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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  September 28, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m. on this sunday, september 28. suspicious fire, two people are hospitalized dozens more are out of the their homes after a fire in a philadelphia apartment complex overnight. >> an 8-year-old girl is badly hurt after the family dog attacks her. >> the eagles gear up and tackle the 49ers and protect their number one status. first chris sowers has a check on the accuweather forecast. gorgeous this weekend. >> reporter: and today is
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equally spectacular. let's show you the view it's nice and quiet this morning, we have clear skies and comfortable temperatures and low humidity levels. sunday is starting out as saturday finished. 61 degrees in the city. cooler numbers north and west, 50 in allentown. 55 in trenton. 49, so there is cooler stuff out there. 49 in the poconos, lancaster, 52 and reading 54 degrees. satellite and radar a few high, thin clouds trying to approach the area from the southwest. otherwise we're seeing mainly clear conditions. accuweather says expect another full day of sunshine. by 10:00 a.m., 71 degrees, lunchtime we're up to 78. well on our way to another 84 or 85-degree day. so a spectacular sunday is on the the way. the clouds thicken later this weekend. there are rain chance in the seven-day forecast. i'll have the details when i come back in just a bit.
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nydia. >> we have a developing story from the east oak lane section of philadelphia. police are investigating a suspicious fire at an apartment building that injured two people. the action cam was at the scene, a four story buildings on the 7400 block of stenton avenue. when firefighters arrived they found several residents trapped on balconies. fire and smoke had cut off the stairways they tried to use to escape. investigators someone deliberately set fires in the hallways in the first and third floor. >> there was strong odor of gasoline, plus there were two separate fires one on the first floor and third floor that indicates it's suspicious in nature. >> so far there are no arrests. a 61-year-old woman is being treated for smoke at einstein.
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56-year-old man is being smoke and burns at temple university hospital. peco has cut off power to the buildings leaving 75 people on the street. nearby leads middle school has been opened as a temporary shelter. officials say most residents may be allowed to return to their apartments this morning. >> a young girl is hospitalized this morning in critical condition after she was viciously attacked by the family's dog. her injuries were so severe she was rushed from a. i. dupont in wilmington to children's hospital in philadelphia. kenneth moten has the details. >> reporter: this 8-year-old girl lost a lot of blood and she has a number of soft tissue injuries to her arm. newark, delaware home of city council todd ruchle there are signs warning outsiders. >> she is a friendly girl she
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loves animals my heart goes out to the family. i feel awful. >> reporter: police and paramedics and animal control rushed to the home at 1:00 p.m. where the pitbull bit the child over over her body in the basement and caused a number of injuries to her arm. it was the 15-year-old sister who had to beat the dog off the girl. >> that's very heroic to step in and put universal in harm's way. the teenager called 91, but the dog was blocking the way out. the police opened fire killing the pitbull. there's no word if the councilman who has been serving district two for a few months was at home. his wife's ex-husband said his daughter was in the house at the time of the attack. >> he was an american pitbull, he was a great dog. >> your dog was over here. >> i was worried about both kids. >> reporter: the neighbor is
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friend with the 8-year-old victim. 89 mother worried for the safety of all the children. >> they would assure me the dog was locked separately and they would have no contact with the dog. >> i pray the best for everybody and i hope that the injuries are not as severe as it might be. >> reporter: at last check the victim was listed in critical condition at chop. police say the pitbull attack is under investigation. reporting in university city, kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." >> there's more tension in ferguson, missouri this morning after a police officer was shot. the officer was hit in the arm by two suspects following a foot chase. an intense search is underway. other circumstances are being investigated. ferguson has been the scene of run rest since the shooting of michael brown an unarmed 18-year-old by a white police officer. the mann -- a man who
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killed a pennsylvania trooper is still on the loose. hundreds of law enforcement personnel continue to comb through the area near his parents' home in the poconos. "good morning america" spoke with frein's center in -- sister in law. >> any idea why he shot at the pennsylvania trooper. >> oh, god, no idea. >> investigators have set up a five square mile area around the family home, 175,000 reward is being offered for information leading to his capture. >> new this morning, police in wilmington, delaware are investigating a shooting that left a man fighting for his life. it happened outside a rite aid
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at 4th and adams street at 12:15. police say a man was shot several times. he was rushed to christiana hospital in critical condition. so far police have made no arrests. wilmington police are investigating a shooting on the 800 block of vander avenue. a 16-year-old boy was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. >> a gun rally many carried t-shirts that recommend victims. 42 people have been murdered in wilmington since 2012. u.s. senator chris kunes. >> this is an important march
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for folks all over from new castle county to come out and spread the message of peace to make it clear to the people of wilmington that we care and engaged and witnessing for peace on the streets of wilmington. >> the one mile peace mark ended with a rally at win chester park. >> the tribute will be announced tomorrow. the chair media culture will be a collaboration between several schools at rutgers, the goal is to find ways more diverse voices in the media. the chair will be funded by the ford, knight foundation, as well as private foundation. philadelphia celebrates latin culture with the 51st puerto rican parade and festival. the fun will then move to north philadelphia for the street
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festival. be aware many septa routes will be detoured. you can get the excitement of the parade starting at 12:30, walter perez, diego castellanos and illa garcia will bring you a great front-row seat, again, that's at 12:30. >> the eagles will play to keep their number one spot secured when they face the 49ers this afternoon. the birds arrived in san francisco yesterday. the eagles are undefeated and facing a 49ers team that has struggled so far this season. they are just 1-2 so far. kickoff is 4:25 this afternoon. we'll get you in the eagles spirit by getting things started with game day kickoff. join ducis and mike quick game day kickoff is at 11:30. game day finality 11:35
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following "action news" at 11:00. still to come on "action news" sunday morning. a homeowner shapes dog walkers to cleaning up after their pooches. >> a volcano catches hikers off guard. >> reporter: we're going to have a beautiful weekend, if you go to the south you'll see clouds that will converge on the delaware valley
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>> more than 30 people have been found dead at a volcano site in japan. military helicopters rescued seven people from the mountain side. initially 250 people were trapped on the slopes, but most were able to make their way down last night. a van fell into a sinkhole in denver, colorado. nobody was in the van at the time. crews were eventually able to pull it out of the crater and start the process of repairs. >> those sinkholes are amazing. >> reporter: how big they get. the whole car is in the hole. wow what a day yesterday, picture perfect. today looks equally as perfect. we'll get you outside and show you what's going on this
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morning. you can see hardly a cloud in the sky. beautiful sunrise shaping in atlantic city. today will be another nice day, tomorrow we start to introduce some of the clouds and things start to change a little bit next week. if you didn't get a chance to enjoy yesterday's weather, you have one more nice one coming up today, and things starting to downhill a little bit. 61 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 58. winds are calm, pressure reading 30.17 inches. cooler north and west. milder south an east. sea isle, 62. millville, 52. wilmington, 57 degrees. satellite and radar composite showing a few high, thin clouds sneaking across the baltimore and metro areas. some of this will push through the morning and late afternoon. otherwise we're talking about a mostly sunny day.
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things will change as we go to the south. we're watching this frontal boundary across the panhandle of florida. it's been sitting here for a couple of days. we thought an area of low pressure would develop running up the eastern seaboard bringing us wet weather monday into tuesday. the forecast models backed off that yesterday, they take an area of small pressure and push this off the coast of carolinas, we'll see a cold front slip through that will bring us wet weather tuesday into wednesday. even that doesn't look too terribly impressive. this is later this afternoon into tomorrow morning. we'll see the high, thin clouds increase out of the southwest. we'll get into monday evening. we'll see clearing before the cold front pushes in from the northwest tuesday afternoon. 6:30 we'll see showers
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developing. outside of that, looks like the bulk of that coastal ask him will stay out to sea -- coastal system will stay out to sea. lehigh valley, sunny, 84 degrees, the end of september that's a nice temperature. jersey shore, cooler, but you'll see a lot of bright blue, mostly sunny skies and nice. winds out of the east/northeast a5 to 10 miles per hour. 77 degrees on the sand. if you're heading to citizens bank park, i believe it's fan appreciation day. don't forget the sunscreen, temperatures climbing into the low 80s. mostly sunny skies and warm. taking on the atlanta braves. the eagles are on the west coast against the sphwran 49ers, the -- san francisco 49ers. temperature in the mid 70s. increasing high clouds tomorrow, 79. the shower chances for tuesday and wednesday, with temperatures in the 70s, eva?
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>> thanks, chris. stay on top of the changing weather situation and the new visit for storm tracker 6 live radar, the latest videos with "action news" meteorologists and our collection of weather related photos and videos. the action cam caught an italian wedding tradition this weekend. ♪ it is customary in some families to serenade the bride with love song before they tie the knot. that is what this groom did in south philadelphia last night. the groom professed his love and there was dancing in front of the couple's closest family and friends. they all danced, too, how fun!
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>> "healthcheck" this morning, doctors are trying to head off a dangerous new trend, parents skipping the vitamin k shots. it prevents bleeding. there's a surge in bleeding cases largely among parents who are refusing vaccinations. abc's richard besser addressed
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on "good morning america." >> doctor said one in 100 babies would have a serious bleed. consumer product safety commission wants bunky balls taken off the market. they are sets of small, high hih powered magnets. they can attract each other and block the digestive track. even after a recall, some companies continue to make the toys. they must have a lower magnetic power or be too big to fit inside a small area like a cylinder. washington homeowner has taken action against dog owners who let owners do their business on her lawn. when she saw it happen she took
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a picture and posted it and put it on her front yard, our dog is not a bathroom for your pet. you have to clean up after your
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anncvideoconferences it's youof the day.rtant hi! hi, buddy! anncr: that's why the wifi and free hot breakfast are something to smile about. and good reasons to book now. feel the hamptonality >> reporter: welcome back everyone, 6:25 sunday morning. the sprints come seriesck continues in dover. we're looking at a gorgeous day down there. we'll see an easterly breeze develop. it's more like a bay breeze. temperatures lr cooler in central delaware than philadelphia. in philadelphia, 84, 85 degrees, down in dover, highs will top
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out the 79 or 80. beautiful, lots of bright blue, 67 degrees by 9:00 a.m., 78 by 1:00 p.m. >> the phillies wrap up their series with the braves at citizens bank park and the eagles are gearing up for action against the 49ers in san francisco. here's jeff skeverski with all your sunday morning sports. >> reporter: eagles coach chip kelly was so concerned about his players being jet lagged as soon as they got off their 6 hour flight to san francisco he had the entire team stretching on the front lawn of their hotel by the lobby. will the stretching ritual help the eagles stretch their record of 4-0. 49ers have played for the super bowl each of the last three years. nobody is better against the blitz and only two quarterbacks
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in the nfl have a higher completion percentage. >> when he gets out of the pocket and scrambles, we have to grab a receiver. >> he has a very, very strong arm and obviously, the added threat he has more than anybody else we faced in terms of being a runner. >> game time today at 4:25 about will get you set for kickoff with our pregame show, countdown to kick so far at 11:30 and we recount it game day final after "action news" at 11:00. one more with cole hamels on the mound. phils played their second to the last game of the season, ryan howard, home run in the second, 23rd he ties it up. tied at 2 in the 7th.
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ajay burnett gives up a two run homer. pitching coach comes out to talk with burnett who doesn't appear to be interested whatever is. speaking of body language, how did braves close with the unique stance on the mound, phillies fans behind home plate mocking him. phils lose 4-2. burnett loses his 18th most since steve carlson in a single season. he will have a hernia surgery next week and is not sure he will play next season. sean smith hit a game-tieing home run in game 3 of the atlantic league playoff. he hit first base in a funny
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way. his knee buckled and went down. he didn't let the injury stop. he hopped all the way home as the crowd grew louder. when he got to home plate his teammates were there for the celebration and carried him off the field. the revolution needed to win that game to advance to the championship series and they did. >> you can only imagine how much pain he was
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>> the search is on for an alleged arsonist after a fire in an apartment complex sends two people to the hospital and leaves dozens out of their home. >> philadelphia police look for a gunman after a man is shot three times in the chest and left for dead. >> we're being treated for another summer-like day always we close out the first full weekend of fall. 6:30, chris sowers what a fabulous weekend. you hate this weather. >> reporter: you like sunny and warm. i don't. i like sunny, but i would prefer it would be cooler. we have a few issues this morning, some fog has developed in the outlying areas. some of it a rather dense. there's the view in cape may, you can see the patchy fog,
6:31 am
wildwood a couple of miles down the road, visibility is fine. this is very hit or miss. where we're seeing the patchy fog it's rather dense. 6 miles in millville. northern portions of camden, burlington county, patchy fog there. lancaster,.3. dover, 3 miles. this should lift over the next couple of hours. we'll expect sunshine and the temperatures will soar. 61 if philadelphia, 57 in wilmington. millville, 52. close to 60 degrees in wildwood. here's satellite and radar, thicker shield of clouds, canopy, if you will to the west across the ohio valley. these are nothing more than high, thin clouds that will spread over the area in the late morning hours. sun will beat through that, we're expecting a nice day, 6:00, temperatures in the low 80s. 84 degrees by 3:00 p.m. changes are ahead in the
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seven-day forecast. it does include in the more of the way of clouds say goodbye to the bright blue and it includes wet weather, i'll have the details in just a bit. nydia. >> here's more on the developing story out of the east oak lane section of philadelphia. a suspicious apartment building fire has injured two people and left 75 others on the street. the blaze broke out only the 7400 block of stenton avenue. firefighters had to rescue several people who were trapped on the balcony of the four story building. the injured are being treated for smoke inhalation and burns. their injuries are not considered life threatening. a temporary shelter is set up at a nearby school. investigators say it looks like someone poured gasoline on the first and third floor hallways and lit it. >> a newark, delaware city
6:33 am
council's daughter was attacked by the family dog. the 15-year-old sister beat the dog to get it off the child and put pressure on the wounds. >> it's very his or his or hern and protect someone you love. >> when police arrived the girls managed to escape. officers shot and killed the dog. surgeons operated on the girl in an effort to save her arm. there's no word on where the councilman was at the time of the attack. the action cam was on the scene early this morning, 5900 block of shampose avenue. gunfire rang out after midnight. the victim was shot 3 times including once in the chest. he is in critical condition.
6:34 am
police have not indicated whether they found any motives or suspects. >> a deadly involving a septa bus remains under investigation. police say the bus was making a left turn from 15th on to washington avenue in south philadelphia friday night when it hit a woman and her young son who were crossing the street. the 29-year-old mother died at the scene. the 7-year-old boy was taken to the hospital with cuts and bruises. charges have been filed in the hit-and-run death of 73-year-old man of east mount airy friday night. then man had just picked up his grandson from football practice. they were driving when their vehicle was hit by suv. the driver and passenger of the suv jumped out and fled the scene. they were caught a short term later, the 73 man was pro pronounced at the scene. the 13 was transferred to children's hospital, but expected to be okay. >> today is philadelphia's
6:35 am
animal puerto rican parade it's a happy time for most people, but for one father it marks a heart wrenching anniversary. here's rick williams with the crime fighters report. >> reporter: it's been 6 years since mack nowak senior's son was shot and killed. >> i can't believe these guys are still running around the street. >> reporter: september 28, 24 matthew nowak and two friends were heading home from the animal puerto rican day parade when their car broke down at 6th and green street streets. surveillance video shows a blue car stopping to help. no vac got into the -- nowak got into the car with him. as he got out of the car, she shot him in the leg.
6:36 am
he indict later at the hospital -- he died later at the hospital. >> i want someone to come forward there's a $42,000 reward. there's a lot of cash it can go a long way. >> reporter: all you have to do is call the citizens crime commission call 215-546-tips or call 215686-tips. >> we were very close, we were friends, i miss that a lot, i really do. for crime fighters i'm rick williams. >> two people were killed when two small planes collided in midair in new york. it happened at an event designed to introduce children to aviation. investigators say the plane was flying as part of the young eagles rally in buffalo. the crash killed the 78-year-old pilot of one plane and his 14-year-old passenger. the other plane landed in the
6:37 am
field. the pilot of that plane who was a 9-year-old girl walked away. a vigil was held for one of the victims of the deadly bus crash. megan richardson was killed when a tractor-trailer crossed the median and slammed into their teen bulls in oklahoma. the ntsb is investigating the crash. another american doctor exposed to the ebola virus is expected to arrive in washington, d.c. he was supposed to the vies rules while volunteering in sierra leone. the agency sailed it will be using an -- said it will be using an abundance of caution while treating the doctor. several nursing students are doing their part to help fight the ebola rout break.
6:38 am
>> reporter: 70 villanova students are working to save lives. students have been on the receiving end in her native kenya. >> times when we receive the containers back in our country we never know how much people do to sacrifice to do. >> we have hospitals where patients are literally on the floor, no beds, and equipment is needed, but missing. >> we collect from a wide area and build these 40-foot containers for africa, ebola has ignited our business. >> reporter: the amount of supplies vary it could be something as simple as this that helps draw blood and masks and items as big as beds that
6:39 am
hospitals needed. with the help from organizations like villanova nursing he packs the containers. >> this is the easy part collecting and getting things together. >> reporter: receiving one container is an enormous help and packing one is a lesson for these nursing students about how much of an impact they can have beyond villanova. >> it's not just about what's happening in the united states, because the united states is part of the world cultures. take a look at all the boxes completed with the help of the nursing program. while mission relief is looking for companies and organizations that will offer their help to sort an pack boxes for future shipments. resorting in coatsville, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> there's much more to come on "action news," a bachelor, no more.
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>> intense storm sent people running for cover at a music festival in arizona. the park had to close and
6:43 am
festival organizers had to scramble to move the concert in door. check out the damage left by the same storm at sky harbor in phoenix yesterday. it caused a ground stop for an hour. high winds toppled power lines with some of the power lines falling on cars, look at that. crews are working to restore power to customers. nothing like that here. >> reporter: we were talking about that here, usually you get that weather on the east coast and it's sunny and pleanlts on on -- pleasant on the west coast. it's the complete opposite. it's a beautiful morning, we have mainly clear conditions, you can see the twilight there, temperatures in the 50s and 60s, look at yesterday's high temperatures are these are normal for the middle of august.
6:44 am
allentown, 84. glassboro, 83. dover, you can thank an easterly breeze off the bay keeping you guys down to 80. there's unbelieve numbers yesterday afternoon. -- unbelievable numbers yesterday afternoon. 51, dewpoint, 58. 50 degrees in in allentown. 55 in trenton. still in the 40s in the poconos. 57 in wilmington. just to the south you get into cape may, they are dealing with patchy fog, we expect that lift quickly. a few high, thin clouds to the southwest. a thicker shield of clouds across the tennessee and the ohios. this cloud cover will pull in tomorrow and some of this moisture here will actually arrive tuesday into wednesday. you see this system right there. that's a cold front. the forecast has changed a little bit from what we were
6:45 am
thinking yesterday. this front looks like it will be strong enough now to kick the coastal system that's developing near florida out to sea. we're not looking at a large slug of moisture by midweek. we're looking at nothing more than clouds and showers with that front. here's the surface maps frontal system to the north, dealing with a southwest wind, nice and warm, lots of sunshine. temperatures in the mid 80s. and then we get into monday, the cold front is approaching. temperatures close to 80 degrees, increasing clouds, but we'll kick the coastal system out to sea. clouds increase late this evening, into the overnight and tomorrow you'll see a mainly cloud sky. here comes the cold front that will drop in from canada by noose, we don't have a coastal storm on the map. it will kick it so far out to sea maybe a couple of showers tuesday afternoon. that's about it. there's a threat of a shower or two on wednesday, but we're
6:46 am
looking at a driving soaking rain. 84 in philadelphia, allentown, 84. trenton, 82 the normal is 73. atlantic city, 77 more specifically right there on the beach. ocean temperatures cooling down a little bit, but it should be a nice day to work on the tan if you want to, sun can and warm, 77 degrees, winds will be out of the southeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour. the surf is kicking up a little bit, 3 to 4 feet. low risk for rip currents, uv index on the moderate side. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 79 degrees another warm one coming up tomorrow. the main difference we'll see more in the way of clouds, tomorrow is not as bright and sunny. 77 degrees tuesday, combination of sun and clouds, shower or two possible late in the day. wednesday is cloudy, better chance of a shower or two, not a wash. more sunshine thursday, 74. friday, 75. next saturday looks damp and dreary high of 72.
6:47 am
enjoy today this weekend is going to be great. next weekend we'll work on it. >> this pet expo featured a costume parade animal rescue groups were collecting supplies and showing off dogs and cats new need of loving new homes.
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6:49 am
>> good sunday morning to you, take a look at this. sky6 live hd taking a live look at the sun as it is coming up this morning in atlantic city over the water, you can see it's slowly rises a beautiful picture, 6:49. 62 degrees. good news if you got the iphone 6. it won't cost you much to charge it, 47 cents a year, o power came up with the number. the study assumes you charge the
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iphone 6 from zero to 100% only once a day. most people don't drain the battery everyday. if you have an iphone vi plus, add another nickel to the bill. the cost is so little, because smart phones are incredible low-power devices. >> halloween is month from wednesday, research suggests consumers will be afraid to splurge on costumes, spending on the spooky holiday will reach 7.$7 billion. an increase of 3.3% over last year. the majority of money will be spent on costumes, a third of shoppers say they will buy stuff for halloween before october 1. time for save with 6abc, a mommy blogger is putting her faift savings to the test.
6:51 am
amy buckman has the details. >> reporter: for years we've been telling you about the just between friends giant consignment sale that happens just once a year. how do you know these deals are so great. there's an app. >> thank you honey has four favorite apps she uses for on the go comparison shopping. we put them to the test. first, we tested red laser on that this little tyke's d-ball set. >> you scan. >> 14.99. 1488 local. >> here it's $10. >> for tech items, like this baby monitor, we'll scan it, it works the same way. >> this is a pricey item.
6:52 am
137.80. how much are you getting for at the sale? >> 30 bucks. >> reporter: shop savvy scans bar codes to find prices. shop savvy will let you set alerts for when it goes on sale or follow it, like it, you can read product reviews. >> retail price, $27. jtf price, 10. >> you don't have to type in the bar code you take a picture of it? >> it does it automatically. >> reporter: the puzzle retails for $13, at the sale it's $5. the sale runs tonight and continues through sunday. we'll give you the hours at saving with 6abc amy buckman channel 6 "action news."
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>> sorry ladies, george clooney has tied the knot. clooney arrived in his wedding site by rolling up to the ceremony in a water taxi. the 53-year-old oscar winner reigned as holey wood's most eligible batch lower for years. he and his bride were engaged in apple. we're getting the first pictures of former first daughter chelsea clinton and her new baby girl. this is marc mezvinsky mez and her baby charlotte.
6:56 am
the grandparents are seen here holding the bundle of joy. char lot's other grandmother is former montgomery county congresswoman marjorie margolies. a 16-year-old gover is cheered as -- golfer is cheered as doing something that not many people can do. >> reporter: there's no question that samantha has a great golf swing. she also on the varsity boys team. >> i hit it happened to be right at the pole. and it just hit and spun and rolled like three feet into the hole. >> reporter: not only did she get her first-ever hole in one, she got her second hole in one 2, three holes later. >> i didn't see anything, i
6:57 am
guess it rolled off the front. the guy from the other team went you mean and looked in the hole and puts his arms up and said how am i supposed to compete with this. this is ridiculous. >> every once in a while you see something in a golf magazine two hole also in one, very, very rare. >> reporter: at the end of the round she turned in this score card her coach had to check the math and realized what she had done. she started playing golf after a chance meeting. >> who i said who thinks theyn throw a ball. her hand went up. >> sam should be an inspiration to everyone, it can be done. >> reporter: she won the junior golf tidal, playing with the
6:58 am
boys, it helped. >> guys have to hit harder, when i play with the girls, i'm going past them. >> sammy is an exceptional athlete, she has to decide if she wants to play softball or golf in college. >> tough decision. >> another hour of "action news" straight ahead. a church out west is reducing it's carbon footprint and helping members of its congregation is doing the same. >> a couple is encouraging reading, plus an update
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>> good morning, it is 7:00 a.m., sunday, september 28. suspicious fire two people are hospitalized dozens more out of the their homes after a fire at a philadelphia apartment complex overnight. >> an 8-year-old girl is badly hurt after her family's dog viciously attacks her. >> the eagles gear up and tackle the 49ers and protect their number one status. first outside we go to meteorologist chris sowers and another beautiful day on tap. it is. >> reporter: we're trying to protect our number one forecast. we're talking about a lot of sunshine today a


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