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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 28, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking now, wild weather. fierce storms tear across the southwest exploding power lines, flooding roads and even damaging an airport. >> wow, this storm is tearing up our freakin' roof. >> who's next in the storm's path? caught on camera. young kids thrown into the ocean when their boat overturns. the coast guard rushes to make a dramatic rescue of an entire family. first pictures, chelsea shows off her little bundle of joy, and grandma and grandpa clinton couldn't be happier. what they are saying about the newest member of the family. ♪ because i'm happy >> and happily married. george clooney rubbing his hands in anticipation just before tying the knot in the most
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glamorous celebrity wedding of the year. we have all the incredible pictures of the happy, giddy bachelor no more. ♪ good, right. good morning, america. dan harris has the day off. it is so great to have dan abrams to my left, your right. >> of course, but this is a sad day to be here. all the women who thought at one point they might become mrs. george clooney, big disappointment, big, big disappointment because of that. >> they're in mourning. that's for sure. >> he's married. it's done. it's over. no chance, never happening. >> well, you never know. >> never say never. >> come on. >> gloomy. we're going to start with the stormy first weekend of fall. damaging winds and floods in the southwest, and this storm is on the move. our rob marciano has been tracking it all -- all morning, i should say, and where is it
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headed next? >> the past couple of weeks they can't catch a break. they've had flooding rains, intense storms and in phoenix things not only got dramatic but they got dangerous. >> wow, this storm is tearing up our freakin' roof. moving across the southwest tore the roof off a terminal at sky harbor airport. as the storm approached, the entire sky turned dark and ominous. look in the distance, you can see power lines exploding in a ball of fire as flying debris hit electric lines and transformers. rains so heavy roads saturated. you can see here drivers slowly maneuvering through a flooded interstate 10. damaging winds clocked at 75 miles per hour. debris thrown all over the roads slowing down traffic even more. trees ripped out or uprooted by the strong winds taking down light poles with it. buildings battered. this roof collapsing into a house. the storm's effects also reaching to glendale snapping these utility poles like toothpicks leaving the residents of that area in the dark.
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a powerful storm, no doubt about it. it will be a quieter day in phoenix but this storm moves off to the east, flooding rains and perhaps intense storms for parts of the rocky mountains and intermountain west from grand junction to rapid city and we could see rains exceeding 1 to 2 inches and in some spots that will cause flooding so we have some flash flood watches posted for the west and flood watches for the southeast and talk more about that later in the program. guys. >> thanks, rob. now to that act of sabotage that stranded so many air travelers this weekend at chicago's two big airports. a key air traffic control center knocked out and the efforts to repair it may take longer than anyone imagined, which could mean lots more travel headaches for the weeks ahead. abc's alex perez has the latest from o'hare international airport. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, dan. the faa says they will have to replace all of that damaged equipment and one source telling abc news this morning it could be weeks before things fully return to normal. this morning, thousands of
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travelers are stuck in line with nowhere to go, still feeling the effects of a disgruntled employee who set fire to the faa air traffic control center in aurora, illinois, just outside chicago. overnight the chicago department of aviation reporting almost 700 cancellations and delays averaging one hour down significantly from friday's high of almost 2,000 flight cancellations. >> even if you're not going anywhere close to chicago, there is probably a ripple effect that has affected your airline in one way or another because of all the departures and arrivals and planes and the crews in the wrong places that are a direct result of this. >> reporter: the faa trying to troubleshoot the problem calling on air traffic controllers from nearby regional control centers. >> when you have a whole air route traffic control center go dark even though they may be figuring out ways to do it better, it will still be a disrussian until they get it rewired and back online. >> reporter: the damage is so severe in a statement overnight
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the faa said it "has decided to completely replace the central communications network in a different part of the same building, to restore the system as quickly as possible." the widespread disruption has left travelers wondering how one individual could cause such serious destruction. brian howard worked at control center for eight years, and he's been charged with destruction of aircraft or aircraft facilities, a felony. the fbi says howard remains hospitalized with no set court date. if convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison. the faa says crews will be working round the clock to install that new system, and it could still be a couple of days before they have a better idea of just how long it'll take to be back at 100%. paula. >> so potentially brace for that ripple effect. alex perez from chicago, thank you, alex. now to the first photos of bill and hillary clinton taken with their daughter chelsea's newborn baby girl named charlotte. the couple beaming over their
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brand-new titles, grandma and grandpa, and abc's mara schiavocampo has the very latest from lenox hill hospital here in manhattan. good morning, mara. >> reporter: good morning, paula. you know, the clintons have held a lot of titles, but this is definitely a first for them. the newest little clinton is reportedly doing just fine. her grandparents already tweeting about their excitement. you're looking at the first pictures of charlotte clinton mezvinsky, beaming new mom chelsea clinton tweeting out "at 7:03 p.m. on september 26th we finally met charlotte. we're in love." former secretary of state hillary clinton and former president bill clinton gushing in their new role, grandparents, tweeting "@billclinton and i are over the moon to be grandparents. one of the happiest moments of our life." and "charlotte, your grandmother @hillaryclinton and i couldn't be happier." the political power couple telling abc news in a statement chelsea is well and glowing,
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marc is bursting with pride. charlotte's life is off to a good start, and this morning we're getting new details on the birth. chelsea delivering at lenox hill hospital in new york city, a go-to for high-profile mommas like beyonce. ♪ the family has been looking forward to this new journey for some time. clinton telling george he has high hopes for his new heir. >> i want them to really love being alive, and when they grow up, i want them to believe they have certain obligations to people who don't have all the opportunities they'll have. >> reporter: but some wonder how being a grandma will change hillary clinton, if that's what the baby will call her. >> have you offered any names to chelsea? >> no, i'm going to wait. i want this to kind of develop organically because i've talked to a lot of friends who have preceded me to grandmotherhood and some of them have said i knew exactly whey wanted to be called and i had a hard time convincing the baby to
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call me that because he or she wanted to call me something else so i just want to see how this develops, but i could not be happier. this is something that i've looked forward to for a long time. >> reporter: and while america waits for hillary's decision if she'll run for president, a more important duty calls for now, diaper duty. chelsea clinton is already combining her commitment to certain social causes with motherhood. she's devoted to elephant protection, and the baby reportedly has an elephant themed nursery. i'm sure it's very adorable. dan. >> got to love the elephants. thanks, mara. >> hillary clinton has said she was waiting to become a grandma before making a decision about a presidential run in 2016. so let's bring in abc news chief white house correspondent jon karl in washington where he's co-hosting a special edition of "this week." good morning, jon. can having a grandchild really play into the 2016 campaign? >> reporter: well, look, we've had lots and lots of grandfathers running for president. it's hard to imagine that it would be much different having a
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grandmother run for president, although mara did mention that the nursery will be decorated with elephants, of course, the mascot of the republican party, so we'll see how that plays, but, look, hillary clinton has talked a lot about becoming a grandmother on the campaign trail. in fact, just last week she said that of the about 70,000 people who she has shaken hands with on this book tour, more than half of them have mentioned something about becoming a grandparent, so i imagine we'll see much more and on a more practical way, you know, she said she would not make a decision on running for president until the baby is born. now the baby is born. it clears the way for her to finally make that decision. >> can you imagine the clintons saying, honey, no elephants, please. no elephants. >> reporter: right, right. >> all right, jon. we'll see you a little later on. also front and center on this special edition of "this week," the u.s. air strikes on isis and syria. abc's martha raddatz is right in the middle of it all on an aircraft carrier in the persian gulf. >> reporter: u.s. warplanes have now expanded their mission in syria bombing isis targets to protect kurds there from being overtaken.
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just since friday, more than half a dozen strikes in syria and ongoing strikes in iraq, as well. we watched u.s. fighter jets launch off the "uss bush" over the last few days ready to go 24/7. the deck of an aircraft carrier is an incredibly dynamic place. once all of the aircraft are back on the deck, they are maintained, looked over again, and they go right back out on missions. and the commander of the air wing on board the ship told us the pace is not expected to slow down. >> syria, it's going to take a long time. it's going to take some time and i don't know how long, i don't know if there's a breaking point or a -- but i think we're going to be in this for awhile. >> reporter: but no matter how long it takes, they know the mission is critical. >> you don't want to miss a special edition of abc's "this week" with martha raddatz
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co-hosting from the middle east as america attacks isis in iraq and syria. that's coming up later this morning here on abc. >> look at martha right there on that ship. >> amazing. >> these tough. fearless. >> she goes everywhere. >> tough. almost as fearless as ron claiborne who has a look at the other headlines from today. >> more fearless than me. good morning to you, paula, dan, sara. good morning, everyone. tensions once again high in ferguson, missouri, this after two police officers come under fire hours apart in separate incidents. overnight an off-duty st. louis officer was driving his personal vehicle when shots were fired at that officer from another car injuring him with shattered glass. and earlier saturday night another ferguson officer was shot in the arm after he tried to stop two people from entering a closed community center, the suspect -- suspects, plural, in that incident remain at large. this comes days after police chief tom jackson clashed with activists after issuing a videotaped apology to the family of michael brown who was shot and killed by a ferguson policeman. and investigators in western new york state are trying to figure out what caused two small
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planes to collide midair killing the pilot and a 14-year-old passenger aboard one of the planes. the second plane with the pilot and a 9-year-old girl on board managed to land safely. the planes were taking part in an event to introduce children to aviation. and it appears the u.s. air strikes on the al qaeda linked group khorasan have taken out the group's leader and senior al qaeda member who fought with khorasan confirmed the death of muhsin al fadhli. the head of the group as well as another high-level leader. this was confirmed via twitter on saturday. u.s. officials are yet to confirm those deaths. and a massive rescue operation under way right now in japan for more than a dozen climbers still stranded on a volcanic mountain that erupted. helicopters plucked seven people off the mountainside earlier today amid heavy plumes of smoke and ash. 30 other people found near the summit were taken away unconscious. they are now believed to have died. initially 250 people were trapped on mt. ontake. most of them managed, however,
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to escape. and kenyan runner dennis kimetto smashed the marathon world record in berlin, germany, today. his winning running time, 2:02:57. isn't that amazing. >> just thinking about that. >> race winning time sliced 26 seconds from the previous record. imagine that. 26.2 miles in 2 hours, wow. >> i can't imagine that. oh. a nighttime stroll for this cat we're going to show you in a second takes a wild turn. watch as an alligator -- an alligator jumps out of the darkness. there's the alligator jumping out of the darkness nearly making a snack out of that cat. searchers at the national refuge in florida set up the infrared cameras say it was a house cat, very tough house cat, quick one. managed to, we can safely assume, lost one of its lives. >> maybe two. >> leaving at least eight. >> that's why we say inside, cats. >> and away from alligators. >> got more for you. finally a remarkable display of determination by a minor league baseball player.
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this happened friday. sean smith is his name playing for the york revolution, had a game-tying home run in the atlantic league playoffs and as he stepped on first base, you see it there, he tore his acl. >> oh, my word. >> but he kept going, hopping around the bases gaining momentum with every hop and eventually made it to home plate right there where you see his teammates will carry him off the field. the revolution ended up winning that game. i was just checking the official rues of baseball. you have to touch all the bases but if you're injured, a pinch runner can come in. >> huh. >> talk about determination. >> how about that, huh? >> torn acl. that is painful. >> uh-huh. >> i've never torn anything but, well -- >> you've never hit a home run either, paula. >> yes, i have. it was actually an inside-the-park home run. that's how speedy i was. >> i heard about that. oh, by the way, michigan lost to minnesota. >> i don't want to hear it. i'm not listening. i know they're 2-3. >> that's a big deal to her, dan. >> this is sort of the inside baseball stuff you don't quite get not being here every day. >> this is the conversation that
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happens during the commercial breaks. >> big michigan fan, having a terrible year. >> thank you for reminding me of that, ron. i was having a good morning. now to new developments surrounding a shocking police dash cam video. south carolina state trooper seen shooting an unarmed man he pulled over for a seat belt violation. now we're now hearing what the cop said right after he opened fire and now the driver's lawyers alleging racism, and abc's linsey davis has the very latest. >> reporter: a routine traffic stop resulting in the shooting of an unarmed black man landed this officer behind bars. >> can i see your license, please? >> get out of the car. get out of the car. >> reporter: new details about what should have been a standard traffic violation ending in four gunshots. >> get out of the car! >> why did you shoot me? >> reporter: levar jones was pulled over in south carolina for an alleged seat belt infraction. former state trooper
8:16 am
sean groubert asked jones to present his driver's license but shortly after opened fire. >> there is no doubt about the fact that this is a case of driving while black. >> reporter: the attorney for groubert says jones was aggressively reaching for his license leaving his client to believe he was grabbing a firearm, and here groubert is heard calling his supervisor to explain why he shot jones. >> i saw something black in his hands. i ran to the other side of the car yelling at him and he kept coming towards me. apparently it was his wallet. >> reporter: groubert arrested wednesday now charged with assault and battery could face up to 20 years in prison and then there's this. after jones is shot, groubert moves in. listen closely. you can hear him putting the now wounded jones in handcuffs. >> put your hands behind your back. put your hands behind your back. >> reporter: jones, who is now out of the hospital, released a statement saying, "i thank god every day that i am here with a story to tell and hope my situation can make a change." for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> thank you, linsey. and now new concerns
8:17 am
surrounding the outbreak of that respiratory december enterovirus 68. limb weakness or paralysis has been reported in nine children and the centers for december control investigating whether it's connected to the disease. let's bring in dr. jen ashton here. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> these cases all in the denver area. what else do we know? >> right now definitely more questions than answers but here's what we know at this point. nine cases as you said all in a denver suburb. ranging in age from 1-year-olds to 18-year-olds. showing sudden limb weakness or paralysis and an abnormal mri of the spinal cord. now, interestingly, all of these cases did have a fever with an upper respiratory illness in the two weeks or so prior to coming down with symptoms and so far, four out of six of them have tested positive for a nasal swab for the ev 68 virus. >> muscle weakness or paralysis. health officials don't believe it's polio but is there a connection to enterovirus? >> well, here's the interesting thing. enterovirus and polio come from the same viral family.
8:18 am
this ev 68 that we've been hearing about in the news is being referred to as a non-polio enterovirus and know that rarely that can cause paralysis but right now it's completely unknown whether there's a direct association. >> enterovirus reported in 40 states and parents need to stay vigilant, make sure you talk to your child's pediatrician and wash their hands? wash your hands. that's how it spreads. >> right, dr. jen ashton, thanks so much for joining us. >> you bet. >> scary stuff. >> yes. now to that incredible water rescue caught on camera. families taking part in a children's fishing tournament thrown into the ocean when their boat capsized. abc's tom llamas is here with the story. hey, tom. >> dan, good morning. first their engine dies and then the coast guard believes a giant wave flipped their boat. now, if the thought of floating in the gulf of mexico can't scary enough, imagine trying to stay alive with three small children also in the water. this stunning video shows seven people being rescued from an overturned boat off the coast of sanibel island in florida. four adults and three children
8:19 am
were taking part in a children's fishing tournament. suddenly the engine on the 32-foot boot stopped working, waves pushing the stranded boaters into the gulf. >> there is a pretty strong current out there. we've been watching that. >> reporter: look closely. one man can be seen with a young child holding on to floating debris in the water. another adult pulls two other children on top of the overturned boat. >> we originally received a call at 10:15 this morning from a lady. her husband was out on a boat. they were capsizing. the husband was able to make a phone call before they got into the water. so -- and he said, send the coast guard. >> reporter: the boaters used a cell phone to call for help. rescuers swiftly arrived on the scene sending a life saver into the water pulling each person into the rescue boat. >> and we did the proper rescue, got them on to the boat. >> reporter: the seven rescued can thank their flotation devices. >> this situation today is a prime example of why everybody needs to have life-saving equipment on board their vessel. today, life jackets saved seven
8:20 am
people. >> and he's not exaggerating. last year 560 people died in boating accidents around the u.s. and more than 75% of those victims were not wearing life jackets. guys, the coast guard also recommends having flares as well as noise makers if you can on the boat. these two are life saving devices. >> but in this case they had all the life jackets. >> they had the life vests on. >> it was on a children's fishing excursion no less. time to check in with the weather. back to rob marciano. rob, what do you have for us? >> no stranger to boating in the state of florida they'll see rough weather. miami, gorgeous start to your day there. temperatures in the upper 70s, there's biscayne bay but you can see the cumulo clouds beginning to build already this morning. a threat for thunderstorms as we head into the afternoon. temperatures expected to get to 86 in miami and south florida. and a pretty good southerly fetch and flow and storms will develop back through panama city. temperatures held in the 80s and
8:21 am
clearwater and some of that rainfall will be pretty heavy so there are some flood watches that have been posted and rainfall amounts could exceed 2 inches in some spots especially across parts of tallahassee. meanwhile, we are looking at some cooling conditions across parts of the west. they could use that and drying conditions in phoenix. we talked about the intense storms there earlier. some snow is building across the sierra nevada. forget about snow, temperatures in the 80s across the northeast. how is that for fall. . good mor, everyone i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. storm tracker 6 live is clear, sky conditions are nice and clear, as well. lots of bright blue we're seeing sunshine out there. temperatures will respond later this afternoon with highs close to 84 degrees in the city. cooler south and east. 79 degrees tomorrow increasing high clouds and that gives way to a couple of showers late in the day tuesday, 77 better chance of showers on wednesday, cloudy skies and 73.
8:22 am
>> the thought of some snow. >> do people know rob marciano gets heckled during his weather? >> no, and we don't need to share that really. >> you guys are heckling him. >> part of the hazing process and i'm embracing it. >> those were not cumulo clouds. >> yeah, exactly. cumulus. we have the intense search for a missing real estate agent who vanished after going to shake a house. is a prospective home buyer she never met behind her disappearance. one of the world's most eligible bachelors now officially off the market. we have all the glitz and glamour of george clooney's wedding. "good morning america" is brought to you by the irresistible taste of meow mix, the only one that cats ask for by name. might as well go allan? the way to wow. royal caribbean has been voted best overall cruise line 11 years running. and will soon feature the best internet connectivity at sea. call now to be wow'ed. [meow mix jingle slowly andright on cue.ks.]
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>> a suspicious early-morning fire in an east mount airy apartment building has forced 75 resident out of their homes. two people are in the hospital treated for burns and smoke. their injuries are not considered life threatening.
8:28 am
8:27 sunday morning, i'm nydia han. let's go outside to meteorologist chris sowers with the latest from accuweather. another great day, chris. >> reporter: no issues out here this morning. knowsly -- mostly sunny skies, 84 degrees, 11 degrees above average. increasing high clouds 79. tuesday there's an outside shot of a couple of showers as a cold front approaches cooler high of 77. >> awesome, thanks chris. >> we're back in a half-hour, >> awesome, thanks chris. >> we're back in a half-hour, i'm nydia han stay tuned i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live in delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle raised our taxes five times. five times in seven years. meanwhile tom mcgarrigle gave a million dollar subsidy to an energy company. tom mcgarrigle is not looking out for regular families or seniors at all.
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we need john kane in the senate. he gets regular families.
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♪ it's amazing i'm in this maze with you i just can't crack your code ♪ ♪ cause one day you screaming you love me loud ♪ ♪ i do what an amazing night. what an amazing surprise at the global citizen festival. jay z surprising the crowd there when beyonce joins him on stage so was their choice of song a message? good morning, america. we'll have more on that ahead in "pop news" with our master of interpretation, sara haines. >> talk about an amazing night. come on. george clooney. >> oh. >> breaking hearts all over the world. marrying his love, star-studded guest list. >> love that smile. >> right. >> oh. >> gosh. >> look, you guys -- >> we're still trying -- >> done. >> you should have seen the
8:31 am
faces on these two guys with just the smile, they're like, h oh, look at that smile. >> i'm psyched that he got married. it makes him more lovable. >> just because he's off the market doesn't mean we can't drool. >> window shopping. you just can't buy it. >> the legend continues. all right. but first the mystery of what happened to a real estate agent who went missing on the job. >> she was supposed to show someone a home for sale. that was three days ago, and that was the last time that anyone has heard from her. her husband now saying he received some strange text messages the night of her disappearance. abc's aditi roy with more on this mystery. good morning, aditi. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. this is just a baffling story. a realtor goes on what seems like a routine work assignment showing a house and then vanishes. this morning, the frantic search for missing arkansas realtor beverly carter continues. >> seen anything unusual. >> reporter: her husband desperate and determined to find his missing wife when she vanished late thursday night. >> i just would like to have my wife back. >> reporter: she was last seen headed to this foreclosed home
8:32 am
to show to potential buyers, but when her husband carl carter didn't receive a phone call by 8:30 p.m., he knew something was wrong. >> i knew she was going to be a little late, probably 7:30 to 8:00 at the most. and 8:00 come around. i got worried. >> reporter: finally at midnight carl heard from his wife through a series of bizarre text messages, instead of a sigh of relief, fear and uncertainty filled his mind once more. >> i'm out drinking with the girls. that's not beverly. >> beverly doesn't go out on a weeknight. beverly is in bed by 10:00. >> reporter: with citizens on high alert, pulaski county investigators asked large land owners to check their properties to aid in the search. >> you have a couple hundred volunteers just from the community. >> reporter: her car still in the driveway and there are no potential suspects. >> deputies are out in the area on atvs and we've had canines off and on through the search. helicopters utilized but this is a number one priority. >> reporter: beverly's husband
8:33 am
still searching for answers has one final plea for his wife's safe return. >> i'll give you a reward or whatever. please, just turn her loose. >> an entire community has mobilized to find carter. just yesterday 300 to 400 friends came together to search for her and still no trace of the wife and mother. paula, dan. >> all right, they are holding out hope to find carter. thank you, aditi roy. now let's get an update of the other morning's top stories we're tracking with ron. >> hi again, paula, dan, sara. good morning, everyone. we begin with the air traffic nightmare for thousands of air travelers. overnight almost 700 cancellations and nearly two-hour delays reported at chicago's o'hare and midway airports. the disruptions come after brian howard, a worker at a flight control center in aurora, illinois, allegedly set a fire at that facility. and hello, charlotte. not north carolina, but chelsea clinton's new baby, chelsea tweeting out the first picture of her daughter saturday. grandparents, the former secretary of state hillary clinton and former president
8:34 am
bill clinton also taking to twitter to gush about their new 1-day-old granddaughter. and in texas five babies have tested positive for tuberculosis, this after a nurse assistant in el paso hospital possibly exposed the infants to the disease, but health officials say four of the children have been vaccinated for tb in the past meaning their results could, could be false negatives. and finally, an ohio man who raised tens of thousands of dollars as a crowd funding joke to buy potato salad ingredients, well, he threw a huge party dubbed potatostock to celebrate. >> i love it. >> zach brown is this guy's name. he's trying to be funny. when he asked donors on kickstarter for 10 bucks to make his first potato salad, that request went viral raising $55,000. saturday's party featured bands, food trucks and imagine this, a whole lot of potato salad. in fact, 3,000 pounds worth of potatoes went into making that salad.
8:35 am
>> i see a charge on your credit card. what was this for? >> potatoes. >> but the nice thing about potato salad, you can keep it in your fridge for a good week if it lasts that long. >> and well worth $55,000. >> i know. >> if it's vinegar based. if it's mayonnaise based, it's different. >> a potato salad connoisseur. >> i am. >> and weather connoisseur. >> i am. boston, lovely shot. great day to eat potato salad in boston or some chowder. >> chowder. >> sunshine. 60 degrees the current temperature. looking at a gorgeous day. ron still floating over jeter's last game at yankee stadium. will he play the last game of the season at fenway today? temperatures will be in the 80s, going to be a gorgeous day. upstate new york, the southern adirondacks, prospect mountain, there's lake george, fall just starting to turn. leaf peepers getting out there early. wear your shorts, warm one. 80 degrees in new york. those orange arrows coming out of the south, that means the heat is on at least for the next couple of days. it'll be 78 degrees in chicago so a lot of football games today in the northeast and the midwest and it will feel more like preseason,
8:36 am
that's for sure, but fall is coming. temperatures going from the 80s in minneapolis to 62 tomorrow and then into the 60s on tuesday and wednesday for places like detroit, so we'll watch this continue to build. the southeast you'll see some rain especially across the coast this morning. rain as cross the intermountain west after the rough day yesterday, you will be drying out slow >> reporter: good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. we have crystal clear skies once again this morning. no pretip on >> this weather report brought to you by pier one imports. >> you just walked away and come back. >> i could never leave you, ron. >> they got you doing laps while doing the weather. >> getting a workout in here. >> it is a long walk for those who can't see, rob. this just shows his talent. >> will you stop it? >> 30 feet, at least. >> testing him on this. coming up on "gma," george clooney says "i do" to the woman
8:37 am
that became his wife. a wedding extravaganza, a report from venice on all the festivities is coming up. and jay z and beyonce among the top names in a concert for a cause all up ahead in "pop news." ♪ when change is in the air you see things in a whole new way. it's in this spirit that ing u.s. is becoming a new kind of company.
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nose because i'm happy ♪ america's perennial bachelor george clooney now a, weep, weep, married man. and as you can imagine, it was quite the affair. >> a happily married man, we should add. the stunning scenes in venice, italy, with a-list hollywood friends of the star arriving by boat to wish the couple well and abc's lama hasan has all the details. >> reporter: good morning to you, dan and paula. well, this morning's headlines say it all, "hollywood on the grande canal." and it couldn't have been scripted any better as the sun was setting on venice, george clooney making a dramatic entrance on his motorboat aptly named "amore" which you can probably see over my shoulder. he came to the aman hotel to meet his bride amal alamuddin to exchange their vows. he's officially off the market. george clooney and amal alamuddin are married.
8:42 am
the lovebirds saying "i do" overnight in an intimate ceremony at venice's iconic seven-stave aman hotel. the hollywood heartthrob looking dashing in an armani tux seen riding off into the sunset at his waterfront wedding, upon arrival he rubbed his hands in excitement perhaps to combat cold feet before meeting his blushing bride at the altar. >> they were wed in a private ceremony. details still coming in but the bride was rumored to be wearing alexander mcqueen and we do know there were pink and white flowers taken into the hotel. >> reporter: a legion of a-list guests donning black ties gorgeous gowns and the lavish reception in a flotilla of water taxis. matt damon and wife luciana barroso, emily blunt and hubby john krasinski, anna wintour, bill murray and bono spotted among the pack. george looking fresh-faced enjoying breakfast with best man
8:43 am
randy gerber and his wife cindy crawford. clooney, a two-time sexiest pan alive winner and longtime bachelor vowed to never take vows again. this marks the second marriage for the hollywood hunk and a first for the now mrs. george clooney. >> as george's famous friends got married one by one, they all would rib him about the fact that he was still a bachelor. but when amal came along, i think everyone could see that this was true love and that they were so happy together. >> reporter: and if you thought the celebrations are over, think again. there's another dinner organized for tonight at the hoetel but my guess is after last night's shindig and all the hangovers this morning, tonight's affair is going to be a bit tamer. dan and paula. >> and lama gets her own boat there, as well. >> we're fascinated. a seven-star hotel. we didn't know that existed. >> like the honor system. you can grade above a 4.0.
8:44 am
what is the advanced placement. >> like the plus. >> i don't think -- most of us aren't familiar with that. maybe sara, the only one in this group to get over the 4.0. >> how much tequila did they say? 30,000 bottles. >> 13 cases. >> 1 cases? >> i thought it was more than that. >> it was more than that. coming up on "good morning america" -- >> that's a weekend. the man who reached a milestone at the happiest place on earth. sara has been working the story all morning. she has it straight ahead in "pop news." >> i love when you say working this story. >> researching this. you've been working it all morning. >> studying it. i'm k-a-t-e and i have copd, but i don't want my breathing problems to get in the way my volunteering. that's why i asked my doctor about b-r-e-o. once-daily breo ellipta helps increase airflow from the lungs for a full 24 hours. and breo helps reduce symptom flare-ups that last several days and require oral steroids, antibiotics, or hospital stay. breo is not for asthma. breo contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma.
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anncvideoconferences it's youof the day.rtant hi! hi, buddy! anncr: that's why the wifi and free hot breakfast are something to smile about. and good reasons to book now. feel the hamptonality don't disguise bad odors. ♪ continuously neutralize them with glad with febreze. ♪ it is the much anticipated, it is the much buzzed about, it is the much talked about, "pop news." >> i keep paying them to tell you that. it's working. >> that's true. there are disney fans and then there are disney fans. we found one who can't get enough of the happiest place on earth.
8:49 am
>> good morning, america. this is jeff and i'm getting ready to go in for my 1,001st day at disneyland. come on. let's go have some fun. >> you heard that correctly, 1001 days in a row. and jeff reitz of huntington beach, california, started going to the theme park on new year's eve in 2011. he was unemployed and a friend, a good friend gave him a season pass. he does have a job now but keeps on visiting because seeing everybody having a good time and listening to the music recharges him. he hopes to continue on to disneyland's 60th anniversary next spring. >> can you imagine walking >> mick, min, goof, how are you doing? good it see you again. >> disney didn't hire him after all that. >> he works in a v.a. hospital so he's doing good work. it's great but it is a happy place. i can see why you'd want to go back but tiring. >> i mean, honestly, every day. recharge every 24 hours. >> exactly. and next up, a dog who is a bit pushy literally. check this out. look at this guy. >> he's pushing. >> oh, my gosh.
8:50 am
>> he's pushing. that was punny, ron, punny. >> subtle. >> his tongue rests on the top of the little car. that's not part of the trick but that that's eteo, a belgian malinois. as you can see he likes nothing better than to push 3-year-old aidan along the water in his cozy coup. i used to love that little car. i actually have one and still fit in it. aidan seems to be enjoying him as well. he's a trained guard dog but this behavior is like the advanced placement, second time in the show, of doggie training. and new york city central park rocking overnight all in an effort to end poverty plus one amazing surprise. ♪ it's amazing i'm in this maze with you i just can't crack your code ♪ >> jay z was scheduled to perform at the global citizen festival, brought out his wife beyonce to help them perform "holy grail," which is actually a song about marital strife so i hope
8:51 am
that isn't the message. its mission is end extreme poverty, the concert was free but only way to get admission by a lottery system with people who engaged in social activism earning points and increasing their chances of getting a pass so you couldn't just pay for something. you actually had to contribute to end, you know like it was an activist -- but now that we have a full week of fall under our belt, it's time to be thinking about one of my favorite holidays, halloween. we know the folks who make cheetos are, in fact -- because, in fact, they created a limited edition of the cheese puff called a bag of bones. four different pieces, skulls, rib cage, bones and hands and you can put together your very own skeleton which is quite spooktacular. yes, i said it, so today we're all allowed to play with our food but you can see you got a little rib cage. >> i love it. >> you got hands. >> i have a bone. i think this is a femur. is this a femur? >> we'll be right back after we play with cheetos. commercial break. >> there's a skull. >> yeah. g to the caribbean? might as well go all the way to wow. royal caribbean has been voted best
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"good morning america" is brought to you by quicken loans for a mortgage experience that's engineered to amaze. >> make sure you catch "this week" a little later in the day, but we'll leave you with our skull-tastic creations. ooh. my arm. there went my arm. oh, he's sliding. there goes my arm. >> good morning, i'm nydia han along with eva pilgrim. coming up on "action news" this sunday morning. dozens flee an apartment fire in east mount airy. officials say the blaze was not only accident. >> an 8-year-old girl is in critical condition after a dog attack at her own home. chris. >> reporter: eva this is a look at the high temperatures around the delaware valley, each
8:57 am
location could be as warm today if not a degree or two
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> good morning, it is 9:00 a.m. on this sunday, september 27. in the news, a suspicious fire drives dozens intoopt night in east -- into the night in east mount airy. >> marchers call for an end to gun violence, two hours before two more shootings. >> the birds land on the west coast hoping to keep their unbeaten string going. >> we're finishing up outline first full week of fall and it is just gorgeous. >> reporter: too bad all the pools are closed, you could have used them.
9:00 am
we're looking at the center city skyline, lots of bright blue comfortable terms and climbing into the mid 60s. 67 if philadelphia. trenton, 67. poconos 60. sea isle and atlantic city are closing in on quickly on 70 degrees. the satellite and radar composite just a few high, thin clouds moving through right now. otherwise we'll see sunshine out there today. this thicker batch of cloud cover gets in here overnight tonight. that will set up a gray day for tomorrow. tomorrow will not look as bright, but it will be nice and warm, but not as sunny. accuweather says mostly sunny, yesterday's high, 84. today another 84. maybe 85. a fabulous day, but the winning streak will come to an end. today is spectacular, the clouds start to lower and thicken we have shower chance in the seven-day forecast tuesday and wednesday. when i come back in just a few minutes i'll talk about that and have the rest of the of