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tv   Action News  ABC  October 7, 2014 1:36am-2:12am EDT

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red lobster's endless shrimp is now! the year's largest variety of shrimp flavors! like new wood-grilled sriracha shrimp or parmesan crusted shrimp scampi... as much as you like, any way you like! hurry in and sea food differently. this is the way that it looked yesterday morning in chinatown when the owner of a business was attacked, beaten
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and raped. she was also robbed. but tonight the alleged attacker is in custody behind bars. it is monday night the big story on "action news" tonight is the arrest of 29-year-old brandon menley charged with rape and other offenses. dann cuellar is live at 9th street. they got their man, say the police? >>reporter:that is right. he gave a statement to a special victims investigators responsible for the crime. >>reporter:he beat her into a studio at 9th. >> he forced her into the area. >>reporter:it was 8:00 a.m. when she opened the door for art classes. she was alone. the suspect walked in and a
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beating an assault happened. the victim offered him money to stop. he took $600 and fled. sources tell action that they caught up with menley at a shelter for homeless men a few blocks away. >> when i came out of the door, i saw them staking out the place. he was sick mentally sick to do something like that. that is somebody's daughter. >> i saw this woman. she came here to hide. >>reporter:another resident was -- it's a bad day. if someone does that to your family you would not appreciate it. >>reporter:the building read that the business is closed because of an emergency. this afternoon, people in chinatown were learning of the assault. >> i feel bad for her. >> it happens every year, once
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you know, in chinatown. >>reporter:he seems practiced at this time. he smiles and laughs at times making it possible that he attacked before. >> he may have done it before whether it's in this city or some place else. >>reporter:the police say that he has no prior contract with the special victims unit. he has been arrested for drugs in pennsylvania and disorderly conduct in florida. he is awaiting his rainmen arrat on rape and other charges. a teenager bicyclist was truck by a station wagon and smashed into a windshield at 17 and wilmington. there is no word yet if there is charges. the philadelphia federation of teachers is irrate over the
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move to unilaterally cancel the teachers' contract. they must pay for a portion of their healthcare. sharrie williams it looks like we have the makes of a real fight? >>reporter:a battle brewing no doubt jim. it feels like it was sucker punched today. they had to go to court to file litigation to make this move possible. that is why they kept the move close to the vest. they are calling it a cowardly and illegal. it plans to fight back. with swift action and little discussion they voted to terminate the teachers contract. the stunning move came in a last-minute special meeting. the announcement was met with outburst. >> is this the way to built
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trust? >>reporter:the teachers welfare fund is dismantled. they currently may nothing to their medical plan. >> every district in the commonwealth expect one the teachers play for their healthcare. >>reporter:it generates $50 million that will be used in the classroom. hite backs the option it's better than layoffs or salary reductions. >> well all have to share in the sacrifice in order to provide the children its resources. the teachers' union are outraged. >> the total, total disrespect for the teachers and other school employees who work in the school district of philadelphia.
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>> the teachers are buying paper and supplies. they are doing two jobs for the price of one. they have a lot of nerve saying that the p.f.t. members don't sacrifice. that is an out right lie. >>reporter:superintendent hite agrees that the teachers are underpaid. they would be paying 60 to $140 a month for their health benefits. live at the school district headquarters sharrie williams, jim. thank you. sharrie. the state of public education is the subject ever contention at the governor's debate this wednesday. action will be in pittsburgh as tom corbett and tom wolf face off at 11:00. you can watch at 6.2 or stream live o on drivers honked in supporting
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picketers. outside of ridley high school. the educators contract has expired in june. the demonstration continued inside at the school board meeting. the many sticking point is over prep time with salary and benefits not as contentious an issue. these are tense and sorrowful times in a south jersey district because of enterovirus 68. eli waller died in his sleep having showed no symptoms. the officials say that the cause was enterovirus 68. now the 4-year-old son of tabatha vassey is sick. he is released from intensive care but trouble breathing. his family is awaiting test results to see if he has the virus too. >> there is another side of me
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having a feeling it is. >> attendance returned to normal at school where they are cleaning surfaces every day. the american cameraman that contracted ebola in liberia ashoka mukpo walked off a plane after transported to a hospital in nebraska. he was cared for that treated richard sacra. his parents are optimistic. >> he walked off a plane and waved to us. >> he is enormously relieved to be here. he is hanging in. he sounds very strong. >> meanwhile, the patient diagnosed in dallas continues to worse en. thomas duncan is in critical condition with kidney failure. he is given ebola drug that won
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emergency approval from the f.d.a. today. our coverage continues with the latest developments of both patients treated in the united states. you can learn about the virus, its symptoms and how it spreads. this was day 24 for the search for eric frein for the death of dickson. they have found a letter that they thinks of written by frein. two senior law enforcement officers say that the note details how he ambushed and shot two state troopers one fatally and then escaped. [bell ringing] >> and bells toll for david kedra today as a solem salute as
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kedra's family followed the procession hundreds of colleagues were there to show his support. he was shot accidently by an instructor. reaction has been raw to convicted cop killer mobi jamaal. now the reaction is guiding a bill from the legislature. kenneth moton has the story. >>reporter:pennsylvania law enforcements and district attorneys and government tom corbett stood for a bill that could stop fel felon, the bill allows offenders from cause morgue mental anguish. the bill is facing a hurdle. >> we are not near. the intent here is to protect
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the scabs that exist on our victims that are torn off again and again and again. >> he recorded the graduate speed for goddard college in vermont. and the killing of daniel faulkner. a vinyl was held at faulkner's memorial plaque. >> it's disgusting that he gets to address a audience. >> legal rights are determined by long-standing legal and constitutional principles. >> it has to be looked at in a
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careful, legalistic way. it could be on governor corbett's desk by next week. kenneth moton "action news." in atlantic city the trump name was removed today from thee taj mahal. and trump and his daughter are having their name strip from the hotel. they let the two casinos fall in sump disrepair. and trump explain his grievance about that. the stupid way in which atlantic city has been managed, that will happen tomorrow in a special report on "action news" at 11:00. and trump offer his survival strategy for atlantic city.
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it's by latest one-on-one with donald trump tomorrow on "action news." where philadelphians rank giving to charity. gays and lesbians are rushing to get married after a supreme court non-decision. what is amazing about this race car crash into a crowd of spectators. i am tracking wet weather on the way and the cool down in the accuweather forecast. we'll show you surveillance of the spooky suspect that stole halloween decorations from a philadelphia family. and ducis rodgers on the passing of a sports broadcasting legend whe
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a 19-year-old american has been arrested and charged with trying to support a foreign terrorist group. khan was arrested on saturday trying to board a plane to turkey. he was intending to sneak into syria to join isis. he expressed anger over u.s. taxes to kill "his muslim brothers and sisters." they legalized same-sex marriage and gays and lesbians were quick to apply tonight. many have been able to tie the knot already. supreme court did not make an definitive ruling. the high court sanctioned same-sex marriage in 11
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additional states up from the 19 where it already had been allowed. the fight is essentially over. some states as kansas and south carolina plan to continue the legal challenge. it's a horror film for one philadelphia family. it captured the fein that stole the home-grown pumpkins that the kids grew. thgrew. >> she comes back for all my mums, her hair is pulled mid-back. a white female. she had on a frankford high school t-shirt. >> distinctive. >> yes with an "f" on the front. >> she told john rawlins that
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the only thing that the thief could not take were lights wired inside of the house. the people of the metro poletan areareaare giving less . the chronicle of fil of the rice giving less to charity and the poor and middle class are giving more. the biggest question is how did to get there? a dog-walker discovered the dead cub underneath a bush. the baby animal had signs was trauma to its body. no bears are missing from any
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zoos in new york. people are talking about this video showing a race car crash in italy over the welcome back. no one was killed. the rally car smashes into a wall and takes a turn too wide somesomersalts into the crowd. one woman was treated for shock. people were shocked at that video all day long. accuweather forecast for the next seven days. rain is on the way. live double scan, a few showers west of harrisburg. the system is bringing in a lot of clouds. in penn's landing it's a quiet night. it's not as chilly as the past two nights dropping down in the
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40s. allentown is 63. wilmington 63. and sea isle 67. the cloud cover is acting look a blanket insulating us. and 19 warmer in allentown. it's unsettled. we are showing low pressure over canada is really providing spoke was energy like a pinwheel. that is bringing in clouds. you see showers out to the south and west. most of showers is missing us to the north. there is another piece of energy moving in. tomorrow after morning cloud as decent day. mixture of sun and clouds. the energy brings us showers on tuesday night. bus stop, you don't have to
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bundle up the kids as much. by 8:00, 62. pack the sunglasses. the sunshine is back. by 4:00, a mild 74. it's beginning to cloud up ahead of next round of showers by 10:00 we will see pocket was heavy downpours. 1:30 in the morning, heavy rain is moving through the latest models are rushing the clouds out quickly. this is good news for the total lunar eclipse. the blood moon, we will be able to see it. i'll talk more about that on "action news" at 11:00 tomorrow night. mild 74. wednesday, breezy and sunshine is back 73. thursday, we have a doze of some chilly air.
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the high is 66. despite the sunshine. the rainy day is friday. clouds and showers 64. the showers are lingering into the first half of the day on saturday. south of philadelphia chilly. 66. like this past weekend we clear things out in time for the eagles' game. monday is cloudy with a possibility of showers with a high of 70 degrees. tomorrow's rain will be coming at night and clearing out quickly on wednesday morning. blood red moon. it should be pretty spectacular. people pulled out their wallets for the calley's gene foundation. the charity
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eagles' fans are becoming consistently frustrated with
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some of the eagles' offense. >> i am glad that you used that word. consistency is what chip kelly is looking for from his offense. the special teams unit were the difference against the rams. the defense was incyst nearly i. he is working on solutions. >> it's not a quick fix. hey guys, if we do this we are straight. we have to continue to work on it and great better. we are 4 and 1 trying to get better. 4 and 1 and 1 doesn't mean you don't address the problems that you have. we are not as consistent on the offensive side as we want to be. >> are you ready for basketball. the sixers are playing the first pre-season game. brett brown says that tony will
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see time for point guard m.w.c. out. and roton scores. noel, a long wait for this guy. he finishes with 4 points sixers loss 98-78. they had great athletes appeal home plates. bill campbell died today. he called games for the eagles, the warriors and sixers and wilt chamberlain's 100 point game. meryl rees calls him the
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severe. visit to get starred. we are starting health issues. wayne simmonds is a game time decision. he recovered from a left foot injury. simmons and the team ar are takg a cautious approach. >> if it got worse, or anything is going to happen, it's getting worse, there is no chance i will play on wednesday. >> it continues it may not by the nats if they don't get a victory.
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madison throws it away. two-run score. 4-1. and game four is tomorrow. speaking of washington and seattle on monday night football. seattle leads 24-17. in the fourth-quarter. there is a new rule. they are seeing if there is a rule about fake dunking. there you go. no. check out the official and the stare down. watch yourself fellow. fake them out a little bit. people take themselves too serious. the music students created a big noise in the big hor rah. it provides music and education for kids across the city and building a budding music
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community. jimmy kimmel is live. the guest is dak shepard and karen gillan, and music from rickston. we continue at 4:30 with tamala edwards, matt o'donnell, david murphy and karen rogers. we should know that. i shoulder know that i guess i should. i am the one reading it. for ducis rodgers and cecily tynan, the entire action news team i am goo jim gardiner. featuring the 2014 silver rad
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