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tv   Action News  ABC  October 5, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> sunday night. parents gather to learn more about the cyrus that killed a 4-year-old boy in hamilton township, new jersey. >> and a celebration. polish pride on the parkway. >> and controversy commencement. cop-killer jamaal spoke by video to grads at a college in vermont today. >> supporters of officer faulkner's family make sure supporters remember the man whose life was taken away. supporters gathered at a vigil. kenneth. >> reporter: sarah, walter it was a show of support for slain officer daniel faulkner 30 minute moment of silence and happened right here in front of faulkner's memorial planing. it was not jamaal's first commencement address but state legislators working today is making sure it was his last. >> they stood in silence. philadelphia police range and file recruits and supporters of murdered philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner. at the same time as this silent
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vigil in the place hi was killed the man convicted of his 1981 slaying jamaal was delivering the commencement address at a small vermont college. >> apparently this is a school up there they don't grade you there's no teachers and advisors i don't know who is advising them but obviously they're not doing a good job. >> there was immediate outrage when he was invited by the 20 graduating students at his alma mater in plainfield, vermont to speak from video in the pennsylvania 3reuzon. sunday before more than 100 people stood 1 and locust to honor him he released a statement. jamaal will be heard and honored as a victim by a back of adolescent and the school embraces having this killer as commencement speaker despite the fact he brutally murdered a cop but because he did. abau jamaal has delivered commencement speeches before.
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it's been nearly 15 years. >> unless we build production studios in prisons for these thugs we continue to rib the scabs off victims' wounds we have to do something. >> representative vereo doesn't want to step on rights but he wants court power to stop this from happening. >> we want victims to be free and move on and heal and we want police officers to know in harrisburg whenever we hear these travelesttys occur we'll weigh in practically when we can. >> if that bill passes is and signed by governor it will likely face a court battle. those out here today in support say it's worth. it reporting live in center city. ken, channel 6abc news. >> walter. >> thank you, kenneth. a man was dead after a triple shooting in west philadelphia overnight. it happened after midnight outside cousin danny's exotic lounge south 52 street. investigators state shooting
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start as argument involving several people. when investigators arrived they found two men lying on the street and both shot repeatedly. ten minutes later a third victim walked into mercy hospital with a bullet hole in his leg. so far, no arrests have been made. >> meantime another shooting this one in kensington and it ended with two people injured it happened after midnight outside the rising suns motorcycle club on the 1800 block of east essentially street. a scuffle broke out and ended in gunfire. one was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and another in stable condition. no arrests here either. people are gathering to pay respect and say farewell to the pennsylvania state trooper killed at a training incident last week. life celebration for david kedra is underway john f. givnish funeral no northeast philadelphia. he was shot incidentally in the chest by a gun instructor at the montgomery county public safety complex on tuesday. the funeral service will be held tomorrow morning at christ the
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king khurp on chesterfield road also in the northeast. at a meeting tonight parents hoped to get answers about the virus that killed a 4-year-old boy in hamilton township, new jersey. the child died after contracting entrovirus d 6. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live now with more. any. and sarah, parents and residents are expected to come out and the meeting begins 7 p.m.. they'll be asking questions about ept row virus d 68 to health officials trying to get more answers after a 4-year-old boy in hamilton township died from the virus. friday the cdc found samples taken from he lay waller were in fact entrovirus d 68 and hours later the mercer county medical examiner ruled eli's cause of death. he died thursday september 25 at home after showing symptoms of respiratory illness. eli attended yardville elementary school. during a saturday press
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conference officials announced that another 4-year-old student from the school also showed symptoms and samples were sent to the cdc to be tested for d 68. he did go to the hospital but is now at home doing well. the boys were in different preschool classes one in the morning and one in the afternoon but used same classroom. both boys left school september 19. >> we feel confident this school is as safe as it possibly can be sfwlt county public health officer eased concerns about the entrovirus saturday and school officials said they are doing everything they can including extensive cleaning in all schools. and eli's father released a statement today saying in part he was a beautiful minimum of eagerness and hesitancy and need and striving and caution and surprise all of which were grounded in a pure unconditional love. he went on to say eli was the youngest of set of triplets born smaller and lighter than his sisters eli nevertheless perer
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is veeved through all the difficulties that came his way. they're working on putting together a foundation called the first day of school foundation which will provide hem for students involved in special education. well, also, tonight, the health officials are going to remind parents to stay vigilant about kids washing hands and also their hygiene the school and township have also set up a health line that people can call if they have any questions. again. that meeting starts 7 p.m. here at steinard high school live in hamilton township, annie mccormick channel 6 answer news. >> we'll continue to follow the entrovirus outbreak on and alert you to any updates. we also have details about the signs and symptoms of the disease. you can also see our feature on six things you need to know about the virus. health officials in dallas spent the day looking for a homeless man who may have had contact with ebola patient eric
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dunkin. late this afternoon they found him. officials say the man is at low risk because he did not have direct "dunkin. he's part of a group of 38 people who may have been around dunkin when he started showing symptoms. dunkin meantime remains in critical condition. world news weekend will vl much more on the ebola crisis and eric dunkin case. watch world news following our newscast. moving on to eagles. what a game. on pain they are one was supposed to be easy. during the 4th quarter the rams gave the fans at the linc a scare. >> jamie here with the recap. >> is it every easy. >> survival story. >> i'm sure there will be a run on blood pressure medication tomorrow. boy oh, boy this team is not for faint of heart in the end despite allowing historic come back almost for the ranz sit 4-1 philly that's all that matters. chip kelly wondering why they deposit score in 18 straight drives end of the half they end 7 minute slump when foles sentence riley cooper on jump ball 20-7 lead at the break and
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when foles found maclin for 24 yard touchdown towards end of third quarter eagles found themselves up 34-7. rams came back 21 unanswered and under five minutes to go off to davis brian quick to quickly cut it to six. if you were not nervous you're lying look at coach kelly. defense allowed 466 yards to pretty bad rams team held when they needed to. they survived 34-28 despite rams scored nor and ran more on" fence it's better to be lucky than good. >> we have to do a better job fivrpishing people off. not being complacent with that score and let's finish this thing off and then obviously a couple key plays we should have continued to make we have to do a better job offensively. >> to win in this league is a blessing and we do have to learn how to finish better. but we're not there yet. as a team we're not there yet. we're going to continued to
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grind the guys in that locker room want top strive to get better each and every day. >> we'll have coverage of another close one tonight on eagles game day final with ducis rogers and mike quick 11:35 here on channel 6. they founded like they lost but they won. ducis has more inside the locker room. >> a lot of broke into a flop sweat. >> thanks, james jury. >> so much more to come tonight on "action news" an aspiring young film make frer camden gets a chance to make a movie with his favorite actor. why the moment was so social. >> and celebration of polish festival polaski day parade. >> temperatures this afternoon in the 50s 60s and as these numbers drop today they rebound for the start of school and workweek. those details in the accuweather forecast. >> jimmy will be back with more on the nail bait biting eagles on the nail bait biting eagles win after this.
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>> boy from new jersey fighting cancer was given the opportunity to live out his dream he had a make a wish in a movie being snot camden. he helped tie shawn try his hand behind the camera. he is powell's number one fan in cam. >> thousands of people packed the bedroom franklin parkway for annual polaski day parade. we watched celebration of polish cust tour here on 6abc. amy buckman was there. >> polish pride filled the benjamin franklin parkway for the 1 po lass ski day parade. a polish nobleman that became --
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the red and white of polish flag for on display as folk dancers and traditional costumes joined mashping bands and floats in celebration of polish culture. philadelphia is home to about 65,000 people of polish decent and for many today was a way to connect to native land traditions and pass them down to children. >> tell me what you did in the parade today? >> i danced. >> and did you have fun doing polish dances. >> yes. >> it's very important for us. because we don't have family here in united states. everybody lives in poland. we want to be able to see people it's a special day for us. >> it's good taste and see the polish community is still large in the united states and it's where we come from. >> had you fun dressing them up i take it. >> yes we did the whole family. >> just so show them it's important to be proud of your
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heritage and where you come from. >> general polaski pass away 2 35 years ago however for this parade it's clear his legacy and strength of the polish community in our area is still going strong. on the parkway, i'm amy buckman, "channel 6 action news." >> it was a celebration of a life well lived in sent ert city today. friend and family gathered to wish a happy 100 birthday at dell fris co's this afternoon. she was born and raced in south philadelphia and met her husband there on the he steps of st. st. rita's church. that's how it feels to be 100. she said i like it but i would rather be jamie here now with review of
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eagles game not lal owe wean yet but that game was scary. >>fy told you they would go 97 minutes over three games without touchdown and end 4-1 would anybody believe me. no. >> me meanly neither. we were hoping to see the offense explode instead it was special teams. casey blocks the punt. chris takesty to the end zone early 7-0 lead. eringlees up 13-7. nick foles and cooper get on the same page. jump ball. eagles took 27 lead in the half and that's worth celebrating in the third, how about that d. trent cole hammers austin cedric david thornton first touchdown since in high school and running back. eagles go up 34-7. mistakes help the rams inch back. nick foles and the birds up 20.
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somebody has to teach him how to fly. fumbles the football. kenny britt for 30 yard touchdown. it's 34-21. with under five minute to go third straight touchdown pass. quick's cut the bird to 6. defense held. defense that gave up 466 yards but oh, well all is well that ends well. eagles win 34-28 to improve 4-1 they scored 7 touchdowns special teams of defense including five the past two games. >> ducis rodgers live at the linc the guys looked more relieved than happy to escape with a win after that one what was the mood in the locker room. >> jamie relieved is a good word. fortunate is another. eagles regardless of not playing best football today they're 4-1 and have share of division lead. >> tough 4 live 1, 4-1. doesn't matter you're 4-1 it's the same thing you can be 1-4,
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4-1 you have to go back to work on tuesday. >> we wantsed to get to 4-1 which we did i'm sure there will be stuff we did pretty well on the football field but we wanted to play better than that. >> a lot of games were weird. special teams scoring so much. you go out and fill in the drive and defense and offense and drives a little bit and first quarter is almost dop. so it's been tough. but we have to do a better job of saying focused. >> i know the games are close. it don't matter we won the game. that's what matters. we can go the whole year having games like this even they we don't want to have games like this. >> the team knows it has a lot to work on. mike quick and myself will talk about that on eagles game day final coming your way tonight 11:35 on 6abc. as chip kelly said they're 4-1. eagles will take it. live with the birds at the linc i'm ducis rogers "channel 6 action news" james write to you.
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>> i can't take much more of this. thank you. show down against the giants next sunday night. giants down 10 second half to atlanta today. eli manning to owe dell beckham the looky. first round pick first game after fighting through hamstring injury all season and looks like it looks fine. there giants win 30-20 won three straight. they're a game back. keyinglees and cowboys are tied. >> thank you, jamie. >> up next on "action news" meteorologist melissa magee has meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accuweather 7-day hard it can breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
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north east philadelphia where a motorcycle officer has been injured in an accident. it happened in the northbound lanes of i-95 approaching academy road. we're ganlerring details right now. we've been told the injured police officer is on the way now being transported to aria frank ford location the location there with neck and back injuries. police are investigating. we don't know it's unclear if this officer was on duty at the time of the crashing and we don't know quite get which department the motorcycle officer works for. but again motorcycle officer has been injured in an accident on i-95 approaching academy road all lanes in that area are backed up and traffic backed up for miles. we'll continue to monitor the situation this evening. >> all right time for final check of the accuweather forecast. meteorologist melissa magee. >> did you guys feel the chill in the air today. >> yes. very --
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>> it was nice. >> fall like. >> fall like. >> lovely. >> it felt like fall. crisp start this morning. plenty of sun this morning. stormtracker 6 showing us dry. no issues with precipitation. the big weather story today is drop in temperatures and it looks like with clear skies on the way tonight temperatures will continue to chill down across areas in delaware and lehigh valleys underneath the clear and moon lit sky. check out the morning low temperatures in the poconos only at freezing mark 2 degrees and quakertown for morning low and allentown 3 3. 35 millville and atlantic city morning low temperature coming in around 39. here in philadelphia, it's been nearly 5 months since we had a morning low dropping down to lower 40s. 43 we name at making it lowest temperatures we've seen since april 25 on that day we had a morning low of 43. chill is definitely overhead. we rebounded this afternoon with high in city of 61. currently this evening temperatures upper 50s across
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most locations. the exception poconos only 48 degrees. allentown and lehigh valley, a55. 59 city and 61 sea isle and 60 dover. satellite and action radar showing you clear and queue eight cross much of the region there's upper level low sitting and spin ago cross northern sections of ontario and there could be energy dropping down from that working its way across the northwest suburbs and into monday night. and rebound with the southwesterly wind. future tracker 6 has you covered 6:00 tomorrow morning temperatures in the 40s. 30s norm and west and well up into the poconos and 50s south and east and as we get into the "action news" hours with south westerly twind will not be as cool tomorrow as today and out in the city high temperature of 71 degrees. here's the call from accuweather for the rest of tonight. we have a moon lit sky, clear conditions and watching out for some patchy fog north and west of town. 37 in the city to 47 in the suburbs with that southwesterly
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wind and 5 to 10 miles an hour. here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. temperatures moderate quickly monday with high temperature of 7 1. upper level low passing north and west there could be you shower across the northwest suburbs late monday night and most spots stay dry. tuesday turns clouty quickly high temperature of 73. late tuesday we're tracking train which could carry over wednesday high temperature of 75. but by wednesday afternoon turning sunny. thursday, sunshine, few afternoon clouds high temperature 68. late thursday into friday we're watching few pieces of energy that want to move east ward. friday there's a shot of some rainfall. same thing holds through saturday and potentially into next sunday. we'll track that for you. good news, surpriseable conditions back to work and school on monday you guys. >> melissa thank you. "abc worls news" surprised next on channel 6ment "action news" returns tonight at 11. >> for melissa magee, jamie apody, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and the entire "action news" team.
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welcome to "world news." ebola in america. the patient diagnosed with the virus fighting for his life tonight. the nation on edge as this passengers from west africa is taken off a flight after taking sick on board. what's the real threat? dr. besser back from the hot zone tonight. race against time. this mother's urgent plea to save her son. the latest isis hostage. new u.s. air strikes pound the terror group tonight. extreme weather. a nation divided. snow falling in the heart land, heat in the west. yet another hurricane on the pacific coast. what to expect in the week ahead. and burst bubble. the man in this inflatable