league world series. and now she's in the hall of fame immortalizeed exactly. >> eagles putting in game plan for the 49ers. >> several backups on the offensive line. and backup on defense. they'll have a tough time and mychal kendrick missed practice
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with a calf injury. and despite all the injuries this team had to deal with this season. eagles sit at 3-0. not pretty 3-0. they know that. >> we do have a lot to get better at. we're 3-0 but really have not played well yet. to be honest the last two weeks i kind of felt like we lost. >> we want to be best at everything you know. we'll work at everything. we'll improve on everything. it doesn't matter if if we blow a team out we want to improve. >> and sundown eagles game day kickoff mike quick and i join live from eagles stadium. we'll wrap it up at night 11:35 on 6abc with eagles game day finalal. tonight the phillies clinched last place fipper in 14 years loss to marlins today. phils down 2-1. chase utley drives in second run of game. pitcher david buchanan scores.
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game tied at 2. two batters later, dom brown comes through. knocks in two. phillies jump out to 4-2 lead and jake deakman is jake deakman. he faces six batters and five get hit. he allows four runs and got one out. phillies lose 6-4. they'll be home tomorrow to face the braves. >> and new york saying good-bye to derek jeter playing final home game of career tonight. he will retire season's end after two years in big leagues and he goes in and out stale. walk-off base hit in 9th inning to beat the orioles 6-5. jeter final game will be sunday in boston.
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>> tells easy to play spip docker with exhibition hockey. if they faultier it's only make believe hockey. tonight again the devils we go with former. flyers come one three pow ur play goals. success con dinz into second period.. scott lawton with the bowl and assist. and big 4-0 and it's unknown when you play in a game. giroux hurt 6 days ago. last year he missed time due to a hand injury. he feels snake bit.
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>> bad luck follows me. i was frustrated and my job now is to make sure i'm ready for game one and if that's the play i appreciate it or not and play a couple and we'll see how i feel. >> the sixers open their training camp tuesday stockton dmrenl south jersey and michael carter williams may not be ready until he recovers from shoulder surmy. brett brown broke bread with media today brown concedes there will be growing pains this season. >> my measurements are not whipping and losing now. i assess myself with all the other things am i try to my word on development and sports science. you know keeping a locker room still positive and upbeat when you take hits with 20 years. being candid with is they. >> now the giants are crushing redskins 45-14. >> thank you, ducis. days before start of oktoberfest serious beer lovers were tested on important skill tonight.
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frankford hall in fishtown held a stein holding competition fill with water not beer and crimping them as long as they could. those left standing received prizes which included needless to say okay sa de a. jmy's guest tonight denzel washington. darby stanchfield and musical guest the script. "action news" continues in the morning with matt o'donnell, karen rogers and for adam joseph, ducis rogers, the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. good
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