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tv   Action News 530 PM  ABC  October 8, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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chopper 6 hd is over a huge protest here, thousands of casino workers are protesting demands by management to do give backs to keep the taj mahal open. they have do give up their pension plan and health care benefits to keep it open. >> these union members and casino workers protesting give backs that management is requesting to keep the trump taj mahal open. we'll have more in a full report on "action news" at 6:00 and 11:00. a jetblue passenger trying to fly out of philadelphia claims to be kicked off the plane for tweeting. because of a passing comment by the pilot that held the gate for three hours. >> lisa carter knight arrived at
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philadelphia international airport early this morning to get a flight home to the boston area but in the wake of a social media fiasco with jetblue that lasted into the wee hours of morning. >> i was not asked if i needed transportation at 1:00 in the morning as a single female at an empty airport or if i needed accommodationses. >> knight's flight to boston was delayed for four hours last flight and when it departed, she was not on it. another passengers joke overhead by and misinterpreted by the pilot. >> there was a joke by another passenger, it's been a long night hope there say fully stocked bar on the airplane. the pilot immediately ran out and said that is it, everybody up at the gate i've been accuse sd of being intoxicated. he said he was now obligated by
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law to take a sobriety test and it came back negative. carter-knight began tweeting the story. >> i was communicating with my family. >> jetblue refunded her money. >> if we feel a customer is not complying with safety precautions or causing problems at the gate, the customer will be demied boarding. she is back in new hampshire but a day late to celebrate her 7-year-old's birthday. she is celebrating tonight with her 7-year-old son and her other children. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. in other news, an electrician suffered burns inside of the projection room in langhorne today. chopper 6 was over the scene at
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9:00 a.m. and authorities were working on an electrical panel when it flashed. he was flown to the burn center when it flashed. now to a story that "action news" is following from berks county, birdsboro theater director mark drey is charged with inappropriately touching a young male actor and now he is charged with sexually abusing another boy. he told authorities, drey, the cofounder of the theater that he performed a sex act on him on at least one occasion. an out of control school bus filled with children slammed into several cars filled with children in the bustleton section, the driver was headed to the ann frank school and somehow lost control and the bus hit five other cars before coming to a stop on the grass. 26 children and 6 other people
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were take and to the area torresdale hospital for bumps and bruises. a driver that lost control on the scutters falls bridge caused an accident. he ended up hitting a concrete barrier and flipping the car on its side, four drivers slammed on the brakes to avoid the crash and ended up hitting each other. an armed robber wore a scarey disguise to rob a td bank on south york road and showed a gun and left with a dark blue buick with pennsylvania tags. they believe he robbed the same bank on july 25th with a hat and blue bandana on his face.
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now, the ongoing threat posed by isis in the middle east, fighting continued between kurdish and rebel forces. they admit it's getting harder to fight the terrorist network. sharrie williams is live with more on that. >> reporter: the fighting today centered around the town of kobani. coalition forces carried out air strikes in the area but they that that may not be enough to stop the terrorists. isis forces may be on the verge of taking control of a key syrian town at the turkish border. it may be a place where it's on full display. the joint chiefs of staff tells 6 abc that they will ultimately fall to isis but won't be without a fight. kurdish forces try to push back a ruthless advance and try to
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push back against targets in that area including a half dozen on tuesday. we are doing everything we can from the air to try to halt, the momentum of isis against that town, then this word of caution. the air power is not going to be alone enough to save that city. >> long-term fix is going to be competent grown forces that can retake territory for them. the obama administration insisted like it has for weeks that the ground forces will not be american, general depsy says that targeting isis is more difficult. >> they are more savvy in the use of electronic devices, they don't fly flags and move around in large convoys the way they did. they are hiding in population. and the pentagon says it will take a lengthy campaign to destroy the threat this extremist group it posing. >> we know that isol is going to continue to gain ground and
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there will be villages and towns and cities that they take. >> because isis militants are becoming more difficult to track, u.s. officials will rely heavily on the partners in the area for intel. >> there is a worldwide manhunt of course for the man seen in the propaganda videos, is he american? you can see more after "action news" at 6:00. >> lets get an update on the highways on our "action news" traffic center. we are watching a sunny and slow situation on the schuylkill for this hump day afternoon, westbound go the tailgates into the sunshine going to the blue route and eastbound is heavy though with a 26 minute ride from the blue route that should ideally be 14 minutes. the preseason sixers game at the
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wells far go center tonight. the disabled bus is now off to the side on the betsy ross bridge and a crash in camden county in bellmawr along the ramp from 295 ramp to the black horse pike and that ramp is partially blocked and speeds of 12 miles per hour northbound. and a wreck as well on ormond avenue. from you trying to get into the city use the black horse pike or the white horse pike instead. >> still to come on "action news" tonight. we have an update on the local couple that completed their own bucket list in honor of their unborn son. >> the flyers kick off the regular season against the boston bruins, cecily tynan is live at the philadelphia zoo
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with this week's outdoor adventure. >> i am here with settler, settler is a broad winged hawk, he is showing his wingspan now, 3.5 feet long, i find hawks fasznating, what they do to save their energy, they use thermal energy to ride the air masses, settler would have a nice time because the warm. i'm talk about the fowl weather coming up. we are at the zooxt we asked people a question,
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owners of nfl teams met in new york and the focuses with not on football as much as player conducted. the owners listened to a presentation on conduct appealing for action. they discussed changes to the personal conduct policy as well as how to discipline players and they were interested in what was available for families. they revisited the policy after allegations of abuse by players. tonight the flyers take the ice for the first game of their
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regular season. it kicks off in boston and jaime apody is live in the sports center with more on that. >> that is right the flyers drop the puck on the 2014-2015 season, despite being in a boot wayne simmons will play. after seven losses in their first eight games last year put them in a hole to client out of it. >> last season did not go the way we planned to start off things, put us in the hole to start and we had to climb to get out of that and it took us a majority of the city to put us in a playoff position, i know the guys know the importance of a strong start and hopefully we'll have a great opening night in boston. >> it's a good thing we can be better than last year. we can't be worse. we have to get off to a good start and we'll be fine.
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>> lets go flyers! >> even the birds are flyered up, fletcher cox and friends wearing their orange and black and playing hockey in the nova care complex. >> eagles plenty of tim dating in pads they are getting ready for the showdown on sunday. lets talk football. pitting it's 4-1 birds against the team that won three straight and it's trash talking gun. giants safety when on to say that the eagles were not the team to beat and only won last year because it was a weak division. >> we have to play the game on sunday, he is a good player, and has a pretty good thing going there and we'll play the game and see how it goes, i'm confident in my group, we are 4-1 and we are doing something right. we'll see what happens. >> he is the only one talking, we are going out playing and
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it's a big game prime time tv wearing all black, lets go get it. >> jerseys and pants, all black, nobody more exciting about the blackout than brandon graham 678 . the coach went on to praise them and that goes a long way in his book. >> i know it will only get better and i knew what i could do and the opportunity is presenting itself and starting to ball is starting to bounce my way, i want to be a great teammate on on off the field and i want to be here for the first super bowl we are trying to get. >> and the giants poke fun at the eagles for not winning a super bowl, it will make you mad. and the final four set, the huge done dodgers payroll
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earned them an early -- they go on to face the pesky san francisco giants. with the giants clinging to a 2-1 lead against the nationals jayson werth sends one and they rob him of extra bases. the giants and cardinal winner faces the orioles winner. >> thank you jaime. nal winner a philadelphia couple that won hearts across the internet for the love of their unborn son. jane posted this picture, they learned earlier in the pregnancy that their baby has a birth defect that will kill the baby
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football fans like meat clearly, i am a football fan. up your game with the new ultimate meats pizza. a large for $12 dollars. add a mega chocolate chip cookie for just $5 dollars more. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. papa john's. meteorologist, cecily tynan
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is live at the zoo for this week's outdoor adventure. hey cecily. hi guys, this is so interesting, you feel like are you in a tropical rain forest. we are in the mcneil aviary center. you get to do this and with me is laura houston, we have really interesting birds here. how many different species here? >> about 15 different species about 100 birds. he is one of our biggest members, a victoria crown pigeon, the largest pigeons in the world. and that is mary, she is 25 and the oldest member of our collection if here. >> she looks good for 25. >> she still has the feathers go. >> this is a crimson toucan.
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they are inquisitive birds. and these are ring teals, they are a small verse of' duck, these guys actual perch in trees, you think of ducks you don't think of them perching in trees, but they have dark stripes on their heads. they are full grown, someone is ready to have a nap on us. >> and where would they be found in the wild. >> you will fine these guys and actually the entire bird house here, africa, asia, australia. you have a chance to be immersed in an environment, from rain forests all over the world. >> are you surrounded by it. we have one up here in the trees, that is our toraco, what
5:52 pm
is need about them is that they have red on their feathers with a cardinal in the backyard. these have a chemical in their backyard. it's so beautiful. mark their calendars, the 18th 19th and 25th, a fabulous time to have a great opportunity with you and your kids. >> thank you laura this is fascinating. >> i love feeding these birds though. today is not for the birds, 75 is the high, 6 degrees above normal and windy too, we have wind gusts up to 28 miles per hour, and still mild, philadelphia 73 degrees and allentown 74 and the boardwalk in atlantic city 72 degrees,
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satellite 6 along with action radar showing the cold front that brought us a half inch of rain yesterday is now history, we had a few fair weather cumulous clouds earlier and they are clearing out we'll have clear skies tonight and tomorrow with high pressure over the southeast virginia, it will be on the breezy side, winds more like 15 miles per hour. lots of sunshine and not quite as mild as today, 68 degrees and still a nice day. the high pressure says good-bye. the low pressure is down to the south, clouds and showers developing cool and 64 degrees, a good chance that the showers are lingering for a good half of the day on saturday. a blood moon and full moon and chilly, overnight low 43 in the suburbs and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast for tomorrow lots of sunshine and breezy, cooler than today 68 degrees, on friday it clouds up
5:54 pm
and 64 degrees and saturday a good chance of rain at least lasting through the morning, 64 degrees, the better of the two days, the weekend will be sunday, 66 and we are mild on monday at 72 and rain returns tuesday night into wednesday, and temperatures in the mid-70s. it's feeding time here at the philadelphia zoo, these are amazing birds. back to you guys. >> thanks cecily. of course stay on top of the changing weather situation with, you can visit for storm tracker 6 weather and the hourly and seven-day forecast, and the latest video and weather related photos and videos.cast, and the well, one of bucks county police department is showing support for breast cancer awareness month. they turned this pink, it was done on the department's newest
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vehicle. it was done in bristol
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it's time to bank human again. get debit cards on the spot, and no monthly fee checking with just a $100 minimum balance at td bank. america's most convenient bank. philadelphia's own boyz ii men is making a homecoming, they will perform at halftime at this sunday's halftime at the linc. they will do hits plus new songs, they are introducing a new song called "collide," the award winning group sold 60 million albums in their career so far. now jim gardner and the news team is standing by with these stories and more. >> disease experts are in philadelphia for a conference and reaction to the patient that died in dallas of the deadly disease.
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a letter left behind by eric frein that details the ambush on pennsylvania troopers. and the debate tonight between tom corbett and tom wolf for governor. this is ceo tom macarthur's world. in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. wednesday night, a montgomery county mother is accused of buying heroin and sharing it with her daughter, and delaware
6:00 pm
state police say that a school bus set off a chain reaction crash, but the big story on "action news" tonight. is the death of texas ebola patient, thomas duncan, the 42-year-old duncan died this morning at a hospital in dallas. duncan came to the u.s. from liberia on september 20th but he when to the hospital five days later feeling sick and went back three days after that with more severe symptoms and they diagnosed him with ebola. and there say second possible case, a sheriff's deputy arriving from frisco from dallas today. the patient claims to have had contact with duncan. >> and fire airports including newark and jfk and philadelphia will soon take the temperatures of travellers coming in from west africa, sara bloomquist is live at the pennsylvania convention center where there