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tv   Action News  ABC  October 10, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> we may see sunshine this morning. satellite shows you there's cloud cover building south and west of us. and any sun early is going to be over taken by cloud cover eventually we'll be on the lookout for drizzle and some showers coming in from the west as well. temperatures starting out on the cool side. 55 degrees in philadelphia. still in the 40s in allentown and reading and these are similar numbers as to what we've seen in the last couple mornings. 48 millville. one difference not as much wind as there was the last couple mornings. look like 52 by 6, 53 by 8. partly cloudy and cool and winds increasing as we go through the morning. as we head out day, 55 right now with clear skies in philadelphia. but clouds will build quickly. by 8:00, 53, 59 by noon and by 6:00, 58. don't forgot put the stormtracker 6 app on the smart phone to keep an ion the weather. we'll have the weekend call
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coming up from accuweather, karen. >> okay, dave, let's look outside on the roads. we're dry right now on i-95 here at allegheny overnight construction clear and no big delay coming from yardley or langhorne looking good and speeds reflect that on the big picture. i-95 southbound at girard. no problem there. tacony palmyra back down after a bridge opening and schuylkill westbound between vine and spring garden overnight construction clear. no problem there. new accidents right now upper township cape may county on the garden state parkway northbound approaching the boulevard. watch for accident blocking left lane. look for that right now causing a little issue. franklin township and gloucester county construction here closing ramp 55 northbound to route 40. that's closed another half hour. that construction is an issue. construction is cleared here in bellmar camden county. good to go on 295 between 42 and 168 delays will get you in that area another hour.
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for now looking good, sam. >> thank you, karen. >> we're following breaking news out of norway. were there are dual winners of this year's noble peace prize less than an hour ago committee announced malala yousafzai an indian child activist kailash satyrathi have won that prize and they say the two are known for struggle against suppression of children and young people and for right of children to education. kailash satyrathi is known for maintaining tradition of gandi just adds gandy gave up being a lawyer and save the children movement. malala yousafzai is youngest to ever win. terrorists tried to murder her in 2012 because they add indicated for gender equality and education for women. she'll also receive the liberty medal later this month. again she's by far the youngest noble peace prize recipient
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ever. >> brand new video from developing story in montgomery county, violent 3-three crash scattered car parts across three blocks in cheltenham. collision happened massy way cheltenham avenue 1:1r5. one person was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. and we're also monitoring developing situation in missouri where protests continue over a police shooting. for a second night people fill the streets of st. louis where an officer shot and killed 18-year-old vandarev meyers. a large knife flew out of the crowd and hit a knife on the shoulderer. the crowds now started to disperse. state and city leaders are asking the justice department to open an investigation. the federal authorities are already looking into the shooting death of michael brown that happened in nearby furgeson missouri. >> screenings will begin over the weekend at five major u.s. airports and will be designed to detect ebola symptoms in anyone traveling from west africa first
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screenings begin tomorrow jfk in new york city. six military planes arrived in ebola hot zone with 100 more marines and troops will build hospitals and other countries are sending medical equipment to the area. world health organization estimate more than 3800 people died from the disease in west africa the head of the centers for disease control says all out severity must. >> in 30 years i've been working in public health the only thing like this has been aids and we have to work now so this is not world's next aids. >> and condition of nurse in spain who has ebola has deteriorated. meanwhile "action news" reporter sharee williams has more on ebola flight scare with ties to philadelphia. a trip to paradise turned sour before passengers could even get their feet in the sand. >> i need everybody to sit down. >> flight attendant begged for order on flight 845 u.s. airways
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from fold dominican rep. a man on board said he had ebola which started chain reaction. many passengers looked around in disbelieve while the experienced stewart gave her honest opinion over the loud speaker. >> i've done this 36 years i think the man that has said this is an idiot. >> the attendant then warned passengers health experts would be coming on board. >> i need your attention, okay, it's going to look worse than it is okay? >> and then on walked four workers in blue hazmat suits wearing protective masks. passengers popped out their cellphone cameras to capture it all sdm please stay out of their way and let them do their job. >> their job was to fine the man who allegedly made the comment and question him. and as the hazmat crew talked to the passenger in question he could be heard saying he was only joking. i was just kidding. >> but this was no laughing
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matter. and at the cdc issued strict guidelines for u.s. airlineers in regards to ebola. the passenger finally exited the plane but that before making a statement that he was not african. >> i'm not african. >> sharee williams "channel 6 action news." >> u.s. airways apologized for inconvenience and said safety of customers and employees is always a top priority. we'll post any updates on the ebola outbreak right away on also head there for resources and more information about the ebola virus. happening today penalty phase of murder trial of rag uyondamuri he was convicted of killing a girl and her grandmother. the killer's mother testified on his behalf yesterday. we'll have more in the next half hour. >> daycare operator sentenced in federal court today edwards
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needed guilty to wire fraud. she used someone else's name to receive her daycare license because she had a criminal record. she's awaiting trail for death of a child under her care, 7-year-old asir jeffcoat he droupd in jammed and filthy swimming pool in 201. two political figures visited to try to move the needle in the governor race. hillary clinton was in the constitution center head lining women for wolff fund razor last night. she's hoping to turn out the vote in a city 8-1 registered democrats. it was first campaign appearance for tom wolff who leads in polls. >> it's past time for fresh stavrment tom wolff gets that and gets it in both his head and heart. and he will be a different kind of governor. here's what we'll do because he's told you. he will invest in education instead of cutting it. so all of other kids get the skills they need to compete. >> new jersey governor chris
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christie was stumping for governor corbett at the valley forge military academy yesterday. >> every race tom corbett has ever been in he's been underestimated. every race he's ever been in. people have thought, we'll beat corbett this time. believe me, his opponent thinks the same thing right now. and so now is the time for us to finish this off. that was christie's third visit to pennsylvania to help raise money for governor corbett. time to turn and look at accuweather. if you go out tonight, take an umbrella. >> i would. it look s like there will be sprinkles and showers arounds at the very least and maybe steadier rain tonight. stormtracker 6 double scan shows you we're dry. as we look outside we're looking at some braexz in the clouds early. there's the action cam live down at penns landing and ben franklin bridge in the distance and everything tranquil this morning with light winds that's one change in the forecast from yesterday. winds not as strong. calm winds now with temperature
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of 55 degrees in philadelphia. some suburbs are cooler than that. we have a couple of spots that are in the 40s right now. and i'm going ahead and bringing in the always on 7 day for you if you're watching in hd and the clouds over take us. even the lehigh valley gets overcast by lunchtime and that pattern continues straight through the rest of the afternoon and into the evening. eventually we'll see some showers develop and there could be drizzle popping in as the day goes on and just about anywhere. and especially after lunchtime and even some of the showers are possible a little further north of the model suggesting and best chance is in the evening hours down south. and then as the evening continues we wind up seeing some of that rain push all the way up to and town. this is 11:30 at night view future tracker and notice could be steadier rain building in as the evening goes on down south of philadelphia. temperatures today will stay cooler than last couple days. 53 by 8 with gathering clouds and 58 by 11 and 61 by 2 and
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high today 6 degrees at about 3:00. high temperatures milder down south. mid 60s from the shore up to millville. low 60s to the lehigh valley from i-95 corridor. if you head out to high school football tonight it will be cloudy and potentially rainy depending where that rain happens to set up and where you are. dress warmly too because it looks like temperatures will be in the 50s during the football games tonight. and overnight the rain starts to get more intense and spreads out over the region and looks like it will be somewhat wet saturday morning and by 10:00 or so we start to see most of this filtering away off the coast. how much rain are we looking at. probably not an inch. less than that in the most spots with steadier right likely through the heart of south jersey. that's ta the latest information. murph around time. right, tomorrow morning i will be hosting the moving day philly parkinson's walk at the philadelphia museum of art 9:00.
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registration at 8 will be over on the left side of the art museum there getting ready to march across mlk drive. cloudy and damp today, 62 is forecast high. and tomorrow, could be a little damp to start out in the morning but we are going to see improvement during the day. 6 the high. union at night will be dry for that. eagles, well, sun to clouds during the day on sunday. 63 degrees. and the eagles game itself, of course, is at night. and does look like it will be dry. game time temperatures in upper 50s. do bundle up. we're in the 7 0s. monday, tuesday, wednesday and all three of those days could feature a shower. okay? >> got you david, thank you. >> a swat team surrounds a home out west while the person inside tweetsw to his more than 200,000 followers on twitter. >> and midwest releasing new video hoping to figure out who bought unclaimed multi-million dollar lottery ticket. karen. >> live 422 approaching trooper. eastbound traffic headed to king
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of prussia moving nicely. we'll take you to morrisville bubz county when we come back. >> college students servep a giant dish of gratitude to a pizza deliveryman. giant dish of gratitude to a pizza deliveryman. >> crazy
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>> welcome back a live look on sky6hd down to atlantic city.
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5:44 now.e back a live look on 55 now. a little rain expected as the day goes on. >> let's enjoy a dry commute relatively karen. >> dry out there looking liver in morrisville bucks county. pennsylvania avenue, no problems here pennsylvania turnpike and trenton morrisville bridge. looking good. let's take you to the laps on northeast extension northbound between lansdale and quakertown construction blocking left lane. you may remember i told you it was going on in both sdreks and southbound side cleared. we have a new accident. pennsylvania turnpike and this is at reading exit 286. watch for that. and expect some restrictions in the area with this accident just coming in. look for that problem on the pennsylvania turnpike. also this accident here in south jersey along the coastline in cape may county and upper township here garden state parkway approaching mamora exit
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25 this exit blocking left lane. two accidents out there this morning. not bad yet. time for commuter traffic report and we have someone out here talking about that work zone on 42 that's i showed you a little bits ago near valley forge. overnight the ongoing work zone still out there and overnight crews left the scene. that should not cause you too much of an issue yet. satellite 6 and action radar showing we have some clouds in the region and you can see the rain has not hit us yet any time late morning on you want to and rain here or there. heaviest comes later on tonight into the overnight hours. 46 right now in quakertown. cool, 46 in st. daivdz and 51 center city and 47 browns mills and 53 dover. cool to start you off, tam. >> okay. thank you, karen. >> and developing right now, former soviet president mikell gore of khov he's being monitored for reoccurring
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illness. there's reports he previously received treatment for severe form of diabetes. the 83-year-old noble peace prize laureate was recognized for his role in ending the gold war gorbachev. >> the man accused of kidnapping a woman still missing, matthew was last seen why missing uva student hannah graham he's also been linked by dna to morgan harrington murdered in 2009 after metallic can concerts. that vehicle was ceased by police. as for hanna graham there's no sign of the 18-year-old. the sophomore has been missing since september 13. >> this story is new on "action news" a fighter surrendered after live tweeting about standoff with police. this was the seen in southern california yesterday as swat teams surrounded home of jason miller. soon a crowd of spectators showed up because mma posted to
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twitter about it. authorities talked about the new role social media can play during negotiations. >> i don't know they were helpful other than to know he was inside the house and the fact that he did know be were out there. it was important for us to know he knew we wanted him to come out. >> deputies are are trying to serve miller with arrest warrant for talk stalking and domestic violence but the might fighter would got let them in. >> investigators in iowa offer new evidence of who might own a lottery ticket worth millions. >> and pizza deliveryman gets a special delivery of lifetime from customers at a college campus. david. >> all right. we have got sweat shirts on kids this morning because it's chilly out there. not much wind. this afternoon. rain gear maybe there can be a drizzle or spotty shower popping up in time for kids coming nrom school. not a sure thing on that though.
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>> new this morning detectives in iowa hope this leads to a break in a four yearlong lotto investigation. they believe the man open the left is the rightful owner of a lotto ticket. one year later a lawyer from new york tried to claim the ticket. since then vettors have not stopped trying to find the true winner. >> i would definitely do that. lose it, for get about it, you know me right? >> shouldn't even really -- >> that's why i don't play because i would lose the ticket. let's look now at the ben franklin bridge. westbound traffic construction block the right lane. no delays yet. you're looking good this morning. let switch to i-95 girard point
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bridge. it's a good looking ride so far david. >> cool temperatures across the region this morning karen open the big board we got them for you northern and western suburbs 48 in pottstown and 46 st. david and 46 kennett square and low 50s center city and down the river in chester and across the river in south jersey a lot of upper 40s to mid 40s hammonton, cinnaminson. boardwalk and atlantic city and low 50s hoe kes taken to dover, delaware. as we head out to runner randz cooler than the last couple days. 55 by 9:00. brapz some of you squeaking out sunshine by 9:00. by noon basically entire region should be cloudy and we're at 59. 62 by 3:00 which is high today. notice how there's a chance of some drizzle or maybe a shower beginning to pop up. the later we go through the afternoon. steadier rain arriving later tonight tam. >> thank you, david, going on pastor pulled out of the pulpit in south after really disturbing confession.
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juan demetress mcfarland new he had aids and deposit reveal that information to sexual partners and many were members of the congregation, shiloh baptist church in alabama and admitted to drug use and miss handling of church funds. detroit lions got a -- the laser hit a player in the chest and shined into eyes of quarterback. the fan was charged with disorderly conduct. >> 5:53 up now college kids gave a pizza deliveryman inspirations with a big tip and much, much more. >> coming up developing news and search is on for two suspects in a brazen carjacking we'll give search is on for two suspects in a brazen carjacking we'll give you details when we're
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the time has come to put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for a dunkin' donuts dark roast. bold start, smooth finish, never bitter. rejoice with the 99-cent medium hot or iced dark roast today. >> new this morning violence tears a car apart. haverford avenue. one relative stabbed another family member during a domestic dispute. a man in 20s had several stab wounds on the shoulder. app a pilot has minor injuries after landing off the run way at south jersey regional airport in lumberton burlington county.
5:57 am
the suspect came to rest in the grass. medics checked out the pilot in the scene. >> college students in midwest are teaching students a thing or two about kindness. a deliveryman was beyond shocked when he arrived they brought him on stage and paid 12.50 cost of pizza and then gave him type of more than 1200 dollars and gave minimum a bag of handwritten notes. >> pizza delivery person i want to thank you for hard work no one else may see it but i do never stop working hard for your dreams because you can accomplish anything. >> this was a random act of kindness under the students and comments he made about working women. >> and following breaking news
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overseas where the noble peace prize was awarded two activists one of them only 17 years old. details next. [ maniacal laughter ] pumpkin's back! pumpkin is back at dunkin' donuts. enjoy all your pumpkin-y favorites like the new pumpkin creme brulee latte.
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the time has come to put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for a dunkin' donuts dark roast. bold start, smooth finish, never bitter. rejoice with the 99-cent medium hot or iced dark roast today. >> we're waking up to plenty of clouds and a few sprinkles and accuweather is tracking steadier rain coming in later today. >> fast food chain is latest to lose customer credit card information to