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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  October 13, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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despite following protocol. the public health officials are working to identify the workers as well. 26-year-old nina pham took care of the first ebola patient to key in the u.s. she is now the first person infected with the deadly virus in the u.s. >> our thoughts are with this healthcare worker. she is now being cared for. we understand that she is clinically stable. >>reporter:because ebola was spread here it doesn't change what we know about the virus. it does change how we handle it. >> we have to rethink the way that we address ebola infection controls. >>reporter:they are looking at what went wrong and improving
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the safety protocols with more safety and training ove trainin. they are also now watching one person who pham had contact with when she had symptoms. other healthcare workers that took care of duncan are going to be identified and monitored. but not all agree on which hospitals should stree should t. >> we should think about whether they should be transported to a hospital that have the special skill that the workers are training. it's concerning that the first general hospital that tries to care for someone with ebola the healthcare worker gets sick. >>reporter:there are four hospitals in the with the
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specialized training. i know that the healthcare workers are doing dangerous work. we need to give them all the training and equipment that is necessary to keep them safe. more on the story coming up on "action news at 5:00". brian. thank you, ali. we will have more. ali gorman will be back to break down the cases. nora muchanic has more on what the hospitals in new jersey are doing in an event for a case there. and we have more on the liberian community. you can follow all the developments on we posted five important facts about the spread of the virus and details about the new screening measures in place at several major airports. tomorrow we are hosting a phone bank against the fight of ebola. one the ways to stop the outbreak is to get things under control at the source.
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they will be on hand to take your donations. call them from 4:00 to 6:30 tomorrow. we have breaking news right now. the hazmat crews surrounded a plane at logan international airport. five people are sick on board. the flight came from dubai. there is no indication that any of the passengers are from west africa. we will bring you more details as soon as we get them. now, to a first check of the accuweather. adam is outside. it's gray and drizzly. >> it's warm outside. you need the windshield wipers and rain gear. as we look at the double scan live radar you see patches of green in southern ports o partsw
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jersey. on double scan from malvern to coatesville to new castle county and 55. the atlantic city expressway we have wet roadways. the drizzle is light. everything is wet. slowing down the evening commute a little bit across much of the major city locations. as we widen out on the double scan this is a warm front. there is a powerful low and cold front bringing 900 miles of the tornado watches from new orleans. it's pushing from the east. i'll let you know when it arrives in our area. we will see severe weather because of it. you'll keep an eye on that thank you, adam. two went to a hospital after a crash involving a pair of cop cars in center city. they were over the city at spruce. one car hit it on the passenger
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side. that sent the cruiser into another cop car that was parked on the side of the street. the driver of the car and the officer responding to call both went to the hospital. they are both expected to be okay. one woman is dead after a crash in northeast philadelphia. it happened before midnight in the 2700 block of willis road. she hit a parked car that caused her toyota to flip over. they have not told us her name but she died at the scene. the investigators say that someone started the fire or purpose the chad pradelli has more from ben salem. >>reporter:they are too upset to go on camera. michael acada expressed sadness. they spotted the building on
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fire. the firefighters got the blaze under control. no one was injured. the building is a total loss. they say that an arson dog detected accelerants back there. >> there is a evidence that they based it on that. >>reporter:two performers that decided to settle their family in bensalem. thousands learned the dance. 200 students were enrolled in classes. now the owner advice to find a new space until they rebuild. >> i can't imagine that anyone would have a malicious intent against the studio. >> that was chad pradelli reporting. there was a dominating win over the new york giants. whether you were concerned about the birds' running game it was a
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step. jamie apody is live. the bye week is easier after a game like that. >> what made last night so great. they put it all together. they executed in all three phases of the game. they did it against the giants who let's face it all love to hate. maybe it was the black jerseys that inspired them. it inspired the defense. the eagles reported eight sacks. he sacked him nine times in his career. they shutout for the first time since 1996. that is right. they never had one under andy reid. what a win. 27-0 the final. and what a great way to end the bye week 5 and 1 flying high. >> bye week could not come at a better time. so you know i take my hat off to
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everybody. everybody is coming to work every day and bounce our way in. i am happy we did what we did to the giants. >> much more from a happy locker room. we have ducis and mike quick after "action news" at 11:00. and mccoy told me we are giant killers. you may not want to miss that. darren sprouls has an sprain. we will be out for two weeks. i can't believe that half the season is almost over, jamie. it flies by. a troubling assessment of isis. the strategy to fight that terror group is not working. an accident at the fall festival. the bounce house flew away living the childre
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>> airstrikes with the u.s.-led coalition is not enough to stop isis as they go towards baghdad. that is according to the foreign minister that made his way there today. the fighting has picked up near kobani which is near the turkish border. they are trying to fend off isis on the ground. two young brothers remain hospitalized in a new hampshire hospital after a frightening ordeal. the inflatable bouncy house went airborne. this is not the first time that an accident like this has happened. >> it's a high-flying horror
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that is too common. the children were lifted from the ground at the fall festival. >> a bouncy house has blown away and landed back down. >>reporter:the two toddlers were critically injured after strong winds sent the inflatable house they were playing in crashed down in the apple orchard. >> one is unconscious. >> a 2 year boy was airlifted in boston. the 3 year old brother was also hopped. it was nohospitalized. >> it was not open to the public. iit was in a restricted area. >> i asked how much was it? he said it was free. >> again, this is the latest incident. 14 people in china were injured in a bounce house accident.
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the bounce houses may be supervised and las staked to the ground. shirleen. all right, alicia. going to business now. the stocks picked up a week. the dow dropped 223 points the nasdaq was down 63. j.c. penney has a new c.e.o. marvin ellison is the executive vice president for stores in home depot. we will take over as c.e.o. for j.c. penney. of he will become the chairman of the board. the veterans like the move. the stock was um from the start of trading today. a few bright spots on a dark
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day on wall street. matthew pellman can you brighten up our day? good afternoon to you brian and shirleen. it's gloomy out there. it was a gloomy day on the new jersey turnpike. it shutdown between exit 4 and exit 1. it's re-opened this afternoon. the overturned truck approaching exit 4 route 73 are out there cleaning up. you are getting by in all the lanes and not seeing a huge delay. it's something to watch out for. and watch out at bridge borough road. and meanwhile, this is the miserable situation along i-95, a nasty crash. the vehicle overturned and landed upright. the driver was partially ejected. it happened in the southbound
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lanes the left lane is still blocked. northbound there are activities on the shoulder. delays both ways but southbound when you come down from street road. that is the situation it's 13 miles-an-hour. we'll stay in the area. 95 southbound by wood haven road. the speeds in the area are not looking hot. you see people talking about the heavy volume traveling southbound. we'll check it out in the next half-hour. we have new details emerging about the far-reaching impact of the ebola epidemic we were covering here. and rick an rick. hi, brian. ebola is to blame for thousands of deaths in west africa. it could devastate an entire industry. 60% of cocoa is produced there.
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why there is an impact of the virus on the local farmers there. we are profiling some of the people that are helping women battle breast cancer. ali gorman will introduce us to two doctors aiding in that fight. we'll see you at 5:00. back to the studio, with brian and shirleen allicot. thank you. "esquire" magazine names the sexiest woman alive. find out who they pick. thethey are breaking traditn and changing the name of columbus day. it will give you access to all the top stories we are following. weather updates breaking news and the current and viral videos. go to facebook and click on the
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time for accuweather on this gloomy monday. and adam joseph joseph is over the big board. when the rain gets out of here. >> tomorrow is setting up to be a nice day around the region. we are in a transition period. and more summer-like humidity that is pushing back in. we have drizzle that is breaking out in double scan live radç,#@ú closer into center city. als you are heading west you are bumping into the rain on the conshottocken curve. and on the blue route you see showers and drizzle in the new jersey turnpike to woodbury lifting north to the east. we are seeing drizzle from mays
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landing and millville heading to the garden state parkway. none is heavy. a little water on the roadways in the evening rush can cause a lot of problems. as you look at numbers it doesn't look warm. 64 in dover, 61 in allentown. when you step out it doesn't feel like a raw, chilly rain or drizzle out there. that is because the humidity is starting to come up the dewpoints to more summer-like levels. that is the way it's going to remain for the next couple of days. it's ahead of a powerful system that moves through to chicago to new orleans. we are having a warm front that drapes through the region. early in the morning the sun returns south of the philadelphia. clouds and drizzle to the north and west. into the afternoon we clear it out with a southeasterly wind
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that pumps in warmth ena warmthd humidity. the dewpoints will be in the upper 60s. it will bill uncomfortable out here tomorrow. ate little more tropical-like. we have tropical storm gonzalez. the winds are on the verge of becoming a hurricane and curve close to bermuda this coming weekend. they had hurricane faye slide by. they could have winds 100 miles-an-hour with rough surf. on the mild side with the clouds and patchy drizzles around. four day at 4:00 it turns the corner tomorrow. it's warm and humid at 78. it's muggy on wednesday up to
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80 degrees. it's late in the day the front arrives with a round of rain or thunderstorms. the severe weather should fall apart as it pushes to the east. and gives way to some sun in the afternoon at 73. shirleen, friday is breezy and fall-like at 71 degrees. a little taste of summer coming back for the next couple of days. the weekend, we'll let you know in the next half-hour. there soon will be a new place to lace up your ice skates in philadelphia. dilworth park will feature a brand new skating rink. it's located on the west side of the city hall. it has 11,600 square foot programmable fountain. it will be shutdown in the winter months and in its place is the ice rink. who is "esquire"'s magazine
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the sexiest woman alive. we'll give you a sneak peak at the cover. i'll have answers for you.
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the most dangerous place for your baby to sleep and why. last night a sports super fan was targeted by a ruthless thief that stole his prosthetic leg. he is willing to
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infect. hello, again. 4:30. "action news" continues. the reason that spears is apologizing over offensive jewelry. it's offensive. and a big talker whether christopher columbus should be celebrated as a hero. some city's decision to reinvent and rename the day. it was a crime without leads. hear why the cybersleuth tracked down a gang accused of the beating a gay couple was moved to immobilize. we begin with a warning about a band of sleuth criminals. they were pretending to have the victim's best interests in mind. and live outside of the police
4:30 pm
headquarters is david henry. >>reporter:shirleen they call them distraction burglaries. they are getting the word out to homeowners don't let your guard down when strangers come acalling. it happened to liz and another homeowner last friday. he claimed he installed a new fence for her neighbor. he had to check to make sure it was not encroaching onto her property. it was a convincing story. >> we were in the background somebody else had come into the backdoor and gone back into my jewelry box. all they took was rings. that is about all i have. >>reporter:same thing happened in the glendale neighborhood.
4:31 pm
this time the rouse was trees. the police have similar sketches with the help of liz and the other victim. the con artist is 5'8" and 150 pounds wearing a royal blue ball cap with white writing. he was with an accomplice. liz can't believe how easy she let her guard down. he was a smooth operator. >> i am feeling stupid and i am feeling i was taken advantage offer. >>reporter:they are hitting more frequently in this part of the world. they are warning the homeowners not to let the strangers in. ask for an id. if you get lured from the house make sure that you lock the door
4:32 pm
behind you. david henry, "channel~6 action news." thank you. the philadelphia police are searching for a young woman that stole an eagles' fans prosthetic leg. this is sammy jr. that is where he was last night. a fellow fan jumped into his lap and broke his microphone. the woman asked for pay for it. forriest said not to worry. she snatched his leg from the bag of the scooter and she took off. it was spotted at the olney center this morning. she hopes that she learns from her drunken mistake. i hope she doesn't get into the position where she is disabled. she has to look back on this
4:33 pm
thing. >> they are asking anyone with any information on the theft to please contact them. we are learning more about a multi-vehicle accident that shutdown a portion of the turnpike for six hours. they have confirmed that the crash was deadly. it happened in the southbound lanes just south of exit 2 in woolwich walte township. they believe that a pickup truck hit the back of a tractor-trailer at 3:30 a.m. causing the semi to flip. a utility truck slammed into the overturned big-rig. the driver of the truck died at hospital. no one else was seriously hurt. the turnpike re-opened at 10 this morning. west chester pike is now re-opened. there was a single-car crash after 9:00 a.m. a vehicle hit a pole near westtown way. the wires landed on the vehicle
4:34 pm
trapping the driver inside. peco crews were called to the scene. we are still waiting to hear if anyone was hurt. the anonymous tweeter that tracked down s suspect of a hate crime appeared on "the view" this morning. to s somomeeththiningg ththatas really horrific to me. we had to do something. >> he did something.
4:35 pm
and catherine knot and kevin harrington were charged. it was not driven by ante-gay bias. football could be cancelled following a hazing scandal. richard lavi says that due to the severity of the situations he is not sure that it will run next year. the critics are calling for new jersey to 6abc if the anti-bullying laws adequately address sports teams. a man is behind bars after a six hour standoff in burlington county. jeffrey douglas faces charges of assaulting officers and resisting arrest. police were called to a memo on jackson road in medford at 11:30 when jackson was acting violently. when they arrived he tried to attack them with a ceramic
4:36 pm
statue. they arrested douglas at 6:30 this morning. philadelphia is leading the way to be the cleanest and greenest in the nation. the american planning association event at the sheridan in center city. they are announcing plans to complete the city's next public square at penn's landing. it's a $250 million project to reconnect old city with the delaware river waterfront. he discussed some of the other positive change that is the city has undertaken since he took office seven years ago. >> the completed construction on the south street bridge and the race street pier. they touted hundreds of the miles of bike trails and all the new sidewalks. it makes us look forward to a lot of things in philadelphia. we are not loving -- the weather this monday. the case of the mondays out there. it's hard.
4:37 pm
it's hard to be here on the monday. never mind when it's raining and dark out. we have a batch of showers that is pushing through. it's a waterfront that brings beautiful weather for generally the next few days there. a powerful system moving through the nation's midsection with tornado watching. and adding parts of alabama as well. that will continue to march to the east. the weather will fade. a wes ge we get ahead of the cot it jumps the temperatures in the upper 70s to near 80 degrees across the ohio valley and parts of the northeast. along with the warmer temperatures take a look at dewpoints. it's going to feel summer-like with the humidity spiking tuesday and wednesday before we cool it back down to fall levels this upcoming weekend. it's a sticky and summery and
4:38 pm
sultry weather is returning for the next couple of days. we thought it was gone. not so much. thank you, adam. you can stay on top of the changing weather situation on and shifte visit and the connection of weather videos. they had their holiday off with a fun game of flag football. why not. it was held at bell mount plateau today. they came out with physical activity and a lesson in team building. they wanted to find an activity that was constructive and kept the kids off the streets. experts reveal the place that you should never let your baby sleep. it's not much scar scarier a
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or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. three young swimmers are back on dry land after they were rescued from a beach cave in california. they ignored the signs warning the swimmers about the wave danger. the witnesses called 911 after hearing the cries for help. they found about the cliff after seeing a post on instagram. >> warning of parents for
4:42 pm
infants the sofa can be one of the most dangerous of places for babies to nap. they studied 8,000 infant sleeping deaths and found 12% of them were related to sleeping on the sofa. the study found that infants that died sleeping on the sofa were more likely to do from strangulation or suffocation. they don't find a prank involving creepy clowns very funny. they were popping outside of landmarks in delran. that turned out to be a photo art project. unfortunately for anyone with a bozzoboz zophobia.
4:43 pm
>> a clown chased a child. scary. at the big board with the big talkers and the question is he a hero or a villain today is christopher columbus. of but for the first time since it was designated a national holiday in the 1930s seattle and minneapolis are renaming the day and calling it indigenous people's day recognizing native american people. it's a growing trend choosing to shift the focus of christopher columbus to the people that he encountered in the new world. south dakota calls it native american day. many italian-americans defend christopher columbus. it's a detailed conversation going on about this on my facebook page. >> sears is offering a big apology and pulling this item
4:44 pm
from its website. a sideways swastika ring for men. it let us know about this one. it has a lot of people angry. it's described as gothic and claims it's not for neo-nazi or nazi implication. one woman on facebook posted on sears's facebook page. it's a misunderstanding. why are yes, it was. it was listed by independent third parties violates our guidelines and was removed as we became aware of its existence on our site. we are contact can the sellers over their lack of judgment. a source of big talking today. finally to the sweetest little ones with big beautiful dreams like growing up to be a doctor or a nurse. these pictures are from children's healthcare of atlanta. it's a photo series from the
4:45 pm
neonatal to the moon. they are surrounded by whimsical doodles, ballerinas and chefs. i see it's part of a safe sleep campaign. >> show me more. i want to see more. big aspirations. i love that. it's so cute. alicia thank you very much. checking on the roads with matt pellman. >> it's crazy out there. we have a bunch of bad accidents on the slippery roadways. one of the worst happened at i-95. southbound side at wood haven road. someone was partially ejected from the vehicle. they had to cut the roof off of the car. it appears that they will be
4:46 pm
already. we have delays on i-95 southbound. all the activity is now in the median. 27 miles-an-hour as you approach wood haven road. it looks like the camera is still dark at the moment. going to lincoln drive at fairmount park. north side of the bridge and rittenhouse street. it's causing big delays like schoolhouse lane. and route 1 roosevelt boulevard as an alternate. and 95 in the northeast is crowded like most afternoons. the house fire closing springfield near baltimore avenue. it's causing a cancellation of the 102 trolley. the route 10 trolleys are running with delays because of downed wires and slippery tracks. we are seeing the delays this
4:47 pm
afternoon of about 15 minutes in the paoli region rail line. see you then matt. thank you. simone says that the internet is buzzing because she won two more gold medals. she hopped up on the podium. a bee made a beeline to her flowers. she can do the balance beam but she can do the vault. but she can't do bugs. she is enjoying her new
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
meteorologist adam joseph is joining us now. it's a day off. you can watch "action news" or read a good book. >> or watch "action news." or read a good book. we are showing that we have a lot of low-lying clouds and patchy drizzle especially philadelphia to the east. and the biggest concentration has been south of mays landing with a steadier light rainfall. it extends to the bay in dover and kent county. temperatures in the lower 60s. 64 in dover. only 53 in the poconos. the temperatures will stay pretty steady overnight tonight because the warmth is pushing through. that is going to really drive
4:51 pm
those temperatures up tomorrow with southerly winds. we are kicking out the fall chill with the warmer humid air that is why the rain developed here this afternoon in spots. attached to the warm front we have a powerful low. associate the cold front that are tornado watches. a moderate risk in the tense tennessee valley this evening. yes to gets whacked by the cold front. a lot diminishes as it pushes to the east. a brighter afternoon. feeling more summer-like in the upper 70s with the higher humidity. 80 as clouds thicken up as the front approaches. any rain or thunderstorms should hold off until the latter part of wednesday afternoon and wednesday evening. and wednesday night rush-hour
4:52 pm
the clap of thunder. we can see a good is soaking ever rain mid-week into thursday morning. for tonight the clouds are around and patchy drizzle. on the mild side 59 to 62 degrees. we will show a couple of summer-like days. upper 70s and 80. a decent amount of sunny. it's on the breezy side. late thursday the rain comes through. thursday afternoon some peaks of sun returns dropping hamilton hy and temperatures of 73. 71 back to normal around here. cooler on sunday and monday with the fall chill. the temperatures in the low 60s with sun and clouds. >> we are going from one extreme. it's columbus day. that means lots of sales. alicia vitarelli will have the
4:53 pm
breakdown coming up next.
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we posted it on our website on it's bursting. so cute. thank you for that, brian. that is it for "action news" at 4:00 for brian taff and alicia vitarelli i am shirleen allicot. and sharrie williams has more at 5:00. hi there. coming up on "action news at 5:00" an accused killer was on the run for more than a month now. how the manhunt put several communities on edge. that story plus
4:59 pm
the nation's hospitals are on high alert after the head of the cdc are "think ebola." we learned more details about the nurse in texas battling the virus. sharrie williams is joining us. the investigation into the first case of ebola transmitted in the u.s. a 26-year-old nurse contracted the virus while
5:00 pm
treating thomas duncan that died of ebola last week. >> they are wondering how they failed to protect one of their own from contracting the virus. nina pham showed symptoms on friday. it triggered alarm and concern at the c.d.c. >> this one individual was infected and we don't know how. other individuals could be infected as well. >> they are calling on hospitals to rethink their procedures. the head of the c.d.c. says not to be surprised if there are more cases of ebola in texas. they are revealing how they would respond if a patient showed signs of ebola. nora muchanic has that part of the story. >> hi, there. ait happenedin