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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  October 6, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the school reform commission they're being manipulated by governor tom corbett who is public master here they claim trying to get reelected. and src and. >> src called a special meeting at the very last possible point in cancel the teacher's union contract and completely scuttle health and union welfare fund. district says they'll administer medical costs from now on. this comes after nearly two years of fruitless negotiations. src says there will nobody layoffs of 15,000 teachers, counselors and nurses and the rest of the union's rank and file. but they'll be forced to pay anywhere between 5 to 13% of cost of their medical plan. they pay nothing now. school district leaders say that will save 54 million in costs this year alone. and more down the line. and they claim that money will mean more cash and resources for the cash starved school district. >> what we're trying to do is
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get resources back into schools and we're also trying to take those the least honor us way toy do that and it's why we took wage reductions off the table. >> we increased stable, predictable revenue. >> this sent activist groups that stay should have been subject to public hearings before rushed through. >> ab row gating contracts and cutting them off and surprising people at the last minuteen again ders zero confidence from anybody.t the last minuteen >> late today the teacher union affirmed the plan to confirm the school district in a court of law along with state occasions department who backed this move. >> what happened this morning at the school reform commission meeting was the perfect example of the total, total disrespect
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for the teachers and other school employees who worked in the school district of philadelphia. >> union president jerry jordan says this move by the src is also illegal and they will fight it in court. live in center city. vernon odom, "channel 6 action news." >> all right. vernon, thank you. a second child at one mercer county school is being tested for entrovirus d 68. and nearly two weeks after the first student infected died and tab that vassy said her son has been out of school three weeks with infection and he's in the morning preschool program yardville elementary school hamilton township. 4-year-old eli waller that died september 25 from complications with entrovirus was in the afternoon prek class. >> no fever no more symptoms and cold we are having trouble with breathing and gasping for air.
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we're trying to figure out is this normal with this virus or any virus going on. >> vase is keeping her son home from school until she hears from the cdc. >> ebola in spain may be the first time it's transmitsed outside of africa a nurse at hospital in madrid was part of a team treating a priest that was flown back to spain from sierra leone. that nurse was put into isolation. that priest died. doctors in dallas trying to save a man infected with ebola now have a new tool. the food and drug administration approved use of anti-viral drug for thomas eric dunkin and other infected americans. that dunkin remains in critical condition on dialysis and also on a ventilator. in anybody number american journalist ashaka amuko arrived
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where he was near the ebola outbreak. he's doing fairly well according to his mother. >> we're really happy that his symptoms are not scream yet. that he's arrived here still in relatively early phases. he seems to be in good spirits and we're still -- >> dyapa muxt kpo thinks -- mukpo thinks he may have been infected while helping disinfect a truck where a patient died. we're learning about a possible local case doctors in delaware say a child brought to bay health general over the weekend is not infected. ali gorman is live there. al y, dares had to take every precaution they koxt. >> that's right alicia it's done out of abundance of caution and to follow cdc guidelines. once ebola was expected the child was placed initislation at the hospital behind me. state and cdc health officials
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were notified and today they ruled out ebola. residents here are happy to hear the news. >> this is a sense of relief. >> many like victoria pits in downtown dover are relieved to find out the child admit today a local hospital does not have ebola. relief for both the child and for the community. residents here were surprised a possible case of deadly virus spreading in west africa could have come so close to home. >> it's scary to think that it's so close or possibility of it being so close. now with it ruled out it's sigh of relief and we don't have to worry so much right now. >> bay health kent general hospital officers kent county child traveled to west africa were evaluated day. child had a low grade fever. headache and mild abdominal pain. she was put into isolation. >> the hospital did exactly what they were supposed to in this situation.
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>> dr. carroll rate director of division of public health says ebola was ruled out today because the child is past 21 day inkbation period. and did not come in contact with any ebola patients. >> and we're also told that the child is doing well, has no imsymptoms and that child was supposed to be released from the hospital sometime today. reporting live in dover, delaware, ali gorman, "channel 6 action news." >> alicia. good to hear for that child. thank you. we have been following each and every new development in the ebola outbreak on including latest from overseas and right here in the u.s.. you can also find more information on the virus including details on how it survives and how it spreads. rick. alicia, thank you, in other news a state trooper killed in training accident in montgomery county was laid to rest today. friends and family remembered david kedra this morning christ
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the king church chesterfield road. this is a huge turnout from law enforcement in support of him and his family he died last week after accidentally shot by a gun instructor at a shooting range. his burial was private. >> meanwhile pennsylvania state police are trying to track down the man they say killed a trooper in the poconos. 31-year-old eric frein was spotted over the weekend but despite hundred of officers coming woods police railroad got able to bring him n frein is accused of killing corporal dixon and shooting trooper douglass on september 12. "action news" reporter perez spent the day in the search area with police and he'll have a live report coming up tonight on "action news" at 5. >> there's 1600 theft charges after investigators say she stole from the agency where she worked. 30-year-old shamira hawkins worthy was social worker services manager for department of human app services. as part of her job she had
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access to septa tokens supposed to go to clients to help them goat hearings. and but, they say she was taking thousands of them for her own personal use. worth about 17700 all told. and investigators also say they submitted fake over time worth about 6400 dollars and hawkins worthy turned herself in this morning. >> well the trump name is officially off one of the closed casinos in atlantic city. workers took the trump signs down from the shuttered trump plaza today. crews took slot machines away from the building that was shut down last month and donald trump followed a lawsuit to get his name removed from trump applause aand trump taj mahal. the company is in bankruptcy and could shut down taj mahal sometime next month. >> meanwhile trump entertainment officials spent the day in bankruptcy hearing in delaware they want permission to terminate the pension plans of taj mahal employees and the move would affect 2800 people.
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>> it is time for a check of the accuweather forecast on a nice monday afternoon. >> nice monday. it was nice weekend too. once you bundled up. outside meteorologist adam joseph don't need sweaters or jackets hu? >> no a quick turn round after yesterday's cool temperatures highs in the 50s to low 6 0s and sunshine is in full control now and temperatures have responded as we look at the numbers along the mid-atlantic, philadelphia, 71. washington 77. richmond 75. but cooler air already lurking to the west. pittsburgh is just 57. buffalo 65 and charleston west virginia coming in at 58. but notice the 24 hour change from yesterday afternoon at this time. 11 degrees warmer in philadelphia. 13 degrees warmner binghamton and close to 20 degrees warmer in puff low. so we had a nice sfwring what was very fall like yesterday to what is more late summerlike today. as you look at double scan live radar we're noticing showers in
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the western part of the state. that's also coming back -- cutting back some of the temperatures. most of the activity with this particular system all the energy will slide north and west. so just a scattered shower is around very late tonight. they'll be a round of showers coming in at least a couple rounds we'll have the timing coming up for this week and in that full accuweather forecast, rick and shirleen. >> thanks, adam. >> still ahead on "action news" this afternoon, the supreme court makes a surprising decision about same-sex marriage in america. >> and plus a pop star makes a bizarre appearance on a football pregame show. and we'll explain what was behind katy perry's visit to espn and what she did that went espn and what she did that went viral over the weekend
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football fans like meat clearly, i am a football fan. up your game with the new ultimate meats pizza. a large for $12 dollars. add a mega chocolate chip cookie for just $5 dollars more. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. papa john's. >> isis fighters raised their flag over the syrian town of kobani where fighting has been going on for weeks. the town sits near the border with turkey and would be important strategic win for the
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group. isis has also threat end to kill another american hostage. and 26-year-old peter kasig was captured while working in syria. meanwhile u.s. is continuing air strikes against isis and for the first time using apache helicopters against tarring nets iraq. that's a significant change because it increases risk for american personnel. supreme court today decided not hear appeals on same-sex marriage. the court order does not solve question of marriage equality for the entire nation but it does effectively make gay marriage legal in 30 states and some already allowed. it it was pend ago peel in others and will go into effect now that at peel was denied. move came as a surprise to activists on both sides of the debate many expected to decide that issue this term. today is deadline for people in pennsylvania to register to vote in november's general election. if you just turned 18 are new to the area or have a new rad dress, you have to register.
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you can do that air algerie county board of elects office or dmv. you can also mail in a registration as long as it is post marked by today. meantime, final gubernatorial debate between tom wolff and tom corbett wednesday night in pittsburgh see it live open the digital channel 6.2 and we'll stream it on-line at the one-hour debate starts at 7 p.m. >> stocks were down slightly to start workweek. dow dropped almost 18 points to close back below 17,000 and nasdaq slid 21 points on the day and s&p lost three and change. >> computer giant hwelett-packard announced it's splitting itself to two companies. one company will fok ounce pc and presenting and other will focus specifically on technology services like data storage. receivers and software. hp laid oftens of thousands of workers over the past few years as it tries to adapt to the world of tablets and smart
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phones instead of desktop computers. the company says the two companies will now be worth more spatially than they are together. >> it is time now for "action news" traffic report. let's check out the rush hour. >> monday afternoon. how was the weekend. >> weekend good, kind of quick you know how it goes. hopefully you guys enjoyed your also a nice afternoon to do so many things, rick, shirleen, i would imagine pushing your disable vehicle along the vine is probably not one of the things you want to be doing. however this poor guy here we saw him out here trying to push his car off to broad street then had hood up trying to figure out what was wrong. for drivers the problem is right lane is blocked. here opt eastbound side of the vine street expressway approaching broad street so we are extra heavy as you come away from the schuylkill expressway this afternoon. on 95 cook it's heavy as well. that's normal stuff. 16 miles an hour. as you head northbound by betsy ross bridge couple abnormalities lower merion this afternoon and there's a crash montgomery avenue and land fair road and
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also broken down vehicle hall owe road at hagey's ford road. we're watching a crash in east norriton montgomery county dekalb pike 202 dekalb boulevard. pretty serious motorcycle accident boot road and general way. lucky the fire police are out there helping you through that intersection. let's grab the ipad and do computer report monday afternoon and elsewhere in chester county the one of the friend gold camp says there's a pothole in the road. defendant knitly don't want to hit that. we'll check again shirleen coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you, matt. >> officials in upper darby are supporting a proposed law they say would help municipalitys crackdown on speeding. james jury santora was joined by khitwood to announce their support for the municipal police to use radar to enforce speedlimits. currently state law only allows state police to use radar.
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santora says it will allow full time officers to help keep communities safe. >> a port richmond woman said a thief is putting a damper on early halloween celebration. monica malpass is in the newsroom with this story, hi, there, monica. >> this woman contacted "action news" after her own surveillance camera caught a thief red handed. look at these photos. walking away with one family's halloween decorations. we'll hear from the victim and show you full video of the crime. she wants decorations back. and we'll have that story and more coming her way "action news" at 5. rick and shirleen. >> all right. monica see you then. thank you. still ahead on "action news" adam is back with a look ahead from the week of accuweather. and fit bit for your wallet the new gadget making you you not over spend. >> and i you can take the new with you wherever you go it changes layout to fit any device including tablets and
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smart phone no matter how small or large your screen. check it out by visiting or large your screen. check it out by visiting any time any where
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>> they graduated high school 7 years ago and that's cause for celebration. central high school class of 194 gjerred today for a reunion. classmates reminisced and enjoyed good food at holiday inn city avenue in wynnefield heights. >> nice time to get together. >> oh, yeah. >> and let's check the accuweather forecast for you now. >> yes, meteorologist adam joseph back inside. live at the big board. >> nice start to the workweek ending nice over the weekend. temperatures a little different today from yesterday about ten degrees warmner philadelphia and 71 now 72 in the lehigh valley and 73 in wilmington and at the shore a little cooler in the upper 60s. but still a very pleasant monday afternoon. we have the sunshine right now. but we're tracking one feature
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north and west this is a little short wave rotating large low pressure center and torn parts of canada and heading north and west overnight tonight and there's a secondary feature that will play a part in our weather come middle of week and that's right here some energy and showers coming out of alberta canada and heading to bismarck and north dakota and parts of south dakota and dives further south and rotates around and comes up the eastern sea board. future tracker 6 late tonight activity north and west we'll spill clouds our way and couple of spotty showers after midnight tonight and nice day temperatures above normal yet again and in that second feature comes in late tuesday night and showers arrive in the western suburbs and nothing too terribly heavy and ground will get wet arounds here tuesday night and then it's out of here first thing wednesday morning and as it lifts away and sunshine it back by 8, 9, 10 or 11:00 on wednesday di pending on location.
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and speaking of things being relatively quiet around here. looking at tropical satellite there's nothing in atlantic ocean. there's nothing in the caribbean sea and there's some thunderstorms in the gulf of mexico and not going to turn into any sort of tropical activity. so with this very quiet hurricane season, we've only had five named storms so far this is quietest season we've seen in fearly two decades. you have to go back to 1994, 92 and 1987 to see a quiet period. like this and statistically, statistics show that hurricanes usually go on a 20, 25 year cycle so you get 20, 25 years of it and high activity and 20, 25 consecutive years of low activity. maybe this is beginning of another long period of very little activity. let's take a look at forecast tonight. clouds thickening. late shower possible. temperatures generally in the mid and upper 50s and "4day at
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4:00" clouds tomorrow and bumping it up to 74. breezy here wednesday. but turning sunny. nice day 73 after late nights showers on tuesday and thursday bright, cool, 66 and next round of showers and rise of clouds on friday cooler 64. and saturday and sunday already in the next half hour. >> sir lien and i have been buzzing about hollywood baby boom and katy perry is crushing on smun big time and how she boom and katy perry is crushing on smun big time and how she made announcement live on
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onech people's sexiest mane live are expecting she posted a beautiful picture on her web
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site called preserve showing off her baby bump. this is first child for blake and ryan that met on 2000 set of green plan terp and they surprised family and friends by marrying in september of 2011. we'll be keeping our eye out for that and katy perry revealed her teenage dream this weekend totally crushing on oklahoma sooners quarterback trevor are knight. social media lit up like a fire work after perry deck ud out in pink fur on espn college game day saturday made a not so subtle pass at quarterback. >> i'm taking this one based on looks. >> looks? >> trevor knight you hear me, call me, love you trevor knight call me i love you. >> yeah, well apparently he's not available. that's his girlfriend of a year. kate williams. but wait, just wait, knight's single older brother tells tms he can play second string posting this picture with a sign that says katy perry, call me.
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you no what she gave it her best shot that's all i have to say. >> i'm goggling how old is he. >> 21. >> how old is katie perry. >> 50 but anyway. >> older than 21. >> the older brother played football that's the question? >> no, no, >> he gave it a good shot though. >> yes he did. >> he certainly did. >> kudos for him for that. >> still ahead police in philadelphia need help finding a predator that attacked a woman in broad daylight yesterday and new surveillance is ahead. >> pretty woman outrage while one high school used hollywood hit to teach girls about the dress code. also, can a smart watch make you better with money. one woman says yes. what's behind new invention called the fit bit for your called the fit bit for your finances. km
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>> "action news" continues with the emotional gesture of two nfl rivals on the field. >> i told her whether we roll down the aisle or walk done the aisle we'll do this. >> they did after six years in a wheelchair a paralyzed bride takes first public steps into her future leaving her stunned guests in tears. >> and later, cheating death you won't want to miss the split second flip of fate that saved
4:30 pm
several spectators from an out of control race car. >> but we begin in philadelphia chinatown section where police are searching for a predatorhia what started as beautiful sunday morning with local woman ended with her vick niceed physically, sex will you and beaten and robbed inside her own business investigators may have a lead on the suspect. "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist is live in chinatown now with the latest on the investigation sarah. >> well, rick minutes ago we learned that philadelphia police have a person of interest in custody. that person being questioned at the special victims unit right now the young man was picked up another shelter just up 9th street from where i'm standing where the attack happened early yesterday morning. it was early sunday morning and the 45-year-old victim was opening up an arts studio in chinatown when the male suspect broke it beat here and sexually assaulted her and made off with
4:31 pm
600 dollars. >> surveillance captured the crime:00 surprised morning suspect entered art studio 100 block north nine energy chinatown. the owner of art studio 45-year-old woman had just opened doors for the start of children's art classes she was still alone inside when the suspect walked in. >> he went to the front door and forced her to office area in the rear of the building there. >> there the man hit the victim several times on the head with a metal object. he pushed her on to a couch where he choked her and sexually assaulted her. the victim offered him money to stop the attack. he took $600 and left through a backdoor. today a sign in chinese on the front door read that the business is closed because of an emergency. the assault has business owners on this block on edge. >> i think -- i feel bad for her. >> it happens every year you know like once especially here in chinatown. >> police are checking reports to see if there has been any
4:32 pm
similar attacks in the area. take a close look at the suspect given his demeanor he appears to be laughing or small smiling. police believe he may have done this before. >> it seems he's very comfortable doing this and again it's something we want to get this guy before he can do it to somebody else. >> the victim was taken to jefferson university hospital and treated and released forehead lacerations and gent big development at this hour we learned special victims unit is questioning a person of interest young man picked up at a shelter up the block and right here on ninth street. i'm told he does match the suspects description. we'll le let you know how that pans out. live in chinatown. ar sarah bloomquist, "channel 6 action news." >> philadelphia police are serving for the driver that accidentally injured a highway patrol officer last night. it happened i-95 xwreer near academy road before 6 p.m.. investigators say a ladder flew off somebody's vehicle forcing several cars to slam on their
4:33 pm
brakes. 41-year-old motorcycle officer hit the back of one of those cars. he was treated to injuries for his jaw, hip, face, shoulder and the officer was on his way to trooper david kendra's viewing at the time of the crash. >> a bill that would expand pennsylvania's hate crime protections is one step closer to welcome becoming law. the house judiciary committee pass it passed house bill 177 by a vote of 19-4 this morning and the measure banz hate crimes based on sexual orientation and gepder identity. it was originally introduced last year. but it picked up steam following vicious beating of two gay men in center city last month. the bill moves to the full house for a voxt the pennsylvania is the only state in northeast that does not include lgbt members in hate crime laws. >> detectives of north philadelphia are looking fort gunman that gravely wound aid young man early this morning. had happened near somerset and 24 streets after 1:30 and officers state 20-year-old was
4:34 pm
hit by several pull et cetera and rushed to the hospital in critical condition. at least check police had no suspects and motives. >> authorities on lookout for the person that shot and killed a 35-year-old man in west philadelphia overnight. this was the scene near the intersection of 60 and girard avenue after midnight. detectives say the victim was shot in the head. still not clear what prompted the shooting. >> a water main break gave students in one cumberland county community unexpected three day weekend. a 16" cast iron pipe ruptured in bridgeton this morning causing outages and low pressure. workers say the problem area is isolated to mayor at kins drive and washington street. and the bridge here. crews say they have 95% of city back on-line. >> members of the philadelphia eagles use their winning energy today to give back to the community. and several players put their muscles to work to unload items at the habitat for humanity le
4:35 pm
store in richmond secondhand outlet open to the public to shop for quality donated home and fraction of original cost. habitat restore raised 9 million dollars and that money was spent to build almost 900 homes. >> several football fans are still talking about a emotional moment during yesterday's bengals patriots game in cincinnati bengals defensive lineman and camden native devon still has been on emotional roller coaster as he fights for a spot on the team while 4-year-old daughter battles pediatric cancer. he wore a black nasal strip with his daughter's name on it and to his surprise gilette played a video support for him and cheerleaders donned his number 75 jersey. he was so moved by the show of support you could see a tier rolling down his check. >> love it. >> absolutely. >> also love this forecast.
4:36 pm
>> nice today. late fall feeling yesterday and today close attorney normal. pretty nice start to the workweek. >> no rain that's the important thing. >> it's a good thing. we need a little -- you know whatnot on a weekend? as we look right now, benjamin franklin bridge sky lots of blow up stairs. reflecting it off of the delaware river. which looks equally as blue. 71 degrees the temperature. dew point 45. winds south at 13 miles an hour and up in the poconos lake wall paw pack boats out there and not shrink wrapped yet dew point 30 and winds south 15. it's wind direction out of the south that warmed us considerably compared to yesterday in the 50s to low 60s for highs and today back to the 7 0s you can see the wind speed 22 reading and same wildwood and 17 miles an hour trenton. we'll warm it further here tuesday but there's a few showers you. >> we have to deal with it. >> sorry. >> you'll see when in the 7 day.
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>> as long as i can borrow your umbrella. >> sorry. >> you don't have one. >> no. all right got. it anyway, phrase echd into side of new library in south jersey got lost in translation. part of the new libraryy and town hall in moorestown what was believed to be lattin motto meaning we confirm all things twice actually reads we second guess all. the architect behind the projects was alerted to the problem from residence and stone cutter is being hired to change the phrase now to say we encourage all. the building was rebuilt after fire destroyed it back in 2007. >> those who observed yom kippur holiday started new year with mitsfa that came in the form of all these food items 800 members of sure ami synagogue dropped off grossyes to feed the hungry. today several social services agency from lower bucks county picks up the food they'll ensure it gets to those who need it most.
4:38 pm
>> and still ahead, tier jerker alert. you won't want to miss the moment a paralyzed bride walks for the first time down the aisle. >> and that is the story later on miraculous miss and cheat fans out of out of control race car applies at them. >> scary what does a movie about a prostitute have to do with dress code. that's the question of parents at one north do coat ahigh school are asking after a controversial lec tuvrment we'll explain. >> and meteorologist adam joseph is back with the full forecast from accuweather when joseph is back with the full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4 comes right
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no one was seriously hurt in the next story that's described as nothing shorts a miracle. you'll see why. watch as rally car crashed right into a small crowd at a street race. in northern italy yesterday. a few of the spectators were
4:41 pm
able to jump out of the way as you can see slow motion but others sitting on the wall could not escape. incredibly because the car flipped front end first did not land directly on anyone and most of the injuries were cuts and scrapes from flying debris. the only person taken to the hospital was a woman treated for shock. >> amazing. >> a hot air balloon ride planned for marriage proposal ended with dramatic emergency landing in the ocean. >> use they're captured this the couple and pilot were out for a scenic ride last evening something suddenly went wrong. mroon was blown off course and the pilot had to bring it down offshore several surfers and lifeguards jumped into action to help. >> someone dropped a rope out of the balloon and you know all of the surfers started paddling over and he was getting towed in
4:42 pm
bit guys. >> luckily no one was hurt none expected landing. >> on "healthcheck" at 4 big warning for parents about what your child may be doing on his or her cellphone. according to new study 28% of high school students have sent a nude photo of themselves to someoneel. they also discover that young people who confess to sexting as it's called were more likely to have sex within a year. a bit of good news though. reer is etchers found there is no link between sexting and risky sexual practices like having multiple partners. they say the act is more or less simply becoming a part of growing up in modern times. >> here we big board with big talkers and if you have seen pretty woman you'll remember this scene where julia roberts working girl wearing her work kloms is turned away from fancy beverly hills boutique because of the way she es dr. ed and returns next day dressed more conservatively and gets a much different reception. there's big controversy today
4:43 pm
over fact north dakota high school used clips to teach girls a lesson about the dress code. teach rz say the goal was to urge girls to stop wearing tight pants to school. well, they say the clip showed the girls how they are in charge of the image they project. parents are horrified. saying their girls do not dress like prostitutes and that the school is using public shaming to sexualize them and the principal later admitted that yes, maybe this was in fact poor judgment. now to a new subway ad under fire for urging women to eat their low fat sandwiches to squeeze into skimpy halloween costumes some are outraged at this commercial on twitter it's criticized as sexist. and sighive. >> you guys are eatingburgers. >> summer is over. >> halloween is coming you have to stay in shape for the costumes. >> what's that. >> you know like attractive nurse. >> spacey red riding hood and
4:44 pm
viking princess warrior hot develop sexy teacher. >> subway says it's trying to keep people fit with healthy options and some people say they feel shaimd and it's the wrong message to send to women. and timely my favorite story of data a most heart-warming tier jerking tale tears of joya cross the nrob. a father walking his daughter down the aisle. what's remarkable about this moment the bride gina jefaloni has not walked in six years. she was paralized in a car accident and she showed up in a wheelchair on her big day but then stunned all of her guests with an unforgettable surprise. after months of therapy with dad the former athlete stands and walks with him side by side down the aisle and then proceeds to change her wedding vows on two feet even though she can't feel her legs.
4:45 pm
>> gina mar 'you are my best friend and love of my life. >> i look i might be having a bad day but i'm having a day. i'm here and able to have a day you know and this walk down the aisle may not be what i alwaysen viing today would be but we're having a walk down the aisle and it's happening. her attitude just as beautiful as that moment and of course big deerz tears there. now husband john sweeping her off her feet and carrying her back down the aisle to their happily ever after. >> what amazing woman and beautiful bride. >> gorgeous. >> touched. >> touched. >> let's get another check on the roads this afternoon. >> matt pellman is crying. okay, matt it's all right. >> maybe crying about the roads. >> always prettyty much every afternoon shedding tears over the situations on the roadways. this afternoon it's 95 delco giving us the sad situation rick and shirleen. southbound side hereby the commodore barry bridge we had a crash. it's now off to the side.
4:46 pm
police and tow truck are still on the scene and southbound remains extra heavy as you come near 420 through this point at commodore barry bridge. headed down to the delaware state line. they had all the lanes blocked a little bit. as you can see lanes open now and traffic is moving slowly. everything reopened along the vine. eastbound approaching broad. they have disabled vehicle tushd out of the way and there's one lower merion hagys ford road. we have accidents lancaster avenue, chat am road and land fair road. and also motorcycle crash east goshen avoid boot road general way and good news in chester county, no need to avoid the dorlins mill road bridge. they were working since june to make repairs and so it's no longer considered structurally deficient. they got everything back up to pace there. door lynn's mill road use it once again. brooklawn they're doing more work blogging lanes 130 delsey drive. use 295 instead that's a little
4:47 pm
slow northbound by 42 freeway. we'll check again rick and shirleen in the 5:00 hour. >> casey you then. >> meteorologist adam joseph has the exclusive 7-day forecast. i'm already cutting you off. >> that's okay. >> this is a
4:48 pm
do you guys do instant hey, i losreplacement?ard.
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4:50 pm
tail wind and sale and take a look at scene down the schuylkill. as we look at the lineup double scan radar not a cloud out there today. look at the temperatures running a good 10 plus degrees above where we were yesterday. so quick turn around and temperature department. right now double scan live not showing anything going on. it's 72 allentown and pleasant 72 reading and 73 for state of delaware and little cooler at the shore. and upper 70s. but full sunshine. and here are the numbers. 24 hour change from yesterday. 17 degrees warmer this afternoon in allentown. compared to sunday 14 warmer in reading and even at the shore we're running good five degrees above yesterday. satellite and radar. it seems a big pin wheel almost bowling ball feature west of hudson bay in canada. that low will continue to spiral energy around. it you see one moving out of ohio valley and secondary one in northern plains as we track the features the one tonight will continue to lift north and west
4:51 pm
spiping clouds our way as a weak boundary passes through and maybe scattered showers and sipts for sun and clouds tomorrow as we're in between systems. 74 degrees. perfect timing that these are passing through during the overnight hours. and as we track them on future tracker tomorrow morning, some clouds, spinning shower north and west and quickly return the sun during the mid-morning hours and throughout the afternoon tomorrow and as the second one approaches tomorrow night the clouds thickening up in the evening and then by 9, 10, 11:00 b tomorrow night a few more steady showers pass through that continues after the midnight hour and wednesday morning 7:00 lingering clouds or lingering shower south and east of philadelphia and first thing for the commute wednesday the sun returns north and west and then by 11 the sun is back even at the shore. we'll have dry days with a chance of few showers during the overnight hours. and tonight, clouds thickening up. that late shower is possible. especially north and west. and not as chilly as the last few nights but lows in the 50s the exclusive accuweather 7-day
4:52 pm
forecast. sun, clouds tomorrow. 74. overnight rain wednesday it's breedsy turning sunny. 73. and bright but much cooler behind that second system on thursday. so we drop high to 66 and then another front comes in on friday. this one more potent with possibility of a studier rain. 64 degrees and that could linger into saturday especially south of philadelphia of 66 and clears second half of the weekend for everyone at 68 and then mostly cloudy on monday 70 degrees. so overall not bad and we'll grab a few drops of rain here and there. >> all right. thank you
4:54 pm
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4:56 pm
cute to get your way.know wi watch when the boxer's owner says she is not allowed on the new couch. >> no. >> no. get down. i know i'm sorry. no. no. no. you can't come on the couch. no. no. don't smeez on the couch either. >> after a few more minutes of expressing both confusion and frustration when told no, sammy finally stomps off as you see. before you start to feel bad for the pouting pup you should know why she's not allowed on furniture sammy is the reason they have a new couch. apparently she tore up the old one. >> got those eyes. >> puppy dog eyes. >> exactly. >> and that is if for "action news" at 4. for rick williams, brian taff, alicia vitareli, and adam joseph. i'm shirleen alicott join me with brian, adam and ducis tonight and every night for "action news" at 10 on phl17.
4:57 pm
>> now here's hanukkah malpass with a look what the is ahead. >> coming up next at 5 there's relief in delaware after a child tested negative for ebola. "action news" is live with those details left and hear from one philadelphia woman that says someone swiped mt the usual?
4:58 pm
not tonight. introducing longhorn's steaks that sizzle for $12.99. smoky double bacon sirloin. parmesan crusted sirloin.
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only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. >> nearly two weeks after ept row virus d 68 claimed life of local four year old fears of fast moving virus are intensifying tonight we're hearing from mother of one child battling serious respiratory illness and health officials are not sure if it also sent row virus. monday night the big story on "action news" is growing concern over ept row virus 68. >> tonight agency children's hospital announced at the have two additional patients dealing with muscle weakness. that brings total number to
5:00 pm
five. hospital officials are working to determine if it's entrovirus. >> a new jersey mom is wait dog see if her child is battling the virus as well. nora muchanic is live in hamilton township with that part of the story monica. >> tab i that vassey gets up every two to three hours to check on her son and administer breathing equipment and medicine. after four day hospitalization he's not getting worse but not getting better either and she didn't know when he'll return home from school. >> right now no symptoms of cold right now that wheezing and shortness of breath. >> tab that is waiting for word on whether the illness that put her 4-year-old boy in intensive care four four days is same entrovirus d 68 that killed his classmate september 25. centers for disease control confirmed eli waller succumbed to the virus. he was in afternoon classes at yardville elementary.