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tv   Action News  ABC  October 13, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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>> good afternoon. sarah bloomquist is off. in the news, a search is on for the eagles fan who stole a man's prosthetic leg after last night's game. and kol uming up bus day festivities held all around the region. and the big story at noon is search for answers after a nurse has now contracted the ebola virus aftercareing for a man that died from the disease. health officials in texas are scrambling to figure out how the nurse became infected because she was wearing all of the propertyer protective gear. and now the search is underway to see who she may have been in close contact with. marcy gonzalez is live from dallas, texas now with the latest. marcy. >> reporter: good afternoon, rick, that nurse is in stable condition in isolation. the cdc blaming this latest case on breach of protocol neither wearing or disinfecting that
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protective gear. how that happened is unclear. today investigators piecing together what went wrong at this dallas hospital that caused a nurse here to contract ebola. hospital officials say she wore a gown, gloves, masks and shield while treating the ebola patient that died here last week. abc dr. richard beser explains how mistake with wearing ar decome tan nateing the protective gear could have exposed her. >> if you have a cut it can get in indirectly. if you touch eyes, nose, mouth and it's on your skin that's how you get infected. >> other healthcare workers who treated dunkin at the hospital could also be infected. >> unfortunately it is possible in the coming days that we will see additional cases of ebola. >> reporter: right now there's 48 people monitored exposed to dunkin before he was isolated this nurse was not one. only coming into contact after dunkin was hospitalized. now, experts are looking into her own ring of possible exposure.
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so far extending just to one person who came into contact with her once she started showing symptoms friday. her dog being monitored, also, and nurse's apartment being decontaminated and neighbors on alert. >> definitely it's scary being in dallas. but when it's right here. >> right here. >> reporter: as officials stress the community is not at risk. >> it is not news that should bring about panic. >> reporter: and cdc is planning to offer more training to health care workers here and across the country. some expert stress all ebola patients should be treated at one of the four hospitals especially prepared to handle cases it's something cdc is being considered. marcy gonzalez, "channel 6 action news." marcy, thank you for the report. back here tomorrow we'll host a phone bank to raise funds for fight against ebola. medical experts say this is outbreak that affects us
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globally and the most effective way to get under control is at the source point. members from red cross and local community will be on hand to take your donations call the number on your screen tomorrow 877-940-6222 from 4 to 6:30 p.m. you can also follow latest developments on ebola outbreak on we also posted five most important facts about the spread of the virus. also, details about the new screening measures at several major airports. it's all right there, right now at and in other news a philadelphia police officer is in the hospital after being involved in a collision with another officer's cruiser. chopper6hd was over the scene of the intersection at 21 and spruce in center city and police tell "action news" one of the cruisers was parked after responding to a call when a second cruiser responding to different call went through the intersection and was hit by a pickup truck. that crash september the cruiser into the parked cruiser. the one officer would was
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hospitalized is expected to be treated and released from the hospital. we'll have a live update from the scene of the crash coming up at 12:30. >> several vehicles including a truck collided on new jersey turnpike overnight causing it to be shut down for close to 6 hours. chopper6hd was above the scene on the southbound lanes of the turnpike just south of exit 2 wore witch township glouster county it happened before 4:00 this morning and one driver was trapped in the wreckage and had to be freed. turnpike was reopened 10:00 this morning and state police have not released information about possible injuries or what may have triggered the collision. >> at crash along the new jersey turnpike snarled traffic in mount laurel burlington county. chopper 6 was over the scene southbound lanes just before 7 a.m. a truck hauling gravel flipped on to its roof spilling a load all over the side of a highway. the driver suffered bumps and bruises and one lane of traffic was getting by creating a backup
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as you can tell. and well a popular eagles fan who enjoys entertaining crowds outside the link said he was victim of bizarre crime last night. his prosthetic leg was stolen by a drunken fan. the man has his leg back now but police are serving for for the woman who ran off it with. katherine scott has the story. >> if you go to eagles or phillies game there's a chance you may remember knees the victim sunny forest junior can be seen singing outside the games. last night, he was here at the eagles game celebrating the home team, when he says a fellow fan stole his prosthetic leg. >> they call the city city of brotherly love. i don't know about that sometimes. >> last night, certainly was not one of the finer moments by one philadelphia fan who stole a prosthetic leg from enter taper and veteran sunny forest junior. outside the eagles game. ♪ >> with his boom box and microphone for setting familiar face outside eagles and phillies
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games and early this morning he was at south detectives retrieving his leg. >> a lot of people when they see me out there they really enjoy my singing and enjoy hearing me do what i do. and they just want to be a part of it. but then again, i guess she got carried away with it. >> reporter: forest was near lincoln financial field in parking lot p and the game was underway and his prosthetic leg was secured like this to the back of the scooter he does this when his leg bothers him. a drunk woman in 20s wearing eagles gear juneed on his lap and probing his microphone. she offered to pay he said don't worry and then she snatched the limb and ram. >> next thing you know i turned my satisfied and she's cutting through the cars. >> several women chased her and she disappeared over the crowd. the leg was spotted at the olney transportation center and returned to grateful forest. >> one day she will get old and become -- i hope she don't get in the position where she is
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disabled or anything, but, she's going to have to look back on this thing. >> so far there's been no arrests in this case. but it all remains under investigation. outside lincoln financial field, katherine scott, "channel 6 action news." >> and as fort game itself eagles got a big win by embarassing rivals. new york giants in front of a home crowd at the linc. birds headed to bye week tied for cowboys in nfc east. eli manning had three straight wins going to last night's game. birds defense ended that streak sacking manning 8 times last night. eagles quarter bark nick foles had a good gim even though he threw 2 interception threw for 248 yards and two touchdowns and lesean mccoy gained 149 yards on 22 carry i why which helped carry them to a 22-0 shutout the eagles first since 1996. >> i'm more satisfied that the team wins. the first thing people want to
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talk about oh, you got the running game going. but we're 5-1. 5-1, with me going over 100 or under 100. and that's what i'm here to talk about. that's what matters. >> and the birds have one big concern though. running back darren sproles left the game with knee injury last night and scored a touchdown in 3rd quarter he and other injured have two weeks to recover now that the steam in a bye. game time nal cysts shutout on eagles game day final ducis rogers and former wide receiver mike quick. that's tonight 11:30 immediately following "action news" at 11. >> and on the weather front we're starting off the workweek on a dreary note despite the eagles viing toying your i. sky6hd is looking at the sky line gray skies tell the story here. we may see breaks of sunshine today and keep the umbrella handy because spotty showers are not out of the question and we could really be in for a big change tomorrow.
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more on that to the studios with david murphy and accuweather. hey, david. >> rick, we have clouds firmly in place across the region as we their during the morning broadcast. look at stormtracker 6 live double scan bringing in live images now of showers that have developed over south jersey and parts of delaware and points to the west. there you see the movement. they are coming up from the southwest and pushing up torpdz the northeast. and if we go in a little wider here, you can see well we'll go ahead and drop in south you can see most of what we are looking at right now is a lighter shade of green and that is stromtracker's way of showing you light precipitation. radar capable of picking up the light stuff. it is, however a bit of issue today. because of the time of year. we're starting to get leaves on the roadways. and if you do encounter even slight stuff and they start to mix with the leaf cover on the roadways you can certainly start slipping and sliding and i would warn you too that even though those are light sprinkles and showers berlin and medford lakes
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the road behind the showers could be wet and take a little while to get on out of here. there's one other bit of precipitation coming up south of wilmington approaching newark as well. and 63 right now in philadelphia, 60 allentown and 62 wilmington and 66 sea isle city and if you head to the playground today it will be cloudy and maybe bring along umbrella in case of a spotty shower. your high today 68 at 3:00. rick you mentioned there's a big change in the accuweather 7-day starting tomorrow and it's not going to feel like autumn any more the next couple days. details ahead. >> all right, david we'll see you back inside thank you and stay on top of changing weather situation with new visit for stormtracker 6 radar. both the hourly and 7-day forecast. latest video from "action news" meteorologists and our collection of weather related photos and videos. >> and in other news the city of trenton is celebrating columbus day today with a morning full of festivities and commemeration started with wreath lay are
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>> penn state police say planning to charge a student for posting an on-line threat this weekend against the school. according to campus police a 20-year-old man that lives off campus told officers it was meant to be a prank. his message on the site yik yack threatened to shoot up penn state social life center at noon. they found no weapons at the suspect home and police are planning to place officers at the social life center as a precaution. and in north jersey a pedestrian was killed and several others injured in an accident at a pumpkin picking festival. it happened yesterday at a farm in chester township morris county. police say the victims were hit
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by two shuttle buses and infant among those hurt. the cause of the accident is still under investigation. and in new hampshire two toddlers were hurt air algerie fall festival when inflated bouncy house they were in was picked up by wind and carried two feet away. a 12-year-old was in critical condition and his brother is hospitalized. authorities say it was being tethered to the ground when it happened. one of the boys' fathers watched helplessly as his son was carried what way. we have nor in a live report at 12:30. funeral services are underway at noon for legendary philadelphia broadcaster bill campbell. he died last monday at the age of 91. funeral services began at 11:00 this morning christ the king church in haddonfield camden county. campbell called games for eagles, phillies, sixers even war jurors and he called eagles nfl championship game 1960 and wilt chamberlain 100 point game
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>> if you have not filled up your gas tank yet you're in for a pleasant surprise. gas prices have fallen on afternoon 12 cents in the last few weeks. national average is 3.19 a gallon and industry analyst said you can think lower crude oil prices for. it price for gallon of regular lar in philadelphia is now 3:29 a gallon drop of 10 cents in the last week alone.
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in new jersey it's 2.98 and in delaware it's 3.05. >> "healthcheck" at noon meant sal stress can victim pact on our heart. there's differences how it affects men and women amount cording to a new study from duke university stress causes more changes in blood pressure and heart rates in men but in women the first signs are decreased blood flow to heart and platelets in the blood clump more. that sets stages for blood clots which can of course cause heart attacks. knowing those difference can help doctors taylor their treatment. . the "action news" team is working on new stories tonight at 4:00. here's alicia vitareli live in the newsroom with a preview. hi, alicia how was the weekend. >> good one rick thank you coming up at 4 a twitter user credited with helping police find three people accused of attacking gay couple is finally breaking silence. we'll hear from him. and today as you know is columbus day and a big talker
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about the holiday and why some say we should not be celebrating christopher columbus. we'll tell you why some cities are bucking the trend and reinvest is venting a day they say is honoring one of history's greatest villians and from the nick u to the moon. see touching photo series imagining bright futures for babies to survive. if you have not already downloaded the you can watch our newscast streaming live on your smart phone or tablet. see you at 4, rick. tablet. see you at 4, rick. >> thank you alicia. i'm tom wolf. these are my parents. we look after each other. but too many seniors have no one. and harrisburg politicians don't seem to care. as governor, i'll create a registry so families can check backgrounds of care providers. and, i'll increase access to home health care, so seniors have the option of staying in their own homes. after all, seniors have earned that right. we certainly have! tom wolf. democrat for governor.
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in cases of rape,pposes aborin cases of incest,ions. and in cases where the mother's health is in danger. no woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy from a rape. mario scavello sponsored a bill to force women to have unnecessary and invasive ultrasounds. it's horrifying. women need to know that mario scavello wants to stand between them and their doctors in making decisions that aren't his to make. >> meteorologist david murphy is back inside now and if you like ice cream with sprinkles today, today is the day for you. >> green kind. we can actually see there is a little bit of light shower and
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sprinkle as around. light showers planted mainly over south jersey and moving towards delaware. if we go in tight are you can seat coverage now over cape may county and atlantic county in particular and as we move this for you you can see it's coming from the southwest pushing northeast and a second batch of these as i mentioned is also beginning to push through new castle county delaware. but the other thing to look for here is those additional showers that are moving away from baltimore and up 95. so you're starting to gets a little wet in places like newark, looks like wilmington will be following suit pretty quickly and there's a second ban coming after that. i'll leave you with the wide view of northern and western suburbs with nothing more than drizzle right now. lose like light sprinkle or shower developing in chester county. everybody has to look out for this as we go throughout the day. stepping outside, rain falling is cape may on sky6hd. and well you saw it on radar and now you see it sky6 confirming what we're seeing on our live
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radar. imagery for you at noon. 6 at into the temperature in philadelphia. winds south east at 8 and probably not going strong today. temperatures are a little cooler up in the lehigh valley and reading. 60 on the nose there. same in lancaster and low 60s in i-95 corridor and down the shore. 65 at the airport in ac and 64 cape may. future tracker 6 shows you how the clouds will probably be dominant the rest of the day. i can't rule out a sunny break particularly places north. generally speaking looking gray and at times the model wants to throw a little sprinkle or shower in and it may actually be a little more pronounced than you're seeing another 6:00 tonight and generally speaking the idea is some showers up until the early evening hours and in a few neighborhoods and mainly light. later on tonight possibility of clearing moving up from the south. high today in allentown is cooler than elsewhere. 64 degrees. mostly cloudy, spotty shower definitely exists in the lehigh valley and down the shore lots of clouds today, and we're
12:26 pm
looking at high of 68 degrees. again a spotty shower possible and you're seeing some of that now at the midday hour. and in philadelphia, high of 6 degrees and mostly cloudy at times and there could be a shower patrolling through the light touch for the most part and winds not all that strong 6 to 12 and tonight we doyp 60 with evening showers and drying overnight cloudy and mild otherwise. for the evening commute while you're looking at potential of slightly wet conditions and even a little bit of water can obviously slow you down. 68 degrees at 4 and 67 at 5 and 7 p.m. temperature also in the mid 60s and tomorrow future tracker 6 showing you that eventually we do start to get a warm front to the north and we start to see the return of some sunshine but it will be warm out there tomorrow. how warm? let's take a look. 7 day from accuweather cloudy, 68 for kol urge bus day and tomorrow, 77 is your high. and maybe a privrpingle in the afternoon and generally just sun and clouds. and then a better chance of average shower as we roll
12:27 pm
through wednesday. warm and feeling like summer 77. wednesday night to thursday morning rick we could have steady rain. friday, saturday and sunday looks great. >> david, thank you very much. it was the great pumpkin weigh off in rhode island this weekend. there was 45 giant gourdz entered in this year's come 3e tition for the biggest pumpkin. this year's winner weighed in 1870 pounds. wow. there was also a squash that weighed more than 1400 pounds. it's second biggest to be be grown in the world by the way. much more to come in the next half hour of "action news" at noon. fire destroys a dance studio in bucks county overnight and officials have now ruled it arson. latest coming up. and consumer reports test coffee beans to find the best blend for your taste and money consumer reporter nydia han shares results and those stories and more when "action news" at noon co
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12:30 pm
bounce house with children inside took flight in new hampshire? and now details. two philadelphia police cruiseers were damaged this morning in crash in center city. one cruiser crashed into another parked on the street. and "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live where it happened at 21 and spruce with more. chad. >> rick, three people were hospitalized because of this accident. traffic back up and running 21 and spruce. here is what eyewitnesses and police are telling me happened earlier this morning. a bicyclist was hit here. i police officer in the 9th district was taken and interviewing the driver and bicyclist on the sidewalk. well police got another call that a child was unresponsive in the area and not breathing. that's when a 17 district officer according to police turned on its light and -- her lights and came speeding down spruce street and collided with a pickup truck and then spun around a little and hit that parked police cruiser.
12:31 pm
all three people were taken to the hospital. that female police officer, that initial bicyclist and driver of the pickup truck. all injuries are considered minor. >> right after the initial contact i ran out to see if she was okay. she was bawling. you know, you feel bad for that. it was not a good sight. >> and that eyewitness you heard from told me that it appears that the officer turned on her lights but not her sirens when she came cruising down spruce street here. police have not yet said who was at fault in this accident. the investigation is ongoing. i'm live in center city, chad pradelli, "channel 6 action news." >> chad, thank you. a 17 was hit by a vehicle in edgemoor, delaware this morning at edgemoor and denny roads. the teen was hit after he got off a dark bus. the victim was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. the driver who hit the teenager did stay at the scene but the accident is under investigation.
12:32 pm
and delays are remain on one stretch of west chester pike in west goshen township chopper 6 was over the scene of of a one vehicle crash 9 a.m. a vehicle hit a pole west town way. officials say wires came down with pole and landed on vehicle trapping driver inside. peco crews were called to the scene. no word ft. driver was injured. >> well a nurse who treated ebola patient come to as dunkin remains in isolation at a dallas hospital this noon as experts raise new questions about the handling of the deadly virus. a short time ago director of centers for sdrees control and prevention said, it is possible other workers in the isolation unit may have also been infected. so they're rethinking safety procedures because the nurse was wearing protective gear. one official says that in several interviews with her they found inconsistencies in the type of gear she wore and the process used to put on and
12:33 pm
remove. it maybe ebola patient should all go to specialized containment hospitals? >> that is something we should seriously consider. personally that's not a bad idea at all. because in addition to having all the proper equipment, you really do need training. >> texas health authorities are stepping up their checks on other workers who treated thomas eric dunkin although they expected another case might occur they thought it might be emergency room staff not in the isolation unit. you can follow latest developments on ebola outbreak on and we posted five important faction about the spread of virus and details about the new screening measures at several major airports. >> and tomorrow, this note, we'll host a phone bank to raise funds for the fight against ebola. this is outbreak that affects us globally and one of the most effective ways according to medical experts to stop spread of disease is to get things under control at source point. members from red cross and local liberian community will be on
12:34 pm
thoond take donations and you can call the number on your screen 77-940-622 from 4 to 6:30 tomorrow sgleeng in other news the manhunt for suspected cop-killer eric frein entererd its second month. search appears to be shifting south to more populated area of monroe county. searchers hope the falling leaves could give them better visibility by way of helicopter. frein has been hiding in dense tree cover since ambush shooting at pennsylvania straight trooper barracks back on september 12. >> a 29-year-old woman was killed in crash in northeast philadelphia and this was the scene before midnight on the 2700 block of willits road the victim kloingt control and crashed into the back of a parked car her vehicle turned around and landed on the side. she was pronounced dead at the the scene and has not been identified. fires that destroyed a dance studio in bucks countsy overnight was ruled a case of arson. broke out 4:30 a.m. bucks county dance center 2200 block of
12:35 pm
street flowed bensalem. fire crews got the flames under control in a half hour. damage spread throughout the building. one was treated at the scene for minor injury. any information about who may have smashed the plays is asked to call ben sale sem police. >> in new hampshire two boys were hurt one critical when a bounce house they were in went flying into the air sudden epically. a gustp wind launched the play house 50 feet into the sky. susan solney has more. >> oh, my god. >> it's a high-flying horror becoming far too common a bounce house filled with children inside taking flight. now it's happened again this time at what should have been a fun fall festival at a new hampshire farm. >> a bouncy house has blown away and landed back down. >> two toddlers were injured. one critically after strong wind launched inflatable house they were playing in as high as 30 feet into the air then traveled
12:36 pm
about 50 feet before crashing down in this apple orchard. >> there were multiple patients one was unconscious. >> it flipped and came down a 2-year-old boy was air-lifted to boston hospital and 3-year-old brother is hospitalized. bounce house owner says it was not secured to the ground because it was not ready to be used. >> it was in restricted area not open to the public. >> but the father of one of the injured boys says there was no sign that the bounce house was not open. >> there was no indication it was closed and again like i said i asked how much was it and he said it was free. >> this is the latest accident. earlier this month surveillance nens china captured a bounce house flipping over injuring 1 4 in july, a dust develop in nevada launched inflatable slide 300 feet injuring two. experts say these popular children's attractions must be supervised and always security staked to the ground. in washington, susan sole any,
12:37 pm
"channel 6 action news." >> hundreds of people came out to anti-bullying vigil in central new jersey town rocked by hazing scandal. last night's event was designed to promote unity and healing within the community. 7 football players from sayreville high school were arrested on sex crime charges and prosecutors say they brutalized several younger players. >> just support for those four young boys who were so brave to come out and say what had happened. >> hope and change and healing starts now. >> this year's football season was cancelled after the allegations emerged. well, turning to the forecast now we're starting out the workweek with clouds outside. there's a chance for sprinkles as well. let's look live from sky6hd at the jersey shore and this is ventnor a cloudy scene in ventnor actually. meteorologist david murphy is at the big board with more from accuweather. hey, david. >> rick, those showers we've been tracking over south jersey are breaking up now in
12:38 pm
cumberland county and we have decent coverage cape may and atlantic county and the portion closest to the ocean. most of you see here is highlighted in lighter shades of green. every now and then darker stuff and this is not really pounding the roadways given the fact we have a lot of leaves that dropped i do have a concern things could get slick for you in these areas of south jersey. just a little bit of odd sprinkle here or there in salem county and that system coming through newark is falling apart as pushes through wilmington. this is more or less in the direction of media. delaware county and eventually philadelphia. whether or not it holds together well enough to do much to us a little question. but there's a second cell that is also on its way. and i think everybody has to be prepared for at least a little passing shower this afternoon and perhaps into early this evening. and temperatures rights now across the region are on the cool side. 61 in pottstown. 5 quakertown and 62 sin i min son and glassboro 65 in woodbine new jersey and low 60s in the
12:39 pm
state of delaware and as we roll through the rest of the afternoon the commute looks gray and little damp with temperatures falling from the upper 60s about 4:00 down into the mid 60s by 7:00. mostly cloudy skies and again a spotty shower that could slow you down. and speaking of being slowed down if you have travel plans to puerto rico over the next couple days there's a tropical system for now still a tropical storm and pushing through guadeloupe and closer to puerto rico. the second hurricane is closer to bermuda. the winds of gonzalo are 60 miles an hour and tomorrow we're worried it might become a you category one hurricane in vicinity of puerto rico. this new run out is showing development closer to puerto rico than the earlier runs and after that, probably goes up into the north atlantic. whether or not it affects bermuda eventually next week is somewhat in question. if you have travel plans to puerto rico on leeward islands today or tomorrow check with
12:40 pm
your airline. rick will be back with the full forecast and more on the warmup tomorrow. >> david, look for ward to it. thank you. they gathered penns landing to celebrate the anniversary of christopher columbus's voyage to america and grand lodge of pennsylvania and sons and daughter of italy held a ceremony statue of columbus marcony applause aand on october 1th,sh 149 they first touched our yards. and the speakers addressed the crowd. there's more ahead on "action news" at noon. found guilty in connection with shooting death of girlfriend and now south african olympic winner oscar pistorius will learn his punishment and another legal victory for legal equality add indicates this time in alaska and meteorologist david murphy will be back with the forecast. that and more when "action news" at noon comes right back. that and more when "action news" at noon comes right back. is it a with
12:43 pm
>> the trial is underway for sentencing for oscar pistorius the psychologist says he's a broken man. he lost his reputation, friend, income, and hisself worth. and last month the judge found pistorius guilty of culpable homicide his sentence could fraink suspended sentence and fine to as many as 15 years in prison. classes continued to hong kong and police formed a human train to separate protesters. dozens were seen crossling with protesters and police removed a barricade and cleared the roads. pro deck of coursecy protests are have been held in hang kong for two weeks. they're de manneding elections and removal of the city's chief executive. same sex couples have right to get married in alaska. a federal judge struck down the ban on gay marriages and he
12:44 pm
wrote alaska 16-year-old man violates equal protection clause of u.s. constitution and alaska became first state pass same-sex marriage fwhan 1998 and shawn parnel will appeal the ruling that appeal could go to 9th circuit court which is ruled last week to strike down similar fwhandz idaho and nevada. chicago main air traffic control septemberer is back up and running this noon. it was more than two weeks ago when a fire in the center forced closure and cancellation of thousands of flights. and federal authorities say all city systems and equipment have been restored and they're in charge of flight politicians in o'hare and midway airports. consumer news this noon. coffee ailz sales on the rise with most buying blended coffees these days. those a combination of beans from two or more varieties and consumer reports tested to see which taste the best. here's consumer reporter nydia han with the results. >> since i got up 2:30 this
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morning coffee today was absolute necessity. but no matter how much you need a cup of java you want it to taste good right? consumer reports tested dozens that have interesting recommendations. >> to find the best tasting brews consumer reports prepared over 100 pots of coffee in labs and then brought in a pair of professionals. they're highly trained coffee experts that know their beans. they blind tasted 37 kind of blepded coffees one with beans of two or more varieties and tests included ground, whole beaten and single brewed coffees. >> people love convenience of pod coffee makers but none of the single serve products we tested got high marks from tasteers. >> what about whole beaten and ground coffees. some of the big names like foal jerz and maxwell house were out done. topping list, these beans from blue bottle coffee.
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>> meteorologist david murphy back now. today and tomorrow and wednesday maybe on the warm side. >> warm side and after that on the lookout for heavy rain, too. little bit of everything. maybe kitchen sink too make sure you have yours still. >> we have radar and
12:49 pm
stormtracker 6 showing us couple areas of precipitation that we're watching one down in south jersey appears to be diminishing and getting ready to clear the coast. i would give it 45 minute or so for that main fwooch push past atlantic city and additional sprinkles off the bay. cumberland county and couple sprinkles and wilmington that's where you are starting to get the next batch. it's fall ago part for now anyway but there's light precipitation highlighted in lighter shades of green and more coming into newark. and you may be in and out of this for another couple of hours down in those areas. northern suburbs have been catching a break. predawn rain in the north. nothing for now. we all have to keep eyes out on this the rest of the afternoon however. as we look outside, another one of those shots from the shore and that is where the rain really has been set up. this is atlantic city looking south towards ventnor and obviously bumpyness with winds kicking up as rain moves through and really hard to see if the distance where on a clear day ocean city is down there somewhere. not today.
12:50 pm
it's too cloudy. couple highlights got forecast. first is low light. spotty showers possible today and seeing them now in a couple spots as you saw. and the other part of the forecast however is how summerlike conditions return for tuesday and wednesday and then of course that rainy talked about. for now, 63 under the clouds winds light and south east at 8 miles an hour coming off the ocean that tends to add moisture to the atmosphere and makes it easier to cloud up. satellite, not a lot of break in the clouds. maybe some out in west virginia that we could catch later today. and maybe some clearing later tonight more likely but we also have some of that scattered shower activity and i can see a little more of that as we head to the afternoon. what to expect the rest of the way. lots of clouds. stay in the 60s through the afternoon hours and there's that chance of spotty shower that's producing mainly light rain. they are generally speaking short lived and but, while they're there they can make roads wet and slow you down. 64 in allentown. that's high today. 65 reading and upper 60s trenton
12:51 pm
through wilmington and millville and looks like upper 60s in may cape may as well. as we look at the rest of the afternoon. 68 the high at 3:00. by 5:00, 67 still chance of spotty shower arounds and more of the same by 7. by 9 we're probably starting to see chance of shower diminish and we're getting cooler and overnight tonight dip to 60. future tracker 6 shows you tomorrow morning 6 a.m. open the air with karen rogers tracking this, we'll be cool but not too bad. and temperatures in the 60s. watch what happens as a warm front scoots through us and including philadelphia and lehigh valley. the exception will be down the shore around 68 to 70 for high temperatures in the afternoon. nice warm-up coming tomorrow. your accuweather 7-day, today's high 68. mostly cloudy skies for columbus day and spotty shower around. tomorrow getting warmer through the day. 77 in the afternoon and in philadelphia a couple spots might go higher and mainly dry tomorrow with just a slight
12:52 pm
chance of spotty shower and wednesday as a cold front comes in from the west high of 77. warm and perhaps even more humid on wednesday that will add to that summery feel and couple showers durl the day and at night that cold front gets on top of us and look for steady rain and gusty thunderstorm or two and rick can i see some of that spilling in thursday morning before we clear out thursday afternoon. so heavy rain maybe even suburban poor drainage flooding wednesday thiingt to thursday, friday, saturday, sunday looking good. >> david, thank you very much. of course stay on top of changing weather situation on there you find stormtracker 6 radar and hourly and 7-day forecast. you can watch the latest videos from "action news" meteorologist and also the collection of weather related images. >> well the remaining couples on "dancing with the stars" will look different tonight. it's the week of the big switch-up. dras kick change introduced last year. fans voted to give i each star different professional partner to dance with four a week.
12:53 pm
new pairings were announced on "good morning america." jessie jay will appear at guest judge and performer this evening and catch all the ballroom moves tonight on 6abc starting at 8 p.m.. penel pi cruise is esquire sexiest woman alive cruz is spoke to the magazine and said little of her personal life about her husband and two children. cruz did offer little insight into her keer and how her artistic interests changed over the years. november issue of esquire will be on news stand next week. and taylor swift doesn't need to shake this off. grammy winner and berks native is 2015 billboard woman of the year and only person ever to claim the title twice. she receives a reward on december 12 about one month after release
12:54 pm
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>> if you look for distraction this afternoon check out these stories on drinking water makes this baby right there really happy i mean really happy and his smile is contagious. watch the adorable video and this hawk is not a big fan. the bird attacked machine in midair and all caught on video. are you excited for halloween check out photos and pets in spooky spirit those stories and more on 6abc come/distraction. i think we will see a lot of animals in costumes. >> we're giving you idea with that right? >> let's look at stormtracker 6 live double scan bringing you live images of the rain pushing through areas south of philadelphia. although that second shower coming up i-95 may kick into the city the next 15, 20 minutes. all light stuff out there.
12:57 pm
as we go through the afternoon mainly cloudy northern and western suburbs spotty shower and high temperatures mid 60s in most spots upper 60es closer to philadelphia and wilmington and 66 in trenton and 66 berlin, new jersey. lots of clouds, sprinkle or shower possible at times. okay? >> david have a nice afternoon. >> you too. >> that will do it for "action news" at noon. don't forget to join us later today for "action news" at 4, 5 and 6 and more meteorologist david murphy, sarah bloomquist the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams have a nice the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon we'll see you right
12:58 pm
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