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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 9, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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. making news in america this morning. ebola emergency, airport workers walking off the job, concerned it could spread with new screening in effect. and a sheriff's deputy in isolation. did he catch it from the man treated in dallas? and kaugtd on camera, the crash of an f-15 yards away from houses and school. happening now, fires and floods, homes consumed as flooding rains soak a dozen states. and a bear smart enough to get into a car has trouble getting himself out.
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well, good thursday morning. we begin with new fears about ebola here in the u.s. >> overnight, workers who clean the inside of airplanes at new york city airports went on strike. claiming they are not protected against ebola or other diseases. >> and 10000 many marines are headed to the hot zone. here is tahman bradley. >> reporter: overnight, a memorial service for thomas eric duncan, the first person to die from ebola in the u.s. this morning, concerns about another possible ebola case. a sheriff's deputy who went to duncan's apartment is being kept in isolation while he's tested better disease. he was rushed to the hospital yesterday after coming down with flu-like symptoms. >> we are being told the risk is minimal, we are taking several actions to make sure the public health safety and welfare is protected.
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>> reporter: while they are monitoring anyone who may have come in contact with duncan, across the country, the u.s. is beefing up defenses. travelers from west africa to five of the busiest airports will have their temperatures taken. >> we're putting in additional protection. we have been very clear that as long as ebola continues to spread in africa, we can't make the risk zero here. >> reporter: some airport workers are now worried about their risk of exposure. overnight, these airplane cleaners in new york walked off the job saying they're fed up with unsafe and unsan toir working conditions. at hospitals, health care professionals are practicing drills, putting on full-body protective suits, masks and gloves to respond to potential cases. the other ebola patient being treated in nebraska -- other patient in this country -- is receiving the same experimental
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drug as duncan and had a blood transfusion yesterday. >> thank you so much. and breaking overnight. a teenager has been killed by a police officer not far from ferguson, missouri. officials say the off-duty officer working as a security officer say he shot him after he opened fire. the shooting comes nearly two months after police shot michael brown in ferguson, about 20 miles away. the fbi is looking for americans who want to help isis and already are. and they are getting substantial help from the public. brian ross has the latest. >> reporter: the fbi said it has received what it called a substantialtips about the identity of the masked isis fighter believed to be an american or canadian. >> the fighting has just begun. >> reporter: the director of the fbi called the investigation a top priority.
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>> it's a huge focus of all of us in law enforcement. try to understand who's being recruited, who's flowing, looking to flow back. >> reporter: whoever is behind the mask, he's not likely to surrender. the video he starred in had cold-blooded murders. more than enough evidence it put him in prison for life or face the death penalty. >> most try to hide it, these are proud murderers, adopting a murderous ideology of murder. >> reporter: the fbi tip form makes no provision for confidentiality. asking, although not requiring for full name, phone, and e-mail address. >> clearly they need to have something that the public can see to feel comfortable that they can remain anonymous. which that form doesn't do that. >> reporter: everyone so, a senior fbi agent tells abc news that they are going through several serious leads based on
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the information that's come in. a close call for an american pilot in england. a u.s. f-15 fighter jet crashed in a small town. luckily came down in a field, just missing nearby houses and an elementary school. the pilot ejected safely, minor injuries. but the jet flew about a mile after the ejection. no word on what caused the crash. pennsylvania police are looking for clues about cop killer suspect eric frein. in his journal they read chillichill ing passages from it where he talked about opening fire on officers. and they released photos of him with a beard and a mohawk. and in california, fire fighters are a bit short-handed against wildfire this is morning. one of the fires engulfed several homes in the northern part of the state. and forced the closure of
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interstate 80. air tankers are grounded after the crash of one of them in owe semite national park. officials say it was a tornado that tore through parts of kentucky. bridget clark survived after the strong winds carried her from her kitchen to her porch. part of the roof crashed on her, but she's all right. and remnants of tropical storm simon. this is in tucson, arizona, yesterday. the road seems to disappear. the storm system is moving east. tim dicky is tracking this morning. good morning. >> holding on to heavy rainfall across the southwest. watching what's left of simon. making its way north and eastward. the heaviest rain across eastern arizona. thursday, northeastern arizona, northwestern new mexico. and the moisture heads to the rockies. into the midsection.
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we're going to see heavy rainfall, widespread flooding from denver all the way to the indianapolis area. t.j. and reena, back to you. >> thanks so much. meanwhile, president obama will be in southern california today. he is headed to the golden state for fundraising, but to designate the towering mountains as a national monument. those mountains will get a little extra protection. early to bed, we recall to rise, which cities get up earliest? and a $100 million fine, some of the money could be yours. and caught on camera, an unwelcome visitor in one california suburb.
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after one of the worst days on wall street this year, the markets had their best. investors were encouraged by word that the federal reserve wants to keep interest rates low. the dow gained 279 points. the biggest of the year. the nasdaq and s&p had the best numbers of 2014. at&t mobile customers may be getting refunds. the wireless company is paying $105 million, $80 million to customers. it's cramming, they were not authorized services and didn't know they were paying for. it's the biggest fine for the practices so far. and red bull is agreeing to refund $13 million to settle class action lawsuits over false
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advertising. they were misled by promises of better performance, concentration and reaction speed. the company denies any wrong doing. and another tease from apple. this latest cryptic request from the company says it's been way too long and invites the press to the headquarters. we expect faster, thinner, lighter ipads, and bigger as well. and the new mac operating system and hardware. the google car cruising past our homes, but to get the shots in the desert, they used a different method of transportation. it's a camel. it's named raffia, which means taking the high road. google says using a camel was better for the environment. >> of course it is. >> i take that instead of the subway. and pushing boundaries. for the first time a woman who's not a goalie hits the ice with
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plus 36-month special financing. hurry ends columbus day. know better sleep with sleep number ♪ [ male announcer ] give extra. get extra. . all right. take a look, folks. this is a bird's eye view of massachusetts, a motorcycle burst. a small, but powerful storm packing winds of 100 miles an hour. some homes were in the dark because power lines went down. there were minor injuries,
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nothing too serious. now for a look at road conditions, flooding in interstates 40 and 70 in the middle of the country. could be wet in the desert southwest. and airport delays possible in phoenix, kansas city and denver. back to the news now. and stephen collins firing back after the secret tapes where he appears to admit molesting children. >> his attorney said his estranged wife tried to blackmail him. trying to scare collins into paying her millions. this morning her attorney is responding calling the accusations fabricated and defamato defamatory. and petadrian peterson knew least knows when his trial might start. he will be waiting until december at the earliest. peterson did not enter a plea yesterday. ryan smith reports. >> reporter: nfl star adrian peterson arriving for his first
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court appearance since his arrest on felony child abuse charges. accused of beating his 3 1 1/2-year-old son with a branch. he says he was disciplining the child. >> this is a case about parenting decisions and whether something unfortunate happened. >> reporter: he's having no contact with his son, apologized for hurting the boy, but insisted his parents punished him the same way and it had a great deal to do with the success he has had as a man. his arrest last month, just one of a string of cases focusing public attention on domestic violence in the nfl. in new york, all 32 team owners gathering to discuss the issue. walking into this hotel, watching this video on spousal abuse. >> think about the role that you have to raise up a generation of men that are going to have the clarity, have the moral courage
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to call out other men. >> reporter: commissioner roger goodell saying every player will participate in similar education sessions. >> it's my job to admit mistakes and it's any job to not have the mistakes occur again. >> reporter: here in texas, the judge setting a prelim tear date for adrian peterson's trial, december 1st. if acquitted, it could be a faster attack back to the nfl. well, a north carolina teen got a face-full of pepper spray after a misunderstanding. deshaun curry is black, his foster parents are white. a neighbor called police to report a burglary in progress. three officers confronted him inside the house. >> it was like, put your hands on the door. i was, like, for what? this is my house. i was like, why are you all in here? >> there was an argument and the police used pepper spray.
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his fostermore came home and cleaned up the confusion. he was feeling comfortable, now wonders if it might be time to move. a new york city man is accusing a police officer of picking his pocket. this is backed up as the man is patted down, the cop appears to put his hand in a pocket and pull out a wad of paper that might be cash. when he protested, he said he used pepper spray on him, and the sister who was taking the video. it's time to stop the amateur video activists that interfere with police operations. the man was not arrested, but didn't get cash back either. now in non-pepper spray news. turn to sports. it's hockey season. >> hillary knight working out with the anaheim ducks. the first female player who's not a goalie to practice with an
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nhl team. >> and the opening night. the highlights now. welcome to the "sportscenter" studio in los angeles. banner night in los angeles. l.a. kings celebrating the title with their fans. >> i just blew my nose, the whole control room got it. sorry back there. banner -- and you know what, the banner will last forever. >> right. >> this game is one and done. >> yeah, people forget about this one. >> and to get the banner, the kings had to go through san jose. they were up 3-0, and they came back and beat them. now the kings are trying to be the first team since the red wings in the late '90s to win the cup back-to-back years. if you're a kings fan, remember, the ring is the thing. not the 4-0 win by san jose. congratulations to the sharks. bruins, rask in boston.
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fliers trailing 1-0, and right place, right time. fliers tied at one. same score, under two minutes to play, shattering the stick on the slap shot. can't control it, chris kelly can, and the bruins take a 2-1 lead. puck bounces off mason's blocker. able to take advantage of the loose puck. bruins win it 2-1. back to you. we have some proof here, now, possibly controversial proof that one mother in san francisco is okay with her kid putting homework aside to watch baseball. >> they were so wrapped up watching the nationals that schoolwork went by the wayside. please excuse luke from turning in his homework. he will finish it this weekend. >> maybe he will, maybe he won't. they open on saturday. she might write another note. new york, it's stylish
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folks. maybe some are a little odd. but more so than usual coming up. >> it's the first day of new york comic-con. despite those dressed up as their favorite characters, it will have the latest in comics, graphic novels, video games and entertainment. >> and the postal service getting into the act, eight batman stamps to celebrate his 75th traefrs. and we have t"the pulse" couple next. easy to get in, not so easy to get out as a bear found out. and why wait for christmas. the halloween display going viral. ♪ [ female announcer ] this is our new turkey cranberry flatbread before we craft it into a sandwich. the amazingly tender roasted turkey -- always raised without antibiotics, the zesty cranberry mostarda, the freshly baked flatbread...
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york. the earliest in hawaii. they turn in at 10:30. >> what do you think they're doing in brooklyn, new york? >> i don't know. i don't go to brooklyn much. see them soon. and san jose, folks in california out there. one neighborhood got quite a wakeup scene. this, you have surveillance video, capturing a mountain lion on top of a car. >> an expert says it probably weighs 70 or 80 pounds and less than 2 years old. they have seen plenty of deer in the area, but never a mountain lion before. now to bears. officials in suburban denver. this bear was in the front seat of a car. he was chilling. doesn't appear he had a seat belt on. the bear is okay, no tickets issued. the car not so much. it's not on the claim specifically about bears mauling your car. i'm sure it's covered. >> but you know what, i bet
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there were berries or a granola bar in there. that's just my bear fact. got it? >> yes. it's october, the days are getting shorter. that means more time for halloween light displace. a and one of the best is in naperville, illinois. the lights are se conventioned to congo's hit "go with me now." ♪ >> this same house has had light displays this year using music by queen, ac/dc and katy perry. a quiet block. i'm sure. >> this is t.j.'s home. this is what he spends his waking hours doing. >> it would be marvin gaye. something soothing to people driving by. >> you listen to tupac before the show.
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>> hello everyone, an good morning, i'm matt o'donnell. it is thursday, october 9. we're following several developing stories including new details on the ebola outbreak, airplane cabin clearance walked off a job over safety concerns as the u.s. sees the first ebola death in this country. we're working to get new information on the deadly fire in delaware county. please row reveal what accused cop killer wrote in a letter. they also he shot two pennsylvania state troopers. we'll have accuweather and traffic updates on "action news." and southwest, warm and dry from california to washington state. and finally this morning, a really nice tip for a completely unsuspected delivery man. >> yeah, the guy was just doing his job when college students
4:28 am
and a campus administer pulled off a totally random act of kindness. >> reporter: the students fill the seats of the campus chapel every wednesday at 10:00 a.m. for student worship. but thanks to the president of the residential campus, dr. keith newman, things were different. >> the basic premise, what you wish you could do for everyone. >> reporter: with that spirit in mind, the 3,000 students started writing letters. but dr. newman had one special task. >> he asked the lady to order pizza. first i thought we were going to get pizza. but he revealed that he would be bringing the guy on stage and we were going to blast him with an offering. >> reporter: so the students took up an offering while an unsuspected james hopped into the car with two hot pizzas. >> james, the guy who delivered the pizzas, walked into the
4:29 am
building, brought him on stage. and thank you for all that you do. >> when i walked up to him and he started talking to me, i was wondering what was going on. >> reporter: james was surprised to say the least. they handed him a piece of cake, a sack full of notes and -- >> a tip of over $1200. >> reporter: $1268 to be exact. he will help provide a nice christmas for his 5 and 6-year-old. but he is drawing inspiration from the handwritten notes. >> i want to thank you for your hard work. no one else may say it, but i do. never stop working hard for your dreams because you can accomplish anything. >> reporter: from marion, indiana, jason strong. >> love that story. what a way to end. take that with you today, folks. >> i love it too. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a good old thursday, folks.
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>> we're following several developing stories odds thursday october 9. we have new details on the ebola outbreak another texas man is in quarantine for signs of the disease and a woman in australia is under suspicion of infection. >> new details are coming out on what was happening to teammates on a new jersey high school football team. good


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