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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 7, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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. making news in america this morning. the new case of ebola spreading outside africa for the first time. and is the crisis about to change your experience at the airport? we're live with the very latest. another american lured by terror. the illinois teen arrested, thought to be just moments away from leaving to join isis in syria. the reporter and his crew in the line of fire. capturing it all on camera. and collision-course. the stuck truck, unable to move as a train barrels down. and good morning to you all. thank you for being with us. there are now developments in the growing ebola crisis.
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a nurse in spain is the first women to get it outside of africa. >> president obama calls it a top national security prior to. the white house considering extra screening at u.s. airports for passengers arriving from the hot zone. tahman bradley has more. >> reporter: this morning, the first outside of africa. tests confirm a nurse contracted the deadly virus. she was part of a medical team who treated missionaries who had become infected in west africa. she's in isolation while authorities search for the people she had contact with. in dallas, thomas eric duncan, the first in the u.s., remains in critical condition. they are administering a drug that at first he would have been sicker. >> if he took it first, i can't
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answer that. >> reporter: people monitoring contact with duncan, those likely it would start to show. eight to ten days after the last visit. and mukpo is beginning treatment in an isolation ward. >> he's strong and shares in the relief of the rest of his family he can come back for good medical treatment here. >> reporter: health officials own medical alert. it's a national security threat, and will increase passenger screening in the united states and africa. >> procedures are now in place to rapidly evaluate anybody who might be showing symptoms. >> reporter: the obama administration says the best strategy is to end the outbreak in west africa. >> tahman bradley in washington. thank you. also coming to us from washington. the bombshell from the supreme court. clearing the way for a dramatic expansion of gay marriage in america. before yesterday, 19 states
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allowed same-sex marriage. and now there's five more. and very soon there could be six more for 30. the high court decline today hear appeals from five states, utah, washington and indiana inclu included. in those states, lower courts struck down the bans on gay marriage. >> today's decision will change the lives of thousands of loving couples, their children and families in a positive and transformative way. >> let me encourage the people of utah, please treat each one of us, each other, with respect and with kindness as we transition through this new law. >> since the nine justices sidestepped the issue, there will be no imminent ruling on the matter. more litigation is likely to continue. it's back to normal in chicago after an equipment problem caused extensive delays.
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o'hare airports were at a halt. no takeoffs or landings. the faa is blaming an outage that affected the phone lines. more than 2,000 flights were canceled because of a require at the control center. a teenager is facing terror charges after being arrested after the weekend. 19-year-old muhammad ma mz a kahn was trying to board a plane to austin troo ya and to turkey, and smuggled into syria. in a letter left behind for his parents, he wrote about the filth of western society. a crew along turkey's board with syria. >> they were reporting with colleagues about the plight of rls refugees. they were on the outstirts of a
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town when turkish forces took action. >> jesus christ. do not -- wait, wait. oh! >> it's in the car! stop, stop, stop. stop, get out, get out. get out! >> a tear gas canister, came straight through the back window here. filled the back of our truck with tear gas. we probably ought to leave. >> wow, adams says everyone he was with is okay. the vehicle suffered damage and was on fire at one point. more fall out from the health care scandal with the veterans administration. four senior executives have been fired.
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among those, the pittsburgh director where six patients died from lee ontheir's disease. the memoidterm election and four weeks from today. two-term democrat mark pryor is trying to hold on to his seat. his opponent is tying him to president obama. president clinton warns of a protest vote. >> vote your heart. not for what you have to be against. vote for what you know you should be for. everybody is trying to hijack politics. you will be stuck with the people that get elected. >> republicans need to gain just six seats to take over the senate. and they have a good shot. democrats are hoping that bill clinton's magic will keep that from happening. and in texas, cleaning up.
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>> a strong burst of heavy rains and winds. the driver of an suv was killed when a tree fell into her vehic vehicle. >> and hail in louisville, kentucky, blanketing neighborhoods with marble-size hailstones. and tens of millions of you are affected today. >> jim, good morning. >> good morning. really, two big weather-makers here impacting the weather across the lower 48. one, a large upper low over ontario. strong cold front marching eastward. heavy storms across the ohio valley today and tracking a weakening simon. that's heavy rain in the four corners. so again across the ohio valley, great lakes, back to the mississippi river. storms cape of large hail. and spreading to the i-95 corridor. watch out for that. meanwhile, here's simon, north
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and eastward. the cloud cover in arizona and new mexico. heading through the night and wednesday, soaking rains that will cause some flooding here. t.j. and reena, back to you. >> thank you so much. coming up, there's a mystery in new york. how did a bear end up in central park. >> plus coffee prices at the highest in years. when will your wallet feel the jolt. and the collision caught on camera. stay with us for this incredible ending.
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retailers expect this holiday season to be a good one.
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their trade association predicting a 4% increase in sales in november and december. more than last year's increase. the national retail federation said it could be the shot in the arm stores need. it could be a shot in the arm for the economy too. consumer spending is about 70% of it. and good news on gas prices this morning. almost as low as they have been all year. the energy department says the average price for a gallon of regular is $3.29, down 6 cents from a week ago. they expect them to settle at $3 a gallon. already lower in some parts of the country. not the case with coffee prices. that's because of a drought in brazil that's cut the harvest. translates to higher retail prices in a month and a little higher in the mall coffee shops as retailers take advantage of increased holiday traffic. a landmark new york hotel is
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being sold to a chinese conglomerate. >> the waldorf as or year hosts world leaders. it's a $2 billion sale. the highest price for a hotel. they will renovate the 83--year-old art deco palace. an expensive engagement ring is not to leading to happiness. >> men who spent a lot are more likely to get divorced than those who bought more modest rings. >> wedding expenses, the more they cost, the more likely it's until death do us part. it's a way to get out of paying if a wedding. >> we will take it. and a rude wakeup for one homeowner. the car straight through his garage. and the super bowl champs
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emergency rooms nearly anywhere in the world. the america will be officially commissioned on saturday. now for a look at your morning road conditions, the eastern third under a blanket of rain. roads wet from louisiana up to the northeast. and in southern new mexico as well as eastern montana. and airport delays possible in phoenix and boston. the nfl is investigating after someone in the stands pointed a laser after a bills/lions game in detroit. >> kyle orton said there was a green laser in the game. the kicker said it happened to him and the holder as well. a detroit fan later bragged on twitter he was the one shining the laser. that account has been deleted. ain an exclusive to abc new, the nfl has provided details of trying track down the information on the night ray rice knocked out his wife in an
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elevator. the l.a. police department has no record of communication between the nfl and the police or city hall. and trying track down an accused cop killer stumbled on a hand-written letter. it's believed to be from eric frein. it's not clear if it was deliberately left behind. they believe he will break into vacation homes and abandoned cabins as it gets colder. and an extraordinary incident at a rail road crassing. >> it's struck on the tracks, and the speeding train slams into it. metal flying everywhere. two engines were dekarailed. 17 cars. argon gas leaks. the truck driver jumped to safety, but the train engineer
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and conductor suffered minor injuries. you could imagine how stunned people were in standing by and watching this happen. could have been worse. >> incredible images. and a speeding car mowing down diners in miami. afterwards dazed commerce scrambled out of the wreckage. ten people were hurt, including two pregnant women. a passer-by rushed to help them. the 71-year-old driver lost control and was cited for reckless driving and failure to wear glasses. continue with the car theme. and scary moments for a lais vegas homeowner. a car plows through the garage. jimmy tubbs, this is his surveillance camera. despite damaging the house, it took out his truck and his harley. the driver who hit the house ran from the scene along with a passenger who had a little baby. they left the car behind. meanwhile, police here in new york are trying to figure out
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how the body of a baby black bear turned up in central park. investigators suspect the animal was killed elsewhere and dumped in the park. the bear had been slashed before being placed under a bush. the body was discovered by a woman walking her dog. a central new jersey high school that won three titles in four years has canceled rest of the season. that's after allegations of bullying and harassment. they are now the subject of a criminal investigation. think refused to provide specific details and whether coaches were involved. he did say this were on a wide scale. a olympic has put michael phelps on a six-month suspension. >> he will not be back until april. he will enter a treatment
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program. and the nationals with a win over the giants. >> and the other series and monday night football. the high lights from our guys at espn. >> welcome to the "sportscenter" set here in los angeles. he's neil verrett, and i'm stan everett. football and baseball. stan first with baseball. >> yeah, take that. the cardinals to the dodgers. take that. matt carpenter. i mean, i thought he was just the kryptonite to kershaw, might be to the whole dodger program. no team in the national league hit fewer home runs than the card analysinals this past regu season. and a 3-1 lead and win eventually. up two games to one. game four tuesday. nation's capital, redskins, seahawks. not a good game for them in that department. but made plays when they needed
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to. fourth quarter, up seven. to marshawn lynch, and 12 carries for 72 yards on the ground. the real problem was trying to deal with wilson. ran for 122 yards, a career-high. and a record for a monday night football game. and that was the play of the game. helped seattle put it away. the vision and the touch. seahaw seahawks, 27-17. coming off the bye week. didn't miss a beat. >> and wilson co-hosted the monday night football show on espn afterwards. have a great tuesday. >> back to you. thanks to the fellas. and up next in the pulse, from reality tv to prison. what the really housewives star. >> and the woman facing off with alligators all while seven months pregnant.
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tylenol® has been the number 1 doctor recommended brand of pain reliever for over 20 years. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol®. time now for the pulitz"the start with teresa and joe goou decha. speaking out for the first time since being sentenced to prison. >> sitting down, teresa opening up about the hardest part. leaving her four young daughters behind. >> what dresses me, not being there for my daughters. i have been there since they were born. i can't imagine not being there.
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i'm their mom. they need their mom. it's not the same with a father. a mom is a mom. >> teresa said she thinks she's going to be just fine behind bars. she will serve 15 months first. her husband will start his sentence after she gets out so the girls aren't without both parents at the same time. up next, a florida mom and her risky job. he's a mini van mom with a twist. she wrestles alligators for a living. >> and even when seven months pregnant. she was asked about the dangers involved. >> i have to think are the other soccer moms asking is this safe? >> they are. that's everyone's question as far as whether it's safe or not. it is safe. if you know what you're doing, and the techniques to use, it's no less dangerous than getting into a car and driving to the airport. >> and i thought exercising at the gym while seven months
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pregnant was extreme. >> don't talk to this woman about it. just before maternity leave, martha try this is stunlt, it's the full frontal. and maybe you can understand why. up next, the apple can't catch a break with the iphone 6. >> the operating system, and bend-gate, and hair-gate. reporting the phones are ripping hairs out. it's triggered an avalanche of complaints and advertising spoofs. >> the tiny gap between the phone is snagging hairs. >> this is a joke, but you are not to shave. twitter concern great with stuff like this. >> i like the tweet that said we're finally getting generation xers to shave. my dad complains the younger generation doesn't shave. for some of you, your local
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>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. it's tuesday, october 7th. coming up on "action news" the man who prosecutors say murdered a baby and her grandmother takes the stand in his own defense. philadelphia public school teachers return to the classroom this morning without a contract. we're covering all the angles including what's next as the teachers dig in for a legal fight. brand new studies show all new technology and on our phones may be making distracted driving worse instead of helping it to be better. and we're tracking some rain in parts of our area. accuweather and traffic updates are next up here on "action news." >> ♪ up through the ohio valley and east. and finally another contestant waking up with the dreams of the mirror ball throw
4:28 am
if i sattered. >> and george pennacchio shows us who it is. >> betsy and tony. >> after four weeks of competition, betsey johnson and her partner said good-bye to the ballroom. the 72-year-old fashion icon leaves, a happy heart. >> the best experience in my life for a long, long time. >> i think i was able to take control and really transform her and give her the true gift of "dancing with the stars." >> this week's number one finer, alfonso, danced jazz with his partner. that plus the carlton dance from the fresh prince of bill bel-air got him the perfect ten. >> we knew the moves and performed the crap out of the routine. it was so much fun. >> reporter: it was more emotional for leah thomas,
4:29 am
dedicated to her late father. she and her father scored ed 3t of 40 for second place. >> he would be just proud i was doing something with purpose. and that i had courage. >> reporter: third place this week, sadie robertson, tommy chong, michael waltrip, and at the bottom, jonathan bennett. he and the stars are not looking forward to the switchup next week. >> it's weird. i feel like i'm cheating on my dance partner. but that's my dance partner. you can't have her. she's mine. >> reporter: the stars might not like the switchup, but they like this. next week, no one goes home. in los angeles, george pennacchio for abc news. >> they make it look fun. would you do it? >> i would. >> are you a dancer? >> i can go. >> do the carlton.
4:30 am
>> that's not a real dance. >> ♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ meteorologist, david murphy. happening on this tuesday, october 7th. a war is raging between the philadelphia school district and its teachers. what is next now that the school reform commission has canceled their contract. >> police say they have arrested the man seen in this brutal and violent assault in chinatown. >> the only bears known to inhabit new york central park are at its zoo so everyone is trying the figure out how a dead bear cub ended up under a bush. >> good morning out there. it is now 4:30. we'll


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