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tv   Action News  ABC  September 29, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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it causes, uh...deposit friction. gotta get some fiscal lube on there. [ male announcer ] it's time to bank human again. [ defeated] okay. [ male announcer ] avoid monthly maintenance fees at td bank with a minimum checking balance of just $100. td bank. america's most convenient bank. >> good morning everyone, it is 5:00 a.m. on this monday, september 29. tam is off, erin o'hern joins us and we're following several developing stories. >> one person is dead after a nasty crash in south jersey overnight. the search is on for a hit-and-run driver who hit a little girl and we have a
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picture that police say is the striking vehicle. we're working to figure out what caused the death of a local hospital ceo and is wife. >> david murphy is here and matt pellman is in for karen rogers. >> reporter: we have showers out to the west, and we have high, thin clouds that will mix with sun today. showers will fall apart as they head east. that will be more of an issue in parts of the region tomorrow. 65 in philadelphia. starting out mild. 60 in reading, 62 in wilmington. mid 60s down the shore, winds are light, too. might be cool enough for a jacket for the kids, but by this afternoon it will be warm again. heading outside to start the car, high clouds, 61 by 6:00. 63 by 8:00 a.m. 67 degrees by 9:00.
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76 by noon, warm enough for lunch on a park bench again. 80 is the high at 3:00 p.m. winds very, very light. 75 by 6:00 p.m. we're looking at warm temperatures before they drop a little bit and there are showers in the seven day. i'll talk about that,. >> reporter: and apparently we're looking at gray suit day, as well. we're checking out 202 and things are looking good, they are going to open a third lane in east direction, here come the northbound headlights toward route 29 operating in three lanes north of 401 and 252, finally a third lane in each direction along 202. farther south by the 0 bypass, two lanes as they continue to work in that area. fire in montgomery, crews are
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out there, east wind circle and nicole drive. we had a bridge opening at the tacony-palmyra they are getting ready for another one, head to the betsy ross bridge instead. there was an awful overnight crash in williams town nelson drive. a good spot to avoid. the crash on the parkway southbound new egg harbor township. >> a nasty crash in south jersey left one person dead. the action cam was inle williams town, gloucester county. witnesses say three vehicles were involved they were speeding. one car lost control and end up in the woods. the other two cars left the scene. police have not released a description of the vehicles they are looking for. philadelphia police are searching for the person who ran down a little girl on a city
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street and took off. the little girl's family is pleading for the driver to come forward. kenneth moten has the details. >> reporter: philadelphia police accident investigators were on the scene late into the night after they say an suv ran down a 7-year-old on 42nd street in mantua. the identification of the vehicle was made easy by a good smar ton who snapped a -- samaritan who snapped a picture of the out lander. >> when i got down here the paramedics taking her way. >> one stopped to let her cross, police say that's what the hit-and-run vehicle went around and struck the child and dragged her under the suv for several feet before briefly stopping and taking off the girl was rushed to the children's hospital of philadelphia. she has a skull fracture and
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broken ankle. >> as far as i know right now, i'm a little upset she also sedated in the hospital of the little children. >> reporter: because of the snapshot they have the pennsylvania tag of the outlanding. jky-7458. the registration came back to a other than -- owner and home in landsdown. turn yourself in the person who was driving that vehicle take responsibility for your actions. >> reporter: we spoke to the mother of the little girl and she said her daughter is recovering this morning. kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." >> a fire destroyed a home in dresher, montgomery county overnight. the action cam on the scene of the 700 block of east wind circle.
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the fire started at 7:00 p.m. everyone made it out alive. this morning, investigators are trying to figure out how the president of a major south jersey hospital and his wife died. authorities hope autopsy will she had light on the deaths of john and patricia sheridan. they were called for a reported fire in the bedroom. investigators found the couple unresponse issue in the bedroom. john was unresponsive at the scene and his wife was taken to the hospital where she died a short time later. >> in the week ahead, former sports caster don tollefson is charged with stealing $250,000. his lawyer said the former
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sports caster suffers from addiction and working on recovery. prosecutors in montgomery county will continue to present their case tomorrow against a man being tried in a botched kidnapping that ended in a double murder, raghu yandamuri is charged with killing saanvi venna and her grandmother. tom corbett is behind tom wolf in the polls they will likely clash over spending on education and taxing gas drilling in the state. >> i want to my daughter's soccer game on saturday, when is it over it's too hot. >> reporter: it was warm sunday, saturday, a nice weekend. today your daughter will not want to play soccer again. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we're dry to start out this morning, we have patchy fog
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here or there. as we take a look outside on sky 6. no sign of that in center city. just some high clouds overhead. it does look like it will be a day where we get the high clouds mixing with sunshine breaking through that thin cloud layer at times. 65 degrees if philadelphia is to start out we're very mild at this time of the year. i'll bring in that always on seven day for those of you in hd. 69 in allentown -- 59 in allentown. it's not too cool, might wants a light jacket for the temperatures. there are the high, thin clouds i talked about, every now and then the sun will be obscured behind them, but it will be a fairly bright good looking day. the showers out to the west won't have enough ump to get here this afternoon, but there could be in the northern and western suburbs. up in allentown, sun and high clouds, warm high of 80 in the lehigh valley. not a bad day to go strolling on
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the boardwalk, either. there will be a fair amount of clouds with the sun mixing, the high stuff. 77 degrees is your high in atlantic city thanks. and in philadelphia, we're going for a high of 80. sun i can say inning with the high clouds. still warm, winds very light, 4 to 8 miles per hour. not much wind to worry about at all. here's how temperatures will go today, somewhat cool, 63. 78 at 2:00 p.m., 77 at 5:00 p.m. you look at the late morning and early-afternoon temperature profile, the fact that there's light winds for this time of year, if you have toddlers it's a good idea to head to the playgrounds, a good plan after the grade school kids get out of the house and off to the school bulls, tomorrow, we're looking at sun in the morning and clouds will increase a little bit in the afternoon there's a chance of pop-up showers mainly in the northern and western suburbs tomorrow and tomorrow evening.
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doesn't look like it will be a washout, but a chance of that north and west tomorrow. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, sun mixing with high clouds today, high of 80. tomorrow, still warm, 79 degrees, sun and clouds there's a chance of a shower around north and west. we get into wednesday it's a little more damp, spotty showers around 73. don't know that's a washout, but you have to prepare for showers on wednesday. thursday, we're dry again, partliy, 74 the high, nice weather for the union who go for a win thursday at ppl park. we have sun and clouds on friday, high in the mid 70s there's a chance of a late day or nighttime shower or thunderstorm. some of that rain might spill into saturday morning, but the rest of the weekend is looking relatively cool and dry. >> 5:10 we have more news you didn't see last night. new details in the caseful a missing realtor in arkansas.
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police think they know who kidnapped her. >> information is emerging from utah where a family of five were found dead overnight. northbound of the boulevard to broad street, you can get by, but there are officers on the scene. we have a couple of issues this morning we'll share the details after the break. >> the eagles will not run the table. we'll break down the eagles first loss of the season when "action news" returns.
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>> happy monday, everyone, atlantic city, live on sky 6.
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67 degrees on city avenue. we're getting up to 80 degrees with some sun, so a bit of warmish day for fall. >> nice, we'll be hoping for 90-degree weather in a few months, right. matt pellman is in for karen rogers. >> reporter: international coffee day, maybe go ice coffee on this international coffee monday. we're heading to the burr burbs 422 they will be blocking lanes each night next week starting at 7:00. you have both lanes open and no eastbound delays yet coming into king of prussia along 422 but not far off another new work project gets start in schuylkill township, chester county route
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23 will be closed clone avenue at white horse road. doing water main installation stay down on pot house road to get around that work zone. a horrible overnight crash in williams town, good spot to avoid this morning, you can do so by using tuckahoe road or bluebell road. stanton, new castle county we have downed pole and wires by delaware park at delaware park boulevard. no major problems elsewhere in the suburbs in the delaware. construction on the blue route 476 crews are out of the way now we're hearing about a vehicle stopped on the shoulder on the northbound side. officials in utah still don't know what killed a family of five saturday. springville police say a son found his parents and siblings in one bedroom of their home. he had spoken to his family earlier that day, police say
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preliminary autopsy has ruled out assault and no signs of trauma. new this morning, as volunteers resume their search for a missing realtor police in arkansas have issued an arrest warrant for this man, aaron louis, he was in custody after he was in traffic accident. they snapped pictures of his bloody face and took him to the hospital where he ran off. beverly carter disappeared thursday evening an meeting a potential client. some predicted the eagles game would be a shootout between two high-powered offense. the eagles one good drive on the day ended up on the san francisco two yard line. they decided to pass on third and 4th instead of trying to run it in. they couldn't get across the goal line and lost 26-21.
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we'll get reaction from lesean mccoy and coach chip kelly in our next half-hour. dallas cowboys won and moved into a tie for first. tony romo threw three touchdowns, the saints drop 1 to 3. >> today is national coffee day, coming up we'll tell you what chains are celebrating by give away a cup of joe. if you drink soda and you're children do, it could be bad for children's bones. >> don't forget you can take -- take with you. the new smart design fits any device you the usual?
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not tonight. introducing longhorn's steaks that sizzle for $12.99. smoky double bacon sirloin. parmesan crusted sirloin. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. >> 5:19 it's a brand new
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workweek, wondering what the traffic is doing and the weather. >> what? >> it's national coffee day, but it's gray suit day, no one called me, but that's okay. >> i don't wear suits. >> that's all right, the light blue off sets it. >> we're looking at the tacony-palmyra traffic starting to move after the opening for the northbound ship. expect an opening at the burlington bristol bridge in just about an hour, for now, thing are starting to return to normal at the tacony-palmyra. you know normal means a whole a bunch of construction on the ben franklin bridge. they opened that westbound third lane, but you're without the far right lane, that means delays once again. on the platt bridge if you're heading to the airport like that truck, so far so good there, david. >> reporter: very good, matt. we're not bad temperature-wise we have numbers in the low 50s
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upper 60s not much wind. probably cool enough for a light jacket. t-shirts will work again, though, we're extending the weekend weather we just experienced. if you're heading to the el stop, or the bus station, 67 degrees by 9:00. 76 by noon, throughout the day we'll have sunshine mixing with high clouds. at times it will be hard to get the full sun through the clouds, it will be bright and warm. 80 degrees is the high at 3:00 p.m. back to 75 degrees by 6:00 p.m. as we take a look at the big board at the airport. we're not looking at any major delays posted at our major travel destinations. as matt o'donnell told us a little while ago they are lingering problems from a fire on friday, so you might wants to check ahead if you're flying to chicago. >> choosing soda over milk can lead to weaker bones in children. the american academy of pediatrics recommended children avoid carbonated drinks
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altogether. 25% of high school students drink soda daily, leading to a lower intake of milk and calcium. they are at risk for weaker bones in adulthood. good morning topping america's money a lawsuit over the bailout, the suit filed the federal government illegally seized control of aig for a 85 billion emergency loan. the equalizer had no equal at the box office this weekend. denzel washington's new thriller did better in its debut. $35 million more than any film this weekend. the maze runner, second.
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boxtrolls right behind at 17 million. today is a national coffee day, that's america's money, i'm rina ninen. armed robbers hold up a local 7-eleven. the details on the high-powered weapon they were carrying. the investigation into the sudden death of a local ceo and his wife. skippy!!
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>> an american doctor who was exposed to the ebola virus arrived in the u.s. yesterday. the patient is in a special isolation unit. experts are stressing just because he was exposed to the virus, does not necessarily mean he is infected. >> morning buzz time, you want to try it out? >> how to get away with murder. >> that is very good. >> very good. >> i don't know if you saw myself -- >> reporter: how to get away with murder. how to get away with murder. >> there you go. how to get away with murder.
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we posted last week, we figured we would have fun with this, do a video take a video of yourself and imitating viola davis how to get away with murder, posted on my facebook page. on thursday we'll present to you the best imitation and then thursday night, the second episode in the new season of how to get away with murder 10:00 p.m. here on 6abc. >> that is so exciting. you guys did a great job with with that. 5:27 now, the death of a south jersey hospital ceo and his wife are under investigation. this morning we have reaction from governor chris christie. >> and the manhunt for the person place say ambushed two troopers has shifted, we'll be right back.
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is. >> good morning, 530, # 27:00. we have a series of crashes on a philadelphia street. >> we have the death of a local ceo and his wife, we have reaction from chris christie. >> the eagles suffer their first loss, good morning, tam is off, erin o'hern is in. we have david murphy and matt pellman. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, we're off to a mild start across the region. we have a fair amount of cloud cover, but it will be a fairly bright day. the showers to the west, we don't have to worry about those until tomorrow afternoon. we have decent numbers, 65 in philadelphia. upper 50s in allentown. as you look at the numbers, these are a lot of milder than many of our recent mornings. as we head into the afternoon


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