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tv   Action News  ABC  October 7, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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ebola case outside of africa. we are monitoring what this means for the effort to we are monitoring what this >> good morning. 5:30 now on this tuesday, october 7th. we'll head over to meteorologist, david murphy and to karen rogers. good morning. >> well, let's get a closer look at sprinkles and showers popping through on storm tracker 6 live double scan. these are live images and the most detailed accurate precise images you'll see in the area. right now there's a little bit of light rain pushing through the pennsylvania turnpike just in northern chester county, a bit more has broken free is that starting to pop into areas of western new castle county. there's a little bit more out to the west behind that and the earlier precipitation that was in parts of gloucester and burlington county now breaking up over northern burlington county and also to areas east of trenton. so, this is very light nuisance precipitation coming through but just enough to make your roads a little bit wet. the wide view shows once we get past this over the next hour or two, we are going to be in the clouds but eventually i think there will be some sun breaking back into
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the picture and most of the afternoon looks a lot better than what we're seeing right now. 64 degrees currently in philadelphia. 63 in wilmington, 59 in allentown, of course these numbers are pretty mild compared to where we were 24 hours and 48 hours ago. and as we go out the door to start the car or catch the school bus look for mostly cloudy skies, a spotty sprinkle or shower around and temperatures between six and 8 o'clock in the low 60's. your seven day or your daypart forecast i should say does show you improvement, though. 65 degrees by 9:00. by noon 69 and then a high of 75 by 3 o'clock this afternoon and notice how we are getting more sunshine in play mixing with the clouds in through the middle of the day. a few more clouds digging in by 6 o'clock, 71 degrees there and as we get late into the afternoon and early into the evening karen there's the chance of a redevelopment of another round of showers and perhaps a thunderstorm later tonight. i'll have all of that on future tracker 6 coming up. >> we mostly just have showers during the commute, got it. >> yes. >> thanks for that. let's take a live look at the schuylkill expressway. westbound traffic here moving
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fine near spring garden. the construction crews have cleared but they'll be back again tonight at 10 o'clock. on the big picture, speeds on the schuylkill mostly in the 50's here as well as i-95 looking pretty good. in north philadelphia we've got this fire in a vacant row home dauphin street and 19th -- ninth street in this area. stick to diamond street to avoid any problems with crews on the scene. a new issue, a disabled truck right on the boulevard in northeast philadelphia on grant avenue and the boulevard. so watch for that causing an issue. let's go outside again and check on the ben franklin bridge and that's the construction out there. it's blocking the right lane westbound. not causing a delay its too early yet but we know the delays have been forming each morning and today will likely happen as well. matt and tam. >> thanks, karen. the philadelphia federation of teachers plans to fight the school reform commission's sudden decision to cancel their contract and force them to pay healthcare premiums. the stunning move came in a last minute special action meeting yesterday. the scrapping of the contract dismantles the teach's health and welfare fund. the district says the change
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will generate more than $50 million which will immediately be used in the classrooms. superintendent william hite says this option is better than mandating layoffs or salary reductions. >> given the fiscal environment in which we are facing, we all have to share in the sacrifice in order to provide our children with what should be very basic resources. >> the teachers are buying paper, they're buying supplies, they're doing two jobs for the price of one. they have a lot of nerve saying that the pft members done sacrifice. that is an outright lie. >> teachers also say they did not create the district's financial crisis and shouldn't be forced to fix it. we'll have much more on the legality of the src's move coming up in a live report at 6:00 a.m. >> happening today, the man charged with murdering a baby and her grandmother in king of prussia is expected back on the witness stand. raghunandan yandamuriian is accused of kidnapping and killing saanvi venna and
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murdering her grandmother. during testimony yesterday yandamuri may claim he was coerced by two men into helping them commit the crime. prosecutors argued that only yandamuri was involved and that he did it to get money to ease a gambling debt. the former headmaster of the prestigious tower hill school in wilmington goes on trial today on child pornography charges. a judge will decide the fate of christopher wheeler. prosecutors say more than 1400 images and videos of child porn were found on his home computer. they were discovered while police looked into allegations that wheeler sexually abused three boys decades ago. wheeler is not charged with sexual abuse. >> governor christie is expected to attend this morning's memorial service for the ceo of cooper health system and his wife. john and joyce sheridan died the same day someone set fire to their home in somerset county, new jersey, on september 28th. details of the couple's autopsies have yet to be released.
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the sheridan memorial service begins at 11:00 a.m. at the trenton war memorial following an open house for visitors at 9:30. a private funeral will follow. >> the white house is calling the ebola virus a national security threat. president obama says his administration is considering new screening protocols at overseas airports and in the u.s. but did he not get into specifics during a statement yesterday. the president, however, did offer this perspective. >> because of the measures that we've put in place as well as our world class health system and the nature of the ebola virus itself, which is difficult to transmit, the chances of an ebola out break in the united states is extremely low. >> ebola has not infected anyone on u.s. soil. however, two patients are being treated here, one in texas and the other one in nebraska. and a new case of ebola has also been report in there spain and that is ringing alarm bells because it's the first case contracted outside of west africa. a spanish nurse was infected
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while caring for a patient who had come to europe from west africa. and a four-year-old new jersey boy is home from intensive care as his family awaits the results of testing for the enterovirus. the child attends yardville elementary in hamilton township. over the weekend the cdc confirmed his classmate eli waller died in his sleep from that virus. the other patient's mother has spent a lot of sleepless nights waiting on her son's results. >> now he has no symptoms of cold right now. we just have the wheezing and the shortness of beth that's still going on. >> i'm crossing my fingers that it's not it but there's another sense of me that i have a feeling it is. >> the staff at yardville has been orderd to wipe down surfaces. health officials say the only way to really prevent the spread of the frightening virus to maintain proper personal hygiene. >> 5:36 now. the michael j. fox foundation is suing a new jersey medical institute. the lawsuit was filed against the coriell institute for
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medical research in camden. the fox foundation says lab workers there destroyed 26,000 samples of blood and spinal fluid collected for a study of parkinson's disease. fox has been battling parkinson's disease since 1991. the suit claims the samples were lost because workers left a freezer door opened. fox's foundation has contracts with coriell. the lab has not commented on the suit. >> time now to take a look at your accuweather. a little bit of rain, good for the grass. >> i guess so. it's just a very little bit right now, though. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you most of the area is dry although some areas could still have wet roads even where it isn't raining because of some earlier stuff. if we go in a little tighter a lot of this is kind of falling apart at this point but you're getting a closeup view right now of a lingering cell pushing in on malvern, another couple of them just to the south of pottsville. looks like medford lakes is just saying goodbye to this and if we take that loop out and just drop this farther to the south, there are some additional showers pushing
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into areas of central new castle county, delaware, right around middletown and it looks like if you're in salem, new jersey, or areas just to the north of that in salem county, some of this might come across but as we get that wide view to you again and just give you that movement, again, there isn't a whole lot of this. a couple additional cells out by baltimore, north of baltimore on i83 heading up towards harrisburg but those look to be also kind of falling apart. so, for another hour or so, some sprinkles but that's probably about it. as we take a look outside, we have a fair amount of cloud cover around early and sky 6 showing that to you. and you can also see that the cameras bounce is bit at the airport because the winds are picking up just a bit. 64 degrees right now in philadelphia. your dewpoint at 53. the winds south-southwest at 10 miles per hour. a little stronger than where they've been overall this morning. i'm bringing in the always on seven day for those of you with hd in case you want to glance ahead. future tracker 6 showing you between now and maybe 7 o'clock or so those sprinkles and showers are out of here and by the lunchtime today, we
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could see some sunshine breaking out from behind the clouds and i expect that later in the afternoon we'll probably see more of that. now, totally rule out another shower popping up later today or tonight as a second rounds of precip approaches. looks like most that of will be later in the evening hours and later tonight maybe even a couple gusty thunderstorms as well. so, what to expect out of our day? well, we're going to be dry for most of the afternoon but later on in the evening hours and later tonight, look for some additional spotty showers to develop and isolated thunderstorm is possible and where they hit they could produce gusty winds and downpours. most of you probably don't see that. if you do take cover from that. 64 by 8 o'clock, 68 by 11 o'clock. notice how we have more sunshine through the middle of the day. 75 is your high at 3 o'clock and then back to 73 with clouds reaffirming themselves later noon and this evening. high temperatures in the mid 70's from allentown down to millville. closer to 70 on the nose or maybe below that down by the
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shore. your seven-day forecast, 75 is today's high, a mix of clouds and sun overall with a seconds round of showers developing either late today or this evening and perhaps a later night thunderstorm. looks like any rain is done before dawn on wednesday so that we get a clouds to sunday. should be nice in the afternoon on wednesday with a high of 73. and 66 bright and breezy on thursday. friday that's when the next system arrives bringing clouds and periods of rain. and 66 is the high there. and it looks like some lingering showers are possible on saturday and a fair amount of clouds on saturday the way things are shaping up. we're going to have a frontal boundary stalled nearby. hopefully it's dry for the union and then the eagles still looking partly sunny on sunday with improvement, okay. >> okay. thanks, david. 5:40 now. investigators release chilling details about the man charged with violently assaulting a philadelphia business owner. >> and we're following an unusual case of animal cruelty. a dead bear cub is found in new york city's central park. karen. >> the overnight construction is clear here on 422 and moving pretty nicely here at
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>> ♪ >> 5:43. taking a live look at the delaware river and the ben franklin bridge. jersey side eight got penn's landing there and a little bitter of spotty rain this morning. >> karen, how is everything looking for people trying to make it in from the suburbs into the city. >> i've got say knock on the big board or whatever you
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want, it's doing good. things look pretty good. we don't have any accidents out there. the roads are damp. i would say with the sprinkles that moved through but not terribly wet. let's check the roads and show you what it looks like. you can see traffic here morrisville bucks county route 1 at pennsylvania avenue moving nicely. a good shot of the road conditions which may just be slightly damp in a few spots and really not that big of a deal just yet. let's look at the construction, though, because in some spots that's an issue and you can see this area of yellow right here. this is the turnpike near fort washington in pennsylvania. westbound we've got construction blocking not one but two lanes. so, with that westbound construction we see this area of yellow meaning it is cause something slow go so watch for that as you're headed out. eastbound we have construction blocking the right lane near fort washington. in mount laurel burling town couldn't new jersey turnpike southbound between exits five and four construction also blocking two lanes and that's going to be out there for about another hour and a half. and in brooklawn 130 northbound is blocked at 47 and that's until further
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notice. just stick to 295 as your alternate. so, 130 having a little issue right there. time for your commuter traffic report which you get to be a part of when you download the free waze app. as i scan around the ipad i can look at the some of the different suburbs. not report anything problems. this is trooper, radnor township, lancaster avenue looking good, 202 showing no problems and this is just a car on the side of road on the schuylkill westbound so that's not going to show you down. so things are looking pretty good and just a few sprinkles out there here and there right now. temperature-wise it's comfortable, 64 degrees, not too bad. 59 in allentown, 64 in millville. nothing like yesterday morning. in fact, it's 20 degrees milder right now in allentown than it was yesterday morning. 24 degrees warmer in millville, wildwood, atlantic city. so, it's a big change 23424 hours, a high of 75 today, matt. >> got you karen. thanks. police say they have captured the ma and who beat, sexually assaulted and robbed a woman inside her business in chinatown. investigators also tell "action news" that he has confessed to the attack.
5:46 am
29-year-old brandon menley will be charged with rape attempted murder and other offenses. surveillance video here shows the attacker smiling and laughing during the incident over the weekend. the victim who was alone offered him $600 to stop. he took the cash and took off. police found menley at a homeless shelter nearby and say the demeanor during the attack makes it even more disturbing. >> like somey something that he's used to doing in terms of he may have done this before whether it's been in this city or someplace else. >> police are looking into whether menley has done this before. he does have a prior arrest for drugs in pennsylvania and disorderly conduct in florida. >> new this morning, the berks county district attorney police a bad batch of synthetic marijuana has been laced with heroin. the drug has led toker r 50's in reading. half of those cases occurred within the past seven days. side effects include hallucinations seizures and violent behavior.
5:47 am
a 19-year-old american has been arrested and charged with trying to support a foreign terrorist group. mohammed kahn of suburban chicago was arrested on saturday. he was trying get on board to turkey. federal complaints he intended to sneak into syria to join isis. he allegedly left a letter for his parents expressing anger over u.s. taxes being used to kill his "muslim brothers and sisters." >> a dog walker discovered the dead cub underneath a bush yesterday morning. officials say the baby animal had signs of trauma and cuts to its body. authorities believe it may have been dumped there. no bears are missing from any new york zoos though and the species, of course, is not native to central park. >> quite a mystery. it is 5:47. one actor's famous dance gets him the night's only perfect score on "dancing with the stars." >> a florida mom wrestles alligators even while seven
5:48 am
months pregnant. david. >> sprinkles and light showers around the region. most of your kids can probably get away without the umbrella but in some cases you might want that. weather again. i'll have the afternoon call and your daypart forecast
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>> new jersey is helping you do ac. every tuesday in october including today will be toll free on the atlantic city expressway. turnpike officials are waiving the eastbound fees at the egg harbor and pleasantville plazas to encourage more off peak visitors to the shore. that's a saving of $3.75. the promotion goes into effect at noon. >> hm. >> easy drive to the shore, you got to love that. let's led outside and check out roads.
5:51 am
bridesburg torresdale avenue and harbison we're clear right here, mostly dry. roads are a little damp in a few spots. in upper merion montgomery county old gulph road will close between matsonford road. stick to montgomery avenue as your alternate. >> showers that were more prominent over the last couple hours on radar really starting to melt away. you see a little bit in new castle county. look how that's sort of going away to nothing. a little bit more of the same hang in northern berks county am it was more impressive. now it's kind of falling apart so you might see a sprinkle on the roads, maybe some of your road surfaces a little bit wet from the earlier stuff that came through but we're in the process of improvement there. 65 degrees by 9 o'clock with sunshine poking through. then it looks like a sun and clouds mix through the middle of the day. 69 by noon, 75 by 3 o'clock and that 75 is your high this afternoon. we'll still be in the low 70's by 6 o'clock. later in the afternoon and especially tonight another round of showers and perhaps a gusty thunderstorm or two is on tap, matt. >> thanks, david. new this morning, the nfl
5:52 am
is offering a more detailed explanation about the efforts it made to get ahold of the video of ray rice knocking out his wife. the nfl's main spokesman says the league made a series of phone calls and written requests to police and the court. the league also says it had face to face meetings with police but according to the nfl, all attempts to get the full video and detailed information about the assault were rejected. commissioner roger goodell had only suspended rice for two games in his initial response to the incident. >> it seems like there is nothing that can stop a florida mother from wrestling alligators not even her late term pregnancy. this is martha rivera. she and her husband volunteer at the everglades wildlife rescue. they host educational shows for visitors. rivera as you can see is seven months pregnant and up until taking leave two weeks ago said she felt completely safe as you see her there climbing onto the back of a gator. rivera added she knows her limits and is confident in her
5:53 am
training. >> not exactly bedrest there, right? >> no. >> 5:52 now. up next, the real new jersey housewife who is headed to jail speaking out. >> also more news you did not see last night. find out what a new jersey father is accused of doing to a coach at his son's football game. that's coming up all new at
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donald trump and his daughter ivanka have filed a lawsuit against trump entertainment to also have their name stripped off of the taj mahal. they claim the company allowed the two casinos to fall into such disrepair it violated quality standards agreed to by both sides. jim gardner had will have more on the grievances from trump himself along with the entrepreneur's own ideas on how to save atlantic city casinos. don't miss jim's special one-on-one report with donald trump tonight on "action news" at 11:00. >> new jersey reality star teresa guidice is speaking out about her prison sentence. the real housewives cast member told bravo host andy cohen she was shocked by her 15 month punishment. her husband joe will serve a 41 month term on bankruptcy and conspiracy charges. theresa got emotional when discussing her oldest child's reaction to the news. >> mommy, don't worry about it, i'll be there. i'll be there, you know...
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i'll help daddy with the girls. >> the couple have four daughters together. theresa is due to report to prison on january 5th. dancing to the stars said see ya' to betsy johnson. she thanked her partner and show for a wonderful experience. fresh prince fans got the moment we've all been waiting for. there it is, al front so ribiero broke into the carleton. >> 5:57 now. drama at the drive through. fast food chains are slacking when it comes to speedy service. >> the revel sale goes up for review. means for the closed well a reason why a lot of people come from
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♪ you're unpacking already? yeah. help me find some mugs? ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ [ beep ] hey. [ giggles ]ok. ♪ folgers in your cup >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and
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meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday, october 7th and we have news you didn't see last night. >> fire and potentially deadly fumes force nearly 100 people out of their delaware apartment. >> philadelphia school officials touch off a big battle with their teachers by canceling their contract. >> accuweather is tracking canceling their contract. and another chance for rain later today. >> details, details, details with david and karen. good morning. >> good morning, guys. let's start you on storm tracker 6 live double scan. about an hour ago we had some fairly significant although light sprinkles and showers on radar and now you can see in the last 15 minutes that most of these are really dying down. i had been advising kids stepping out for the school bus and the walk to the bus stop a little while ago to take umbrellas. now i don't know that it's real that necessary because all of this is kind of falling apart and you can see that out to the west of us we are also