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tv   Action News 500 PM  ABC  October 2, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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identifies himself as a police officer which he is not. >> the young lady feared she was arrested based on the things that this man said to her. once in the car fire lieutenant jamal, forced her to perform a sex act. she was able to escape from the car and called police. >> based on the information she gave to police, they are able to stop this male in the 4800 block of north 12th street where he is identified as being the individual and take and into custody. jamal johnson faces numerous charges, he was stationed at ladder 14th at york. the fire department can't comment until they have more information from the police. they credit the victim and the patrol officers for making a quick arrest. >> it was accurate in terms of what she provided to the officers and a great job by the
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uniformed officers in the district and a quick response to recognize the vehicle and stopping the vehicle. >> quick work by police and a veteran philadelphia firefighter facing an uncertain future tonight. live at police headquarters, david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. turning now to the first case of ebola in the u.s., liberian authorities announced they will prosecute the man that flew from liberia to dallas because he allegedly lied on a questionnaire. texas officials confirmed he does have the deadly fire, officials are reaching out to 100 people that may have been in contact with him. officials in liberia say they will prosecute duncan because he did not tell the truth about his exposure to ebola. ali gorman is live now at the big board with more on the developments. >> reporter: this is a portion
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of screening form they are talking about. this is the question, did you provide direct care to any person with ebola while the patient was sick. they say he helped a sick woman in noo a taxi or lived with someone that was sick. but we don't know that he knew he had contact with someone that had confirmed ebola. he did not have a fever when he left liberia. thomas eric duncan remains in isolation at a dallas hospital and now his family is ordered to stay home with no visitors for 21 days, the patient may have had contact with up to 100 people. they include ambulance, and hospital staff, friends and family, including five children duncan is related to. none of these contacts have symptoms but they are being monterrored.
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meanwhile hospital officials are answering it's tougher questions, the patient was given antibiotics and turned away on his first visit despite telling the nurse he just returned from liberia. >> regretfully that information was not fully communicated to the whole team. >> a person's travel history is critically important to contain ebola. chris couns is the chair of the african affairs subcommittee, he says given the amount of people that travel to and from west africa, we have to be prepared for people to come back to the u.s. with ebowl a. and he says that our health cache system is ready. >> all of our hospitals have things in place for ebola. >> duncan's family home in dallas still had sheets and towels he used. we have told that the cdc sent workers to the home to get rid of the items and clean the area.
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this is one person in the united states and we have good care but it's not the case in west africa. coming up we'll have dramatic pictures of what is happening there and how we can help. >> can you get information at we have the latest on u.s. cases and the list of seven thing you need to know about the ebola virus. police have released a sketch of a man wanted for attacking a woman at a philadelphia park. the attack happened last friday at wissahickon park in west hill. the suspect is 25 to 30 years old with a muscular build and 6 feet tall. the man demanded money and forced her to the ground and was choked. authorities are also searching for several tire slashing suspects tonight. the tires of multiple vehicles were slashed in juniata park
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from tuesday night to wednesday morning. two women and one man was seen puncturing tires at the 1600 block of east worel street. funeral arrangements are set for the pennsylvania state trooper accidentally shot and killed tuesday, a celebration of david kedra's life will be held at the funeral home on academy road in philadelphia and a funeral service will be held at monday at 11:00 a.m. at christ the king church in philadelphia. kedra's burial will be private. there is a push for an amendment law to protect the lbgt community. brian sims, pennsylvania's first openly gay state representative called for the hearing following the attack on gay men in center
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city. williams said today that statistics show the change should have been made a long time ago. >> nationally of the 6,222 hate crimes in 2011, almost 20% resulted from sexual orientation bias. >> lbgt hate crimes come in second only the race in the u.s. i'm sharrie williams, at the big board, a renaissance is planned for a well known area of philadelphia, they are calling it the east market redevelopment project. plans are underway to bring it back. take a look, just today we had chopper 6 overhead at 11th, 12th and marquette streets. the idea is to take down the entire city block and sphinx this area completely. >> what is known as market east
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is being rebranded as east market. a major development project kicked off today with city and state leaders breaking ground for what promises to be a major upgrade. a gutting will happen from 11th 12th street and market to chestnut. new market places and retail shops and residences and parking. >> this is one of the most exciting developments to come to philadelphia in a long, long time. the city and state government is pumping money in to make it happen. >> we are taking our city back and market street back to making market street again a show place for the entire city and indeed for the entire commonwealth. >> residents are hoping this time will be the charm. >> i think it's a great idea,
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they will upgrade the city. >> bringing this to the city is wonderful. >> a bit of excitement regarding these plans, this time around and the other great news is that this project is expected to create 1500 new jobs most are in construction and the others are in retail. >> thanks sharrie. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report for you thursday night. lets go to matt pellman in the traffic center for a look at the commute home. >> my news is better than it was the last half hour, this accident on the blue route, 476 northbound approaching villanova is completely pushed off to the side. the vehicle and the dump truck involved and penndot and police remain on the scene and the traffic remains really heavy and the delay is back to i-95 now, pretty much a parking lot with speeds of 12 miles per hour. on up to the scene approaching route 30, i would think about using the alternates like 320
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and 452, we have reports of a crash in upper providence. elsewhere, 476 northbound past landsdale a report of another crash there and speeds are slowing and the overturned truck accident at royersford is out of the way. we are picking up the pace there, but slow on the westbound side with normal afternoon volume. we head up to the latest pattern by 295, a tricky spot. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you. much more ahead on "action news" tonight. two reality tv stars learn their fate on fraud charges we got more details of sentencing of these two coming up. >> a battle today between the clouds and sunshine, it was a dry day and i'm tracking rain along the way over the weekend and a big cool down in the accuweather forecast. >> plus, we'll tell you about the surprise that had these kids smiling ear to ear at the convention center.
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>> thank you.
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a couple that became famous on reality tv are dealing with
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real life courtroom drama the real life stars of housewives of new jersey, joe and theresa giudice are facing their sentencing, the hearing is wrapping up and judge has ordered joe giudice to serve 41 months in prison for submitting phoney applications and theresa was sentenced to 15 months. the judge ordered her sentencing begin on january 25th and she would go first so joe could stay home with the couple's four children. joe giudice is an italian citizen and he could be deported after his prison term is complete. now two popular sodas are hovering healthier alternatives.
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>> coca cola is offering coke light, it gets sweetness from a plant based sweetener and pepsi has pepsi true, only sold right now through these men and women can help reduce their employee's cancer risk by trying to motivate staffers to have healthier lives and pushing for community based cancer control, there is more than 400 ceos in this program worldwide. >> some philadelphia elementary school children took a special field trip to the convention center, what awaited them there were special gifts they will need this season. katherine scott has the story.
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>> reporter: they come in all different sizes and colors and they have a few things in common and they keep you warm in the winter and for these children they are all free. >> every kid deserves to be warm in the winter. >> the auto dealers caring for kids foundation, had trunk loads of coats at the convenience center. more than 37,000 new coats will be delivered to underprivileged children in the area. 6,000 are going to children in the philadelphia school district and that was something to cheer about. >> say thank you? >> thank you! >> we are closing the loop of things that impact our children's ability to learn and this is another one of those things, 172 area auto dealers pledged a new winter coat every time a vehicle was sold at their dealership in september.
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you can see the difference their pledge makes. by the end all three little ladies were pretty in pink. >> do you like your new coat. yes! >> you like that you are triplets now yes! >> and the function that is not lost on these elementary school children. sometimes winter time is cold and you need comfy stuff. >> and you could get sick. >> since the program began in 2008 more than 177,000 coats have been donated to children around the philadelphia area and for that these kids are grateful. >> i just want to say, thank you. >> in center city, katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." villanova university now has its own cave where students can lose themselves through virtual reality. a brand new facility new to campus now and today the cave finally opened to students, a virtual reality research center
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and interacttive classroom where students can be deported to far off places like the grand canyon or even the surface of the moon. now that the ribbon has been cut it should be a popular place. coming up on "action news" at 11:00, "action news" troubleshooters with dramatic video, here is nydia han with a preview. >> reporter: take a look at this video, a high school senior was behind the wheel when this car started smoking, you can see it later burst into flames on 422, she and her brother say they barely made it out in time. and guess what the teenager bought the vehicle 30 minutes prior. she wanted her money back but he refused and that is when she came to me for help. refused and that is when she came to me for help. don't miss a woman who loves to share her passions.
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google is facing a multimillion-dollar lawsuit with celebrity photos that were stolen and leaked on the internet. models and athletes that had
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photos stolen sent a letter to google last week, that they failed to take stolen images from their site, and google could be liable for is hundred million in damages. this community center is set to open this weekend. we got a sneak peek of it in camden. the 125,000 square foot center will have health, recreation and more. >> indoor basketball courts and inside basketball courts and rock climbing behind me that fosters team building.
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board, cecily tynan is standing by with the chilly temperatures we saw today. >> a little bit on the cool side and move areas in the 60s and philadelphia at 71 degrees irk the normal high is 72 and allentown and reading and millville only 66 and trenton 66 and sea isle city 67 degrees, part of the reason why, the fact that it clouded up today. satellite 6 along with action radar showing at 9:30 we burned off the low clouds we had in the morning, with the low pressure off the coast of new england,
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the clouds filled in by mid-afternoon, you can see that we are beginning to see a few breaks in the clouds and that will continue in the evening hours, we'll get more sunshine as we head towards dinner time. the big weather makers, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing a very strong cold front moving through the midwest. chicago getting rain and st. louis into dallas and a ground stoppage at dallas ft. worth due to the severe weather, hail and high winds. this will bring us the rainy start to the weekend, tomorrow on future tracker, showing tomorrow it's going to be fine and the storm system will be rolling across the ohio valley, a bright day and then on saturday, this is what is going on, future tracker showing a broken line across the region, the good news is the second half
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of the day looking better, all history by the afternoon, the sunshine is back, actually except for saturday morning, looking good if you want to look at the fall foliage, go to northern pennsylvania, adirondacks, 40% to 70% peak and poconos 40% and the best bet is the parks to the north. maple and dogwood and sassafras all changing now. it's going to be advancing to the south as you head through the month. not all that cold, allentown 52 and millville 52 and the five-day at 5:00 shows tomorrow a nice day and partly sunny skies and warmer than today, sunshine and a high of 75 degrees, the rain moves into the wee hours of morning on saturday
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and it should be clearing from the west to the east and afternoon sunshine clearing and sunday the coldest day since spring, 62 degrees and if that is too chilly for you we rebound 10 degrees on monday and tuesday partly sunny and 70 degrees. feels like fall on sunday but then warmer. our next half hour of "action news," a hot air balloon makes an unscheduled landing on a buck county road.
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hello again, here is what is happening on "action news," the secret service continues to deal with the fallout in security, we'll introduce you to the man that is taking over for now and he has ties to our area. plus a group of delaware county senior citizens say they are not safe in their own homes and they
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want action. and now the details, there are new calls tonight for an outside review of the lapses in security for the secret service. julia pierson has resigned. omar gonzales was able to sprint across the white house lawn and get well into the building before he was stopped by an officer and then other breaches came to light. >> we see accumulating reports raising questions about the performance of the agency. and it's president concluded that new leadership of that agency is required. >> the interim head of the secret service joe clancy is facing an uphill battle to return faith in the department. he has ties to the area and amy buckman shows us he made an impact on the community before he joined the secret