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tv   Action News 530 PM  ABC  October 2, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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want action. and now the details, there are new calls tonight for an outside review of the lapses in security for the secret service. julia pierson has resigned. omar gonzales was able to sprint across the white house lawn and get well into the building before he was stopped by an officer and then other breaches came to light. >> we see accumulating reports raising questions about the performance of the agency. and it's president concluded that new leadership of that agency is required. >> the interim head of the secret service joe clancy is facing an uphill battle to return faith in the department. he has ties to the area and amy buckman shows us he made an impact on the community before he joined the secret service.
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>> the lives of president obama and other officials are now in a havertown native. clancy was named the interim director of the secret service. he graduated from villanova university. >> he has a perfect background and he is perfectly quality if ied for the job. >> he spend time teaching at the high school while waiting for his secret service application to be processed and they said even then he showed characteristics for the job. >> a quiet guy, well liked here and he is very meticulous and organized and a detailed person and i would say that is an accomplishment. >> clancy began his career in
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government after teaching, becoming special agent in charge of the presidential protective division and he retired after becoming head of security for comcast. a job he is giving up to go to washington. >> he came with incredible credentials and we are thrilled to have him work on behalf of the country, that is awesome. >> those that new joseph clancy at different times during his life here, they agree on one thing, he is a good pick to run the secret service. now to the battle against 'is. turkey is joining the coalition force, they voted overwhelmingly to attack isis in syria and iraq. this is important because it could pave the way for foreign troops to use turkey to launch an attack. it's key because of its
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location, it shares location between syria and iraq and is the buffer between syria and the middle east. we'll have more coming up on world news, you can watch all of that following "action news" at 6:00. in other news, a south jersey woman is behind bars, for running a heroin distribution in ocean county. authorities say she set up shop in room number 7 at the sun and sand motel on route 37 east. they seize the heroin and xanex and marijuana. no word on what caused a tanker truck to catch fire. just before 4:00 a.m. some lanes had to be closed while firefighters put out the flames, traffic returned to normal a few hours later.
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a hot air balloon had to make an emergency landing in warrington. it landed on easton road and there was no crash but people that saw the balloon coming called 911, officials say that the balloon pilot realized he needed to put it down sooner than expected. a group of delaware county seniors didn't feel safe in their homes, because there is a lack of security watching their apartments. the seniors staged a protest, demanding that the chester housing authority, that runs the building, do something about it. sharrie williams joins us with more. >> reporter: this is a concern for them, they feel afraid in their own homes, when she signed their lease it promised 24 hours security and that is not what they are getting. residents protested outside of the chester housing authority
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today, they say there have been several murders outside of their gates and a police chase inside. they want what they were promised. 24 hour security on their complex and the seniors say that emergency medical units have not been able to get in after hours. >> we are frightened. we are not panic stricken but it's a bad situation and if it's not people will suffer because of it. >> the chester housing authority is responding saying, gateway has security and each tenant has a code to enter the building, it's one of the most highly secured senior housing buildings in chester. it has a monitoring station that is sometimes staffed but will
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not be staffed 24 hours i day because of budget cuts. the two men vying for delaware's next treasurer squared off in a debate today. democratic candidate sean barney participated in a lunch time discussion at the rotary club of wilmington. both men spoke about improving the office that keeps track of what the state spends and bringing into the economy. chip flowers is not seeking re-election. mayor michael nutter and others raised a rainbow flag outside of city hall, this supports the lesbian, gay and trance gender population. they say there is no place for hate in philadelphia. time to get a check of traffic out there and see how the roads are rolling along.
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matt what can you do about it? >> it's severely backed up and we are raising the red flag over 95 in delaware county, we are back to this accident that happened a long time ago, it was off to the side and now they are forced to block the left lane again, coming south of the airport from this point at 476, you are dealing with crawling traffic and northbound 476, it remains heavy from 495, to broomall. we have the accident in upper providence at provence and bishop hollow roads. and a crash at 95 southbound giving us slow speed there's and the night market in chinatown, block at at 10:00 and and ray streets. and an accident near route 100 and giving us slowing and the construct in buck county on route 1 heading towards the
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norristown bridge. lots of issues once again. >> no doubt. thank you. still ahead on "action news" for you, new experience that shows the inter workings of animal and human bodies. and they were sporting their best pink looks in honor of breast cancer awareness month, we'll take you to trenton. >> this remains the case for friday, with a decent amount of rain for your weekend. adam, finally, the wait is over, it's tgit. we have all the new episodes, including the philadelphia based, how to get away with ♪
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the franklin instat is about to open an exhibit. exploring animals inside and out. the body worlds exhibition looks at real animal bodies that is preserved through a process, from goats to giraffes to sharks, visitors can look how tractor trailer creature's bodies work. >> you can explore the systems
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of numerous species and you'll be amazed to see the similarities between animals and humans. >> see the new body worlds for yourself starting this saturday. time for sports. the eagles continue preparing for sunday's showdown against the rams. jaime apody is live now in the sports center with more. >> ready to face the rams, the eagles hope to bounce back on sunday and so is their quarterback. nick foles, he has had a less than stellar season but nothing likely sits with him more than the two incomplete passes from the 1 yard line that could have won him that game in san francisco. he has to tune out the talk and focus on moving on but with the tv and radio season that hard to do. >> don't watch tv or read, that make it's a lot of easier, doing that i focus on what i can control and that is coming in here, i know what i need to work
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on, i know my flaws, i can see it and feel it and i'm eagler to get back to work that is why i love playing this game. >> the quarterback on the other side of ball, he did not have the third highest pass rating like foles did last year, you may have never even heard of him. his name is austin davis, he is the ram's third stringer after sam hill was lost week one. he was a walkon at southern miss, but he did well. and he has done his homework on our eagles too. >> we have a good philadelphia team we are going on the road to play and we have our work cut out for us. coach said probably the biggest challenge yet across the board. >> the guy being a younger player, he has a good grasp of of what they are trying to get
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accomplished. short compact motion and athletic and can pull it down and run, a four-year starter in college and a good player coming out of college, i think he has adapted well it what they are doing there. >> like we are playing tom brady or peyton manning, there is not a lot of tape but there are things we have to look at more in depth. >> sunday against st. louis, we'll start with eagles game day kick off live from the link at 11:30 a.m., and then break it down at 11:35 p.m. where mike quick and ducis rogers here on channel 6. sixers continued their camp in new jersey and nerlins noel is looking to see who will stand with him. henry sims after starting 25 games after he came over, brett brown seems quite fond of him.
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>> he is a man, he acts like a man and talks like a man and is a leader and a grumpiness that i like and a toughness that i like. and i just feel like he is an nba player. >> i was brought up to be a different person when you step on the line, grumpy is where i have to stay. >> i never heard grumpiness being called an attribute but rick if that is the case you are a lucky man. >> i didn't mean that. well, we have made that to thursday. that means tgit here on 6 abc. >> i'm never grumpy. three new episodes including the breakout hit, how to get away with murder. >> sharrie williams is here at the big board with more. >> last week's series premier of how to get away with murder and
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"grey's anatomy" and "scandal" f left us on the edge of our seat. we found out where olivia went and the gladiators are letting her know that things changed. >> you don't work here anymore liv. you don't know anything. you had no idea. >> my mouth is open just listening to that. olivia is out the loop now and abby is not shy in letting her know about it. and we are getting an idea how they are handling the murder of their oldest son. scand scandal-starts at 9:00 p.m. and tonight analise grills her students about truth and lies
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and perhaps we'll find out more about how analise's husband was founded and wrapped up in a car. it all started at 8:00 with "grey's anatomy" and followed by "scandal" at 9:00 and how to get away with murder at 10:00 and then "action news" at 11:00. make sure you tweet with us live. the royal family is taking legal action against the paparazzi, according to kensington palace, william and his wife kate feel that they crossed the line when they chased his son george, while walking with his nanny. they believe one photographer walking with his nanny. they believe one photographer has his son under
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parmesan crusted sirloin. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. now meteorologist, adam joseph with temperatures that feel like down right autumnal. it's down right cold. did you put the heat on?
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>> i actually turned it off. the wife turned it back on. stormtracker 6 live double scan as we scan around, a lot of clouds with peeks of sun developing at times. overall the sun will take control for the end of the week. 64 in trenton, cooler in beach haven and outside of philadelphia ever is out of the 70s at the present time. low pressure to the east and that brings rain for southern new england, spinning back cloud cover in the region, we are starting to see breaks some blue starting to appear. if you are headed to the union game bring a jacket. the starting temperature 66 degrees and the 90th minute 62 degrees. for friday, you can see it here
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at the beginning of the ohio valley, from chicago and omaha, pushing to the east for the weekend, we are dry here for the weekend, the southerly wind is moving at 25 degrees and moving to western pennsylvania, and not until later that we see the cooler air and it will follow the rain and this front. as we look at midnight clouds are in play and clouds come in after midnight and philadelphia to the west, pockets of heavy downpours are likely saturday morning, by 11:00, we start dry west of philadelphia and raining east of the city and late in the afternoon by 4:00, we see sunshine return and improving quickly, for 4:00 p.m. on saturday, the rain departs and
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temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s, the cold air pushes in for 1:00 and 57 in allentown and 60 in philadelphia, again making that the coolest day since spring. cloudy overnight, 52 to 57 for the overnight low. sun and clouds friday and 64 degrees and an inch of rain average here on saturday and returning sun of 71 and only 62 on sunday and a strong breeze but we'll have a good amount of sunshine, clouds in the afternoon, on monday, a quick rebound, chilly air moves in and moves out and tuesday 74 and partly sunny, the best day of next week, clouds arrive wednesday into thursday, temperatures around 37 degrees, most of the weekend are dry and the window saturday morning.
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now that i have a sun we'll keep him a little comfy. >> that is a whole different thing. stay on top of the changing weather situation by visiting for storm tracker 6 radar and hourly and seven-day forecast and the latest video from the "action news" meteorologist and our collection of weather related photos and videos. engine 6 of the fire department is doing its part for breast cancer awareness month. the department is wearing these pink t-shirts, all organizes by ron, over the last four years they sold about 4,000 of these shirts, all the money goe
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it's one stop shopping in
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delaware county, l and s human services held an event, it included free health screenings and tips on healthy foods and how to live a healthy lifestyle. they help patients with behavioral issues. now jim gardner is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. new developments with the first ebola case in the u.s. and local efforts to help liberia. and a local firefighter is under arrest for assaulting a woman. children in tennis and learning life lessons as well. i'm nora muchanic we'll look at an innovative program making a difference in the city. now for meteorologist, adam joseph, cecily tynan, monica malpass and the
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. thursday night and new jersey lieutenant kim cadono is hospitalize of after falling off her bike and a third person has died after a delaware bus accident but the big story is a series of developments with an opinion in dallas with ebola. they will arrest thomas duncan
6:00 pm
tore lying on his forms coming into the u.s. they asked if they had contact with anybody infected with ebola, he had contact with a sick, pregnant woman that later died of the disease. registered nurse and reporter, ali gorman is following the situation, there is a dual focus in liberia and texas. >> in texas it's taking care of the patient, containing the virus, and in liberia, did he lie on the screening form? what is not known is if the patient knew he had contact with a prn that had confirmed ebola. just a warning some of the images are you about to see are disturbing. >> health officials continue to monitor