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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  October 8, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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ebola courageously. the first person to ever die of ebola in the u.s. his girlfriend saying today, i trust a thorough examination will take place regarding all aspects of his car and i'm now dealing with the anger and sorrow that his son was not able to see him before he died. >> he contracted ebola after being in liberia. he came to the hospital and was released and then violently ill and despite the use of an experimental drug, thomas died today. >> in west africa, more than 3800 people have already died of ebowl a. federal officials in the u.s. trying to -- at the busiest airports where patients
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traveling will be given medical questionnai questionnaires. >> we are using the global transportation system at the same time we are protecting the people here in the united states. meanwhile another patient is hospitalized in nebraska receiving a blood transfusion from patient dr. kent brantly. >> and people that are believed to have contact with thomas duncan are being monitored but so far are not showing symptoms. >> thank you. here in philadelphia medical experts from around the world are meeting for a conference about infectious diseases, and
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ebola is on the mind. sara bloomquist is live. >> reporter: this was a scheduled convention today, today no surprise the talk on ebola was well attended. it was standing room only for the discussion on the disease. they talked about ways they are working to contain the outbreak in west africa and better train experts in the united states to identify and isolate any possible cases, one speaker is dr. fowler, he is a canadian doctor who has spent time treating patients in west africa. the cdc is planning to enhance the ebola screenings from west africa, and we asked the doctor if travel should we restricted. >> travel should continue to the affected area, because if you curtail travel in or out of the
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areas that are affected. that prevents people from responding to help control theout break and to treat folk there's. >> he also explained that people living south africa are being screened at the airport there's. this convention goes on for a couple of days this week. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you, we first told you about the developments about the ebola outbreak today on our 6 abc news app. we have breaking news right now from the poconos, where police have just revealed the contents of a hand written note likely left behind by suspected cop killer, eric frein, he is suspected of killing a trooper and then escaping into the
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woods. police described a cold blooded and chilling account this afternoon. >> friday, september 12, got a shot at 11:00 p.m. and took it. he dropped, i was surprised at how quick. >> now police believe that frein is still hiding in the area, possibly in large rock structures in the woods like this one. authorities enhanced pictures to show what he would look like with facial hair or new hair style. and they found arsenals of weapons and a crate of live ammunition at his parent's home last month. the man accused of killing a baby and his grandmother is about to be in the hands of a jury. the case wrapped up for -- the judge is giving the jury his
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final instructions on the law and they should begin the deliberations in a few minutes from now. they are asked to find raghunandan yandamuri guilty on two counts of murder that could give him the death penalty. >> raghunandan yandamuri is testing himself in this trial, he tried to blame two strangers he says forced him into it. he is accused of kidnapping and killing 10-month-old saanvi venna and his grandmother. police say it was a botched kidnap for ransom plot carried out by raghunandan yandamuri alone. he says he was approached by two men but he did not explain why he went along and why he didn't go to police for three days. his court appointed lawyer could
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only watch and wonder from the sidelines. >> i don't know, i didn't prepare it, he gave as good a closing as you can without legal training. >> i don't know why he did what he did. >> the prosecutor maintains he acted alone and hoped to pay off gambling debts. >> it's a vicious case and an emotional case and we hope it gets to the jury this afternoon and they come to a just conclusion. >> reporter: well, if the jury decides that raghunandan yandamuri is guilty of first degree murder, they will then decide if he gets the death penalty or life in prescription on. david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the two men running for governor in pennsylvania will face off one final time tonight before election day.
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tom corbett and tom wolf will debate in pittsburgh in a few hours. wolf is shown with a 17 point lead right now. john rawlins is in pittsburgh now ahead of the debate. can you watch his live reports starting at 6:00 here on "action news." and can you watch the debate, we'll bring it to you live on our digital channel, 6.2 tonight at 7:00 and stream it live in its entirety on and it's time now for a first check of the accuweather forecast. not a bad day. >> beautiful day, meteorologist, adam joseph, is outside -- lucky man. >> a half inch of rain fell last night and now we look at the sate light and radar, all the storms were off the coast this morning and the sunshine was back for the morning rush and just a few high clouds pushed in from the westerly direction where we have the strong winds
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tlutd the afternoon. right now 74 in philadelphia, above the normal, which is upper 60s to near 70 this time of year. 72 in allentown as well as wilmington. at the shore no sea breeze, so it's equally as warm. sea isle city with a temperature of 73. there the westerly winds 16 miles per hour in philadelphia and 12 in wildwood and 16 in the poconos. this has come down from the day where we had gusts of 25 miles per hour. dropping to 64 by 9:00 and a clear sky at 10:00 with a temperature of 62. the beautiful weather is not going to last if we talk about another round of rain pushing in in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you adam. the day flyers fans are waiting for for month. the flyers open up in boston
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against the bruins, the question is whether wayne simmons will suit up and he is good to go. they play their only opener tomorrow night against the devils. coming up the richest man in the world thinks you work too hard. is he pushing for a three day a week workday. >> not too bad. and septa is making a decision about its l
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the u.s. military says it expects isis to take on a key border between syria and turkey. fierce fighting continued on the ground and kurdish forces are trying to fend off an attack but the air strikes can only do so much and he expects that town to fall.
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firefighters in california have decided to ground all tanker planes after a deadly crash in yosemite national park. the pilot was killed and the department has not released his name and they still have to get into the fire zone to recover his body, the u.s. forest service will continue to use its tankers while californias are out of the air, investigators still don't know what caused the crash. the u.s. supreme court put a temporary hold on same sex marriages in idaho. a federal appeals court struck down the law that bans gay marriage in idaho and nevada. but officials in idaho want to block the ruling and keep the ban in place. the supreme court issued an order given the officials until tomorrow to give a written response. they decided not to hear appeals on same-sex marriage in five other states essentially making
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the marriages legal in all of them. it was a rebound on wall street, after a down day yesterday, investors got word from the fed that interest rates won't rise. the nasdaq sparked 83 and the nasdaq was up 84. >> richest man in the world thinks that everybody is working too much. carlos slim says everybody would be better with a shorter work week, people should work three days a week for 11 days a week. and he says that people should work until 75 and change would give people a chance to enjoy their prime years more. the mexican tycoon is worth about $80 billion. >> would you rather work shorter days but more years. >> you want to see me here until i'm 75. >> i think we'd like to see you here forever and ever.
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>> time for the "action news" traffic report now. lets go live to matt pellman. >> we'll take you until you are 95 shirleen you'll be looking great i'm sure. i can get used to the three day, 11 hour workday. lets check the schuylkill expressway there say crash here on the westbound side near the vine street expressway, and police are on the scene and overall you are looking at nine to seven minute delays in both directions. also, watching a fire location building fire in tacony this afternoon blocking off portions of princeton avenue, a crash to steer around in warminster at jackson road and a wreck in coatesville near oak street and one on the northbound side of the 42 freeway, which is now very dark by creek road. it's off to the side but northbound slowing passing the accident scene heading up to the latest pattern of the construction pattern at i-295.
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and gas main breaks in camden county, one blocking it's ramp eastbound at berlin and the other in winslow from 73 westbound. now a look at the commuter report on this hump day afternoon. if you are head nood the new jersey on the delaware memorial bridge in pennsdale, one person is talking about a work zone you want to be aware of. more things to be aware of in this five-day work week coming up in the next half hour. >> you had to say that didn't you. septa says its weekend overnight subway service is so popular it will stay permanently. they are testing it since the middle of june on the market and frankford lines, they say on average 15,000 riders use the service every weekend, back when septa only offered the night owl buses only 9,000 riders took
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advantage. a man is held on $300,000 bail tonight, monica malpass has the story. >> the confident is a member of the westville fire department for more than 40 years, howard smith iii and is accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the fire company and what he is accused of using the money for coming up on "action news" at 5:00. plus, we'll take you inside the school based health centers that is making a difference at the philadelphia schools. lisa thomas-laury has that story coming up at 5:00. we'll have that and more in just a bit. >> thank you monica. still ahead here at 4:00 today a new take on a classic song, all the celebrities that came together for an all-star tribute. >> and a heart-wrenching story getting national attention, a
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woman that is terminally ill is deciding to end her life on her own terms. but it's not legal in every state.
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if you were up pretty early this morning, you caught a stunning show in the sky, the eclipse, called the blood moon, it's the second eclipse you have seen this year. if you missed it, have you to wait. april will bring the next one. >> we have another chance. saw it all over social media and instagram. we'll get another chance to do it. it's time for the accuweather forecast. lets get to adam joseph, did you get up early to watch it? >> are you kidding? the baby was sleeping and i did not want to disturb him. i saw photos from a twitter follower, follow me on twitter, i have retweeted the photos and
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it was nice to see it from your vantage point. a few clouds up there right now across the western part of the viewing area and temperatures responded nicely, 74 in philadelphia and 73 in millville, lancaster right now, coming in at 69 degrees, temperatures depends on where you are, there is a dividing line for what is more southern like in the southern state, dallas near 90 degrees and raleigh near 93 and 50s and 60s to the north and the boundaries push the rain our way for the end of the week, kind of the clash between two seasons. the system that gave us a half inch of rain, is way up into nova scotia, it's quiet across the lower 48 and looking good around here however if you take a look out in the pacific, this is super typhoon vongthong. i like saying that name. the impressive center eye of
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that storm, it's heading towards the southern extent of japan which it will hit later on this week, the winds are sustained at 180 miles per hour, making it the strongest storm on the planet for all of this year. it will slam just south of tokyo, it should be downgraded to a category 2 or 3 hurricane, nonetheless it's a powerful storm. >> chilly in the northwestern serbs, 50 in philadelphia and 55 in cape may, sun and still a pleasant day and mid-60s in the lehigh valley, 68 tomorrow, and sunny and breezy and cool friday and a lot of clouds and afternoon showers arriving with the boundary separating the two
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seasons at 64 and a steady rain friday night into the morning hours of saturday of 64 degrees, we hope we can dry it a little bit friday afternoon and sun for the eagles, sun and clouds and a temperature of 66 degrees. the seven day is koxg up in the next half hour. >> thank you adam. >> it was the perfect day to get outside at the philadelphia zoo, some young men and women had a special tour of the exhibits and the chance to interact with the animals. the visitors from wood services in langhorne were allowed in for free, it was for people with disibltss and they will send more than 1,000 clients to the zoo throughout the fall. and we are buzzing next. a beautiful beach boys remake is out. 29 celebrities, and what is it like to be olivia pope, kerry washington is dishing.
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it is time now for the buzz and 29 stars and one music video is being called the impossible orchestra, everyone from elton john to one direction and pharrell williams are among the two dozen artists appearing on a new recording of brian wilson's god only knows. >> you never need to doubt it -- i'll make you so sure about it -- god only knows what i feel without you ♪ >> the beach boy himself also appears on the recording. it's in a video being used to promote bbc music and what a beautiful rendition of this song. oh to be olivia pope, the guide to life, the scandal star opens up to bobby brown on what it's like to play the lead
4:26 pm
gladiator on the hit show. washington says what she is drinking right there is really grape juice, she drinks so much of it during scenes, she gets what she call a sugar high. when it comes to dance she gets what she learned from j. lo, they attended the same boys and girls club in the bronx. how is that for a fun fact and tonight on 6 abc an all new nashville and derek hough from dancing with the stars has a guest starring role on the show. we have a big twitter party going on live, use the #~ 6 abc nashville. we are always tweeting during the show. the goldbergs and modern family and blackish and nashville and "action news" at 11:00. and nashville is phenomenal this season and i love how they seem
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to be working in juliet's real life pregnancy into the story line. >> what a lineup. blackish and modern family. >> coming up score a better credit, tips to pump up that number even if you made mistakes in the past. >> a woman tries to control her own fate and it opens up a dialog on compassion. the push to grant a dying wish for a woman. and a mom is taking on the
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"action news" continues, with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, shirleen allicot, and brian taff. hello again, 4:30 and "action news" continues with great news for anyone that has bought a red bull in the last 12 years, the company now owes money. the easy way to get it ahead. >> if he wasn't looking for candy he was looking for cash. why police in montgomery county say that this wasn't the spooky suspect's first bank heist. >> and cruelty caught on camera, two boys slap a senior citizen
4:30 pm
without warning, and then laugh about it. what the former eagles player had to do with the attack in coatesville. and a story that has connected as many as it has divided. have you probably heard about britney manard, she has gone from the face of unknown to the topic of discussion. in a month manard will die. under oregon's death with dignity law, a law that some are fighting to get passed close to home. nora muchanic is live now with more on that. >> reporter: hi shirleen, britney's story has blown up the internet and brought light on the subject of assisted suicide. the bill in new jersey is stalled but britney's decision has people talking a lot about
4:31 pm
this most delicate decision. this is 29-year-old britney manard, an active newlywed that climbs mountains, but she also has terminal brain cancer, she moved to oregon where it's legal for terminal patients to take their own lives. >> i can't tell you the amount of relief it provides me that i won't have to die the way it's been described to me the way my brain tumor will take me. >> it's only legal in five states, state democrats think new jersey should offer it too. >> if you are in a terminal state, and you don't want to go through what is offered around you, you want to end your life -- >> he hopes to get a bill through the senate in the next
4:32 pm
several months, but britney's decision to ender life before the brain cancer debilitates her is strong. >> i went through this with my dad, the last few months were terrible. i applaud her, she has every right to do what she wants to do. >> i think you should be able to. it's your life. you should be able to. >> i don't think you should do suicide. i think it's something you have to live with to a certain point and then let it get taken over by the hospitals. >> britney manard's story is making headlines, but nurses tell me they ask about taking their lives all the time. >> they want to, and they come right out and ask. and i can't. >> the bill in new jersey as it is proposed would make a lethal
4:33 pm
dose of drugs available to someone with less than 6 months to live and they would have to get it from a doctor and minister it themselves. >> an incredible woman sparking the discussion. >> millions of people have read britney's story on, it quickly became our most popular story and tens of thousands of you shared it on the facebook page, we have the story on the home page of you can see photos from britney's life and find more information about her decision. >> an incredible story. >> police in coatesville is investigating the assault of a senior citizen. this is the video posted on facebook by an alleged suspect and that to young men approached the victim and made fun of him for wearing a michael vick jersey, the boy then slaps the man in the face and runs away
4:34 pm
laughing. if you know anything about the crime, this person or any details about the victim, coatesville police would like to hear from you. six children spent the morning in the hospital after their school bus crashed into several parked cars, it happened at the intersection of loft street. the driver lost control on the way to the ann frank school and ended up on a front lawn, several parents that witnessed the crash rushed over to help. >> it sounds red like a big explosion and there was a school bus full of driver and we got the school kids off the bus and thank god nobody was hurt. >> a few looked like they were crying and others were shocked, just stunned. >> fortunately all six of the injured students will be okay. they were treated for bumps and bruises before being released. 26 children were on the bus at the time and they are trying to figure out what led up to the
4:35 pm
crash. two people are recovering from the crash in hunting park this morning. on the intersection of second and pike street. both drivers are being treated for various head injuries and are both listed in stable condition and what caused the collision remains under investigation. the bucks county theater group is in trouble with the law once again. the birdsboro man is facing charges for allegedly sexually abusing a second boy, the victim told mark drey, that he performed a sex act on him at least once. a halloween mask hid the face of an armed robber in montgomery county. on south york road in hatboro, he walked in and showed the gun and the teller handed him cash and he left in a dark blue buick
4:36 pm
with stolen pennsylvania tags gkm 4022. and authorities believe he robbed a back wearing this mask. if you recognize the man call hatboro police. >> having nightmares about that mask. >> no nightmares about the forecast though. >> the a beautiful day and sunshine and lets take a tour around the region as we start in northwestern chester county, not seeing much in the way of color just yet, there are a couple of trees on the upper end and warm out there this afternoon and 44 is your dew point and dry air with the westerly wind at 13 miles per hour. and a beautiful shot down the shore in atlantic city. 73 degrees your air temperature and winds out of the west at miles per hour and the ocean is still pretty warm for october, we are in the upper 60s. there are the westerly winds, you probably noticed them today
4:37 pm
60 miles per hour in allentown as well as wilmington and 15 miles per hour in atlantic city. another beautiful day on tap for tomorrow, and all things change on friday and for the upcoming weekend, when you see sunshine and hear change, not the best thing but we'll talk about it in the seven day. >> thank you adam. philadelphia was not its intended destination but this is where a big cruise ship pulled up to port. holland america v dam arrived for a repair at the navy yard. the massive ship was just days away from a seven day cruise from canada to new england. it had to be repaired because of damage was more extensive. it was brought here to be made fully operational once again. we are getting our first look at a chairful makeover one
4:38 pm
year. at the martin school in man too you a -- the painting finished by artists. they had help from the mural arts program and dozens of volunteers from peco on this year long project. >> and still ahead, they are the three little numbers that make a huge difference, the secrets to boosting your credit score no matter how low it is. >> the retail version of david and goliath, how a mom is taking on target over how they size clothing at target. and red bull may not give you wings, the company will give you cash. the refund valuable for anyone that bought their drinks over the past seven years. the accuweather forecast is coming up next as "action news" at 4:00 continues.
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only ones with nine lives, a labradoodle interrupted her own funeral off a cliff. this is a ten person team of volunteers working to save the dog, gracie fell off the cliff playing with another dog off her leash. that is when someone heard gracie's bark sparking an eight hour rescue. luckily she only suffered minor injuries. there she goes. on health check at 4:00, some restaurants are cutting calories with a menu make under. they found 66 changes with healthy options last year, olive garden, chilis and ruby tuesday have all jumped on board and offered items with fewer calories than traditional meals. one-third of americans eat at a chain restaurant every day.
4:42 pm
red bull does not give you wings, that is good for anyone that bought the popular drinks, red bull settled a $13 million false advertising lawsuit after the slogan, saying that the increased performance was not backed by science, now the company owes anybody that bought a drink from february 1 of 2002, $10 in cash or $15 in red bull products. we'll give you a link on to register at their website. there is no proof of purchase necessary. >> here at the big board, a mommy blogger from central pennsylvania has a big issue with target's sizing on kid's clothes, stephanie geist is a mom of three, she wrote a post last month, it's called a target
4:43 pm
intervention on behalf of my daughters, she says the clothes were getting smaller and smaller when the sizes were suppose to be increasing. for instance, girls shorts 5 t at target are smaller than 2 t-shirts made by other brands, they investigated and found that the girls clothes were tighter and more body hugging than the boys and tighter. and they reached out to her and asked to send samples and get her feedback. here is a big talker, can you use a hug, a japanese company wants to give you a big squeeze in this hugging chair, it's called the tranquility chair, the back is shaped like a big doll with a big smile and big long arms that can wrap you in a loving embrace, the creator is uni care and if you would like one, it retails to $419 and
4:44 pm
it was designed for older people who might be lonely. >> and finally, animals have a way of making people seem more compassionate and loving. it's a new book, called hot guys and kittens. here is a sneak peek. the title doesn't lie, it's some pretty nice looking guys posing with teeny, fluffy, rescue kittens, and hot guys and baby animals, shot at a park. audrey cooner says taking in that role, the softer side of them that are appealing. some proceeds from the book being donated by a rescue group. there are cute shots there but there is one that i don't know if it made the book or not isn't this so cute. three of the best guys we know. >> i think that is adorable.
4:45 pm
>> i'm going to make that my facebook profile picture right away. >> that is incredible. i particularly love the one hanging out behind matt. the hand over the shoulder. it's just perched in the corner. >> lets look at that longer. >> thank you alicia. i mean it thank you very much. lets get a check of the roads right now. >> all right matt. >> it's only fluffy right here. maybe tomorrow. >> good afternoon to you brian and shirleen, this afternoon traffic is puring along in most areas, i'm not kitten, it's moving along in most spots. here in tacony, it's blocking off princeton at torresdale avenue. you can see the police out here and the fire truck as well. instead of princeton avenue stick with tyson and cotman as alternates. elsewhere on the majors, heavy
4:46 pm
volume in spots. we are used to that every afternoon, a crash to avoid in coatesville, chester county along third avenue by chestnut and walnut. also, watching a crash in northern delaware involving a bus at 52, kennett pike and sunnyside road. and a gas main break in berlin, shutting down the ramp from the white horse pike, just normal slowing on 73 through the traffic lights. from you coming out of ship bottom off of lbi approaching marcia drive, watch out for a crash there as well. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> all right thank you matt. >> we've got much more "action news" coming up after this, including the accuweather forecast and you know what? why not?
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4:49 pm
move there, i'm ugly now. got to love it. >> the accuweather forecast. >> having fun with this, it will blow up on social media. >> it will lets take a look at the weather, the blue skies, a beautiful wednesday on the breezy side, the action cam is down at 30th street station in center city. as we look at the accuweather live lineup, temperatures north and westp south and east and radar showing all things remain
4:50 pm
quiet for the next 36 to 48 hours. all the rain from last night off to the north and east. pottstown 69, kennett square, upper 60s to near 70 and chester county 62 in tannersville and as we head to new jersey and delaware temperatures warmer into the lower 70s and dover 74, even at the shore, a sea breeze, the land wind with a temperature of 71 and 73. as we look at satellite and radar, high clouds that have pushed in from the west and overall the sunshine dominates until thursday with high pressure in control, a little cooler tomorrow with temperatures at 68 degrees, it stays breezy but not as strong as today but the high breaks down and we have low pressure with the front that is dividing cool air to the north and very warm air to the south. and showers develop friday
4:51 pm
afternoon, by 5:00 for the evening rush hour we'll be damp here and the morning rush looks to be dry and it rains all friday night and for the first part of saturday. and especially down to the south, the heavier downpours. as we look to the forecast tonight, temperatures of 50 to 53 degrees, the moonlight, with the westerly wind, 7 to 14 miles per hours, as we look at the exclusive accuweather forecast, it's cool come friday and the afternoon rain developing and 64 and if the rain comes in early enough. the number may be much lower than 64, we'll have to fine tune that. and saturday morning rain and drying some in the afternoon hopefully and sunday looking gonzalez and sunshine peeks through at 66 and a couple of showers and we warm up it on monday 72, look at tuesday and wednesday, a warm breeze with
4:52 pm
temperatures in the mid-70s, there could be rain either of those days, with conflict on the long range models as to which day it the wet day. >> hiiiii.
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of the adorable pup chasing down her arch enemy, the bubble. yes, a less courageous dog may have given up but not audrey, no matter how many times she missed nothing can stop her from her quest, her hard work is rewarded when audrey catch a bubble that floated. >> i need you audrey. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for alicia vitarelli, and adam joseph, have a nice night. >> now here is rick williams and monica malpass with a look at what is ahead at 5:00. >> thank you, coming up n at 5:00, meteorologist, cecily tynan, live at the philadelphia zoo making friends as usual. hey cecily. >> always making friends guys, i am here with lilly, this is her
4:57 pm
"action news" debut, she is a sultan chicken, they have been in the united states since 1967, they are distinctive, their feathers cover all of them including their feet. rick, they are not for eating but they make really good pets, they are does ill. >> she is gorgeous. we'll have more coming up next at the usual?
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. the first person diagnosed with ebola in the u.s. has died and less thank five hours later, authorities have rushed another patient to the hospital that had contact with thomas duncan's family in their apartment and is experiencing symptoms. >> today shortly after we learned about the death of thomas duncan in texas, airports
5:00 pm
announced they are stepping up their screening for the virus, duncan died in a hospital in dallas this morning, he came from liberia in late september and went to the hospital on september 25th, but he was not diagnosed until he went back with more severe symptoms on september 28th, a patient was taken today by ambulance to presbyterian hospital in dallas that may be exhibiting signs of ebola, and now they are take temperatures from passengers from west africa as they arrive from new york, washington, chicago and atlantic. all right switching not big board, ali gorman has more on the company that will start testing testing testing testing a vaccine on humans. >>