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tv   Action News  ABC  September 28, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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big story is developing news out of man tu a philadelphia police are searching for the person that ran down a little girl on a street and took off. >> and tonight that little girl's family is bleeding for the driver to come forward. "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live outside children's hospital with the latest. kenneth. >> and sarah we've just learned registration of that suspected hit-and-run vehicle came back to a delaware county address. outside of chop here we spoke with the mother of this 7-year-old girl. she says her daughter is doing better but she's in rough shape tonight and she is being transferred to the icu. >> philadelphia police accident investigators were on the scene late into the night after they say a suv wran down 7-year-old alure mcclain on 42 and mantua. efforts to identify the vehicle were made easy by quick thinking good samaritan that snapped a picture of suspected hit-and-run mit sue bishy out lander. >> and i was -- when i got there paramedics was taking her away.
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>> grand father of little girl say witnesses say one car stopped to let the girl crashed and the hit-and-run vehicle went around and dragged herself feet before stropping and taking offch the girl was rushed to children's hospital of philadelphia. "action news" spoke with alure's mother said her daughter who loves to sing and dance has a skull fracture and broken ankle. >> i'm concerned about my granddaughter's health. as far as i know now she's sedated in the hospital and it's ashame for somebody to hit a child 7 years old and just take off. police say because of this snapshot they have a pennsylvania tag of out lander jky 7458 sources say registration came back to owner and home in lansdowne, delaware county. >> i wish you could turn yourself n be manor woman enough to tape responsibility for your
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actions for what you did. >> once again 7-year-old allure will spend tonight in icu at chop because of severe injuries. police say even though they have a lot of information about the suspected hit-and-run vehicle they still have not been able to track it or the driver down. reporting live in university city tonight, kenneth moton, "channel 6 action news." >> kenneth, thank you. >> in new jersey the investigation is underway into what caused the fire that left the ceo of cooper health systems and wife dead. 72-year-old jop sheridan and 69-year-old wife were kill at their home outside princeton. shar i dan, an attorney was high-powered political figure in the state working under new jersey governors and serving on a number of boards that would help his passion improving healthcare. george e. norway cross chairman of cooper board of trustees called him a true gentleman, outstanding leader and said it is hard to overstate how great a
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loss is to friend family and co-workers. he was a friend e. mentor and role model. >> investigators are call a fire at apartment building in east mt. airy suspicious. two people were hurt and dozens of others left without a place to stay. the fire broke out 2:00 this morning chestnut terrace apartments on stenton avenue. there were flames on first and third floors and investigators reported a strong smell of gasoline. a tenant may have been target. neighbors tell "action news" there's been suspicious activity at the building over the past few weeks. >> the fire alarm went off again 4:30 we smelled smoke and we ran out and someone's car had a fire bomb. >> very chaotic. we don't know what's going on but want it solved a 56-year-old man and 61-year-old woman were hospitalize the with unspusfied injuries. the red cross is helping those who now lost their homes. a man was killed bicep ta regional rail train this morning
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as we walked around the tracks 10:00 south of fern rock station in city olney section. the train was heading in the direction of the airport with 70 passengers on board. the victim was rushed to einstein hospital where he was pronounced dead. no word on who he is or why he was walking on the tracks. >> police believe suspected cop-killer eric frein may have bobbytrapped a dense woods where hiding out in the poconos. the manhunt is now on day 16. authorities say they shifted their search slightly south east today. they think frein is contained within a five square mile perimeter around his parents' no canadensis he's accused of killing a state trooper earlier this month. >> a truck burst into flames on i-95 blocking traffic in northeast philadelphia. here are imannuals of the track toll toller up in flames. all northbound lanes were
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blocked until the truck could be towed. cause of the fire remains under investigation. tough one for eagles in san francisco today. >> they had a chance to win it. they fell short. >> highest scoring tem nfl second half, 0 points today from the offense. well, perhaps only way to put out eagles offensive firepower is fire alarm. nick foles among eagles players woke unup in middle of the night aft fire alarm went off at the team hotel. foles and eagles offense looks a little sleepy today. they fail to put up a single point in san fran. eagles get all prints to defense and special teams. how special is this guy darren sproles on punt return 8 yards and egglees up 21-13 at half. 3rd quarter 49ers here they come. colin kaepernick. johnson, how did he stay n tipy tow. san fran takes lead in second half. from the one they can take the
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lead. nick foles? ah, over throes jeremy maclin. eagles have arguably worst game under chip kelly. they lows 62-21. it's their first loss of the year. >> we got whooped up front we're not good up front right now we have a lot of guys banged up that's not excuse just reality of it. >> san francisco is good team and they got us today. but we'll look at this film critical like we always do and be better for it because the guys are in the locker room. >> there will be days one of the phases is not playing well and you hope the other two can bail it out they got us close but we could not finish offensively that's on us. >> more on the loss coming up on eagles game day final. after "action news" at 11 plus a locker room report coming up with ducis rogers and a little in sports this is a real tough loss. hopefully they can rebound next week against st. louis. >> thank you, a newborn in delaware was in a hurry to get
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into the word. and mom gave birth at rest stop on i-95. "action news" reporter annie mccormick talked to the paramedics that helped out. >> she seemed more scared than anything. obviously she just had a child on i'd of the highway and first child. >> a new mom give bairj front seat of her car at a delaware rest stoingt stop after filing make it to the hospital in time. this paramedic got there after. >> i clamped the umbilical cord, cut. it proceeded to take the baby wrap her up and move her to the ambulance. >> the baby's mom, grabbed mom and aunt realized the little girls with coming and called for help getting step by step instructions. >> well the backseat was patient's little sister apparently she's the one that called 911 and gotten directions from the dispatchers open using shoe laces to tie off the cord.
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umbilical cord and then her mother was outside the car waving us down. >> the family left the rest to the professionals and mom and baby are resting comfortably tonight. >> hopefully we have a family that is very pleased with the services they received. >> and we're not hearing any complaints from the family about that curb side service they received at the rest stop. mom and baby still remain at christianne hospital. reporting in newark, delaware, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." >> and that baby sure picked a great day to come into the world. sunny skies, warm temperatures. we know it fall. it felt like summer today. cecily tynan has the recap and look ahead at the big board. >> hi, walter, someone forgot to tell mother nature it's fall. we had encore of summer this weekend. yesterday, 84 the high with bright blue skies. not a cloud in the sky. today high, thin clouds. plenty of sunshine filtering through. 3 degrees. 10 above normal. so temperatures feeling really like the middle of august.
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and even tonight not all that cool. philadelphia, 69 degrees. washington d.c. 70. new york city 72. cooler air to the west and some of that will gradually be moving in and as well as more cloud cover. satellite 6 and action radar showing as we head through the day we did have more clouds. but they're really high and thin. the reason why we have high pressure at the surface and it's like a dome. what this does is forces these clouds into the upper atmosphere. and not only will it really keep us from getting too cool tonight provided spectacular sun sets this was spent the on my facebook page. perk circumstance pennsylvania, you see how the clouds are playing with longer wavelength colors of red and orange and also a gorgeous photo from lake noxamixon sent by tracey. things change was we head through the week. the morning rush hoursh the only problem, potential for patchy fog. i don't think it will be
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widespread. mostly cloudy skies at 5:00, 62. by 7:00, 64 and 9:00, 66 we'll talk about a cool down and midweek showers and chance of rain next weekend in the accuweather forecast, walter. >> thank you, cecily. stay on top of changing weather situation with new visit for stormtracker 6 radar both hourly and 7 day forecast and latest video from "action news" meteorologists and our collection of weather related photos and videos. >> still much more to come tonight on "action news". a monster truck out of control slams right into the crowd. the terrifying moment of impact caught on camera. >> and first a frank admission from president obama and the fight against isis. what u.s. officials did wrong. >> jack is back with more sports what u.s. officials did wrong. >> jack is back with more sports when "action news" continues
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>> al qaeda nropt syria is warping jihadists worldwide will strike back to coalition air strikes. this is an air strike carried out yesterday it shows missile hitting isis compound and other air strikes hit two armed vehicles at boarder crossing with turkey. the front is a terrorist ooringization and pratt from is sis. syrian rebels say targeting the
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group will cause more chaos in syria ongoing civil conflict. >> this comes as president obama admits university underestimated rise of isis. in new interview with 60 minutes u.s. placed too much nruingt iraqi military to fight the terror group and he acknowledged region has become as he put it ground zero for jihadists around the world. today republican house speaker john boehner suggested ground troops may be necessary to stop screamists and so far president is still ruling out that option. >> an american doctor exposed to the ebola virus while volunteering in sierra leone is back in u.s.. he arrives in washington sean in special isolation unit. they're stressing the fact because he was exposed doesn't mean he's infected. >> three people were killed and more than a dozen injured in
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netherlands when a monster truck crashed into a crowd a child is among the dead. the accident was captured open video by eyewitness. you see it right here. see the driver of the truck losing control and running over a row of cars into a group of onlookers. the truck's driver is now being questionedly police. >> flight cancellations continue to playing chicago's twoynts national airports. now the government is stepping in. there's word tonight that the faa will replace the entire central computer network at the control center where an operation's halting fire took place on friday. and contract employee faces felony charges for allegedly setting plays after trying to take his life. at one point,000 flights were cancelled in chicago. >> and george clooney and brand new wife are showing off wedding fwhandz italy. the couple emerged from luxury hotel in venice one day after tying the knot. tourists cheered as they hopped into a water taxi for a ride down the grand canal. clooney supported a simple ring
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on left hand and his bride human rights attorney had a thin band studded with diamonds. >> still to come on "action news" tonight celebration of culture on the parkway tonight. we'll take you to annual philadelphia purity wreak an day parade. >> cecily tynan has your exclusive accuweather 7-day >> the puerto wreak an day parade returned for the second day on the
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>> the puerto wreak an day
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parade returned for the second ben franklin parkway this is a chance to celebrate vibrant culture. >> and it was hot. not just music the weather. >> it was hot out there. >> like puerto rico. >> yes. >> it was the theme. >> and temperatures in the 80s and things cooling off. some people like the fall weather and want to put sweaters on. >> i'm not one of them. >> i like this weekend. things changing. stormtracker 6 double scan showing dry conditions out there tonight and action cam taking a look at 30th street station. you only need a light jacket because it's certainly not very cool out there. and today, didn't feel like fall at all. our morning low, 60. 5 above normal. afternoon high 80. ten degrees above normal.
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not a record though record high 9 1 setback in 1886. is it a's high 84. it certainly was a warm weekend and mild night. philadelphia currently 69 degrees and allen towel 64 and millville 64 and trenton 67 and boardwalk in atlantic city currently 68. and satellite 6 along with action radar showing we have a lot of clouds streaming out of the southwest and they're forced into the upper atmosphere by high pressure. it won't be a bright and sunny morning. partly cloudy. patchy fog around. allentown 55. millville 55. again temperatures running on mild side. satellite 6 along with action radar a wider view showing here's a cold front that moves lieu in the middle of the week than will do a few things. first of all bring us clouds. perhaps a couple showers and then behind it it will really drop temperatures for the second half of the workweek. tomorrow, though, future tracker showing just clouds around here and there and all day long the clouds will fight with the
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sunshine and we'll still see fillederd sunshine. as we head to tuesday we have a possibility of couple popup showers in the afternoon and you can see 2:00, really not very organized and on wednesday, that front flips through. that will bring us more clouds and chance of showers and latest models showing best chance of rain would be missing us to the west. we have a better chance of rain coming next weekend on saturday. and the bus stop forecast tomorrow, though, clouds around. mostly cloudy. little patchy fog. you don't have to bundle the kids up much at all. it will be mild. 6:00, 6 degrees by 8:00. and 65 degrees and the day planner showing tomorrow mixture of clouds and sunshine all day and temperatures not quite as warm as this weekend. but running above average. and at 7:00, 63, by 10:00, 70 and 1:00, 76 and 4:00, 78 and that's 5 above normal we're seeing good-bye to 80s for a while. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast nice day. more clouds and sunshine.
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78 degrees. tuesday we bump up to 79. partly cloudy. perhaps afternoon showers and wednesday mostly cloudy. chance of few afternoon showers. 74 degrees. behind this system on thursday the sunshine is back. we cool off to normal levels. 72 degrees and friday, 75 degrees for beginning of yom kippur it will be dry. saturday looks gloomy. clouds, occasional rain and high of 72. and sunday, we get the rain out of there. partly sunny. high of 72. so next weekend not a washout. but not quite as warm and sunny as this weekend. >> we got our fill today. >> it was a bonus weekend. >> absolutely. >> thank you, cecily. >> up next, jeff skversky has sports. >> it was a nail-bitener san francisco as the eagles took on the 49ers.
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them in the game. >> certainly so. offensive line issues and injuries catching up to this in san fran. eagles are calling in embarassing, offense zero, nothing, nada, not a single point today and whooping four turnovers. birds deposit get the ball in san francisco territory until the end of the game. eagles fans fired up eagles trying to stay perfect on the year. good start, 1st quarter, 9ers back to punlt and blocked. first blocked punt since 1992. 7-0 eagles. ugly start to 2nd quarter, 9ers quarterback colin kaepernick throws across to a wide open frank gore. 55 yards. longest of career. eagles down 10-7. eagles comes back and jenkins picks it off. third in as many games. watch him go. 53 yard return. eagles take 14-10 lead and
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speaking of returns. later in the 2 pd how about darren sproles on punt return. sproles 28 yards. the longest of his career. eagles up 21-13 at the half all point come from special teams and defense. 3rd quarter 9ers flex muscles kaepernick to stevie johnson. how does he stay in on tipy toes. eagles lead cut to one. 9ers take the lead on two fieldgoals eagles down five under three to go in the game foles to maclin. one-handed, what a catch. take another look. how did he come down with this? first time today they're in 49ers territory. later on the drive. eagle goes in front from the one, under two to go. foles for maclin again. no way he's getting this one. incomplete. eagles lose first of season 26-21 final ducis roomers has more from the ugly loss.
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>> let's play the numbers game. before today eagles offense was averaging 435 yards per game. today, less than half that number. 213 and to make matters worse offense today failed to even score a single point. >> some of the plays quo have made and we didn't. i thought we would pull it off as usual. >> we're not good up front now. we have a lot of guys banged up. it's not an excuse just reality of it. jason peters was playing the position he started at but was the only one. >> i'm feeling bad now. can't describe. it two yards away from win and they stopped us. i mean it hurts. >> we deposit execute. just simple as that. i won't rye try to break it down we didn't execute on that situation i have to give the guys opportunity to i make a play. i did not do that. >> they'll get help next week jane lon son comes off of suspension for the home game against the rams.
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"channel 6 action news." ducis rogers. >> all right, ducis, shawn mccoy has worst day of starter 17 yartdz rushing more on loss coming up on eagles game day final in ten min squlv the late time they beat
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san fran chael on the last day the phils lost a playoff series. >> they finish up a long and ugly season. >> what we've zone we want to say thank you for showing up we know it was rough hopefully we made you smile and we look forward to seeing you next year. >> jimmy rollings addressing fans before finale. it's been this kind of season. first batter cole hamels gives up lead homer. phils taking it on the chin this year why in the finale ouch hamels taking the ball off his chin. take another look. hamels stays in the game. goes 8 innings allows two runs and finishes 2.46 era lowest of career and new low for this team finish last for first time in 14 years. -1 the final third straight year they missed playoffs changes are coming. >> all good things come to an end and i don't have to make
11:34 pm
those decisions i just have to go and play. i understand the organization and what they very to do. >> things will be different. and who, we don't know that. they'll find a way. and we'll see this could be it for rollings, utley, howard, >> could be. >> "action news" continues at 4:30 tomorrow morning with matt, tam, david and karen. >> for melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist, and the entire "action news" team i'm walter perez, see you next the entire "action news" team i'm walter perez, see you next time.
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>> so it comes down this play. 4th and goal. looking, fire being, up complete, eagles lose. >> we are not very good up front right now. we have a lot of guys banged up. that's not excuse it's just the reality of it. ♪ >> this is eagles game day final. >> welcome to eagles game day final. mike quick and ducis rogers