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tv   Action News 500 PM  ABC  October 13, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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treating thomas duncan that died of ebola last week. >> they are wondering how they failed to protect one of their own from contracting the virus. nina pham showed symptoms on friday. it triggered alarm and concern at the c.d.c. >> this one individual was infected and we don't know how. other individuals could be infected as well. >> they are calling on hospitals to rethink their procedures. the head of the c.d.c. says not to be surprised if there are more cases of ebola in texas. they are revealing how they would respond if a patient showed signs of ebola. nora muchanic has that part of the story. >> hi, there. ait happened in texas it could
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happen anywhere. the aria hospitals are taking precautions in case. >>reporter:they walked into the emergency room in berlin or in voorhees it would trigger an immediately response. >> the entire team, transportation the sterile supply, doctors nurses the whole system would be notified. >>reporter:they have protective gear including masks, gloves and gowns and hoods and written step-by-step procedures. the air is vented out and not recirculated. >> you hear an alarm. it will alert us. you can hear it ringing. >>reporter:virtua is preparing a video about ebola about its website to educate the public and managers are meeting three times a woke to update the ebola
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response procedures. >> we are spending a lot of time for people to understand the protocol for treatment. >>reporter:they are trained to ask pointed questions of sick patients. >> if they have diarrhea, rash, weakness, we are specifically asking are you from the countries involved. >>reporter:the medical professionals around the country are hoping to learn how a nurse in texas took the recommended precautions contracted ebola. >> using the c.d.c. no one is acting alone. we are trying to be as proactive as we possibly can. >>reporter:the virua doctor virs
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say all the staff have to be prepared. you don't know when it's going to show up. thank you. the hospitals prepare for ebola, some experts think that treating patients should be done by specialized hospitals. ali gorman has more at the "action news" big board. ali. >> this is a question that a lot are asking now that a nurse is infected at the hospital in dallas. there are handful treated to ebola in u.s. the majority are treated in biounits by specially trained staff. prick sawyer was the firspatric.
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nurse writebol and another doctor went home after a few treatments. brantley said we can't underestimate the microscopic virus. >> it's a terrible disease for those that have it. >>reporter:we don't know much about another american doctor treated at emery. he did aid work in sierra leone. dr. rick sacra went after brantley and writebol got sick. early september he was flown in the isolation unit at the university of the nebraska. he received an experimental drug and a blood transfusion from brantley. sacra's stay was less than three weeks. and a cameraman is receiving treatment. he improved and returning to
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twitter today. >> this is one of his first tweets out today. "now that i had my firsthand experience with the scourge of this disease i am more pained how little sick west africans are receiving." we have two patients that were or are being treated in texas. not as a specialized center. the experts say how vital it is to train the health workers. this is an outbreak that affect us globally. one of the most affected way to stop the spread is to get things under control at the source point. the members of the red cross and liberian community will take your accommodations yo donation.
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we have breaking news from delaware valley and clifton heights, delaware county. we are live at the scene of a fire in progress here. it's not yet under control. you see an army of firefighters trying to battle the smoke and flames. this call went out after 3:30. a hour fire at 207 south springfield road in clifton heights, delaware county. no word on their conditions. a firefighter was injured here anand evaluated at the scene. the fire crews are on the scene. we are keeping an eye on the screen as we look live from our action cam at clifton, heights, delaware county. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. a woman that was hit by a car was the one that got the ticket this morning.
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it was closed a the denny road as they investigated. joshua melendez got off of a bus and trying to catch another one when he stepped in front of the car. the driver did stop. melendez was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. in center city two people went to the hospital after a crash involving not one but two police cars. this was the scene as chopper 6, hd flew over at spruce street. they were responding to a call. it send the car into a second police cruiser. a driver and pastor and a police officer was checked out for minor injuries is. a wilmington woman is convicted of the fourth d.u.i. she was charged with vehicular assault in a serious crash that
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happened last year. she was out on bail. her bail was revoked. sentencing is set for january. eagles' fans are talking about the big win against the rival, new york giants at linc. dominating. so the sports anchor jamie apody is here about the game and the reaction that followed. how about that game, guys? the giants talked a big game all week. they came out and stomped on the eagles too. the birds let their play do their talking for them. what made it all that much sweeter it was against the hated giant. the offense clicked on all cylinders as well. shady mccoy got 109 yards
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rushing and complimented by sprouls for the touchdown. he was lost for a couple of weeks with a sprain in his knee. the 20-0. what does that say about the eagles. they are not the team to beat in the east? >> i mean, only because you guys let us know what he was said, but, 27-0. bang. >> survival. you know this is we are in each other's background. backyard. who is the ruler? it's a fun game to play. >> indeed. especially on the winning end of it. we have a special edition of "eagles gameday final" with ducis rodgers and mike quick. before they went they had a quick photo day today. i will tell you just how quick.
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i'll show you some of the outtakes in sports. think bet there are funny outtakes. the ice rink at dilworth park is going to be open for the winter. the outdoor seating and free wifi continues all year-round. don't know how to ice skate? lessons will be available if you need to learn how to skate. >> never too late to learn for sure. a check on "action news" traffic report. heading over to the matt pellman. the commute is on thin ice. what do you think, matt? >> we have icy feelings for sure. traffic is out at standstill coming northbound. that coming from city avenue and heading to manayunk and east falls and lincoln drive. the lincoln drive northbound remains shutdown between the
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bridge and ritenhouse street ri. street. and stay over on the northbound of roosevelt boulevard instead of lincoln drive this afternoon. and talking about the house fire in clifton heights. oak avenue gets you around the blockage. we have delays on septa as paoli regional rail line because of slippery tracks. checking it again in the next half-hour. will do, matt. thank you. coming on "action news" monday night. the search for eric frein continues. it changes how some people live. cecily. i am tracking a foggy morning with a taste of summer
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in the accuweather forecast. we'll be right back on "action news at 5:00".
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well, it has been more than a month since eric frein ambushed two state troopers. the manhunt has an impact on the constantly shifting search area. werwalter has the story. >>reporter:there was a price tag of more than a million dollars a week. deep in the woods are hundreds of heavily armed officers searching for the most wanted fugitive in the u.s. it could be a harbinger for good things to come. the search is entering stroud township. >> i see a difference in business at nighttime. you know, by 8:00, seven o'clock, it's like it falls off the table. >> the fact that michael's business is located in the
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middle of a densely wooded area doesn't help. >> it was strange. you get people coming and state troopers at my house and helicopters taking me out of my home. it crazy. >>reporter:frein is wanted for killing a state trooper in blooming grove. he wounded another. time is thousand on their side. the authorities believe that he is running out of the supplies, it's getting cold and a dense tree cover is starting to thin out. all that people live in this region keep looking forward to the day when life returns to normal. >> it's change to have a bunch of cops seeing them at the bus stop and slowing down and driving by them and shining lights in your eyes. it scary and weird. >>reporter:still people for the most part all across this region are very supportive.
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mailboxes and tree trunks are wrapped in blue ribbons. they want the same thing that police want, eric frein brought to justice. walter perez, "action news." thank you, walter. >> the ebola epidemic in west africa soon could impact th
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there are growing concerns tonight that the ebola epidemic in west africa cosoon start to the impact thcould soon impactt. there could be a spike in the cost of cocoa. 60% of the world's cocoa is farmed there. once the prices spike they can crash devastating the community that depends on that industry. the world cocoa foundation will announce how it's addressing those concerns earlier this week. j.c. penney has a new c.e.o. marvin ellison is a long time
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home depot executive. the chain is struggling to pull itself out of a deep financial slump. thompson airways is featuring boot type seating. it allows the parents and children to face each other with a table in between them. they are looking into on a board childcare services and pods that offer mood lighting. the changes would be rolled out over the next first years. so much more to come tonight. taking a look outside with sky6 hd. that is center
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. we are in for a change as the work week progresses. we get rid of the drizzle. we bring in summer-like warmth. today is a great day for napping. that is about it. we are showing we have scattered showers around. south of philadelphia and also crossing 95 towards riverside
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and jenkintown. they are light showers and moving to the east. they are more concentrated around the garden state parkway. it's an evening around philadelphia and areas to the east. it's a good idea to take the umbrella with you. it's dreary out there. the temperatures on the cool side. 68 is the normal high this time of year. allentown and reading 61. millville 63. trenton 61 with a easterly flow and clouds and drizzle cooling things off. what is going on here we have a warm front that is moving through. that is what is creating the clouds and drizzle. it attached to a cold front with low pressure. this is causing a major outbreak of severe weather from chicago to new orleans that is about 900 miles. the system slides to the east. it moves here on wednesday
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night. by thursday it will be weaker. i don't expect severe weather. we'll get the potential for heavy rain. we are showing at 7:00 in the morning the main problem is low clouds and fog. along i-95 and areas north and west. it may take a while for the fog to burn off. it may allow problems for your morning commute. watch david murphy at 4:30. and winds out of the south of temperatures off to the races. upper 70s tomorrow. feel like summer. even a little bit warmer on wednesday morning. it comes with tropi cacal humid. it's moving at 12 miles west. it takes a turn to the east. it looks like bermuda has two weekends in a row getting hid by
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the tropical system. we show tomorrow once the fog burns off sunshine. warm and humid. 78. we bump it up to 80 on wednesday. rain half the day on thursday. 78. and friday 71. we are tracking a cool down in the seven-day forecast. we'll talk about that in 20 minutes guys. more to come. another terrifying incident involving an inflatable
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hello, again. monica is off. sharrie williams is joining us. the search is on for an eagles' fan that snatched a man's prosthetic leg outside of the stadium. he called on thousands of twitter followers those that were warranted in the beating of a gay couple in center city.
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tonight he is sharing had its story. and ali gorman profiles the people that are battling the disease with a microscope. a woman stole a man's prosthetic leg as he performed outside of the lincoln financial field. it turned up on a subway platform. katherine scott has the story. [♪] >> with his boom box and microphone, sunny forriest jr. is a familiar surface. face. his prosthetic leg was stolen by an eagles fan. >> i don't think that anybody should do that t that to anybodt is disabled.