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tv   Action News  ABC  October 13, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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hospital worker infected with ebola. >> new overnight prayers are answered for a veteran looking for his stolen prosthetic leg. "action news" is there when he got it back. >> eagles ran all over rivals. big reaction to the big win over the giants. >> good morning, 5:30, monday, october 13. folks are groggy waking up this morning. they stayed up and celebrated the win. matt is off. nydia han is joining us. >> and some are waking up groggy. stormtracker 6 double scan shows you we have a couple of sprinkles and showers areturned and you can see some continuing to push out of new castle county dell dem and pushing into parts of salem county and these are light sprinkles and showers making the road dapch. cape may county had a little of this and kent county delaware and bucks county eroding and not pay big problem at this point. we have a lot of clouds out there. you'll notice there's some additional showers that are out
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to the west of us. these are pushing in our direction. and this will not be a washout today. occasionally you may run into quick hitting light shower out there. look at temperature now. 57 in philadelphia, 5 2 ine allentown and as you head out the door dress with a jacket. 57 by 8 pbg, cloudy and onle cool side. as we roll to the bus stap -- stop that would be for future reference and also the train station bring along the smart phone to keep your ion what is happening with the stormtracker 6 app or news with the 6abc app. and the high today will be 68. karen it does get hild milder this afternoon than yesterday. >> all right. dave we a problem glockster county energy until on the turnpike overnight hours accident involving overturned truck blocking turnpike southbound past exit 2.
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that's exit for 322. and now we're told they're blocking traffic way back at exit four near runnemede. we have to get off to 95 southbound as alternate. we have crews on the scene that see traffic getting by on the shoulder. they're allowing stuck traffic that has been there for hours. new jersey turnpike southbound all because of this problem with overturned truck that happened in the overnight hours. they're officially closing it at exit 4, route 73. mount laurel actually. as a problem closing back there which i think we continue to see things change with that one. looking live i-95 cottman southbound traffic headed to center city no delays yet coming from yardley. langhorne or pen dell. fire location under control here. street road blocked near asbury avenue. stick to by bury road as alternate. >> thank you. and we're following several ditching story this morning starreding with deadly one-car
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crash in northeast philadelphia. police say the 29-year-old driver died when her vehicle landed on its side after slamming into a parked car and spinning out of control. this happened 2700 block of willis road around midnight. no other injuries reported in the crash and it is still under investigation. >> and new developments in the ebola emergency in the u.s. a nurse in texas who treated first positive case in country now contract the the virus herself. the hospital worker had treated come to thomas eric dunkin in dallas before he died. the nurse in stable condition told cdc she wore protective gear during the treatments. president obama ordered federal investigators to pinpoint a breach in protocol and that has national nurses group firing back. >> when the nurses become infected they're blamed for not following protocols. that is not going to work. at least one person that came into contact with the nurse is in isolation as a precaution.
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6abc is teaming up with red cross and local members of liberian community for ebola aid telethon. join us "action news" 4 p.m. tomorrow to do your part in that relief effort. >> a judge in south africa is reading her reasons for the sentence she is going to deliver against olympic runner oscar pistorius. it could take environmental several days before the judge aups nos the ved verdict. he was convicted last month of culpable homicide in shooting death of his girlfriend reeva stein scam camp. he could get suspend sentence or up to 15 years in prison. something val you'll stolen from a military veteran outside ever the eagles game last night. katherine scott is live outside of the linc and she has the update, good morning, kj written. >> good morning, tam, if you go to phillies and eagles games i may recognize this victim sonny forest junior. one of the songs he likes to sing with boom box and
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microphone love is like a baseball game three strikes you're out. well, this morning he was at south detectives early pecking up his prosthetic like that someone stole from him outside the eagles game last night. while everyone was inside the assunpink this happened in a parking lot nearby. he spoke to southwest detectives after the leg was found. military veteran:30 last night an intoxicated woman in 20s wearing eagles clothing ran up jumped on his lap and broke his microphone she pollizeed and offered to pay for it and next thing you know she was cutting through cars with his prosthetic leg in happened. he takes it off when it hurts him. it turned up overnight on septa and according to boris there is video of her. >> one day she will get old and being -- i hope she don't get in the position where she's
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disabled or anything. but, she's going to have to look back on this thing. and so far no arrests were made in this case. live outside lincoln financial field, katherine scott, chapel 6abc news. >> katherine, thank you for that. this is one of the most talked about stories on 6abc "action news" facebook page. be sure to check the like box that way you get all the access to stopper i why and weather updates and viral individual quoz we close. >> learning more details about the student arrested for posting on-line threat against penn state university according to campus police a 20-year-old man told officers it was meant to be a prank. his message threat end to shoot up penn state social life center today at noon. they found no weaponsty suspect's home. he's scheduled to be araindz today on one count of making terroristic threats. >> new york giants came to the linc with three game winning
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streak and hot eli manning. they were not impressed. birds shut down manning and shut down the giants. 27-0. eagles scored first touchdown oun perfect pass from nick foles to tight end ertz. foles threw for 248 yards and sdwo touch sdounz and two interceptions and lesean mccoy kept giant's defense from coming unfolded having his biggest game of the season. on defense they sacked eli manning six times on way to shutting down a giant's team that scored 105 minutes last three games. >> the big difference in other games we played this year we exitsed. in all phases. offensively, defensively and in special teams. we did not -- it was not a spurt here or there. i think it was consistent football game start to finish. >> and now, one down note. running back darin sproles left game with knee injury. no word whether it sidelines
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him. here's good news he and rest of eagles have two weeks to get better 5-1 birds have a bye week. there's a lot of talk of lesean mccoy when will he gat buyer. >> if sproles doesn't get better fast i hope he stays on fire. >> 27-0. something else. stormtracker 6 double scan. we have no real significant rain out there. there's a couple sprinkles and showers to the south of philadelphia mainly over south jersey and cape may county. you see some over the delaware bay headed to salem county and cumberland county and every off to the norp area above philadelphia appears to be fall ago part at this point. as we look outside, plenty of clouds out there. perhaps a couple roads are a little on the damp side because of those sprinkles and showers and you may have some stuff falling in parts of southern tell dell and south jersey. 57 right now in philadelphia. dew point 49. indication air is drying out a little as there's a spread between temperature and dew
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point. and winds south east at 3. winds not much of a problem this morning. future tracker 6 showing you cloud cover will be a factor today. every now and then we have sunny breaks and occasionally there will be another round of sprinkles and showers coming in perhaps during the afternoon and early evening hours. by 5:00 you can see the model is not doing much with this and i think most of you this afternoon and early this evening will stay dry with some of those light sprinkles and same variety we've seen overnight and looking at in south jersey. temperatures 57 by 8 a.m. we're in the low to mid 50s across most of the region. still 50s by 8, by 11:00 low 6 0 and tomorrow afternoon 67 high of 68 this afternoon. mostly cloudy skies and sunny breaks. high temperatures north to south milder air will be from the jersey shore to i-95 as you get towards the lehigh valley and reading you're in the mid 60s
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this afternoon with spotty shower chance. tomorrow a warm front comes through the region and look what happens in the afternoon. we get nice, warm air in place. maybe even a little humid tomorrow. how about that? and we have a tropical storm gonzalo on the other side of the leeward islands and this looks like it might become a category one hurricane sometime tomorrow that could occur in vicinity of puerto rico. if you have travel plans to leeward islands or puerto rico over the next 24, 48 hours keep your ion the forecast as will e we. your 7-day for today, 68 the high. spotty shower. and tomorrow feeling like summer again here. high of 77 in the afternoon and might feel humid. probably mainly dry. if we get any shower activity it would be like today. light and spotty. and then wednesday, warm and humid, another high of 77 and with front coming 234 there could be a shower during the day and we're looking at potential for straedier rain wednesday night and that lingers through a
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good portion of thursday. there may be a gusty thunderstorm mixed in there. while spotty precipitation over the next 48 hours wednesday night in through thursday is the time period. to keep eyes on with steady downpours. after that friday, saturday and sunday all look good. >> all right. thank you. >> we like it. >> thank you, david. >> 5:41 next a dance play turns into terror for children swept away in a bonsy house. >> target, what you get and whatnot to get at a popular retailer. karen. >> live at the pennsylvania turnpike 309 no problems either roadway but huge issue on major roadway in new jersey details when we come back. >> and beauty store giveaway has tlees using pepper spray on shoppers. what was
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>> welcome back monday columbus day 5:44. 57 degrees. sky6hd looking live at atlantic city. >> let's go to karen rogers and see what it look like if you're trying to get in from the suburbs. >> issues in the suburbs, new jersey, accident itself woolwich township in gloucester county. overnight hours a truck over turned on the financial energy turnpike southbound past exit
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two where original accident the scene was. few state police there along the new jersey turnpike saying they're shutting down the turnpike exit 4 in mount laurel route 723. that moons a huge section of turnpike shut down in south jersey southbound. stick to 95 that runs parallel. seeing no problems 95 southbound. that's a huge area to be shut down. crews at the the scene saw traffic moving past exit we think it was stuck traffic out there they're allowing buy on the shoulder. just a mess of a situation continuing here and that's on the new jersey turnpike southbound from exit 4, 3 and 2 because of this accident in the overnight hours. and in medford burlington town county issue here. police ak toughty. jackson road is closed between lakeside drive and stokes road. stick to tonton road or stokes as alternate to that one. and new accident on garden state parkway southbound 575. look for this one in port republic in atlantic county blocking a lane. that is causing a problem as
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well. let's go to commuter traffic report when you download the free waze app. no major issues. with he have someone talking about that construction going on and davidville road warminster. watch for that one. let's look at stormtracker 6 live double scan talking about sprinkles that are out there that david has been talking about. this is your best way to see roads damp and currently looks like in delaware and south jersey near middleton along 213 more pronounced light shower activity along salem and millville 47 and also paging a little bill glass burp 55 and 322 nydia. >> karen, thank you. new this morning a heated exchange led to gunfire in grocery store parking lot. philadelphia police say a man with a knife charged at another man outside the pathmark on frankford avenue torresdale last night the man with the blade didn't know the other person had a license to carry a concealed weapon and that man fuld out a gun and shot the would-be slasher in the groin.
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police say the man that fired the shot acted inself defense. and charges are pinneding guess presidential man with the knife. >> bounce house accident sent two toddlers to the hospital in new hampshire and one of the children remains in critical condition. boys became trapped inside when a gust of wind sent them airborne. it was not died to the ground and no children were supposed to be using it at the time. fire officials believe the fire structure traveled 50 to 60 feet. >> consumer news now it's hard to make it out of a target without spending more than you planned right? the question is are you getting your money's worth. consumer reports testing showed target brands are often backed by quality and some do miss the mark. >> target can be one stop shopping go in for toilet paper end up with sweater condiments and snacks. you can often do well in the pharmacy department. over the years consumer reports has found target prices are
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lower than drug store khaipz like cvs and walgreens and prices particularly good for store brands like up and up naproxin and up and up ibuprofen again eric version of advil. >> we promise quality for left and there's up scale archer farms and market pantry more basic. >> consumer reports judged market pantry ketchup just as good as heinz and market pantry mayonnaise mimics hellmans and start the day with plaque and decker coffee maker. it made consumer report pick list and is target exclusive model cm 4000 s and shop elsewhere for coffee. market paptry classic you roost is near bottom in consumer reports lacks complexity and leaves hipd a bitter taste. snack foods are great to snack
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up on. market pantry peanut sweet and salty granola farms and archer farms jumbo cashews and farm mix. >> consumer reports recommending stopping by the freezer case. frozen mixed vegetables are just as crisp and fresh as birds eye mixed vegetables which cost you nor. >> good to know. very scary clown makes early halloween appearance on streets of california town. >> and hundred turn out at a florida beauty shop w
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>> let's go to the 3457z to show you the northeast extension southbound quakertown accident involving two tractor-trailers on the shoulder. it's not a major delay. but accident involving two tractor-trailers nasty situation on northeast extension southbound quakertownment fortunately at this point on the shoulder another new accident in and chester county this in two, denton hollow past lenape route 52 watch for that. looking live in exton. route 100 surprise boulevard roads dalp enough to be causing problems dave. >> most showers on stormtracker 6 live double scan karen are down south in parts of cumberland, cape may county and salem counties and a little of this continuing to push to central delaware and all of this is light. but it is enough as karen mentioned to make roads slightly damp. with leaves falling that can cause troubles. showers in southeastern
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pennsylvania appear to be moving out and roads damp from early shower activity. temperatures in the 50s. 57 in philadelphia for example. not a lot of wind out there. cool enough for jackets this morning for the kids. this afternoon may be able to get away with tee shirts briefly up to the upper 60s as we roll through the day high of 68 at 3bg and 67 by 6:00 if you runner rapped and want to hold off into the afternoon it's milder. >> thank you, david, going on talk ever a weird clown halloween game early aimths of creepy clown roaming streets and has own instagram account that's creepy. some are petrified others organized group searchers hoping to catch a nrims of the holiday haunt. >> a sale attributey supply store got hairy in florida last week. police used pepper spray on mob of discount shoppers friday as part of orlando store grand opening and giving away free
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hair skepings valued between $50 and $100. no one was seriously hurt. >> up next a local man fresh out of jail is accused of deadly crime against his own family. >> and went viral. and katherine scott has new information in a live >> an atlantic city man is
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behind bars and accused of murdering his own mother two days after completing a 30 year prison sentence and investigators believe steven pratt beat his mother to death at home on mckinnley avenue where they found quend lynn pratt's body yesterday. steven pratt was released from state prison friday after serving 30 years for a murder committed in 1984. >> another around of church murdered in philadelphia archdioceses could mean more closures. they include 6 in montgomery county and three in delaware county and five surechs in philadelphia all which locate ready fort richmond. archdioceses plans to make a final decision based on resources. >> as 5:57 a man hat han meltdown in a good way. new yorkers snagged up a special delivery falling from the sky. >> a fall investigate val taidz
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a fatal turn in new jersey. "action
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>> good morning it's 6 a.m. this monday october 1 3. matt is off. nydia han is join is us and developing this morning. >> forced out by fire. fast moving flames leave nine people homeless overnight. >> and veterans prosthetic leg was stolen outside the eagles game in south philadelphia and new from overnight wait until we tell you where they found it. >> fly eagles fly the birds beat their bitter rivals in first shutout in 1