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tv   Action News 500 PM  ABC  October 3, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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there could be others coming back with the virus, so it is happening of the c.d.c. though very confident that doctors here in the u.s. are prepared to handle it. the american diagnosed with the ebola is being evacuated out of africa today. he is working in liberia the last three years and most recently recovering the ebola outbreak as a freelance cameraman for the news. and his mother in rhode island said her son is expected to land in the u.s. sunday to receive treatment. meanwhile, texas police are stationed outside of the apartment where the first ebola patient diagnosed in the u.s. was staying. a hazmat crew is now cleaning that apartment where thomas duncan's family remains kwaur -- quarantined. and the mama of the freelance camera man says it is a scary ordeal for her and her son.
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>> he was aware of the risks and tried to take every precaution possible. but unfortunately he still got sick. and he was very nervous yesterday, of course. it is a very frightening experience. >> also today there is word of a patient placed in isolation after showing ebola-like symptoms following travel to nigeria. that is happening in washington, d.c. at this point it is not a confirmed case, but you can imagine that hospitals are cautious, with good reason. this developing news, islamic radicals release add video they say is a beheading of this man, a british cyst sin named alan henning. he is held captive since december when working as a volunteer aide worker. it does match the style and tone of similar videos of the execution of americans and
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britain's hayes. and more monday "world news with david muir." and in the mean time the defense now has the case in a double murder trial in montgomery county involving a baby and her grandmother. the accused is representing himself after recanting a confession. "action news" reporter david henry live in norristown outside of court with the latest on the raghunandan yandamuri trial. david? >> yeah, hi rick. the prosecution, as you said, now rested its case and the defense has taken over. and this is a highly unusual defense. that's because the defendant is acting as his own lawyer. 28 year old raghunandan yandamuri is accused of kidnapping and killing 10-month-old saanvi venna and they are grandmother at the marquis apartments in king of prussia in october of 2012. and yandamuri confessed demonstrating how he killed the grandmother and snatched the baby. and yandamuri since recanted the
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confession and now is representing himself in the trial. he faces an uphill fan with the evidence and the confession. he is assisted with a court-appointed lawyer but yandamuri doing the talking. he grilled two detectives. >> he might over do it but he is trying to make his points on issues regarding credibility. >> it constant be easy. yandamuri eventually led the detectives to the body of baby saanvi under a bench in an unused sauna in the apartment complex. the prosecution ended pointing out that yandamuri confessed to stealing jewelry from the grandmother and they found it behind the vending machine of the office building, right where he said it would be in his statement. and yandamuri now claims he was forced to take part in a kidnap for ransom scream by two strangers. >> what is his defense theory?
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>> that he was not involved with the killing to the extend that he did not do them. but he was coerced into doing it would two other people. >> who are these other people? >> i don't know. all we know is the names of matt and josh. >> yandamuri is expected to explain how he met matt and josh and how they forced him to allegedly participate in that kidnapping scheme when he takes his direct testimony to the jury on monday. live in norristown, david henry channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the rain stayed away so far for the most part this afternoon, but it will be creeping in overnight. and with it a chilly drop in temperature. >> that's right. just part of the weekend will be dreary. 3/4 of the weekend will be rain-free, but stormtracker live double scan showing the front moving in our direction and the actual cold front over ohio.
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you remember yesterday in came with violent weather and possible tornados in the deep south. we will be getting a kinding, milder version. some of the showers moving across western pennsylvania will be moving out in the overnight hours into our region. ahead of the system though we get winds out of the south, so feels pretty nice. philadelphia 71 degrees, allentown and wilmington 70. millville 68. and reading currently 69 degrees. future tracker showing 8:00 tonight you're heading out friday night. the rain still well to the west. clouds will be building though. that rain will be arriving around midnight. you wake up in the morning it's raining. however the rain will be moving out very quickly by the afternoon. so it certainly will not be a weekend wash-out. what to expect tonight, the showers arriving late tonight around midnight in the western suburbs. definitely wet tomorrow morning. look agent generally about a quarter of an inch to a half inch of rain. sunshine breaking through around
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noon. and wait until you see the numbers, wanting a jacket on sunday. >> maybe some socks, too. >> definitely. police investigating the discovery of a body in old city at front and chestnut around 3:30 this afternoon. thes police on the scene now, saying the death appears to be drug-related and they do not suspect foul play. the massive man hunt for the gunman expected of killing a philadelphia state trooper in the third week. images of a gear recovered from a campsite where they believe that eric frein was force informed abandon in the poconos. items include backpacks, clothing, ammunition and two closive devices and food. >> we believe it is possible that frein will seek out other locations for food, such as dumpsters at restaurants and grocery stores. asking people to be aware of such activity and use video to
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determine if frein has been in the vicinity. >> they drained a pond next to the spot where frein's jeep was recovered, knock found. and men holding up a deli, they captured that. and one points a hand gun at the clerk and the other grabs cash and cigarettes from behind the counterer. and they fled north. you can call the philadelphia police with any tips. the former sixers president, pat croce looking to downsize. his villanova mansion going up for sale and a preview of what is inside it. showing you what $2 million can buy you. >> i love this home. invested in it until the day i moved. >> and the former sixers owner and pat croce putting his house
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on the auction block giving "action news" a tour of the 11,000-square foot home. the colonial mansion greets you with a couple staircase. and kitchen, office, library, six bedrooms, five full baths, half baths, detailed carved italian marshal and a pool. >> and the other end of thes house where diane has her living quarters or whatever you call the place, it is beautiful and she loves it. >> the master suite with his and her bathrooms. >> it is a once in a lifetime community and whoever gets it will get a great house. >> the home is expected to go for well above the value of $6.5
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million. it is part of history. >> during the sixer's reign this is where everyone would come. >> taking the team from last place to the nba finals this is where they celebrating. the family hosting screenings. >> i turn 60 one month from today and i am clearing all six decades of the past. >> no better way to say farewell to this wonderful home. >> i want finality to it. it is an event. i love events. >> in villanova, channel 6 "action news." >> we invite you to tour the mansion on check it out, collecting more than 2 dozen images of the spacious home in and outside. it is cool and a virtual tour right there at great to see him. >> yes, it is. and time for the traffic report on a friday night. >> and matt pellman in the
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traffic center. >> i don't love events, not on the roadways that's for sure. a few of them out there 4:2 the northbound side backing up as you see by creek road headed towards the funky traffic pattern by 295. and also an earlier accident on northbound 295 by the black horse pike. and they gave us extra heavy delays there. and the slow on northbound 42. and the new jersey pike near 7a, and it is slowing. and this is the ben franklin bridge and the westbound side heavy with the two right lanes shutdown for construction. the construction we had here on route 1, the superhighway in bucks county towards the trenton-morrisville bridge cleared. the delay gone as well. and chester county a motorcycle crash along bonesville road by the turkey hill. more notice next half hour. and much more to come on
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"action news at 5:00." one of philadelphia's posh neighbors, on the list of the priciest place to live. who has to pay the most to have that 215 area code. and a disease and how it is impacting women in the hispanic community. and a campaign for getting them more resources coming your way next.
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>> october is breast cancer awareness month. it does remain a leading cause of death for women in the hispanic community. but advocates hope that will change. and our reporter from our partners examine the issue. >> only 91 for 100,000 hispanic women get cancer each year. but the leading cause. >> i am going to be dying? that's the first thing i had in my mind. but i just find out wow, i don't have medical insurance how will i get this done. >> medical insurance was a big concern. 39 years old diagnosed with breast cancer. lack of medical experience is one of the many barriers that hispanic women need to overcome. >> you think about language,
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insurance, and transportation or just all of the different barriers that we have in our community. >> that's what programs translated to women in the hispanic community raises awareness and screening for women in under-served communities. >> it doesn't matter if you don't have insurance. if you are 21 years old yes you need a screening regardless of family history and anything and we are trying to prevent more than just treat. >> and as for brenda, grateful she got help from the doctor's office and for programs that help latinas with breast cancer. >> it is not easy. it is a long process and you get -- i get a lot of help. >> help for this mother of three who is now cancer free. >> i feel beautiful after my first cancer. more beautiful inside. not just my body, my breast, everything. >> and it can make all the difference.
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for information on the program, visit it was a journey to kenya, africa today for some cherry hill new jersey students. and they never left the classroom. members of the tribe came to them. visiting from kenya, they spoke to the 7th graders here at the middle school. dressed in traditional gash talking about the hierarchy in kenya and gender roles and art in the culture. they are on a one-month journey in america and also are hoping to raise funding for schools in the village. local middle school science teachers in norristown got new ideas today to take back to the classroom. taking part in a hands-on workshop from dow and the chemical foundation. given 60 experiment ands oother materials to continue
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♪ good news, america's unemployment rate has not been this low since july of 2008 according to the september jobs report out today. the government says employers added 248,000 jobs last month.
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the hiring drove the jobless rate down. and economists interest 5.5% to have an healthy level for unemployment, we are almost there. and the u.s. added 69,000 more jobs in july and august than first estimated. philadelphians residing in rittenhouse square live in one of the priciest places in the country according to a survey by that broke down the cost of living by city neighbors. rittenhouse square clocked in at number 14 on the list with the average cost for a one-bedroom lease just under $1900 a month. two neighborhoods in new york city took the two top spots with rent over $4,000 a month in each. the study examined monthly represent, average income and how much after renter's paycheck went towards rent. good news, cities on the
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>> these new jersey students helping endangered monarch butterflies get to mexico today. they did a butterfly release and sang a song to wish them well on their journey. they migrate for warmer weather
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in the winter. pretty smart. and keeping an eye on the weather. some changes. >> it feels more like november by the end of the weekend. pretty nice friday. sun and clouds, 70 wilmington and allentown, millville 68 degrees. and sea isle city currently 66. satellite 6 along with action radar showing this is the big weather-making bringing us changes over the weekend. the low pressure over the great lakes. trailing cold front. you notice it doesn't look nearly as menacing as it did 24 hours ago. this system brought severe storms across the midwest and the deep south with damaging winds, even possible tornados. for our region we're university going to be dealing with the rain. and the timing is the problem. it is putting a damper on the first half of the day on saturday. futuretracker showing midnight tonight the clouds are here and beginning to see some showers breaking out in the far north
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and west suburbs. lancaster, berks county, the lehigh valley. heading in the overnight hours the system filling in. around 6:00 pockets of heavy rain, maybe a rumble of thunder. the good news, it moves out quickly. by about 2:30 not only is the rain out of here, even the clouds are out of here. the afternoon is looking a lot better than the morning. a lot of people are asking on facebook about birthday parties and weddings in the afternoon. the afternoon looking really nice. things will be changing on sunday. futuretracker showing 2:30 pretty nice. but cold air rushing in behind the system. sunday morning you're running a 5k with rick bundle up it will be chilly. philadelphia 44 degrees. and allentown 38. and lancaster 37. some of the suburbs down into the 30s. and in the afternoon around lunchtime, really struggling to climb out of the 50s. if your heading to the link you definitely do want to wear a jacket on sunday hafafternoon.
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tonig tonight, the clouds roll in and rain moving in. temperatures pretty mild with the cloud cover and rain. the 5day at five shows tomorrow morning rain, afternoon sunshine. 72 degrees the high. sunday though, the high only 62 degrees, which is pretty normal for the beginning of november, not october. bundle up for the eagles' game if you don't like it that cool, rebounding nice monday, 70 degrees. tuesday 74 degrees. rain tuesday night into wednesday morning. and when wednesday's high at 74 degrees. soggy tomorrow morning, cool on sunday. but we warm back up to about 70 monday. all in all not a bad weekend. >> and the 5k, equivalent to one block, right? >> it is 3.1 miles. you can do that. >> ok, the special k, that's what it means. and more in the next half-hour of "action news at
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5:00." a man armed with a gun targets a grocery store and the police need the public's help in identifying him. more than a round of golf with friends in montgomery county. how it is helping local law enforcement families. and you'll see a new face at the eagles' home games this year. introducing us to
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how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40, $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪
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>> we have breaking news to bring you from fairmount park where, as you can see, quite a scene here where mlk drive is shutdown in both directions right now after a car apparently veered off the road and went into the schuylkill river. and someone was pulled from that vehicle. we don't know the condition of the person. but as you can see a mum of emergency vehicles are there following that rescue. and mlk drive shutdown in both direction. all lanes are blocked. and no traffic going through this part of fairmount park. and "action news" crew on the scene and we'll bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. but again a car veering off the road, ending into the schuylkill river and a person certainly ext
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extraicated from the vehicle. and it is pushing east, residents from texas to arkansas slammed with strong thunderstorms. many caught off guard, running for shell -- shelter when winds and hail slammed into them. john has all the details for us tonight. john? >> monica and rick, you are absolutely right. we have seen wild weather. this is that time of year when you do see extreme conditions. this is what the latest severe storms did to texas. winds near 90 miles an hour representing the roof off a university dorm. at the fort worth stock yardz a brick call crashing down on parked cars. >> it was like


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