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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 10, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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welcome to "world news tonight." and the flight scares over ebola. the hazmat team rushing on to a flight. and what we've learned about the dallas patient who died of ebola. >> and the terrennsion in the streets. we're in st. louis tonight. the most powerful storm about to hit. six miles wide. american military bases on alert tonight. >> and the nobel prize, given to malala. and diane is here tonight. and our person of the week. so many people talking about
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"how to get away with murder." viola davis, what she reveals. and the big surprise right here tonight. good evening, great to have you with us. we begin with fast-moving developments in the ebola outbreak. the global death toll, more than 4,000. and this plane detained, later surrounded by ambulances with fears that one passenger may be infected. and a passenger sneezing, saying he may have ebola. >> i need your attention. it's going to look worse than it is. >> and new images of u.s. marines arriving in west africa. their temperature being taken
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before they start. >> and what we never knew about eric thomas duncan. tom lamas leading off tonight. >> reporter: eric davis, violently ill. >> thought it was a passenger sick in the back of the plane. we had no idea. >> reporter: later tonight, the all-clear, no ebola. >> i need your attention. it's going to look worse than it is. >> reporter: a full hazmat team, with masks and hoods, boarding this flight in the dominican republic. all because of a passenger that sneezed and joked that he had ebola. first, they'll be checked for
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fever and asked if they had contact with ebola patients. the world now on high alert. >> the only thing like this has been aids. and we need to work so this is not the next aids. >> reporter: disease detectives, a race against time as the dead deadly virus spreads. >> it's approaching a scale that's very difficult to deal with. >> reporter: tonight, that troubling news about how the dallas hospital treated thomas eric duncan. his family says he had a fever of 103, but he was still sent home. >> thank you. the other developing story this evening, the tensions in
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st st. louis. over night, images of american flags being burned after a young man was shot just miles away from the other young man in ferguson. steve osunsami has the story. >> reporter: the streets on fire in missouri again. they were burning flags and throwing bricks at police. >> terrorists! >> reporter: but this is far from ferguson. these latest protests are on the other side of st. louis, where police say a young man with a record and a stolen gun fired three to four shots at an off-duty uniformed officer. >> just straight-up gunned down. murder, that's what i think. cold-blooded murder. >> it was overkill. for nothing.
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for nothing. >> reporter: it began with a confrontation and then a police chase. >> this is not michael brown. it's an individual with a gun who made a conscious effort to shoot at police officers. >> reporter: since the ferguson shooting in august, protesters here and across the country haven't rested. but at this baseball game, demonstrators carrying an upside down flag got an earful from cardinals fans sympathetic to the dangers of police work. the family of the young man who died here refuses to believe he had a gun. there are more demonstrations scheduled over the next few days for this shooting, and the shooting in ferguson. david? >> thank you. and now to the ominous image. american troops on alert as a giant typhoon heads even closer to japan. this tropical system, 50,000 troops on high alert, and so are their relatives back home. rob marciano with the new
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images. >>reporter: looking from space, it is a meteorological masterpiece, but that serene beauty translates to a fury of wind and water below. at its peak, super typhoon vongfong packed winds gusting over 200 miles per hour with hurricane force winds covering as much as 63,000 miles. roughly the size of wisconsin. vongfong's effects are already being felt in okinawa, japan, where over 50,000 americans are stationed. >> residents are advised to stay indoors and away from windows during the storm. >> reporter: this storm will track over okinawa on saturday morning, weakening as it heads over mainland japan which is still recovering from typhoon phanfone less than a week ago. this typhoon is much stronger and moving much slower which will likely make flooding much worse. >> a lot of people watching this tonight. rob, what's the newest track? >> that part of the world has been active. not much new. but news on tropical storm fay.
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and flooding potential. another couple of inches in the south. and a severe thunderstorm warning for dallas. >> watching japan and the home front this weekend. thank you. and now to a headline involving a young face, now making history. malala yousafzai, getting the nobel prize. nearly two years after being shot in the head by the taliban. today, it was her chemistry teacher that broke the news. >> when i found that i had won the prize, i decided that i would not leave by school. finish my school time. >> and look who's back with us tonight. diane had the first malala
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interview. for us watching, this was something. >> so great to see you, and i cheered out loud when i heard the news. it acknowledges if you want to fight extremists, educate girls. the taliban did whatever they could to stop that. >> from the day i was shot, all of my friends' faces were covered except mine. >> was that wise? it was brave, but was it wise? >> i wanted to live my life as i wanted. >> they entered the bus and asked, who is malala. her friend told her what
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happened. >> he said, he fired three bullets and one hit you on the left side of your head. i would have been doing like that. there was gun powder on my fingers. >> a bullet slips under her skin, but as it heads toward her brain, the bone turns out to be so strong and curved, it forces the bullet to ricochet away. >> i'm thinking, if i'm dead, i should be in a graveyard. but i said, you're not dead. you can talk to yourself, how can you be dead? >> and this tiny girl, she's truly tiny. championing 31 million girls around the world about education. >> and i know you have some big
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projects coming up. >> yes, so many from here and around the world. just wonderful to see you here. >> we can't wait. and malala is sharing the award with another champion of children's rights. a legend in india for fighting child labor. and in other news, the backlash after controversial comments about women not asking for a raise. here's paula faris. >> reporter: under fire for these comments at a recent women's conference. >> not about asking for a raise, but having faith the system will give you the right raise. as you go along.
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>> reporter: satya nadella, his advice for working women asking for a raise? don't. >> that's good karma. it'll come back. that's the person i want to trust and give responsibility to. >> reporter: women in that room telling us they were stunned. >> i don't believe in karma. i can't pay my rent with it or invest in my 401(k) with it. >> reporter: women in america make up nearly half of the work force. and if women received equal pay, the gdp would raise. we called experts today, saying
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if you want a raise, man or woman, you have to ask for one. and be specific about your accomplishments and your activities. and millions of high school football teams taking the field tonight. in one american town, the entire team sidelined, ryan smith on the growing concern coast-to-coast over head injuries. >> reporter: tonight, hard hits like these -- sacking an entire high school football program for the year. for safety's sake. michigan's carroll high school coaches, administrators, even players, voting to end the team's season after losing many players to injuries, including concussions. their fear, the younger players, now forced to step up, would be put in harm's way. >> a decision that has to be
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made. we don't want someone to be hurt. >> reporter: an estimated 1.1 million boys play high school football in the u.s., kids just like this across the country. but concussions are a growing problem. this past month along, three high school players dying after injuries on the field. on the college level, michigan football coach brady hoke, under fire after keeping wobbly sophomore quarterback shane morris in the game after this hit. sparking school protests and calls for his job. this, in a season that's seen these two major college quarterbacks announce they're leaving football, worried about the effects of multiple concussions. how dangerous are big hits to high school football players? >> quite dangerous, and we have to look at these hits over time. they can add up. and we get concerned about them. david, that superintendent saying the kids need a future other than football. and reports the super bowl
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was telling performers they'd have to pay to play. making a financial contribution to the league. katy perry saying, she's not the kind of girl to pay to play the super bowl. stay tuned. the police speed traps, are they pulling you over while letting off-duty cops speed on by? also, so much controversy over drones. now this, the bird taking the drone out. and our person of the week, viola davis, and her hit, "how to get away with murder." tonight, what she's revealing. and the stunning moment, when we
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next tonight, the driver next to you, breaking the speed limit. and not just any driver. police officers, caught on camera passing state troopers, but no ticket. how are they responding now? matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: speeding police cars -- >> i had 86 on that one. >> reporter: were blowing past bill gilliam on this washington state highway. the shocker is, this was a speed trap. outraged, gilliam began recording scanner audio of the police chopper above. >> yeah, it's another officer. >> i was pretty upset. >> reporter: we tracked speeding cruisers at abc's "20/20." so, this guy's going well over 80 right now. off-duty cops gunning it to places like, well, a donut shop. wow, he did three lanes at once. or the office.
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a hot lot of folks want to see you set an example. and you're going about 15, 20 miles over the speed limit, might be some concern. >> i understand what you're saying. >> reporter: look at the back of his shirt. he's a driving instructor. the big hurry for those washington state cops? a training conference. gilliam posted the video and audio on his blog. and the state patrol is taking notice. >> if they're not going to an emergency, they should obey the laws that the rest of us obey. >> reporter: but those cops will get off with just a warning, not a ticket. matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> thank you. when we come back, angly that jolie with the queen. and a hawk taking out a drone. and the wedding crasher, what he made off with in this video. and "how to get away with murder," viola davis is here with that surprise.
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finally tonight, our person of the week, the start of the tv hit, "how to get away with murder." viola davis. few know what she survived in real life, and the honor she's getting tonight. viola davis is our person of the week. she's the face of the hit new show on abc, "how to get away with murder." tonight, she's planning a homecoming. what's it like to be back? >> it feels great. >> fingers crossed, the new tv show will be a hit. it already is. a student at julliard. she would spend six, seven days a week. do you remember these lockers? >> i remember these.
6:56 pm
and lots of tears, i didn't get the role. my grandmother delivered me in 1965 because the midwife was late. >> her grandmother would watch her grow up and go to college. >> she whispered in my ear, i'm so proud of you. >> you talked about the hunger, you remember the hunger as a child. >> i do. i just remember waking up every day, and wondering what i was going to eat. if i was going to eat. >> 17 million children go to sleep hungry every day. >> i would think, just give me some food, and i can take care of the rest. >> and she did. those eight minutes.
6:57 pm
>> right beside meryl streep. >> i thought i had won the lottery. and she came up to me, and said, hi, i'm meryl. i said, oh my gosh. >> what are you telling me? >> i can't hold him responsible. >> she shared her chocolate with me. >> but until now, she hadn't been cast as the sexy leading role. what were they waiting more? >> i don't know, because can't they see? you go to jail, and i'm the shoddy lawyer that put you there. >> now, we're going to surprise some julliard students. they don't know that she's
6:58 pm
coming around the bend. room 306. here we go. viola davis! [ applause ] giving them advice and a high five. tonight, she's getting an award for her fight against hunger. what would you say to that young woman there? >> i would tell her she's all right. i have would. >> so, we choose viola davis for her work with the hunger is foundation. see you back here for "20/20" and "world news tonight" on monday. good night. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- an assistant professor from lansing, kansas... an elementary-school counselor from tucker, georgia... and our returning champion, a director of semantic technology from charlottesville, virginia...


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