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tv   Action News 600 PM  ABC  October 9, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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all counts. he now faces the possibility of the death penalty. he is found guilty of killing 6-month-old saanvi venna and her grandmother. the police say it was a botched kidnapping attempt and he left a ransom note at the crime scene demanding $50,000 from saanvi's parent, he claims he was cohersed into helping two strangers commit the crime but the prosecutors showed a mountain of direct and circumstantial evidence. he had a lawyer assisting in his defense but raghunandan yandamuri did all the talking in court and now that could cost him his life. >> as a lawyer i would have gone in a different direction and would have at least come to save
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his life or murder three, it's a second degree murder case in my opinion but the jury saw some very prejudice facts. >> now they enter the penalty phase the jury will decide if raghunandan yandamuri will get the death penalty and they will have a trial for that case. >> i am confident that the jury will agree. >> his mother left court in tears, she will be the first to testify in the penalty phase asking the jury to spare her son's life, you heard his lawyer mention mitigating fac terrors, he has a rather sad past, when he was 10 years old, his father was a police officer in india, was killed by rebels fighting the indian government at the time and his mother and family
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says he was scarred from that point on and that is one of the mitigating factors they hope to put in front of the jury, but the prosecution will put in aggravating factors many the jury will have to walk a fine line but raghunandan yandamuri could end up with the death penalty here. >> thank you david. two national political heavy hitters are here stumping for the gubernatorial candidates, chris christie is at the military academy today for governor tom corbett and former secretary of state is at the ncaaal constitutional center for tom wolf. sara bloomquist joins us with more. >> the candidates for pennsylvania governor brought in the big names one day after their final debate, both are possible if not probable
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presidential candidates, lets go live inside of the constitutional center, this is an event getting underway billed at the women for wolf, hillary clinton is in attendance expected to speak at any minute now. she will campaign for the challenger, tom wolf, i asked former pennsylvania governor ed rendell how the party will keep the party energized and turn out for tom wolf on election day. >> you'll see all sorts of robo calls and last minute mail and people knocking on doors and pulling democratic voters out if we get a decent democratic turnout we'll get from pennsylvania a landslide. >> now new jersey governor, chris christie, appeared a short time ago at a campaign rally,
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this is christie's third trip to the state on corbett's attacks and accused wolf of lying about corbett's record to get elect. >> every race tom corbett has ever been in he is june estimated. every race people thought we will beat corbett this time and believe me his opponent thinks the same thing right now, now is the time for us to finish this off. >> both christie and clinton are crisscrossing the country campaigning for gubernatorial candidates for each of their respective parties, spending is now reaching the record of $69 million, rendell expects to raise more than a half million dollars for tom wolf just at this event.
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i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. officials have identified the person killed in the fire at the elwin care center last night. they say that 63-year-old william myers became trapped at the assisted living facility. fire investigators are looking into what sparked it and they officials say an electrical problem may be to blame. a man is recovering after being stabbed in his own bed by his neighbor and then the neighbor fled and threatened to stab children waiting for the bus. chad pradelli is live tonight with this disturbing story that disrupted a neighborhood. >> reporter: really a bizarre attack, police and neighbors tell me at 8:30 this morning the suspect lived in that home there with the red siding, he walked out and went into the neighbor's house and the neighbor was sleeping and stabbed the neighbor and then emerged from the house and began threatening
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to kill children. >> he just snapped. he just snapped. maria and her 4-year-old daughter were at the school bus when the suspect emerged with a knife. >> he told my daughter he would stab her, she came into the house and i came across and he had ran off. >> the suspect threatened another child on the block and fortunately none was injured. but melbourne ferrier cannot say the same. >> i felt like something was sticking me in the back and i thought it was my wife. >> it was his neighbor that ran from the home and eventually the suspect was captured by police. >> my daughter is traumatized right now, she doesn't want to come outside or even play. >> crazy, crazy morning, scary morning, scary. i never thought this would happen. >> investigators say it appears
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that the attacker suffered from mental illness. ferrier was treated at a local hospital and is expected to make a full recovery but the bizarre stabbing has shaken this block. >> have you to be mindful who you live around because you don't know who you are living with. that suspect faces charges and his name has not been released. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you chad. a worker fell to his death in chester county, it happened at 7:30 on the 400 block of keenan drive in upper chichester, sources tell "action news" that the bucket truck had a mechanical failure before the man fell to the ground. the victim worked for lenny electric. there was a meeting of medical minds in center city some of the top experts are in philadelphia for a conference and they tackled the two major health headlines, ebola and
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entero virus d 68, ali gorman is outside of the convention center. >> at the medical conference today, these are the doctors that follow and study the diseases and they know the latest information as for entero virus d 68 it's not new but the way it is spreading this year is out of the ordinary. >> this is the largest national outbreak, that has ever been reported. dr. mary ann jackson is a specialist in kansas city, it was one of the first hospitals to report cases of entero virus d 68 and since then the virus has sent hundreds of children to hospitals in 48 states, including delaware, new jersey and pennsylvania. and it claimed the life of 4-year-old eli waller and it is linked to four other deaths.
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>> we are waiting to find out if that virus was the cause of death in those children. >> dr. mill stone of john hopkins says that d 68 is the cause of muscle weakness and spinal changes. including five at the hospital in philadelphia. they are there discussing this virus and many other concerns, including controlling ebola. dr. bruce ribner is part of the team at emory hospital in atlantic that successfully treated two americans that were affected with ebola while working in west africa, he says as the outbreak continues to worsen here we'll see more patients here. all hospitals in the u.s. have to be ready to identify and treat anyone with the deadly virus. >> reporter: and dr. ribner says
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he thinks that hospitals here in the u.s. are prepared to identify ebola patients but more hospitals need to be prepared to treats patients as well. reporting live from center city, ali gorman, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we alerted you to this development in the ongoing ebola breakout at and we'll continue to follow the story and bring you any new updates. can you find resources and information about the ebola virus. coming up on "action news" tonight. just hours after a drexel hill couple welcomed their newborn son to the world they had to say good-bye. the heart breaking message from the parents about his short life that was so full of love. well the clouds have arrived and stormtracker 6 live double scan tracking some rain that will be moving in and it will put a damper on part of your weekend. i'll have the latest on the timing in the accuweather forecast. >> all right, the flyers take to the ice for the home opener at
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the wells fargo center that ahead in sports when "action news" continues after this. i'm sheldon yellin,
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and i started my career rebuilding homes for one family at a time. today, our companies help build something more.
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for 28 years, belfor has been restoring homes and businesses destroyed by fire, flood, or any disaster. and even though we've grown to over 6,000 dedicated people around the world, for me, it's still about helping one family or business at a time. at belfor, we're restoring more than property. now to an expected update for the drexel hill couple, whose video went viral. shane michael haley was born and there he is, they posted pictures of his birth and news of think death on their facebook page, called prayers for shane. it said at 6:00 p.m. after meeting his entire family and
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being baptised in the catholic face baby shane died peacefully in his mother's arms. >> the haleys learned in the third month of pregnancy that shane had a brain defect, they made a bucket list to have the most time with him even while they were pregnant. the coatesville police arrested two teenagers that committed an unprovoked attack on a 60-year-old man and they have social media to thank for this. they showed him talking to the man and for no reason at all slapping him. thanks to the tips on the facebook page and tip line, police arrested two 16-year-olds and both have charged with assault. a solemn ceremony why in burlington county, the mission of honor group held a burial ceremony for the remains of seven new jersey veterans that
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served in world war ii and vietnam, it took place at the william c. doyle cemetery and the mission of honor gave the dignified burial to more than 400 veterans over the year. a new memorial is taking shape in delaware, the muir housing authority broke grown on the alder creek neighborhood on cleveland avenue it includes 66 apartments and a fitness center and after
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ducis rogers is here and the flyers play at home against the devils. >> the season open in boston went well until the last two minutes and the flyers let the game slip away. it's home cooking at the wells fargo center and jeff skversky is there.
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>> hey ducis captain claude giroux is critical of their play, it's like we are scared making plays we have to relax and play the game. hopefully the flyers are relaxed ton in their own building in front of their own fans against the devils in the home opener, look at flyers forward wayne simmons, with a walking boot on his left foot, it's precautionary and he is a go tonight in the home opener against the devils. he only played 16 minutes last night and they could have used a little more help from their forward. just 20 shots on goal and they lost with less than 2:00 minutes to go. and flyers need a quick loss of memory and need to bounce back at home against new jersey. >> definitely, i think it's exciting not just for the players and fans and organization, there will be a lot of excitement and the guys will be pumped up.
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>> of course, excitement every year and it's cloud and excited. make sure we keep our emotion in check in the beginning of the game and don't get running around and just play our game and it will be fine. >> the flyers need to be desperate to get off to a better start, they are trying to avoid their third straight 0-2 start. they have not won a home opener in two years. jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." >> i can hear them cheering behind you. >> to the eagles now it's like a common refrain, michael kendricks did not practice today, is he looking look a long shot to play sunday night against the giants. we have a good feel being his prospects of playing. eli manning is beginning to
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percolate. the key the birds feel is to contain manning, make him feel uncomfortable. >> don't give him a wide open gate, eli can make you pay, he is a winner and has conchampionships, it's not easy to fool him. >> eli is a great quarterback you can't give him nothing. he is a great quarterback, that is with any quarterback, you put the hat on them and the game changes a little bit and that is what we hope to do. join mike quick and myself for the eagles game day kickoff sunday morning here on 6 abc. we'll do our best to get you hyped and informed for the game. the sixers have the night off, the preseason game against thad young and the timberwolves. casper ware beats the odds. casper ware through it in from
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where? three quarter court. >> wow. >> oh my goodness, impressive. thank you ducis. meantime diversity was the topic of a luncheon in center city, they gathered at the marriott to focus on multikults youral businesses can help the city, how the conventions can help minority businesses and was city, how the conventions can help minority businesses and was hosted by the mu over the past four years pennsylvania has gone from 9th to 47th in job creation. and now, news about our economy is getting even worse. "pennsylvania's jobless rate is up for the second straight month as employment fell and unemployment rose." "bond rating agency has cut pennsylvania's rating to double a minus because of recurring budget deficits." "the state government is out of cash and is scrambling to make sure school districts and state employees can even be paid."
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as predicted the clouding up and accuweather has wet news and rain is on the way moving in
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tomorrow and stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that we don't have any rain out there now but we have clouds, the action cam is taking a look at the wilmington river front and the breeze was there today and can you see the blue skies fading behind the increasing clouds, the sunshine for the first half of the day and the clouds have now arrived and they will be thickening overnight. the weather highlights showing the rain is moving in and will be moving in during the day tomorrow and through saturday morning, the computer models are showing a half inch to inch of rain, this is not heavy enough to cause flooding concerns but the timing is not all that great and saturday morning is on the wet side. also, tomorrow it will be chilly, 3:00 tomorrow afternoon philadelphia's high only 59 degrees and temperatures warmer close to the ocean in the 60s and generally tomorrow it's cloudy and cool and it will be damp, right now temperatures are
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not that bad, philadelphia 66 and down from the high of 70, 1 degree above normal and millville 65 and trenton 65 and the boardwalk in atlantic city 66, action radar is showing the clouds rolling in through the day and the radar echo show its a slow moving system and a stationary front setting up cool air to the north and warmer air to the south and a wave of low pressure developing, the first one moves south of us on saturday morning and then another one waiting in the winds that could bring a few showers by monday. 7:30 in the morning, lots of clouds and drizzle in south philadelphia, not heavy enough to cause problems for the morning commute, as we head into the afternoon this, is when the atmosphere moistens up steady rain specially in philadelphia
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and friday night into saturday morning, pretty widespread rain saturday morning, south of philadelphia, but look at what happens by 12:30, nothing more than a few lingering sprinkles and clearing skies to the north and west and as we head into the afternoon the clouds will be moving to the east, the afternoon will see the return of sunshine, it's just saturday morn that will feature the rain, the next 12 hours, the clouds in place and it's cool with the diminishing winds and 52 for center city and definitely a fall feeling and the exclusive accuweather forecast, chilly, raw and wet tomorrow, the high is only 59 degrees, most of the rain late in the day on friday night. saturday morning rain and afternoon sunshine, 62 degrees and sunday the opposite, we start the day with sun, and the clouded roll in and 63 degrees, monday the possibility of showers, a high of 70, tuesday
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we bump it up to 76 degrees, a warm day and wednesday, a cold front will bring us a round of rain and 74 degrees, and behind that, temperatures back down to normal, with a high of only 68 degrees, much like last weekend if you can sleep in saturday morning you'll miss most of the rain. >> thanks cecily. finally two students will achieve a remarkable accomplishment, and they are accepted in the marching band, chosen from 200 students from 47 states, they play during the personality bowl week in january. how about that? abc's world news is next here on channel 6, "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17, with shirleen allicot, ducis rogers and brian taff. and join us here for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. i'm monica malpass make it a great night.
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welcome to "world news tonight." the new cases of possible ebola. and what the cdc is warning tonight. the doctors sounding the alarm. their gear not covering their skin. and the american airports where they'll soon be taking some passengers temperatures. a mother's new plea tonight. her young son from the heartland. she tweets the terror group, his captors. and the response she gets back. extreme weather. the rescue playing out. and that massive strop call system, the biggest on earth this year. thousands of american troops on alert. the blinding moment on the field. the quarterback, his hands up, the accused laser pointer busted tonight. and made in america. the bright idea sent overseas. tonight, it's back. and we take you to the one place in america flickering for more than 100