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tv   Action News  ABC  October 14, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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we're gathering new information there at the scene. >> gunfire erupts in separate shootings overnight leaving one person dead and two others wounded. >> a driver takes a bus full of school children on a terrifying ride swerving all over the highway. >> and we have weather and traffic with david and karen. good morning. >> good morning, guys. and we're off to a somewhat cloudy start across most of the region. as you take a look at satellite down south in delaware and parts of south jersey, it's a little bit clearer. those clouds are going to start to break up as we go through the morning and into the afternoon. 66 degrees in philadelphia right now, 65 in wilmington, 66 in allentown. very mild out here. almost a little warm to be standing i don't it side in a sports coat to tell you the truth. as we head outside to catch the bus, we are looking at temperatures between now and 8 o'clock in the mid 60's, partly cloudy. there could be some fog in play, especially north and west but that's not everywhere. and if you're headed to school or work or anywhere else, make sure you got storm tracker 6 on your smartphone. our app shows 66 degrees right now. and how about those numbers later on? by noon, we'll be up into the mid 70's and your
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high today at 3 o'clock is 78 degrees. it's going to feel very much like summer for at least a time this afternoon. by 6 o'clock, still in the mid 70's. as we take a look at tomorrow, karen, we are looking at another warm one with higher humidity and then maybe some thunderstorms chugging in. i'll have details on future tracker 6 coming up in a couple minutes. >> all right, dave, chopper 6 live on the scene in northeast philadelphia of a multi vehicle accident. three vehicles involved. you see one of them right here kind of off to the side but police and ambulance blocking part of the roadway. this is cottman avenue right near the roosevelt boulevard and even though we have an ambulance on the scene, not hearing of any serious injuries butter nonetheless a multi vehicle accident right here, cottman avenue near the boulevard. chopper 6 live on the scene. stick to tyson avenue to avoid any delay right here but we can see traffic getting by as we look live with chopper 6. going to the maps right now, let's talk about some other issues out there and we've got a bunch of them. matt and tam have been talking about this fire location in
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tacony. vista street near torresdale avenue. stick to bleigh avenue to avenue crowd the crews on the scene. we talked about this accident on cottman near the boulevard. not that far off we've got another accident and you can see the jam-up here. this is the ramp from cottman to i-95 northbound. we've got an accident here off to the side right there near this ramp still causing a jam-up at the ramp but traffic can get by. we also see that southbound traffic. that's heavy as you try to head towards center city. heavy at cottman and again from girard here on i-95. staying on the maps, taking a little fly here in burlington county, new jersey, turnpike southbound speeds like 65 miles an hour as you start here near exit four. remember, it was shut down from four, three and two, exits shut down yesterday on the new jersey turnpike. today we've got no residual problems with those accidents from yesterday. staying in new jersey and taking a live look at the 42 freeway. that's your northbound traffic and no real delay just yet coming up from turnersville or blackwood. you're looking good so far but watch for some of the roads still being a bit wet from yesterday and even some wet
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leaves on the roads, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. developing overnight, philadelphia police are investigating two shootings this morning. this one ended in murder in north philadelphia. police say 32 shots were fired by two weapons on the 2100 block of uber street. a man who police called an apparent target was hit by at least 10 shots. he collapsed and died on the sidewalk. a woman was also shot. she's now in the hospital. and the other shooting left a northeast philadelphia barber fighting for his life. he was shot multiple times inside his business on the 7100 block of castor avenue. police say he recently bought and renovated that property. no arrests or motives for either case. >> breaking right now a german hospital says a member of the united nations medical team has died from the ebola virus. the victim was infected in liberia west africa and died in a german hospital despite intensive medical procedures. the dallas nurse who was diagnosed with ebola is getting help from another doctor who beat the disease.
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nina pham has received a blood transfusion from dr. kent brantly an ebola survivor. pham treated thomas eric duncan who died of ebola. erin o'hearn will take a closer look at hospital precautions for ebola plus bring us more breaking information on this other ebola death outside of africa in our next half hour. a reminder 6abc is hosting a phone bank to raise funds for the fight against eastbound l members of the red cross and the local liberian community will be on land to take your donation. call (877)940-6222. you can call between 4:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. and we've tweeted this information outer. >> breaking right now, a firefighter has been injured battling a blaze in philadelphia's tacony section. let's get you the very latest, take you right over to "action news" reporter katherine scott. she's just arrived on that scene. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. we do know that one firefighter was taken to aria torresdale hospital with heat exhaustion. he is expected to be okay.
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the fire was placed under control within the last hour or so, but you can see there's still a lot of work to do. firefighters remain on the scene here on the 4700 block of vista street in tacony. you can see the ladder is up toward the roof. they're looking at the damage and of course the investigation into the cause will be you under way. it started before 4:30 this morning and flames moved quickly. firefighters arrived to heavy fire and thick smoke throughout the two-story row home. they were able to get the upper hand and the fire was placed under control around 5 o'clock. again, that one firefighter was taken to the hospital with heat exhaustion but we're told he is expected to be okay. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. of course we are on the scene here. we'll bring you more updates as we get them. live in tacony, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> katherine thank. hang today, the penalty phase of raghunandan yandamuriian's murder trial continues in montgomery county. he could face the death penalty or serve life behind bars. a jury found him guilty of
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first degree murder in the deaths of 10 month old saanvi venna and her grandmother. new here at 6:00 a.m. and allentown mother is going to prison for the death of her son. a judge sentenced essence james to a maximum of three and a half to seven years in prison for child endangerment. her 15 month old son died last year from several injuries to the chest, neck and head. james had blamed the boy's condition on her boyfriend but the judge blasted the mother for putting on what he said was an act during her trial. >> the chances of a regional rail strike any time soon is moving very close to 0 percent. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times square with septa news. good morning, maribel. >> reporter: good morning, matt. new deal will keep septa's train engineers from striking on the regional rail lines. the tentative five year contract includes a pay increase of more than 13 percent. that's their first raise since 2010. about 200 employees are covered under the agreement. the deal still needs to be ratified, though, by septa's board and the brotherhood of
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local engineers and train men. home sales in pennsylvania have fallen 2% this year but home listings rose by 5 percent. this according to the pennsylvania association of realtors and the average sale price for a house was up slightly to $176,000 in the third quarter. talking stocks a late day selloff sent stocks tumbling again. investor anxiety is high as the federal reserve considers raising interrates and overseas economies struggle. futures pointing to a hire hope. now at the assume to book your holiday travel flights. industry experts say the longer you wait, the more it will cost. you can generally add five dollars a day to the cost of an airline ticket during the first two weeks of october. but that goes up to eight dollars a day during the second half of the month. and matt and tam, tick tock 44 days until christmas, 70 days until christmas. >> that's it. >> those numbers are surprising maribel. >> it is one more day until wednesday. >> yes, it is, matt. and wednesday could be a little rookie around -- rocky ad
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here. thunderstorms. >> that's a great transition. >> rocky. >> storm tracker 6 live double scan right now. no precipitation out there as we take a look at the potential for some fog, really not seeing a whole lot pop up. there was that potential but right now allentown and reading we don't have any of that yellow on the maps. as we take a look outside we are looking at relatively clear conditions over south philadelphia but there is some cloud cover in place certainly and we'll be dealing with that across at least parts of the region for the next couple of hours and then we're hoping to get some sunshine breaking through. 66 is your current temperature in philadelphia, 65 in wilmington, 66 in allentown, 63 in trenton. bringing on the always on day planner for you, 67 degrees, 67 both in sea isle and at the boardwalk in atlantic city. as we take a look at satellite and radar, there is some clearing down in delaware and extreme south jersey. a lot of cloud cover over the rest of the region. but we are expecting those clouds to give way to at least some sun as we go through the day. up in allentown, a high this
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afternoon of 76 degrees and that is your story today. it's going to be very warm with that mix of clouds and sun. eventually we get a little bit breezy. down the shore not a bad day for a walk on the boardwalk, 76 degrees, partly cloudy and breezy in ac. and in philadelphia, we're going for a warm high this afternoon of 78 degrees, partly cloudy and breezy and winds out of the south at 10 to 20 miles per hour later today. not all that windy this morning for your morning commute but it gets breezier later on. and here's how those temperatures are going to climb and they climb quickly today. 66 by 8 o'clock, 75 by 11 o'clock and then we spend the afternoon in the upper 70's with in high of 78 around 3 o'clock. tomorrow cold front comes in and ahead of it it will still be warm getting up close to 80 in philadelphia, some spots might actually hit 80. it's also going to be more humid with a southerly flow ahead that of front but in the afternoon and evening we are looking at rain and some thunderstorms popping in. future tracker 6 shows that you we're mainly dry for the morning broadcast tomorrow. there might be some sprinkles
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around to show you but the clouds are going to get thicker and then we get into the afternoon really any time after about lunchtime or early afternoon hours there's the chance of some showers building in and every now and then we could see a gusty thunderstorm erupt out of this and as you take a look at future tracker at 5:30 tomorrow afternoon there's still more of the same. even at 10 o'clock tomorrow night we may have some leftover cells to deal with. adam and cecily will be along with more on that tomorrow night. so today very warm, 78 degrees. feeling like summer for awhile this afternoon. for those of you who missed summer today is the day to get outside. tomorrow warm and humid 79 and in the afternoon as you just saw there could be some drenching showers and perhaps a gusty thunderstorm or two. now, some of that might taper into the early part of thursday morning. we'll be here with storm tracker 6 live double scan for you in case any of it lingers into the rush but we are looking at drying during the morning and in the afternoon fairly cloudy but dry with a high of 72. and then friday, 72, saturday 71. and sunday we're back to reality a bit i guess, 64 the high but it's still going to
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be a bright day and pretty nice stretch of weather coming up even though it does get a little bit more seasonable second half of the weekend early next week. >> we can deal. >> yes. >> thank you, david. 6:11. developing overnight north korea makes it clear their lead sorry still alive. >> field trip took a frightening turn on a highway on the west. karen. >> live on the 30 bypass in downingtown we can see this eastbound traffic just a little bit of building volume. no jam yet. we'll take you to chopper 6 and talk about that multi vehicle accident. >> facebook gives a woman a very good reason to lie about how old she is. skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny!
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here on sky 6 across center city. it is 6:14, 65 degrees out there this morning. >> construction, boo. >> that's right. we don't like construction, do we? here we're looking at an accident. this is i-95 at cottman and you can see the flashing lights in this ongoing construction zone that matt was talking about. so we can see that traffic is slow here. this accident off to the side and this is the ramp from cottman to i-95 northbound so watch for that. this is your usual delay southbound and we're certainly seeing some heavier volume southbound. you're jammed from academy to cottman and from allegheny to girard as we look live at i-95 at cottman. we also have in northeast philadelphia that accident on
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cottman avenue right near the boulevard so watch for that. a multi vehicle accident. we saw it was mostly off to the side but they still had emergency crews partially blocking cottman. traffic is getting by but you might want to stick to tyson or ryan as your alternate for that one and matt and tam have been talking about the fire location in tacony on vista street near torresdale avenue. stick to bleigh avenue as your alternate to avoid any problem there. so, lots of issues going on at this very early hour and if you're heading out in the atlantic city expressway eastbound right now they're collecting tolls at the egg harbor toll plaza and the pleasantville toll plaza but not from noon until midnight. if you want to head down there late, they do this every tuesday in october. we like free. we've had 10-mile visibility all morning long at philadelphia international airport. so no problems there but just .3 mount pocono, 2-mile visibility in reading so just in a couple places far to your north and west that's a little bit of an issue as you head out, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen.
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developing this morning, north korea state media released the first photos in six weeks of leader kim jong un and the pictures show him smiling. the itch matches do not include the date of the pictures or the date that he made this visit to a science facility and that is fueling conspiracy theories that another person is really running the rogue nation. a swerving school bus created quite a scare on a utah highway yesterday. dash cam video shows the end of that wild ride after chaperones on board ended up calling police for help. >> we are concerned with our bus driver. she can't stay in the lane, she's crossing the double lines and it's -- the adults are getting scared. >> what happened? >> she almost hit a van next to us. >> police in the end pulled the bus over and placed the 39-year-old driver under arrest. they say alycia martinez was under the influence of prescription medications
6:17 am
antianxiety pills and muscle relaxers. thankful no one was hurt. >> iphones are grabbing a global hold on the smartphone market. abc's reena ninan has tech bites. apple in the midst of its fastest iphone rollout ever. the company says its iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus will be available in more than 115 countries by year's end. cymenes china and india will finally get their chance to have one starting friday. google wants to make it easier for users to connect with a medical professional. those searching for health related terms may now get the option to chat with a live doctor vehicle ya' google help out. the service will be free to users during the trial period. netflix launching a premiere ultra hd plan. for 12 do's users will be able to stream 4k video on up to four devices. she just joined facebook but she had to lie about her age because the year of her birth 1900 wasn't an option so she
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knocked off 15 years and is now one of the oldest users on the social network. those are your tech bites. i'm reena ninan. >> i deserve the trite do that at some point in my life, knock off 15 years. >> many people do it all the time. brand new here, how broccoli could lead to a break through on autecism. >> we have jackets on the kids this morning. temperatures are in the 60's. little fog around possibly although it hasn't been a real big deal in most neighborhoods. t-shirts work this afternoon. it is going to feel like summer and then tomorrow warm and humid and some thunderstorms. we'll talk all about it coming up in a couple minutes. >> you always want to have the latest when it can comes to the changing weather patterns. they're there on you can take them with you. our new layout fits any smartphone or tablet that drew ac this is ceo tom macarthur's world. in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work.
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>> ♪ >> 6:20 now and we have more breaking news just into the news room. breaking news just into the coming to us from a midwest. a double decker tour bus crashed on a highway near indianapolis. it happened along interstate 65 can at 4:30 a.m. the bus was carrying at least 50 people. now, police say the driver swerved to avoid a minor crash that occurred just 10 minutes earlier. if they zoom in and hopefully they will in the next 10 seconds, the bus is on its side on the highway and everything is all backed up. again, it's in indiana. they're reporting at least six serious injuries from this double decker tour bus crash. >> wow. rough early morning there. >> yeah, such a scary scene there. nothing terrible in our morning commute. just some building volume as we go outside live. this is what it looks like on the schuylkill expressway at girard where the overnight construction here is cleared but eastbound a little volume between the blue route and the curve and montgomery and girard. we do have a new accident coming in to us in west pikeland township chester county 401 near lower pine
6:22 am
creek road, that's new and septa subways and market frankford line up to 10 minute delays. they're having equipment problems right now, dave. >> storm tracker 6 app on your smartphone at the train station or the bus stop this morning you're looking at 66 degrees right now with lots of clouds. by 8 o'clock, 69 degrees and watch those temperatures climb as we go through the afternoon. 76 by noon. your high today is a very warm 78 degrees at 3 o'clock. some urban centers like center city might get a little closer to 80 and then 75 degrees by 6 o'clock. it is going to be a warm one throughout the afternoon. on the board at the airport, we're looking at green aircraft from top to bottom but there are still some showers in chicago and some thunderstorms popping up around atlanta, so possible delays later on there. tam. >> okay, thank you, david. going on to health check, a new study says a chemical in broccoli may help to treat autism. johns hopkins and harvard hospital studied 40 autistic boys and men, 20's took pills and almost half of the
6:23 am
patients treated with the chemical had much improved or very much improved social interaction and verbal communication. patients who were on a placebo didn't fare as well. still we should be clear there is no cure for autism. dr. jennifer ashton will dig deeper into this story on "gma." i've poster more information on twitter. >> the winless flyers host anaheim tonight. the orange and black are zero-two-one. vinnie lecavalier will be out for a foot injury. the eagles posted pictures and they were all smiles. coach chip kelly said picture day was a lot like the team's new hurry up offense. >> we had to coach the photographers a little bit. one of the guys thought he was an sell adams. we were like let's get this thing taking and let's go. it's not like it's going to be hanging in the philadelphia museum of art just in someone's office somewhere so let's just get it on. >> eagles running back darren sproles sprained the mcl.
6:24 am
luckily the eagles are on their bye week. the team hopes sproles will be back to face the cardinals on october 26. >> i hope so. he's been great. >> best signing this year. >> yeah. 6:24. up neck. why new jersey hopes the way to a hunter's heart is through his stomach. >> katherine scott is following breaking news in the city's tacony section. katherine. >> reporter: matt, two firefighters are in the hospital and nine people out of their homes after anallily morning fire in tacony. of their homes after anallily morning fire in tacony. we have the update from fire party on people! blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale continues celebrating with 20% off the entire store. you heard right, 20% off the entire store. we're talking employee pricing baby! hey, you need 'em, you want 'em, and now there's no better time to get 'em. blinds to go. blinds for life.
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blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale continues! woo-hoo! as our gift to you, take 20% off the entire store. twenty percent! the entire store! hey, with savings like that, you could redo your entire house.
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just sayin'! blinds to go. blinds for life. >> new jersey gaming officials are offering recipes to encourage bear hunting in the garden state. encourage bear hunting in the cookbook with recipes such as bear on a satay stick or grilled bear loin any time they bring in one of the animals to be weighed. officials say the bear population is on the rise in new jersey along with bear encounters but reintroducing the bear hunting in state in 2010 has not made enough of a difference. >> ♪ >> it's 6:27. we're following several breaking stories including a fire in philadelphia. >> and the ebola virus claims the life of another medical worker who treated patients in west africa. the details on the latest victim of the virus to die outside of africa when "action
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>> braking now on "action news," a firefighter suffers an injury while battling a house fire in philadelphia. crews are gathering new information at the scene and so are we. >> also breaking overnight, the casualties from the ebola crisis continue to mount this morning. crisis continue to mount this storms leaves a path of destruction across the can country and the same system is heading our way. >> good morning. it's 6:30 now on this tuesday, october 14th. let's find out more about those weather systems with dave murphy and karen rogers has her eyes on the road. good morning. >> good morning. we have cloud cover across much of the region this morning. take a look at sat life. down in southern delaware and the southern portion of south jersey you're clearing up a little bit more than you are in philadelphia. we're still looking at fairly overcast skies. we're expecting a changeover to a mix of clouds and sun today. looking for fog this morning but it hasn't been much of an issue. some blips of yellow up north
6:31 am
of where it says storm tracker double scan live and no thick fog locally. that's been a break we've caught this morning. 66 in allentown, 65 in wilmington, 63 in trenton and upper 60's down along the shore. if you're running errands did or doing anything else outside those of hugh like sumager will like this afternoon. by 9 o'clock up close to 70, your high today is about 78 degrees at 3 o'clock this afternoon with that clouds and sun mix. it will get a little breezier later on and then we're still in the mid 70's at the end of the day. again, looking for some breaks in the clouds as we go through the morning and afternoon. karen, when i step inside it's going to be warm and humid tomorrow and there's the chance of some gusty thunderstorms and drenching showers. we'll have details on that with future tracker 6 coming up. >> all right, dave. most of your roads are dry from yesterday but you may still see some wet leaves on them. we've had a few accidents so be careful. this is i-95 at cottman. that's southbound traffic headed towards center city. you can see we're jammed approaching academy to cottman and then again from the betsy ross bridge to girard and
6:32 am
right here the ramp from cottman to i-95 northbound we've got an accident off to the side within this work zone right here so watch for that. not that far off, another accident in northeast philadelphia. this one right on cottman avenue near the boulevard its a multi vehicle accident. mostly off to the side but we still have some emergency workers on the scene. stick to tyson avenue as your alternate or use ryan. matt and tam i have been talking about this fire location in tacony look for it on vista street near torresdale. stick to bleigh or shelmire as your alternate. another issue in west norriton montgomery county a new accident west main street at school lane so look for that one just coming in. another accident in west pikeland township chester county out here on 401 near lower pine creek road so a few accidents at this early hour, matt. >> let's get back to that breaking news you just mentioned. one of philadelphia's bravest was injured while battling a house fire in the city's tacony section this morning. let's go right to "action news" reporter katherine scott who is live on the scene along
6:33 am
visitor at a -- vista street. >> reporter: matt we just get an update from fire officials. they're telling us two firefighters were taken to aria torresdale hospital with heat exhaustion. they're expected to be fine. damage to three homes here, the home where the fire started and two homes on either side. nine people have been displaced. the fire was placed under control just after 5 o'clock this morning but you can see fire crews remain on the scene here on the 4700 block of vista street in tacony. the fire broke out just before 4:30 this morning and when firefighters arrived they were met with heavy fire and thick smoke on the first and second floors of the row home here. everyone who lives there was able to get out safely on their own. firefighters placed the fire under control just after 5:00 a.m. again, three homes are damaged and nine people are getting assistance from the red cross. >> right now we have about nine civilians that are displaced. there are three homes that are affected by this fire.
6:34 am
they are being tend towed by the red cross. >> reporter: okay, back here live on the scene in tacony where you can see fire crews remain here, continue to do work. the fire marshal is investigating the cause of the fire, the fire march sal is -- marshall is on scene. two firefighters taken to the hospital with heat exhaustion. they're expected to be okay but nine people not able to return home at this time. we are live live in tacony katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> thank you katherine. a un medical worker has died at a german hospital. the man contracted ebola in liberia before he came back to europe for treatment. erin o'hearn is live at the big board with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam. that un medical worker infected with ebola in liberia died despite intensive medical procedures. hospital said the 56-year-old man whose name has not been released tested positive for ebola back on october 6th.
6:35 am
that positive test prompted liberia's un peace keeping mission to place 41 staff members who had possibly been in contact with him under close medical observation. this was the third ebola patient to be flown to germany for treatment. meanwhile 26 year old nina pham a nurse who contracted ebola while caring for thomas eric duncan remains in stable condition. on the job pham wore protective gear you see in this graphic a gown face mask shield two layers of gloves and shoe covers but all of this is less protection than doctors in specialized bio containment hospitals are required to wear. those facilities require medical workers to wear chemical resistant jump suits with sleeves and gloves taped to sleeves and boots. >> if this one individual was
6:36 am
infected and we don't know how within the isolation unit, then it is possible that other individuals could have been infected as well. >> take a look at this map. montana, nebraska, georgia, maryland. what i like about those places for years they've been practicing for just this kind of event. >> reporter: hospitals across the country are reviewing and practicing how exactly to deal with ebola patients and protect healthcare professionals. also an experimental vaccine is now being tested on volunteers in maryland which officials say is 100 percent effective on animals. but again, breaking news this morning, that un medical worker who was being treated in germany for ebola has died. tam, back to you. >> thank you, erin. we want to remind everybody "action news" is hosting a phone bank today to raise money for this fight against ebola. members from the red cross and the local liberian community will be on hand to take your donations so this afternoon call (877)940-6222 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. both matt
6:37 am
and i have tweeted out that number. >> we have more breaking news here. a major earthquake in central america. the magnitude 7.4 quake rumbled off the pacific coast and could be felt throughout several countries overnight. the epicenter of the quake was about 100 miles southeast of san salvador. tremors were felt from guatemala to costa rica. no injuries have been reported and there is no tsunami warning in place. >> a deadly storm system covering nearly a third of the nation is now moving east. take a look at some brands new video from alabama where a tree fell, crashed into a mobile home and killed a woman inside. a state of emergency has been degrade louisiana. the storm spawned torn flows in several states including arkansas and missouri. >> looking like we'll see some of that stuff around here sometime tomorrow. >> yeah, tomorrow afternoon, into the evening i think there could be some thunderstorms and at least some drenching showers. storm tracker 6 live double scan this morning though shows us we are dry. we have not had a whole lot of following forming which is nice.
6:38 am
we were on the lookout for that. as we take a look outside, we have sky 6 center city, it's cloudy overhead but the clouds are high enough not to obscure the vision of the center city sky scrapers and we are looking at mild numbers this morning, too. your temperature currently 66 degrees in philadelphia. your dewpoint up at 63 so it probably feels a little bit humid out there to you. i'm bringing in the always on day planner so you can glance ahead to kind of cut out how your day is going to go. winds are calm right now. they will be getting more blustery and breezy as we go later into the afternoon. satellite shows you a lot of cloud cover out there in most of the region although areas to the south, delaware south jersey looking a little clearer and perhaps getting ready for a bit more early sunshine. overall today we expect these clouds to break up a bit and give us a clouds and sun mix. temperatures, that is going to be the story today. we're going to be mild. 66 degrees by 8 o'clock. 75 by 11:00 and then 77 by 2 o'clock with a high of 78 around 3 o'clock so we're going to spend the entire afternoon in the 70's and a lot of it in the upper
6:39 am
incidents. it will be nice and warm later on. 76 degrees is your high in allentown so even in the lehigh valley pretty good. clouds and sun, breezy, warm, 77 in reading, 78 in trenton and wilmington and the mid 70's down at the shore. everybody enjoying a nice warm afternoon. tomorrow the warmth stays with us but we are going to be looking at some clouds building in during the morning. this is the view on future tracker just before lunchtime. notice how there are some sprinkles and showers that are beginning to develop maybe even a thunderstorm out to the west of us and then as we get into the afternoon, there is that chance of showers, some of them heavy and maybe a gusty thunderstorm mixed in here as well. this is the 4 o'clock view on future tracker and then we'll take you up to 10 o'clock at night where there still could be a couple showers and perhaps a lingering thunderstorm. adam joseph at 10:00 of course on channel 17 will have the latest on future tracker for you there and cecily will be along at 11:00. hurricane gonzalo, yes it is a hurricane, it's jumped up to category two but notice how the track has taken it away from puerto rico so that's g they're get something wind and
6:40 am
rain there but not as much as they would have obviously had that been a direct hit. this is going to be a major category three hurricane over the next couple of days out in the atlantic and then it looks like it's going to come very close to bermuda as a category two so if you have interests in bermuda over the next several days keep your eyes on that hurricane. looks like it's going to be a big one. 78 degrees is your forecast high today. very warm in your accuweather 7-day forecast and then we get into tomorrow and it's warm and humid with a high of 79 and as you just saw in the afternoon some gusty thunderstorms and drenching downpours are possible. and then thursday, it's possible that some of that rain is still around early in the morning but we do expect drying, a high of 72. probably pretty cloudy on thursday overall. on friday we transition to a nice one, partly sunny and 72 and saturday lots of sun and 71 for the union final home game. looks like it's going to be a nice night. sunday sunny but a little cooler. >> okay, thank you david. it's now 6:40 and up next more stories you didn't see last night.
6:41 am
fury over missing students hits a fevered pitch south of the border. >> a truck driver catches a life saving break when the big rig stops right before going over the bridge. karen. >> a new accident just popped up right inside our camera. this is the boulevard at broad street. southbound blocking the left lane and the right shoulder and you could see how we're really it's not our only details coming up. >> and philadelphia's own mo'ne davis earns another prestigious title. we'll tell you which one this is w
6:42 am
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tropicana resort, ferris wheel, that's atlantic city live on this tuesday morning. >> let's head over to karen rogers. you just showed us the signs other boulevard of some trouble. >> yeah, we can see it right here with the flashing lights. they've now pushed it off to the side but a new accident here on the boulevard, this is southbound at broad street and you can see how we're really jammed at this point, jammed with this accident off to the side even, jammed from third street to broad street. it was blocking the left lane as well so i think that's why it got extra heavy in that area. and we've had a handful of problem all clustered not far from one another. so there's the accident there on the boulevard. also northeast philadelphia cottman avenue near the boulevard we've got a multi vehicle accident there, three cars involved. you might want to stick to tyson avenue as your alternate. in tacony we've been talking about the fire location on vista street near torresdale. stick to bleigh avenue to avoid that. let's go outside. we see slow speeds on i-95.
6:45 am
we have a couple of issues. looking live here, this is i-95 at cottman. in the work zone we had an accident right here. looks like it just cleared, though, in the area but we see i-95, this is the ramp from cottman to i-95 northbound. that accident now gone but this is your southbound delay which is still a pretty pretty good one from woodhaven to the vine, looking at a 35 minute ride so really jamming up in the usual spots. no southbound accidents at this point. it was the northbound side where we had an accident. and as we were scanning our cameras, i noticed a good sized delay on the ben franklin bridge. i know we see delays every morning but this one is kind of early. this is your westbound traffic right here coming into the city and you can see we're pretty jammed at this point from the mid span to eighth and vine. we do have that construction blocking the right lane but it's really extra heavy this morning so i would maybe stick to the walt whitman bridge when you're coming in if you can. no problems with fog in philadelphia but in the far northwest like mount pocono you're looking at .3 of a mile, 2-mile visibility in reading. i think the other thing you
6:46 am
notice when you head out is it's not too chilly out there. in fact, it's 14 degrees warmer in allentown, 9 degrees warmer in philadelphia, 10 degrees warmer already in millville at 66 degrees, feeling pretty comfortable, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. developing overnight, protesters are responsible for this raging fire at a government building in mexico. the angry crowd waited for the complex to clear out before ransacking the place. they're demanding the return of 43 young people believed to have been abducted by local police who they say are really linkd to a drug cartel. several of those officers have indeed since been arrested. developing now the defense is questioning at least one more witness in the sentencing phase of the oscar pistorius trial. a psychologist testified yesterday that the former olympian is a broken man. pistorius was found guilty of culpable homicide for the shooting death of reeva steenkamp. that's the equivalent of manslaughter in america. the prosecution could begin calling witnesses later today. pistorius faces up to 15 years behind bars.
6:47 am
>> and new here at 6:30 a trucker survived a brush with death in rochester, new york. this tractor-trailer had been dangling off the edge for two hours and then a firefighter was finally able to rappel down from a ramp to rescue the driver. he walked away with minor injuries. >> 6:47 now and up next, a terrifying scene on board a plane. all of a sudden passengers heard loud pops and then a ripping sound. "good morning america" has the latest on what exactly >> "action news" is sponsored by west chester university. distinguished and affordabl this is ceo tom macarthur's world.
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>> time now to get a preview of what's come congress up on "gma." >> to find out we turn to amy robach live in times square. what you got coming up, amy. >> reporter: hey, matt and tam, good morning to you. coming up next on "good morning america," 12 reported tornadoes ripping through parts of the gulf coast and the midwest with over 200 reports of wind damage and large hail. our extreme weather team tracking it all as that severe weather threat moves into the southeast and the carolinas. and then ebola in america. new details this morning about the hero nurse nina pham. she's now receiving a potentially life saving blood transfusion just a day after testing positive for the virus. we are live from dallas with all the latest details. then nightmare in the sky. a passenger jet appearing to break apart in the air forcing the pilot to turn around for an emergency landing. what caused the inside of the
6:51 am
plane to crack. we're going to have much more on that. and then the big "dancing with the stars" switch up. candace cameron bure joins us live to reveal who she thinks is safe who she thinks is going home. then we have two big hollywood stars, hugh jackman and michael keaton all here live and all coming up next only on "gma." matt and tam, back to you. >> good show. >> the star power of "gma" this morning. >> amazing. >> hugh jackman. >> i know. >> michael keaton. >> haven't seen michael keaton in a minute. >> well, you're going to. let's take a look outside right now -- not if we don't do traffic first. 42 at creek road northbound traffic heavy from coles road to 55 and a little slow from 55 to 295. we've got a new issue nearby, though. creek road at well wood avenue. some fluids on the roadway from an earlier accident. so, watch for that one. a new accident here west norriton montgomery county on west main street and school lane and an accident in west pikeland township on 401. a lot happening today, dave. >> mid 60's across the region
6:52 am
right now. not too bad temperature-wise karen but probably cool enough for a jacket for the kids. this afternoon it is shorts and t's weather. temperatures right now looking like 66 degrees in philadelphia, 65 in wilmington, 67 degrees in sea isle. if you are headed to class, can kids, bring along that smartphone, storm tracker 6 app showing you 66 degrees right now but this is a day to keep your eye on those numbers. 69 degrees by 8 o'clock but 76 degrees by noon. and your high today, 78 degrees at 3 o'clock. still mid 70's by 6:00 it's going to be a nice walk home from classes or from your school. that's for sure. guys, tomorrow also warm and a little more humid. so enjoy today while you got it. >> okay, like that. thank you david. philadelphia's own sports phenomenon mo'ne davis is one of the youngest magazine's list of influential teens. compiled a list of 30 teens. among others are nobel peace prize winner malala yousafzai
6:53 am
president obama's daughters malia and sasha and ricoh rodriguez from abc's modern family also on the list. right now she -- he pulls in
6:54 am
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and on your phone that make it easier to find the places you love. find great dining, amazing history, and world-class entertainment, no matter where you are. take the ultimate road trip and see why i love new york. for more information, go to >> welcome back. here are your top stories and this is breaking. two philadelphia firefighters
6:56 am
are hospitalized this morning with heat exhaustion. they were hurt during this call in tacony. the blaze on the 4700 block of vista street displaced nine people. three people were shot in philadelphia overnight, one victim died. philadelphia overnight, one while sitting on a porch in north philadelphia. a woman was wounded. a shooting left a northeast philadelphia barber fighting for his life. "action news" is hosting phone bank today to raise money for the fight against eastbound l you can call (877)940-6222 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. to take part in that relief effort. matt and i have tweeted that out as well if you missed that number. >> let's go outside and check on our accident here on the boulevard. you're extra heavy. it's off to the shoulder here. this is southbound at broad street jaming from third to broad. we see police on the scene with that accident. here we are at i-95 approaching cottman. jamming from academy to cottman and from past bridge street to girard, dave. >> hey, who here misses summer? >> me. >> yes, everybody. >> well its back. look at this. 69 degrees by 9 o'clock but by noon, 76.
6:57 am
by 3 o'clock your high today 78 degrees with a mix of clouds and sun. and still holding to mid 70's by 6:00 oh, my, my. >> any more comments? questions? concerns. >> no, good. >> no, professor. >> now we can end the show. for karen rogers, dave murphy tamala edwards i'm matt o'donnell. "gma" is next. >> ♪ >> "action news" is sponsored in part by the jeff d'ambrosio auto group. destination downingtown. minutes from king of prussia and the delaware state line. featuring chrysler dodge jeep ram mitsubish
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7:00 am
. good morning, america. breaking right now, deadly tornado outbreak. at least 12 reported twisters tearing through the heartland, uprooting trees and flipping this tractor-trailer. more than 30 million americans in the path of severe weather. and all eyes on hurricane gonzalo, now a category 2 and gaining strength. and trying to save a nurse in a dallas hospital. the potentially life-saving blood transfusion. the mystery how she was infected growing as her coworkers ask for answers. >> we had a problem with the takeoff. nightmare in the sky, a passenger jet