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tv   Action News  ABC  October 13, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> good morning it's 6 a.m. this monday october 1 3. matt is off. nydia han is join is us and developing this morning. >> forced out by fire. fast moving flames leave nine people homeless overnight. >> and veterans prosthetic leg was stolen outside the eagles game in south philadelphia and new from overnight wait until we tell you where they found it. >> fly eagles fly the birds beat their bitter rivals in first shutout in 18 years.
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>> and beat would be the operative word they beat all over the the poor giants. let's go over to karen and david. good for the eagles. >> yes they sure were last night with 27-0 win you'll have the details coming up on that. we had a couple sprinkles and showers overnight. stormtracker 6 double scan shows you the only thing going on right now is in south jersey. very light stuff highlighted in light shades of green. route 55 picking up some of this and parts of dmrosster county and salem county and southern delaware may be delivering more from cape may county over the next hour as well. other part of the package cloud cover. mainly cloudy, sunny breaks and 57 right now in philadelphia. 5 allentown and 55 millville and 63 sea isle as we head out the door the next couple hours staying cool. mid to upper 50s between 7 and 8:00 hey there is not much
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whipped and not a lot of rain. as we roll through the day. 59 by 8:00, 4 by noon and 3:00 high of 68 holding similar by:00. my twitter follower margie reminds us that it really is starting to look like fall around here. the question as we look at nice, bright autumn leaves does it feel like fall through the workweek. it will start to feel more like summer tomorrow. i'll have details on that coming up with the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. karen what are roads looking like. >> this accident is causing big problems in new jersey. . the accident happened overnight hours involving overturned truck and accident investigation going on. accident itself was on the new jersey turnpike headed southbound war witch township past exit for 322 but now they have the turnpike blocked up to mount laurel exit 4 for exit 3.
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if you head southbound you have to take 295 southbound that's a huge chunk of turnpike in the area shut down this morning because of accidents in overnight hours past exit. watch for that. in medford burlington county problem police activity closing jackson lakeside drive. stick to tonton as backup for that one. under control fire not strong from armstrong middle school fire at the bucks county distance center. stick to byberry road as alternate. on the northeast extension two tractor-trailer accident, southbound at quakertown. this one not causing major delay at this point, tam. >> thank you, karen going back to something you just mentioned action cam just arrived on the scene of the breaking news in bucks county. one firefighter injured battling this blaze at bucks county dance center in bensalem.
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this fire broke out 4:30 this morning there on 200 block of street road and now those flames are under control and injured firefighter was treated at the scene. also new this morning early morning fire in parkside section of philadelphia has displaces nine people. action cam was open the scene 5100 block of harlem street when they got to the scene they found flames shooting out of second floor and heard smoke alarms. 20 minutes for crews to get control of the plays. all the resident did manage to get out of the house safely and investigators are looking for the cause. investigators are trying to figure out how a nurse in texas contracted the ebola. he can technically she's been in full protective gear while treating the patient. officials believe the nurse most likely contaminated herself when removing protective gearch the nurse was in contact with dunkin several times. dunkin died wednesday. officials are trying to determine who was the nurse she
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was in contact with while contaminated. so far in one as a recaution. >> a western on plane at lax and boston back from west africa have ebola. >> it is now 6:05 we have overnight update on unusual theft outside of lincoln financial field. military veteran says his prosthetic leg was stolen. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live outside the linc in south philadelphia and it's almost unbelievable where they found the leg, katherine. >> yes, that leg did turn up overnight. everyone was inside at the eagles game last night this happened in parking lot outside. and the victim says he's relieved he has his leg back but he want to know whoa would think it's funnily to pick on disabled
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you. >> may have seen sunny forest junior sitting out eagles games and early this morning he was receiving his prosthetic leg stolen in a porking lot near -- they recovered it and say they very video of a female with the leg. >> he sometimes takes the weing off when with it hurts them. last night an intoxicated woman in 20s wearing eagles clothing snatched prosthetic leg and ran off. >> i turned my head and she's cutting through the cars. >> he's relieved and can't believe someone would steal it to begin with. >> everybody knows he throughout the city and i'm down there just tailgating and having fun. at this point there's still no arrest in this case. we're live outside lincoln financial field, katherine scott, "channel 6 action news." >> thank you, unbelievable.
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new on "action news" now a pumpkin picking festival turned tragic over the weekend. shuttle bus killed one person and injured several others including baby. this happened near allstate farms chester township yesterday afternoon and the seasonal attraction is said to cause dangerous traffic conditions but the mayor says it cannot be regulated because the festival is on private property. >> word is a septa strike say matter of time. let's get more details with maribel avers with more. >> good morning, tam, head of septa biggest union says there's a real possibility of strike. negotiations are scheduled for next week. the management and union are said to are far apart on issue of pensions. union chief willie brown told philadelphia business journal it's in the a question of if we strike it's a question of when we strike. all right. developer bart blatstein getting into atlantic city market.
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blatstein buying pier shop at ceasars $2.5 million and at the moment the retail space is only 5 2% occupied. >> right now futures point to higher open. earning condition kicks again this week. >> and grilled cheese descended from skies over he one new york neighborhood. it was publicity stunt from us trailian company jaffle chutes. you place order pay and head to drop location. they've been floating sandwiches to customers and now has sights set open new york. nydia, look, ma, raining sands witches. >> i wish. eagles go into bye week with a 5-1 record and tie with cowboys
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for first place in east eli panning had three strong wins going into the linc eagles quarterback nick foles had had a good game even though threw two interceptions he also threw 248 yards and two touchdowns and running back lesean mccoy had biggest game of the season gaining 149 yards on 22 yaris. >> i'm more satisfied with the team win you know the first thing people want to talk about oh, the running game is going but we're 5-1 we're 5-1 and with me going over 100 or under 100 that's what i'm here to talk about that's what matters. >> birds have one big concern darren sproles left with knee injury. they have two week to recover
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now that the team is in of five-week. >> biv been worried going into last night's game. it was great today to get up and see shout out. >> dry conditions across the region. tighter on stromtracker in south jersey you can see route 55 as proppinged is getting wet now south of glassboro all the way down to areas close to millville. it looks like ac expressway which is just to the right of the action here here on -- i'll mark it for you that's expressway we're looking at the same light shower activity pushing over towards the sce expressway hammonton. in 10, 15 minutes if we go further north or south i should say southeastern pennsylvania not seeing much of anything but down along the southern foot of route 55 and also in and around sea isle and wildwood and okay may sprinkles there as bell.
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earlier spivrpingls and showers in south even pennsylvania, damp roads leftover from earlier sprinkles and showers even though spots are not actively seeing rain now. >> 58 wilmington cool as you step out the door this morning. chillier in allentown 52 and low 60s along. you can see how things are going today as we roll through the forecast. clouds, sunny breaks. future tracker 6 showing you 3:00 in the afternoon more of the same. by 3:00 there could be another batch of sprink isls and showers beginning to pop threw. obviously model not really selling a whole lot of rain out this later today and tonight. nonetheless you may see light sprinkal round similar to what you're seeing this morning. again that would be later in the afternoon and early evening. up in allentown mostly cloudy.
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spotty shower. mainly dry. 64 the cool high in the level and down the shore more of the same. we'll have mostly cloudy skies and potty shower and 68 is the forecast high there. in philadelphia, 68. mostly cloud didn't. so they shower at times and wint all of the south east 6 to 1 miles an hour. it's not going to be a real heavy one all right. >>. >> 57 by 8:00 and 62 by 11 we spend afternoon upper 0s high of 68. tomorrow we start out relatively cool in 60s but in the afternoon we wind up mid to upper 70s with humidity returning as a warm front gets past us. you get this sometimes in october. we'll get a warm one tomorrow that will feel more like summer. tropical storm gonzalo open leeward islands pushing towards puerto rico. it could become category one hurricane. if you have travel plans to that
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as we look at the 7 day mostly cloudy skies and 68 the high today and spotty sprinkle or shower possible tomorrow up to 77 on humid side and then warm and humid on wednesday 77 we'll be on the lookout for arrival of steadier storms wednesday and more of that on thursday, cloudy skies, 7. with some steady rain and maybe a thunderstorm. it looks great on friday, saturday, and sunday. >> i like that. >> thank you. >> thank you, david. >> 6:13 we're following developing stories overseas. no problems in hong kong. >> a new jersey community rocked by a mazeing scandal. >> an overturned truck new
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jersey turnpike
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6:17 am
we have a tow truck on the scene. this is accident investigation going on on the new jersey turnpike southbound at this point because of this accident that happened shortly after 4:00 this morning and get this they have got 35 miles of the turnpike in new jersey southbound shut down. they shut it down excite four mount laurel and that continues. from route 73 mount laurel down to delaware memorial bridge turnpike there shut down at this point and state police telling me the reason i do that exit four it's easy to take alternate 295. so you can get open 295 southbound there's no problem there 295 we can see it's going to be a smooth ride for you at this point and also runs parallel new jersey turnpike. get off exit hour and take 295 southbound because the turnpike is shut down. it's a messy situation to have such a huge portion of the
6:18 am
turnpike shut down. garden state parkway southbound past 75 port republic atlantic county watch for that. lower frederick montgomery county downed tree. zeiglerville near travel pike partially blocking one lane. denton hollow road past len pea road look for that. overall as we look at satellite 6 and action radar roads damp especially south of city now to look for that are light. couple sprinkles at this point with lots of cloud cover tam. >> thank you, carp. developing now there is a back lash against pro democracy protesters. brand new video in from china wrote an angry crowd tried to breakdown barricades where demonstrations are blocking off traffic. police are creating a border between the protesters and their critics and critics believe ongoing protests arele little. >> and hundreds came out to
6:19 am
anti-bullying vigil in central new jersey town rocked by hazing scandal. last night's event was designed to promote unity and healing within that community. 7 football players from sayreville high school were arrested on sex crimes charges they brutalized several younger players prosecutors say and this year's season was cancelled after the allegations came out. >> suspected cop-killer open the loose. >> cool this morning temps in the 50s. i'm dressing kids in jock et cetera. cool enough for that. this afternoon may be able to get awe with tee shirt. i'm not going
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>> this problem in burlington county on the schuylkill montgomery drive no major delays yet. and roads a little dam in spots especially south of city. mass transit on time. normal schedules despite the fact it's a holiday today, dave. >> some problems open the roads may be related to light rain popping through. southeastern pennsylvania had it earlier. it's gone now. south jersey a batch between 55 and ac expressway in southern glassster county and sprinkle in cape may county as well. looks likes there may be more come ago cross the delaware bay some roads wet and when you add the leevrz light whipped and
6:23 am
cloudy skies and spotty shower here or there throughout the day. no major delays at any most frequently traveled destination and showers in atlanta appeared to have knocked off there. that helps matters there. tam. >> going to "healthcheck" a study shows many parents make one big mistake when installing newborn's car seat. here are the most come on mistakes making hardest strap too loose or installing incorrectly. the study found that though parents when they were trained by certified car seat technician were 13 times for likely to use the it safely. >> colt on wong hit the leadoff homener bottom of 9 to give the
6:24 am
cards 5-4 lip. st. louis was last in home runs in the national league this season and now hit 11 in six play yvs game and series tied 1 game a piece piece. game three willing played in san francisco. >> up next there's a shift in plan hunt of accused cop-killer in the poconos. >> on a vet raps stole ep projectsic leg. >> nydia last night local ept taper who sits outside ♪ i thought it'd be bigger.
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>> the manhunt for eric frein enters its second month. the search appears south during more populated area of monroe county. they hopele fall being leaves can get them better visibility. he's been hiding in dense tree cover since shooting september 12. >> meteorologist david murphy is tracking a warm-up. >> and developing overnight out of control car flips offer side after slamming into a parked car. we have an update on the driver involved when "action news" involved when "action news" continues
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county dance studio causing major damage. >> an a stolen prosthetic leg. "action news" is there when had gets back. >> eagles absolutely beat their rivals. reaction to the big win over the giants. 6:30, monday, october 13. matt o'donnell is off and nydia han is joining us and let's take that quick look at weather and traffic for you with david murphy and karen roomers. good morning. >> we're off to a school start. stormtracker 6 double scan shows you spotty showers around. most of these south jersey pushing away from route 55 and towards upper half of ac expressway. more popping through cape may county and another cell south of dover jumping delaware bay and get into cape may later some
6:31 am
roads may be wet because of early sprinkles and showers that came through over the last couple hours. more stuff out west. as we go through the day. mainly cloud jury skies and perhaps a little damp at times with so they passing shower. 57 right now as you head out the door. dry in most areas. 58 wilmington and 54 allentown and 55 millville. as we roll through the day 50 by 9:00 and 64 by noon and upper 0s, four or five hire that yesterday and we're feting facebook and twitter pictures in from some of followers margie have you seen these a lot of pumpkin stands up and running. it will feel like autumn today. when we head inside tomorrow is looking more like summer than autumn. i'll have details open the warm-up coming up. >> let's talk about traffic. big problems starting in new jersey. chopper 6 live on the scene i know it's dark. you can probably make up the truck is on its side.
6:32 am
we have debris on the highway here. this is new jersey turnpike southbound glouster county driver of the truck entrapped in the vehicle. emergency workers on the scene. that was 4:00 this morning. now still accident investigation shutting down new jersey turnpike. southbound here in gloucester county and as we go to the maps you get a sense of the wide area that's affected. we rarely show maps this wide. it's shut down the new jersey turnpike 35 miles that point. off at exit 4 mount laurel 73 and take to 25 all the way done to delaware memorial bridge. until nnl turnpike here state police telling me the reason they shut is it down exit 4 it's easy to take alternate. 35 miles of new jersey turnpike southbound shut down. 295 alternate and moving 65 miles an hour. no problem top take alternate. basically running parallel. messy scene on new jersey turnpike. police activity here in medford
6:33 am
burlington county and jackson road shut down between tuckerton and stokes road. and quick look outside 4 eastbound heavy traffic troop to 23. no major problems and roads damp tam. >> thank you, karen. let's go now to action cam on the scene of breaking news this morning. one firefighters has been injured battling this blaze at the bucks county dance center bensalem. crews were on the scene two hours. you can see flashing lights and firemen there on the scene. but thankfully looks as though smoke and fire is knocked down as this is 00 block of street road. flames are indeed under control and injured firefighter was treated at the scene. >> also new overnight philadelphia police tracked down something very valuable and personal and stolen from a military veteran outside of eagles game. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live outside of the linc with update. good morning, katherine. >> good morning. this victim is familiar face.
6:34 am
you can see him with his microphone and boom box outside of phillies and eagles game. last night his prosthetic leg was stolen from outside the eagles game. everyone was inside lincoln if many field at the game. this happened in the parking lot fear by. while the game was going on. boris says he loves celebrating local teams he used to sing with different groups and he spoke to "action news" this morning outside southwest detectives after his leg was found. he told police 8:30 last night a drunk woman from 20s he wearing eagles gear ran up to him jumped open lap and broke microphone. she apologized to pay for it and he next thing you knew she was cutting through cars with prosthetic leg in happened. he takes it off sometimes which it's bombering him and it was on the side of wheelchair.
6:35 am
the leg turned up on septa overnight. he's told there's surveillance of her. he doesn't think she should be looked locked up but something you this should be done. >> one day she'll get old and come -- i hope shees not in a position of being disabled or anything she has to look back on this thing. and so far there's been no arrests in this case. weaver live outside lincoln financial field, katherine scott, "channel 6 action news." >> katherine. thank you. new york giants came to the linc with a three game winning streak and hot eli manning and eagles played like they were not impressed. they shut out giants 27-0 they scored open perfect pass. foles running back and lesean mccoy and birds defense combined to rollover the giants and jamie apody has brand new team reaction. shady mccoy told me after the
6:36 am
game they're giant killers new york talking smack all week long and stopped open the eagles logo before the game. the birds and defense especially let their play do talking. >> we executed. i think in all phases offensively, defensively, and in special teams. we did not -- it was not here than it was consistent football game start finish. >> the giants talked all week and stepped on the eagles logo before the game. >> they did that? >> they that. >> it's over now i guess all the talk and all that. >> is this ultimate way to keep them quiet. it's not just a win. >>. >> we're fol several developing
6:37 am
story this morning starting with deadly one-car crash in northeast philadelphia. the 29-year-old driver died when her vehicle landed on its side after slamming into a parked car and spinning out of control. this all happened 2700 block of willis road midnight. no other injuries were reported. the crash remains under investigation. >> the nurse was wearing protective gear during treatments. president obama ordered federal investigators to pinpoint a breach in protocol and national nurse's group is firing back. >> when nurses become infected they're blamed for not following protocols. that's not going to work. we cannot --
6:38 am
>> at least one person who game into contact with the nurse is now in isolation as a precaution, 6abc is teaming up with red cross and local members of liberian community for ebola aid telethon. in the afternoon tomorrow to do more part for the relief effort. >> a judge in south africa is reading her reasons for the sentence she's going to deliver for oscar pistorius. it could take a few days. the double amputee was convicted of culpable homicide in the shooting death of reeva steenkamp. he could get suspended sentence or 15 years if prison. >> time to turn in and look at accuweather for daughter. chilly over the weekend. you said more normal this week. >> we'll moderate today, tomorrow, and summer if a couple days. as your exclusive form tracker 6 image shows awe cross the region
6:39 am
in south jersey we have stubborn cells hanging on and if we go close they are is area of concern. atlantic city expressway picking up light rain and you have to love stormtracker 6 live detailbility to bring you live imimages. lighter shades of green this is light stuff. darker stuff showing west of hammonton. and i think in another five minutes or so this will be clearing ac expressway but road will be left wet. as we go out wider only other area of concern is southern delaware and some activity could pass through cape may which has gotten rain earlier. one sprinkle die as way in northern delaware county and eastern chester county. some wet roads lingering up north where earlier springls came through. as we look outside, cloudy skies for the most part across the region and includes center city now. temperatures are not bad. but cool enough for a jacket. for example in philadelphia.
6:40 am
dew points 49. winds east at five miles an hour and i brought in always on day planner on left hand portion of screen if you want to glass ahead. future tracker shows you mainly cloudy today. sunny breaks at times. between now and 3:00 in the afternoon this is what you face. and there could be sprinkle popping up. model wants to bring in more of thatlatener the afternoon and evening. again it's not everywhere and not all that heavy. just enough to slow you done a bit. keep in mind we are starting to get leaves off the trees now and even a little bit of rain mixing with leaves can make things slick and karen rogers has had quite a few fepder benders out there this morning. 68 is the high this afternoon. 50s by 8 and climbing low 60s by 11 and if you want to hold off with outdoor activities in the average 6 0 and not much wind. 68 in philadelphia. pretty much the same thing down towards the shore. as we get to lehigh valley and reading stopping in mid 6 owe 60s today. tomorrow look what happens in the average.
6:41 am
warm front past us and we see those numbers jump. it looks like mid up toer 70s in many parts of the region by as early as or 3:00 this afternoon, this is the 5:00 view. it's looking like warm one. we have a tropical storm gonzalo coming in leeward islands and looks like it has a chance to become a category one hurricane as it passes by puerto rico. if you have travel plans to leeward islands to puerto rico over the next 48 hours keep it here as we'll update you on the storm. 68, mostly cloudy skies. chance of spotty sprinkle or shower today or evening. dry most of the time. here we go. tomorrow with warm front past us all the way up to 77. the reason i say it will feel like summer not only because of temperature but humid humidity comes up a bit too. wednesday, warm and humid high 77 shower through the day and chance of steadier rain arriving
6:42 am
as cold front approaches west. steadier rain probably holds off until night the way things are looking now but it could easily spill through a good portion of thursday as well. so wednesday night in through thursday look for clouds and period of steady rain maybe gulingty thunderstorm mixed in. fortunately friday, saturday, sunday all look dry and nice. >> good. >> thanks david. >> it's now 6:42 an brand new stories up next including disturbing story of survival involving baby and dead man. >> and boups house goes air morning in new england with two toddlers trapped inside. karen. >> live in chester county heavy 32 to 113. roads wet in spots. fasty accident causing huge portion of a major highway >> chopper 6 live on the scene
6:43 am
6:45 am
now. i know it's dark. you can make this out. this truck is facing the wrong way. it's on its side and there are a number of workers on the scene and accident investigation we have a tow truck on the scene as well. accident itself happened a little after 4:00 in the morning and the driver of this truck was entrapped in the vehicle. and what we know right now accident investigation still taking place and shutting down the new jersey turnpike southbound a large number of workers here on the scene with this accident investigation and dealing with debris on highway as well. chopper 6 showing northbound traffic move of moving and southbound blocked and i want to
6:46 am
bring in maps to get an idea what's happening they shut the turnpike down exit 4 for route 73. you have 35 miles of turnpike you can take 73 for a minute and you're on 95 which runs parallel. take 295 instead of new jersey turnpike 35 miles to turnpike shut down with accident investigation with overturned truck now we're looking outside live 95 girard southbound traffic heavy past allegheny to girard. not as long as delay as we normally see. i think people taking holiday today. street road blocked fear asburgee avenue. fire location under control at bucks koptsy dance center and stick to byberry road as alternate and two accidents coming in cow path at taylor road and morris at west point
6:47 am
pike. we expected this to be a quiet weather day or quiet traffic day it's not. and i think one of the reason may be because of sprinkles that were moving through or light rain in spots causing problems. roads damp and a lot of accidents out there nydia. >> karen thank you so much. >> philadelphia police say a man with knife charged another man outside pathmark torresdale last night. the man with the blade didn't know the other person had license to carry concealed weapon and that man pulled out gun an shot the would be slasher in the groinch the man that fired the shot acted inself defense. charges are pending with man with the knife. >> sad and new here on "action news" 11-month-old baby girl is in good condition after found pinned under her dead father. louisiana investigators believe the baby now recovering at this hospital, may have been under the man's body up to three days. family members say the baby's
6:48 am
brother discovered the pairch the medical came inner said 43-year-old jason fields likely died of sudden sent cardiac arrest. and two toddlers were sent to the hospital. boys became trapped when a gust of wind september them airborne. no dhirp were supposed to be using it at the time. fire officials believe the structure traveled 50 to 60 feet. >> and new ebola case diagnosed in u.s.. "good morning america" covering all angles in this developing story. full coverage coming up 7 a.m.
6:49 am
in cases of rape,pposes aborin cases of incest,ions. and in cases where the mother's health is in danger. no woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy from a rape. mario scavello sponsored a bill to force women to have
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unnecessary and invasive ultrasounds. it's horrifying. women need to know that mario scavello wants to stand between them and their doctors in making decisions that aren't his to make.
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>> we're learning about details of a threat posted against penn state university. a 20-year-old man that lives off campus told officer it's was meant to be a prank. he threatened to shoot up penn state social life center today at noon. he is scheduled to be a rained today on one count of making terroristic threats. >> lots going on in the traffic department. let's start with police activity. medford, burlington county, closed between tuckerton and stokes. this downed tree in lower
6:52 am
frederick is causing a problem. zeiglerville road near gravel pike. chester county denton hall owe road past len pea road there's an accident there. even though it's a holiday. lots of problems. mass transit is on regular schedule. >> stormtracker 6 shows you one possible part of the problem. light sprinkles and showers. there's one clearing the ac expressway up and down that road and more out of southern delaware that will probably clip cape may county. it's pretty much done. temperatures in the 50s if you dress the kids i'm thinking jack set good idea. tee shirts for short time this afternoon and not a lot of rain out there. just spotty shower. probably okay going out rain gear. low 50s. 57 center city and south jersey a lot of mid i 50s from the shore all the way up to delaware river and mid 50s delaware and low 60s by the shore.
6:53 am
if you runner randz today hild milder later today high of 68 around 3:00. >> thank you, david, remaining couples on "dancing with the stars" will look different tonight. week of big switch-up the change was introduced last year to give each star a professional partner to dance with. the pairings were announced last week. jessie jay will appear as guest judge.
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>> welcome back. here are top stories. a veteran's prosthetic leg has been found on a subway train. it was stolen just as the eagles game was good to begin. the victim often seen outside the stadium. >> chopper 6 live on the scene now. one accident here an over turned truck you can see behind that that's on the new jersey turnpike approaching exit 2. we just have this in now. there's another accident involving overturned tractor-trailer approaching exit four. right you to they're about to block the right lane. there the 35 miles of until nming turnpike is shut down from exit 4 to delaware memorial bridge, dave. >> man as you take a look at
6:57 am
stromtracker light sprinkles and showers along the ac expressway some covering part of the turnpike. maybe that's causing problem of damp road. earlier showers going from southeastern pennsylvania today high 68 cloudy spotty showers ra round. >> of course we want to keep an ion this we'll see you for an >> of course we want to keep an ion this we'll see you for an update in 30 minutes.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. and breaking news. the hero nurse, the first person infected with ebola in this country now in isolation this morning. hazmat crews at her apartment. her neighbors on high alert. >> please be advised that a health care worker has tested positive for the virus. >> who else is infect sed? more than 30 million people in the path of severe weather right now. the hurricane about to surge the caribbean, as the midwest braces for severe storms, powerful ripds, rain, and hail. a bouncy house has blown away and landed back down. >> new this morning, bounce house horror. two young boys severely injured,