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tv   Action News  ABC  October 8, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news, closing arguments in delaware county, we are live with the latest. the government is trying to identify the americans working for isis. >> and the big story on "action news" is the death of texas ebola patient, thomas duncan, he died just before 8:00 this morning in the dallas hospital
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where he was in isolation. lets go live to marcy gonzales outside of the hospital in dallas. >> reporter: good afternoon the hospital here released a statement less than an hour ago that it is with heartfelt sadness that thomas duncan passed away here. his family is still left with so many questions. thomas eric duncan lost his battle with ebola. his girlfriend told abc news on the phone that she was worried. >> the other americans, that came from africa -- i don't care -- >> according to his family,
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duncan was unconscious and heavily sedated and on dialysis. he was given an experimental drug different than the ones that were given to the first ebola patients in america. the family questioned if the health system failed leading up to this. first sending duncan home when he first sought treatment only to be brought back by ambulance days later. knowing all along he came from an ebola infected african current. >> the hospital did not detect this right away and was sent into the community where he could spread the disease more. >> that was marcy gonzales reporting from the hospital in dallas. stay with "action news" for the latest ebola outbreak, we are keeping you updated there.
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at in other news this noon, a passenger removed from a jetblue flight at philadelphia international airport is finally on her way home at this hour. the woman says she was kick the off the plane because of posts she made on twitter. vernon odom joins us live now with the full story. >> rick, that new england passenger is due to fly out of philadelphia on a smooth flight but things quickly fell apart because her iphone tweets saying why her arrival in boston was drastically delayed brought on a load of grief from the airline. lisa carlyle arrived to get a ride home to the boston area, in the wake of the fiasco with jetblue last night that lasted until 2:00 in the morning. >> they were not comfortable
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because i shared my experience with friends and followers on a social media page. >> when the flight left philadelphia, carter was not on it. the joke overheard by and misinterpreted by a pilot when people were boarding. >> we were waiting an hour and there was a joke by another passenger, we joked we hoped there was a fully stocked bar on the airplane, he ran in and said everybody back up on the gate, i have been accused of being intoxicated. >> the pilot told the more than 90 passengers he was obligated by law to take a sobriety test that came out negative. so carter-knight began tweeting out the situation. >> never accused of pilot of
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being drunk. >> jetblue did refund her money. >> this morning a jetblue spokesperson is investigating this entire incident and will issue a statement sometime today. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> vernon, thank you. >> a school bus crash injured two people including a child this morning in southwest philadelphia, a small bus and minivan collided on the 7700 block of lindbergh avenue this morning. it's unclear where the bus was going, one child and one person were hurt. another school bus carrying 23 children crashed into several parked cars in the northeast this morning. the bus left the road and ended up on the sidewalk near the intersection of loft street. >> there was a big explosion and
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we came to see if everybody was okay. there was a school bus and driver and we got the school kid ofz the bus and thank god nobody was hurt. >> some were crying and they were just shocked and stunned. >> the crash happened right across the street from the ann frank school. police are investigating why the driver lost control, some of the children were taken to the hospital to get checked out but all of them are expected to be okay. closing arguments are expected today in the trial of an upper marion man, he is accused of kidnapping saanvi from her apartment, prosecutors say he killed the baby and her grandmother, he could face the death penalty if convicted of murder. david henry is in the courtroom and he will have a live report coming up at 12:30. >> four men are questioned this noon for allegedly planning a terror attack in london.
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officers at scotland yard arrested the men in raids yesterday. the suspects are 20 or 21 years 0e8d. they could be tied to an islamic led plot, nor than 500 nationals have traveled to iraq to fight on behalf of militants. the fbi is asking for help identifying this man. he appears in an isis recruit video and speaks perfect english, they believe he is american. fedex drivers stage aid big protest outside of the big distribution center in d jed. they want benefits and a health plan. there is no position on unionizing its drivers.
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tonight marks the final delate between tom corbett and his challenger, tom wolf, it kicks off at 7:00 at our sister station in pittsburgh. "action news" will be there to bring you coverage of the debate. john rawlins is traveling to pittsburgh, watch his reports today beginning at 4:00 and watch the debate live on our digital channel 6.2 and online at mild temperatures, lots of sunshine, getting us through this middle of the work week, sky 6 hd, checking out atlantic city this noon if you step outside today, a little bit a breeze and some places more than that, gusty winds this noon, lets head outside to david murphy with the latest from accuweather. >> this is overall a good one, we had cloud cover overnight and storms that came through but looking at satellite and radar, we are looking at sunshine burning bright, cloud cover to
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the north and west, generally speaking it looked like a mainly sunny afternoon ahead. we are getting mild, still in the upper 60s in trenton and allentown and reading. a breeze is blowing and there are winds in the teens in much of the region with gusts going up into the 20s. if you are headed to the playground or anywhere else. it's mild 71 or so at noon. and 75 is your high, but with the blustery winds, heading outside today, staying out from under the trees, there could be falling branches. a squirrel knocked a good crunch of wood out of the tree today and i was lucky it didn't hit me. check out the low, 50 tonight, a little bit below average and that is an indication of cooler air that is coming in for tomorrow. how chilly will it be? i'll have the accuweather answer
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coming up in the seven day. nice out here for now. early risers got a glimpse of a stunning lunar eclipse, the moon turned an orangey red color. the results from sunlight scattering off the atmosphere, this was from center city this morning. quite a sight. you visit the new, go to for storm tracker 6 radar, both the hourly and seven-day forecast and the video from our meteorologists. still to come on "action news" at noon, a star running back in court, what happened when adrian peterson goes to court. >> and meteorologist, david murphy, will be back with the seven-day forecast from
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minnesota vikings running back adrian peterson is in court today for the first time since his indictment on a child abuse charge in texas. peterson is expected to plead not guilty if asked to submit a plea. he says he never intended to
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hurt his 4-year-old son after spanking him with a tree branch. authorities in california are investigating a crash of an air tanker on its way to battle a wild fire near yosemite national park. the plane was attempting to drop fire retartant on the plane when it slammed into the side of a mountain. government records show that it is registered to the u.s. forest service. police in hammond are facing a lawsuit after using a stun gun on a man in front of his family. the passenger jamal jones was hit with a stun gun and forced to the ground while his son recorded it from the backseat. the officers feared that jones had a gun when they saw him reach for his i.d.
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and the family is suing. a nevada state senator is considering a decision to overturn his decision to allow same-sex marriage, by asking his partner to marry him. the state of nevada will start issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples starting at 2:00 local time this afternoon. chapels say they have been preparing for weeks. you can take the new with you everywhere you go. the new smart design fits any device, no matter how small or large your scr
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the nation's highest court will be hearing from today. the online retailers go before the supreme court to face a lawsuit filed by two former staffers. they say they waited 25 minutes to go through security checks after every shift to make sure she weren't stealing and they want to be paid for the time according to fair labor laws. and if successful amazon could be responsible for millions in back pay. you can expect a small break on the cost of heating your home this winter, they believe that people will pay less because
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warmer temperatures are expected over the winter month and households that use could see a 15% reduction. there is a warning for overthe counter medications, the fda says they may make you too drowsy to drive, like antihistamines used to treat runny noses and sneezing, they say that the drugs impact people that don't get enough sleep. they urge people to read the drug facts closely on all overthe counter medications before driving. drivers in pennsylvania are teaming up with new york and massachusetts to stop drug trafficking. they will share information on drug houses and stashes and wiretaps and informants. this as heroin deaths are sky rocking --
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lets check in with alicia vitarelli live in the newsroom with a look ahead this noon. >> reporter: hey guys, this is a powerful story gaining national attention. it's a 29-year-old woman terminally ill and is deciding to end her own life on her own terms, but her decision is not legal in every state. we'll have more on her story and the fight to pass a law in situations like hers here in new jersey. and a woman goes avatar get for the way target sizes girls clothing, we'll tell you about the company's pretty incredible response to all of this. and you can take us on the go if you have been downloaded the free 6 abc news app, you can watch us streaming live on your tablet or smart phone. >> your accuweather forecast
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chopper 6 hd over this in center city philadelphia this noon, students have left their classrooms to protest in support of their teachers. you'll remember earlier this week the school reform commission canceled the contract with the teachers union this, is 22nd and arch, these students are out here all morning long, showing their support for their teachers, this is the science academy, there are quite a few students out there waiving signs in support of their teachers this noon. >> it happened earlier this week where the school reform commission has decided to cancel their contracts, they will keep their jobs without pay cuts but are asked to contribute to their
12:24 pm
health care, today the students are protesting in support of their teachers. we'll follow the story as we look live from chopper 6 hd, here in center city. we'll have an update on this coming up today on "action news" at 4:00. and now david murphy is here with another check of accuweather forecast, another nice day. >> a little blustery out there but mild and sunny, stormtracker 6 live double scan, shows you that we are dry as we look outside. the camera is bouncing around and sky 6 taking a look at independence hall on the mall, and you see old glory really blowing in the wind, the wibd is swirling around the skyscrapers and a couple of highlights today, it's mild but on the windy side. tomorrow, well enjoy this mild air we have in place today because tomorrow we'll start to see cooler air march in. 72 is the current temperature in philadelphia and your winds are
12:25 pm
out of the west at 21 miles per hour. definitely noticeable as you head outside and the gusts are higher than that. 72 in delaware, wildwood and the airport in atlantic city. and current sustained winds across the region are noticeable. philadelphia is a higher number. 13 in allentown and 17 in reading. but gusts are adding to that. we get guflts in the mid to upper 20s straight through the evening rush, if you are in a high-profile vehicle, hold on to that steering wheel if you are on a bridge. we are looking at the numbers easing back a little bit tonight. satellite and radar shows an overnight thunderstorm and shower activity, but that is gone and it's definitely sun
12:26 pm
glass weather. a little bit of cloud cover from the west might try to sneak in later. mostly sunny in allentown, windy and a high of 70 degrees, it won't be quite as mild in the lehigh valley, down the shore we tack on a couple extra degrees, lots of sun and blustery down by the shore. winds running from the west at 5 miles per hour and occasionally higher than that. 50 is the overnight low, i'll point out that is closer to average so we'll be cool, clear tonight, and the winds dying down but that is an indication of cooler air starting to march in overnight tonight, that will be here tomorrow as well. for the evening commute, not too bad and lots of sun and 73 by 4:00 and down into the mid-60s by 7:00. and tomorrow say good-bye to the 70s, a weak system comes through
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and we wind up in the 60s across the region, and a little bit breezy too, your exclusive accuweather forecast, today not too bad, 75 degrees and sunshine and a bit a wind blowing and sunny and cooler tomorrow 68. on friday the next system arrives with a high of 64 and cloudy skies and damp conditions and showers during it's day and steady rain by the night and saturday looks gray with a spotty showers, sunday we dry out 63 and clouds and sun. >> thank you david. don't [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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"action news" continues at 12:30. >> hello again, here are the stories we are following this noon. breaking news, thomas duncan, the man with ebola that traveled to the united states from liberia has died. we have the latest on his death
12:30 pm
coming up. the trial for an upper marion man charged with the 2012 murders of a baby and her grabbed motherer we are live with more. and the kidnapping of two teenage girls was all a big hoax sflool and now the breaking news we are following this noon, the first ebola patient diagnosed in the united states has died. thomas duncan arrived on september 20th and got sick a few days later, he was sent home from the er. then taken back to the hospital and put in isolation. several people had direct contact with thomas duncan. we'll follow more on his death at and later on "action news" beginning at 4:00. also, new this noon, in the fight against ebola, the
12:31 pm
homeland security department is -- customs and border agents are handing out fax sheets and directions to call a doctor if they come sick within days. closing arguments are a man charged in the killing of a baby and her grandmother, the results they say of a botched kidnapping plot. david henry is live now with the very latest. >> reporter: closing arguments going on right now, raghunandan yandamuri is representing himself in this case, yesterday he laid out his own version of events, will it be enough to save his neck or did he hang himself with his own words, that will soon be up for the jury to decide. he claims his video taped confession was coerredersed by
12:32 pm
police and he is accused of kidnapping and killing 6-month-old saanvi venna and her grandmother. police say it's a botched kidnapping plot carried out by raghunandan yandamuri alone. they found ransom notes and those notes were traced to a printer to his office, under cross-examination he says he was forced to write the letter by hand and then was printed by the two men behind the scheme. and gave to conflicting accounts about being approached by the strangers. they say he committed the murders alone, because of gambling debts. the jury has been moved to tears
12:33 pm
at times during the trial. >> closing arguments are expected to wrap up. may or may not get a verdict today but if convicted of first degree murder, they will be back in court for the penalty phase and decide if he will get life or the death penalty. >> thank you. a school bus carrying 23 children was involved in a crash in northeast philadelphia. it happened across the street of ann frank school, the bus ended up on the front lawn of a home and several vehicles nearby were damaged as well. the children were taken to the hospital to be checked out. a worker at the united artist movie theater was hit this morning by fire. rescue crews were call to the
12:34 pm
scene of the 400 block of middletown boulevard at 9:00, officials say that the fire started in the projector room. the extent of the injuries are not known. a driver crashed into a concrete barrier at xuters fall bridge in lower make field, they say that the driver of an expedition lost control. the fbi is seeking the public's help identifying americans that have gone over a overseas -- at the top of their list is a man seen on video planning to execute a hostage in an isis propaganda video. karen travers live with more in washington. >> reporter: good afternoon. this is a real concern for u.s. officials, a home grown official
12:35 pm
recruited by isis could come back here. it's becoming harder to find the isis targets in iraq and syria because they are changing tactics. >> the fbi wants people to pay close attention to this voice. u.s. officials believe that the man in this isis propaganda video is a brutal killer and possibly american, they want to put a face to the voice and hope that someone may recognize him. law enforcement officials fear that if this isis member is american, he could return home to the u.s. and on the syria border smoke could be seen rising kurdish forces try to push back a ruthless isis advance. he believes that the extremist
12:36 pm
group will take control of the syrian town. the u.s. and its partners continue air strikes in that area but it has not stopped the extremist advance. targeting isis locations is more different. they are more savvy in the use of electronic devices and they don't fly flags or move around in large convoys, they don't establish head quarters that are visible or identifiable. >> reporter: and isis fighters are hiding in populations that means that the u.s. has to rely on its partners in the region for intelligence. >> karen thank you. back here the third and final debate for governor takes place tonight in pittsburgh. governor tom corbett and his opponent tom wolf will face off at 7:00. can you watch it on our digital
12:37 pm
chant 6.2 or at reporter john rawlins travelled to pittsburgh this morning and be sure to watch his live reports today beginning at 4:00. >> the rain has moved through overnight and left behind a warm, sun filled day. looking live at sky 6 hd, at the jersey shore, the beach at cape may looks like a nice place to be and you have it all to yourself. but the winds are a little blustery today. lets go to david murphy with a look at the forecast. >> nothing showing on stormtracker 6 live double scan, but to get to this nice day we had to get through problems last night. cecily tynan at 11:00 had showers and thunderstorms building through the northwestern suburbs and the whole thing moves to the east. see this here north of atlantic city, it ended up being a whopper and was severe enough to show in the radar that the
12:38 pm
national weather service put out a tornado warning at 1:30 this morning in ocean county. we had marine gusts close to 50. we had the total eclipse of the moon, a shot i took at 5:50 this morning on the big board as the action cam was picking up the moon from beneath it's clouds. it doesn't take on the orange hue until later in the game, like 6:30 and then beyond it as the moon was reappearing mind the clouds. my facebook follower, christine was picking up the orange, blood red moon. we did get that late in the game. nice temperatures and upper 60s and mid-70s near the delaware
12:39 pm
river and across the river in south jersey, low 70s same thing up and down the state of delaware. as we go through the afternoon a high of 75 and for the evening commute, fairly mild until the dinner hour. then we get into the 7:00 period and you are down to 66 degrees. winds are blustery, if are you out driving particularly at high rates of speed you want to slow down and be cautious if there are other vehicles around because of the winds. >> thank you david. meantime, septa announced today that it is extending its weekend overnight subway service, septa started testing the midnight to 5:00 a.m. option in june and it was popular with riders of the broad street and frankford line. they will extend it indefinitely and the walnut locust and
12:40 pm
lombard line were busy as well. a fire overnight leaves several people homeless, we have the latest from burlington county. >> two girls from utah call 911 to report they were kidnapped but now it turns out it was all made up. alicia vitarelli has the story.
12:42 pm
several people were left homeless after smoke and flames damaged an apartment complex, on the 100 block of jordan court in burlington. it took an hour to get the fire under control but six units were deemed uninhabitable. now a story we told you about, two utah teenagers
12:43 pm
claimed they were kidnapped before escaping. alicia vitarelli joins us now to explain. >> we brought you this story last month, police were investigating from the moment that the girls placed the frantic 911 call and frank particularly searching for the abduct teres, now we find out it's a hoax and the girls made up the story. >> someone took me in his car. >> it was a kidnap that terrified the town of bountiful, utah. they believed that a man forced two girls into an suv by knife point after leaving a slumber party. >> but their story has now
12:44 pm
unravelled after detectives discovered a new clue, they found the two girls on a convenience store video having lunch on the day they were missing. >> they even inflicted wounds on each other. >> but the big question still unanswered is why. >> the girls are facing charges of making a false police report and certainly facing a firestorm of questions from the authorities that be at home as well. >> quite a story thank you. it was a day to explore all the wonders of the philadelphia zoo, "action news" was with young men and women, at woods services, ♪ this flu season...
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troubled actress, amanda bynes is back on social media after a hiatus. she tweeted treat others how you want to be treated, the truth will set you free. >> the former child star says she is also moving back to new york city to study psychology. tonight on 6 abc it's an all new prime time lineup. tonight it's nashville, raina sets a wedding date and julia thinks her dark secret will stop her chances of getting a movie role and derek hough from "dancing with the stars" guest stars on the show. and you can tweet as it's show unfolds. david murphy is now here live, is it more blustery or
12:48 pm
breezy? >> i would say blustery. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows us that we are without any precipitation and as we take a look outside, sky 6 with a beautiful picture, you can see the ben franklin bridge with all the blue up above and little cloud cover around and we expect it to remain fairly bright the rest of the afternoon, temperatures are nice too in philadelphia, the winds are out of the west at 21 miles per hour. and that tells part of the story, it's rather blustery out there. sunshine again and there are additional clouds welling up in western pennsylvania, they may fall apart out of the mountains as they enter our area, we can't rule out some increase in cloud cover as we go later into the afternoon, current wind speeds in the region, they are sustained, philadelphia with that 21 but as you take a look at wind gusts from now and into
12:49 pm
the dinner hour, gust goes to 30 in a couple of spots this afternoon. so very windy. the winds die down a little bit overnight and can pay attention to the wind as we head down into tomorrow morning, that is cooler air up there, that is one reason we are seeing the temperatures drop as we go into tomorrow. mild and 75 in philadelphia, mid-70s in wilmington and trenton as well. 70 on the nose as well. 72 in cape may and atlantic city, the warm spot in the area, is the central portion of the area, and the perimeter is cooler but nobody can complain about these numbers, in philadelphia the rest of the afternoon looks good and 71 by 5:00 and 66 degrees by 7:00 and by 9:00, 61 degrees, the overnight low dropping all the way down to 50 and some suburbs will get to the low to mid-40s, winds die down overnight and it will be cool. we start out sunny, and cloud
12:50 pm
cover developing later in the day, with the winds driving down out of the north and west and we'll be cooler. lets take a look how much cooler in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. today 75 and blustery, and tomorrow with a lot of sun in play it's cooler with a high of only 68 in philadelphia and some suburbs stopping in the mid-60s tomorrow. a little bit cooler and breezy. and friday cloudy and damp, 64 and a front comes through the region and settles to the south and during it's day we see spotty showers around and that appears to be the best chance, as we get later into the day and later at night some steady rain is possible. some spills into saturday morning and it looks gray and spotty showers and a high of 64, sunday we are dry again and still cool, a mix of clouds and sun and 63. hopefully we are dry in time for the union game, and on monday
12:51 pm
mainly cloudy and a high of 70 and showers possible through the day and clouds and sun and 76, and warmer, there could be a pop-up thunderstorm coming in. >> of course stay on top of the changing weather situation at, you'll find the hourly and seven-day forecast and watch the video from our "action news" meteorologists. there is a definite chill in the air than means it's time to break out the fall fashion, when it comes to updating your accessories, karen rogers has the update on a brand new eye wear shop with funky frames that are philly sentrick. >> the frames come with names like yo adrian. >> and brotherly love and the signature frame, and best seller, the john. if you want to pay homage to the
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hood, there is fairmount and rittenhouse. >> i wanted to look like ben franklin and now i can. the frames are designed and colored and assembled here in philly. they have a showroom in rittenhouse square but the ordering is done online where you can design your specs. once you decide on a look, they send you the frames and can you try them out in front of friends and families and online they can keep them reasonable. >> $99 with your prescription so you can have many pairs.
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i'm tom wolf. these are my parents. we look after each other. but too many seniors have no one. and harrisburg politicians don't seem to care. as governor, i'll create a registry so families can check backgrounds of care providers. and, i'll increase access to home health care, so seniors have the option of staying in their own homes. after all, seniors have earned that right. we certainly have! tom wolf. democrat for governor.
12:55 pm
in sports flyers open the season against the bruins in boston. he is hoping to be able to play tonight. flyers lost to the rangers in the playoffs to end the season last year. it's painful to remember it. coach rubio will be coaching for his first full season. when 11-year-old reece wanted to show off his new wheelchair and his whole family got in on the fun, check out this video of reece pulling his younger sister behind him in a laundry basket. and this mom got pulled over for her child not being in a car seat and the officer does something very kind. those stories and more right now on >> it looks like she took her own selfie there.
12:56 pm
>> a good looking afternoon and satellite showing that to you, we are keeping our eyes on clouds to the west that are beginning to pop up. we think it will remain bright conditions around here. around the northern and western suburbs, windy and temperatures in the high 70s from pottstown to kutztown. and milder and mid-70s from philadelphia to westchester and down to wilmington and down towards berlin, winds gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour. sun and breezy at the shore with temperatures winding down to the low 70s as we get to sea isle city and atlantic city. tomorrow, heads up. hopefully we'll be celebrating the flyers first win tonight. it's jackets in the morning with temperatures in the 40s in some neighborhoods and in the afternoon a flyers jersey is okay, we are going for a high of 68 in philadelphia and suburbs in the mid-60s.
12:57 pm
flyers got off to a slow start next year and they roared into the playoffs. hopefully they can pick up where they left off. >> finally this noon, the importance of an education in science and technology is emphasized at mcmichael elementary school. the program unveiled micro to macro, a mural unveiled today, 100 peco employees worked side by side with students to create this artwork. that does it for "action news" at noon today. for sara bloomquist and david murphy and the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams we'll see you back here tonight beginning at 4:00.
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other side effects may include kidney problems, genital yeast infections, urinary tract infections, changes in urination, high potassium in the blood, or increases in cholesterol. do not take invokana® if you have severe kidney problems or are on dialysis or if allergic to invokana® or its ingredients. symptoms of allergic reaction may include rash, swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing. if you experience any of these symptoms, stop taking invokana® and call your doctor right away or go to the nearest hospital. tell your doctor about any medical conditions, medications you are taking, and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®.
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