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tv   Action News 500 PM  ABC  September 30, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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montgomery county public safety training center, this is conshohocken, montgomery county, details are still coming in but apparently a person was shot and has been air lifted to a nearby hospital, the details we are trying to determine for you. but apparently someone accidentally shot here at this safety training center, we are trying to get the condition of the victim. you can see medical units at the scene and an ambulance there as well. the investigation is underway and as to what unfolded here we'll try to get more information for you and get it to you. new clues tonight in the manhunt for eric frein, is he wanted for allegedly shooting two pennsylvania state troopers, killing one of them. authorities have fresh evidence and they believe she are zeroing in on their suspect.
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they found two pipe bombs in their search for 31-year-old frein today. walter perez is live now wtd latest. >> reporter: hey guys, the big news from state police is the discovery of two pipe bombs, investigators they say were among items hastily left behind in the woods. that leads them to believe they are on the right track but they have this most wanted funltive on the run. >> he delivered a direct message to the man accused of killing a state trooper and wounding another. >> we are calling on you eric to surrender, we continue to take your supplies and stockpiles, are you weakening our trooper resolve is very strong and we are not going anywhere. they include these two fully functional pipe bombs that were recovered over the past 24
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hours, in the heavily wooded area. >> this is consistent with frein's gutless efforts to kill law enforcement from a distance. >> they have one credible citing of frein near the border of monroe county and pike county. not far from his parent's home and an area of hundreds of vacation cabins and vacation homes where frein could be hiding out. with all the supplies and weapons that frein seems to be leaving behind and with police hot on his trail, authorities say they are confident he is running out of options. >> i don't believe this was his original plan immediately following the shooting, i don't think is he planned to go straight into the woods and found himself in this circumstance. >> police would not confirm to me, but that police dogs flushed
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frein from his most recent hiding spot and pushed him deeper into the wood and they got a glimpse when he turned on his control phone for a few seconds and the award leading to the capture of eric frein stands at $175,000. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we of course will continue to follow the manhunt for eric frein at we'll alert you to developments of course and bring you live updates from the pennsylvania state police as they happen. a dramatic scene in northeast philadelphia this morning after a car loses control and slams into a building, choper 6 hd over the scene where the car went into a building. no word on injuries or what caused the crash. the actions of an off-duty
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police officer is are under investigation,' apparently opened fire on a man that he says was trying to steal his truck. vernon odom is live now where this all unfolded in edge water park, he has the details. rick, so quiet normally here in edge water park, new jersey, but in the predawn hours an alleged attempt shook many from their peaceful slumber it happened on the 200 block of stevenson avenue, basil warrant parked in his driveway leaving the door open and then he heard the door slam and came out of the house and saw a man. age 26 from willingboro in the drivers seat trying to steal the truck. officer warren said the suspect accelerated towards him. >> i heard two shots and i heard
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get out of the car, get out of car, get on the ground. >> officer warren told investigators he opened fire for fear of his life hitting fitzpatrick twice. >> the officer was asking him why he did it? fitzpatrick was flown to the hospital. and it was officer ward that kept the suspect alive after shooting through the windows of his personal vehicle. >> it was fading out and he went down there and grabbed a hold of him and said stay with me john, stay with me. >> he kept nursing the kid, like a family, i couldn't believe it. he was some concerned. no formal charges filed yesterday against suspect fitzpatrick and officer warren's lawyer tells me that he is
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confident that his client will not face charges in this case. live in edge water park, new jersey. the resident of an apartment in chinatown fought back against an intruder last night and was able to keep from being a victim of theft. the resident heard a loud bang and saw a man stacking his electronics by an open window, the owner grabbed a knife and chased the intruder, he made for a window and he stabbed him in the backside. the intruder got away but without his loot. i am sharrie williams, we are following a story grabbing strong reactions on social immediate. jamal is expected to deliver the commencement speech in connecticut, while he is still in prison. they announced he will deliver the add on sunday, his remarks
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are prerecorded and will be played alongside a video. he has authored numerous books in prison and is a graduate of goddard, mumia was selected to be the speaker, he was convicted of the murder of pennsylvania police officer daniel faulkner and it was commuted to life in prison without parole. he is currently in frankville, pennsylvania. goddard college holds connectionmentses each year and they are on small scale and they can personalize their graduation experience. about 20 graduates will hear the speech this thursday. it's not the first time he was invited to speak at colleges, he has spoken at least two
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commencements in the past. now in the drivers seat is the head of the secret service to explain how a man got past security and into the white house earlier this month. good evening, the sparks were flying on capitol hill as lawmakers from both parties blasted the secret service for how they handled the breach of security at the white house. it's unclear when president obama knew how serious this incident was and how far omar gonzales made it inside. >> i wish to god you protected the white house how you are protecting your reputation here today. >> omar gonzales made his way deep into the white house carrying a knife.
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they ridgely said he was taken down at the front door, he got into the east room and the "washington post" reports that he was neutralized by an off duty agent that happened to be there. >> don't let someone get close to the president or close to his family. don't let them in the white house ever. >> president obama was briefed by director pierson last week at the white house. but his spokesperson did not say if he knew right away how serious this breach was. >> i am not going to talk about these briefings that the president has had on this topic. >> lawmakers raised concerns about a 2011 resident, where days went by before bullets were discovered that were found at
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the white house. >> shards of glass were found on the truman balcony. where there is no secret service. >> reporting live from the white house, karen travers, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. police in to states are investigating two unrelated school shootings, the first happened this morning in north carolina. the suspect shot a classmate after an argument and then surrendered to police and no word on the extent of the victim's injuries in louisville school was evacuated after someone was shot at fernville high school. the victim's injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. there is a snag until the auction of the failed refer elcasino. >> they say that revel's attorneys reneged on a promise
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to tell them about other bids. the cot refused and schedule aid hearing for next month. it was adjourned last week for the rosh hashanah holiday. they say that at least one other bid has been received. tuesday night season matt pellman is in the traffic center keeping an eye on the drive home. >> yes indeed. with a tough morning with delco delays, this afternoon we have the emergency construction on the ramps that connect the two. this is northbound side of 95 to the northbound blue route, they are fixing a broken expansion joint and they will be out here until tomorrow morning. so one lane blocked causing delays on 95 as you head towards 76, also seeing delays in buck county because of construction on the northbound side of 1 headed towards the trenton,
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morristown bridge, are you jammed coming away from 13, on route 1 in delaware, at christiana by the mall, from the northbound lanes of the northbound side of 95 because of that nasty crash at 3:30 this afternoon. delayed there, i would stay on 33, in hockessin closing creek road and an accident involving a bicyclist on brewster road. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you matt. >> more to come, health officials are tranging more cases of that mysterious paralysis nationwide. ali gorman will explain next. we had highs near 80 and lots of sunshine and we are tracking opportunities for rain and a big cool down in the accuweather forecast. >> cecily thank you, acme customers are on high alert after a possible data breach,
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nydia han has information for concerned shoppers.
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health check tonight, we go back to our big story at the top
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of the hour. the big ebola virus diagnosed in the united states. >> first time ebola has been diagnosed in the united states. what we know is the opinion is in presbyterian health in dallas, texas, we'll learn more details when the press conference starts from the cdc. doctor says they now have a tenth child in colorado with weak arms and legs with the respiratory virus. there is no word yet in entero virus 68 is the cause. doctors are on alert for new cases, so far in our area no
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cases of children with paralysis are reported. we'll continue to follow this story. penn says the class for nursing staff is going on and it will be expanded for other staff in the future. we'll have more about that, and drexel university is celebrating a new plaza that opened today, this is the perlman plaza between chestnut and market. the heart of the campus with a new retail space, philanthropist ray and ann spielman paid forever the construction. now chopper 6 is in the air over parts of the delaware valley, the 360 camera is officially deployed. that means you can control the cam ran see what is sees right now. we zoom in the free chopper 6-360 app is available for your tablet for phone, go to
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california is now the first
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state in the nation to ban single use plastic bags, the state's governor, jerry brown, signed legislation that bans plastic bags n july. it's phased out of large stores and then pharmacies by 2016, they are already banned in chicago and seattle and new york city. others plan to fight the legislation in california because it would lead to thousands of job cuts. now ebay is making paypal a separate company. ebay purchased the payment service in 2002 for $1.3 billion, the separation is an attempt to maximize the strategic focus and flexibility for ebay. the fcc is putting an end to blackouts, the policy of blocking out sporting events is
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. meteorologist, cecily tynan is standing by with new pictures. that is the one i sent you? >> where is this from? >> my backyard. >> no, jen actually posted this. trying to take credit, she sent this from beautiful bear creek lake in beautiful pennsylvania. it's not feeling like fall but it's looking like fall. jim thorpe is starting to turn color and the peak color should be in two weeks. philadelphia 78 degrees and the normal high for this time of year has dropped down to 72. so unseasonably warm and allentown 76 and reading 76 and millville 73, beautiful on the beaches and mild on the boardwalk in atlantic city 70 degrees. this continues the trend for this september. it's been warm and it's been dry. temperatures this september
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nearly .5 degrees above normal. but for the year 1 degree below normal and rainfall below normal but we are not in danger of a drought because the year is wet, more than 5 inches above normal. we have opportunities for rain and the first one is moving in tonight. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing this low pressure meandering over cleveland and this is pushing to the east and you can see this line of thunderstorms across central pennsylvania, 63 lightning strikes over the past 15 minutes and it moving east as well. it's breaking up and that low pressure is bringing us unsettled weather tomorrow with spotty showers. future tracker showing at 11:00 tonight. lots of clouds and lancaster county you could see a shower, as we head through the day, today was beautiful, future tracker showing clouds and as we head into the afternoon, it's
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somewhat unsettled and again not widespread heavy rain, future tracker showing at 5:00 the possibility of a few spotty showers and the more significant rain is coming early on saturday morning. the call from accuweather tonight, a mild night under mostly cloudy skies and 61 in philadelphia, 58 in allentown and 56 in millville and 63 in cape may, the possibility of an isolated shower is the best chance west of philadelphia. the five-day at 5:00, mostly cloudy tomorrow and 75 degrees, a few spotty showers possible and on thursday, lots of clouds early and fog and breaks of sunshine in the afternoon and friday looking pretty good and partly sunny with a high of 75 degrees, late friday night through saturday morning, some rain could be heavy at times in the morning with a cold front. behind the system, the sunshine returns and 78 degrees, and football weather right in tin time for the eagles. the high is only 65 degrees, it
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will be dry, do we keep the cool weather into next week? adam will have the answer in the
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hello we continue with the center for disease control. authorities confirmed the first case of the ebola virus diagnosed in the united states, the patient is in strict isolation at health presbyterian in dallas. the patient has a history of travel to west africa, so far no other details about the patient are released tonight. we are awaiting a press conference from the cdc. ali gorman will have more on this news story coming up tonight at 6:00. in other news, major grocery store chain acme says credit card and debit cards have been compromised. they are asking people in delaware, new jersey, pennsylvania and maryland to take a


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