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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 26, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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welcome to "world news" tonight. and the chaos at american airports this evening. bauns of one man east actions. the pictures coming in. and planes diverted when workers at an airport shut down the runway. the workplace horror. a fired employee returning and doing the unthinkable. >> it sounds like he is running around out there. lock that door. america's most wanted. the phone call we wanted. and the hunt. and a popular american vacation destination. the crowded hotel and the
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families watching it all. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a friday night. we begin with a glid lock at america's airports this friday. a worker at the air traffic controller offense pouring gasoline on a computer. and look at this, the planes in the air. and then, look at this everyonety skies. more than 2,000 flights canceled. and at the airport, a young woman holding her head. and look at this video inside one of the terminals in chicago. lines as far as the eyes can see. david kerley on why it happened and how it quickly spread across the country.
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>> reporter: the american's airports. thousands of fliers from coast to coastlined up and nowhere to go. the message, canceled. look at this man's face. the cause? a contractor at this air control center outside of chicago reportedly putting gasoline on one of the computers and lighting it. and when firefighters arrived, they found the man, disgruntled at work with multiple self-inflicted stab wounds. >> he was laying on the ground. there was some effort to drag him out of the building. >> reporter: but the fire caused damage. the workers couldn't get the information they needed. and the airports went on hold. no one getting in or out of chicago. how does one person bring so much 06 the air traffic control
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system down? >> he knew where to go and what to do in and i'm not sure how you guard against that, somebody who is already authorized to be there. >> reporter: the damage so bad in chicago, flight plans had to be input by hand. they were getting in and out but at a severely reduced wait. >> reporter: just tonight, the delays and cancellations are going to spread into the weekend. and david, it could go to next week. >> david kerley, thank you. to the other air scare. two passenger planes not able to land at an airport in wilmington, north carolina, last night. and the error was human error, forcing the planes to come back. we do know they are repaving
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runways. authorities don't know who made the mistake. and the development in the sweeping arrests in the fight against isis. and these pictures front spain. you can see authorities leading this man away in handcuffs. and tonight, marcia raddatz on an america battleship in the gulf, witnessing the landings on the carrier every 55 seconds. martha just reporting in. >> reporter: every bomb dropped on isis from the navy, every missile strike from the sea has originated from this ship carrier. dozens of fighter jets. and prezigs bombs. and hundreds of them, each bomb able to handle a deck. the deck of an aircraft area is busy every day.
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but on this campaign, it's been intense. which means 80/40 every day. takeoffs and landings. and that means landings over 55 seconds. from 155 miles an hour to a dead stop in three seconds. at night, things get more difficult. we watched the fighter jets returning from long combat missions overnight in syria and iraq. some unable to catch the wire, bolter, they are called, forced to immediately take off. >> the landings are so hard. >> so many long hours. >> reporter: and many long hours, long nights to come. martha rat datz, abc news. >> thanks to martha and her team tonight. and now, a troubling
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headline in the heart land. what played out in the workplace. a fired worker showing up at work and targeting his collea e colleagu colleagues. tonight, the 911 calls. >> where is your emergency. >> reporter: a 911 call from inside an oklahoma food processing plant, doing the unthinkab unthinkable. >> we can hear the screaming. >> reporter: police said he was just fired and on a rampage. >> reporter: police say he called colleen in barbaric fashion, he deheaded her. >> he began assaulting her with the same weapon. >> reporter: the horror did not
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end until a deputy con friended him with a gun. >> that's a gunshot. >> how many more shots have you heard? >> we heard three. >> you heard three shots. >> reporter: and police credit mark vaughn with stopping more blood sed. >> he didn't stop until he was shot. >> reporter: he was wounded by the shots and arrested. >> due to the manner of death, we request the assistance of the fbi. >> reporter: police said he was trying to convert his co-workers to islam. and they are investigating whether he was influenced by recent isis deheading dominating the news. it appears to be workplace anger. but tonight, officials are taking no chances, launching a full scale investigation into his associations. >> pierre, thank you. we are learning much more
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tonight about one of america's most wanted. tonight what authorities have discovered on a hard drive, a computer. what they think he was searching. and a phone call made to his paints? lindsey janis tonight. >> reporter: please are searching this resort. scouring it room by room. police say he was there and may go again. >> eric, you are a coward. >> reporter: authorities with a search of a computer hard drive, proving the had prepared for this moment for years. >> extensive internet research on how to avoid policeman hunts. >> erin: also tonight, frein may have made a critical mistake, trying to call his family. the cell phone signal narrowing
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the search zone. they think he is hiding out in this five-square mile terrain and dense woodlands. we spoke with melissa frein married to his frein. are you corporating? >> absolutely. we are praying that he surrenders and nobody else gets hurt. >> reporter: local residents getting frustrated. joyce says she won't go outside without her gun. have you thought about what you would do if you see him in your backyard? >> i don't think he stands a chance if he comes in my backyard. >> reporter: and searchers on the lookout for booby traps. david? >> thank you. we are going to town to the weather headline. this is downtown phoenix.
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this is a haboob moving in. and powerful storms, flash floods and now tornado. and look at the weather wall, the bull's-eye in the southwest as we street weekend. let's get to to meteorologist rob marciano. you talked about the storms. >> whe a wind report 50 miles an hour and you have the dust and the sand mixing in. very dangerous and low visibility. this is a storm system closer to october l move off to the east. and the system will be in socal, vegas. and strong winds and dust storms and maybe a brief tornado. and it's going to be a slow mover from phoenix up to the northern spine of the rocky mountain, colorado and wyoming. and flash flood watches tonight and will last through the weekend in excess of three inches of rain or more. >> rob, thank you. now to the virus striking children sending families to the
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er across the country. more than three weeks ago, 11 states affected. one week later, 27 states and tonight, 45 states with confirmed or suspended cases. and now word, a 4-year-old has died. was the virus to blame. alex perez now. >> reporter: in new jersey tonight, authorities working to figure out if the death of a 4 year-old boy suffering from respiratory illness may be linked to enterovirus. officials taking no chances, ordering the boy's pre-school classroom to be sanitized. if confirmed, it would be the first death from a rare strain of the virus that has sent hundreds of children to hospitals across the country. the virus, dangerous for kids like emani torres, who suffers from asthma. >> whenever i do my asthma treatment, it really works right away but it wasn't working this time. >> reporter: in the last month, more than 3,600 children treated for enterovirus-like symptoms at
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facilities in colorado. during the same time, one chicago hospital three times had to divert ambulances to other hospitals because its emergency room was jam packed with sick kids. a problem our own dr. besser saw firsthand at this children's hospital in missouri. the virus is treated much like a cold, allowed to run its course. if you're children is having trouble breathing, you should get them to a doctor. >> right a way, the number of confirmed cases should keep growing as the numbers come in. and the west way to keep the virus from spreading, wash your hands. david? >> alex, thank you. we are going to turn now to the slender man case that has shocked parents across the current and the world. two 12-year-old girls stabbing their friend 19 times leaving her in the woods to die. and she crawled out.
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and tonight, you meet the hero. so many poimpbts across the country are sending their daughter on a sleep over. and they know her friend well, morgan geiser, celebrating her birthday. it was a friday night? >> yeah, it was a friday night. >> and had she gone on sleep overs before? >> yeah, they talked about it for weeks. >> they were going roller skating, to have pizza and spend the night. >> yeah, and they were going to watch a movie. she had absolutely no idea. >> no, she was blind sided. >> it was unthinkable. the first moment anyone would learn of the horror, this phone call to 911. >> i have a 12-year-old female, she appears to be stabbed. >> what? >> stabbed. >> stabbed? >> right. >> greg was riding his bike that morning on a path that had actually been chained off.
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>> are you with her right now? >> is she a wake? >> she's a wake. >> is there any leading going on. >> her clothing has blood on it. >> and you find her. >> can you help me please? i have been stabbed multiple times. and i got out my cell phone and i stayed with the 911 operator. and i offered her water. the only thing she said, she was having trouble breathing. >> we were on a journ fli with the family, grateful to everybody person along the way who helped save their daughter. hugging the man who found her. and tonight, you will meet the 12-year-old girl. her smile has finally began to return. she takes us to her favorite place in the world and one triumph. >> it's been a journey. later tonight on "20/20," why
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did the girls do it? trying to impress a story on the internet. and you will meet that brave 12-year-old smiling again. in the meantime, there is more ahead on "world news" tonight on this friday. and take a look at this, surveillance video from a popular vacation des nate. the driver slamming into everything. and tonight, the mailman charged. tens of thousands of pieces offen mail he did not deliver. hoarding them instead. and george clooney news from venice. we are back in a moment. but i don't want my breathing problems to get in the way of hosting my book club. that's why i asked my doctor about b-r-e-o. once-daily breo ellipta helps increase airflow from the lungs
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in his path. here is matt gutman. >> reporter: this violent car jacking couldn't have started more casually. a man police say is a career criminal, alberto ruiz, this brand-new lexus suv at miami's luxury hotel, the jw marriott. calmly climbing into the car, quietly closing the door, then putting the car into reverse and ramming that luggage rack. the women with the balloons -- it's her suv -- dashes for the car door. the valets notice, jump in, right there trying to wrestle the man out, but ruiz plows forward knocking the sedan out of the way. you can see how tight this space is, getting out of here required a k-turn from hell. now ruiz is a one man demolition derby, violently reversing and back into a parked car. gunning it. watch again, he backs up, sandwiching the doors and
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finally, he busts through a barricade of bumperless cars. tonight, he faces a parking lot full of charges, including attempted mudder. matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> thank you. the mailman arrested. 40,000 pieces of mail he did not deliver. was this your neighborhood? i knew i needed to see a doctor. my doctor said, "let's try lyrica." lyrica has helped relieve my pain. it's known that diabetes damages nerves lyrica is fda-approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions, or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or skin sores from diabetes. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet.
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swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. a finally tonight here, our person of the week. a hollywood ending only a kid could dream up. you might know who we are going to pick. a lanky kid from a small town in america who last night watched his dream come true. who is our person of the week. we have been watching him for 20 years. and even if you're not a yankee man, you have respect for the
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captain, whose final home game was last night and it all came down to this. >> he will take the field for the final time. >> reporter: jeter's last game at yankee stadium. and the fans chanting, thank you, derek. you can see the face. what it was like that in moment. >> i'm thinking, what are you thanking me for? i'm just trying to do my job. they're the ones i want to thank. >> he began like so many of us, a scrawny kid. and the scrawny kid, transforming right before our eyes. >> and that brings up jeter. >> and tonight, we learned what was going through his mind in that moment, crouched down with his bat. >> don't cry. >> and then the captain steps up for the last time. >> base hit to right field. derek jeter, ends his final game
6:58 pm
with a walk off single. a roar in the crowd, one more quiet moment. >> i wanted to take one last out of body experience. >> his classic tip of the hat rerned by more than 50,000 fans. and one fan in particular, his nephew paying tribute to derek. >> it was above and beyond anything i dreemd of. i lived a dream. >> so we choose derek jeter. we loved seeing his nephew last night. and thank you for watching tonight.
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- an actuary from sarasota, florida... a massage therapist from west hollywood, california... and our returning champion -- a hotel front desk clerk and recent college graduate from hinson, north carolina...


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