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tv   Action News  ABC  October 15, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon we begin with breaking news the second health care worker diagnosed with ebola took a frontier airlines flight the day before she reported symptoms. they are notifying the people on board and they are encouraged to contact the cdc for possible monitoring. she took care of thomas duncan
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before he died. today they claim that the protective gear worn by the staffers left part of their skin exposed. >> reporter: good afternoon we are told that nurse, amber vincent came down with a fever and immediately drove herself to the hospital and within 90 minutes was in isolation. >> another health care worker at this dallas hospital is infected with ebola like her colleague, nina pham is part of the team of 77 people involved in treating the ebola patient that died here last week, the others are being monitored with concerns that there could be more cases. >> it may be worse before it gets better, but it will get better. >> the cdc team is working on how these nurses caught ebola,
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they are alleging in part that the safety gear they wore left part of their skin exposed. >> they did not feel safe providing care for that patient. >> the hospital says they will continue to review and respond to concerns by the nurses and employees. the cdc has a team of experts offering guidance and oversight and training for the staff here. while the the apartment complex where she lives alone, decontamination is underway and workers are notified. >> it's very scary. >> now a new concern as we learn that nurse amber vincent was on a plane, the day before she started showing symptoms. the cdc is notifying patients that was own the frontier flight to dallas.
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>> the coverage of the ebola outbreak continues on, there we have the latest, and our efforts to track down anybody that was. posed. accuweather is tracking rain in the area now, sky 6 looking at a gloomy scene at this hour and a series of downpours in the afternoon, lets get the latest from stormtracker 6 live double scan and meteorologist, david murphy. >> no big surprises on stormtracker 6 live double scan, on the broadcast we showed you future tracker 6 from the western suburbs and that is what we have right now, and we are calling for the first lightning strikes, from that cell passing west of reading, lets go ahead tighter and there are lighter cells from south jersey and moving through philadelphia, this one now is past the city, a little heavier downpour at the leading edge and that lasts five
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minutes, and then lighter stuff and drier stuff and the movement of this is from south to north from western chester county and up into berks county. have you what we call a training affect, one heavy cell and then a break and then another one and it's areas that get into this kind of pattern that see poor drainage flooding as we move towards the system. areas in kutztown and reading are receiving the heavy downpours now. can you see the first coming through and more coming up behind that. down in south jersey and delaware, we get finished with the current batch and if you are in philadelphia or these areas to the north or eastern chester county and you have plans to go out and get the plans done, your roads will be in better shape. but more rain to the south and west, through the afternoon and nighttime, a couple of things we are watching the precipitation to the south moving in bits and
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pieces of it. off and on heavy downpours and later tonight the area of precipitation moves towards the east and we get inundated with heavy rain overnight. it's as warm as expected and we are 75 degrees in philadelphia, the number is dropping a bit over the last couple of hours, and it's also humid. the dew points are in the upper 60s and up close to 70 where we talk about oppressive humidity in the summer, here we are in october, with summer like conditions as well. i'll be back with the details coming up. >> thank you. police say that a violence armed robbery at a bensalem bar was an inside job. bar louie was held up by two suspects with stunned guns. sanchez and mcelhaney is held in
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the bensalem prison. one of the tips that led to the arrest was by "action news's" coverage of this crime. philadelphia police are looking for a murder suspect that tried to run over two officers with his car. the man was wanted for a previous homicide when he attempted to hit the officers on eldridge street northeast. and he took off in a 2001 pontiac grand prix. a case in trenton was resolved after it was reported. a 5-year-old was found safe at a relatives home last night. police say that her mother's suv was carjacked with her daughter inside at 8:00, an amber alert was issued and hours later a family member called to say the girl was safe at her house. a 60-year-old man was
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reunited with his family after spending the night stranded on the water in stone harbor. thomas graham went for one last ride on his wave runner when the battery died. strong winds cast him adrift, he could not swim back because of the heavy mud, he sat on the wave runner all night until they was rescued this morning. >> i didn't want to got myself upset, i just kind of gauged it and tried to understand what was going on. >> i thought he was a goner, that i wouldn't see him again, to me this is a miracle, a blessing and a miracle. >> graham says he did start to doze off at one point and was worried he would fall off the wave runner but trusted authorities would resume their search in the morning. first lady michelle obama is here supporting tom wolf against his challenger, tom corbett.
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and vernon odom is live now. >> reporter: the theater was packed with enthusiastic people, those to see tom wolf but the majority of them were enthusiastic to greet michelle obama when she arrived here. she came to generate large turnout in this traditionally large turnout section of philadelphia. this is the 59th ward for tom wolf, michelle obama is making the rounds for the key governor races across the nation. here is the first lady moments ago. >> it's up to us to educate folks and to tell them why they need to pay attention and it's up to us to tell them where to go to cast their vote on november the 4th, it's up to us, we need all of you out there every day between now and
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election day, we need you to do the work you know how to do. knock on doors. make those phone calls. [ applause ] >> reporter: about 800 ward leaders rank and file democrats here for the first lady's appearance, it was an enthusiastic welcome for her and tom wolf as well. she goes to florida next for a height race in the sunshine state and president obama is set to come to pennsylvania later this month to stump for tom wox. east mt. airy, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you vernon. hundreds of business leaders came together this morning for the 214th meeting of the greater philadelphia chamber of commerce. our very own rick williams led a discussion with the anchor of abc's world news david muir. earlier in the program, dennis
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o'brien was introduced as the chamber's new leader. they attracted businesses throughout the area including the general manager of 6 abc bernie prazenica. tom davis was also there for the breakfast this morning. people living in camden have a new option when shopping for groceries, price right opened on mount ephraim avenue. they plan to open another grocery store in camden in 2016. coming up a stabbing on a tour bus, the violent attack that ends with a police involved shooting on i-95. the disturbing scene on a nanny cam, the allegations coming up. and details when
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this is the tour bus where a man stabbed two other passengers on i-95, the bus was on the way from new york city to a casino in connecticut, when the man began his violent attack, the driver flagged down a state police trooper that shot and
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killed the suspect, the trooper says he shot the suspect because the man refused to drop his weapon, and he was acting threateningly. we'll have a live report on this attack coming up at 12:30. new information this noon on the stabbing of to park rangers in massachusetts, police say that the more seriously injured of the two is out of surgery and improving. a homeless man said 34-year-old body hutchinson stabbed the park rangers on boston common. hutchinson has a violent criminal record. a nanny was caught on camera apparently abusing 1-year-old twins, she was shown shaking one and swinging the other by one arm. >> she only checked the cam
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because her 8-year-old son brought it to her attention. the nanny is now charged with child abuse. reeva steenkamp's cousin sobbed while testifying during oscar pistorius sentencing trial. they learned that the double amputee runner had shot his girlfriend. he could receive a suspended jail term or as many as 15 years in prison. within the past hour, hurricane gonzalo strengthened to a category 1 storm and has brought strong winds and rain to the island of saint martin. two people are missing and one person is dead. the path would take it near bermuda on friday. flights departing the next few days a
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toyota mentioned a worldwide recall for 1.5 million vehicles that includes 420,000 toyota and lexus sedans in the us. they will repair fuel pipes that could leak and cause a fire and they are recalling millions overseas. there are. >> crashes or deaths related to the issues. a popular baby wipe is
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pulled from the shelves of sams club, they have an ingredient that could make children sick and it has a bacteria that could make children with weakened immune systems sick. anybody that purchased the wipes can get a full refund from sams club. a new test identified the disease more quickly, the center for disease control uses the disease yesterday. it's a test for entero virus d 6? >> the cases are growing by 30 a day and are expected to jump to 90 or more. whole foods shoppers will notice something new, it ranks produce based on quality, it has a likele good, better or best
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based on the growers practices. and they will take environmental factors into the account like water and energy use. major retailers are upping theanty eon holiday shopping. macies will open at 6:00 p.m., two hours earlier than last year. the holiday season can account for as much as 40% of a retailers annual sales. the "action news" team is working on news stories for tonight beginning at 4:00. lets check in with alicia vitarelli for a look ahead. >> reporter: hi sara, it's a dubious honor for men in our area, the men came in second for being the most immatture. it's all about bling on a
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budget, you can find jewelry for 70% off and a special deal for our viewers. and imagine being reunited with a missing pet after four years, the problem is when their beloved bird was found he was speaking spanish. we'll have the mystery of nigel the parrot coming up. see you at 4:00. >> see you then alicia thank you. we'll check the rainy this is ceo tom macarthur's world. in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's
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so if you hopped around the clock, ask your health care provider about fluzone high-dose vaccine. fluzone high-dose vaccine. david here with another check of the rain moving through much of the region now. >> in some cases there is a lot
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of it coming down. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows most of the heavy cells are positioned west of philadelphia now. i'll take you there close up on stormtracker 6 live double scan, again we have the latest live image coming into you from our radar site and it's doing a great job of tracking the heavy cells. one out there and moving out of western berks county, and heavy cells splitting boyers town and reading. and more heavy cells towards reading, this is a problem when you get one or two or three of these passing over, i want to go ahead and take a wider view here and see what is coming up from the south, not as much by baltimore, there is more rain coming up. it's affecting western areas more like chester county. and some coming up the heart of delaware and southern new jersey
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it's fairly light. by comparison to what is out to the west. farther to the west in gettysburg and washington, d.c., that is strong thunderstorms and rain sweeping in later tonight. it's action cam was outside last night outside the museum of the arts. lets go ahead and take a look at temperatures, 74 degrees, it's mild like if was yesterday and not nearly as pleasant. the dew point of 70 and it's humid and rain is falling across much of the region, wins south-southeast at 11 miles per hour. not much difference in temperatures from north to south and everybody in the low 70s and the rain off and on any way will be with us for a good portion of the day. by 4:00 you are seeing another heavy band to the west getting closer to us, and in the interim we have downpours moving through the region, and it won't be raining all the time but when it
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does it could be coming down in buckets. the latest model show a line of thunderstorms and showers coming in from the west. generally speaking off and on precip straight through the rest of the afternoon. latest run of the model shows a lightening of this precip by later tonight but i think cecily and adam here on 6 abc and here at 11:00 will probably still have something to show you and it's a great idea to tune in just to see where the rain is. how much rain are we looking at? i think somewhere in the .76 inches more however if you happen to be among it's unlucky few that see that coming down in a hurry. downpours and street flooding is a real threat, and gusty winds from thunderstorms that form, but not everybody sees those,
12:27 pm
that is a moderate threat. a high of 79 and off and on rain and thunderstorms that could produce heavy downpours and street flooding and tomorrow the rain ends early in the morning and improvement in the morning with a high of 72 and out of the soup, high around 70 and 69 on saturday with lots of sun and back into the 50s on sunday, but dry sara. >> thank you david. so much more ahead in the next half hour of "action news," a child is learning new ways to deal with her ter -- we are live with the details next.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. hello again, here are the stories we are following for you at 12:30, a man goes on a stabbing rampage on board of a casino bound tour bus and is shot by police. and officials are notifying airline passengers on the same flight with a nurse diagnosed
12:30 pm
with ebola. and we are live in center city with all the skating details from dillworth park. and it was a scary scene last night when a passenger on a bus headed for the casino began stabbing people on board. the driver pulled over and flagged down a state trooper. karen travers live now with the story. >> reporter: good afternoon sara, there was a scary situation for the passengers on board that bus and it could have been so much worse. the driver was able to pull the buzz over into a construction zone where a state trooper happened to be working. the bus was traveling from new york's chinatown area to the mohegan sun casino in connecticut. the state police received several calls from people on board from 911 that there was a disturbance. >> that people were being physically harmed on the bus. >> the bus pulled over into a
12:31 pm
construction zone and flagged down a state trooper working there. >> we knew there was a state trooper there to help. >> the suspect and the passenger were engaged in the physical altercation and rolled off the bus on to the highway pavement, he was armed with a cuttsing instrument and he refused the trooper's demands to put down the weapon. and then starts advancing towards the officer. >> fired on the suspect and striking the suspect, and the trooper did in fact strike a witness with one of the rounds. >> a round from the trooper's weapon deflected off the pavement and struck a witness stabbed by the suspect on the bus, two other people were stabbed and hospitalized. >> the suspect later died of his injuries at a connecticut hospital, but the cause of his death is unclear, police say he
12:32 pm
was inflicting harm while he want on the bus. karen travers, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. from our delaware newsroom now, wilmington police are investigating a crash this morning that caused an suv to overturn. it happened at 9:00 on scotts street, a driver attempted to make a turn and struck the suv. by standers came to the aid of an elderly female driver and both drivers were evaluated at the scene and neither was taken to the hop. now to a developing story on the ebola outbreak. the second health care worker from dallas that tested positive was on a frontier flight before she got sick. the nurse is among those that took care of the ebola patient from liberia, thomas duncan, he died of the virus last week. the nurse was put into isolation
12:33 pm
after reporting a fever. >> clearly there was something that went on in that setting that did not totally protect the health care workers and that is something that has to be changed and the cdc has sent their team down there. >> authorities have not yet said the type of care that the infected nurse provided to duncan. >> authorities this delaware county are making sure they are prepared if ebola makes its way to the area. they are holding a safe summit on ebola in drexel hill, they discussed strategies on how to protect students recognizing the signs and containment if necessary. delaware county has its own ebola task force and will meet with authorities tomorrow at philadelphia international airport. the coverage of the ebola outbreak continues on, we have the latest on the dalles health care workers and details and how ebola can affect pets.
12:34 pm
they are concern that suspected cop killer eric frein will try to kill again. eric noonan made the comment yesterday, police believe that frein is hiding in the woods in the poconos near his parent's home. they say he shot two state troopers killing one and wounding another. a doctor is being held at prison now and will undergo a psychiatric evaluation and be sentenced in two months, he faces up to five years behind bars. turning to the accuweather forecast now, the rain has arrived and will continue throughout the day. lets look live at sky 6 hd, a gray and soggy scene here in atlantic city, nobody on the beaches today. meteorologist, david murphy at the big board with more from
12:35 pm
accuweather. >> things are changing more on stormtracker 6 live double scan as we look at the western serbs, chester county there is some stuff popping up in the southern portion of the county but getting better. there is one heavy cell west of oxford but all the heavy stuff that came through earlier are in buck county. you'll get a break over the next half hour or so. farther to the north you are seeing this stuff and it's plowing towards the north, the tail end heading into chester county now, farther to the north in fleet wood and kutztown, can you see some of this pushing through, for perhaps another hour or more. lighter precipitation in quakertown and landsdowne getting wet, what are you seeing here is not as intense as what you got over in the west. in and around philadelphia, we are winding down a little bit in south jersey, and trenton you
12:36 pm
don't have to wait much more to get out on the roads after this rain, and a look to the south shows a little additional precipitation in dover coming up the heart of delaware and the delaware bay and light precipitation in south jersey. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan we are looking at a lot more rain ahead and through the afternoon and into the early either hours you'll mainly be tabbing into this type of precipitation and later on tonight and in through the evening hours, you'll wind up getting this heavier precipitation moving back in. i'll show you on future tracker in a full minutes with the full forecast it's still an issue for you in the evening hours and much of the night. what to expect today and tonight, periods of rain, where it is and where it is coming down heavy there is a
12:37 pm
possibility of street flooding and we can't rule out a couple of gusty thunderstorms. where it's raining now give it a half hour and see if it doesn't lighten up. >> or at least another 20 minutes in this show right. ice skating is coming to the new dillworth park, it will add to the impressive renovations that were just completed. john rawlins is live where the rink will be built. >> reporter: hi sara, a soggy day for the rollout of an ice skating vane adventure, one big attraction is the water fountain you can go into, and it's a summer attraction so it will be replaced with a temporary ice skating rink, the lead sponsor
12:38 pm
is announced today the rothman institute. >> it's suppose to be colder but you wouldn't know that today. we expect winter shortly and we'll turn the fountain off at the end of the month s. and you say we will use a major attraction but we are delighted to replace that with the new plans today for the rothman institute ice rink at dillworth park. >> the fountain will be shut off and then the ice rink will be assembl assembled. this is a rendering of the rink, it will be open seven day a week starting november 14th through february 22nd, $3 kids and $4 adults and skate rentals, $8. the hope is to draw crowds to the outdoor space during the long winter months. >> you are looking at the plaza here or the park as it is now
12:39 pm
known. channel 6 is the media sponsor of the new ice skating rifrn and it is due to open a month from now and the size is roughly the same size as the rink at rockefeller in new york. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you john. so much more to come on "action news" at noon, a local child with tourettes syndrome finds a way to deal with her condition without being embarrassed at school. erin o'hearn shares her story next. and a boy gets to live out his football dreams for one night. and david murphy returns with the exclusive accuweather forecast.
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i'm tom wolf. these are my parents. we look after each other. but too many seniors have no one. and harrisburg politicians don't seem to care. as governor, i'll create a registry so families can check backgrounds of care providers. and, i'll increase access to home health care, so seniors have the option of staying in their own homes. after all, seniors have earned that right. we certainly have! tom wolf. democrat for governor.
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a northeastern pennsylvania teenager got to live out his football dreams for one night. the freshman with special needs got to join the team for one night. justin wore a uniform and crossed into the end zone, the 6 points didn't actually go on to the scoreboard but people in the stands said it was the biggest play of the whole night. mozart had it and so does howie mandel. and so does a south jersey girl,
12:43 pm
who is helping people understand it. here is erin o'hearn. >> reporter: for anna the first signs of tourettes came when she was 6 years old. >> i clear my throat and i blink like this. those sounds and movements were actually tics, tics are hard worded into the brain and cannot be turned on or off at will. >> your body is telling you have to do it. >> it's like a sneeze, you can't help it. >> the tic will come and go. >> it may be blinking before and now it's the opening eye tic. >> the doctor recommends that people ignore the tics and anna and her family tried to do that. >> it didn't bother her until other kids pointed it out. >> they would ask me to stop. >> she borrowed a letter from a
12:44 pm
classmate that explained his tourettes. >> after reading it to all three fifth grade classes in her school, she turned to me and said i feel so much better. >> anna has gotten kudos for her courage, like this one from a classmate. i am proud of you for telling the class and anna is not just an example for people with tourettes but a great example for kids dealing with a situation that makes them anxious. >> still ahead on "action news," from gelato to pizza, one restaurant is offering both favorites. and new york city reaches another milestone in skyscrapers, find out about the new residents tower that is
12:45 pm
12:47 pm
capa gyro is famous for their gelato, and now they are branching out for another italian favorite. >> reporter: it's called capa gyro, with pizza in the back and gelato in the front. she brought in guys from naples to build herpes aoven. >> it cooks pizza in 60 to 90 seconds. there are very few toppings. >> it's meant for one person to be eaten with a knife and fork. and they just opened their doors
12:48 pm
a few weeks ago and stephanie is practicing at home for years. she imported her tomatoes from italy but everything else is sourced locally. the name napa fito is italian. she says the simple but classic margueriarita is delicious. >> my wife loves gelato, i may have to try that out. as you look at stormtracker 6 live double scan, there are areas that are a little bit wet, as we go into the central portion of the region this is bringing the rain from the south and newcastle, delaware is in the middle of a cell getting you wet and will stay that way for another 20 to 30 minutes, this is from delaware to montgomery county and chester county and this batch coming through oxford
12:49 pm
or just to the west of oxford just to the border of lancaster county, this will give you problems on the roads with poor drainage and flooding. most of it is off to the west and scattered stuff in philadelphia and areas in this longitude. and this includes thunderstorms in baltimore, that is coming in later today and tonight than will also give us the threat of not just gusty winds but drenching downpours, it's here off and on, and it's not going anywhere for a while. we have cloudy skies overhead and this is before the rain in fairmount park at the mann music center. 74 is the current temperature in philadelphia, and just back up to 76, a live update there, we
12:50 pm
are waffling with that temperature because of the rain. dew points 69 and the winds 14 miles per hour. future tracker 6 shows you for the rest of afternoon until 3:00 we have the threat of more drenching downpours as the line of rain moves in from the west and future tracker latest's run has most of this to the west of philadelphia, i'm not sure i'm buying that, if you are in philadelphia and allentown i'd allow for additional cells. later on this evening, at 10:00 or 11:00, adam on the air at 10:00 on phl 17 and cecily here at 11:00, they will have updates. let them get you around all of that stuff. how much rain thursday morning? some say maybe a 1.25 or more
12:51 pm
inch. and probably more than these numbers in areas that happen to get repeated visits from the heavy cells. high temperatures across the region still feel like summer, unlike yesterday we are looking at heavy rain, as we go through the afternoon and evening, and terms of temperatures, there is that 79 by 3:00 and 75 at 5:00 and even at 9:00 tonight, off and on we have the threat of the downpour producing shower or thunderstorm. tomorrow though we should be drying out early as the front gets off the coast, i'll be here in the morning with stormtracker 6 live double scan, show first degree there is anything left over. hurricane gonzalo is up to a category 4 with 130 miles per hour winds taking aim on bermuda friday afternoon. the seven day, off and on rain today and heavy downpours straight on in through the night and the rain ends early thursday and we have drying in the afternoon and high of 72.
12:52 pm
you won't have to deal with this forever. 70 nice on friday, and 69 nice on saturday and down to 59 on sunday, no complains though, i'm not going to listen. it's going to be dry this weekend just cooler. >> stay on top of the changing weather situation at, you'll fine the storm tracker 6 radar and the hourly and seven-day forecast and the latest videos from our meteorologists and our collection of weather-relate the images. the country music drama continues tonight at 10:00 on the all new nashville on 6 abc, tweet about the show, using #~ nashville and 6 abc. here is a look at the lineup at 8:00, toy story of terror and then it's the great pumpkin charlie brown and a new modern family at 9:00 and then at 10:00 nashville and "action news" at
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talk about a room with a view, the tallest residential building in the western hemisphere now towers over new york city. 422 park avenue even dwarfs the empire state building. it will cost you a pretty penny to live here, a penthouse sold for $95 million. wow. if you are looking for a distraction check out these stories at car lovers may find this one hard to watch. an artist drove a vintage rolls royce into the desert and blew it up. a mother turned the classic,
12:56 pm
thriller into a video about parenting and the sun here looking like a menacing jack-o-lantern in time for halloween. these must see stories now at david is here now with more on okay weather. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan giving you the best most details look at the rain. right now we do still have the heavier cells in lancaster county and skirting chester and pushing into reading but some stuff could become heavier if philadelphia. unfortunately it looks cloudy and wet coming up with heavy rain possible at times. this will be off and on but when it's coming on it's coming down in buckets. looks like we are more in the upper 70s on the i-95 corridor,
12:57 pm
and possible street flooding when the heavy cells dig in. there is a better and better chance of this happening in philadelphia and east the farther we get into the afternoon and evening and low to mid-70s along the coast and mid-70s close to the i-95 corridor and the new jersey turnpike corridor. 73 in sea isle city and cloudy and wet here and raining heavy at times. and it doesn't get out of here until tomorrow morning. finally, the harlem globetrotters took their team on the road, this was them surprising riders on the subway in new york and they got passengers in on the action helping them perform the sporty stunts themselves. that will do it for "action news" at noon, don't forget "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for rick williams and david murphy and the ent
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: today on "the chew" think you don't have time to throw together a fancy dinner during the week? you will now with "the chew's weekday gourmet." what's the sizzling gravy-slathered steak michael says will only take five minutes to make and will cost you less than five bucks? and what makes mario happy after a long workday? this gooey gnocchi with a saucy ragu. plus it's clinton and michael's great mexican adventure. >> i never thought that mexican food could be like this. >> announcer: and it all starts right now on "the chew." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] good afternoon and welcome to "the chew." thank you guys, good audience today. if you think you don't have the