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tv   Action News  ABC  October 5, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> good afternoon, it is sunday, october 5, nydia is off, here's some of the stories we're following on "action news," the eagles hope to get back in the win column as they take on the rams. ebola patient thomas duncan is fighting for his life and authorities take stock of the 9/11 memorabilia lost in the fire. let's get a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it's warmed up a little bit. >> reporter: it doesn't feel that bad, the breeze is blowing and temperatures in the 50s. as we get you outside, we go live on sky 6. it doesn't feel like yesterday, but that said it could be worse. that's the view in cape may.
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we have a nice mix of sun and clouds, temperature with the breeze hanging out in the 50s. in the city we're showing 57 degrees, if we stay in the 50s for the rest of the day it's the first time that's happened since april 29th. roughly five months ago. allentown, are 52. poconos 46 degrees. trenton, 56. millville, 57, sea isle city, 56 degrees, 57 in wilmington, 59 in reading and allentown. 59 degrees. him if you're heading to lincoln financial field eagles taking on the rams, sun and clouds, cool breeze 58 degrees when they kick it off, 60 boy the 4th quarter. that sunshine will go away quickly later this week, there's rain in the forecast i'll have the details when i come back in the seven day. >> it's been a long week for the eagles coming off the last
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week's heartbreaking loss to san francisco. but the practice is done at it is just an hour until kickoff against the rams. can they get back on the winning track? ducis is live at the linc with a preview. ducis? >> reporter: good afternoon, miracle kendricks is out with the lingering calf injury. boinken likely will play. let's take video earlier this morning of the eagles working out at the linc getting ready to take on the 1-2 rams. the eagles coming off their first loss of the season. this team did not look good, the eagles offense failed to score a single point. the offense was shutout completely. we talked to the guys this week, they know there's a lot of areas in which to improve.
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>> i know i need to work on, i know where my flaws are, i'm not blind on that, i know what i missed i can see and feel it, i'm eager to get back to work. it's a joy to come back here and work on things. obviously you don't want to make mistakes, i made mistakes last game. >> hopefully everything work out. truth of the matter we're not getting it done, whatever it is, that's what it is. time to work. >> reporter: key will be to get shady going, mike quick and i will be back on 6abc at 11:35 for eagles game day final. a big story for the eagles, right tackle lane johnson back after his four game suspension, he should help the eagles running game. live at the linc, ducis rogers back to you, eva. >> let's go live to amy buckman
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outside the link wheric only -- where i can only imagine fans are ready. we don't have amy right now. next up, 12:03. it was a wreck for a delaware fire crew that crashed on the way to a barn fire. an empty barn was destroyed by an early morning blaze. several water tankers trucks were on the their way to the scene when one flipped over. fortunately none of the firefighters were hurt. the condition of thomas eric duncan has worsened. he is in critical condition in the hospital in dallas, texas. his family tells abc news he is unconscious from heavy sedation. he is on dialysis because of failing kidneys and on a ventilator. cdc doctor said u.s. has resources to keep it from
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spreading in this county, but has serious questions about stopping the epidemic at its source in africa. so. >> i'm concerned, the longer the other countries will have to fight this on their territory, as well. >> duncan's girlfriend and their family we blurred their faces to protect their privacy remain in an isolated community in dallas. the cdc is watching them for any signs of virus, so far they have been fine. ebola survivor, is back in the hospital he has been isolated, he want to the hospital for a bad cough which may be pneumonia and pink eye. doctors think he got sick because the ebola virus depleted his immune system. the cdc has confirmed the first child death by entrovirus
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d68 a preschooler in mercer county new jersey. ely waller died ten days ago. a second boy at the school has become ill. the virus has sickened 500 people in 43 states. three people are hospitalized one in critical condition after an argument outside a west philadelphia bar ended in gunfire. it happened on the 300 block of south 52nd street. police say several men were arguing when one of them pulled out a gun and began firing. three men were hit by bullets, including an apparent bystander. police have made no arrests. happening today a final salute to a pennsylvania state trooper accidentsly shot and killed by a colleague. friends and family will pay their respects to trooper david kedra at givnish funeral home.
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he died when another trooper's gun discharged during training in conshohocken. he will be laid to rest tomorrow during a private burial. a flag that flew over the capitol on 9/11 were among the artifacts lost at the fire of the 9/11 memorial in somerset county. person items from the passengers and crew from flight 93. they saved recorded histories and hundreds of pictures. the cause is under investigation. the 81st annual pulaski day parade steps off in just a few minutes. it honors casimir pulaski who came to philadelphia back in 1777 to help general washington's forces. you can see the parade live at 12:30, alicia vitarelli co-hosts the parade.
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there's still much more to come on "action news" this noon. next new scrimmishes between police in hong kong. wanted to housework without back pain? we have tips in "healthcheck." plus chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" returns.
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>> let's get a check of the eagles fans as they are tailgating this afternoon, amy buckman is live outside the link. i'm sure they are excited. >> reporter: absolutely, a little chilly, a little windy out here, but that is not
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stopping the fans who are hoping for a win. take a look behind me you can see the crowds enjoying the barbecue in the parking lot. they are not only hope for a win, a lot of them are helping a great cause. right now eagles players mark sanchez and bill allen are getting ready to take on the saint louis rams. earlier this weekend they helped paint seats pink by the tackle breast cancer campaigns. that's helped by the efforts of hope a float dragon boat team. they also ladies who compete sprcially are all breast -- internationally are all breast cancer survive viervers. >> -- survivors. >> you have all these people who never thought of that. >> reporter: others want to put the last week's painful loss behind them. >> we need a win today, it was
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a tough game. >> reporter: many are hoping that lane's johnson return to the offensive line will clear the way for shady mccoy to run and score. >> i think so he needs to run straight a little more. there were some holes, i watched, i think we'll have a decent game. >> reporter: tailgating is about the food from catered spreads to hot dogs and hamburgers. >> what comes from the neitherrer lands that make k makes it an eagles tailgate? >> i don't know, there's beer and food and they are happy. >> reporter: talk about experiencing the american culture, we have the tailgating going on and have the fans from the netherlands, hopefully we get to see an eagles win today.
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>> you notice all the eagles fans with their long sleeves on today. that's because it's chilly out there. >> reporter: we have temperatures in the mid 50s, as we go live on sky 6. it doesn't take into account what it feels like with the winds. we don't technically have windchills, but it feels cooler than the 57 degrees we're seeing at this midday hour. that's the view in atlantic city, combination of sun and clouds down the shore. it's a nice day it's a little bit chilly with the winds off the water. 57 degrees back in philadelphia. dewpoint, 35, winds out of the west/southwest at 13 miles per hour. pressure reading under 30 inches. 40s north and west, we were in the low 30 os. poconos 32 degrees, allentown 33. you can see the numbers are finally starting to rebound, but it was a chilly start out there. glass borough, 58. cinnaminson, 56. buena, 58.
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most of these numbers are roughly ten degrees cooler than yesterday. satellite and radar exoflt -- composite really what we're tracking over the next couple of days is cloudness. the big systems are up north. this is the cold front that brought the wet weather yesterday. we're steering clear from all of that. maybe a mix of sun and clouds. breezy winds out of the west/northwest at 15 miles per hour with that combination of sun and clouds, temperatures holding steady in the upper 50s, it will feel chilly out there, but then we get into monday. monday, the pattern shifts a little bit. winds shift out of the southwest, that gets our temperatures into the 70s, stuck in the 50s this afternoon, the same areas are up in the 70s tomorrow. that low pulls to the north, the trailing cold front could push showers in our direction come tuesday afternoon. here's future tracker 6 later
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on, sun and clouds, no weather issues out there. overnight tonight, clear skies, tomorrow afternoon, same thing, combination of sun and clouds, there's the trailing cold front. we get into tuesday afternoon, maybe it touches off a scattered shower here or there. it's enough to dampen things a little bit. the stronger system arrives thursday night into friday and it could take us into saturday, as well, we see lows run into the mid atlantic by week's end. sun and clouds in the lehigh valley, chilly, 58 degrees with the winds it will feel like 55 or 56. same thing in atlantic city, mostly sunny and breezy, 62 this will feel like the upper 50s. philadelphia, 60 degrees right on the dot. sun and clouds, it will feel like the upper 50s. mainly clear and chilly tonight. not as cold as this morning. 39 degrees outlying suburbs, 47
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center city. clouds and sun monday, 72, 73 degrees, showers late in the day, partly sunny wednesday, 75. thursday we cloud up by afternoon, 70 degrees, thursday night, friday, saturday and potentially into sunday, clouds around and cooler temperatures with highs in the 60s and periods of rain and showers doesn't look like a nice stretch of weather by the week's end. at least we have a lot of sunshine today, it's chilly, but the sun is helping a little bit. >> that's the way to look at it. >> reporter: just a little bit. the glass is always half full. a protest continues today for democracy students. scuffle also with police, students accuse police of failing to protect them from attacks. protesters provoked them with verbal abuse.
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scientists and thrill seekers are getting an amazing look at an volcano eruption. a drone over the volcano it flew to close to the bubbling lava, the camera melted. the memory card gave us access to this amazing footage. just ahead on "action news," the struggle of apartheid seen through one family in 6abc loves the arts. later all creatures big and small and creepy come out for an animal blessing. don't forget 6abc goes wherever you go, there's no reason to be out of the loop check it out by visiting
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>> good afternoon, sky6 live hd taking a look over center city. blue skies, just a few clouds in the sky, but it's chilly out there right now. 57 degrees outside. in "healthcheck" this noon, doing house cleaning this weekend? don't let it ruin your back. many people twist their backs when they use vacuum clearance or brooms. you cause a lot less strain in the step of the way you're cleaning. >> there's two strategies, squatting to remove objects or place them into the dishwasher or using the golfer's reach. >> the same technique works for loading and unloading the washington machine or drier. health food doesn't come to
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mind when you think of convenience store. slercht -- 7-eleven wants to change that they are test healthy foods in local stores. the company said health foods are one of the most requested items by customers. decades of apartheid transformed south africa forever, now a play at theater horizon in norristown tells the story of one family's struggle with the era. karen rogers has this week's 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: it's a semi autobiographical depiction how a white family was affected by the strains of apartheid. the play opened off broadway in 2001 and originally performed through the eyes of its main
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character. >> because it was one actor it has a science of this spoken word, single person on the stage about something very emotional. >> reporter: this new take on the story includes the prospective of the family's black caretaker. >> since we have two actors we can build relationships it becomes more realistic. >> reporter: the doctor said he is drawn to works that are poetic. >> things that are more metaphorical than literal. >> reporter: the show's main character served as the understudy nearly ten years ago, after a brief hiatus from acting she said she was excited to return. >> i knew it take the right project for me to come. >> i love this play, that first experience remains one of my favorite experiences as an actor getting to come back and have
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another crack at it to do it, for real this time is so exciting and it feels like a gift. >> the play runs october 16 through november 9th. for tickets go to theater or visit loves the arts for 6abc loves the arts i'm karen rogers. >> still ahead on "action news" this noon, a very long night, but one for the record books in the national league playoffs and another check of weather. we'll be right back.
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>> on the sunday sports scene as we said earlier, the eagles host the rams at the linc at 1:00. in baseball, the baltimore orals and kansas go for their sweep. fans are talking about the marathon between the san francisco giants and washington nationals. 18 innings tieing the record for the most innings in a post season game. the giemghts -- giants won 2-1 on a home run. that's the way to go out. >> could you sit in a baseball seat for 6 hours? that's how long that game was. >> depends honor how many cracker jacks and hot dogs i eat. >> reporter: here's the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, my goodness, 6 hours of baseball. 60 degrees that's the forecasted high. breezy and cool, the normal is
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70. we're ten degrees below average. 72 tomorrow. 73 tuesday, 75 wednesday, but then the temperatures pull back with rain by week's end. >> well birds are migrating south for a woman in louisiana that meant a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. linda henry spotted an albino humming bird a few days ago. she had to standstill for hours. she called local bird watchers who assured her it was an incredibly rare event but very much real. many churcheses marked the feast of saint francis of assisi. parishners brought their pets to mass and there was quite a variety getting their blessings, including two 6-foot long snakes
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and that's a tarantula. they blessed every form of life on earth. "action news" continues at 6:00 p.m. for nydia han, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm eva pilgrim. what's your call? >> reporter: 31-20 eagles. >> there we go!
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welcome to 6abc coverage. 2014 pulaski day parade. live from center city here the parade hosts. >> it's a gorgeous day for the parade it's the 81st year for the parade. i'm alicia vitarelli along with michael. i want you to know she is more lovely in person than on tv. >> you're so sweet. this event is wonderful it's a day for families of generations for people of polish roots in philadelphia. for all to come and celebrate. i ve