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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 29, 2014 3:05am-4:01am EDT

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knee-deep ash. crews have not been able to remove all the bodies because of the continued danger. 250 people were initially trapped on the slope but most were able to make their way out safely. it's bad enough when a neighborhood has to deal with a wart main break. at least it's fresh water. residents in a neighborhood in tampa, florida, are dealing with the rupture of a sewage line. raw sewage pouring out into the streets. they are blaming an overtaxing of the sewage system from weeks of ran. air travel is expected to slowly improve after a damaging fire at a chicago area control power. at the height of the misery, more than 2,000 flights into and out of two chicago airports were canceled as abc's david kerley reports, the impact can be felt worldwide. >> reporter: passengers still passing time in line with air traffic control around chicago still down. >> very crazy.
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>> reporter: at least the passengers knew there were problems. >> just really frustrated trying to get through the line. >> reporter: with control centers around chicago picking up the slack, about 70% of flights are getting in and out. still more than 500 chicago flights canceled on sunday. the problem? the damage was so extensive to the regional center outside chicago when a 36-year-old contractor who worked in that building sabotaged equipment, started a fire and then tried to commit suicide. one official says there is so much blood it's a biohazard. along with that, fire and water damage and cut cables. so the faa decided to build a duplicate system assembled inside the building. building a new center will take days meaning the delays and cancellations will take two weeks. >> it's affecting the whole world. traffic coming from europe and asia flying to chicago are impacted simply because they have to absorb some of the delay. >> reporter: one faa official described the detay lai as being similar to a bad weather day.
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we have the potential of 14 bad days ahead. david kerley, abc news, washington reagan airport. a tandem skydiving jump turned deadly on cape cod. the ju they overshot hitting a garage instead. there is a skydiving school at the cape cod airfield but it's unclear if the victims were affiliated with the school. the trucker that collided with a bus in oklahoma killing four members of a college softball team may have been distracted. he drove straight through a interstate median without any signs of braking or trying to avoid the collision. members of the north central texas college team were heading home after a game. a dozen others were injured. police in ferguson, missouri, still looking for the man who shot an officer over the weekend. the victim has already been released from the hospital. the wounded officer was wearing a body camera at the time but it was turned off.
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police in ferguson have been using the body cameras sentence the shooths of michael brown, an unarmed black teenager by a white officer last month. in pennsylvania in the poconos, new details in the manhunt for accused cop killer eric frein. authorities have now shifted their focus inside the dense woods a bit. but they fear now that the 31-year-old survivalist may have bob booby trapped those woods. they believe they've got him cornered in a five-square-mile perimeter. the final phase of the jodi arias murder trial. she's admitted killing her ex-boyfriend travis alexander, shooting him in the face, stabbing him 29 times and slitting his throat, nearly decapitating him. jurors could not agree an her punishment. arizona prosecutors now have one more chance of securing the death sentence with this new jury. nfl commissioner roger goodell
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was reportedly moved to tears during his visit to the national domestic violence hotline in texas. the embattled commissioner met with domestic violence victims during his invest. goodell has been under fire with some calling for his resignation for the way he's handled the ray rice domestic abuse case and other incidents involving nfl players. the saints are ready to march right out of dallas right about now. did you see this game? kind of ugly for the most part. last night's nationally televised game, the big game sunday night. the cowboys just pounced on the saints last night. it was 24-0 by halftime. saints recovered a bit, put some points an the board in the second half but it was too little, too late. romo did his thing. nobody can criticize tony romo after this particular game. meanwhile, the washington nationals finished their stellar season with their first ever no-hitter. jordan zimmerman pitched a dandy of a game against the marlins
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allowing only two base runners. with only one out away from victory, they smacked one to deep. and look at that. he secured the no-hitter with that. a spectacular catch. you hear the anonnouncer gettin pretty excited. that catch saved the no-hitter. the unthinkable happened at a red sox game in fenway. >> we knew it was coming. >> boston fans applauded new york yankees captain derek jeter before his final game. >> you know, they cheered number 2 again. he got his final hit of his hall of fame career. his last at-bat an infield si sing single. came in, got pinch runs for them. this is probably a good way to go out in a place with such a heated rivalry between the yankees and red sox. he can go there and they respect him that much to give him what they gave him today. look at this. the empire state building saluting him as well.
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lighting up in the yankees colors, blue and white pinstripes, number 2 scrolled across underneath the antenna up there as well. that number 2 will be retired in short order. >> 20-year career. yankees won five titles. boston won three. >> not bad. coming up, international coffee day. our barista is here. we can't wait to tell you about the free coffee and who came up with an edible coffee cup. the health benefits of making that cup of joe. how it can improvie your mental and physical. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by vista print.
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a frightening scene at a netherlands auto show over the weekend. a monster truck crashed head-on into a crowd of spectators as it went off course. >> two adults and a child were killed and more than a dozen were seriously injured. mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: home video showing the moment a monster truck spectacle spins tragically out of control. watch as the truck with tractor trailer sized wheels plows over
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a row of cars knocki ining down guard rail and slamming into a group of horrified spectators. it happened at a small town fair in the netherlands. at least twoxyehtq kills, including a child and more than a dozen injured. it's not the first time we've seen monster trucks spin ots of control. the massic trucks can weigh more than 9,000 pounds with tires more than five feet high. last year a truck lost control during a show in mexico killing eight and injuring 79. in 2009, a 6-year-old boy in washington state was killed by a flying piece of metal from a truck. industry officials here in the u.s. say these events are safe and they continue working on ways to make them even safer. >> we have developed standards for distances for spectators,
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direction of travel, all with the intent of keeping spectators as far away as possible. >> reporter: the show's organizers say that truck's driver is being questioned. they think the gas pedal may have gotten stuck or the brakes failed. how much is too much? when it comes to coffee. it is international coffee day. we'll take a look at the health benefits and draw backs making it so popular. and the coffee shop made popular in a sitcom. we're popping into central perk to look for some "friends." you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world new
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do you smell that? >> i do. doesn't it smell like exceptional coffee? it always seems there's a new study out about coffee and how healthy it is and then how too much can be bad for you. it's hard to keep up. >> for all of you that want to know if coffee is healthy, especially how you like to drink it, abc's medical unit managing editor dan childs breaks this don. >> reporter: we're obsessed by what it means for our health. we're seeing a host of new benefits all backed by science. >> cup of java. vente with skim. coffee is an everyday necessarity for millions of americans. from mocha chino to the pot at home. if you are among the caffeinated faithful, chances are you believe you can't start a day without it. >> iced coffee with sweetener, no milk. >> this is my second cup today. >> my mom drinks six pots of
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coffee a day. >> reporter: coffee's popularity makes it one of the most studied by researchers. and the good news will give coffee connoisseurs a buzz. regular coffee intake is linked with a lower risk of diabetes. the lowest risk is associated with 4 to 6 cups a day. moderate amounts of caffeine, the up in a pick-me-up may improvior athletic p especially running, swimming and racket sports. and you aren't imagining it. coffee does make you more mentally sharp improving alertless, reaction time and ability to concentrate. but you can have too much of a good thing. and a lot of people do. caffeine abuse has been linked to a higher rate of hospital trips. too much caffeine at the wrong time leads to sleep problems. and if you drink enough to develop dependency, that's withdrawal headache is trying to tell you something. so a decent rule of mug. keep coffee consumption to less
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than six cups a day. you can get that jolt without the jitters. clearly there are certain health conditions that make it impossible for some people to consume caffeine. for these people, decaf may be the answer or even water. fair warning, it's not going to be nearly as enticing as that first cup of coffee in the morning. t.j., reena? >> i can't believe this. looks like walter white from breaking bad here. this beaker and special scale here. what kind of coffee are you brewing? >> right now i'm brewing a coffee from guatemala. i'm brewing it on this, which looks look a beaker. it's called a chemix. >> is this something we can do at home? guatemalan coffee? you don't just go to the grocery store anymore and pull stuff off the shelf? >> there's plenty of coffees in grocery stores all over but what
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i do at the american barista school is i -- >> we're going to come right back. we'll be right back with more details an this coming right up.
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call the number on your screen now. now it's time for "the mix." wouldn't it be great if you could have coffee and eat the coffee cup? >> okay. >> fantastic. in l.a. on melrose place there's a special coffee shop that has it an the menu with this edible coffee cup. you get it in a wax paper but it's got a little dip in chocolate. it is a $5. and you get this like chocolate cone for an espresso or machiatto. it's only available in one of the coolest coffee shops in l.a. >> there you go. we'll stick with the coffee theme. but "the mx" has coffee. i'm going to trn to the webcam. they have gotten people in trouble over the years. it was invented because folks wanted to keep an eye an their
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coffee. we're talking about the university of cambridge where they were studying but the coffee was in another room. they invented a little camera so they could keep an eye an it from their computers in another room. there you go. the webcam was essentially born. >> interesting. i'm going to try to convert you to coffee. >> mab. >> sumatra, this jungle down south. some of the best coffee in the world. there's a cat that only eats some of the best of the best coffee beans. $600 a pond. this cat eats them. he poops it up and they are grond into a brew of coffee that you can buy. wouldn't it be great if you try
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it on live television? i thought it would convert you. >> that's going to convert me? did you bring some of that? >> the coffee would not be $600 a pound. let's show you the picture. a world record here. guinness book of world records. a mosaic of coffee. over 5,000 cups of coffee. n what are they eventually going to make with all those different cups of coffee? they had to deal with milk and all that to make els have presley. they set some kind of guinness world record. >> that's amazing. >> burning love possibly is my request. >> she's going to be with us, ashley, the rest of the morning. >> are we going to get to try some. >> oh, yeah. >> let's see how good it is. this beaker coffee.
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some kind of
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this morning on "world news now" -- new fears about the virus infecting children nationwide. public health investigators want to know if this virus is paralyzing young victims. startling admission. what the president is now saying about the strength of isis and how u.s. intelligence underestimated the rebels' power. could an all-out war be next. special delivery. the former president and the former secretary of state are first time grandparents. all the excitement as the clintons share the first baby pictures. and finally married. onlookers cheer as superstar george clooney shows off his new bride. inside information about the fairy tale wedding in italy. that's all in "the skinny" on this monday, september 29th.
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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> i think it's pretty good. welcome, good morning. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm t.j. holmes on this international coffee day. and i am not a coffee drinker. so we have someone, a specialist here in studio with us on this international coffee day. and they are trying to convert me this morning. and this is my first taste this morning. guatemala? >> guatemala is where this one is from. >> got a little bite to it there. >> i think it goes down smooth. i think it's fabulous. >> thanks. >> i need some cream, sugar and liquor in there possibly. >> we can work on that. we've got a bunch of little things underneath the desk. >> we'll get back to that in a little bit. so glad she's here with us this morning. >> we'll begin this half hour with worries about enterovirus. >> nearly three weeks ago just 11 states were affected. a week later, 27 states.
3:32 am
this morning, it's up to 45 states with confirmed or suspected cases. and as abc's clayton sandell reports, the virus may have a new symptom. >> reporter: deborah johnson says enterovirus nearly killed her 13-year-old son simon. >> i was scared because i could feel myself not being able to stay away. >> reporter: barely able to breathe, simon spent nine days in the hospital, and now officials warn that patients with respiratory illness could possibly face a new complication. >> for over a week we've had about 850 cases of respiratory illness coming in. >> reporter: at children's hospital colorado, nine patients are now experiencing symptoms of paralysis. >> arm weakness or leg weakness. >> reporter: several of the young patients having trouble moving their arms and legs tested positive for enterovirus d-68. the cdc now investigating whether or not that specific virus is to blame. >> we don't know information. so that's why we're really asking people to say, hey,
3:33 am
what's going on around the nation. >> reporter: health officials say the paralysis could be permanent but stress it is rare. parents, they say, should keep a close eye on sick kids. >> when your child is not acting the way you'd expect with a cold symptom. that's when you really need to act with care. breathing difficulty and wheezing is important to deal with. >> reporter: nine cases of paralysis here in colorado. but as more states begin reporting in, health officials tell us that number could go up. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. an american doctor exposed to ebola while volunteering in sierra leone has been admitted for observation at the national institutes of health in maryland. few details about the patient were made public but the head of the nih infectious disease's unit says exposure to ebola does not necessarily mean someone will get sick. details that are being made public this morning are new revelations from president obama about isis. specifically, why the brutally militant islamic group that's
3:34 am
swallowing up vast swaths of syria and iraq got so big so quickly. mr. obama conceded last night on cbs' "60 minutes" that u.s. intelligence underestimated the threat that isis posed. >> in the muslim world right now, there is a cancer that has grown for too long that suggests that it is acceptable to kill innocent people who worship a different god. >> but critics are pointing out the u.s. government funded and even trained some elements of isis as recently as last year. meantime, allies air strikes in syria hit an oil refinery near the turkish border that's controlled by syria's al qaeda affiliate called the al nusra front. it's threatening jihadists worldwide will strike back. abc's terry moran has the latest from the turkish/syria border. >> reporter: new u.s. air strikes in syria as the campaign against isis intensified on the newly open front near the turkish border.
3:35 am
on the ground, isis advances relentlessly. from a hillside at the border, hundreds of kurds watched a battle unfolding in the distance. isis nearly surrounding the syrian town of kobani. for many here who fled isis, it's home. all day long these people have been bearing witness to a battle in defense of their town. this is the border right here. kurdish fighters on the opposite hill trying to hold off isis surging forward. along the ridge line, kurdish soldiers could just be seen moving into position for the fight. every time they fired at isis positions, the crowd here cheered them on. but they will need more than cheers. u.s. air strikes may have checked isis' momentum, but it's clear more will be needed. speaker of the house john boehner even suggesting on "this week" that u.s. troops may have to join the kurds and iraqis and syrians to do the job. >> maybe we can get enough of these forces trained, get them
3:36 am
on the battlefield but somebody's boots have to be there. >> if no one else would step up you'd recommend putting american boots on the ground? >> we'd have no choice. >> reporter: many here say that's just what isis wants, another u.s. invasion. terry moran, abc news, on the turkish/syrian border. now to utah where torrential rain swamped much of the region forcing the closure of a sewage treatment plant and damaging dozens of homes. in southern utah, flooding was so intense the ground at the edge of the bridge gave way sending two people and their car into the river below. they were stuck in the frigid water until rescuers arrived. both are suffering extreme hypothermia. and heavy rains are blamed for the rupture of a huge sewage line in tampa, florida. up to 500 gallons of raw sewage are spewinggjpv of the line every minute cascading over roadways, sidewalks and into driveways and yards. neighbors say it is a stink.
3:37 am
>> you think? here now a look at today's weather. heavy rain once again along gulf -- along the gulf and southeast coastlines into florida. scattered showers in the upper midwest and strong storms from the southwest into the rocky mountain areas with snow in the higher elevations. >> it looks a lot like an indian summer across the eastern u.s. temps in the 70s and 80s. 60s in the west and warmer southwest. it's costing more to bounce a check or use an atm. a survey finds the average fee for an out-of-network cash machine is up 6% in the last year to an all-time high. so is the fee for overdrafts. it's now averaging about $33. those fees have been rising because laws passed after the financial crisis limit other charges on banks that banks can levy. >> they get you one way or another. >> they always do. >> they always do. >> i'd like to know what bank you can use that doesn't hit you with these fees. >> hit us up. let us know. if anybody out there knows a bank that is not hitting you with those fees, we'd love to
3:38 am
know and love to transfer some funds to them this morning. >> philadelphia had the highest average for overdraft by the way. $35.80. san francisco with the lowest at $26.74. i would think san francisco would be higher. >> because everything else is higher out there. a soda can be harmful to your child's health. breaking news, right? the nation's top pediatricians are now saying carbonated soft drinks can lead to weaker bones because they often replace milk and other sources of calcium. also the phosphate can interact with calcium. all in all, american academy of pediatrics suggesting that soda be avoided altogether. from soda to a potato salad celebration. this is thanks to a joking crowd funding appeal that raised $55,000. >> they called this potato stock 2014. it was all about peace, love and potato salad. everyone was invited to the bash that featured food trucks, beer vendors and 3,000 pounds of potato salad. >> i love potato salad.
3:39 am
in july, zac brown actually jokingly requested $10 for potato salad ingredients on kickstarter and he ended up with thousands dollars more. >> people love potato salad that much. 55 grand? >> i'd do it. >> i'm not surprised. >> yeah, there's a lot of things you're going to learn. coming up in "the skinny," a celebrity's surprise marriage proposal in the nude. wait until you hear where the ring was hidden. we also can't hide our excitement. we've got coffee in the house. coffee shop made famous in a classic sitcom. taking you to central perk on this international coffee day complete with our own barista. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by acorn stairlift.
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♪ i'll be there for you who knew? don't put milk if you want to feel the kick right away. it's hard to believe ten years since "friends" had its final episode. and everyone from the diehard fan to the casual observer knows the gang liked their coffee. >> in honor of the show's 20th anniversary, a real life central perk opened with the original barista gunther.
3:44 am
abc's dan kloeffler takes a tour. ♪ >> reporter: for ten years we all wanted to be the seventh "friend." to sing alongside phoebe. ♪ smelly cat ♪ smelly cat ♪ what are they feeding you >> tell joey how we feel. >> how you doin'? >> and commiserate about life on that overstuffed orange couch. >> there you go. enjoy your coffee. >> that was there when i got here. >> reporter: i'd like you to visit the real central perk. perfect for when it hasn't been your day, your week, your month or even your year. >> i'm back here and see these props like the orange couch. it smells like coffee. so, yeah. it's great to be back. >> before there was a starbucks on every corner, gunther, played by james michael taylor kept rachel, monica, ross, phoebe,
3:45 am
joey and chandler well caffeinated. >> thank you. >> i was part of this thing that turned into an amazing worldwide phenomenon. but while we're doing it, i don't think anybody realized how big it was. >> reporter: after ten seasons with our favorite gang, we figured this barista could match the perfect cup of joe to each friend's personality. >> monica would be a vanilla latte. rachel would be a raspberry mocha. phoebe would be a strawberry macchiato blended iced latte which had been melted and then reheated and poured over lava rock. ross is water. chandler is a double espresso. joey is chocolate trifle milk. >> i don't even know what that is. >> i don't either. i don't think he does either, but he would probably drink it. >> reporter: for you, a free cup of central perk roast out for a
3:46 am
limited time to remind you that 20 years later, your "friends" will always be there for you. dan kloeffler, abc news, new york. >> real coffee drink. are those real drinks? >> yeah, some places. >> you don't deal with that? >> i don't make those. >> is that offensive to a purist like you. people making all this stuff? >> it's not something i'd have myself but if that's how people like their coffee, then to each his own. >> this is ashley rodriguez from the national barista coffee school. she's going to be with us from throughout the morning because it's international coffee day. >> we're going to have a lot more with ashley and sample some more. coming up in "the skinny," inside information about george clooney's wedding. and another celebrity's cheeky proposal. >> we've got more coffee brewing. stay with us, folks. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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♪ skinny so skinny ♪ time for "the skinny." one of the most anticipated weddings of the year. >> it's official. george clooney now off the market. clooney and his bride, human rights lawyer amal alamuddin emerged from the seventh star hotel in venice yesterday showing off their new rings. >> saturday night the couple exchanged vows in a private
3:49 am
ceremony officiated by clooney's friend who happened to be the former mayor of rome. they were surrounded by a star-studded roster of guests, as you can imagine. cindy crawford was there, anna wintour, and bono. their civil ceremony is today. >> quite the event there. >> an epic fail for me if she wore a dress that was black and white. to anchors everywhere, you can't compete with amal alamuddin. >> oh, stop it, reena. you're selling yourself short. >> i think mine was from -- i won't even say. thanks for the pep talk. an suv carrying jennifer lopez and her two children and pal leah remini was rear-ended by a suspected drunk driver over the weekend. >> they were stopped at a red light in malibu when a pickup truck slammed right into them. when they got out of the car, the pickup driver took off. police later tracked him down and he was arrested. >> afterwards they posted this photo on instagram to show they were okay. it had nine hashtags including
3:50 am
don't drink and drive and curse that fool out. we've got another -- >> i just want to say, i never look that good on a saturday night. they just happened to be -- >> you are selling yourself short. >> i'm just being honest. now you'll think i have a complex. >> i hope you don't have a complex after this story. this is a picture i've been waiting to see. they told me about it in the morning meeting. i said let me wait and see it on the air. kanye west photograph on instagram. this is him with a handful. this is him and his wife. the couple in paris out and about shopping for some clothes. but the picture reinforces what everybody already knows maybe about them both. kim has been blessed -- >> blessed? is that the word? >> -- in a lot of ways. yes, a lot of people call it a blessing. booties are in now. kanye is a fan of that blessing. i see why we got the picture in now.
3:51 am
>> sticking with a theme. survivalist and tv star bear grills is known for doing outrageous things. naturally his proposal would be, too. bear just revealed when he asked for his wife's hand in marriage, the couple was naked skinny dipping together. no clothes on. so where exactly did he keep that ring? well, read between the lines. he kept it safely tucked away until -- >> i'm not reading between the lines. what do you do? >> we squeezed in that story. i think he squeezed in the ring, too. >> okay. gwyneth paltrow is 42 today. but, you know, you -- we are just going to skip the birthdays. we want to keep the butt theme going. we should end on the butt theme. >> but she celebrated her 42nd birthday and it's only true style the way a princess can with her soon to be ex chris martin there. and among them, gwyneth's birth
3:52 am
friend nicole richie, kate hudson and her fiance. richie, hudson.
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♪ isn't she lovely isn't she wonderful ♪ finally this half hour, grandpa bill, grandma hillary are showing off the newest member of their political family. >> their daughter chelsea and son-in-law marc are proud parents of charlotte, and the family is showing off the first baby pictures. here now abc's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: you are looking at the first pictures of charlotte clinton mezvinsky. beaming mom chelsea clinton tweeting out -- at 7:03 on september 26th, we finally met charlotte. we're in love. former secretary of state hillary clinton and former president bill clinton gushing in their new role grandparents. tweeting, @bill clinton and i are over the moon to be grandparents. one of the happiest moments of our life.
3:56 am
and charlotte, your grandmother @hillary clinton and i couldn't be happier. the political power couple also saying chelsea is well and glowing. marc is bursting with pride. charlotte's life is off to a good start. and new details on the birth. chelsea delivering at lenox hill hospital in new york city, a go-to for high-profile mamas like beyonce. some wonder how being a grandma will change hillary clinton, if that's what the baby will call her. >> have you offered any names to chelsea? >> no, i'm going to wait. i want this to develop organically. i've talked to a lot of my friends who have preceded me into grandparenthood. some said i knew exactly what i wanted to be called and had a hard time convincing the baby to call me that because he or she wanted to call me something else. i want to see how this develops. i could not be happier. this is something that i've looked forward to for a long
3:57 am
time. >> reporter: and while america waits for hillary's decision if she'll run for president, a more important duty calls for now. diaper duty. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> you know what they'll need a lot of -- chelsea will -- coffee. feedings every two, three hours. although they tell nursing moms not to have too much caffeine. >> it only lasts a little while. >> it goes by quickly. although it doesn't feel like it when you're in the middle of it. let's take a look at our bar down the way. it's our coffee bar that is. ashley is pouring up another cup of coffee. are we slowly converting you? >> we're not there yet. we've got a little more time this morning. we'll work on it. >> we've got another blend for you to try coming up. don't miss our updates on facebook, we'll be back. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning -- underestimating isis. president obama makes a frank admission about the militant group as new air strikes are launched. and the ground campaign intensifies. then, a slow recovery for the nation's air traffic system following a deaf stating fire at an important facility. thousands of flights canceled, millions of americans forced to change plans. what's in storm for today? and monster truck show overseas turned deadly. new theories. the incredible scene all captured by cameras. and it's time for your first cup of joe this morning. make ate special one. or at l


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