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tv   Action News  ABC  September 29, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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>> good afternoon, in the news this noon a former local sportcaster enters a guilty plea in court admitting stealing from charity. >> president obama admits the u.s. underestimated the threat from isis militants. >> rape charges have been dropped against a former philadelphia police officer once considered a hero. >> a judge dropped the rape charges against richard decoatsworth. the former philadelphia police officer was arrested back in may 201 accused of drugging and raping two women and forcing them into prostitution. earlier this year, decoats worth accepted a plea deal and withdrew the deal. he was hailed as a hero after he was shot in the face during a traffic spot in december 2007.
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he faces court action relating to an alleged necessaryic -- an alleged domestic incident involving girl friend. >> port richmond family is dealing with the death of an 18 after a fire in the home. distraught family members were inconsolable after learning an 18-year-old loved one was found dead inside. vernon odem joins us live from the scene with the latest. >> the fire marshal's probe is completely underway at this hour. peco is on the scene to see if a possible illegal electrical hookup may have caused the fire. there are no conclusions yet as this close-knit neighborhood tries to cope with the tragedy.
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this is christian rivera the street where he grew up is in deep morning. around 6:00 a.m., fire erupted in the house he shares with his mother and 18-month-old child. >> we did hear smoke alarms, we found one in the basement. they heard smoke alarms so they did have smoke alarm also. >> reporter: fortunately the toddler was staying with the grand parent, christian's mother was in the hospital. several neighbors tried to crash down the front door to rescue him, but by then it was too intense. his grieving grandfather said the utilities were cut off and they were using candles for light. >> they cut the light off and the gas, he was lighting with a candle. >> reporter: again, no firm conclusions by the fire marshal as to what caused the deadly
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blaze, live in port richmond, vernon odem channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the search continues for a driver that struck a little girl and sped off. this is the snapshot of the suspect's license plate as the took off from the scene at 42nd and penns grove, the plates read jky7 # 58. it was last seen on 38th street. the suv hit alure mcclain and dragged her several feet. we'll have more on the search this afternoon at 4:00 p.m. the search for the man accused killing a pennsylvania state trooper has shifted. they have moved to a wooded area in northeastern pennsylvania. 31-year-old eric frein is
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charged with killing bryon dickson back on september 12 and seriously wounding another trooper outside their barracks. >> former sportcaster don tollefson plead guilty to fraud. else charged with stealing $250,000 that was supposed to go to charitable organizations. principles of law say he solicited the money from 100 people for fake travel packages for sporting events. else suffering from addiction and working on recovery. >> overseas the u.s. and it's allies continue to target isis militants. obama administration admits they may have misunderstood the terrorist organizations. >> reporter: good afternoon, rick, president obama acknowledged the u.s. and the
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intelligence community underestimated the threat from isis. a top republican said the strategy that the president yowld -- outlined is not going to defeat the troop. overnight the airstrikes continue in syria. the u.s. military and it's arab partners settling into a daily assault of what could be a long campaign. >> syria will take time. i don't know how long, i don't know if there's a breaking points, but i think we'll be in this for a when i'm. >> reporter: abc news terry moran is on the turkey border where a new front has opened you mean. >> reporter: all day long people are bearing witness to the battle, kurdish fighters on the opposite hill trying to hold off isis surging forward. >> reporter: president obama said the u.s. got it wrong on two major issues in an interview
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with cbs. >> our head of the intelligence community jim clapper acknowledged he under estimated what has taken place in syria. >> he didn't say we underestimated isil. he said we overestimate the the ability and the will of our allies the iraqi army to fight. >> that's true, absolutely true. >> reporter: john boehner told george stephanopoulos that airstrikes alone won't defeat isis. >> at some point somebody's boots have to be on the ground. >> reporter: if nobody steps up, it will have to be the u.s. >> we have no choice, these are bar barbara barbara barbaria2346789.
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sky6 live hd looking live at a cloudy camden skyline the warm temperatures don't appear to be going anywhere fast, but the clouds are moving in across the delaware and lehigh valleys. david murphy is outside with a word from accuweather and how long the warmer weather will stick around. >> reporter: well, sarah it's a nice weekend and today it will be warm again today. we have fairly high cloud cover overhead, every now and then we're getting a break in the clouds and we're getting a break of sunshine here or there. there are showers on the other side of washington we won't have to worry about those today. temperatures are bouncing back up, 73 in philadelphia, 74 in allentown, 75 in reading, 72 in wilmington the low 70s down the shore in sea isle city and the boardwalk. this afternoon we're going for a high of 80. which is well above the average
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high of 73. tonight's low on the mild side 62. as we go through the rest of the afternoon and evening. 2:00 p.m., 78 degrees. at 3:00 p.m. we'll get our high of 80 and 4:00 p.m. back to 78. by 6:00 p.m., 75. if you have plans to be out this evening, maybe picking up your kids from a school event. it looks like it will be slipping back into the 60s probably after 8:00 p.m. tonight. when i step inside, warm again tomorrow and cooler air comes and we have chances of rain in the seven day, i'll have details on that, okay? >> i'll check back in a bit. you can stay on top of the weather situation with the new visit for storm tracker 6 live both the hourly and seven-day forecast, the latest video from our "action news" meteorologists and our collection of related photos and videos. the eagles high-powered offense shut down yesterday getting shut down by the 49ers
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defense. no running game, the birds had a chance to win it. deep in the 9ers territory they failed to punch in the go ahead touchdown. defense kept them in the game, but san francisco d held on to win 26-21. there were so many plays we could have made and we didn't. got late thought we were going to pull it off. >> we got whopped up front. that's not an excuse that's the reality of it, jason peters is the only guy who played in the position he started at. >> lane johnson returns from his suspension next week when the eagles play the rams at the linc. they are tied with dallas atop of the nfc east. >> the philadelphia orchestra marks the third season for the
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music director. he will be 40 years old, and he will play concerts that have not been played in 40 years. you can see jim's full interview one on one tonight on "action news" at 11:00 p.m. representatives from city government and housing advocates got together in center city this morning to talk about the best ways to deal with run down properties. city council sanchez and the commissioner of l&i were among those on hand. a group called the housing alliance looked at successful strategies for dealing with blighted properties around the state. today they released a tool can it a manual for dealing with abandoned properties. >> a philadelphia hotel becomes a crime scene after an armed gunman steals a register overnight. >> if you're planning to get a flu shot you may have to wait.
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and provided by unitedhealthcare insurance company, which has over 30 years of experience behind it. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. ♪ >> the search is on this noon
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for a robber who allegedly hit a philadelphia hotel overnight. a cash register was taken from the holiday in on parker avenue in south philadelphia. police say the man was armed with a gun and wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and black bandana over his fails. the cash register was taken which contained $430. nobody was injured during the robbery. >> philadelphia police are looking for two men who shot another during an attempted robbery overnight in the east oak lane sexuality 5:00 a.m. a 20-year-old man told police he was walking on the sidewalk who he was approached by two men they were going to rob him. he was shot in the back and is in critical condition at einstein medical center. an overnight crash left one person dead in south jersey. the action cam was on the screen
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in williams town gloucester county. the 1993 honda civic hit an i am perfection in the road -- imperfection in the road and the driver was thrown from the car and died from his injuries at the hospital. >> more protests in ferguson, missouri. 8 protesters were arrested during the noisy, but mostly calm demonstration. it comes a day after a shooting of a police officer in ferguson. a manhunt continues for the suspect. the officer suffered a gunshot wound to the arm and expected to be okay. investigators do not believe the shooting was related to the protest which stemmed from the death of an unarmed teenager michael brown. tens of thousands of protesters continue their peaceful march in hong kong after they were met with tear
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>> today a federal judge will start hearing arguments over the
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u.s. government's bailout of aig. greenburg claimsment government cheat the aig and it cost the taxpayers $280 billion. gm is warning owners of the corvett about one of its hitech features. it can secretly record people while the owner is not in the car, it was marketed as a nanny cam, but making secret recordings in many states is illegal. iud is recommended as the first choice to prevent pregnancy. the birth control pill has been linked to 91 success rate in teenager who forget to take their daily dose.
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the group said condoms should be used every time teenagers have sex to provide protection against stds. the "action news" team is working on new stories to begin tonight at 4:00 p.m. >> alicia vitarelli has more. >> reporter: a barge for pregnant women when it's a sick marketing campaign or viral hope we'll break down what else behind guest -- guestations at 4. a cancer drug is reportedly helping some patients right now. see the world next to nothing. one mom of four said it's her family's reality she shares her top travel tips for free. if you haven't downloaded the free news app take our newscast with you on the go and watch it streaming live on the
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smart phone or tablet. >> thank you. >> accuweather coming up when "action news" at
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>> meteorologist david murphy here now with accuweather, what a great weekend and a taste of summer, a little cooler today. >> reporter: a little bit, tomorrow not bad and then it starts to feel like autumn. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we are dry across the region. we have a little bit of green on the radar south and west of philadelphia. way on the other side of dover and baltimore. most of that is evaporating before it hits the grounds. as we look outside we have the action cam with a shot of the zoo balloon in the distance. you can see how the clouds are a part of the package when we were
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auto with the action cam. 73 in philadelphia. 72 in wilmington. mid 70s up in the lehigh valley and over toward berks county. down the shore mid 70s. not a bad afternoon building if you want to take a walk. look at winds. we had gusty winds last week. i wanted to show you how light they are today. it's warm with light winds comfortable out there. reading currently calm winds a big fat zero comes up on the board. most of what we're seeing is out of the southwest or west which is our source region for the mild air, that's why we're warm today. the showers are starting to creep into storm tracker 6 live's view. it will not make that move up the i-95 corridor past baltimore or so. clouds giving way to sunshine. that will be the package the rest of the way. in the lehigh valley, warm and 80 sun and high clouds.
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comfortable conditions with light winds. down the shore, there are a lot of clouds with sunny breaks, but we're getting high of 77 which is darn mild for this time of year, october around the corner. today's high in philadelphia, 80 sun and high clouds, very warm out there, winds probably don't break the single digits this afternoon. overnight tonight, 62, partly cloudy and mild for this time of year. for the evening rush, probably bright enough for sunglasses, but not a lot of bright blue skies, high clouds, not much wind. 74 by 5:30, the low 70s by 7:00 p.m. tomorrow, the cold front out to the west gets closer to us, we'll be mild. any morning sun will give way to increased clouds. there's a chance of a pop-up shower north and west of philadelphia where you're closer to the face of the front that wouldn't be tomorrow arch and tomorrow evening. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 80 is the high, sun and clouds, sun giving way to another batch of clouds
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ahead of the front on tuesday, perhaps a couple of spotty showers particularly north and west of philadelphia later in the day. wednesday the front is moving through. our temperature will be knocked down to 73. there's a better chance of showers across a broader air on wednesday. i think it will be spotty. this front does not have a lot of the energy. partly sunny, thursday, 74. friday yet another front comes in. the we're getting into that time of year in autumn when the front do come through more often. friday night there could thunderstorm and showers, or steady rain could continue into saturday morning. there's a chance we get a decent rain out of that if you missed the last rain seeding your lawn, maybe thursday or friday not a bad day to do that. >> much more to come in the next half-hour of "action news" at noon. fighting gun violence, details ahead of how delaware leaders are planning to reduce shooting deaths in wilmington. >> now it's official, george
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for people 65 and older. it's not for anyone who's had a severe allergic reaction to any vaccine component, including eggs, egg products, or to a prior dose of any flu vaccine. tell your doctor if you've had guillain-barré syndrome. side effects include pain, swelling and redness at the injection site; muscle aches, fatigue, headache and fever. other side effects may occur. if you have other symptoms or problems following vaccination, call your doctor immediately. vaccination may not protect everyone. so if you hopped around the clock, ask your health care provider about fluzone high-dose vaccine. fluzone high-dose vaccine. >> and hello again here's some of the stories we're following on "action news" this noon. the travel headaches continue after fire brought
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flights at chicago's two busiest airports to a hat. we're live with the latest coming up. health officials in new jersey plan to update parents after a preschoolers dials of a respiratory illness. and now the details there's new information in the act of sabotage that grounded thousands of flights in chicago. it continues to create a travel nightmare across the country including in philadelphia. officials say this problem could last for weeks. abc news report elizabeth hurr is live in new york. >> reporter: good afternoon, sarah, even at this hour we know that hundreds of flights are cancel and disgruntled worker is to blame. that's according to authorities
12:31 pm
who are trying to figure out how one person brought down an entire system. >> we have a peculiar problem that nobody at chicago center is up. >> reporter: chaos an constitution in the air. >> chicago center -- confusion in the air. >> chicago center having problems. >> reporter: closing the chicago aerospace and grounding 4,000 flights over the weekend. >> flight was cancelled. >> it was crazy. >> reporter: now news about brian howard who started a fire and knocked out a key control center in illinois. he entered the buildings with a suitcase, 30 minutes later he posted apparent suicide note and started to destroy the electronic gear in the basement and then the suicide attempt. officials say in the end there was so much blood along with
12:32 pm
fire and water damage the faa called it a bio hazard and building a new center. in other words the travel disruption could last at least two weeks leaving many wandering how one man could cause all of this. >> this contract person that created this dilemma is vetted has a security clearance and if they are inclined and this gentleman was to create havoc they can do it. >> several members of congress calling for an investigation. and just today the faa announced there will be a 30 day review of security protocols at all air traffic centers. this is just in, we just got worried howard is due for his first court appearance later this afternoon. in new york, i'm elizabeth hur channel 6 "action news." >> a meeting has been schedule tonight where a new jersey
12:33 pm
student died from a s&p -- a suspected respiratory illness. a sample has been sent to the cdc to see it is the entrovirus 68 that has sicken others across the united states. the teenager killed in the fire in port richmond has been identified. the victim is chen rivera the body was found on the first floor of the home on the 2700 block of helen street. they were using candle light inside for light. we'll have more on the tragic fire coming up today on "action news" at 4:00 p.m. and this home in montgomery was gutted by fire early this morning. the blaze started around 3:00 a.m. on the 700 block of eastwind circle in dresher. took firefighters an hour to get things under control.
12:34 pm
no word on what sparked the blaze. police are searching for the driver who hit a 7-year-old girl in mantua and took off. the striking vehicle is described as a lime green outlanding -- out lander with pennsylvania tags. the girl was passing the street when she was hit. she remains at children's hospital with a skull fracture and broken ankle. police have a license plate number, but have not found the owner. if you have any identification contact philadelphia police. alcohol may have been a factor in the early morning crash in the juniata park section of philadelphia. three vehicles collided at erie avenue and m street. one driver was tested on the scene for dui and the investigation continues. >> leaders from delaware are tapping federal resources for information and strategy on how to reduce violence.
12:35 pm
senator chris kunes has been -- has announced that wilmington has been selected for a two yearlong partnership. >> video conferencing around the country with leaders who are facing the same sorts of challenges we are. camden, detroit and oakland are taking part in the violence reduction network. >> investigators are trying to figure out how the president of a major south jersey hospital and his wife died. authorities are hoping autopsy will she had light on the deaths of john and joyce sheridan. firefighters were called to the home for reported fire in the bedroom. john sheridan was pronounced at the scene. his wife was taken to the hospital where she died a short
12:36 pm
time later. >> hundreds of emergency workers are trying to recover bodies of victims after a volcanic eruption in japan. gas is still spewing from mount ontake. authorities do not know how the victims died. it cover from toxic gas or falling rocks. >> the weather from the weekend has spilled over to today. we'll be close to 80 degrees, go out and enjoy it. >> reporter: two more days before temperatures start to get back closer where you would expect them to be heading into october. we have a cold front out to the west of us, so this instability shower activity is falling apart as it pushes toward us, i suppose it's possible to get a sprinkle in the southern tier of the region later on. what is happening southwesterly flow coming up ahead of that
12:37 pm
front and that is what is keeping us warm. in fact fit wasn't for the thicker cloud cover we would be going into the low 80s like yesterday. 76 degrees if pilots, the northern and western -- pottstown, the northern and western suburbs unusually warm. 77 in fleetwood. 75 coatsville. 76 in chester and center city. and across the river in south jersey, mid 70s in cinnaminson and glassboro. he low 70s in places like gandys beach and hammonton. dover has popped out of the 60s to hit a current temperature of 70 degrees. if you have plans to head to the playground perhaps with your toddlers before the kids come home from school. 78 degrees by 1:30 and 80 degrees by 3:00 p.m. again that's your high this afternoon. again the eerchght commute no big -- evening commute no problems, there will be a fair
12:38 pm
amount of cloud cover around sunny breaks and falling from 78 at 4:00. to 73 at 7:00 p.m. based on on what abc news told us, on "action news," even though there are no reported cancellations out to o'hare, they have delays call ahead if you're flying to chicago either today or tonight or tomorrow. >> officials are hoping a new advertising campaign will get the good times rolling again in atlantic city. despite the closing of four casinos, officials say there are good reasons to visit the shore. the city highlights the upcoming events and promotions to draw visitors to atlantic city this fall. >> in sports, the san francisco 69ers handed the eagles their first loss out west. nick foles threw two incomplete
12:39 pm
passes from the one yard line. they could not pull off the second half magic that carried them in the their first three victories. they are tied with dallas at the top of the nfc east 3-1. >> the coach is in the hot seat after a quarterback takes a hit and stays in the game. critical critical has that the update on the controversies next. >> doctors are telling peashts they have to -- patients they have to wait for a flu shot this year. and david murphy has more
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>> jury selection in the jodi arius sentencing retrial continues today. it was back in 2009 when she was convicted of stabbing her
12:42 pm
boyfriend travis alexander to death. prosecutors paint the her as a liar who planned the murder. she claims was in self-defense. some are calling for michigan head coach to step down after allowing morris to remain in the game on saturday after it looked like he had concussion-like symptoms. alicia vitarelli has more. >> reporter: this video is going viral. this is the moment of impact that is causing so much concern you see morris number 7 get knocked off his feet. instead of getting him medical attention right away, the coach kept him in the gamement it's not clear whether he suffered a concussion during the game, there's a loud and clear call to fire the coach. >> reporter: this does not look good to me. it's the hit that's hart to watch. the brutal moment shane morris gets steamed rolled by minnesota
12:43 pm
who drops his head and plows into it. espn announcer saying it looks like a concussion hit. >> he can barely stands up now, they have to get him out of the ballgame. >> reporter: but that didn't happen. limping and wobbling the sophomore number 7 struggled to stand, michigan head coach kept him in the game. >> i'm going to tell you that number 7 is in the game is appalling. >> reporter: he briefly takes him out and later puts him back in. he can barely stand up, this is not good player management. we talked about player safety in this game, guys getting hit in the head this is a aatrocious to me. >> reporter: at a post game news conference he said he didn't see him wobbling. >> you can't make the diagnosis purely on observation, but there were elements that you saw in his behavior that raised concern. >> reporter: morris was eventually carted off the field.
12:44 pm
>> shane wanted to be the quarterback, believe me if he didn't want to be, he would have come to the sideline or stayed down. >> reporter: after the hit, morris waved off someone on the sideline possibly signaling that he wanted to play. if you're the head coach, how can you not know what you're quarterback is going through. him how can you not see that. and not say get him out of here. >> after the game the coach release the the statement saying morris was evaluated on the sideline and quote we're confident proper medical decisions were made. the discussions surrounding sports-relate the concussions on all levels continue to grow, the stats scary and staggering. some people may have to wait to get a flu shop. a manufacturer said it's behind in producing the vaccine. it's taking longer to produce one of the strains that go into the vaccine.
12:45 pm
easton hospital is waiting for 13,000 of the 14,000 doses the hospital was promised. some other homs and county health -- hospitals and county health clinics are experiencing shipment delays, but they do expect to be start flu clinics the usual?
12:46 pm
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>> time to save with 6abc, amy buckman explains how tooth paste can be a cleaning agent for more than just your teeth. >> reporter: if you've got messes from your head likele curling iron to your tows like your sneakers there's one inexpensive cleaning product to take care of them all. >> tooth paste is a great cleaner and saves you money. not only does it cost pennies, but it will save your money. >> reporter: belt allen of dyi hip chicks shows us how to get rust and hard water off the bottom of an iron.
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>> it gets rid of it and keeps it off your nice white linen shirt. the same thing you do with with your iron you can do it with your curling iron. >> reporter: tooth paste is also good for cleaning sneakers. do i'm going to try this. if you have a young child you'll love this use for tooth paste. >> that said i'm going to do this, i'm going to write on her wall in crayon. 6abc. >> scrubs it off -- [laughter]. i told you, isn't that beautiful! it will save many kids from being in that time out corner. not to mention the time and effort of repainting. >> reporter: if you've got a piano use a dry brush with tooth
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paste to clean the ivory keys. >> i wondered why amy had a lot tooth paste on her desk. [laughter]. you an your crayons. >> reporter: we're dry at noon, a sprinkle down in dover, delaware, we're not expecting that to reach our neck of woods. even though baltimore is slightly damp. as we look outside we have the action cam looking in the other direction of the schuylkill expressway. we're seeing the clouds up above, every now and then a bright spot. this has been the story of the morning, a fair amount of high clouds knocking out sunshine. the story has been the temperatures over the last couple of days. we're going to start with two more warm days in your forecast before things get cooler mid weak. we're not cooling down in a major way toward the end. weekend we'll have a day where
12:50 pm
we stay in the 60s, but that's a ways off. 70 degrees, the dewpoint, 62. winds south/southwest at 7 miles per hour looks like we'll keep them low today as far as winds are concerned. there's the cloud cover we showed you on the action cam, sky 6 is showing it all day, as well. there are some breaks where the sun gets through temporarily. and then the showers have yellow and red and we lose all that. that's an indication that the rain is moving away from it's upper level support. we don't expect any of that to come in you are 0 direction. it's warm, definitely. 80 degrees in allentown. 80 degrees highs from the i-95 corridor toward reading. upper 80s toward central south jersey and dover. looks like we'll stop in the mid 70s down the shore today. nice for this time of year. in philadelphia here's how it's going to go. 3:00 p.m., that's the high, 80 degrees, 5:00 p.m., 77.
12:51 pm
7:00 p.m., 73 and finally by 8:00, 9:00 p.m. we're back down in the 60s. the overnight low going down to 62. some suburbs in the upper 50s. tomorrow we're warm because a frontal boundary is you let 0 to the west that means we'll get a southwesterly flow ahead of the front that will keep us on the mild side. there could be a pop-up shower happening tomorrow afternoon. at 2:00 p.m., though, future tracker 6 shows you this is few and far between, anything that manages to pop up is light and stays that way through 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. maybe you see a sprinkle or shower tomorrow, but this front doesn't look like it will have a major impact. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, sun mixing with high to mid level clouds. 80 degrees, warm and not all that bright. tomorrow, sun gives way to increasing clouds ahead of the next front. a couple of sprinkles or showers here or there, warm, high of 79.
12:52 pm
wednesday there's a front coming through there's a chance of a broader placement of showers, again, the front not that strong and we'll be looking at a a couple of spotty light showers, high of 73. thursday, looking good, sunny and bright, 74. good weather for the union home at ppl chester against chicago. friday, there's a chance of a thunderstorm, we could have steady rain overnight friday into saturday. saturday we dry, sunday, partly sunny and 68 degrees, and the eagles will get a home game where it feels fall like. >> topping the people scene this noon, george clooey -- george clooney is now legally married. he and his wife celebrated the
12:53 pm
ceremony at city hall. hundreds of fans cheered for the newly weldz. the couple tied the knot on saturday in a private ceremony attended by family and celebrity friends. >> "dancing with the stars" is getting philly flavor. native son kevin hart will be a guest judge. season seven of castle kick off tonight on 6abc, detective kate bech he -- beckett has to mix business and pleasure. find out what happened to castle during the season premier on 6abc at
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>> we have a number of stories trending at like this one talk about an epic proposal. living on the other side of the world did not stop this man from pulling off an elaborate surprise serenade. one super fan won tickets to a sold out show. but opted to give her tickets to a special young fan. today is international coffee day we have a list of place where you can find a free cup of coffee. those stories at >> another check of accuweather. >> reporter: satellite and radar showing we have cloud cover out there. it's high cloud cover not as overcast and dark as you might thing when you look at the picture. the rain will fall apart before it gets here.
12:57 pm
it's warm a lot spots are getting into the 80-degree range. down in the i-95 corridor, high clouds, light winds highs in the 80s. finally down south, high clouds, warm everywhere although not as warm down the shore only 76 in sea isle city and cape may. >> finally this noon you don't need to have snow to have fun with snow mobiles. in northern was was snow mobiles were used in races. the snow mobile club dg races. it started out with 500 people and has grown to 8,000 participants. glenlts that's. that's it for "action news," don't forget to join us today for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. >> now for rick williams, david murphy and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist. have a great day!
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