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tv   Action News  ABC  October 12, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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>> good afternoon it's sunday october 12. i'm nydia han with kenneth moton. >> here's stories we're following on "action news" a texas hospital has second case of ebola and races more questions about safety procedures and driver faces dui charges after a pedestrian was struck and killed in delaware. and eagles get ready for tough game against old rival. more on those stories in a moment and first the exclusive accuweather forecast with meteorologist chris sowers. >> nice game. no sunday blues out there that's for sure live on sky6 turning
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out to be wonderful afternoon. a lot of sunshine out there and comfortable temperatures this week as you get outside. there you go. down lincoln financial field eagles taking on giants 8:30. weather will be fantastic for this and chilly out there. something with sleeves you'll needment partly cloudy skies and temperatures falling through the 50s. this afternoon the numbers are quickly climbing through the 50s. right now some locations are sitting at 60. even a little warmer down there towards the shore. on the boardwalk in atlantic city 6. sea isle city 6. wilmington, millville showing 60 and philadelphia 59 and allentown 58, satellite and radar composite cleared out nicely high, thin clouds earlier this morning and now as you can see there's not much going on. later on over the next several hours includes increase again as some of the stuff down here slowly pushs in south west. still high, thin clouds and sun will beat through that we're expecting nice afternoon on the
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comfortable side and maybe chilly relative to averages but not bad. 4:00, 64. by 6:00, 61. shaping up to be a fantastic finish to the weekend but we have changes again in the 7-day forecast. first, we'll see a big warm-up temperatures flirt with 80 tuesday and wednesday and then there's several rain chance ahead wednesday, thursday and actually a little later than that as well. maybe thunderstorms. i'll have the details in the 7-day when i come back in a bit. >> chris, thank you. our big story at noon is developing story a dallas hospital worker who cared for thomas eric dunkin tested positive for he bowl a dunkin is the man whop died last week from the virus. >> a female workers was mopping those monitored she tested positive and. >> they say the worker was wearing full protective year. tom has more on the new case. >> this becomes first person infected with ebola inside the
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u.s.. this worker cared for thomas eric dunkin first patient diagnosed in the u.s. samples frain latest ebola victim are transfered to cdc for further confirmation and officials are looking to locate anyone who came into "this patient. >> we're still confident that the precautions in place will protect the healthcare worker. we don't have a null naltis of all the care we're going through that now to try to understand specific elements of who came in contact with mr. dunkin around what circumstances on what day, et cetera, but we're confident that the pro caulks we have if place right now are protecting our healthcare workers. >> a want to stress before we bringp a doctor, a very important fact. you cannot contract ebola other than from the bodily xhups of
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symptomatic ebola. you cannot by working people in the street or being around contacts not sim matt tim. there in nothing in that that faces the basic premise of science. and while it's important that obviously bad news, it is not news that should bring about panic. >> "abc news". >> meanwhile the american journalist treated for ebola is improving, mukpo is in nebraska isolation unit and receiving experimental drug and blood trance dehe became infected while working as free lance camera man. >> a second toddler has been a confirmed fay ta tallty from the
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d 68 entrovirus. she died at michigan children's hospital and she was on life support since middle of last month. 4-year-old eli waller hamilton township mercer county new jersey was first for enter row death and cd interest says five people infected and some have died but it's not clear what role if any it played many their death. a car struck two young men killing one as they walked along a delaware road overnight. and the driver has been arrested. and it happened 11:00 this mourning on mill tun road east of heritage fair drivech the men were walk on the shoulder when driver of knew san at matt everybody swevbed and hit both of them. they were taken to christianne hospital where 20-year-old steven seavrio. >> the glivr was is sxhups.
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>> three people em. >> it happened commerce near wallton drive fire field townshipch the driver lost control, drove through nj transit bus shelter and hit a tree. two vicks tim are in critical condition. no word yet on the can be of the third person. >> an anti-bullying rally is planned tonight across from middlesex county high school in center of football hazing scandal. 7 players are facing serious charges and they ascend sayreville war memorial hospital and the players are accused of aggravated sexual assault. the allegations involve an attack on younger players over ten day span last month. the head coach is not accuse vd of wrong doing and refused commentch the team's football season was cancelled. >> a local fallen fire fighter is honored today at national memorial. michael goodwin died while fighting a fire in queen village april 13. he's one of 177 to be honerd at
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at the national fallen firefighters memorial in maryland. >> a local university gets a new leader this afternoon. holy family under arrest northeast philadelphia will inaugust rate the news president. sister maureen mc garty she earned her bachelor in biology in many -- overrule mass will take place at two followed by inauguration ceremony. >> two stores close their doors next month due to sagging sales. acme in warminster and best butler in chalfont will shut down. 130 employees will lose jobs and acme officials say they'll be offered positions at other students. both will have liquid daition. >> the laimentest chapter of
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rivalry between the eagles and giants will play out tonight at lincoln financial field. birds will tackle foes with few injuries. eli manning has lost more games against eagles than any other team in nfl. we invite you to join us during the game and use twitter #6abceagles kickoff at at 8:30. >> they get a wrap-up of analysis of the game tomorrow night game day final. former eagles wide receiver quick will join ducis rogers for highlight beginning 11:45 tomorrow right after "action news" 11. >> in philadelphia the city's annual columbus day parade and parade celebrates italian american culture and caz manterra is alicia visit really join us after 1 for the parade. there's an all day columbus day
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festival right now marcony plaza. amy buckman joins us live. good afternoon, amy. good afternoon i got the great assignment today. i wish we had snowvision so you can get a taste in sense of what is going on -- smellvision and if you look behind me you can see a small sampling of the food booths down here from pizza and pasta to pork and pastries and this is the place to be if you want to eat today. >> we have six different players of homemade italian sausage in our shop we make 29 different flares of homemade italian sausage. >> how many pastries do you think you go through in an event like this. >> 500 it 10,000. >> that's a lot of paging you do. >> good good weather and good crowd and everything is working for us today. >> everybody loves italian food which is it. >> it is good it's just good.
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it's not about cooking. there can be a lot of passion there. the more time you invest in cooking and preparation the better the food is. >> it's not the place to be if you're on weight watchers i'm telling you we're back here live. music is playing. folks are starting to arrive. and of course columbus day parade end here at the plaza and festival of misdemeanor and delicious food runs until 6:00 tonight and weather could not be more gorgeous, come on down. live in south philadelphia i'm amy buckman "channel 6 action news." >> eat your heart out amy. >> weight watcher points out the window. >> it's now a sunday afternoon sigh lobe brings wide span sdruption and. >> there are questions about the use of anti-eye otics in hospitals. >> cool start to sunday.
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temperatures below freezing in parts of the area. we'll be enjoy, 70s and 80s by tuesday afternoon. how long does thattic around. i'll have the answer in the 7 how long does thattic around. i'll have the answer in the 7 day
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sxwlv half a dozen people are dead after a psych loan hits india. winds of 120 miles an hour swept in from the bay of bext ngal 400,000 people were evacuated the region is home to 14 million. there's more in harms way of the 35 deadliest storms on record 27 have come through the bay of bengal. >> typhoon bongfong is tearing up the japanese main land.
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>> time foreaccuweather. certainly nicer day than yesterday. >> no weather up and down the eastern sea board. let's go to skyism 6 we cleared out nicely. as we get you outside that's what left. combination of sun and clouds and bright blue out there and milder temperatures and yesterday with all the cloud cover kept temperatures down. it was one of the coolest daytime highs we have seen in about five months. today it's better. we're up to 59. yesterday we topped at 57. dew point 45. winds out of east south east 7 miles an hour and pressure reading 30.30" and upper 50s. lower 60s south and east and poconos still chilly with temperatures only in the low 50s. you're seeing a lot of sunshine out there and actually most of the region seeing quite a bit of
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sun. we'll pick up a few more in the way of clouds later on. complex of showers and storms pushing eat and moves through the klooip s and eventually out to sea. blow off cloud tops will swing through later this evening and warm front punchs in tomorrow and sets up milder monday and warmer tuesday and wednesday texture-wise here's what's underneath the warm front 75 atlanta and 82 jacksonville and new orleans 85 and 5 5 in dhik check there's a dem tour difference here and this warm air pushing norm great lakes. mid-atlantic and northeast and that sets up a strup of weather for us temperature-wise. surface maps today high pressure in control. dealing with a north, northeasterly wage. normal 68. we'll go 64 or 65 today and as warm front punches through we could trigger shower tomorrow. otherwise temperatures moderate to upper 60s low 70s and by tuesday it sbingz through and
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the skies open up. sunshine and temperatures get all the way to upper 70s. some lobes are close to 80 by tuesday. it will feel nice around here. future tracker showing high, thin clouds overhead spreading the area later in the average. first thing tomorrow morning more clouds. and then by afternoon there's a couple showers possible with that front as it passes through. but, we're not looking at anything too terribly heavy. i would not cancel the plans and go with what you do outdoors later on it will not damper things 345eub maybe enough to wet the roadways. and monday and tuesday clouds give way to sunshine and that's when the temperatures soar. this is tuesday afternoon by 3:30 nearly 80 in philadelphia. trenton 81. allentown 79. reading 79 and lancaster 79. so too chilly this morning. stay patient. we have some nice stuff on the way. sun, high clouds, that's call from accuweather the rest of the way. pleasant afternoon, 64 is the forecasted high and winds northeast shifting to the east 5
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to 10 miles an hour and overnight tonight not as cloudy, 44. outlying suburbs 52 for center city. here's your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. 64 today. 68 tomorrow. we'll call it stray shower possible. especially west of city. otherwise we're seeing mostly cloudy skies and tuesday, clouds giving way to sunshine and 77 degrees. that will be the official call for philadelphia. as you saw on the model some of the modeling is little higher than that. it will be a warmer day. wednesday, cloudy, couple showers around. 77. wednesday night in the thursday another low pressure system swings through period of rain heavy at times. 70 thursday. friday quiet sun and clouds 72 and saturday mostly sunny skies. not a bad start to next weekend and 70. >> all righty. looking forward to next weekend. >> thanks, >> and with changing weather ahead this week stay in the know with new visit for latest on stormtracker 6 radar and
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hourly and 7 day forecast and latest video from "action news" meterologist. >> just ahead on objection "action news" government health insurance web site takes on a new look. >> and two airplane emergencys in less than an hour. details when "action news" continues. party on people! blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale continues celebrating with 20% off the entire store. you heard right, 20% off the entire store. we're talking employee pricing baby! hey, you need 'em, you want 'em, and now there's no better time to get 'em. blinds to go. blinds for life.
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>> welcome back. it is 12:20. 59 degrees. sky6 hd looking live at cape may, new jersey. looks like those folks having fun. there lots of outdoor activities today. eagles game at the linc tonight and columbus day parade happening now enjoy. >> hel edge check at noon signing up for obamacare easier this go around. several health officials inveiled a kleel cleaner healthcare dpov web site. it ran into technical dive adultyes next fall. the next on enrollment period.
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begins november 15. >> a new study suggestions chain restaurants are making changes slicing calories for particular recipes and found the study did not say how popular new options were with diners. >> a new sure vaiv races concern about how widely antibiotics are used in hospitals. majority were broad spectrum drugs used to fight more resistant infections. government researchers wonders ft. drugs are being used too broadly. >> antibiotics are pressure resource life saving drugs. however we're at risk for use losing effectiveness and losing for our again ration and future again ration if we don't act now. >> last march the cdc asked
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hospitals to adopt stewardship programs to track and betser target antibiotic use. >> more to come on "action news" including sports. >> sizing up the job ahead to
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(barking...) (meowing... & more barking) this is just too good to keep quiet! petsmart's low prices on your favorite food brands just got lower! shop a wide assortment of food, and now save up to $7 on select natural and specialized nutrition for dogs. at petsmart®. >> in the american league the royals went up two on or joels and here's jeff jeff with the rest of sports there's animated
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cartoon on eagles web site after eli manning crying because he's so skird of the eagles defense. yup, it's sgin's week and that means one thing trash talking amped up. you can wait for kickoff at the linc, giants, eagles what a match-up. this is tom konk lynn and eli man ago riffing in enemy territory. they don't like philly and eagles are hoping to send them back home tonight just as unhappy. manning lost more games against eagles than any other team in nfl how do you beat them. you hit them. >> great quarterback and you can't give him nothing. he takes advantage. and he's a great quarterback you know, but that's what any quarterback you put your hat on them a little bit the game changes up a little bit. that's what we hope to do. >> much more on the eagles later this evening on eagles game day
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kickoff 11:30 with ducis rogers and mike quick. for the third straight year the flyers have zero wins, three games into the season. yeah, it is not pretty so far. things will not get any easier for orange and black. next 7 games all against playoff teams if a year ago. wayne simmonds looking sharp so far last night against monts reel brought a gym less than four minutes in the first period. flyers score twice. simmonds scores, flyers take 2-0 lead first lead of season and less than nint second simmonds again fourth foal he sdrpt this many until almost thanksgiving last year. flyers have a meltdown on ice in the third and give up three goals in 7 1/2 minute scan. alex beats ray emery tied at. you won't like this game goes to shootout. baparento beats emmy. flyers with get 4-3 they're
12:27 pm
still looking for win number one. >> they took it to us we respect that team and know what they got and how they can buzz around that's sports i'm jeep jeff skversky have a good day. a new study finds college athletes that play contact sports like football and soccer have high risk of carrying a super bug named at mrsa. they looked at 377 athletes offer a two-year period and 224 of them play contact sports and they found those that play contact sports acquired mrsa more like quickly and were exposed for a long are time. researchers believe this is due to skin on skin contact and athletes suffer from cuts and scrapes while playing. >> another half of "action news" is just ahead here are some of the stories we have for you and blade runner oscar pistorius
12:28 pm
will learn whether he'll go to jail. >> and new edition to philadelphia charter schools health center in the building. that and more when "action news" co a halloween hey ride goes wrong
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sending a dozen people to the hospital. >> more on that in a minute first a check at the accuweather forecast with chris sowers. >> nice out here now. chilly temperatures this morning. some locations to low 30s. now with all the sunshine feels fantastic out here, 54 slatington and tanersville and chilly up to the north. you get closer to city and numbers respond nicely, chester 63. sentence are city 63. levittown 57. buena sitting at 60 and hammonton 60 and avalon 63. >> here's satellite and radar and you could ask for anything better. you ask for clear sky and clouds building towards southwest or lower left-hand side of screen. cloudy conditions now and d.c. and baltimore metro areas n
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philadelphia as you can see there not as much going on. accuweather says enjoy. it mostly sunny skies and high, thin clouds moving in late in the day and pleasant afternoon and holding steady mid 60s and eeingeds game tonight there's lay chill in the air you need something with sleeves. they're down to 52. no weather issues this afternoon or for the game. everything looks all right. can we keep the winning streak going later this week. we have changes in the 7 day forecast and i'll have that for you when i step inside kenneth in a bit. >> to the latest on the ebola virus the first named case of the disease being transmitted in u.s.. head of cdc said ebola diagnosis of healthcare worker at texas hospital shows a breevrp in safety procedures.
12:32 pm
dr. tom freedan said the worker had treated dunkin in dallas and dunkin died wednesday. dr. feed an added as soon as the healthcare working had symptoms was isolated the level of virus is low but all healthcare workers who treated him are considered to be potentially exposed. >> unfortunately it is possible in the coming day that we will see additional cases of ebola because the healthcare workers who squared tore this individual may have had a breach of the same nature of the individual who appears to have preliminary positive tests. >> nearly 50 people that contact with him are in isolation including one in contact with the new ebola patient. none have any ebola symptoms. cdc says other people may have to be isolated. >> and police in st. louis fired
12:33 pm
tier gas at demonstrateers and made arrests. demonstrate rerz protesting recent shootings of michael brown and other plaque men in the area. protesters linked arms outside a convenience store last night. our sister network fusion says police fired tier gas to break up the card. it happened a couple hours after brown's mother led several hundred in a prayer vigil. >> organize rear calling furgeson october a call for end to racial injustice in the area and some are skeptical things will change for the better any time soon. >> how is your city, st. louis. >> ready to blow up. if you're white you get one kind of justice black another. >> there's a lot of racism that came out of this. and i thought it would be for the better but i think it's been for the worst. >> demonstrateers have trained for what they're calling more civil disobedience in the next 24 hours. >> a trailer over turned in maine injuring 23 people. some seriously. authorities say last night the
12:34 pm
driver of the jeep pulling trailered harvest hill farm and mechanic falls missed the turn the jeep went off the road and trailer jack naivd going done a steep hill. it struck a tree and threw passengers off injuring the driver and everyone on the hey ride. the accident happened deep in the woods and complicated the rescue effort. >> annie mccormick 18-year-old playing zombie was killed at halloween corn maze. he was running towards a bus and stumbled and landed in nropts of the bus's back wheels. they out the incident was part of the show. the sheriff office said there probably will not be charges filed. >> curdish fighters halting battle in isis. isis is sending in reinforcements. american led coalition is pounding isis for two weeks with little affect on the crisis.
12:35 pm
today the turkish government announced it had agreed with u.s. to train 4,000 syrian opposition fighters. one day after suicide bombers killed three dozen people in baghdad, iraq, bombers struck again. this time lease chief west of baghdad was killed by roadside bomb. and triple suicide bombing killed 26 curdish forces northeast of iraqi capital. leaders have asked for american ground troops to help they will hold off isis which has taken all but one major season in the is they. >> oscar pistorius will learn his fate tomorrow. last month the court determine's the shooting was accidental but he was convicted of two charges including firearms violation and can still face jail time. hearing could take environmental days.
12:36 pm
it's difficult to say if he'll -- the plane was going from la guardia to charlotte, north carolina when it happened. 45 minutes later another flight coming into charlotte made emergency landing as well. u.s. airways says regional flight from greensboro had hydraulics issue and there were no injuries in either case. hazmat crews called out by south jersey airport overnight after a chemical leak reported firefighters and hazmat crews called 4:00 this morning millville mun us pill utility authority. due toel operate vaited levels of chlorine. liquid chlorine was leaking in the plants and to evacuations were ordered in the area. philadelphia police are questioning a man in connection with a late night shooting of a teenage boy. the action cam was at the scene the 2,000 block of mederi avenue where police found a 17-year-old in car with a bullet wound to the leg. and he is in the hospital in stable condition. police say officers then followed a trail of blood to
12:37 pm
house on 6400 block of wood stock street. they say they found a man cleaning blood off the floor. he's the one being questioned and investigators say he has denied any involvement in the shooting. >> it is a first for philadelphia charter schools university companies implemented comprehensive full place health centers: lisa thomas laury visited beaufort. >> universal calls this beginning of holistic strategy to strengthenp neighbors and it's partnered with education plus and national nursing september certifies cop sore shum you can see it fully staffed in eight schools. >> any pain when i touch your belly. >> each center has family nurse practitioner and medical assistant and sees on average 15 to 0 children in a day. >> bridget indicate down today she has abscess on her cheek and we're going to assess her to make sure that there are not any lumps inside the abscess. >> if bridget needs a closer
12:38 pm
look she'll see marie mets who as nurse practitioner is able to monitor serious diseases and chronic illnesses and many public schools in the city have health centers with school nurses and usually hi rns. >> but when there's a need for higher level of care when there's acute sickness or asthma and huge, huge issue, nurse practitioners can provide a higher level of care. >> specifically nurse practitioners unlike rns are able to diagnose ill ns diagnosis and treatments at school eliminates the need for a student to miss class and have a parent keep off of work. >> we're keeping track of asthma kids and unfortunately with virus season coming up these kids get hit harder. >> in an toovrj keep kids healthy the goal is to eliminate more of the issues that negatively impact academic success of children.
12:39 pm
>> we believe if we can remove some barriers to learning ultimately we can reach goal of all scholar as chiefments. >> lisa thomas laury, "channel 6 action news." >> well there's more to come on "action news" this sunday. it was water, water, everywhere for a dig college game in the south. >> and award winning musical makes news in philadelphia. it's coming up in 6abc loves the arts. taking a live look now at sky6hd in atlantic city. meteorologist chris sowers will have the full accuweather forecast when "action news" have the full accuweather forecast when "action news" continues
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>> this was captured jedd by anderson island it triggered first tornado warning in nearly
12:42 pm
45 years a virtual monsoon poured down on starkzville mississippi making it tough for players to keep hands open the ball you could see rain pouring down and frevsh cheerlead others to band members were soaked through their. >> i remember playing drums and water was hitting me in the face. >> you would are ran for cover. >> and i'll tell you what it was hard to see players on the fie d field. as we look at the dell dl valley nothing was going on. that's the view for philadelphia international airport. few high, thin clouds otherwise mostly sunny conditions and comfortable out there. 59 in philadelphia, trenton 58,
12:43 pm
millville and there's afternoon not too much going on. just few high thin clouds starting to build and out towards southwest. what's been happening over the last several days frontal system stalled out over mid-atlantic and tennessee valleys. they've been sitting here day after day after day and frontal systems push closer and we see wet weather here. what will eventually happen now is there's a bigger system up in here which will kick this front out. and that will pull a warm front into the delaware valley and temperatures will climb with warm front and also see rain move in as well looks likes unsetsled pattern continues over the next several days once we get the final low through that's when we'll see a nice stretch of weather and tat reflected in the 7 day forecast in a bit. temperature-wise nice and cold
12:44 pm
to the north. chilly. temperatures in the 50s. close to afternoon warmer to the south. jacksonville 82. miami playing green bay and temperatures close in on 90s. all this warm weather starts pouring in from the south as this warm front lifts through over the next 24 to 46 hours. several degrees below average and not bad with sun. by the time we get to monday afternoon and tuesday we see nice warm-up as the pattern goes from this to much warmer. jet stream lifting north across the u.s. canadian border and we see winds shift south west and temperatures easily up into the 7 0s. some locations wouldn't be surprised if you get close to 80. and later this afternoon into tomorrow clouds increase. high, thin clouds first and then clouds lower and thickening to where you wake up tomorrow morning and it's a gray morning around the delaware valley. and by afternoon could be showers erupting north and west. none ever this looks too terribly heavy.
12:45 pm
these are lighter shades of green we can handle that. tuesday afternoon return of sunshine. this is when warm front lifts through once the skies begin to clear and temperatures start soar. tuesday afternoon and wednesday both days could get close to 80. 64 degrees in meantime for today. sun and clouds, nice, allentown 63. millville 64. atlantic city 64 reign overnight tonight turning cloudy after midnight and weather nice and quiet. not as chilly. 44. and the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast shows that final low pulling in hereby midweek. sun and clouds today. 64. maybe a stray shower possible for monday. otherwise cloud cover out there 68. tuesday clouds giving way to sun. warmer high of 77. wednesday into thursday see final low pull through. there could be several hours and maybe a period of rain wednesday into thursday. and the pattern breaks friday into saturday. sunshine returns temps in the 70s. kenneth. >> all right.
12:46 pm
thank you. abc is reffing up for another sunday "nightline" up of fantasy and intrigue. once again the climax of night is refenth. charlotte reveals to victoria emily is amanda clark and she vows to make emily pay. and musical that has was supposed to be a limited run on broadway is still so successful it's 20ur touring nation and coming to philadelphia. david murphy has preview on abc loves the arts newsies is inspired by the real life newspaper boy strike that helped change child labor laws in new york city. newsies nopd 201 for a limited engagement the show was such a big hit disney extended it two years it is now hitting the road with philadelphia on the stop
12:47 pm
for the north american tour. >> the message is great, spirit of the show is fantastic. >> david versus goliath tale is about homeless working for newspaper giant joseph pulitzer. >> he destidz raise the price you have to pay to buy the papers. >> one of the news boys rallies the troops in protest creating first news boy union in the nation and they went out on strike one man was able to bring thousands of kids to petition the newspaper and they won it's a fantastic thing standing together and fighting for what you believe. >> plus musical score and choreography earned tony awards. >> what these boys do is insane flip over backwards in the air on a dime. >> it's the best dancing i've seen on broadway in decades. >> this show is a beast. it's disney theatrical beast.
12:48 pm
>> newsies academy of music starting october 28. for ticket and show times go to the arts in or visit the arts for this the arts in or visit the arts for this and more of blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale continues! woo-hoo! as our gift to you, take 20% off the entire store. twenty percent! the entire store! hey, with savings like that, you could redo your entire house. just sayin'! blinds to go. blinds for life.
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in cases of rape,pposes aborin cases of incest,ions. and in cases where the mother's health is in danger. no woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy from a rape. mario scavello sponsored a bill to force women to have unnecessary and invasive ultrasounds. it's horrifying. women need to know that mario scavello wants to stand between them and their doctors in making decisions that aren't his to make.
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football fans like meat clearly, i am a football fan. up your game with the new ultimate meats pizza. a large for $12 dollars. add a mega chocolate chip cookie for just $5 dollars more. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. papa john's. welcome back 1250 here looking at sky6 via penn's landing and submarine arconia. >> filling up your gas tank today there's good news especially south jersey. average price for gallon of regular lar in new jersey is down to $3. 8 cents less than last week. i was talking about this. drivers in delaware paying $3.08 and pricier higher in philadelphia $3.31 and gas prices will likely continue to fall as fewer drivers hit the road and crude oil prices
12:51 pm
decrease. >> cyber hackers started leaking 100,000 videos stole be from the popular app snap chat. many could be pornographic. people use snap chat because pictures disappear after they're sent. its app was not hacked. what was hacked were unauthorized third party apps that millions use to connect to snap chat. the social media site has 100 million active users half teen aimingzers. >> a detroit homeowner sells you his home for 3,000 dollars or an iphone six. doesn't sound look a bag deal right until you take a closer oak at this home. doors are missing and windows busted out and fire pretty much gutted the place. some people think iphone 6 is too much for the house. >> please i save my iphone and money too. >> not such a good deal. >> not at all. i'll give them a dollar. >> good gimmick. fixing home would cost a pretty peppy obviously and other abandoned homes make unappealing
12:52 pm
investment. the homeowner is hoping someone will see beyond all of it and buy it any jp way. >> there's flying first class and then there's this. airlines based in abodabi unveiling three room apartment in the skies called residents for butler available to attend to every need at 0,000 feet. no word on ticket price. i bet nydia han would purchase it and also for 15 grand you can get a round trip ticket on singapore airline flight. fine dipping is available for a private bedroom which comes with nice set of pajamas. thanks to honest "action news" viewer on north philadelphia pet that was dog napped step weeks ago is now back home safe and sound. chichis owner is praising sebts ral detectives, "action news" and good samaritan that lost a lot of money. owner of mecca salon paid $550 for a dog from a man claiming to
12:53 pm
be a tem it will student. he heard about a dog being stolen from a home. he realized he had chichi when he calledmer by name and she reacted his 3-year-old son was devastated but he knew he it he had to return the dog. >> it was not a hard decision to make it was right decision to return the dog. >> i'm happy we were able to get her back. it was a long time -- >> chichi's owner nia cora plans to give the dog bred so collins can have a puppy for his son. police are looking at is surveillance to try to officer the thieves. >> don't forget you can take the new with you wherever you go. the new smart design changes layout so it fits frevring tab throats smart phones. check it out by visiting any time any where
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>> recapping the top stories on "action news" a hospital worker in dal texas tested positive for ebola virus. thomas eric dunkin died wednesday and the worker cared for him. if the workerer's diagnosis is confirmed it would be first known case of disease being contracted on transmitted in u.s.. >> the banged up eagles host a thursday new york giants football game tonight at lincoln financial field. they are hampered by two injuries on the line and loss of best player on defense mychal kendricks. >> i know chris sowers you had prediction.
12:57 pm
weather prediction not but a weather prediction on score. >> eagles i went 106 to 10 and now i lowered the score a bit i'm thinking 106 to 7 what was i thinking giving them ten points. stick to the weather. >> forecast this evening, eagles game, partly cloudy, fall chill in the air. 56 kickoff temperature 52 by the 4th quarter. and the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast shows a stray shower possible monday and more rain possible wednesday to thursday. you telling me i'm too high. >> you're too high but temps are nice for next week. >> thank you. >> finally this afternoon the oldest woman in the state of minnesota is also now the oldest person with a facebook page fwound happen and anastola will be 114 on wednesday she's so old how old is she she has to fudge her time get a facebook page. they don't accept a birth date more than 99 years.
12:58 pm
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welcome to the philadelphia columbus day. now live from tacomy plaza here are your hosts alicia vitarelli and michael depilla and pete chi chia rocci. >> alicia: good afternoon. i'm alicia vitarelli and with me is michael di pilla, president of the national italian museum of philadelphia and pete chiarocchi from chickie's and pete's. we're thrilled to be here for the annual columbus day parade. i've done columbus day parades in three of new york's boroughs and various cities in new jersey and had so much fun doing philadelphia columbus day parade last year, that i'm back again! it's certainly a wonderful day down here and we're going to have a lot of exciting performances for you. a big "thank you" to the 1492 society which brings this parade to us year after year. the columbus day tradition dates back to the earliest days of our nation.