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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 27, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, it's a girl. chelsea clinton giving birth to her first child. what she's saying about her new bundle of joy. >> grandchild, yes. >> and, of course, the political consequences, will this baby affect grandma hillary's decision on whether to run for president? also breaking overnight, deadly crash. a bus filled with college athletes collides with a truck on the highway and overturns. four women on the softball team killed. how did it happen? caught on camera. eruption. look at this. hikers sent running for cover when a mountain suddenly blows its top. hundreds of people stranded near the peak in a giant ash cloud this morning. and that's amore, george
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clooney, his fiancee and a-list celebirty friends arrive in venice to kick off the super-expensive wedding bash. when and where the long-time bachelor will tie the knot. find out soon enough. >> good morning. check out the new pictures out of venice this morning. the man who once publicly promised permanent bachelorhood, we're not talking about ron claiborne here, george clooney, now tying the knot. >> that doesn't look like the face of a man dragging, does it? george clooney and amal alamuddin hosting twin parties. she's a stunner in this red dress for her ladies-only dinner. a report from venice on the wedding party ahead. but start with the breaking news overnight, the birth that could impact the future of the
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white house. chelsea clinton delivering a baby girl. we have all the detail this is morning. the questions, will being a grandmother make hillary clinton a stronger, more relatable candidate or make her not want to run at all? let's get it over to the newest member of the abc news team, tom llamas. a huge welcome to you. good morning. >> thank you so much. the clintons are held many titles. this morning bill and hillary are grandparents. chelsea giving birth to a baby girl. charlotte is the name. it's only been seven hours. but everyone wants to know, how will this affect hillary's future, grandmother in chief or commander in chief or both? celebration overnight. one of the most influential families in american politics welcoming a new member to their famil family. chelsea clinton, giving birth to her first child. charlotte clinton mezvinsky.
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tweeting overnight -- marc and i are full of love, awe and gratitude as we celebrate the birth of our daughter. many waiting for the birth since they announced the pregnancy on april 17th. >> marc and i are very excited that we have our first child arriving later this year. >> well, a grandchild, yes. which i'm really excited about. >> reporter: in may of this year, robin sat down for an interview with hillary. >> you're going to be a grandma. you and your husband are happy and excited about that. when you can of this grandchild, what do you want? >> i want a happy, healthy child. >> reporter: others had advice for the soon-to-be grandparents. former president george w. bush making this joke to former president clinton at a leadership conference. >> be prepared to fall completely in love. get ready also to be like the lowest person in the pecking order in your family. >> reporter: earlier this week, george and bill spoke about the upcoming birth.
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>> what's the biggest thing to teach your new grandchild? want them to get up every day and look at the world with wonder and reverence. >> reporter: we don't know if hillary will run for president in 2016, but with the addition of charlotte into their family, the clintons will have plenty to celebrate and cherish for years to come. but back to 2016. hillary said she looks forward to being a grandmother. she will have something she didn't have when chelsea was growing up, time. being a grandmother is one reason why she may not run. chelsea actually decorated the nursery with elephants. that's weird because it's the republican mascot. chelsea works to save african elephants. it's close to her heart. i don't know the clintons, but if i did, i'd buy the baby a pants suit onesie. that's the perfect gift. >> well-played. great to have you. >> it's an honor to be here. thanks. >> welcome, tom. and turn now to a terrible
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bus crash overnight involving a college softball team. at least four young women on the team killed, a dozen more injured when their bus collided with a semitruck on a highway in oklahoma. and t.j. holmes is here with more on how it happened. good morning and welcome. >> reporter: this is devastating for any college community to deal with the death of students. the school started a month ago, and coping with the tragedy. and the big question for investigators, why the semi truck crossed the center median and virtually wiped out the vehicle carrying these young women. tragedy overnight. four students killed after the school bus carrying the north central texas college softball team collides with a semi-truck. >> murray county, stand by for accident. >> reporter: the fatal accident happened near the oklahoma-texas border when they were traveling back to campus after a game. authorities say there are more than a dozen injuries. >> we were trying to use a jack to get the bus up to get her
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out. >> reporter: the four fatales are members of the softball team. three pronounced dead on the scene, one after being taken to a local hospital. as the campus now begins to grieve, the school released this statement. we ask for your prayers at this time for our softball team. their bus has been involved in an cincinnati in oklahoma. the ntsb handling this investigation. sending a go-team expected to be at the site a little bit later today. the team is expected to play next wednesday. no word if that game will actually take place. we will hear a release from the college campus later today to update us about how things are going there on campus. >> such tragic news. and welcome to the abc news family as well. >> thank you, good to be here. good to be home. >> tough story, but we are happy to have you here. >> thank you. and this morning, a lot more about the flight delays and cancellations thanks to yesterday's active sabotage at a critical air traffic control there near chicago. grounded planes, left tens of
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thousands of passengers stranded from coast to coast. and the problems persist. david kerley has the latest. he's at reagan national airport outside of washington, d.c. good morning. >> reporter: it's another tough day for fliers who yesterday did not get home, they may not get home today. and now they're finding out how much damage there is to the control center. these lines, thousands of travelers because of one man, gasoline and a devastating fire at an air traffic control center. we know what happened in this faa facility outside of chicago, causing the shutdowns, the delays, and the cancellations. and this radar map with a hole over chicago. no planes over the air space. passengers stranded. >> we drove out here and arrived to this chaos. our flight got cancelled. >> reporter: what happened? 5:06 a.m., brian howard, a contract telecommunications worker enters the building he's worked in for eight years with a rolling bag. he's being told he's transferring to hawaii.
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30 minutes later, 5:36, he posts on facebook an apparent suicide note. quote, i'm about to take out the air traffic control center and my life. 5:42, 911 calls, a fire burning in the control center. two paramedics follow the smoke and a trail of blood until they find a 36-year-old white male with cuts on his arms and trying to cut his throat. is sounds like this man knew what he was doing. he went right to the heart of the electronic control of the center. >> considering the results of almost completely shutting down the chicago air traffic control center, i would say that guy knew exactly what he was doing. >> reporter: it wasn't just until hours ago that the faa was able to gete
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>> amazing it could go into next week. thank you very much for that. >> it's an unfortunate domino effect. and now to the surprise eruption in japan. hikers capturing incredible video as the plume of smoke and ash from a volcano turns the sky dark. hundreds of people are said to be trapped near the peak. abc's michelle franzen has more. >> reporter: you're looking at the moments right after the volcano erupted in central japan today. these climbers, out of breath near the 10,000 foot peak and terrified. scrambled to escape the massive plume of smoke and ash as it filled the sky above mount ontake, japan's second-highest volcano. dangerous boulders lined their path, and the hikers are not able to outpace the cloud. showering them in debris and darkness as the cameras are rolling. this morning, there are reports at least eight people have been injured, one seriously. and as many as 250 people could be stranded near the peak. it is the first time in seven
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years this volcano has been active. the plume so huge officials had to divert airplanes away from the region. and look at this photo. the ash turning everything into a black and white landscape. following the eruption, japan's meteorological agency raised it to 3 on a scale of 1 to 5, alerting people to stay away from the peak. and authorities are warning people below to stay as far away as possible. because debris can fall some two and a half miles away from the volcano site. the search and rescue continues. teams won't be able to see or do much until day break in japan. dan and paula. >> those photos were just stunning. >> incredible pictures. a lot going on overnight. for that we turn to ron claiborne. and mr. ron claiborne. >> right, you have to remember that. good morning, everyone. we begin with the case of the missing uva student. the man charged in the disappearance of hannah graham
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is back in virginia, shackled and wearing a bullet proof vest. jesse matthew jr. arrived in charlottesville early friday. matthew, who was arrested in texas, is facing one felony abduction charge. the 32-year-old was the last person known to be with graham the night she disappeared two weeks ago. matthew is not cooperating with police. and health officials are investigating the possibility of the first death from the enterovirus d-68. a new jersey preschooler died from suffering from some kind of respiratory illness. the school has been ordered to be sanitized. seeing if it's connected to muscular weakness and paralysis. nine children in denver, four confirmed with the virus. and the fbi is investigating the deadly rampage at a food processing plant in oklahoma. al ton nolen allegedly killed a
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coworker, allegedly beheading her with a knife. the company executive, reserve police deputy shot and wounded nolen. sources tell abc that authorities are investigating that nolen posted jihadi rants on facebook. a big, wet mess on the streets of west hollywood after a water main burst on the streets friday night. it was dating back to 1916. it exploded, sending hundreds of thousands of gallons of water. the flow has been stemmed, but parts of sunset remain closed. and new details in the iphone 6 viral uproar, dubbed bendgate. consumer reports did stress tests on the iphone 6 and 6 plus and pronounced the new apple smartphones to be, quote, unquote, pretty tough. the iphone 6 plus was slightly stronger, 110 pounds of pressure before it deformed. that's the technical for come apart. and friday night lights of a different kind. a huge honor for tennessee
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student katie hargrove before her school's football game friday. crowned homecoming queen three months after surviving a horrific plane crash. everyone on board that plane, as amazing as it seems, survived. >> unbelievable. >> it is. she dreamed of becoming queen of since she started high school. congratulations to her. >> and for a young woman who broke her back, looks fantastic. that's great. really resilient. thanks, ron. thanks mr. ron. new developments in the intense mountain manhunt for a cop killer in pennsylvania. police have found clues on eric frein's computer leading them to a massive abandoned hotel. linzie janis has been following this search every step of the way and has the latest from pennsylvania. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. police say the evidence they continue to find in these woods has them convinced that eric frein is here. how can they be so sure? one new detail emerging overnight, frein tried to make a phone call.
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overnight, an army of law enforcement officers scouring a deserted resort in their hunt for eric frein. >> we will find you and we will bring you to justice. >> reporter: police say the fugitive has been to this abandoned inn. >> welcome to buck hill inn. >> reporter: where mtv once filmed its show named "fear," and they say he could return. officers going room by room, on the lookout for booby traps. overnight revealing frein has experimented with bomb making. and new evidence from a computer hard drive. that proves he has been planning an attack for two years. >> extensive internet research on how to avoid policeman manhunts and skills related to survival. >> reporter: and abc news learning how law enforcement officials tracked him. frein turning on his cell phone deep in the woods last week, police locating the signal. they say we walked 15 miles from
8:15 am
the barracks where he ambushed two state troopers, killing one of them, to the very woods where he grew up. we spoke with melissa frein who's married to eric frein's brother, michael. any idea why he shot at the troopers? >> we have no idea. >> reporter: how is michael doing? >> he's in shock that his brother would be capable of doing something like this. >> reporter: for the people in the search zone, their yards looking like a war zone. joist taking these photos from her bedroom window. afraid to go outside without her gun. have you thought about what you'd do? if you see him in the backyard? >> if it's him or me, i'm sorry, i'm not ready to go. >> reporter: police have not seen frein in roughly three days, but they have no plans to scale back their search. they say they're confident they'll find him soon. paula. >> residents on edge. thank you so much. and now a big scare at a high school in oregon. a student bringing a homemade bomb into the school. it was only detected after he
8:16 am
was overheard bragging about it. abc's aditi roy is tracking this story. >> reporter: chaos erupting at st. helens high school near portland, oregon, after authorities say they found a homemade bomb in a student's locker. police saying the suspect, a 16-year-old boy, made the device thursday night. showing it off to friends near the school friday morning. >> he told me he made this bomb. i met up with them over there. >> reporter: those friends alerted faculty. investigators say once confronted, the student admitted to school officials that he had the explosive in his locker. police were notified and the school evacuated. >> i was sitting in my first period, creative writing. and over the intercom, they said let's go to the stadium. >> it was scary. >> reporter: police reporting that the high school sophomore did not threaten to do anything with the bomb. >> yes, it was explosive and yes, it probably could have hurt somebody. but to what end, i don't know. >> reporter: classes resumed
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once investigators cleared the scene. back to normal after a tense morning. >> i was shocked. who would bring that to school? i don't know what was going through his head. >> reporter: for "good morning america," aditi roy. abc news, los angeles. switch gears now to the story of a young boy who mysteriously vanished in florida. and the surprising role played by a reporter assigned to recover the story. it led to a moving reunion. and sara is here with more. good morning. >> usually when you get assigned a story, you cover the story, you don't become the story. in this case, the newsman did become the story with a very happy ending. after nearly 14 hours of searching and worrying, an emotional reunion. 10-year-old paul fagan went missing from his grandmother's home in tampa around 8:00 p.m. thursday night. authorities combed the neighborhood, but by friday morning, still no sign of the boy. until cameron, a local reporter with the abc station who was covering the search made an
8:18 am
extraordinary discovery, getting the biggest scoop of all. >> i could see that it looked like a young boy. i was thinking he had to be around the age of the missing boy, paul. and i thought to myself, this can't be the kid. i asked him, hey, bud, can you give me your name? and he muttered, paul. >> reporter: he found him just next door in a neighbor's yard, hiding. afraid he would get in trouble for running away. >> he was wondering if he was still in trouble. i was just in the right place at the right time. >> reporter: and just a few hours later, he was back in his father's arms. >> it's like a wonderful joy. like your son first being born. i love him. that's all i can say. >> reporter: now, when the little boy was asked why he ran away, he said he needed a little space from his brother. a little bit. yeah. >> that's great. >> that's usually what happens. >> yeah, i have those feelings. >> you need space from us. >> really cute kid. really cute kid. >> adorable. >> and a happy ending.
8:19 am
>> of course i don't need space from you. >> whatever. >> maybe just a little bit. rob marciano is here with the national forecast. >> tight-knit family. and that reporting proves that not all news people are bad, we're good samaritans. good job there. and vegas. this video coming at us. severe thunderstorms in this hear. doesn't take much there. half an inch of rain. that's a half a foot of flooding and boulder city seeing some of that action. and from there, hail. napa valley, hail accumulating across wine country. they're going through the harvest and the crush right now. no word if there's damage to any of the tender grapes. ron listening carefully there. big storm rolling across parts of the southwest. complicated system to condense, and probably more storms in the same spots as last night. matter of the fact, just north of phoenix up through las vegas, a severe thunderstorm watch until 11:00 a.m. local time. flooding and strong winds, maybe hail. and a haboob yesterday.
8:20 am
that storm in phoenix. we might see another one today. heavy rains. 2 to 3 inches expected. rain from mexico to the canadian border. so a large system pumping moisture into the mountains and heat into the plains. into the 80s. 83 in rapid city after the snows last week. a rapid rise in temperatures there. rain across parts of the southeast. that's a look at the big p good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. storm tracker 6 live no moisture out there, just ground clutter. we have temperatures climbing from the 50s into the 60s. we're up to 82 degrees this afternoon warmer tomorrow, 83 degrees, more sunshine and then as we head into monday, increasing clouds, threat of rain monday night into >> sara asking about the haboob video. we showed that last night. just a mention of it this
8:21 am
morning and a risk of it this afternoon. >> she can not help herself. >> why is she laughing? >> haboob with a straight face. >> it's exactly the term -- we have an abc news exclusive. this is an extraordinary story. you're going to meet a 12-year-old girl with true grit. how she survived the so-called slender man stabbing. david muir with an incredible report. plus a lighter note. wedding party, george clooney and his bride to be and a star-studded guest list taking on venice. we'll have the details inside the big bash. [ male announcer ] lowe's presents how to install a fence
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i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live in delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle raised our taxes five times. five times in seven years. meanwhile tom mcgarrigle gave a million dollar subsidy to an energy company. tom mcgarrigle is not looking out for regular families or seniors at all. we need john kane in the senate. he gets regular families. >> it's 8:27 saturday morning, i'm eva pilgrim. sky6 live hd is looking at bright and sunny center city philadelphia. fall may have officially started, but this weekend will feel like summer. chris sowers is outside with
8:28 am
your accuweather forecast. >> reporter: hey, eva, it's a gorgeous morning, some locations in the 50s, low 60s, wall to wall blue. 82 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow, the normal is 73. we're at the degrees above average. 76 degrees monday, increasing clouds during the day. chance of wet weather monday night into tuesday as a coastal storm runs up the eastern seaboard. >> that's it for "action news," we're back in a half-hour, for now we send you back to "good morning america." w
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♪ i'm on the edge of glory this is the heart-stopping video that's burning up the internet. this is a yoga enthusiast striking her poses 25 stories above the streets of new york city on a narrow ledge. and get this, no harness. nothing to break the fall. critics are calling her moves reckless. >> nothing to break the fall. >> nothing to break the fall. she says no worries. she's done this time and time and time again. >> a strong wind there, all over. >> america -- >> the anatomy of a bad idea. no. she looks goods doing it. >> my feet need to stay on the ground at all times. also coming up, the wedding he said would never happen. george clooney, from permanent bachelor to married man. and we're right there covering the fashion, the parties and, of
8:31 am
course, the celebrity guest list. that's coming up. first, it's an abc news exclusive. this morning you're going to meet the brave girl who survived the so-called slender man stabbing. it was a crime that shocked the world. two girls who are accused of stabbing their classmate 19 times. all to impress a fictional internet character, allegedly. >> 12-year-old payton somehow survived. she crawled out of the woods. this morning, a strong family and they have gratitude for the way it played out. and grateful for the hero who happened to take the path to find their little girl. here's david muir with the exclusive report. >> the fact he was coming down this way. it was just unbelievable at that moment. >> reporter: we were with them as they thanked him, hugging the man who called 911 for their daughter. they're grateful to the paramedics, to the hospital minutes away, to the surgeon who discovered the biggest danger, that one stab wound just a hair from that artery in her heart.
8:32 am
everybody did what they had to do at the precise moment to bring her home. >> that's how we're seeing it. >> reporter: bringing her home and back to school. the principal telling me they're ready for payton as soon as she's ready. >> if she wants to come back here, we want to welcome her. >> reporter: for the first time, payton. in the one place that now makes her smile the most. the animal shelter not far from her home. this is the place to come. the kittens needing a home. she shows me her favorites. we did not ask her about those moments in the woods. there was no reason to. no reason to relive that pain. but her parents wanted me to see her smile again. >> what else did you mean? >> reporter: she's already on the way. >> can i get a blue pen stylus? >> sure. >> reporter: here, shopping for school supplies, preparing for the seventh grades. smiles we then saw looking at her notebooks. the ones with the kittens on the front. some people would say she's doing remarkably well given what's happened to her. >> yeah.
8:33 am
>> i would say way beyond expectations. >> reporter: and there was one more thing payton said while in that hospital bed in the hours after surgery four months ago. >> she wanted to go back to school. >> reporter: we are happy to show you the pictures, her walk down the driveway to the car. mom driving her back to school, and a proud dad watching. >> she's meant to do something special. she's here for a reason. to show the world, to treat other people better. for parents to maybe see -- dig in a little deeper about what their children are doing. maybe she, herself, is supposed to be an inspiration. >> reporter: and back out at the path where their little girl crawled through the opening in the woods, a mother and father revealing to me what they told their daughter. >> i told her i thought i lost you.
8:34 am
and she said, but you didn't. and that's, you know, from the get-go, she was stronger than we were. that's our girl. >> she came within a hair of dying. i love what her father said, she was meant to do something special. >> absolutely. she seems like she's bouncing back in spectacular fashion. and i love the fact she loves cats. >> of course you do. >> let's get another look at the overnight headlines. >> that was a good-looking tabby. hi, again, good morning, everyone. begin with big baby news, former first daughter chelsea clinton gave birth to a little girl. tweeting on friday night, "marc and i are full of love, awe and gratitude as we celebrate the first of our daughter, charlotte clinton mezvinsky." and four members of the central texas women's softball team were killed and more than a dozen others injured when the bus they were in collides with a semi truck. the accident occurred in
8:35 am
oklahoma. and dr. ana maria gonzalez-angulo, one of the top cancer researchers was found guilty on friday. she laced coffee with anti-freeze and gave it to her lover, dr. blumenschein. she is facing life in prison. and just outside of l.a., new neighbors. see the neighbors right there. a mother bear and her cub. they have taken up residence in the front yard of a home. they have been there for more than two and a half weeks. neighbors say they come down the tree to rummage for food and then climb back in to nap. right now wildlife officials are not going to remove the bears. they're going to allow them to stay there as long as they're not harming anybody. everybody is okay with it. >> paying the rent, the mortgage, utilities. >> the family is cool with that? >> the family and neighbors are cool with it. >> a mama bear around her kids. >> very dodgy. >> the problem is when that schedule doesn't work out. come down at the wrong time. >> we never solved either what to do between the grizzly and the black bear. >> one, you play dead, one you run. >> maybe rob can figure that out for us.
8:36 am
>> make a lot of noise in front of the black bear. i have done that. it doesn't work. running is a good option. >> and you're here to tell us about it. >> yes, thankfully. in new york city, no black bears across the new york city skyline. temperatures in the 60s, up into the 80s today, under lots of sunshine and blue skies. you have that to look forward to. the heat popping up across the northeast and much of the midwest today and for the next two days. this is an unbelievable first full weekend of fall. feeling summerlike. 79 in boston today. 83 tomorrow in beantown. will jeter play? that's the question. either way, it's nice weather. and in new york city, it's the low 80s. notre dame plays syracuse at the meadowlands today, oddly enough. down across the south, we're looking at showers building more so tomorrow than today. so look for heavier rains and flood watches for parts of the southeast. especially across the panhandle of florida in through new orleans. several inches of rainfall over the next 24 to 36 hours.
8:37 am
the heat in the midwest. as we mentioned last half hour. and the rains are a problem across the desert southwest. flash flood watches. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. hardly a cloud in the sky, comfortable temperatures and low humidity levels, highs in the 80s and warmer for s >> this weather report brought to you by walgreens. yeah. >> so you had -- you never told us how you survived the attack by the bear. >> a woman who was protecting her kids and her red cooler threw logs at the bear. i'm screaming at the bear, and the bear is eating deviled eggs. who cares. >> where was this? >> santa monica -- >> trader lake. >> it was on the streets of new york. >> code name for bears. right? >> when in doubt, throw logs at the bears. >> that's right. >> rob marciano with news you
8:38 am
can use this morning. thank you. and coming up on "gma," george clooney saying bye, bye to bachelorhood in a very big way. we're in venice following his wedding weekend. and the super sexy surprise britney spears is shipping up to kate middleton. >> i'm intrigued. >> it's a fantasy gift. middleton. straight ahead. >> i'm intrigued. >> it's a fantasy gift. shipping. straight ahead. >> i'm intrigued. >> it's a fantasy gift. shot@life campaign. thanks to customers like you, last year we helped supply three million vaccines to children in need. this year, help give even more. it's easy at walgreens. simply get a shot. and give a shot. at the corner of happy and healthy. (door knock!love it...say bounty paper towels are the best?... they're a must. yes, i did. this is viva® vantage, and it's different because of the stretch. wow, that's awesome. that stretch means scrubbing power. i never knew paper towels could do that.
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♪ it's the story george clooney said we'd never be covering. today in venice, the man who claimed he'd never get married is doing just that. >> never say never, right? and his soon to be wife, a beautiful, brilliant lawyer taking venice by storm with a weekend of parties, fashion and celebs. and lama hasan is in the middle of the party. >> reporter: and good morning to you, dan and paula. the wedding everyone is talking about in venice is in full swing now. you can see some of the preparations going up at iman hotel, where the wedding dinner will take place tonight. overnight, the bride and groom were out. the gallant george clooney making sure his fiancee and her party arrived for the dinner while he hung out with his mates. a-listers abroad, ditching the
8:43 am
red carpet for the waterways of venice. celebrating the im(x÷soon-to-be clooney and their parties. the couple both dining with friends and family. george clooney and amal alamuddin are taking over italy. arriving in style among the hollywood elite, matt damon, miguel ferrera and anna wintour, all descending on the floating city friday. 150 guests, brad pitt, angelina jolie and bono expected to attend. >> all of venice is abuzz about this big celebrity wedding. we saw white and pink flowers in the hotel. we are seeing small details emerge. >> reporter: sparing no costs, reportedly shelling out $13 million for one of the biggest weddings of the year. guests escorted by private water taxis. drivers sporting jackets embossed with the couple's initials. and designing at the exclusive five-star hotel. reported best man randy gerber
8:44 am
and supermodel wife cindy crawford adding to the luxury. randy gerber in los angeles loading 50 cases of tequila on to his private plane earlier this week. shutting down the town to say i do. >> the streets were closed on monday, possibly for the civil service that will happen. >> reporter: the 36-year-old bride-to-be is rumored to be wearing alexander mcqueen. the groom, an armani tux. a moment many thought would never come for a long-time hollywood bachelor turned husband. while the wedding ceremony is due to take place on monday in the beautiful 14th century city hall. there will be no pedestrian traffic allowed. just gondolas and water taxis, yes, we hang out in one all day. it's the city of canals and that's how we roll. dan and paula, back to you. >> that's how they float, actually. >> so the other big wedding coming up will be sara haines. that one we're going to cover with just as much --
8:45 am
>> huge. >> how many days away? >> 56 days away. >> tequila -- >> at least 12 cases. >> 50 cases? what are they going to do with all that wine? >> we don't know. >> can't wait, sara. >> and you know who's carrying the baton from george clooney? this guy. >> no, he's sticking by his word. >> bachelor. >> i love it. >> i'll be the flower girl. >> you're going to be beautiful. >> thank you. and coming up on "good morning america." a lesson in beyoncé. what students at harvard business school hope to learn from queen bey. it's ahead in "pop news." the soon-to-be misses, right, sara? >> yeah. overall cruise line 11 years running. and will soon feature the best internet connectivity at sea. call now to be wow'ed. [ female announcer ] your favorite coffee-mate seasonal flavors are back. ♪ fa la la la, fa la la la and they're as delicious as ever.
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>> yeah. >> okay. we're starting with queen bey.
8:49 am
guys, she may be one of the best-selling music artists of all time, having 17 grammys under her belt. but she's officially made it by this latest achievement. queen bey will be studied at harvard business school. they will study her album last superstorm, the visual album. specifically what it took to pull off and was it worth the risk? it sold 600,000 in the first three days, i'll say, uh-huh, yep. save you a lot of money. >> i'll take that course. can i take it online? >> i think she's a great case study. something to be learned there. you know how this is going to end? well. britney spears, from singer to designer with an eye on dressing royalty. the pop star in europe, showing off her lingerie line called the intimate britney spears. she's obsessed with lingerie, and wants to spread the love. and she plans on sending kate middleton her lingerie line. she wants to make sure that the
8:50 am
duchess of cambridge, now a lady in waiting with baby number two on the way has plenty of designs to choose from. oh, kate, oops, she just did it again. >> the first thing you want to put on is -- >> i doubt she's thinking lingerie right now. maybe after labor. and evidence that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. nor does the apple souffle. >> come on. [ bleep ] >> chef gordon ramsey is well-known for his off-color outburst on his shows, "hell's kitchen," and now his daughter is getting her own cooking show. we assume it's more about recipes than ranting. 12-year-old matilda has all the makings of a great chef, he says, and happy to turn the cooking reins over to her and spend his retirement watching matilda making magic in the kitchen and probably taste testing it a lot. >> i wonder if she's nicer?
8:51 am
>> i doubt there will be as many deeps. >> maybe that's the whole thing. >> i mean, the kitchen brings out the worst in some people. like myself. >> that's why i try to avoid it. >> exactly my point. thank you. and now for a new take on "scandal," the way dan harris likes it. with kittens. it could be the most adorable thing we have seen as gladiators turn into cat-iators. >> i'm being framed for catnip abuse. >> it's handled. >> these cuties may claw their way to the top. but with faces like these, you have to forgive them. >> olivia poop and shonda rhymes -- not suing over this? >> no, it's shonda cat rhymes. >> the fcc, my friend. >> our bosses may frown on that as well, too. >> yes. >> who has the time to do this stuff? i barely get my chihuahuas outside to walk. >> this is why the internet is so great. we'll be right back with more "gma." keep it here.
8:52 am
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hey, thanks for watching abc news. we are going to be back tomorrow. i think. >> not me. >> it's monday tomorrow. >> oh, wait. w. >> oh, wait. >> i'm eva pilgrim coming up next on "action news" saturday morning at 9:00. a mother and son are hit by a septa bus, the boy watched as his mom dialed. dialed -- died. we have freebies that
8:58 am
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>> good morning, it is saturday, september 27 i'm eva pilgrim. here's what we're following for you right now on "action news." breaking overnight a bus carrying a college softball team crashes four students are dead. police are tracking accused cop killer eric frein they say there's new evidence against him. and the calendar says fall, but it feels like summer all over again. meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we're going to have a flashback to summer all weekend. >> reporter: i think this will end up being the warmest weekend until next spring. get out and enjoy it. the averages are dropping like a rock at this point. to get in the 80s this time of the year is unusual let's go live on sky 6.
9:00 am
we're seeing clear conditions, lots of sunshine, comfortable humidity levels and temperatures in the 60s. 67 degrees exact for philadelphia. 64 in trenton. 66 in wilmington, a little bit cooler in millville, down to 55. allentown, 59. poconos, 62 dover 64. not expecting much at all in the way of clouds today as high pressure slides across the great lake states that means a lot of bright blue. just like what away saw yesterday, not a cloud in the sky, temperatures will soar. remember how warm it was yesterday, doylestown, 77. glassboro the same, pilots, 76. le wildwood on the water, a little bit cooler with the high of 73. get a load of these numbers this weekend, 82 degrees today 83 tomorrow, a little bit cooler monday, we're down to 76. even this is above average we're watching a coastal system that will bring clouds to the region maybe wet weather monday night into