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tv   Action News  ABC  October 8, 2014 1:36am-2:12am EDT

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you think it smells fine, but your guests think it smells like this. [ ship horn blows, seagulls squawking ] febreze air effects works instantly to eliminate odors you've gone nose-blind to. it smells so much better. [ male announcer ] so you and your guests can breathe happy. [ male announcer ] so you and your guests dave, i'm sorry to interrupt... i gotta take a sick day tomorrow. dads don't take sick days, dads take nyquil. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep with a cold, medicine. tuesday night the big story on "action news" tonight is the approach of some potent
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thunderstorms that will be rolling through overnight. the latest from stormtracker 6 live double scan radar. we are showing that we are dealing with two batches of rain right now. some is heavy. the strong cold front with the thunderstorms still out to the west. here is the one area that moved through philadelphia. it's over medford heights and georgetown route 130. it's moving up to the northeast at 40 miles-an-hour. there is another batch out to the west. no lightning strikes. heavy downpours near oxford and coatesville. reading is getting the rain. the cold front that is causing a potent squaw line is in central pennsylvania. this is the squaw line that i am tracking in the next few hours. it's bringing a lot of lightning strikes and potential for gusty
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winds. this is what to expect in the overnight hours. your kids and dogs may be scared. wind speeds up to 40 miles-an-hour. we are looking at at good soaking. a quarter inch to a half inch of rain. i'll talk about when the rain moves out and what it means for your seven-day forecast. thank you, with the bulk of the system coming in the waking hours plus the affect on the morning commute. they are on the air from 4:30 until 7:00. police have arrested and charged a suspect in the stabbing of a man at the 800 block of cottman avenue. live at the scene is kenneth moton. kenneth, how is the victim doing right no you? >>reporter:well, jim, the victim is stable and critical at temple hospital. the man knew his attacker.
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at this point they don't know why they were arguing. they know it ended in bloodshed. it was busy in the middle of the evening rush. >> it's crazy. i never experienced like this it. >>reporter:they watched a man stab another in the neck. the weapon was a kitchen knife. >> one of the ladies was screaming, his wife or partner, girlfriend or something. it was nerve-racking. >>reporter:they rushed to the grocery store before 6:00 p.m. near rising sun and cottman avenue. the victim was arguing with the 40 year old suspect in the produce section when the knife came out. teens tipped them off that the suspect was walking on nearby railroad tracks. chopper 6 was ove overhead. the victim was in the parking
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lot when they arrived sufficienting from stab wounds to his necsufficient-- sufferino his neck and face. >>reporter:meanwhile, they were pulling the surveillance of the brutal attack. >> safety-wise and also just trauma to see something like that. >>reporter:bebe and her mother are stunned. >> you are going to shop for food. you don't expect violence. >>reporter:this is a closed store. they have a number of witness statements. the suspect was taken to northeast detectives for questioning. he has been charged with aggravated assault and other offenses. no names were released, jim. kenneth moton "channel~6 action
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news." thank you. in chester the campus of widener university is calm after a threat was posted on social media. they arrested luis andres broke down and posted a message on yikyak. it bringing the state total to 14. the boy diagnosed with the d-68 strain was brought to hospital for treatment 10 days ago. he is recuperating at home. the advice for parents maintain good hygiene like in flu season. >> it's the most significant thing that i can implore that you wash your hands with soap
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and water. hand sanitizer do not cut it. they will not kill the virus. you have to wash with soap and flowing water for 20 seconds. >> it's unrelated to the death of eli waller of hamilton township. he is featured in the propaganda video. >> the fbi officials launched a massive effort to identify and capture the man fearing that he has an american passport. he could come to the u.s. to make trouble here. they may provide him with key information. no piece of information is too small. the police in lindenwold are
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trying to track down the burglar when he tried to rob the am robs house. she refused to give in. >>reporter:it happened at 1:30 a.m. the 66-year-old was coming down the stairs when she saw a man starting to come up the stairs. >> i said something ridiculous, who are you? he was very quick and came up. i proceeded down. >>reporter:instead of running away the victim charged down the burglar and began to spray pepper spray on her face. >> i kept going. my purse fell. i am screaming and making all the noise. >> the widow was so angry that someone would break into her home by breaking her basement window. she made a racket she scared the
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guy away. she runs out of the house screaming and having difficulty to dial 911 on my phone. i am screaming. i game back into the hous came d called 911. he is a slender white male, he was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt. as she recuperated from her ordeal she pondered over the boldness. >> i don't know how i got past him down the stairs. >> i was very, very fortunate. >> it sounds like you were. >> i really was. >> the assailant used his left-hand to spray her with pepper spray. it's likely that he is left-landed. you are asked to call lindenwold
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police. >> they are asking for help to identify this bank robber. it happened at tillman street and allentown at 3:00. he used a demand note and got away with cash. no one was hurt. a football player is suspended from the team and facing criminal charges. jun or wide receiver is charge from a fight off campus. kids are treated, in the hospital are likely finding inspiration in animals. patients from chop and penn veterinarian school, encourages patients with skull and facial defects to see how dogs with similar issues are adapting and
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thrive. they raise awareness and exchange knowledge. the heart-wrenching situation. a young woman with brain cancer is choosing how to spend her final days and when her end is coming. you will hear her word words abt her terms. and the double scan is tracking a live strong storm. the details what to expect and when it moves out and tracks more rain on the weekend. never shy. real estate mogul donald trump sits down with me on one and one what went wrong with atlantic city and what must be done fix it. the eagles are dressing up against the giant. we have the answers next. when
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a new jersey bankruptcy judge approved the sale of the old revel casino to a canadian company. brooksfield bid was formally accepted. the other bidder florida developer glen stab. and the judge called him a sore loser. they hope to close the deal in the next two months. they open the site as casino. they need approval for a new license. and they operate a casino in las vegas. and donald trump should be a
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huge player. not since his company the resorts went bankrupt. he ran out on atlantic city. he told me he got out at just the right time. donald trump tonight on one-on-one. [♪] atlantic city is going to have to restructure its debt. nobody is going to pay the real estate taxes. this is a problem for many years. atlantic city has been stupidly managed and badly managed by the politicians. i fought for years on the convention center should be rebuilt in its current location where you have convention hall. all you would have needed was three walls and a roof. you would have a best location in atlantic city. it would be four times larger than the building that they built. it's a piece of garbage. >> so donald trump how do you
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really feel? trump has a long history with atlantic city. and until yesterday two of the cities failed casinos still board his name. the trump plaza closed on september 6th. the taj~mahal is slated to close on november 13th. his name is still up on that one. he either owns or runs the company that owns the two casinos, trump entertainment resort. he has a share in the company to let them use his name. >> it was interesting. i looked the other day at some of the old clips. analysts saying it will not affect atlantic city. how can it not affect atlantic city when 30, 35% of your market is going to have to go 10 minutes instead andy reid hour. it had a hugof an hour. >> you told the wall street
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journal you are interested in buying back the trump plaza and the taj~mahal. are you thinking about that? >> i am thinking about it. i have a lot of friends in atlantic city including a lot of people that worked for me more years. i have not been down to six or seven years we are suing to have my names off of the buildings. they are not meeting those standards. we will win that. with that being said, i will look at it. i am looking at it. we'll see. again, you have to, in order to go back, get lower real estate taxes and much lower taxes generally. >> so what about philadelphia? might donald trump take a second stabbing at brotherly love.
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a residence on the river filed for bankruptcy. >> now, the mark is good. it has been strong in philadelphia. will i go back to philadelphia? absolutely. the entire interview is posted at a cancer patient's story has gone viral over ending her life. brittany maynard wants to die with dignity. she launched a video. in it she describes a diagnosis with brain cancer and how her disease will rapidly destroy her quality of life before it kills her. maynard moved to oregon to obtain the legal medication she need there is to die on her terms. >> the amount of relief to know that i don't have to die the way
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that it was described to me the way that my brain tumour would take me on its own. she decided to end her life on november 1st, surrounded by her husband and mother and best friend. how much coffee you drink is well in your d.n.a. the scientists identify the genes that lead to higher coffee consumption. some predict how the coffees affect the brain signals that make drinking coffee pleasurable. none of the difference affected how people felt about the taste. you may not like the way that you taste. you may drink a lot of it anyway. i do both. see. accuweather forecast. with. we have strong storms on the way. the prediction center released
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this they are considering a tornado watch. it would be 1:00 with the squaw line. and now showing we do have showers around with heavy downpours. there is one batch moving through trenton. you see how quickly it's moving up to the north and east. 40, 45 miles-an-hour. showers south of philadelphia. there is another batch of real heavy downpours crossing route 1 heading to downingtown and coatesville. the system i am tracking that has the lightning strikes is moving in in the next hour, hour and a half. i want to show you the rainfall rates. it pouring in chester county. it's falling an inch an hour. it's moving out quickly. right now also the temperatures are warm. philadelphia is 64. millville 65.
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sea isle 69. and allentown 64. we have winds rushing out of the south with the storm system. we are getting some of the heavy downpour you see the squaw lines and a potential for gusty and damaging winds. the cold front is across central pennsylvania that is moving through early in the morning. around 1:00 we have heavy downpours and perhaps damaging winds with the thunderstorms. most of it is out of here by 5:00. the western suburbs are clearing and spotty are showers in south jersey. the sun and clouds are rolling out at 8:00. timing is everything. the clouds clear out during the total lunar eclipse. it starts before 5:00 when you see the shading in the upper left the moon. it reaches totality at 6:25. the moon will be the orangey
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rust color the blood moon. the moon sets at 7:09. you have limited opportunities to see the eclipse. we will have another one april 4th of next year. wind speeds up to 30 miles-an-hour. 73 degrees the high. it's a blustery day. rain is out of here. 6:00, 60. by 8:00, 63. the the exclusive seven-day forecast, windy and mild. 73. to gets cooler on thursday. 68. friday it clouds up with showers developing. 64. it looks leek some o like the se lingering. south of philadelphia we clear out in time for the eagles game on sunday. in other words round of rain moves in on monday. tuesday it warms up with a high
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of 72. the blood moon the lunar eclipse is happening tomorrow morning. i will be tweeting out photos. you can follow me on twitter. get up early. no i need my coffee. action news was at radnor township building. dozens of people tackled the issue of the pennsylvania keystone exams. starting with the sophomore close every pupil must pass three keystone exams to graduate. it puts too much weight on three tests say some. it's a burden on students he and schools. >> it's mega millions. hello america. tuesday october 7th. the mega millions is estimated $136 million. to win the jackpot you have to match the five white balls and
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the gold a ball. 46. followed by 55. up next we have 29. the next number is 48. your final white ball for tuesday evening 16. now for at balnow for the megabs
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eagles trying to get healthy before sunday night. the injuries are popping up. now it seems that the eagles are banged up on defense as well. not what you want to hear heading into the game against the giants at the linc. and fellow linebacker michael kendricks had a helmet on. that was progress. he has a calf injury. what personnel changes that they plan to make on defense, against the poor showing against the ram. don't expect any. >> there was a change to be made, i promise you i would make it. can they get it done? the answer is yes to that. we continue to grow and be the defense we want to be. >> it's not a confidence drainer
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or anything like that. we go about business as usual and try to get better in areas are that we can. >> lots to work on. the flyers will drop the puck on their season in boston. last year the flyers were bounced in round with up in the playoffs. it serving as motivation in the off-season. >> it was painful. every day life, every time you lose like that utah i ca you tat personal. it's a motivation to do better. what we went through it's a good thing. we have to learn from this. i keep moving forward. >> game four of the dodgers and cards. dodgers up 2-7. clayton kershaw, as good as he is not good in the post season. the cards win the series in four. it's the fourth straight trip to the nlcs.
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we are playing six games and facing good teams. our goal is to try to be a good team. >> wayne harden was inducted in the football hall of fame. the utah za jazz can change their name to the good samaritan. he had a contract, for a 5-year-old. j.t. has leukemia. he is a huge fan the jazz. he watched the team since he was 1. he had a big dunk and a swagger as he walked back up the court. i can't get enough of that story. >> finally a taste maker stirred things up in philadelphia. carla hall visited drexel university to test out recipes
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with neighbors here. they are contributed to the chew host's new restaurant. southern kitchen is expected to open in new york city next spring jimmy kimmel is live next. jimmy's guest chef sumino baturo. and music from wheezer. "action news" continues with adam joseph and karen rogers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers. the entire "action news" team, i am jim gardner.
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